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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 14

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, JULY 12, 1940 sn Ell WOOD SWAN CO. Call for SEEK RECRUITS FOR ARMED SERVICES PAY CHECKS CASHED FREE PARKING HOURS 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Yen Bke low and the low price, we have at the loth Btieet Market mean more eavton tor you you'll like OUH low pricea, and they prove you CAN ana DO save money nere. Vice-President Army: Recruits 14 i SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK Opportunity Offered In All Branches of GROCETERIA SPECIALS U.S. Military SHEFFORD-S GENUINE WISCONSIN CHEESE ked by authorization of the gre Jeacettme expansion prc- American gr; in history, recruiter 61 the Ar Navy and Marine Corps to LIBBY'S No.

2'2 tin TOMATO JUICE for leJIj No. Vi tin LUNCH OQa TONGUE. for SWIJ COCKTAIL A for liJV (Hsm-LiTer-Tongne) unicnw am set bh- CheviUe 7 for VC ,2 25" day issued, a new. sail for enlist ft 777f-- Hill i i -4 -wr fit rWc7z, vi i-' 'A Ai, 7 A. A i A A 3 M-lb.

pkg ments and -offered opportunities to Swiss satisfy the "most exacting appli cants. urn j.urav Mm Llmburfer IC 14" Pkff The Increases in personnel authorized by Congress in all branches of the service have virtually left to choice" the units to which the new recruits will be assigned, according to officers stationed in to Oakland Postoffice Eeret J. H. Puchbauer, of the (Closeout 966) Klein's CONCENTRATED 6 for25c S-os. Fkf.

rONTANA'S PASTE .2 for 133 Val Vita TOMATO anj Blue Bunny All-Green SAUCE fc. 3 a. Good Taste Yellow Cling eflafx N.B.C. f4 Peaches to Ir Shredded Whsat Op Bonnie HUL MH-w. UnAPi M-lb.

cloth bag Pure 4 OraFsfrcilBoZO0 CAHE OP Stewart's Large KTPK aiBffi Contadina "fCf( SAUDOHr .75" All Gold TOMATO APt Larre box household fku JUICE 25" MATCHES White Star 4Wu Regular Cakes "TfC iV STREAMLINE A A SALAD DRESSING Pint 12 Qt. ssn I I Army? Sergt XT. Hamrlck, of the Marine Corps, and E. B. Anderson, chief petty officer In the Navy, met lor a eonierenca yesierasy aner-noon to consider local recruiting measures.

r.V KIGHS REACHED 74 (Closeont S41) Tampa Grapefruit or Grapefruit 5c rOLGER'8 COFFEE 2 43s l-lb. Tin All three reported their offices bad been reaching sew highs in mm recruiting. Sergeant Puchbauer announced that candidates for' enlistment are now handled entirely at the local office, instead of being sent to Fort (Closeout 101) Del Monico MACARONI McDowell or San Francisco for en (Closeout 183) BLACK PEPPER. McCormick's Clover E. Brand.

H-lb. pkgs V6 rkg. Be DINNERS Headquarters of the Ninth Corps Area, in San Francisco, yesterday announced that enlistments for June were mora than double those of the same month last year. In spite of the daily increasing number of recruits, vacancies still exist at almost every post in the Western States and in the Air Corps Training Centers at Hamilton and jvionei; news, was announces. 1 'he huge scope of the Army expan- 7-inch American Crystal Glass DINNER PLATE FREE WITH DURKEE'S MAYONNAISE Pint 21C Quart 35C "Gee, Ma, HOME-MADE ICE CREAM" "JUNKET" FREEZING MIX 2-15 eMtACIfH.WMAT 1 Zm s- mm lrt' -X, non plans provide other opportuM' i for quick advancement.

The Marine Corps has authorised unlimited enlistments at all offices, according to Sergeant Hamrlck. The service is adding 0000 men to Its mnks for service aboard ship in the 25f DbeusslB9 plans to recruit Oakland boys for the Tccrtous kranchei tbo Nation's defense) lorcss hert yesterday were Oeft to right). Chief Potty Officer E. R. Anderson, Nary) Son oeant J.

F. Hamrlck, Marine Corps; and Sergeant J. H. Puchbauer, Army. Tribune photo.

lilted states ana to foreign counts s. 1 UNTNG SOUTH 1 allowing interviews here the recruits are sent to San Francisco for rriii itment, then to the San Diego ine Corps Base for a training riod of about two months before ret'iuvlng assignments, In the Navy qualified men are POPULAR 10c CIGARETTES Phillip Morris, Pall Mall, Kool, Viceroy, Fatima, Herbert Terryton Chesterfields, Luckies, Old Gold, Camels, Raleigh, Spuds, Dunhill Cigarettes, 339c. Ctn. $1.25 (SALES TAX rNCLCDKDV Cigarettes, 229c. Ctn.

$1.38 85c Carton 200 fUSCHIA CONTEST (BALIS TAX INCLUDED) (Salaa Tax Included) Funeral Tomorrow For Edw. C. Duclos Services will be held here tomor WINNERS1 TOLD BERKELEY LEGION AUXILIARY; ELECTS BERKELEY July 12. Officers for the coming, year and delegates and alternates, to trie. State convention 1 being enlisted for officers' train-and in the regular service.

Marine Corps and Army ires are la, Rooms 212. 210 and 210. cctively, of the Oakland Post- Building. BIG CIGARETTE VALUE! 90-proof Distilled London Dry CIRCLE CLUB GIN BERKELEY, July in the second annual fuschla garden 2 pkfs. Pride of Dixie Tobacco 1 Cigarette Roller Machine 1 Cigarette Case (holds 20), mfg-'s 80c val.

29' row for Edward C. Duclos, 64, a World War1 veteran and resident of (LIQUOR TAX INCLUDED) contest, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce end featur were announced today by Berkeley Choice Fresh GARDENIAS 5 10c Limit MANUEL'S FLOWER STAND Mill Oakland for more than 20 years, who died Wednesday at his home. 5027 East Fourteenth Street Duclos. a native of St Paul, lng a display of Berkeley's official flower at 41 nomas, were announced today by. President Elmer Rowley 1 90-proof years Kentucky TOWN LEADER f4 1A WHISKEY EI B.T 4-yesr-old 100-preof Bonded A OLD MILLER WHISKEY (LIQUOS TAX INCLUDED) Unit No.

American Legion fa Th new officials are Catherine Penn, president; Josephine Schmidt first Vlce-presldeht; Betty MacDon-ald, lecond vice-president; Mildred Thompson, historian; Suzanne IAD II Ssn Pablo served as a corporal in France dur Oakland of the civic organization. 'first honors went to A. F. Stelner, 2738 Prince Street, with en award (LIOUOK TAX INCLUDED) ing the war, figuring in several ma. lor engagements, Abrens, secretary? Alleen Tlmmers, 1C: of $25, while a $20 lecond prize and $15 third prise were given to Mrs.

tressurer; Bridget. Fa tri ten, cnap-laih; Betty; Hudson, sergeant at He was a member of Court United States No. 88, F.O.A.; Post No. 1010, V.F.W.; Post No. 85, American Legion; Machine Oun Battalion No.

348, 91st Division, and Theatrical MEATS Grant H. Smith, 2014 Los Angeles arms! Catherine Oi Betty Wetzel and.Marie Crrimm, executive inclesi 107 oulder FCRK V.lbJ CHICKEN 1C MARKET MEAT CO. Avenue, and Mrs. Oage Ainsworth, 2010 Virginia Street Janitors' Union, Local 121. Harry's, Department 104 EASTERN SUGAR CURED 4 si DAConsr: ib.

170 end Alice Craig, Luclle Donogh and-Helen fi EASTERN SUGAR CURED flAsf DACOri SQUARES lb. Survivors Include his widow, Nel Five additional prises of $8 each GENUINE SPRING IE lie, and two stepsons. were awarded to X. 8. Freshwater, 1938 AUston Way; Mrs.

W. C. Dans, nance fommlttee. Delegates elected include Cather Services will be held at 1:80 p.m. at the Albert Engel ChapeL 3630 Eastern ICOAR-CURED BONELESS aAa! COTTAGE HAMS Special, lb.

UO SALE Choice Hlndqusrterr IU otcrn ine1 Penn, Josephine Schmidt end Betty MacDonald.) Alternates are 14 2440 Oregon Street; Mrs. H. W. Fenton, 865 Euclid Avenue; W. F.

Harrison, 810 Oxford Street, and EASTERN AFsf HAM HOCXS 2 lbs. 25 Telegraph Avenue, under the auspices of Court United States No. ACOM, 71 Department IT '11 Florence, Schulze; fiuzanne Abrens and Cftaerine O. Iflletson. Mrs.

Gerig, 762 Ensenda Avenue. 38, F.O.A.. I el 'a i n. 12C 1 Choice Forequsrtert Swan's Hosiery PARAMOUNT MEAT CO. FANCY A Jiff Less Vesl Genuine SPRING Jersey Belle BUTTER 2 id.

67(5 Second Quality Daat. S4 SALAD OIL tal.76! In your eentalner ralttla, Daai. 17 YOKES I Day Sfila Reverse Fashion Snaf-ResisUnt COEPE dose Rer. S11S valae ITALIAN Salami Pound 25c ASSORTED Cold Meats Pound 21c By the Piece Boiled Salami Pound 15c Psltlt. Btst.

SS LALI3 ,13 A JiA7 aTresk Churned Buttermilk Tenderloin derloln Sirloin er STEAKS Sirloin end STEAKS FED Large Grade A EGGS aUssU'S, Dh S. CIEF rat la year container ff Mama's. wt SS D.ltciees CLUB or affj POTATO SALAD 2 lbs. 16 CHAMP'S DELICATESSEN OVENFRESH ROMI-MADI FIE tla CODS ll" MRS. NEWILL, DEPT.

41 reitem UNION MEAT CO. Shldr. Steer Beef Pel nssjii.lip Gennlne SFRINO LALJ ib. Iur Steer Beef Sirloin 2V RILEY'S Fresh Bulk PORK SAUSAGE. st lbs.

lw3 nasi. 11 -its Part Skim MONTEREY CHEESE ib I Co etwts NeJ ntgn July II. '40 111 Poultry Department 61 1 K.di...""",-. New Here's en offer you cen't efford to pen ujx It's made eolely to get you to discover or fwmlt this marvelous new aid to the fern out flavor end tptrkle of California's leading beer. It's the beer can you've been looking for perfected after years of research, With new edentlfle Saked-In lining.

Brings you all the delicate flavor and aroma of Acme's sparkling goodness exactly as itwaa brewed and mellowed for your enjoyment iWHITICROSS 1 OVEN-FRESH laff hclls doz. G0 I JAM-FILLED 4 A sf I Soiririncini 1O0I 1 ft ft ID tPAst CArfP e)A 13 Never er FRESH KILLED ASSj FRYERS 20" ati. feefiesf leiv te eerrv ftemel few Nut DowKtt FRICAS8EI ein re eaesi loves seeee I Pickled Bee if 'W'V Tl'v-- lb is rerpieerereri HENS lb. IP II ks Netsfse fe tese im for .11 hM MiVt4 est re tee sferel AM at MAKE THIS EASY TEST TO HELP YOU WIN WATEIRR3EL OWS Lb. 1 CoMWr UMITID TO CAtt'OHMA Look et the llnlne la a strong light with a magnify.

DEPARTMENTS Tt) end ing glass you have 7 ene. Note that the 0 CJ JJ 0, $1.00 llll hammer blows and scalding water testa FIFflfJ' Whilt 500 Lbs. Last! Crtamy I b. i Rose's end Err Bask.1 Depertsnents eMf fnnoi You eaa enter thle eeiy end amusing eontott url by sendn in a immim for Aeme's sensational nrw Marvel-Lined can. No purchase is required.

But If whet we say convinces yen that Acme this new way is worth a trial here ere some hints which may help yen wlni 1 Cool ene of the new cant ef 1 Acme Beer to yew ref riser, tor. Then pour the frosty mel low brew Into dear ilais. Held It up to the light Notice the rich color the sparkling clearness, 8ntn the fragrant eppetlsing aroma, Then drink hi Just get the tingle end snap In that fie Vor! Man, thfi beer It net to be good to be CUlorni' blt6t setter "Qxmlltf Wint Aan" 9 Now the most startling part el the test It should suggest winning name to you. Take the Acme can you've Just emptied. Hit It with a hammer.

Pour scalding water in It Then cut it open with can opener. esel't le-e-ia- l) liTfCW lAU BBISft 41 1 irlUkesMa. 11 a Swan's Delicatessen loei IT IMr tevere then the een gets In nor. mal Use have not marred the glassy smooth surface. No rT tics how it itlll cov.

ers every crevice of i the can's sparkling 9" interior. No taste nothing In fact could get through that lining to harm Acme's delicate flavor and goodness. So from new en, enjoy famous Acme Beer In this convenient new flavor-protecting can, And send in name before you forget itl You may win the big priiel For Aft Drfeters Teef Acme's famous Ale too, now comet in the new Marvel-Lined cans for your added enjoyment 7 ifOAIIAEIIflMCKI Ib. 39 I Half er Wbele Place. Vs ff atvv aiVTT rmwsi ill TT7anninn' II PURIBEEF af 111 PURI BEEP aflaf BCLCSJIJJ Ib.150 easiUtlallM law teak, Vesi.

11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaBSSSSBai aaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaase PACIFIC COMPANT F. O. Box 387, Vnadste, CaUrotnla A 5 (I K2n ir-7 Panrry-Fillinj Station Larre paekare mn RRZ CRACKERS ails FREE SAMPLE Kraft Miracle i French Dressing with each I pound of KRAFT CREAMED Th Mm fticsM tor swr fcw cm hi (Print plainly) i GOLDEN STATS EUTTER Mfl 1st Vfie Mrs. Wrish.

ss Good Taste PINEAPFLE- SlMfv COTTAGE Ca.iwH., Iaj I wuf1 No, sv aasp 8.

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