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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 42

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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CAILAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, MAY 19, 1S40 DEVELOPMENT, REAL ESTATE AND BUILDING NEWS NEW PLANT, AND PERSONNEL, OF COMPANY 12 Homes 60 IN MORAGA WOODLANDS I2-D Cheese Planl 11 I. A I 1 I -I wiiami mliu mum I K1 In New. Home Up in Moraga Bi in manrnima j. Kmi.t-i- Home building continues apace in 'v Steadily Increasing demand for Tuttla'a cottage cheese Is respon- Moraga Estates and Moraga Wood TaiM far eftahlishment by J. L.

lands, with twelve homes now under construction, and with plans for as many more on the boards, it fTuttla Co, lac, of a complete new tnlant In a aoecially built brick and Kile, buildlne directly across the is reported by Fred T. Wood, head treet from its former quarters at of the developing and building or 9.4th and Union Streets. A aescnp ganization, Fred T. Wood, Incor tion of the new plant and Us oper- porated. The convenient location of the two properties at the junction of r.

IK'' Wi'J ted -TTO atloni reads: Tha new building comprises 13,000 tne new Tunnel Road with the Orinda and Moraga highways in feet of floor space ana is attract ively designed and completely fitted for mixing and packing the Contra Costa County has kept them in the public eye, and for the last ft I to! mjkJiikm kmsm From the glass brick pan month great crowds have been re elf beside the front door, to the ported visiting the Capwell'Wood- Tribune model home called "House I back wall of the box storage room, la (Die and span. in the Sun." it is stated. 'TCvery phase of the developmen In -nil rirm mmnrran iiniii if "Included In the plant are two "txra refrigeration rooms where r- J) I 1 of Moraga Estates and Morag The Moraga tracts of the Fred T. Wood Company are becoming noted for the many inter Woodlands illustrates the fact thBt the cheese is stored the few hours 5 between preparation and delivery the pleasures and healthful advan tage of suburban life are well iand where boxes are precooiea as esting phases of residential architecture depicted by homes recently completed and under, construction. This Is the residence of R.

V. Winquist on the Moraga Highway in Moraga Woodlands. within average means," Wood states, needed. -rrEEPAEED IN STOCKTON "You can see it in the many beautiful homes that are occupied and in the homes that are under The curds used In this cheese Tare prepared In Turtle's own mod- In Stvktnn. nulnff an- TYPICAL SHEFFIELD VILLAGE HOME construction.

It was the guiding principle also of H. C. CapwelT: Home Decorating Studio in furnish proved methods, and are made from fcthe milk of selected dairy herds. Thu drv curds, packed in 100- ing our latest display home, 'House A complete new plant has been occupied by the J. L.

Turtle Company, producers cottage cheese. In a model brick and tile structure across the street from the company's former quar in the Sun'. nmmrl containers, are brought from "Visitors'to the 'House in the Sun' Stockton to the local plant early very morning In a specially built ters at 24th and Union Streets. are charmed with its colorful, fresh crispness, and are impressed with refrlgeratea true. "Arrivine- at the plant they are the Ability of Capwell's Home Dec oratinrStiMio to achieve the effects transferred Immediately to the re- LEALAND HEIGHTS HOME OPENS displayed, wXjle keeping a careful frigerated apace, to Da removed as needed.

AH of each day' receipts eye on the budget. Ij I- "Both Moraea Estates and Moraga Woodlands are already established as fine residential districts. Restric rm-1 If 'A 'I Tf A "I Kt If mixed and packed tne aay re- acelved. In preparing the cottage cheese, the curds are mixed with cream and salt In a special stain-l-tel mixed. When the mix is tions are adequate for proper pro tection, paved roads to every Duna i completed, the cheese la emptied ing site are gas, electricity, water and telephone services afford modern, city conveniences and com into the stainless-steel hopper and automatically packea zor tne mar forts while preserving all the ad vantages of the country.

So far "All -Turtle's cottage cheese Is there have been no advances in our prices! and you can still purchase packaged; even that which la sold in bulk by some dealers reaches 1 them In a sealed package. The ma an estate-size buildine site at mod erate price, on easy terms. chine which does this packaging was developed in the Turtle or- i EXACTS AUTOMATIC AIXT Local Home "It automatically picks up the container which is to be filled, measures predetermined amount Builder Best By C. W. DORWIN of cheese into it, put on tne cap, seala it, and dates the package with a coded number Identifying each day's pack and enabling the The Builders Exchange of Oakland When the average person under Sheffield Village is one of the most active subdivisions in the Metropolitan Oakland area.

Pictured Is one of Several homes that are open for inspection. The E. B. Field Company are the subdivide. Sheffield Village is located on Foothill Boulevard at Dutton Avenue.

takes to consider the construction of i salesman to cneck aeaierr siocks, making sure that no cheese is not strictly fresh reaches the new. home or building, we find U. B. Lee, developer of Leakmd Heights, the view property In San Leandro, has selected this attractive home as the feature of the subdivision for this week-end. It Is located at 1332 Benedict Drive, near Estudlllo.

customer. there often is a tendency to ignore an important phase of the problem. This is whether it is most advisable "From this machine the packed cheese goes into wooden cases and is stacked in the refrigerated space to choose a local contractor, or a Real Estate Appraisal contractor from some other region, VISITS HEAD OFFICE GREAT ACTIVITY IS REPORTED IN SHEFFIELD VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT until the time for loading the de- Pit rsz3-5Lja Real estate Loan to do the work. This is a most important consider- Courses to Be Given tion to the project itself, and it is New Home Ready for Inspection :5 The U. Bj Lee Company, owners far-reaching in its effect on the in oauana ana jaceni ciues, six gs in San Francisco, four in Stockton I ITIAAk nflfifl I and one each in San Jose and Ma- VUIIUUA UUUU Experienced appraisers and neo community.

Building construction Is auesuon of sound economies, since phytes from many States will be -Fiftv emoloveea are on the rolls. Returning from a visit to the head Village celebrates today the 'opening of new units at Foothill Boulevard and button Avenue. All houses of the first two uriits have been sold, according. to Lee Dunham, we spend wha'li to most of us, a rather large sum of money, for tennis court which will be completed early in the Summer. All the playground facilities and the tennis court are owned and controlled by home-owners in Sheffield Village, the purchase of a home carrying and builders of scenic Lealand heading West early this Summer to attend the case-study courses in HThe company is headed by J.

L. office of Western Service Corpora Heights, report the completion of a Tuttle as president, Fred Namanny tfoni Wilbur T. -Warner, resident which we expect to receive something of equivalent value. real estate appraisal to be con ducted by the American Institute Whether or not we trade -with our home at 1332 Benedict Drive, now open for inspection. i A description of the residence reads: "Thfere are three bedrooms, ZSlZEESXX in ch-ge of the Oak-and Xd Kenealy is pUnt superin- lnd nd San Francisco offices, re- with it the rights and privileges of sales manager, and many of the third unit have already been taken.

a large estate. local interests in the matter determines the value received for our money. There should be no doubt tendent" Six homes 'were sold last week. ports an optimistic attitude among the ranking officials toward pros of Real Estate Appraisers at the University of Southern California In Los Angeles June 10 to July 6, according to the report of Charles large living and dining rooms, a modern kitchen with breakfast nook, an attractive bathroom with "In all my experience with resi to the proper course. The local pective business in real estate loans, dential properties, declared Dun Special Home Values ii Dnen Sunday ham, "1-! have never encountered Our client, the Metropolitan Life Shattuck, member of the govern contractor is in the most strategic position to render the detailed service and the personal supervision so essential in the construction of a homes that sell easier than these at ing council of the institute, and past blue tiling and white fixtures, a stall shower, creffm -colored canvas walls and the usual built-in features.

In the upper hall are two' large linen closets, and the large Sheffield Village. Furthermore those who have already bought homes in Insurance Company" Warner added, "evinces a lively interest in our territory, In its appraisement, last- CiIIdingSileYsRled Lml prttTTtd, with sentl downward Aoo In rear. aera to aora, 1 or 1 oak trcaa, Orinda, Morasa, Happy Vailar or vfolnlty. Call M. Stevens TEmplebar J74t president of the California Real Es the Village are our greatest boosters, tate Association, who will serve on new building.

During the progress of the work he further justifies his, position in the community by em It certainly speaks well for the garage has overhead doors. the faculty for the courses. bay realty loans of the calibre we proffer are regarded as prime comfort and conveniences of the 'In the kitchen, the walls of ploying local craftsmen, and by Appraisal covering the funda houses. i) purchasing materials where the which are in canvas, is a green marbelized linoleum with Chinese work is to be done. Thus, through "Work is already under way on the parks, tennis court and playgrounds.

A "barbecue eircle," where red stripes, and this color scheme the redistribution of the money he receives, he contributes to the sup $24.00 manth 5 ROOMS FHA: $24.00 $3350 is carried out in the other fixtures. The laundry has an Atlas gas furnace with -air filter. Artistic wall a party of thirty can enjoy a pri Attractive Colonial J5750 4344 Allendale Avenue Just Kant of High Street port of the area in which he oper mentals of real estate appraising, will be given June 10-22, followed by appraisal II, covering the appraisal of investment property, from June 24 to July 6. Among the lecturers, besides Shattuck, will be George L. Schmutz of Los Angeles, president of the institute, and oo, your vate picnic in a beautiful natural environment, has just been built in Carara I ST" i 1 ates.

This, again, is an important consideration for the local taxpayer. Lot Galbraith Park. Another picnic spot papers decorate the three bedrooms which contain large closets. A feature of the living room is the wide furthermore, when the project is has been prepared on the banks of completed, the local contractor re corner window. the live-wooded creek, offering out Avenue Terrace District at head of S5th Avenue 4263 Dunsmuir New Enellnli Colonial.

bedroom, 2 baths, social hall mains where he may be reached for door pleasure for the Summer Thurston 11. Ross, merchandising "There are many choice lots now possible adjustments, etc. The very fact that a person (or a professor member. and prominent institute season. I "Grading is under way on the new on sale, with a wide range of contours, from sloping to level land," the company states.

group of persons) decides to build and to become established in a yyvv given locality, is sufficient evidence 79 Selkrrk, $7950 Nw '-'Colonial, bedrooms. 2 baths, social hall. Bay view. Huge Pitch Lake Wilbur P. Warner, vice-president of the Western Service Corporation, who reports activity In real estate loans.

of his serious interest in its welfare. The condition created by giving The Island of Trinidad contains pitch lake over 100 acres broad building contracts to other than local contractors has reached a defin In 50 years the lake has yielded 92 Selkirk, $7750 Modernistic, attractive. bedrooms, lots of atyla. ite stage in this area, and we must more than 8,000,000 tons of asphalt take immediate and decisive steps to bringjthe issuetojUiejttention of our residents in orden to enlist ENTRANCE HALL GIVES ACCESS TO EVERY ROOM, A VERT ATTRACTIVE FLOOR FLAN, AND WELL FINISHED ALSO. PLENTY OF DESIRABLE FEATURES.

Stop at our ofMca and taa tha unlaw floor plan of thla homo. It la ona of orar 100 that ha v. en display. If rou want to aava money on tha esn-tructton of a homo, and havai It built to ault rour taito and raqulramanta, aura to vlalt our dlaplajr rooms. Mo obllsaUonl BECHTEL CONSTRUCTION Auihoritti Builder PACIFICWOMES in Northern California 3810 Broadway HUmboldc 7531 Or EN BVININGS AND BUND ATS 3658 Redwood Road Attractive Colonial.

3 'bedrooms. baths, larKe level corner lot. Sill VDSDT TWEjriE their aid in a comprehensive campaign, which will cease only when we have succeeded in re-establishing the local Contractor, as well as all other local businessmen, in their individual districts. WAIPlD MODEL HOMES Upper Rockrldsre District 1459 Mountain rooms. Onlv 15750.

Level lot. 60 by 135. GRAND OPENING 4821 Harbord Drive J65O0 New English Colonial. Hardware Men Talk Color Harmony Color harmony In the home was 5963 Chabolyn Terrac lf.950 New 5-rooms, nodal hall. aj of MULFORD GARDENS discussed by a group of Metropolitan Oakland paint and hardware dealers this week when they met with George Sturges, of the Glidden Company.

3600 Victor, $6850 New 5-room. Bay view. 2-car Barae. i CLILO rOUCNEW HOME THE WAY" Under Construction 4225 LINCOLN Oakland Street, between Nerin and Macdonald Richmond HUNTINGTON, bet. San Pablo Panhandle, Richmond Annex 730 McLAUCHLIN 1 block cast of San Pablo, Richmond earing Completion 2101 DUNN, west of 23rd Street, near Richmond High School 3598 LINCOLN Oakland SCENIC Recent color charts and the "Age of Color books recently drawn up were presented for the approval of 3612 Victor, $7975 7 large rooms.

4-car Karaite hH, Social Hall. Bay view Small Forms and Large Home) Sites No City Taxes One-Third to Full Acre the dealers. Stress was laid on the possibility of changing mental attitudes by creating cheerful at mosphere with paint Among dealers present were Spencer Brown, Joseph Fiorio, Paul 71 yildwood Cardens Library, social hall. Solarium, 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, maid a I a.

V----- It's a Beauty! Modern in Construction and Finish. Built for Durability, Comfort and Convenience. Reasonably Priced, and with full FJ1.A. Commitment. Close to Transportation, Schools etc.

Has 3 Bedroom, farge Living and Dining Rooms, Model Kitchen with Breakfast Nook; tiled Bathroom; Laundry, and multiple Garage. Located on a choice lot at 1332 Benedict Drive, and enjoying the Glorious Views of the Bay and Cities. Scargliore, James Pearson, Al Ko-ford, Charles rosier, George Young. Oliver Nelson, I B. Dougall and Stanley inn LianoRO CHOICE LOTS now available.on Sites PRICED AS LOW AS $300 Slake tout selection from 300 different level sites, rich black approved.

All property folly restricted; only minntee drive from San Leandro. Close Frultvalo Avenue '2550 Costello, $7950 MONTGOMERY WARD sells all building materials, lumber, millwork, plumbing, heating, flooring, linoleum, roofing, wiring, hardware, paints, lighting fixtures, built-in cabinets, etc. level or gently sloping ground. ALL LOTS HAVE We Arraaaje FILV FluaaeiHg A HOME ANY FAMILY WOULD BE PROUD TO OWN Alameda and overlooking S.F. Bay.

Boa in Tract for School Children. Electricity Available. GRAND OPENING 9 A. M. SUNDAY Come early for yonr.

choice site. VIEWS ALADDIN READI-CUT HOMES eaa be eat to year ewm special plan, er we will change any hoase la our catalogue to suit yt. at no extra cost. SAVE MONET BUILD ALADDIN! HARVEY BROWN. Dealer, S605 East 14th Street, Oakland Phone: AN doyer 6971.

ft onr Prices. and Terms. They are easy. Drive out Foothill Boulevard to Esrudillo Avenue, San Leandro. See MR.

MR VIS for Information aboat the cost ef building -yomr a aw homo -THK WAED WArj 0 JTG 0 r.1E RY WARD CO TRultvmU 5700 Ltml ZOl I bedrooms, 1 hatha social hall 4 years old Ml Qraiid HI rata Mil Krcoing Phono MK rritt PHIL HERATY 2210 Tint Art, Sin Leandro Office rrtwooj t5H U. B. LEE COMPANYOwrfers and Builders 1348 Benedict Drive. Phones SW-5252 and 1717.

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