The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1944
Page 2
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f AGE TWO. Hunters Shoot iavy's Pigeons u;. U. S. Public Is Asked |f To Help Prevent Loss Of Valuable Carriers m.YTHEVlLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS s Approximately. 35 unils ol the States have b"tn shot * >j<lown by U & citizens recently and tfie Navv belie\os that the toss has jteer^ accidents! 3 Carefully trained milltarj pigeons fiom the Na\al Air Base at Houma *La Ime suffered a high n(c of cas Cmlh in the Grand Isle snd Golden ^Meadow Ucltikles To dnte hunters •jin these areas have Bhol up three {f pigeons, which 'have managed lo get rt pnd m to, the: mother eir base, badly Injured, 33 birds" are estimated 'have been killed, or-wounded so ifejlndly they were unable 10 get lnct> $ Much tlm? inti expense goes into ...the training o[ mllltm i/geoi ° yjwhich have proved life- s" n to ^inany of our fliers in-, th 'le ,-^ones It is cas> lo ImapluL the vj)ope oie of these pigeons iffords "i wrecked or disabled filer who h , i. Mthout means of rndlo communl He can senl his condillon ^nid position to his home bnsc with rout deH> Tlie gallant birds fly dail> ^t)irou?h ill wcithpi condilloiis inel *jjnem\ fire lo biing aid lo helpless —i] en—and some of them have been post through carelessness on the •;jjart of sportsmen. f The Louisiana 'State Conservation "Commission nd\lscs that there Is no 3Wrd jiovi"In season which could be ^mistaken for n plgton if cire Is e\ ^erased The hunters Ihesc di\s aro Sshootlng- duck and the ducks size Jind method of light ire s6*dlffeicnt ifrom 5 pigeon <is to make confusion %m their Identity almost impossible •?On December 1st quail will come t in to seison but here again any huntei north his salt should be nble ^to differentiate between a quail and •fa pigeon. <| The.Navy-asks all hunters to exit rclse extreme cue and U> piss up Wounded B/yffiev/Me Marine Recalls Fierce Pacific Action Tarawa." .'They wci'c dropping those shells right, In />ur hip . NAVAL, HOSPITAL, Memphis, fs'ov. 15.— In , the 18 months he spent overseas, Marine Private right In /mi 1 hip .pockets," lie re- First Class Amistead FVanklln Mor-! luted. "I did a lot of praying lhat Ban, 21, of Blylhcvllle,: Avk., took Anight." part In (nice of the'greatest- bat-'j Tiie second day of the flglit for HCB in the Pacific whr, Ouadal- Kalpan taw Morgan's oulflt storm I'annl, Tarawa and Saipan, and end capture a ridge dominating waa wounded in all three, On Guadalcanal, Morgan continued to right after being hit by mortar shrapnel in., the leg and hip. He was finally stopped by a, rifle bullet which nicked his spine and completely paralyzed him for eight weeks. In the roaring, hell of Tarawa, Morgan was wounded In.tlie shoulder by shrapnel but again refused lo leave Ihc battle until forced to IJie rear by 'n medical corpsman. He was put out of action on Salpan by n Japanese 77 millimeter she!) which landed within ri few fc«t of ilm and knocked him unconscious. Which tight was-Ihe hardest? Morgan won't Efiy—"they were all ough." Was he afraid? "Hell yes, : I was scared all the.time." .Morgan served With a tank tat-' alion on Guadalcanal. He was wounded first in February, '043, when he was paralyzed so com- ilctely.. he co'tiM rat 'speak anil was fed intravelnoiisly. He rc-^ use of his neck muscles irsl, then his left arm and finally 'ccovered, completely. -, When the Hlgglns boat In which he was riding with the fourth wave at Tarawa hung on a reef, Morgan plunged into the water and began .o wade slowly toward the shore,' EOO yards away. Of the 35 men in that particular boat, only Morgan r.nd one other Marino, survived. 'Bullets were hitting all around us in the water," he recalls. "Som& '»i % Asllto Airdrome. That wild Japanese counlcr- ttrat«glc nUjht a ntt»ck almost recaptured the ridge, but the Marines—fighting like rriitnlfics—licit) the jiosltlon. :, '.'There was a. lot of hand-to- hand flt'htliig that night. One Jap charged me with a pIM.-)! and I bayoncled him," Morgan doesn't like to talk about whnt hapjicned then. • "I saw my buddy killed by a Jap. ], lost complete control of myself. But I got the Jap that got him." • Morgan was flown bock from Poarl Harbor after the Jap shell put/him out of fldion, lie wns then transferred to the Naval Ho.'.pitulJ at Mllllngton, wliere he Is recover-' IjiB- , t Before his enlistment in the Marine..Corps In June, 1042, Morgan was a fanner, His wife is the former Dixie Todd, who lives at .420 dougan Street, Blythcvllle. He Is the sou of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Morgan, of GoMiell, Ark, DOPE BUCKET Af ). V. FJIIKNI) Pvt. John Crews Wilks Is Wounded In France Pvt. John Crews Wilks, son of Mrs. Agulha Wilks of Cahilhersvlllc, Mo., was slightly wounded in action in France on Oct. 24. according lo a message received by )iis ihother from the War Department. . Private Wilks lias two brothers in France and Holland, Staff Sergt, Frankle Wilks in France and Pvt: If a r^H were taken for the most disappointed young man In these glorious United HtfUcs, a mighty strong candidate would be my very yood friend, Ens. Alvln , J. <Bo) Huffmnn, Jr., United States Navy, currently .stationed sit the Naval hospital at St. Albons, Long island, New York. I had a. long letter from "Bo" n few dayt ago and the gloom therein was so thick I could hardly read the mighty nice things he said about the column. Imagine that! Among the many Interesting Hems he told me was the one black port of the well written cplslle. He revealed that upon the /ecuiiiHiendallon of Ihe Bureau of Medicine and Surgery he was resigning his commission and in n couple n! weeks would be John Q. again. It mast have been a bitter, blow to "Ho". I know what 11 desperate fight he made to gel In. He failed THURSDAY, NOVEMBER in, J9U to r pass his first physical examination, but his academic average was extremely high. He made It on >lic .second try with two svr.ivers. Tilings began (o plcl: up; a silver lining formed in the horizon for the young ensign. He was ordered to the Indoctrination .school at Camp Miicdoiiougli, Plaltsburg, New York. After successfully com- lijig this course with a very i:lgh rating he received orders to Communications School at Harvard University. He was to go to eea as a communications officer four nwnths later. HEADED FOR HARVARD Just before scheduled to leave for Cambridge, "Bo' 1 was advised by the Senior Medical Officer Hint lie, and some of the other officers with |xmr health -records, were lo report to the hospital for physical checkups. Their findings brought the recommendations for their res- iRiintlons over protests. < "13o" 1ms no quarrel to pick with Die Navy., he had nothing but praise for the tervicc, "My OflvM training nnd experience have been invaluable,' he wriles. "It is a grand service nnd I shall iclui'n to civilian life with no regrets—except that I did not net lo Join the fleet lor combat duty.'' ., "I.V>" was graduated from the local high school 'anil received his degree from Mlcslssippl College, Clinton. Miss., a bitter rival of my uwn Alma Mater, Louisiana Col- , rather linn ilsk (he life of iid that maj well save n filers life hiuj pigeons mij be identified 05 ic Ni\j bind, \voin on Ihe leg and lepoit of such bird being shot vould be helpful Reports \ be made to Hie Communica ji-t'ons Department of the fcaval Ah J^Base Houma as n.uicM> is possible * Hftlf Moon News <& .Mrs. N. J. Jones'.and Mrs.-Lealous A Jones left Saturdaj for Long Beach "Calif where lhe> will visit Mr :>nd Mrs Harold Mirjard Mrs AMuvjaid is Ihe former Miss Eula 5-Jones 'i Miss Bernioe Duncan who has JbLen ill at her home is much 1m J).pro\ed !• Mr and Mis Joe PorllocK of De -* trail A51ch Imie arrliecl fur an e<t ^tended \lsit with Mrs J W Port •J Mrs T J Richardson will enlei ~taiu tonight wllh n s>ho«er for Mrs G Hubert vParlsh, SV'reccnt btldc^ \ Mr>i John Humplirc> HarvolTand' ^ children )i»\e gone to Camp De gj-Pidder.La to join her busbind who fjis in IrBlmnt there F II yoo want >» »try more War ff Bonds SFIL US THE FURNITDRE f \00 ARE hOT USING for cash' f; Also liberal trade In allowance for % old furnlvur* on new S Alvin Hardy Fnrn. Co ^ 3 1 E Main Phone 2302 or them were so. close they knock- Bob Wilks with the Paratroops hi ed water In my face. Marines were Holland, Wing down all around me and I: was sure lhat I was next. But I didn't gel It and finally reached Ihc beach. There the Marines were pinned down behind a seawall. H was almost sure death to go over the wall, but Morgan was one .if the hundreds of Marines who scaled it that terrible first day In aii effort to knock out the enemy machine euns which, were culling down the following wnves-.or Marines oul.-Jn (lie water While attacking a pillbox la,te lhat afternoon,'.lie was struck ill the shoulder by a shell sliver which 'felt as If f.omeohc had cut me \ llh i knlfo Only, the 1 Insistence of n coipshmn ni'iiilc .'litm'; ienvp the. fight. Morgan hliils that he went "ovei the hill" from the hospital to Jon his regiment Just«before It snJler for Silmn Thole he went in will (he second wa\c only to b'e pinnc'c down on the 'beach by rrlorta fire "which was even worse thai More Comfort Wearing *fAl-S|E- TEETH Here ple,asaut way.'to over come loose 'plate discomfdrl; PAS TEETH, an improved powder,' sprlrt kled on tipper arid lower plales liold them firnief so.that they feel mor comfortable. No gummy, gorfey, pas ty (aste or feeling. It's nlkulhi (non-acid). Does not scivir. Check 'plate odor" (dciilifrc breath). Od PASTEETH, todny;- at liny store. i a I a t •*. •ft- t **t V* \l Guns, ammunition, and soldiers aren't (he only weapons of war—a healthy united nation must he hacking them. Druggists at work on the home front deserve their share of credit for helping to keep civilians in fit condition. They are working harder and longer, helping: the ever diinishing ranks of doctors by keeping them supplied with prescriptions that are accurately compounded. . Spec/a/ Value! B n V MULTIPLE «, A, VITAMINS Contain All Necessary Vitamins 60 Days' 4 98 Supply . .'....; .. Vj . I Phone 507 F. B. JOYNER SERVICE STATION Corner Ash A Second Sts. (Formeijj Tom Jackson Sev. S(a.) ESSO GAS & OILS WASH—GREASE TIRE REPAIR — Call "ZOll For Road Service OLD JUDGE COFFEE Tint tempting extra goodness In your cup is the fiaror-looit — n dcleccilili: tidiness It rough t out l>y iiiadbtioti mating OU Jinige top J in coffee siiiisfaction! Clrown cm ilie sun- Lmthctl slopes of Central ami Soutli Aruttica—then roasu-il to pccfcction. Ask your gtoccr for Old Judge in vacuum; picked jats ami duo-film hags. ^ DAVID G. EVANS C01-TKE CO. » ST. LOUIS2, MO. The Golden Brown Loaf Enriched with Vitamin B-l and Energy For Victory. Your Grocer has it FRESH every day! Grocer Has Them! "Here's the same delicious fruit cake we found so popular last year ... . And AT THE SAME PRICE! We're mighty proud of these cakes, and we haven't stinted on any of the ingredients. You'll find them just as good as those Mother used to bake . . . Your grocer will have these cakes for the next few weeks — try one! 7 Weekdays-Open 9:30; Close 6:15 Saturdays-Open 9:30; Close 9:30 CLOSED ALL DAY SUNDAY cge. He married the former Miss 'Irglnla Myrlck of Memphis, a lece ol Mi's. ChailCB S. Lemons. le Is manngci o[ Ihc Huffmnn r. Company, PorlnEcvllle, Mo lOJIl'l.KTES TKAIMN'G Ens. J. W. (F/jpeye) McNeil, (or- icr Armorel lile'i school grid stai ml one of Joe Crnlg's prlzo boxing rotcges. also qualifies as a clls- ppolnled young blue Jacket, hough at a far different type I'om Eiislun Huffman, "Popeye 1 ', ivlio li vklllng in the lomes of lik uncles, W. W. Mc- fell and R. A. Eades, here, before eturnlhg to Jacksonville, Fla., told me thnt just when he completed ils naval avfatloii and felt sure jf an enrly overseas assignment, ils lofty balloon was .burst with he announcement, that lie had iceu selected as an Instructor and vouid ho stationed on the ground, for (he time being at least, to each future young Navy blrdmcn lie art of earning and keeping he coveted gold wings. /.-1NDS ON' CARRIER Eiif.ign McNeil lias just returned /Vein Chicago where he took the '•final examination" In this naval flyinjr busJne^i. H \ras gelling checked out on an aircraft carrier. And take It from "Popcyc" It is no easy Job to get on nnd off of thete .small, narrow', hobbling flattops, especially getting on. Ueforc going to Chicago for the final phase of the rigid training J. W. completed Reveral weeks of dive tombing and admitted lhat he did "pretty good". However, he was confident 1 his score would have been much higher If the targets had been ships- bearing- the emblem of the rising sun. Ensign McNeil received his wings and commission July 18 at Pensacola, Fla., and has been so very busy ever .«lnce he has not had time to Indulge- In his favorite sport wilh the gloves. But lie hopes to uncover enough spare moments to catch up on it In the very near future. And here's- a tip to his future foci;: "don't forget to duck." Bead Couriti News Want Ada. I Trj our " ICE CREAM Oie Hickory lm\ Hljh family favorite VITAMIN VALUE Hart 5 Blytheville Owned, fmpfoyfng B/ythevil/e PeopJi GET YOUR. • • H • Pound jumbo stalks APPLES Jonathans 2 Ibs, ORANGES ENGLISH WALNUTS 36 CAULIFLOWER GRAPEFRUIT GRAPES CABBAGE N a POTATOES N-YELLOW ONIONS LETTUCE Firm Heads Fancy • Delicious ACORN SODAS! Lb. Lb. <• "Buy Better Meats, For Full Value and Less Waste" Process Vt LI). Slicks. Lb. — Red, Glenn .& Gerald in our Pound iradc Ic BUTTER FAT BACKS LOIN STEAK EDAM CHEESE ., 69 CLEO Sweet Sixteen Pound 19' l c Pound B K 2 nm LIVER BEEF TONGUES „ FRESH CHEESEAUICHiiA MEAL Mother's Best 25 Ib. Sack VICTOR 25 Lb. Sack 55 Lb. Stand STRING Beans No. 2 Can 9c MUSTARD Greens No. 2 Can 9c JUNE Peas No. 2 Can 9c ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU VICTOR COFFEE Is Better.' Pound Package. . 3 Pounds ....,59c ?or Coffee Pleasure DRINK VICTOR TOMATO. Soyp Campbells POHK & Van Camps 9c HOMINY Grits ; Quaker. 1'kg 9c ;; l PANCAKE GRAPEFRUIT DIXIANA 2 PKGS. TWO No. 2 Cans L t* ^M^m IBERTY SUPERMi .' - . . * i**.' T*,-t f:

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