The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 22, 1934
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Served by the United Press ™« 1»M1NA!« NEWfiPAPER OF NOimiKA ^^^ J- < ^ ™ k7 AND SOUTHEAST M16ROUR1 VOL XXXI—NO. •I -' IMily Sews Hlylhi'ville Cruller .ipl Volley Ix'iuicr lilyihevllle Herald ' ~~ i IIIKVIIXK. ARKANSAS, THUKSDAY Al MiCH 2° HOME EDITION SINOr,K COPIES FiVIO CENTS SIDE YIELDS IN AUTO CRISI §10,000 Naslnrlinm STREETS OF Gill Strikers Wreck Cabs and Beat Their Drivers and Passengers NEW YORK. Miircli K lUI'J Three thousand laxi drivers run wild today in downtown New York, overwhelmed ten mounted police, draped men and women riders from labiculK, hi-at drives into unconsciousness, and wrecked cabs. Unprepared for ihe sudden violence-, police wjie brushed aside us Ihe riiiikcrs bore dtiwn upon unsuspecting eab drivers and dray- gi d tliem trom their seals. They k-ft Ihe drivcra nak=d and bleeding Ijesidc 1 their damaged vehicles. Shattered glass, broken doois. ^tid smashed fenders and head- iiglus marked the wake of the demonstrators. Tlie parade came while heads of all factions were negotiating u new foa^is [or settli'im-m cif the strike. Today's disorders lo'.low a wild night of rioting in tr.c theatrical district that came us a climax to efforts t:> setlie the strike of taxi j drivers. Defying police, more than l.tlOO strikers made il'c district a roaring playground last nigtit. They slopped taxicabs. tore doors olf. broke windows, and assaulted drivers, all the whi'.c screaming insults at police and onlookers. Two were .seriously injured and seven others, including t\\o policemen, were, slightly hurt. Former Officer Will • Stand Trial Monday CARUTHERSVTLI.E. Mo.— Trial of Dale Perkins, former dcputv ronsiable and deputy game warden of Hnyti. charged with planning i lie robbery by a negro of a Hayti card game, has t:een set for Monday. March 20. ' Perkins, unable to make $10.000 bnnd. is held in jail. He denies knowledge of the robbery, in which Willie Mitchell, negro, took $.11X1 from Clay Pillow onri others who were engaged in n card bame. Mitchell, when arrested, named Perkins as the one who planned ttie crime, furnished the gun. and designated Pillow ns Ihe 'player wlio had the "wad." Mary Anderson, nrgress. lold officers she saw Mitchell divide the spoils of the robbery with Perkins. Closing Stock Prices TULL CHOSE! TD BIRECT NEW CIT! Speaking of plants that have spr-edM up production ilr.ce a year ago, don'l forutt David Bnrpfo's double hybrid nasturtium lhai pretty Louise Estcs is .shown admiring at the international Flower Show in J^ew York. This specimen, worth 810,000, was produced in II mouths instead of the usual tlirti Years by tr.ins|X)rting the growing plant by plane f,-,, :]l pl-jiadrlpliia to Buenos Aires, to Puerto Rico-wln-rever the sun was .shining. Observations === hy C,. K. B. I don't know what Ihp law Is. j liu! if [f:rre Is one thai applies ,-, ., ,,. 0 . ^. ; and if Ihe authorities feel like start- Liinily I lens hpCCfl UlSpOS- Ins; action. I am available as a witness thai Ihe Walnut slrei-t cross- was Worked by the I-'riseo for leas; is minutes. b?Uveen 12:30 A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Sleel Chrysler Cities Seivice Ccca Cola General American Tank General Kleelric General Motors International HanvMiT Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum liadio Corp Simmons Beds Standard of N. J Texas Co. U. S. Steel Hundreds o( Men Will j IV Avaihtbk: (or City Work After Apiil 1 i FLASHES HI.AST KII.I.S VOII11 IMVIil:, Iralui-.—A ll.ish tl r ll.mif fnmi u In.nlilli; |il|K>llll(t wl '•II .1 li-iiKif <-\|)li,.[i)n :iliu:iiil tln> lirlrol.-iiiii luiikn' i;<- liklitv In Hie Si'iru-. |-(iur(r,.u uf Hi,. ,',-,.«• nrrr killed. ;ir ,liii K i u Imla- Ill'e fslliiuli-v. ullll 1!0 III- jiiml. 'Hie blast was sii BIT.U tllat tin- v-SM-l wus llflnl )i:irlly "ill iif III.- H-aliT. ndcr Hie new sel-up, while ilu- tleral government will pay tlm 118 3-1 14 1-b 41 51 7-8 3 farmer, both ciiargcd'wUii murder '" 105 The court yesterday heard pleas There Is no disposition amon; 39 of guilty from Tioosevelt I-Wler,: ti!vll;cvil!o l^op'e lo be unreasou- :'.-2 negro, who shol nnd killed Lib - At> ' f - They recognize that wilh the :n l-'J Was::ingtcn, another negro- nii'l ' rallr °ad running through the cen- II 1-4 Fred Allen, negro, who shot .in:l- lrr of tow " ' solnc inccnvenience Ls :n • killed Clarence Perry, atiolhcr ne- i unavoidable. Most of ns are willing 3.-o. Fowler was sentenced to is' 10 1' nit P-Hient!y while a long years in the penitentiary ,and Al-' flci?lu l" 5 ^ 5 - But when a swilch 18 1 3-4 !9 1-8 45 1-4 25 1-2 Icn was given a 10-year sentence, i Jim frons. negro, charged with • a * > " s >' slroct f chulfs back and forth acro.^s , Ihe fatal shooting of Joe William - a lime when pco- " rL ' S"ing 10 or coming from . another negro, entered a plea of l ' 1Dir work, and when (he gales are guilty to manslaughter nnd tonk ! ' :c|n rtmv n wMle it goes up one ^ r£lc k and comes back another, cut- ling out cars and spoiling thorn, two years in the |>entte]iliarv \\'- " " "' March May July Or! Bee Jan high Sow 1184 1180 1180 118G 1107 1184 1190 1207 1195 1208 121fl 1205 1217 I22S 1214 122:2 I22D 1218 close 1182 1183 1202 1210 1218 1223 S|K>!s closed steady at 1213. unchanged. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar, 22 (UP)Cotton closed easier. March May July Ocl Dec Jan open high low close 1118 1178 1178 I183b 1184 1196 1193 1192 1197 1206 119-1 1202 1202 121(5 1205 1218 1225 1213 121!) 1225 1219 Spct.s closed Meady at I2j changed. 1213 1221 I.. E. Tiill. who wn.s the [•<»"•> n- ! nielli engineer In charge- of m:i- ! o! the lilythevijle IM-.I- ! dike, was designated lasi'nlR'ut ij> i Miiyoi- Cei-il S..aii|, and Ihe i-:t\ " council to take lull chili-Re of Hi,- ; work pi-ogrini whii'h will be laumli- i ed in Blylhevill- April I under :hf • new federal rciicf set-up. ' Mr. Till! will have full nn'.hti:- ity \m-i- ti"_- pro;;niin; Mr. SlihiU'. said this inurnlnv;. ills firs; ta«k. on which he is already al work. ;s lo make a .survey of ihe clly to determine what needs to be done. II:.-; goal will be to provide emjiloyiiH'nt , for the city's fi;i; quota of workers, which may be as many as 71,11. without exceeding the city's ;i:u- I'.cd ability lo pay for material 1 Under fed, wanes of workers, all niatorhl must be supplied at local expeir-<, ! The council minting at whkhi Mr. Tul! was appointed following a! citizens at which ire new progr:ui: was informally discussed, projects •.vc.-c suggested, and possible wav.5 of obtaining funds for tiie p:ircha-.i- of materials were sought. Sonii- consideration was given a snggc-s- lion by J. Mell Brooks, secretary of the chamber oi commerce, thai the city Issue .sell-re;iring scrip with which to finance material purchases. The plan calls fcr the issuance of scrip, guaranteed by the ciiy, which would pass as currency In Biythcvillc with the affixing o! a two cent stamp for each tram.ic- tion. After-50 stamps had jscn attached (he ciiy would redeem ihe scrip fen- cash. Sale by the c.ty ol the stamps would provide ne'ccs- sary funds for redemption of U-.e scrip. I Two major projects on which! relief workers will be employed' alter April l will be completion of Ihe long planned storm sewer nnd graveling of dirt streets. Materials supplied by Ihe current CWA organization will IK? available for these Jobs. There will also •>f a city wide clean-up campaign, :-tvm=orod by the notary club, which will include removal of nil trash and rubbish and graclim; of .ill allevs. Another project that seems virlnallv assured is comple- j lion of tlie airport, for which the j city has leased laud south of: Secretary Hrrjnks of the j Chamber of Commerce has already obtained a large part of the material necessary for this project, and al last night's meeting Ora Shonvo said thai lie personally would guarantee that the remaining material would be provided. Another possibility ts that relief labor may be used for construction of the proposed Mississippi County Fairgrounds, at the north limit.' of the city. Application for •i PWA loan to finance this work will probably be revised lo cover only the cosl of materials, nnd Ihus reduced it is hoped i! will receive approval. No time limit has been fixed on the new works program, which city officials have been led lo believe may last for a year or more, a quota of 700 men. it is evident a great deal of work can be accomplished provided the community is able to furnish the necessary' materials. This latter. It appears now, is likely to prove tlie limiting factor. IKICSI: nn.M ix WASHINGTON.—Thr h 11 n * e again Imlay stiind liy Its vilte for :i Miuipriunisf mi vrlvnms fiini- ['•rns:iUim liu'rcasrs. This lu-tlnu I'lil it up [„ ||i t . si-niilr cither tu n-licsl frum Us slaiut r»r hlfli- rr nnn|k-ns:Ui(.n nr ti> scnrt lln> imlt'priuldil olllrfs bill III nllirrr- SCHOOL HUH CRASH TKOY, \. <'._'lw.> svhnul ,-hll- ihi'ii in. I inslnni tlriilli and two Dllii'rs Miflcn-d si'rlnus iujurks Itnlay when a ht'liuol bus uml a hiMitii-r tnn-k erashril un a cann II) iiillrs urst nf hrrr ;is tin- hits vias rn rulilr to n si-hnnl. knoa- what il That hap- IT. white, entering a plea of guilty lo the charg? of striking spencer Hayes wilh t ; .-e intention of kiDnn him, took a year for assault to kill" alu ' ' 0<l -'>' s iiw'denl was nothing new in the ex|>erie."l:e of these who have frc-qiier Flirec Killed in Accident a I [.as Palmas Aiiport in Peru Today LIMA. Peru, Mar. 22. tup)—A tri-mo'.orcd Grace Line plane with 12 passengers craiiK'd while laklng olf for Chile from Las Pr.imns airport today, klll- hi|. r ll'.roc persons and Injuring four. 'I'lie dead were Hompr V. Parrls, pilot. Lawrence S. Wagner, radio man, and Frank Large, a passen- ner. • The injured were Manuel Trucco, Chilean ambassador to Washington; his daughter, Ornce, Carmen Uusiament. and John McGregor vice-president of Ihe airline. Ambassador Trucco lost his wife las: week, ai'e died while lie was flying to her bedside from Washington. Cily of llakoclitlc Virhinlly Wiped Oul hy (,loii- (Ingration HAKODATE, .lapan. Miivcll 22. lUl'i—'llie loll of Ilk ami properly in the lire which wijied out this .seaport clly today michcd more than l.UDO dead, 2.IIW Injuivd, unci tuayr of about $7,fiOO,UU[), As aiitliorltles comiile'.ed Ihelr clieck of the stricken residential section, the casualty list mounted They- estlmatr-d limt ul leasl l.nno hud ix'rlslied. The death lira nwe hourly as police pulled bodies from the ocean. I'he panic which followed Ihe devastating rush of flame through tlie tinder box house. 1 ; sent scores running Inlo the sea. Many seeking tills refuse from Ihe (lames drowned and lotlny the tide brouuhl Ihelr bodies, to shore. Insurance companies estimated damuxe al upwards of M.OOO.OOfl yen, about $1.MO,OI>0. In addition to store buildliiHS, 20,000 homes were dexlro.ved City anil nutlonii) ai'.t'norltles swiftly Bel rellel ngencles In mo- llrui to guard nxalnst ]KSlllence nnd exposure among the 120,000 liomn- less icfuyees. Pom- deslroyi-rs carrying emergency sup]illes were tlu; first lo bring outside aid lo the clly. UUILI, r.L.V.* **ll<lf 11 J.^. id.n MflJJ- _ ._ penrd a iiuniter of limes during iLllyail TaSnman Dies this noon's IS-mlnuie rest period, r- n • r» rollowing Operation Contract Awarded for Paving at Leachvillej occasion lo cross i I-Yis LHTLE ROCK. — Contract for! Ihe paving wilh concrete of three- ' tenths ot a mile on Highway 18 in the city of Leaclivllle. was awarded by the state highway commission yesterday to Hartman- Clark Brothers. IVoria. in for ! Gov. Frederick Balzar of Nevada Succumbs CAHfiON' CITY. Nev.. Mar. 22 (U P)—A colorful political career which carried an old time wcsteni SIO.S68.B5. il was announced Roy W. Spence. secretary of commission. by the] : stage driver to the highest office j of his home state was ended today with tlie rirnlh of Gov. Fred- Chicago Wheat Murder Case Disagrees May .Inlv May July GREENVILLE. S. C.. Mar. 22 HI open high low close P)—With th- Jury falling to reach -2 87 1-2 »; 3-8 87 1-43 verdict after 17 hours ot delib- 1-2 875-8 861-2 87 3-8] erat'.on. a mistrial was declared trick Bcnnclt Bal?jir. T>4, liberal leader of Nevada. famed Kidnapers Threaten Bing Crosby's Son _ ClnCaf/0 Corn o;>cn high low 50 3-4 51 1-8 M 5-8 close 61 M 1-2 S2 7-3 LOS ANGELES. Mar. 22 IUP1 — . - ™.........,A special guard watched the home at 1.0011 oday in t'.ie case of four, of Dim; Crosby today afu-r poire loiuur chain gang guards charg-! received reports of a plot to kid- ca wun bealm? to death Roy Hud-: nap the screen crooner's infant son. negro convict, on the chain;.son. Police said an Informant gang The jury was given Iheihad heard two men ' discussing case irile yesterday. | p^iis for t i,, abduction. NEW YORK. Mar. 22 (UP)-Tee im .in<l theatrical world today mourned the passing of one of Its most glumoroiis members. Lllyan Tashman. llio veteran player Of worldly ro'es who worked grimly on her last picture in Ihe fice ol growing Illness and died yesterday following an operation. Her husband. Edmund Lowe, also a film star, was grief-stricken. She died yesterday afternoon and was conscious lo the end. Judge Guthrie Evans oi Booneville Is Dead BOONEVILLE, Ark.. Mar. 22 (U P)--Judge Gulhric Evans. 73, circuit Judge here for 55 years, died here today after an illness of several weeks. Judsc Evans, whose son Is Senator Charles I. Evans, reiired undefeated as judge several years ago. Another son. Hugh Evans, survives him, The funeral will lx> held here tomorrow afternoon al 3:30 Old Mystery Sntvdl MENDOZA. Argentina. Mnv. 21. (UI')An airplane mystery of nearly iwo years ago, when a trl-mo- tored plane with six passengers and u crew of three disappeared over the snow cnpjied Andes, was solved ttxliiy. Two mountain guides rcporici finding Hie wreckage of Ihe Pan- American Grace Line's plane, San Jooc, In a snow-covered valley six hours by mule back out of Pucnla de Llnca. All nine bixiics were In tne plane. The plane vanished 'on July 10, 1032. en route to Santiago from Buenos Aires. No Americans were ony the passengers. Florida Bank Bandit Identified as Dillinger ST. CLOUD. Pla.. Mar. 22. I UP) —Search for John Dillinger, no- lorlcus outlaw and wanted for murder, centered in Florida and olher southeastern states today after a witness of a S10.000 bank robbery here late yesterday Identified one of the three bandits as Dillinger. The 11 rce unmasked white men. who escaped northward In a small coacli bearing Indiana license, forced Cashle.r Paul Kirkpalrtck to 0]»n the citizens Slate Dank vault and carry the loo', to Ihe bandits' waiting- automobile. One of the bandus boasted that he was Dillinger. Hob Nashville Hank NASHVILLE. TV-mi., March 22. lUP)—Two masked ir.en held up the Tenth and Woodl.irvl Street branch ot tlie American National bank today and pscain-d with $6.000 in cash. Socks to Avert -Motor Strike Mrs. Insull, Hysterical, Talks of Killing Herself ATHENS. Greece. Mar. 22. (UP) —"I wish I had the courage to commit suicide, but 1 ctin'l," Mrs. Snw-. ucl Insull cried today as, hysterical, she was nursed by Zehrn Coiiyoum- djoglou. mystery beauty and close friend of the refugee Chicago utilities magnate. Almost distracted with worry over her husband of :u years, who is cruising In the specially chnr- lercd steamship Malotls in search of si haven from American law. Mrs. Instill collapsed when she was informed lliat the French consulate would no! grant her a pa'ssimrt so she could lake 111" Orient Exprw lo Parts, as she had planned. • Alfred E. Smith Quits as New Outlook Editor NEW YORK. Mar. '22. (UP)— Fallowing n disagreement with his liubllsher over editorial policy. Alfred E. Smith has resigned as editor of the monthly magn/.ine. the New Outlook, it was learned today. The resignation \vlli be officially announced at tr.e magazine's office when copies of letters recently exchanged between Smith anil Frank A. Ticlienor, owner and publisher, will be released. Smith pave as his reason the pressure of other business. The real reason, however, was disagreement over the inac- a?.lne's viewpoint lovvard the na- llonal administration. It was learned from sources close lo both men. Ticlienor, a Republican, was understood lo have wanted to handle Washington criticism "without gloves." while Smith favored remaining sl!cnt on some questions French Secret Service Seeks American Woman PARIS. Mar. 22. (UP)—French secret service agents are seeking an American woman named Vio'.etle Lovlne in conncLlon with the gigantic espionage plot unfolded here, it was announced tcday. ft was believed that the woman had escaped lo the Untied Stales, the announcement salij. Serk Scientist NEW YORK. Mar. ?2. (UP)—, Mysterious ramificatioia of a hugej international espionage ring swung j to New York today witll reports that secret service agents ivere on the Irall "of a foreign scientist, described by so:ne sources as brains j of I lie spy organisation. Terry Lloyd Trial Set for Next Tuesday CATJUTHEnSVILLE, Mo. — The trial of Terry Lloyd. Blythevlllo, Ark., resident, charged wilh murder, has been set for Tuesday, Mnrch 27. Lloyd's hearing was originally scheduled for Mnrch '20. Lloyd ts charged with the murder of his falher-lii-lsnv. Will Copeland of Blylhoville. Copeland was taken for a ride, brought Into this stale, beaten, and left In an unconscious state In a field last July 4. Craighead Courthouse Contracts Are Delayed LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 22 (UP) — Contracls for the Craighead county courthouse, PWA project at Jonestoro. will be awarded finally when tlie bond purchase agreement is complete, it was learned by United Press today. Colonel Allaire of the PWA here would not "guess on government business" when asked when Ihe contracts would be awarded. Masons Meet Tonight The local Masonic lodge No. 134, will meet this evening, 1:30 o'clock, at the hail for regular communication. While more tljnn 250,000 workern In automobile plants were awalt- Jngit<v> crOl fpi\ n pencrnl Blrlltn. leaders' o"f 'the "Industry we're (-61?- feiilm! In New York in nn effort lo prevent (lie thrciitcncd wnlk- oul. Alfred P. Sloan, president of Cenernl Motors, Is shown urrivln'j for the confeience at New York's Automobile Chamber of Commerce. STILLI HE GS! PREVENT SMI Confers llus With Labor Washington Aftenioop Leaders WASHINGTON. Mnr. 22 (tJPJ- LabtH- and Industry remained al fur ns over from aiircement todivjT i.. the administration swims; In'.j ii M-cimd day of ix-rsonal confer! L'rcci In Ity effort.s lo stnve of| the UirL-iilened automobile si Meantime It wns ssM lhat th< bile House does no regard th^ i-i'liuuoblie slUMllon as hop .(.\H'h admiUiiu !hnt iioth side. nitaiioblle union lenders • Jronl l>. - !:olt and Cleveland met wit™ l r.'i'deiit Wllhuni '..yeen of thoT American Federation of Labor anu Ihen conferred with Uccovery Ad-l mlnlsiralor Hugh S. Johnson, pre-j naratory to llieir afternorja in i! wilh President Roosevelt. Vote lo Stand Firm They voted to stand firm iri Ihelr demands for collective bar^ nlm: through unions and tin lit to oi'iianlM, which they clnin has been denied. The manufacturers, who had two-hour session with the presi-1 dent yesterday, were Ettimllng Jusa llrm in their fight against iinj Ioul7.ntlon. It aopcarcd ot many (hat the) best the president could hope furl Immediately would he continuation! ol the present truce, which has halted Ihe strike temporarily. Ctrccn. William Collins, A. P. of] L leader for Michigan, and representative cpcli lor 11 unions! In the Detroit section nnd 'one ln| Cleveland, were selected to lay! TD PBEPMBILOT Election Board May Be Called Upon lo Intcr- pvcl' Filing Limil The county election commission may be called upon lo determine expiration of the pi-rind for filing for municipal office when It meets here tomorrow to preuare the ballot for tlie city election. April 3. Attorneys were In disagreement today as to the day when the period for ' 'illm- for o!lice expires. Sam Manatt. clly attorney, pointed to a statute rrqulriti 1 .: petitions of nomination to be filed i IS days before the ricflion. F. C. Douglas, attorney, snid he V.TJ.~ certain the limit was 10 days. The result may l:e impoilant only In tin- first want when- W. M. Williams and L. G. Thompson are ajdei manic o.indidates. Tlicmpsmi filed before expiration of Hi-- 15 day limit nnd Williams filed yesterday. W. F. M. Fi'rgit.Hon. chair-man. A. B. Smith of Osccola and John Moore of Number Nine are members ol ihe commission. Claims UtRlils Denied Collins said they would ask par-l itcularly for a. flnnl Interpretation! of Section 7A of [he recover}' act,! which says lalxir shall be free tol orcaulw nnd select men of Its bwnl cli'KKliiij for collective bai-Kaihrn lr . 1 "Free choice—the president, hasl snld II meant, free choice—is some-1 thing we haven't liad" Collliisl said. I Collins said the unions would! i:ive the president evidence timtl the present system of eollecllve.I bai'KalnliiK In auiomobilt- factor-] Ics was not functioning. Two Major Contests in Osceola Election OSCEOI-A. Ark.— The tion to bo elec- April 3 offer's ccm- - l>etitlon for only two major offices. Trunk Stolen From Monaghan Residence A loaded trunk was stolen from a roar porch at the home of-Matt Monaghan. ICJ-i West Walnut Mii'ct. Inn night, and was carried almost a block away be-fore it was discarded after being ransacked. Tlie trunk contained n blanket, slimmer clothing, nnd a number of i dies and keepsakes, including a baby book nnd similar articles. Rome nr the articles were recovered when the trunk was found this morning but most of them had been remycd. I'nlico wnt to We Turner Simp.-on resilience on \VVot Hearn street enrly last night on receiving-a call lliat i i-ryrs-by h<u' noticed an, !m ruder in'lde. rh; family was .r.vav fiorn homo but officers said th j «.:il,! find no evidence of rlv hoiifi- liu-ini; been entered. Tim -nine iii-i-kncc. hOA'.''r, was en- l-.vd .--I' nights !>FO and ransacked, several au!cbs helng taken President Roosevelt Finds Son Recovering WASHINGTON. March 22. (UP) —President Roosevelt interrupted ti:e business of settling strikes to- jr.-iuiu;i ior oiuy iwo major onices. i ; -e ujiiiiv^.s oi settling strides to- and for aidernun in only cue of [day long enough to visit his son, tl'i' Ihroo «-nrHc .-.Tiiliu :i r\:ill^nt ^( -'..-. «n., n i \,«^ I lie three wards. The follow-in? canilklates have jJolin, a pallent at , naval hos- piMl. and fomid him recovering rapidly from an operation for ap pendicitis. Hied pledges with l!.e comity e'.er- lion coniin!ssio:i: for mayor. A. S. Rogers ami a. \,. Waddeli: fcr ciiy marshal. Dave Young and W. K. Ufi77) Johnson; for treasurer. J. F. Montague; for recorder. Herbert Uryant. and for clly attorney, R. L. Nnillhif. W. W. Prewitt. E. S. Driver and J. B. Bimn are candidate-; for the I wo aldermen's offices in the second ward; Sam I!, coble and n. A. Cartwrlght are unopposed in the llrst ward, as are Ben F. Duller and E. A. Teciford in the third ward Ma's Hay Fever Ran:] Smoking AUSTIN, Tex. UH'> — Because Texas' woman governor. Nfrs. Miriam A. Ferguson, suffers from hay fever, members of the Texas Re"- llct Commission adopted a ban i tonight and Friday. Colder in ngainsl smoking at ihe commls-lnorth and central portions tonight ' slon meetings attended by the Memphis and vicinity— Probably governor, 'chouers tonight. Colder Navy Building Bill Approved by House WASHINGTON, Mar. 22 (UP)— The house today accepted the-conference report on the Vlnson bill audio:lying the president to build Hie United States licet up to tre.ily strength. The report was sent to the senate for final action. WEATHER Arkansas—cloudy. w|th showers

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