The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1949
Page 7
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FnroAT, APRIL s, BT/yTHEVILLR (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE NATION TODAY President of Senate Discovers That Roll Calls Do Not Always Reflect What His Eyes Can See tfei By .lumps MarH*w *^ WASHINGTON, April 8. »AP>—H must be music. Vice President Barkley looks out over the Scnntc. Nol enough senators there. He orders the bells rung, All over the capitol Senate bells ring. Senators come skating in Umniuh the swinging doors and sit down Barkley tells the clerk to c;i!l the roll. There, are 35 members of the Semite but when the clerk gels Ihrcnifih hp says only 49 of'them are present. Harkley announces there nre senators present. Then the magic starts. The next day the Congressional Record come.s out and says that when the roll was called 89 sm- alms were present. And it fi\iote,s Bfickley as sayinp 89 were present. Tin's burns Bnrklcy up. He knows what lie said. He snki only 49 were nt. So he (five* the Senate a large piece of his mind, dead .serious he says: ''The record shows thai 89 senators answered to their names, and that the chair fmeaniuR Barkley) had .said that 89 senators had answered to (heir mimes. "That \vns not true. The chair did not pay there were fl9 senators who ansxveml to ihe names bfraiise it was not true, and the rhair authorized nobody to rhanpe the record In make the chnir say .^lere were 39 senators present when I 2^ere were only 49 senators present.' How come? A senator can't divide himself in half like a ham sandwich and be two places at one time*. If a senator I* not in the senate at roll call, he must be some place else. But If he's some place else. how can the record say he's In the Senate? Andrnt Practice Abused Easy. He can come in later and pet .somebody like the clerk to mark him down as present when ne wasn't present. And that's what must have happened because Hartley goes on and tells the Senate: "The chair that the hnb- it has grown up of placing the names of senators on the roll call and the clerks at the. desk tell the chair that sometimes the sheet is kept at the two or three hours after roll call In order that senators who corns In later may have their names recorded." But no more, Bnrkley says—unless a senator is someplace on senate business, like a committee meet- M Then he Is really busy for the Senate, Barkley says, and when the hells ring for R roll call he can phone In and say "mark me present" und it's okay. But no more of this stuff of getting yourself marked "here" when you're off some place or just gel in late for work, says Barkley But why does it mean so much to a senator to get himself market "present?" Because—• If any of the folks hack home are checking up on him, they can read the record and see whether he's on the Job. Veterinarian Claims Headless Rooster Is Valuable for Research LOS ANGELKS, April R. (;V>— Ln?.arus, the headless rooster, will lean* Saturday whether Another flt- tempt will be made to execute htm. The three-and-a-half -pound fryer chcaled the frying pan by remaining very much alive after los- iriR his head at 2 p.m. last Saturday. Hi 1 . Alan Boss, » veterinarian who took the bird In to wfrotn Its original purchaser, MLS. Martha Green, must appear In court Saturday to answer a charge filed against him. He is accused of violating a slate penal code section governing custody of maimed or mutilated animals. Tlit complaint was Issued Wednesday by Justice of the Pence Stanley Moffntt of nearby Him tin g- of the Society for the Prevention ol Cruelty to Animals. Dr. Ross says (he decapitated bird, which is fed with an eye-dropper, may be valuable for research. He (old SPGA agents he wjll fight it ut in the courts. Widow of Slain Miner Continues Treasure Hunting HOT SPRINGS. N. M.. April 8. (>)'*—A miner'* widow is limiting n hidden cnve which she believes may contain R vnsl treasure In gold and Jewels. Slip !s Mrs. Ova E. Noss ot lint Springs. It was her estranged husband, M. K. cDot-i Noss. who told of finrtint> Hie cnve bj 1 accident 11 years ago. He told his wife he removed scv- ral inelal tiiBols nnd Jewels nnd Ilieu unintentionally blocked the vertical hole In a blast attempt lo widen it. The war htlrmipled his work. Noss was shot lo death March 5. His financial backer, Chin-lie Hynn of Alice. Tex., is charged with minder. Hyan testified upon arraldi- ment that he had objected lo' "Sinn RynrTs trucks for "illegal" activities. Mrs. Noss' prospecting permit has just been extended. She. says tier late husband and Ryan had soucht a permit lor tile .site but found she already bad obtained one. Noss had told of findlne, many black bars "stacked like coidwood." each weighing 40 to 10 pounds. "It was yellow under Hie black when we cut it with a knife," Mrs. Noss says. The Slnle Bureau a! Mines says there is undoubtedly a large cavern thereabouts in the San Andres Mountain* of South-Central New Mexico. But Secret Service ARCH! Jim Hirst of Albuquerque has a bar found among Noss's effects which he says "definitely is not sold." British to Get Most of Krupp Gun Factories PAGE SEVEN Bill Would Silence Popcorn and Peanut Munchcrs in Movies BKRl.IN. April 8, UV-GCM. Lucius n. Clay confirmed .VPMerday the 12-vcar prison sentence Imposed on Alfrieci Krupp. Ihe munitions miiRiwlp ol N."a days. The American military governor, changed the wording, however, .if Ihe Judgment ,>( (| 1P u.S, War Crimes Court which cimvlcled Krupp at Niu'rnbeifi. Tt,e court hii-1 ordered conti.vfation ol all Krnpp'.i Ruhr proix'ity in Ihe name of Ihe now virtually defunct Allied Control Council, which Included Die KU.SMIIMS. Chiy changi'd this to provide confi.scalion by the. Allied commander of the zoin' rinirtTiiril. This mean! (he llritlsh would hold mcvsl o' Hie billion-dollar enterprise which nmde smis (m (he Gciuum.s. Krupp luul only n few small ventures In what is now the Russian M,c of Germany. Clay wrote into his review ullolli- or proviso to pi-even' Krupp horn making any nliemiu (o avoid con- fi.Mialion. Clay said all properly >tt'nc<l by Krupp is derliurd Mili- jcvt to conli.saclion by Ihe 7.0110 commaiuier "without compensalldn fiAI.RM Oic. April H. c,i'i. Mnvlc. KOIT.S M\milt!n - < IKIVC lo pill n;> \vil:i |K>|ic'otn »ri(i praiinl inmu-hris, nlM>* Orr-tiiMl M'M;(toi.s ilrrliiie. Tliev luti-odncoil n bill laic Wctt- nrsti.iy thru iimvlclr.s: Tlilrly ihiys In ];ul inn! u SUV) (im> lor llu-ulrr OMHT.S ullowiUK sni'h Power Company Outlines Plans for Expansion Hollywood Continued from Page € role turns up. • * • Projnlsrrf and hoped for. Spike .Tones' Easier record, "You Wanna Buy a Bunny?" Male fashion note: Dick Powell as a Northwest Mountie in "Mrs Mike." will wear furs designed by A Tejtelbaiim, who usually whips 'em up for Greet Garson and Llndr Darnell. . . . Smart fellow. Pete: Lind Hayea. n-ho just opened n the Las Vegas Flamingo. Most en tertalners In Las Vegas leave thel: salary checks on the Rambling ta bios. Peter's are being, sent, un cashed, to his agent In Hollywood. «3 ... > -Ann Blyth will get the glamo treatment opposite Bob MontRom erv In "Come Be My Love." Shi plays n Pasadena socialite. Hoy Rogers gets a new comedy fol In his future westerns—Pat Brady formerly a comedian and bull ficidl player with (he Sons of the Pin neers. . . . Clark Gable Is quiet! telling M-G-M that he should hav "younger and sexier" leading ladies When Joan Bennett's granririaugl The timarau, a ruminant related, fl the water buffalo, is the largest : ative mammal found In the Phli- >pines. cr was born, she had a call from larlcnc Dietrich on the set of "The Blank Wall." "Darling," cooed Hollywood's first lamorons grandmother, "thanks so uuch for latclnj; the heat, oft me." BABY CHICKS Healthy, Sturdy • Buy the Nest" • Master Mix Feed None Finer Lewis Poultry HO East Main Plione 3317 •ITU-; liOCK. April 1 liiv~Tlit> HIM.*. I'owor .t l.tvtht Company •r.i.»> oulilncd before the Arkis I'ubll* Srrviro Commission :uii« for sjinidliiK $2:I,(I!M.O(XI on iHito'.vment'i during IfUD. The commission Is nmduclljiK n citiiui; on (he fnin's for HI ho. Ilv In seil |H,:ini),OiH) In 'JS- si'iklnt; fund flebeiitiucs. and l "" tl; . 1 '«' Isvi.- iinil sell to Kleitrlc I'nwer Kji-cilon Iron, the Ihraler and nn ',v |,| K M (•„ JM.OOU shares «[ com- ish reltind lov ofteiulcis; „ cm ..i,,,^ ,,t (i». sp ,,„,. v ,,|, lo . 11lls I'lner tiiiii-s |111' HdmKvinil prli'r ir '-in 1 'if (lie Al'l, plnn for fln- lor tluvM 1 iinnovcil by Iho iMu-in^ Ihe liiiprovcment pronnun. li. K. Itli'hle. ctimpany vin- presl- I'ont, inui'h ni the numry will oe speni on production umt lians- iHissloM facllilii'.s llr snlil tills yi'in's -umpany plans Include an •IIII.IIIIT of $l(i,'ISll,noo for jiro- riucllnn lion lin »S, 181,000 for dlstrlbil- Of some 700 species r( birds on the Philippines, about, hall »re found only In Uio Islands, 'Truman' Gets Trimming J$l''Fi-:iisoN r;rrv. April a MM - 1'iTMdi'nl 'rntimin tuuk u Irimmliin in his own liomi' Mm,- tixliiy. Ol' rulhi-r » hust ul him 'I'lio Imsl. illsphtyi-il in llic ruliin- <lu "f (he Mis'iuiii Capilol liorr, mid Us Kniiiiic U:isp illdii't III per- Ici'ily. Su « rivi'-lumr Kiundini; Ji>l> \\iis ((one (o f[\ It. and \vltli.nil nxnril to any Inins- fcrs Ihornf by him Ihal linvi- lakon pliu'i 1 or ni.iy lakr phui'" illtrf July Lll, Klin, i lip dulc i>! lil.s riwivii'llon. Clay H!MV i .mtinncil Uli' I'liiivU;. lions oi Ki'iipp'.s 10 fo-ilprcnil:iii(.s. FURNITURE REBUILDING The HrmsR of Clm rn c;ui milly m.ikc your pntscni iur- iillni.- likn neu UK Din! \\i- nf. tci- (ni]jf *u[>nfor uwkm.'in* slilp, n HTiillh t>( nrlrrlloii In Li|)lin|<,trry fitbrtfji nt rvrry pvirr Irvrl. unit 10 ilny urn-Ire, fall for • he* esljmnte. House 01 Charm Jlmmtc Drul Knn;i Wkils^nhmil Wil SVrst Main riiniiM; 4G2I or 44lffl An opportunist," according to Hannah, "is a party who can meet the wolf at the door and appear the next day in a fur coall" An opportunist is a party who puts a defunct radio in our hands mid appears the. next riav with a sot which pUys like *it was fresh ofT the assembly lino. No others compete when you compare I Compare Features.' No other line of trucks in its price range has all these features! 4-Specd Synchro- Mesh Transmission . Splined Rear Axle Hub Connection . Foot-Operated Parking Brake • Steering Column Gearshift . The Cab That "Breathes"* . The Flexi-Mountcd Cab . Uniweld, All-Sleel Cab Construction . Full-floating Hypoid Rear Axle . All-Round Visibility with Rear-Corner Windows* . Articulated Brake-Shoe Linkage . Hyclrovac Power Brakes . Wide-Base Wheels • Multiple color options. Compare Qua/if/.' There's outstanding quality in every inch and ounce of Chevrolet trucks ... an txlra measure of massive strength and durability. They're built to take it—the rough going and the hard pounding—in every feature of body, cab, engine and chassis! Compare Performance. 1 Only these trucks have the Thrift-Master and Load-Master Valve-In-Head engines—Chevrolet's twin champions for low-coat operation . . . low-cost.upkeep. And Ihcy have more power with economy than any engines of their size in the world! of the lowest list PRICES in fhe entire truck field! CHEVROLET TRUCKS THERE'S A CHEVROLET TRUCK FOR EVERY JOB . . . with capacities from 4,000 Ibs. to 16,000 Ibs. G. V. W.! MORE CHEVROLET TRUCKS IN USE THAN ANY OTHER MAKE! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Assessment NOTICE The law minlrcs Ihal cadi )ivrtiun assoss his or her personal |ir»perl.v mid real tsliile each year, between January 1st and A|>ril Ifllh. 1'liis is Ihe yt-nr fur assi'ssinx pvrsuniil prupei'ty and town lots. Kiilliirc (« HSHCSS yotn- own properly nt my office in the Court House makes it iieressiiry for tho Assessor or I0(iualiy.alinn Itiiiinl lo scl llic viilualiun for you. Pleas* cooperate by assessing before April 10th. HERBERT SHIPPEN Tax Assessor, Mississippi County Court House — Blytheville & Osceola RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY GENTLEMEN: To linr« « »ull (tint rrally Ills, lio niriislivrd lij- .1 |»||nr. Nnw >hnwlnt alt 'lie latest iprlut xinl imnmer Imiliirlril anil do- tnni\o wwileng. Drop down lo unr »\\ny »nj day ot Iho week. GEORGE L. MUIR "Hl.vlhcvillc's Only Tailor" 109 Railroad CAMERAS FOR RENT Flush (ir Kn\- Tv|i» Cnincnis. Also « complelt stuck of flush Imlhs in nil si/.cs. Barney's Drug Store 2(H)(i West Main Phone 3IM7 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry The Best in LUMBER mid complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Builder'sSupplyCo.,inc. W. H. reuse ,1. Wilson Henry Sniilli Iliwny Gl BABY CHICKS •1A Qualily • Onlcr Vows Now • L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Chcrr.v ii Railroad. Phone 41M FOR SALE Cnnrrrtc culverts, 12 inch to 48 inch, |>l;ihi oi recntiirced Also Concrete Building Block* cheaper Irian lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant hoiiscs, tool sheds We deliver ("nil us for free estimate . , phone 6[)l. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 iN'orlli — t'houc 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs ,

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