The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1949
Page 2
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ILYTHUVILLE (ARK.) COURIER KIWg TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1949 Veterans Obtain Large Refunds Homing Exptditer ForcM Compliance •y Contractors A total »r |1.5«,m47 ha,s been r»cover«! for veteraiu in connection with priority-built houses they purchutd and for which they were either over-charged or failed to receive all of the itenus called for in specifications, Housing Expediter Tight E Woods reported to the Veteran* Advisory Committee at a meeting yesterday. That figure and other figures included in the reoprt are a.s of June 10. 1949. Of the total recovered, $1,429.&31.81 was obtained through .settie- men Ls and the remaining $166,803.64 through litigation, On hand in Regional OHE offices on June 10 were ca-ses representing 2005 houses. cases were in various stages of inve-sllgalion, analysis, and settlement. The housing expediter also told the Veterans Advisory CommiUee that he has decided to grant w;iiv- Drs of veterans preference on uew luxury rental accommodations where the monthly rent is $50 per room or more and the total monthly rent is at least $125. Similarly, waivers of veterans preference will be granted in the sale of homes where the sale price is 525,000 or higher. Units in a project with a monthly rent below $50 a < oom and a total monthly rent of less than $125 pei unit win not be exempted from veterans preference. Waivers will be restricted to luxury accommodations in a structure or project. "I have Ulten this action," Mr. Wood* explained, "because a survey by our agency has shown that very few veteran. 1 ! can afford housing accommtxlatioriK renting monthly for $5*3 per room or more with a total rent of at least $125, or selling for $25,000 or more. At the .same time f plenty of such accommodation* are available for the relatively few veterans who can afford such A price for housing." The housing expediter pointed out that the waiver i? not auto- matte, "A bunder must apply for * waiver." he said. "If the expediter finds that ' nc facia are as stated, the waiver will be granted. But, we will not permit ft builder to set luxury remit or .sale prices on housing accommodation* in order to get out irotn under veterans preference, and then lower the rent or sale price, without granting veterans preference." Mr, Woods said the effect of the new policy will be to permit build- em «r owners to rent or sell .lui- ury accommodation^' while a construction project Ls still in the blueprint or construction jtage instead cff waltirtf until after It* completion. Court Orders Sale of Trucks Judgmtnt Enr«r«d Against Estate of Accidtnt Victim AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS -Back in the eay nineties an icebox wasn't just to keep focxl cold- It was a handsome hand- carved dining room piece, used as a sideboard and buffet. This example of the pride of grandma's heart is on display at a furniture show in Chicago. Marriage Licenses Th« following couple obtained i marriage license «t the office o: Mla« Kiaa.beth Blythe. county clerk Saturday: Thomas Alexander Holll!, Jr.. o Manila and Miss Wllfa Doris Wea ver of Caraway. Wife of Former Blythevilie Resident Wins Signal Honors as a Biochemist The wife of a former Blytheville. man was one of the biochemists at Louisiana State University who yesterday announced their discovery of new method of packaging brown rice to keep IL from turning rancid In storage, Dr. Virginia Williams, wife of Dr. H.ilon Williams, who lived here about 10 years ago when his father, Rev. E. B. Williams, was pastor of the First Methodist Church, developed the new method after two years' research with another LSU scientist. The Rev. Mr. Williams s now district .superintendent, liv- ng In Jonesboro. Dr. Hi.lou Williams Is a cousin of Mrs. M. C. Webb of Blytheville and a brother of Mrs. Hob Hopper, also of here and Russellville. Both he and his wife tench in the chemistry department at LSU. Both Doctors Williams graduated from Hendrix College and LSU. Mrs. William* is a native of North Littte Rock, Her discovery makes use of specially treated and sealed aluminum foil and Kraft paper to help retain Ground-Breaking Scheduled for Church in Hayti Ground will be broken at «':3fl p.m. today in Hayli. Mo., for a J28.- 000 church for the congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints, It was announced by James A. Walker of Sleele, Mo., who is branch president for the denomination. The church has a membership of abou : 125 and is the only congregation for the denomination between Memphis and St. Louis, Mr. Walker said. 'Hie Hayti church has members living as far away as Luxora. The new structure will be southern part of Hayti r in subdivision and will be of brick construction. The auditorium will seat about SCO and a recreation hall vitamin B-l and" nlacin, principal ls P'»'»«<1 »•' a «nter for the ac- anti-pellagra vitamin, in the rice! >lvl(lM cr thc y°»<W members of for as long as one year. line church. Housewives, ' the two scientists! H ls expected that construction said, have shunned brown rice at j »'" be cnmpleled by the end of the markets because of its bitter odor j year. Mr. Walker said the Sunday and taste. Their new package re- j School for the denomination was places this with a "comparalivcly 1 organized two years ago In Hayti Oefault judgment for |«,52«.OS against the estate of Raymond English was entered In Chancery Court here yesterday by Chancellor M. Buck In a suit brought by J. H. Craln, trustee for the l/ee Wilson Company of Wilson. The action was on notes Issued by Mr. English prior la his death i automoblie accident near Turrell April 19. He was distributor :iere for the Wilson Dairy and the notes were secured by lieiis trucks operated by the defendant. Foreclosure on the truck* was ordered by the court. Millard English, also of Blytheville was fatally Inlured In the same accident. Chancellor Buck yesterday fined Charles E. Metcalfe, defendant In a divorce suit brought by Pauline Metcalfe, JIM on a contempt of court charge. Citation against the defendant was Issued June 10. Following the one-day session of court, the second to be held here since Cl .;cellor Buck's appointment by Governor McMath to preside over Ihe Second Division of the court In the Twelfth Chancery District, court was adjourned to August 17. Chancellor .Francis A. Cherry of Jonesboro will preside over the session to be conducted In August. Seren Divorce* Grunted Other cases before Chancellor Buck yesterday included: Marguerite C. Cooper vs. Ewingl B. Cooper; order for payment by defendant of $50 monthly support for children, Bessie Mote, etc. vs. James Mote; order for payment by defendant of S15 monthly support tor child. Grace McGill, etc, vs. Chester Aaron Mooneyham; .decree annulling marriage. Verda Mae Llndley vs. Horace LIndley; divorce to plaintiff. Sarah Ruth Besharse vn. Herschel Besharse: divorce to plaintiff Frances Carpenter vs. Robert Carpenter; divorce to 'plaintiff. Hazel V-\Vtlll»iru vs. Ray Mc- Wllliams; divorce to plaintiff and custody of children to plaintiff. Vivian Gray vi. Eugene Gray; divorce to plaintiff. " Georgia Cannon vs. William G. Cannon; divorce to plaintiff. Ruth M. Cantrell rs. John Cantrell; divorce to plaintiff. Taxpayer Challenge* Pharmacy School fund Crant Appropriation LITTLB ROCK. July 11. <*>,—A Little Rock taxpayer contends a 1M« letUlatlve act admittedly de- •irned to help the Colleie of the Ourlu School of Pharmacy i> Invalid. The act appropriate! a maximum of 9100,000 from the general revenue fund to assist colleges having at time of its passage a senior class In pharmacy. Oxarks, a Presbyterian school at Clarksville, ta the only institution having such a cla.u, P. B. Garrett chanted In Pu- laskl Chancery Court yesterday that the denominational school which he didn't mention by name, Is "not entitled under the constitution and laws of the state to an exclusive grant of the public money." He mked lhat the act be voided and that state officials be restrained f> i making any expenditures under its authority. DEFICIT J8,963,000-Bushe/ Rice Crop Predicted new, nutty flavor." An English Quaker. Abraham Darby, first smelted iron ore with coke. In 1135. with a membership of 12. WASHINGTON. July 13. (/Till the j The Agriculture Department has new predicted an 18,9*3,000 .bushel/rice crop for Arkansas this jear. The department set' the acreage for harvest at 367,000 and the expected yield per acre 49 bushels. Acreage for harvest, yield per acre and indicated production, respectively, of other Important crops for Arkansas Include: Corn—1.134.000: 26 and 29,494,000. Rice—381,000; 48 and l»,0«3,f>00. Peaches (production only—2,31#,00(1. Potatoes—24.000; 7J and 1,800.000. McClellan Offers Rider o Use U.S. Surp/us Trops in Aid Program WASHINGTON, July 12. (/!'>— Senator McClellan of Arkansas is Kmsor of an armament he thinks 111 Insure purchase of some of jls country's surplus crops by coun- 'ies participating in the economic elief program. The proposed modification of the onomlc Cooperation Admlnlslra- ion bill would require that any r A modern coke oven U« about 35 to 40 feet long, 8 to 12 feel j wide and 1ft to 18 inches hi^h. In a normal year, nearly three million tons of sheet steel are used in making tin plate for cans. Continued from Page 1. middle '20s and again a year ago— have we used black Ink. Meanwhile tile federal debt has grown to more than »252 billion. The question businessmen ask Is how much 'higher can it safely go? If it's finally decided to go on spending at the old rnti. the nexl problem is just how the Treasury should borrow the m r -ney to meel the bills. Long-term bonds with compar (lively high Interest rates will ap ?eal to private Investors and institutions, and cost the Treasury most. Banks with money on the! hands just now because business loans are falling off are urgln medium-term Treasury notes wit! moderate yields. When there was more deman for business loans, which are muc more profitable to a bank, th Treasury's .practice of financing it cash needs with short-term cer tiricates with a low yield gave the banks a chance to keep any Idle funds rarnlng a little and still easily available when a good business came along. But last night the Treasury sold 1900 million of these short-term bills at an average rate of 0.923 per cent—two weeks ago It had to pay 1.151 per cent. Naturally, the banks don't rind the new low rate* too attractive. The Treasury also raises a little money, but not enough, by selling 10-year savings bonds to individuals. But the Treasury can't depend upon this source of revenue in • pinch. Therefore, the Treasury will hare to do its deficit financing through the b?nks or Insurance companies. It will have to decide how to do it fairly soon. The Treasury started its new year the first of this month with a deficit of ll.MO.OOO.- 000. The middle of September it has U.282,000,000 of two per cent bonds coming due. It will decide well before that Just how these are in be refunded. Many bankers hope the Treasury will deckle to Issue five-year bonds paying two per cent or better. This, they say, would find ready market, help the banks, and take some of the pressure off the Treasury for going Into th« market at frequent Intervals to borrow money at whatever rate Is possible at the time. TO BEGIN PRACTICE HERE— Dr. Jack Webb, son of Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Webb, has entered private practice here with his father the Webb Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat Cl lie In the Lynch building. Dr. Webb, who will specialize diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat, was graduated from University Arkansas School Medicine in 1944. He was graduated from Gul Coast Military Academy, Oulfport Miss.: and received his pre-medira work at the University of Arkansa where he received his degree 1941. He was accepted as a residen In ophthalmology In the Tulan University post graduate school ii New Orleans and upon completioi of work there In 1948, look addi tional course's at Knoxville, Tenn General Baptist Hospital and M Sainl Hospital In Pittsburgh. Pn Dr. Webb served in the Panam Canal Zone during the \var. Livestock articlpatlng country using U. unds to purchase commodities 'hich this country has a. surplus lust, buy those commodities in the Jnited States. The amendment was accepted by he Senate Appropriations Comrmt- ee of which McClellan Is a member. Fayetteville to Home Judge in Special Vote FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., July 13.— :-y—Fayetteville will vote for a municipal judge at a special election Aug. 9. The City Counci set the date last night and named V. James Ptak acting judge (wilding the election. Ptak and Paul Jameson, who resigned recently, had been involved in litigation for 16 months over the judgeship. The day after Jameson resigned, the circuit court here ruled In favor of Ptak. Both principals in the lltlgx are expected to be candidates lor the post. The American black bear has din- appeared from most of the plaini : states. Cars Ride Easier with v^X^VVXX t, ^ 4fS /// //^ ELECTRONICALLY , f /^ // 4 4 i i j f 1 S XVVAN\X»- BALANCED WHEELS! I' NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, July 12. (AP)—(USDA)—Hogs 10 500; barrows and gilLs steady to mostly 2S higher; top 22,25 lor "moderate sprinkling of light hogs- sood U> choice 180-240 Ibs largely zi.75- 2200; popular price 22.00; heavier weights scarce and sales very spotted; good and choice 150-170 Ibs 21.00-75; sows mostly -teady; bulk 400 Ibs down 15.50-17.00; heavier sows 1150-15.00. Cattle 4500; calves 2000: cows mostly steady; bulls mostly 50 cents higher with supplies light; good and choice steers 26.75; few lots medium to average good 2200-25.50; Ends excessive "pavement pouoding,"saves wearon ti gives you a smoother riding car. Bring your car in today! $100 I per wheel (plus Weights) T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 we the new Stewart- Warner Electronic Wheel Balancer that does a perfect wheel balancing job every time. All four wheels balanced without removal from the car. Tire, tube, wheel, hub cap hal- Miced as a unit—electronicallyl few lots good heifers and mixed yearlings 25.00-2«.2S; medium 21.00- 2J50; medium and good beef cows: 15.25-2650; few good 11.00-18.00; canners and cutters mostly 110015.00. Train Victim Identified STUTTGART, Ark.. July 12. —A man who was killed near here early Sunday when he was struck by a train Rent a Camera for Color Pictures I he idea) raj in rpmemhei &p*?claJ tH'rasinns Also other tjpes of cameras foi rent brings you automatic shifting NO GEARS TO SHIFTI NO CLUTCH TO PRESSI SIMPLE AS 1-2-31 BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3R47 TV mi LINCOLN COSMOPOLITAN SPORT SR/M.V l Kr«. ,W !«„,,, a START just a you always harel But for?et the clutch pedal now! For there isn't any clutch pedal— in a 1949 Lincoln or Ijncoln Cosmopolitan with HYDRA-MATIC!' SIT THE "ORIVt"! There's a "Drive Selector"— in place of th« Rearshifl. Set it at the "Drive" position. Your HYDRA-MATIC transmission does all tie thilting for you aufomati'caHy/ Then . . , STEP ON THE ACCELERATOR and p> — with a smooth, sweeping surge ot power! To slow down or stop, just step on tb« hrake. That's how simple it i.< to drive any new 1949 Uneoln— with Hvn SP1CIAI NTW "f AlOM $miN«" Uaeota BOW proudly [ the BMM* beautifully ( •vtaawbile interior! • Ik* world! Ak with superb »ew Uilorinj . , . completely MW upholstery [abrin . . , KMT* new body colon... a urr "Salon Stylim" th*t makwj OM 1}4« Lincolni men than tr»r America,'] vatt *•«•««»« line ears—t««'d« Mrf «* CoeM •. tt*. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut and 1st Street Blythevilie, Ark. HOTPOINT REFRIGERATOR for 1949 COME TN AND SEE Hotpoinl's eight new refrigerator models for 1949- Sec how Hotpoint'* revolutionary design gives you extra >Kelf ipace, storage space and convenienccl You have room for more foods, more tall bottles than ever! Packed wilh kitchen -planned features, beauty, quality and price, Hotpoint is ou^nnding among fine refrigerators I $229 EASY TERMS ... Evtrybody's Pointing to REFRIGERATORS BLAH HEATH CO 112 North 1M Phrme 828

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