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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 47

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
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7 )7 iiAiiflf tini it cnniif 60 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 60 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 60 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 60 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE esa' HOUSEHOLD 600DS 65 HOUSEHOLD GOODS un mrrunin ennni jc niiuatnuLU uuuwtf OD llwVwbllUkV HVVVW i nrt A 1 You Don't Need a "Magic Carpet II Final Closing Out Sale Old Arameda Airport rMachi nery Buildings Merchandise Equipment All Prices Quoted Are Where Is, as Is, Subject to Prior Sale. Big Hearted To Take You Into a Modern Furniture Bill Harden Factory Chesterfield Sets Direct From Our Factory Warehouse Wholesale Prices (Formerly Harden Furniturer-58th Cr Telegraph) BedrooTn Suites Latest waterfall styles, beautiful finish, twin or full slxe beds. Alo many closeouts bed davenos, modern. Colonial or Early California styles. Springs, mattresses, rugs.

We furnish your- bedroom and living room complete and av you money. Large line to choose from. Dear Friend: My Railway and Steamship Bargain Warehouse is now open for your inspection. I am well stocked with furniture and home supplies. You will go for my prices like you go for honey on corn Come down and see what I have for you.

Your friend Visit our factory Oakland Furniture Mfg. Co. for Sale 1 Hoist and Shovel; '4-yard on caterpillars 1 Roter Air Sl-lnoh Rivet 40 1 36-Inch Scully Steel Punch and Shears; 1-lnch throuKh 1-inch 7T.0 1 10-ton OfRood Hoist on caterpillars. 1 SO-ton 8-foot Kate shears with 100 horsepower 1 No. 60 Caterpillar Tractor l8-lnch suction pump 1 4-Inch sand pump; 60 horsepower ennrlne 1 6-inch centrifugal pump with 60 horsepower 1 10-Inch yand pump and 1 30-foot by 100-foot 60-Inch plate rolls 100 48-inch corrugated 250 20-foot hand bridge cranes 125 each Newton Column MilllnK Machine 350 318-inch capacity Quick Work Roter shears 750 Brown Hoist Railroad Steam Crane; S-ton at 15 feet 9000 One 100 horsepower direct current generator dr lven by Falrbanfcs-Morse Marine rleel WjJ Ship winches, anchor chain, anchors, hip furniture, bilge pumps, steam miscellaneous Materials for Sale 2-story Administration and Hotel 40x180 feet Machinery Building and Building Huilding; rrlce $3000 5 and up 1 each 3500 Equipment 40 i-'iiu 450Rch 01) feet 18.500 .18,500 1250 price zuc per nneai tanks; 4000 to BOOO 1 ivo leei irrt-i, -rnnA corrugated Iron building; as Is Price $5000 8-foot by 10-foot buildings; suitable for rest rooms, parking lots, etc 1'rlce 76 eacB Sufficient steel; corrugated sash and doors to make up several small industrial buildings.

2 steel frame canvas rolling entrance canoples 155 each 1 20-foot by 20-foot steel frame corrugated iron building 300 Metal Sash some glazed Wood Doors 1 33 feet by 180 feet, 12-foot clear 'height steel frame corrugated Iron building; delivered Bay Area ready for re-erectlon Price 5th and Grove Oakland Big Red Building for Sale" 1 1-ton White Truck r.nlrin Stntn Triieit nw hftil Cn Hen Sltntn Trnr Inw liul 2 e-nsollne truck tanks 1 S5ft hnmannwpr dipspl tue buati 1 1 Donkey Boiler I 17 Electric transformers and several hundred feet of conduit. Miscellaneous pipe 2 -Inch to6-lnch random lengths. 4-Inch C.I. water pipe; 12-foot lengths. Miscellaneous airport floodlights and boundary lights.

1 Scotch marine boiler; last inspected 1 260 horse power; 180-pound pressure, 10 feet by 3 1. rret. 5000 lineal feet 6-foot hiKh wire mesh fence; 2-strand 1 W.NIIVMIS yillllflHlUI, 1MJ. 1 Tank; 6 feet by high pressure 9-incii UHep ws11 I'him nim o. 111,1 1 15 horsepower boilers 3 fee by 10 Pine Stree Oakland, California.

ocated' at west end of Alameda, near Southern rneinc Pier or at items Independent Iron Works, 821 Phone TK mplehar 0100 Wr king Brunswick Hotel, Vendome Hotel and Store Buildings, 9th and Washington Streets And Corrugated Iron Building, 400 High Street, Oakland Also Martinez Hotel, Martinez TtimiCanrU of feet good used lumber, sash, doors, etc available at very low prices. 45,000 square feet corrugated iron Very Good Condition Half million second hand bricks Plumbing new and used bath tubs, toilets, basins, pipe and etc. Electrical Fixtures and supplies, hardware, wire mesh, paint. Wall Board, tile board and many ether Items. Buy at our low prices and save Inquire about our time payment plan Thirty-six months to pay Call, write or phone Symon Brothers 22nd Avenue and East 14th Street FRuitvale 1531 Oaldnnrt, CaHfornln 880 60th Street, OL ympic Refrigerators Frigidaire; cq 6-footer; new motor 9J''JKf r.U.., standard; Coldspot, uyt $44 5Q guarantee late 1939 model; 6- riorge, IooUr; fun iuxe; balanc.

$104.81 due ir coidspot lA Term EQo Week Wiseman's $476 Sliattuck, Berkeley The Warehouse Sale They're All Talking About Extended 2 More Days Sunday, Monday Warehouse Furniture Outlet Corner 21st and Franklin Now Open to Publlj, Selling Oenulnef Nationally" Advertised furniture Mart Sampjesy Save 40 60 Dealers Invited See the "Economy" 3Vi-Room Outfit; $119 Free Union Made Delivery 2x12 Rug and 5-plece Dinette Bet Included Ask to See 'The Golden Gate" Da Luxe 4-Room Outfit Complete $145 Free Delivery Easy Terms 9x12 Rug and Dinette Bet Included 15-piece Living Room Outfit $110 Value Connlntlnir of: Easy Chair. Two Throw Run Table Lamp sna Tsble. End Tabls amn nd HnftflA Hair of Bookends. 2 Pictures It Pieces Complete Easy Termj Do not be fooled hj prloe, the quality of our urnltur. remembered long after the price Is forgotten.

Warehouse Soecials l-nleee bedroom set. 7---plece dining room l-pTice'cnesterfleli'iet 1- Beautiful lounge chair 1- Occasional ehaira, large variety ii. ts.rt rfavennort 1 1 Innereprlng Mattrtwa Run ill rug, all i.i2 TSUn- Warehouse Furniture Outlet Oakland's Largest Warehocie Corner 21st Franklin Free Parking Next Door Open Evenings god Bunday near Adeline 4774 Stoves Wedgewood-o Occidental SSiS Incinerator and griddle. Qft Late model Klnrflfl Table-top. White.

JRR "OrQ jleat control. 1 only 9-J 194 model. Fully muto- riorqe niatl0 only xn Save with hnllt-ln olroulatlng K0Pr heater. Btora CQ demonstrator Terms 60o Week fPisemarfs 3476 Shattu'ck, Berk.ler Open Sunday! Save 40 to 60 Buy Djrect from Oakland's Largest Factory-to-You Seeing is Lincoln Chesterfield Manufacturing Co. 91 12th Street We Are Closing Out All Our Factory Floor Samples Unclaimed Sets at a Terrific Sacrifice No Such Values Ever Before Astounding Prices on Complete Outfits! 20 Months to Pay 3 $99.00 4 rooms $139.00 5 rooms $189.00 i Quality Furniture Far Below Retail Prices Save Closeouts on Bedrocr-, Dining Room and.

Living, Room Sets Furniture Corriplcfi For Your Home Make Your Own Terr All Merchandise Union Made l-year eonstructlon gusrsntt Lincoln Manufacturir Cv. II Itth Street Opposite New Court: Free Tmllvery With'-i I jir.on 3500 60(10 4 50 176 580 6900 800 air receivers 130 100 feet LEATHER Jackets (used); all sizes, i 1.50-12.50. l'aclflc Leather. 23U4 Telegraph. MOTOR scooters, 1939, $65 up; 284 East lKlh terms; bicycle.

Street. I'HONOdHAI'H records (used); Victor, Brunswick, 10c. Federal Radio. 455 11th. PANSY plants and plants, at 15s dozen.

Schlsanthui 4254 Ullbcrt Street Neon Sign Bargains 'Auto court," "florist," "dentist; I'll. "marital "Wul.B,r,vl "aof Cole, 1610 East 14th: AN dover POOL table uir 7t oifii HU mboldt 2784. ay I r. 5838 Amy Drive. Rtn Kale! Beautlfu large ones In bloom: sacrifice for, $4.98 to clear.

Nursery, 2332 Tele graph, Oakland. Ituii. TvT. 10x15: sell, trade electric sewing machine, camp trnller; radio: BErkeley 8492M RUMPUS room shooting gallery, equipped with i'i calibre rifle. TW monks Monnay.

STOCK saddle, hand carved, silver trimmed: completely equipped: noted maker; bargain. Tasney, 5922 hapiiitn. SHOES, all kinds, slightly used; very reasonable; dresses. 25o up. Also Vela'a.

471 th Street SHOU making equlpmenL shoe fin- isner. sewin mauo1. vale 43ZSJ. SIERRA. Ice machin iiiintliTTMnTs lined good condition TW Inoakssm.

tl-ITi: iu 11rfl. $1.50 UP odd skirts, sweaters. Jan. 569 16th. Jll, kvl2: all plate glass 29 Clay.

eliding doors; $30. 1 52 Tires, Goodyear 49e Per weea Use our pay-payday plan Truck tire specials for quick gale i 36x1 10-piy; new 3 86x4 10-plv: used 825-20 used lres and tubes. Nearly newWo repair Dempsey Sanders 24th and Harrison TYPEWRITERS lliU bndrtt ffcrra. Win Phillips, GIn- coiirf 044. fVpBwftlTER.

Mi: de lux. itoyal portable nrinciDal lib n' f-S2 SO cash only. 6151 Ycnaolo TYPKWRTTKR. Underw rtlTiTtmrtiTila hranrl.ngw a a.rt trada. TH ornwall 'today; weekday oerore v.

alter Ttlill.r.rl fnr commercial DUrposes, It feet long, dual wheel, air brake, capacity tons. What have yooT TH ornwall 1171; 2550 Columbia. 171 cerrito TRUNK, new Hardmann wardrobe; reasQiiauiti. IIikcu ij nvw. aw BOItlt ZWIi.

TRAINING cages; wall bed; auto tent: a as camp stove. 111 Park Avenue, Alameda. TRill.KFt l.vhMl: axcellent con ditton throughout; reasonable. i 45Tn mrrft. 60 mt I MISCELLANEOUS WANTED (Continued) ERTCKSON savs.

"Bring me any thing of value; doming, lurs, tvnewrlterH. guns, diamonds any thing I'll pay you tops!" 691 Twelfth near Jefferson GOLD Wanted for our factory Mftnufiirtiirinir J6welri L.OCD veiaaco, idu tfroaowny. URKiann diamonds, antiques; reme-WULU dials; silver flatware sets coffee, tea sets, iwi uroauwij. Jackson Jewelers SARVER pays cash for men's sulis. 11 1 llg IP coriiernri 11 nim i- nn SUITS, men's corner gmiH, rlfleHi 8th; OL encourt 65 HOUSEHOLD 6UUU5 Refrigerators Open Today Serve! ElectroluxJ 1940 model; big reduction.

floor cam- lCITllllur.v)le. big saving. r'J' 8 cubic foot: all I uyiuaiiv por. celaln; cost $400 General Electric .1,.., $9.50 C.ual scublcfeet; looks 5ervelIlK 5Q new AlsoCopelandaiestic, Apex, Trukold; good Values from $29.50 to $49.50 Clinnick's Corner Hopkins, Frultvale Avenue Devonshire Furnishers 1517 Clay Street 9x12 Axmlnster rug and up. 1 9x12 plain frlete broadloom X12, Walnut coffee table.

$6.75. Walnut- poster bed, full slse. -1 Used tapestry two-piece living room suite, $19.50. Ued Chnrle of Iondon mohair living room suite, good condition. $49.50, Term.

"Where the best cost lest." Telephone HI gate 6774. ANTIQUES, chests (15 to choose from; aesas, twin nnu beds, old street lamps, oval i A -J wnnl.n .11 1 1 fl 1 1 1 tM- tl I'll, silver, brass, grandfather' clock (modern). Open Kunday and dully, urown. iizis rooinui Bed Davenport, $19.50 Chairs to Match All Nw 100t Union 1 Chesterfield outfit MJ-JO 2 Room Outfit, only 2 Room OutfIL only 4 Rooms De Luxe, $139.00 With Rugs and Dishes New Customer Special $5 cbwn, $5 month Toor credit le godd here. No red tape.

Free delivery. Cuarantee Furniture Co. 2719-21 Telegraph Avenue Ths Bl Store Aeross from Safeway Open Evenings and Sundays BEDROOM set, maple, pieces. earlv California: dining set, I plecee; living room, maple, I de luxe 1240 General Klec-rlo refrigerator; table-top stove; 2x15, 7.x9. rug: 2 hooked rugs: curtains, drapee; brand news paid 2930: sacrifice 70.

AN dover 7tl3x, evenings. BED, spring mattress, complete, $13: beds, pool, poster, 2.t; mohair chesterfield lets, lnnerspring ill. ou; sxis ru, ",1 bnr.Avm AVAninaa. Terms. 14.

T-Rst Street. SKbfe. Simmons twln; "'1" springs; use nw, Snark lid-top Iriclnerntor, oven wllanVr" excellent. $22; douh WW. excellent, $11.50 Call 6332 Avenue.

Siindsy until I. Wr.ii.., nilMcellaneous pieces oi nlecee of furniture; cheap, mm r- rui in i tiJadaAvI ainjitta. chesterfield sets pAfi II MISCtLLAntuua run uu.t irnnnniinu i Used Building Materials at Spectacular Savings Buy Now Materials from Neptune Bench and Housing Job. For sale it: 897 Campbell Bring your trucks or delivery can be arranged Cleveland Wrecking Co, HI gate 839B TIRES, set, UBed, 00 .18: bargain; guaranteed good. 2657 San I'ablo, unnrhnHili 65.

TIRES, used, guaranteed; terms. Marous auio dummu. Broadway TIRE set 650.16; very good. 2335 Valdein 94h good condition; I UKUJ 11 "Ml 87.50. Z456 neminary veui.

111 ii reeiirds sell a Pt imd sewing macnine, u.n cleaner. HO mboldt 88RJ. l. I lw.rell lllllteS. Asa leas, prizes, hook enu, nium rackets.

2159 Kast ztn nireet 1RUY AT FACTORY IBSO' We rent no stores, mh out no salesmen, do not deliver: sell for cash. Flat paint, gallon, 86c, ana ti 9K 11 7a an'rf 19 AO fHcterior Dslnt a i gninm gallon, 85c, k25, $1.60. $2.20. We guarantee our best paint to wear as long as any paint selling at a higher price.

Gibson Paint Factory nail-Ian 1fl4f Knmt 12th. FR nltvale 207.8 Best Lumber. Buys 2x4 fir, random, 1000 board feet 1x6, 1x8, 1x10 surfaced boards, KMIO board feet 1x4 flooring, kiln-dried 25 Blackman-Andcson Co. 1025 42nd Avenue ANdovr810ft BEAUTIFUL columbines In bloom, 6c: sliver birch. 26c: Monterey pines, 26c; trailing rork-garden plants and ranunculus In bloom; everytning lor less.

ery, naywarq nignianan BENJAMIN single shot pump air rifle: will exchange for typewriter. 2737 Humboldt. FRuitvale 13H3 BABY'S bassinette and bath tub, practically new. 2024 67th Avenue. COMPLETE shoe repairing outfit 360: will trade, what have you? Avenue.

1425 78rd '1NE hunting and fishing equipment: reasonable. HI gate aril FRANKFURTER stand to be moved nff lot. 5835 San ranio vnn, OUTSIDE paste. $7.50 hundred pounds; au-lncn wan paper, roll: values to $1. Koenlgsbergs 1'nlnts, 722 Clay Street.

SALE! 1 New Phonograph Getting ready for invenioryi Five for Record department. Mesxanlne, Hinks, Shsttuck and Klttridge HerKeiey SACRIFICE, trunk; dishes; paint- In im. taoestrv. silver. J1 eie lll.

1 1 -1 lii.i-i IB. A coin phonograp for home. $3S up. L-ecca Bluebird phonograph records. loo.

wi Tenth Street WILL do palntiiig or papering In exchango for used car or down payment on late model. GLen- court 3441. US ECI.KAN-ERS and other advertising under "We Can Do It" are busy. To he busy, call TE 000. See Classification 141.

50-pound ice box, Coleman gasoline camp stove with oven; reasonable. SW cetwood 0772. Holly Street. 60 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED all used building materials, plumb. in fixtures: cash paid.

Symon Brothers, 12nd Avenue. East 14th; PR ultvale 1531. ANI' amount, any condition, cash. paid, desks, office equipment, hospital beds, wheel chairs. TE mple- li A-NY amount used bath tubs, sinks.

toilets, basins, pipes, doors, window, 2200 East 12th. fa ultvale BOOKS purchased Holmes Book in iin oiregi. oa s' i' Beet Prices Good Used Tools UL encourt I7DZ CAMPING equipment, umbrella tent double bed. kerosene stove AN dnver lOliiJ IiKSK. typewriter, adding machine.

filing cabinets, check protector chairs. GL encourt 8700 week days ELECTRIC motors wanted, any sue Equipment OLympio mi. 60 Barb wire; posts at 10-foot centers; 2 fresh water tanks gallon capacity. nd 2 fuel oil si BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES (Continued T)itenrant TT .1 II LT 5 stools, 7 booths, tables; fine for 'hlnese: J2500. 13 stools, 5 booths.

Frigidaire; owner 8 years; JiuOO. 0 stools, 4 bootns; uowniown, laying place; J2500. 20 stools, 10 moths; owner 12; my loss Is your tain; $2700. Coffee shop, down-own; attractive place; good busi-less; $X00. 8 stools, 4 booths; $20 ent; $600.

Hamburg steal; rent $20; 1200 Allen Restaurant Broker; 2 fears absolutely honest dealing; many others, all prices aim sine. iav several good Lnineso wnuimi, 440 Broadway, Room 400, HI gate nn8. RESTAURANT. In finest location; perfect spot for responsible Terms. 735 12th Street.

'IKmple- bar 3084. EST home (Marin County), eHtab-lished; exceptional couple; nurses. Box M81700, Tribune RESTAURANT for sale: long 'ease rent au; d-rooin tubals 134 fieorgia ntreci, vnueju. REAL, estate office; fully equipped; low rent; good listings; iuu Wenster. STORE and hoine above, (clear); wonaerrui nusiorBn near Safeway and drugstore; prominent Oakland business street; central, any business; entire property only $750 down, bala'nce lt monthlv; should rent $50; now decorating: circumstances compelled Address the Oakland I rlb- uue.

ECONU-hand store and license for srfie; furnished living quarters; reasonable rent; must dispose by Monday due to Illness; best offer takes all. Open all day bunday, 728 Kast 14th. SCHOOL, store; no vacations; buy now and save- nne-nau piirrra price; $275 handles; bargain. Bear-son Investment Company, 1419 Bronc: tdwn SCHOOL, store on Broadway, equipped; assume iminn, nap. Inquire 736 12th; TE mple- bar 3084.

SCHOOL store, 6-room, iving quar-COa Fennl- ters; ruiiy equippeu. man. jwarnu CH06L store near two Alameda schools; iiuu aown. Alameda Avenue SCHOOL, store; banks $100 1 besides living; nice ipinmtni, 1540 San yaDlo. Knom evn SERVICE station, grocery; country; two bungalows; properly ui-flced.

Mr. Hchram. 1815 Broadway. iriirnwi wn AHinhlishment: fully AouinDea: nununiug, agency. Rent $0.

1561 Alice Street, HI gate 0338. TAILOR and cleaning sh on: mul ell account of Illness. croft Way, Berkeley. I486 Ban- Call be tween 8 and VARIETY store, household supplies iiirht narnwir, r. a I hopping district; owner going East, says sell; any reasonable fr aeecntpd 4005 HonklnS.

WHOLESALE Jobber has opening for reliable man In Oakland territory; earnings $30 to $40. weekly, with expansion: no experience necessary: we teach vou; must have car for route and $3o(i, which Is fully secured; firm has incut reputation and financial rating; this Is a rare opportunity for rlghi man: this is not a house-to-twVjC rmvaaslnii lob. Pacific riiSrrihutois. 7162 Melrose Angeles. California.

E(iK, 66S6 Fine tavern business; wonderful opportunity i- hij fine living; good location, fine owner. retiring. TR in- Idad' 0028. if IV- I ii rtTt lunch; $30 day; partne make offer. Details, 14th Avenue, AiRN'KR grocery: fine Owner.

Koe ieiegrapu. 9585; $760. wholesale investment over rnercandise I Freshwav N'ut 1627 East 12th -u the two buildings jtnd'iand 135 fet hlgnway ironiage deep, fully equipped. quarters, nets iSection high cla motor- in Callforn a at Oregon State Mine. Highway lOlf $400 down.

bal-. lance to ult. S. Borland. Smith River, California FOR rent, apace for produce etana ana grocery in market doing nice cash business, reasonable rent, fine district, dandy location.

Apply 62S College Ave- QsKianq INTEREST laboratory up to $5000: air advertising stations: sold by all drug Jobbers: principal" Box M557S7 Tribune. WILL Bell half Interest in grocery, lunch: reasonable: lady partner; e.n sfternoons. 1619 2nd Avenue. t50: gaa station, independent, good location: roust dispose imnaedi-tely. Box M814)21, Tribune.

12207 Above si $75 Tu si at Kit 64 60 63 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES (ConMnllAdl MAKK vour wife your business partner; if you )uve $1700, a corporation will finance 65 per cent of the equipment necessary to put you In the best paying line of business available Today. Box monthly from spare time established vending route; $125 cash required. 8218 Grove. HU mboldt 701:1. lease to a "good cook," coff mitip omi Travelers' Hotel, Salinas; liigdov- ernmentand lettuce payrons, mem rll mate BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WANTED All Cash once for grocery in Kast Oakland.

Telephone AN driver 6111; evenings, llltvale 4fS6Tt. ACTION guaranteed; all busFiiesscs sold; confidentially: cash Immediately. Piedmont 6533; salesman call. ANY East Oakland business sold quickly, confidentially. Koby.

AN dover 1128. 1 0 Si 1 business Salesman quickly, conflintlally. cull. MR rrllt il. BUYERS waiting: streamline selling; convince yourself; salesman calls.

TW inonk 377 HAVE ciish, want piifiliK buslneKs; consider partnership. Box CI 18470, sl'riliune. A1EAT nuiiUel, experienced man; good hnliits would like lease. Kit nltvale M72W, TAJt'l'V will hny froju owner lur- niHlDnRS Hiin lease, j.ri-4 nrniMc-kfrping rooniH. llox I'bQH'ti, Trib- iinp, ara moaei 4.

rx eumunv Moriday. HKM1NGTON Standard, perfect; $lt. TH ornwall l2M5 loaay, wceKuayi TYPKw'RITKHS 3 standard; Hchll- hPTore nrrpr t. 1202 East 24th, after 11 a.m., Sun- 'n BOATS, WARIHE EHG1HE5 NKW 14-foot boat. Hendix Kcllpse In and outboard motors.

940 fcaat 14th Street. lOO-HOKSEl'OWKli, llall-Scott 8-cyllnder marine engine; reduction gear drive; reconditioned. OL ym- 7741 24-foot sloop marine engine. two; nargain. tu nir.iiTr.T,d Vncht T-fnrnor.

12Foot sailing ekiff aood sailer. 12. 468 2Mh Street. Bunday afternoon onlv. l8-fot cruiser; 6 foot Jieam; $100.

mi saim. Kmerwille. wwiwWiMW MISCELLANEOUS FUR SALt rihlMkir macmnes, new used; MUUII1U rented. $5 montnly, ap plied on purchase. Win" Phillips, GI, encourt 9044.

ACETYLENE- welding outfit, new, complete, gauges and hose $25; -t4iorsepower mirtor. $7.50. East 23rd Street. AIKPLANE, Waco eport; iirnsed: trade for auto, balance erms; OL ympic (ternnrE mari Italian. 646 40t OL ympic 7S; evenings.

rl.le mantels, old 40th Street, corner Orove BOATS, msrin. engines, ete. See i (You are reading ciatsincsiion ny BATTLESHIP linoleum, 14 square yards. $1.75 square yard. 8-5.

BLANKET, large Indian, 6x6; South American make; reasonable. HU mboldt 2075. thornless Herbert Avenue, Woodward, 1597 164th BlLTLlili Boy 2 inch $3 as is. FR uitvaliv 229J. ColoiTite Cement Paint The Indestructible paint for stucco grimeproof.

Alrcreta Waterproofing Co. 17 47th Avenue: FRuitvale 104B. chairs used at Food Show mrome rfduced. 3333 Telegraph. COATS, suits, dresses: choice, I for ti- iinnri prnrnien iDra.

WHBl watch, bargains! Ladies' Press Exchange, 51 15th Street. COW manure, finest: 4 sacks. $1 cured, screened, loam, leaimuiu. FR nitvale 0533. TYPEWRITERS A warehouse clearance event packed with dynamite.

53 superb lawn swings in 17 distinctive, beautiful patterns! Savings to 40 on our catalogued price: Only 9 nnnAn 1 1 Ul'HV. 3 Magenta with gray. Boxed solid tone mattress pads, coll spring bsse. 24-Inch upholstered back srm rests, covered chains. tS9S A regular $21.50 list Only 11! patterns.

Heavy gauge helically tied springs, padded back and large mattress pad. Ad justable canopy and r1l Regular value $17.50 $13.95 Only 19! i Patterns. 15 coll inneraprlng pad High J4-inch upholstered backrest. Covered chains and big arm rests. Magasine pocket.

tl8 75 A listed 50 value Only 10! 4 patterns, rixtra large canopy, deep backdrop. Arm rests, upholstered hack. Inne-' pad. Coll spring base Regular $33.50 list Only Vat dyed gt-nnlne army duck In green or rust White en- ITIVlltl I 1 1111. pad.

(Spil sTirlng base. We can swing. Just see It to- ttaa CQ day. Listed price $50 Catalog and samples upon request. Dempsey Kelly Telegraph I TIT nil 1946 I Open Svenlngi 41 Bundari Enamel $1.25 Gallon Wallpaper close-onts, 5c roll up.

5 1th Street TK mplebar T108. thou enru Si ictli ands at greai misiu. FUR coat Hudson seal, trimmed; Ilk newt tie. iy 1l GLADIOLA bulbs, 0c a dosen; to- mato plants, svo Valley View Nursery 33Z5 5rltn ATrnug HYDRAULIC auto lifts, special -n I Kn an vinni rir 3105 San Pablo Amue. IRON sates, 2 pair.

8x13 orna Rental type; very ur.u BEDROOM set. wslnut: breakfast set: rug; lamps. 431 20th Street mpienar M. nr.niiiMiM niece. t2i.

134 Broadway, Alameda. CllW manure, old. line, lour lor i. I mom M3I. 1 Hi iwM s.t.

two davenports, ru.t. chair, antique bed. antique detk. 1 viimir, iKKK: llrsk. 1 RIvCRM WIV Super Cold: TANK, redwood.

40.00. al Ions; also or "p.bV. "rfJct iondltioni cash; prlv.ts. or condition. Patterson Co.

4141 Baa Pabls Avenue; i. w.a wur HkAilo MiinBtML Bfiinr oum, smaller inn. is.isi rnntnill. Berkeley. A hberryTt..

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