Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 21, 1940 · Page 44
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 44

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 21, 1940
Page 44
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JANUARY 21, 19 iOME MODELS IN TRIBUNE CONTEST, FEATURE OF EXPOSITION 8-M Oak Knoll Homes Are Open fo View Oak Knoll has two fine, new ! r he! open for inspection during week of the National Housing )' position, homes that illustrate cy suggestions contained by the umerable exhibits at the Expost- 1 Building. One of the Oak Knoll homes, con-" ucted by Laurie Leonards, is lo-: i iUt.3501 Calaf ia, and the other, . iilt by ' the Bohannon Organiza- ; X Is located at 8333 Murmo, op- ; site MirasoL ! The Leonards home occupies ! ew site, of which advantage has lecn taken in the location of the X windows of every room. Every 2 room is unusually lcrge, so much so tlhai the home has been termed a I large, five-room house. A beauti-"fully tiled bath with shower is one of the features. The kitchen is remarkable for its efficient arrange-ment, its color and finish and the ' plentitude of the cabinets, and the J lining alcove ia unique with a heav-Tily. upholstered and circular aeat. ' - Steel window sash have been used -throughout The heating system is rt heavy duty, central type. The ' j.has proven very effective be- use of a large central hall, com-' lrmhicating to every room as well !Mhe double garage. . "Tha Murillo Anejiuehome overlooks Treasure Island; the bridges and San Francisco. It is entered through an enclosed patio, planted OAK KNOLL OFFERS NEW HOME ' I ' j i,M. f Jk Thla ctttractlv residency with a view from every window, la open for inspection in Oak KnolL near ral Oakland golf counts. The location is 3705 Calafia, and the builder is Laurie Leonards. in lawn and flowers. Features of the living roon include built-in bookcases, writing desk and card table closet, all in a bleached mahogany ' finish. The plan permits the use of the dining room and liv ing room as a single unit if desired. The den expresses individuality with a knotty pine finish and a plank foor laid in a square paneled design. The kitchen has a corner sink be low a corner window-and it is equipped with ttie best quality of Peerless cabinets, while the break fast nook is furnished with a mov able, chrome finished table. The electric fixtures are of special man ufacture and design. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE) LEOAI. NOTICE! PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR'S REPORT -.' OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, JANUARY 2, 194 To th Honorable Superior Court of tht Stat of California, in and for tho County of Alameda, and to :f, E, Wad. Clork of laid' County: f. : ALBERT E. HILL, Publio Administrator of th County of Alameda, State of California, herewith fyt-daenU hii return and report cf all eatatee of deeedenta -which have come into hie hands during the elx riontha from July 1, 193), to December SI, 19S9, Incluelve, the value of each sucK estate, the money which 'line come- Into hla hands from each such estate, what he has done with it, the amount of hie fees, and the 'expenses incurred In each such estate, and the balance, If any, in each such estate remaining; In his hands. "together with th balance of cash on hand, If any, In all other estates remaining In his hands. Said return tl" Tnade In acBordafice with the provision of Section 1163 of the Probate Code of the Rtnte of California. l 4 . i m : 7 T2461 7J36J liht IB410 Mil 73081 73024 , 73504 72841 72877 ltn 7241 ...41782 72444 ' 72R6S T07O4 li'fS40S !,.73404 , .,732117 rmt 'T407 )(l734tl 73236 "704 73021 '( 12711 ,-T828a .,.jjl9 73234 72601 73100 i."774l ,.72721 .73464 ' 7276K -'T4417 OI-72185 u 48.174 . .73463 J7S98 72147 H a w h O 1 Aurln, Albert T, Avna, ABtonia Bennett, CM. Barry, Julia' Beyle, William Henry Brand, William Carpenter, Wllllaaa Carter, Maude C. Connell, John A. Cornicle, Laon Ray Cottar, Timothy Qalvln, Margaret O. darner, Arthur Gee, Bus, alias See Tal Glbbard, W. F. Olockner, Mlohaet Hamilton, Jessie Hoskyn, Stella A. Joseph, William Andrew Kaaer, Wllhelm Kuhn. Barnard H. Lennerts, August Llnd, Anna Martin, Oaerge Tlrglt Moore. L. Marraret Mornan, Robert Henry Nelson, Mary Nichols, Valerie O. Norman, Walter H. Paul, Edward Pearson, Ellen Peterson, Hanna Porter, Bertha Prussia. Frank B. Rider, Clara Jean Roberts. Thomas R. Snlesky, Charles . Hlnir, (Vhu Hluhind, John Kusta Htampolas, John S. Rtanly. John Pvlvester, Peter weisenbercer, Bimon M. Zdravkovlch, George w 7, O 0 K - It c E M g 244.44 148.44 trader 100.00 61.14 4441.57 1571.11 1141.20 141.20 457.91 467.98 1400.00 418.34 474.84. 47.60 I7B0.00 6.00 TTnder 100.00 - 100.30 Under 100.00 21.41 Under 100.00 None 1421.11' 1428.11 TTnder 100.00 13 61 Under 100.00 . 120.70 Unknown 3.1 441.94 l-06 Undr 100.00 82.84 Unknown 60.00 I 170.24 None 1090.81 None 684.40 1 90 1888.81 10.00 1194.1 1664,76 Unknown None 1660.00 None 618.80 1.26 660.00 None 600.00 12.60 888.27 138.27 Under 200.00 None 10116.44 1276.48 760.00 1.18 Under 200.00 168.84 Unknown None Under 200.00 132.89 1816.00 290.80 Unknown None Under 100.00 198.11 632.96 489.69 1000.00 1000.00 6000.00 None Under 200.00 None 179.79 None Under 100.00 80.00 1 County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury and Bavins; Bank County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury-County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury and Saving; Bank County .Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury 4k Savins; Account County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury County Treasury "Cfci B u ! ii o H ; K H S5 0 7. tt 7, O u o z f, J -t, 03 192.41 63.14 891.98 60.86 1R2.08 263.33 .48 17.73 11.67 68.61 120.70 336.39 ' Vi'.ii .04 '64V.74 .01 60.68 VoV.87 1.1 2. 8 9 47.11 VoV.ii 76. 4B 308.03 80.60 Unpaid None Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid '!npald ITnpald Unpaid None None None Unpaid None None Unpaid Unpaid None Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Un paid Unpaid None Unpaid Unpaid None Unpaid None Unpaid Unpaid None Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid ,None Uhpald None 76.06 None 1879.16 200.84 275.00 155.03 47.02 47.27 100. 30 21.61 None 1416.44 None None 621 105.57 32.34 7.81 None None 3.86 20.00 6108.02 None None 1.24 None 12.60 2S7.69 None 1668.11 1.17 150.84 None None 223.69 None None 413.24 691.97 None None None None Coda. Indicates that this Is a summary proceeding; under provisions of Sections 1143-1144 of the Probate The fol!owln la a atatement of the balanoe of cash en hand, If any, In all other estates remalnlnr in the hands of the Publio Administrator: Probate . No, .' Kama of Estate 61T7T 16771 47361 72174 60282 -72175 T1764 (1144 72173 17700 48744 46197 TWSl T2171 71596 68891 71889 63007 18897 14674 70881 66859 61069 69141 68534 71979 69481 62671 71641 69871" 61421 71187 72170 ?68 61877 66957 69624 71482 62075 69921 6E829 66828 61829 720S8" 70381 i Adams, John J. Alsawa, Gendayn Allison, Mattle Clinton Baehr, Benry Barnett, Rose Bettencourt, Alfonso H. Bills, Alfred Black, John Q. Borlle, George Bulman. Georcina Anne Campbell, Mary J. Caratan, Michael J. Chase, Nellie Chrlstoffersen, Carl M. Clpolato, Pietro Clark, Julia Craft, Henry T. Crossett. George H. Dodae, Esther F. Eadle, George Elfvlna, Johsn Martin Estrem, Jean Flatow, Harrlette Foes, Hannah M. Frederlckson. Hannah Friedman. Frank Fuael. Nlel Fujlta. Oonshlro Garcia. Mriry, alias Mary E. Ballantlne Gllby, Sidney Mason Grieve, Margaret B. Gunkelman, Emma M. Gwynn, John A. Hall, James A. Hamilton, Frank Hartmnn, Victor Haswell, John Armstrong Havllcek, Vincent R. Herat, William Jensen, James Jones, Mary Jones, Ralph Junack, P, U Kaltaa, Nick Kalton, Martin A. Balance,'' cash on hand $ 82.26 253.68 1474.64 199.27 246.88 1085.46 393.24 46.61 148.04 ' 1648.80 132.58 658.1.66 47.89 124.36 64.35 178.38 475.38 169 04 31.36 91.76 132.68 19943 66 41.62 6070,20 19.80 141.91 6 94 120.89 800.19 581.74 1516.60 69.78 157.67 170.17 .27 146.61 483.18 191.08 49.60 109.32 1.19.40 130.35 4.95 150.50 102.10 Probata No. Name of Estate 55637 uuai 1 liUlll 447VU 70764 711.1ft HUM Tmn 832io 6UUU 72022 71292 71203 47i9 70471 7111U 66907 63969 65382 67013 62976 67608 66186 70631 66868 96719 71538 62892 68462 68852 71801 72269 72267 71856 64978 71595 45161 Keefer, Melvln C. Kennedy, Ethel A. Knowles, William A. Koch, Ernest Larsen, Christian Larson, Ole Lee, Lulu Lldfors, John A. Llndstrom, Clara Sofia Lopez. Frank Mnnnon, John Millar, Mary Louise Moreno, Sllvestre McAfee, Rlphard McCarthy. Adelaide E. McCov, Elmer O. McNeil, Nellie Neustadt, George V. Ormsby, Eva .lane nnellleh, Louis Rontrom, Tekla Schwelss. Frlederlke, Frlederlke Link Seward, Jesse Slmldlnn, Mlhran M. Rims. Samuel J. Smyth, fleorge Spnrks, Catherine S. Spotter. Jessie O. Stack, Marie M. Stnrk. Ida May St Buffer, Gottlieb Sterling. Joser.h Stone. Emma E. Taney, Lucy K. Tnpper, Frank P. Telford, David E. Tourchette, Amanda Turner. Eva S. Tyndall, Thomas Wakeland, Edwin C. Wakeland, Juanlta Wall, Mary L. Wilson, Charles J. . Woocworth, Wllliim Tt. Toung, James T. alios Balance, cash on hand 9T76 1319.99 44.05 340. 9 9450.45 1639.91 12.1.29 15S.04 438.40 32 15651.97 757.23 311.01 1840.98 348.49 26.V33 7.78 1985.64 69.15 1 19.28 893.67 1521.66 7444 77 446,1.2:. 3.63 49.68 3665.60 247.73 172.S9 636.1,1 804 00 1533.13 9.74 34.04 698.67 2.50 76.3 8 2S3.77 3f.r..67 161.72 17S 20 65.74 436.'!. (17 16.16 64.50 STATU OP CALIFORNIA . sa, COUNTT OF ALAMEDA J i , , ALBERT B. BILL, being first duly aworn, deposes and says: That ha la the regularly appointed, qualified and acting Publio Administrator of the County of Ala- i meda, Stat of California: A -Alias mv ftuicauiiiar imyvii. 1 miuiu vi an vsiaies ui aeceaencs, wnicn nave come into mi hands durlnr the period covered by aald report, the value of each such estate, the money Which has come Into hie banda from every auch estate, and what he has done with It, the amount of his fees, the expenses incurred In each auch estate, and the balance, If any, In each case remaining In his hands; together with the balance of eaeh on hand. If any, In all other estates remaining In his hands; that he was not at anv time Interested In any ot the expenditures of any kind made on. account of any such estate, neither Is he I associated in business or otherwise witn anyone so Interested. AT.BKRT B. HILL. j .. - . . - Public Administrator of the County of Alameda, State L . 1' ,t . . of California. Subscribed and aworn to before ma r - r this 11th day of January, U40. j r"MT,) HUBERT W; BRYANT, , I OTART PUBLIC in and for the County of Alameda, " State of California, The 'Homeland Ills Evolution By A. E. GOULD Gould & Kane Company (This is the 18th of a series of articles tracing the development of tie "home" throughout the ages.) As early as the 12th Century, the Mayor of London established a build-tig code, ruling out wood and thatched roofs because of the danger of fire. Thus, even in those times, for the common good of the many, a law governing the building of homes was apparently needed, for always we have with us those who, through ignorance or indifference, endanger their fellow men. In "1542, BU.in undertook lo. enforce a new chapter in the building code, which read as follows: "The air must be pure and frisky and clean; the exposure should be east- 'west or northeast-southwest, but . , V.ever north and south, for the south iein0mP?VKeHalfgeHPaCe' wind doth corrupt and doth make 14 by 40 feet, to be developed as a , g " Qne wouid judge recreation room, and a play yard tvlmvhP aboye that the authorities in the rear is equipped with a slide, tne sandbox and swings, and is en- re at ' . rntptinI, tl Id W Willi H'v 1. m- v f closed by a heavy wire fence. National Housing Program Planned Development of a housing program of National scope which may be recommended by the National Association of Real Estate Boards as a constructive alternative to that of he main rooms to get to their own the lives and health of the people, For a period preceding and including the Tudor era, we find the tendency to so plan a house as to include an enclosed court. The Elizabethan neriod introduced a style with one side of the court left open, thus developing wings. We also find that more care was given to the planning of the corridor. In the past, little attention was paid to this part of the house, which often made it necessary for the servants to cross the United States Housing Author- quarters, but now new ideas of lux- ily, is to be undertaken by the association's housing committee to membership in which F. D. Cour-neen, former president of the Oakland Real Estate Board, has just been appointed. The committee is headed by Arthur W. Binns of Philadelphia, one of that city's leading realtors, who has successfully developed by private capital financing several extensive low-rent1 housing projects which serve the same social and economic objectives to which U.S.H.A. is committed, Courneen re ports. Binns explained in detail the history and scope of his operations at the recent Los Angeles convention of the National Association. As Oakland's representative on this committee, Courneen is expected' to attend its first session, to be held at Washington, probably in February. It is Composed of men keenly interested in and well-informed on the subject of housing, drawn from 20 major cities of the United States. Based largely on Binns' successful experi ence in Philadelphia, this committee will undertake to evolve a standard formula for financing and operating low-rent housing projects without Federal subsidy. ury ana comiori cauea iui m-rlpveloned corridors. Glass was still rare up to the time of Henry VIII, and in many cases glass windows were carried off as rich booty when riots occurred. Sir Thomas More in 1510 wrote, iney keep the wind out of houses with glass." From that one would glean that glass was still rare and hard to eet. As late as the 16th Century, glass did not pass to the heirs of the estate, but to the heirs of the personal property. Such were the laws in Germany at that time, too. In 1658 the King's palace in Scotland had only the upper parts of the windows of filass. the lower part being shutters for admitting air. And, always, filass was tastefully displayed, so as to make the most of it from a decorative standpoint. Furniture was now improving more toward comiori, anu uuus were beginning to outnumber benches. Rushes on the floor were replaced by rugs, while carving was profusely used on chimney pieces and balustrades, as wen as on lur- niture. About the only remnant of defense" left now, was to be found in the secret passages and retreats, in which the manor houses abounded. FRUITVALE HOME OPEN TO VIEW Si tit ''S. 1 i 'i''ZmMmxmUmmu sir In the sunny Dimond district, at 3930 Fruitvale Avenue. Just above Hopkins Street, this attractive home is open for inspection. The A. Hansen Company, builders, with offices at 2612 Hopkins Street offer this and other similar homes on FHA terms. NAMED MANAGER Fruit Tree Varieties for Home Orchard Planting Are Suggested By GEORGE C. ROEDING JR. President California Nursery Company A frequent question heard at this time of the year is "How can I select the proper fruit varieties for my home orchard?'.' A timely question, because we are now entering the season for planting fruit trees. Naturally, you will want a wiae range of fruit types, and a favorable sequence of ripening periods. An onev wav to make your se lection is to list fruits according to ripening seasons, snernes upcn, and the crop is through before other fruits start. Three excellent cherry varieties are Black Tartarian, Bing and Royal Anne, ripening in that order. If you have space for only one cherry tree, I recommend Black Tartarian because it is self -fruitful, that is. it does not require another variety planted nearby for pollin-ization. It is also a pollenizer for other' cherries and a good "must on all cherry lists. Peaches have the longest season of all fruits. They are next in order of ripening. If you are fond of yellow-fleshed freestones you can have a peach-season "opener" by planting the Fisher, a new early freestone from Canada of outstanding quality. The excellent early white-fleshed Nectar peach carries into early Summer, when the yellow freestones are ready. TYPES NAMED This group is well represented by Foster, and the improved Early Crawford. Elberta still leads all Midsummer peaches in popularity, although some people prefer Fay Elberta, ripening a few days earlier. The new Rio Oso Gem, beautifully sized and colored, is a fine choice for late Summer. Time-honored Salway gives us the last taste of peach goodness with the arrival of October. Some of our friends like to vary the peach sequence with one or two nectarines. The nectarine season parallels that of . peaches. Gold Mine or Grower to begin, Stanwick for Midsummer, and Victoria for lati Summer. There are home orchardists Who ; reserve Fall for pears and there are those who insist on apples. Pears or apples, or both, you may choose from many excellent varieties with favorable ripening sequences. For exam Die. Gravenstein, Jonathan, Red Delicious and Yellow Newtown Pippin will make any family "apple-conscious" from August until December. ' VARIETIES OF PEARS Bartlett, Beurre Hardy, Doyenne du Cornice and Winter Nelis trees will provide a succession of luscious tree-ripened pears for the same period. Include a Winter Nelis pear tree as a pollenizer when making up your pear list. Blenheim apricot fills a gap between early white-fleshed peaches and the first part of the yellow freestone M&ion. Asrlcot fans can lengthen their season by adding Moorpark and Tilton. Plums are really never out of season, because the fresh fruit may be picked from June to October, and the canned fruit enjoyed all Winter long. Try beauty as your earliest plum, and choose another variety Santa Rosa, Climax or Wickson for early Summer. Midsummer Satsuma and Kelsey are best for mid-season. Yellow egg and President are excellent late-Summer plums, delicious eaten fresh or canned. Don't overlook prunes, particularly the reliable French Improved; good fresh, dried or canned. Almonds, such as soft-shelled Nonpareil and Ne Plus Ultra, may be planted with home orchards already discussed, but walnuts and chestnuts are best treated as shade trees, set apart with plenty of room for development. H. W. Burland has been named manager of Montgomery Ward & Company's electrical appliance department in the Oakland store, succeeding Daniel Esterley, who has been transferred to the company's Salt Lake store as assistant manager. Bur-land was formerly at the c o m p a n y's Huntington Park store in the same position. N.Y. Tree Planting Plan Launched The old Hippodrome site in New York City, at Sixth Avenue and 43rd Street, is to be used as a parking lot under a permit received by the Board of Standards of that city. Of interest in this connection is the proviso that the owners of the lot are to plant trees along the street and avenue frontages so as to beautify the site and so as to minimize the objectionable and unsightly factors of a parking lot for owners of adjoining property This seems like a good idea which other cities might pick up. Most parking lots !n business districts are a good deal of an eyesore. It was front naao r,a,, i nr.... York's newspapers, just as it would have been in any other city over the Realty Firm Opens Fruitvale Ave. Home The A. Hansen Realty Company of 2612 Hopkins Street, announces thai opening of a display home of iribcU erate cost and FHA inspected, at 3930 Fruitvale Avenue, just above the Dimond business district. "This! is the first home in a series off residences of similar cost that our building department contemplates in this section," states A. Hansen, manager of the teal estate and building concern. He added: "We are featuring large rooms, oak plank floors, corner windows, elevated bedrooms, tiled baths with built-in vanities, smart kitchens and dining rooms, living rooms with fireplaces, and two-car garages with overhead doors. The homes are in h.e popular five thousand dollar price range, appealing to most of the average wage earners. "We have found that this is one of the most appreciated close-in residential areas of the Eastbay, and have accordingly secured a number of the best sites that are to be obtained throughout the district With the facilities in our own offices to translate to paper the planning of home seekers, with our efficient building organization, and the assistance we offer in financing a home, the home seeker will find his task a simple one in obtaining a residence that is suited to his own requirements. "Our model home is open daily, and in the evenings until 9 o'clock. "We are also prepared to handle exchanges, business opportunities, and all kinds of insurance." rniin-w . u .. J "'K ' ""joining pa country, when at the opening of this purpose. the Fall tree planting season the Park Department reminded real estate owners thit permits for planting street trees could be obtained without charge, that the department is ready to advise the property owner in selecting the tree, and that it will maintain the tree after it is planted. The department, which is encouraging owners to plant trees along the curb before their properties, suggests that owners of small adjoining parcels band together for Early-American Room A living room decorated in early American style, with maple furniture, has walls painted canary yellow and ceiling a creamy gray. The woodwork, including fireplace mantel is stained maple color. One large wing chair is upholstered in a soft medium green, and the draperies have a matching green background with tan and beige figures. A rug of early American pattern, with large floral sprays, covers the floor. Colored Dining Room A dining room with adequate Illu mination to balance deep -colored walls, is decorated in cream and burgundy. The ceiling and woodwork are painted ivory, and the draperies and textured carpet match, while deep burgundy paint covers the walls. The furniture is mahogany, with cream-color seat pads. "The More You Study the Home Show The More You'll Appreciate Oak Knoll' TWO HOMES now OPEN FOR INSPECTION 9333 MURILLO AVE. Opposite Mirasol Ouk Knoll's Exposition house, built at a cost of over $8000, is now offered for $6950 FHA Terms $750 down -$53.00 per mo. 6 rooms and undeveloped recreation room, with heavy wire fenced play yard equipped with slide, sand box and swings, landscaped. Fine view of Treasure Island, both bridges and San Francisco Bay. 3501 CALAFIA Near Coif Links Road Fine view from every room of this attractive home. Tile bath and shower. Large rooms. Central hall connects with all rooms and the garage. Central heating plant. Beautiful kitchen with lots of cabinets. Dining alcove hag circular upholstered seat. Steel sash throughout. A very fine site. Built by LAURIE LEONARDS DAVID D. BOHANNON ORGANIZATION 331 17th Street HI gate 1613 ANNOUNCING the opening of our NEW COLONIAL OFFICE 1990 Mountain Boulevard in the Montclair Business Center We specialize in lots and homes in the beautiful Montclair Hill District and in the building of individualized homes. $4950 to $5950 - Our long experience with the preferences of the home seeking public enables us to offer thoughtfully planned homes at moderate price. The shake roofs, wood ceilings and beamed living rooms combine rustic simplicity with the efficient formality of tiled baths and sinks, entrance halls and effective room arrangement. The above features are particularly emphasized in two new S-room homes now nearing completion, with the additional luxury of steel casement windows. On beautiful level lots on transportation. F.H.A. approved. $5650 and $5750. McCLURG & COMPANY 1990 Mountain Boulevard OLympic 9300 Fred F. Chopin Truman H. McClurg 111 Sunny MMON0P Just Completed, Brand New, Spic and Span ALL READY FOR YOU TO MOVE IX Jul jjliili? : Located at 3930 FRUITVALE AVENUE right above the Dimond Shopping District (Also see 3918 Fruitvale Avenue) Located right above Dimond Shopping District and 10 minutes to downtown Oakland. 5 large rooms, spacious living room, real fireplace, big corner windows and oak plank floors. 2 light and airy elevated bedrooms. Tile bath with tile; top Hollywood vanity. Ultra smart kitchen' and dining room. 2-car garage with overhead doors. Be sure and see this new home. Full Price $5500 F.H.A. Terms 10 Down 4 Vz Interest OPEN DAILY AND EVENINGS UNTIL 9:00 P.M. A. HANSEN CO. (BUILDERS & OWNERS) 2612 Hopkins Street - ANdover 1421

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