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Oakland, California
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 1 1940 Ben Wetzler has filed suit in Su Miners Pledge Lewis perior Court against officials the International Alliance of Theatri wages, hours and working conditions, and arbitration or negotiation of all "minor" issues without strikes or work stoppages. Waterfronts' Pecce Plan Studied by C.I.O. A union proposal for permanent Unable to Take Job, Man Sues Union LOS ANGELES, Feb.

Contending he had been offered cal Stage Employees. Wetzler said Rites Held for Chas. Johnson individual C.I.O. units of the Maritime Federation of the Pacific. Representatives announced that another conference would be called soon to consider how the plan might be furthered.

It provides for employer recognition of "fundamental" union issues, such as hiring control, COURT'S REFUSAL TO ENFORCE UNION AWARD APPEALED Representatives of longshoremen, labor peace on coast waterfronts. the officials refused to accept his transfer from a New York local because some cameraman btlpnf-mg to th Lot Angeles local art unemployed. drafted in San Francisco this week. radio operators, marine firemen and a $60 a week job as assistant cam-cooks and stewards participated ineraman at a studio but couldn't two-day conferences on the plan, 'take it for lack of a union card. Backing; Parley Ends COLUMBUS, Feb.

2. VP) United Mine Workers' delegates, concluding their thirty-sixth convention withn acclamation of support for the union's international referred today for study to The State Supreme Court at San Founder of Fort Bragg, Pioneer Lumberman, Francisco yesterday agreed to hear officers, today carried to 600,000 members John L. Lewis' message WASHtNOTON ST. 4 a Los Angeles case determining' whether Superior Courts have that "we are only as strong as Succumbs to Pneumonia IP jT I AT 10- i 1 HALE BROS. lli il I I' ill IHIJ they (the members) make us.

and only as they stand behind us." rnswpt'it''. I power to enforce collective bar-Tuneral services were held today lgaining agreements, for Charles R. Johnson, 81, pioneer California lumberman and one ofj An alternative writ of mandate, the founders of the town of Fort returnable in Los Angeles April 2 Bragg who died at his home, 1925 granted on petition of Louis The C.I.O. and U.M.W. chiftam declared utterances of the two-week convention had attracted the Gough Street, San Francisco yes- I Levy.

International vice-president of a brief illness attention of the Nation, adding: "And well it may, for the country will continue to hear from the United Mine Workers and from the millions of Americans in the Congress of Industrial Organiza leraay luuuwmg Spring Signs Lead to These Fashions the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, who seeks court enforcement of an arbitration award which developed into pneumonia. A native of Racine, Wis. Johnson came to California in the early '80 fettling in Kibesillah in the primitive country north of what is now Fort Bragg. In 1885, he founded the Fort involving his union and the David Shann corporation of Los Angeles. Levy, declaring the case of "vital tions.

The convention wasmarked by Lewis' declaration Jma third-term bid by PresiaeniNBnosevelt would meet with "ignominious defeat" and attacks upon Security Administrator Paul V. McNutt and Secretary of Labor Frances Bragg Lumber company on the site importance." said It would go. far of an abandoned Indian reserva- toward determining whether labor tion. His associates were Calvinl swart r.PnnrM A. Alger i disputes are to be settled by resort- 11 a Spring Natural For ing to force or by voluntary arbitration.

Levy said the union and the Shann Union Label League To Elect Officers Corporation signed an agreement on wages and hours last Summer, providing an equal number of union These Dressy or Casual SPRING COATS Election of officers will feature a meeting of the Union Label League and non-union workers be employed and that any dispute be settled by of Alameda County Thursday night at 761 12th Street, according to J. H. Doyle, secretary. All A.F.L. unions affiliated with the league have been instructed to send delegates whn subsequently became Secretary of War during the Spanish-American conflict, and Senator Stock-bridge of Michigan.

COMPANIES MERGE Six years later, their 'company was merged with the White and Plummer and Noyo Lumber companies to form the Union Lumber Company which Johnson served as president for 48 years, retiring in 1939. At that time he became chairman of the board and his son, Otis, succeeded him. A leader in the lumber industry, Johnson was chosen in 1933 to represent it in code authority meetings for the NRA. He was a member of the Pacific Union club and the Commonwealth club. SON SURVIVES His wife, who died in 1932, was the former Mary Conness, daughter of former U.S.

Senator John Conness of California. Besides his son, he is survived by two sisters, Miss Jeanette Johnson of New York and Mrs. Howard Abbott of Minneapolis, Arbitrator Anthony G. Rourke. The agreement ended a strike.

The corporation, Levy contended, failed to rehire many of the union employees, who. were outnumbered by nonunion workers. The union asked O'Rourke to arbitrate the rehiring issue, and he ruled in favor of the union. Superior Judge Lewis H. Smith of Los Angeles declined to sign an order requiring enforcment of the arbitration award, declaring his court was without jurisdiction.

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