The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1930
Page 5
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frJUDAY AUGUST 29, l'J3Q (AUK.) COUUIMR N1WS They Arc Favored By Fate Eleven Members of Crack Army Group Have Cheated Death by 'Chute Jumps By NKA Service SAN DIEGO, Calif.—If aviation's famous Caterpillar Club had a formal organization, Ihe 95th pursuit squadron of the army air corps, stationed at Rockwell Field here, would undoubtedly 1>3 known as the club's strongest subdivision. No fewer than 11 officers and men on tlie pursuit squadron's roster arc "living on borrowed time," ar, the flyers say—they are allvi today only because they used ihcir patachutes when disaster overlook them in mid-air. All have jumped 1 foT their lives within the past two years. The tales they lell are among Ihe mosl hair-raising aviation can offer. Dives Through 04 Planes IJclov.' Him A year ago last May, for instance, two planes collided over Nortor Field. Columbus, O. One pilol was killed. The other—Lieutenant A. F. Sailer, of the 95th pin-suit squadron, was not Sailer prepared tc jump, with his parachute soaked by gasoline. But he dared not open his 'chute. Below him, in tlie air, were 64 planes. If he used the 'chute it would drop him among them and he would be killed by their propellers. So Lieutenant Suiter droppec through them. He let himself fall 2000 feet before opening his para- cliule. Then, below the planes, hi let himself drift slowly down to safety. Two Escape After 'Crash in Mid-Air. Lieutenant A. S. Merrineld auc Lieutenant J. D. Kreyssler were practicing combat maneuvers last May. Their planes collided 4500 feet above the earth while each was going 120 miles an hour. Despite the terrific force of this impact both men escaped alive, floating down in Iheir parachutes. Their 'chutes opened at 3000 feel Lieutenant R. W. Gaetz was doing a slow roll til 3000 feel when his safety belt broke a year ago. •His plane 'was upside down. He fell out, head foremost, pulled his rip-cord and came down safely. The commander of the squad- ion is Lieutenant I. A. YVoocMng - living on borrowed time, like the others. Last April his plane went into an outside, spin 800 feet oft the ground. He cut his bell, pulled his rip cord, was thrown clear of the whirring propeller, and came down by parachute, all in tho space of 800 feet. Lieutenant P B Balfour was sailing 800 feel above the ground in a seven-ship formation last fall when a cadet flyer crashed into his ship from tlie rear, the propeller <ie- slroyiiiB the tail of his plane lial- fotir came down unhurt in his •chute. The cadet was killed. Cheats Death by Leap in Dark Youngest of the Rockwell Field Caterpillars is Lieutenant E. P. Kiessig. While a cadel at Kelly Field he got lost on a cross-coun- iry night flight, and his gasoline Memf'eld - cractied. tlioiV planes hood ax at; i i50o PAOE FTVK YOUNG-LOOKING DAIti-UKl Tl.S, AREN'T TSIKY?—Here are seven officers of the army's 95lh pursuit squadrcm .who have escaped almost certain death within the past two years by nuking nntt- Ecncy parachute jumps which, will similar,-feats by four enlisted men, is said to constitute a record for one unit. Every one of these iiisn owes his life today to utie of those thin, silken bubbles, floating downward from a disabled plane, and the sketches show how some of the most dangerous of these leaps came to be made. Recent Agricultural Survey Reveals 14 Million's Acres Cultivated, KD1NDUKGH, Scotland. Aui; W. illl'i—Hec'Jiit agricuUur;il smvoy '>; Hie MlnlMiy of Aiulculuiu' •'•»•'• tlwt [here HIV 14.37'j.lKJO :» ri-.< ol iiKilculliiral laud in H:-ol- l.'iKl. '1'lii.s figure roughly repi'e- UI-, iibmil 12 per I'eul ol the tu- land nrcn. The total acreage under crops an.i ijrav, Is MMO:! ai-ivs. Of total there are 3,13S.-1JO acre.-: arable hnd and l,ti:i'J.CK acres ol [ii-nmnient grass. Khghily over UOO.OOO acres lire uiiii oats. The nest moss .mp crop from the sl.itiilpulnt ol aeitayc. Is turnips and .swedes, e nearly lOCO.OCO nrrcs are giv over lo growing turnips ant! ivKlcs Ryc-k'raxs, clover and oth- r rotation grasses are Ion nil un .500.000 acres. Po'atcc.s are r;rown uu iib:mt Vj.OCO acres, \\ijiie 111.U21 j-.- nip. Slightly more limn 50,000 :•<>!>. Slightly more h'.an M.OOO I'res produce the annual whcai rop. ItyL* is .sown on li.'JOO acres .lid beans on about the ;:ame ncre- £e. Small fruit Is grown on S.OOli icre.s aiul 1,'200 acres are torercd Ith orchards. SISTERMARY'S KITCHEN HV SISTER MARY NEA Service Writer Sometimes even fresh fruit palls i and a dessert is welcomed pla J behind: NOTICE All owners of real property within the following described territory lo-\vit: Beginning at the intersection of and charged upon the real prop, crty above described. All the owners of real properly within said territory are advisee that said petition will be hcarc at the meeting of the City connei uses the fruit in such a way that a substantial pudding satisfies the whole family. Rice combines excellently all fresh fruits. The juice of fresh trails sometimes acts on certain starches to cause them lo liquify. tile west, line of North Franklin ;o be held hi the hour ot seven street wilh the north boundary: thirty p. in. on the ninth day o line of the City of nlythevllle. j September, 1930, and that at sa thence run East along the north j meeting said Council will dotcrmln boundary liia? of the City to the | whether those signing the sam wiien"it Norlncasl Corner of the Southwest-constitute Ihe majority iu value quarter of the southeast quarter such owners of real property an Spinsters as well as bachelors will pay n higher rate ot Income ax If the German government has ts way. The rate for unmarried taxpayers will be 15 per cent, which is 1 per cent higher Hum married of the cf Seclion ten, Twp. fifteen north)what majority; and at said meet mul Range Eleven East, thence iug all owners ot real propcrt itl irun scnth along East line of said within said territory who desire !SW '.; of the SE'i Sec. 10-15-11 to will be heard upon the question, the intersection with the north line of Sec. 15-15-11, thence continuing _ . .., ,,• ,. ^ • along line between the East half But not so with nee. Kice absorbs of th( , Northeast Quarter anrt (h( . excess juice the pudding remain?, finn and ap- pelizing. Any dessert made with rice is West half of the Northeast quarter of said sectio'n 15-15-11 to the S. C. CRAIG, City Clerk. Aug. 22-20. TRUSTEE'S SALE Notice is hereby given that I will! ,...,,, j Northeast quarter and the SouKi-1 during lawful hours at, the sduth.j of high food value and, when '"= i(, as i qllart(>r ot , ajcl SC ction 15-15-11 [door of the Court Hmiw in the rice is cooKed in mhk as m the,,. w , Jd Qual - ler Eec . city-of Blythcvillc, Arkansas, oiler following recipe, vitamin A, P ro ~ (ion " line to the east side of an tern at and lime are added to the a! , cv runnj No) . th n) - gave out. Unable to iind an emergency landing field when he dropped flares, he "baled out" came down 3200 feet to safety, landing right beside a barbed wire fence. His plane hit the ground look fire and was destroyed. The four enlisled men who have joined \thc Qalerpillars a:',2 Corporal W. L. Green and Privates M E. Stokes. I'. V. Lockwood and T Wnsllcvicli. They were over Fresno. Calif., in a'big transport plane the propeller on the right motor gave way. This set up such a strong vibration that the left molor began to fly to pieces. The four men jumped as fast as they could and the lack of their weight enabled the pilot to glide the pbne lo a sale landing. All escaped without a scratch, llolil Kcconl as ^ Caterpillar Club These men don't Imc to read thriller magazines-they make their own thrills. In fact, it is probable that there is no aerial experience that some member of the squadron has wot undergone. There has been everything from being lessee, cut ot an inverted plane while flying upside down, by the breaking cf a safety belt, to diving through a sea of "whirring propellers with their knife-like blades. From available records, tta. squadron holds the world mark for forced jumps from disabled planes. It Is said to have by far the largest representation of any Umtca States unit in the Caterpillar Club —that mythical organization of aviators whose members have saved their lives by parachute jumps—and probably the largest representation of any unit iu the world. All "of them, as flying men say, "arc living on borrowed lime." 11KWARK OF TKIFI.ES, LONDONER ADVISES carbohydrates of the rice. The fruit gives mineral salts anil has a decided tonic effect. Sugar, boih the natural fruit sugar andj the concentrated refined product, is supplied by Ihe fruit mixture. * * * 1'each anil Kice. Conlpolc Four ripe peaches, 1-2 cup rice. 2 cups milk, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 4 tablespoons granulated sugar, 4 teaspoons raspberry jam, 1 cup jelly, 1-2 cup whipping cream. Choose freestone poaches that are perfectly ripe and peel off. skins. Cut a slice from stem eniis ill cavities with jam. Any kind cnn be use:!, but red raspberry is particularly c'clicious. Place peaches in a baking dish, cover ar.d kike about 20 minutes. The fruit should be hot through and tender but not broken. In the meantime, cook rice in top of double boiler over hot water. After washing rice through several waters,, it's a good plan lo let it soak in water to cover for several hour.';. and being the East Lii:e of the Barren-Lilly Addition to Blythe- ville,r thence run south along Ihe east line of said alley lo the intersection cf said line with tho line bet-ween tlie North half of tho Southeast Quarter and the South half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 15-15-fl, thence run west along said lino to tile center of Ciark street, tlvnce run soulh along east line ol the Holiipetcr & Shonyo Addition [o Blythcvillc to the Southeast corner of Block six of said Hollipeter and Shonyo Ad- dilion, thence run west along south [hue of said addition to the lino i running north ar.d south through ccntCj- of Scclicn 15-15-11, thence north on said line to the Southeast corner of Northeast. Quarter of ihe Southwest Quarter of Section 15-15-11, thence west along south line of the .Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter lo the East Right of Way line of the St. Louis and San Railway, thence r.orth along cast Then add milk, salt and sugar and cook over hot water for one hour. Mnkc a bed of rice on flat nerving for sale to the highest and besi bidder for cash in hand Lot Oin (1) Block Ten (10) Dugg Addition to the city of Blythevillc, Arkansas;said sale will be made for the pur- pete of satisfying -an indebtedness secured by Deed of Trust given by- It- C. Dazier and wife, Lucy Dozie r on the IGth day cf Februaiy, 1929 which under the terms of said Deed of/Trust, is now due and payable; Deed of Trust is recorded in Book P-l, page 272, Recorder's ol- flcc, Blythcvillc. Arkansas; default having been made in the payment of said indebtedness, secured by said deed of trust. " Title to said property is believed to be gocil, but I will sell as Trustee only. This the 21st clay of August, 1030 N. JOHNS. Trustee, :o r F. Johns in said Dacd of Trust : Aug. 22-29. 7 you stiirt a ( . sudden noises, worry over trifles, can't bear the noise that children make, feel irritable sind blue—ten to one it's your nerves. Don't wait until your overwrought nerves liave kept you awake half the night nn<! paved the way for another miscrablo day. Take two tea spoonfuls ot Dr. Miles' Nervine anil enjoy tlio relief that follows. Take two more before you go lo bed. Sleep—and wake up ready for the days' duties or pleasures. Dr. Miles' Nervine ir, now mfulo. in two forms—.Liquid and Effervescent Tablet. Both arc the same thcrapeulically. Liquid or Effervescent Tablets at all drug stores. Price SI.00 line of said right of way to its inlcrsectio:! with the south lir 1 .? of the riglu. of way of the old Joncs- boro. Lake Ciiv and Eastern Rnil- disn, arrange peaches on rice anrl| r0ild thcncc iu all cas i c rly riirec- garnish with cream whipped until Uo|1 a]oll tllu SOHth lin e" of the firm. Serve hot with jelly meUed TO J ( | j L p tt ]'cl E right of way and diluted with 1-2 cup water and thickened with 1 tablespoon corn- slcrch. This will serve tour per- lemonadc. Daily Menu LUNCHEON Creamed dried beef on toast with broiled tomatoes, endive saiacr, blueberry muffins, onnde. DINNER—Mock duck, new potatoes in parsley sauce, corn croquettes, cucumber and lettuce salad, apple pie, milk, coffee. SCANT ATT1KK FIRST FELLOW: Th?re goes 1U NKA Service 'LONDON AUB. a.—Trifling iit- tlo incidents in our evcry-day life are the cause of more momentous occasions than are the larger affairs, according to J. A. R. Cairns, famous London police magistrate. "Nearly all the hurt and heartbreak of life comes out of trifles— little personal differences and disputes that at first annoy and divide us." he says. Ar.d of these trifles vanity and pride cause Ihe. n;06t uproars he tellcves. Mrs. Putlon-Ayres. They say every cent her husband gets goes o;i her back. SECOND FELLOW: Poor man! He must have teen cut of work when that gown was martc.—Mou- stique, Charleroi. WARNING ORDKll Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Myrtle Scvier, Trustee for Nerla Flo Thompson, Plaintitt vs. No. 4802 E. R. Jackson, el al, Defendant The defendant. Marble City Bank Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer ihc complaint of the plaintilf, Myrtle Scv- ler. Trustee for Ncda Flo Thamp- sou. Dated Aug. 22, 1930. W. \V. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morn;. D. C. \V. U. Gravctt. Ally Ad Luem- 1 Aug. 22-20, Sept. 5112 lo the Northeast corner of Lot I, Block "F", Darron-Lilly Addition, lher.c.3 norlh alonr; Ihe west line of alley between Lake street and Lilly street to Intersection with south line ol Main street, thence west along south line of Main sheet lo ihe west line of Lake street, thence Nnrlh line between aforesaid Sections 10 and 15, thence west on baid line to west line Franklin street, thence north point ot beginning. In the City of Biytheville, Arkansas, .are hereby notified that 3 petition hns been filed wilh the City Clerk of the City ot Blythcvillc, purporting lo be igned by a majority in value of iwncrs of real property within .said errilory above described, which pc- ition prays that n local improvement district be formed embracing ;aid territory fcr the purpose of: Ccnstructinj ar.d building a san- tary sewer system with the necessary laterals to «rvc the Icrri- .ory embraced above, of acquiring rights of way for the, sewer, line •Mid of providing an adequate out- et for the said sewerage system even beyond the limits of said dis- Tlct if deemed advisable by tho joarri of improvement, the line of he said sev.erage system to begin terminate, te located and constructed in the places, in the manner and of materials and with such disposal plants whether Iccatcd within cr without the liis'.rict that tlie beard of improvement of falrt cirMricl. hereinafter tn be appointed may tl:cm for the best interest of said district. 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