The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1946
Page 6
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* / PAUXSXX BLYTHEVILLS (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 194G Canning Goods Assured w Not Interfere Bell Ringing Concert In Tower Of St. Paul's Thrills Othman By VftEDOUCK C. OTHMAN Staff Cocrts pmfent WASHINGTON- (UP) — Home- BUkiers may Increase their home canning activities during this year at world • food shortages without f*ar'«f wartime canning equipment shorjiges, according to the Agriculture Department. Tt»e. Department said that many housewives, while responding fa- vorajiy to recent government requests for more home canning this yaar.-have nevertheless posed this question: . • "Wliat about canning equipment and supplies?" •• Replying to this question, the Department said it would like to go on record as sayjng there are "no serioos shortages in canning equipment^" It gave this general picture of supplies and equipment: ' Caaners — The Department said thatT since aluminum is "fairly plentiful," the outlook Is good for production of both pressure a.iid water-bath canners. Tlie industry is fanning well above" its prewar production and should 1 lie able 'to meet'consumer demands. Jars,and Tops •—_ Prospects are '-'bright." Stocks on hand are greater than at any time during the war. RuBber Rings—The Department said.that no shortage of these itehis is "expected." and quality should be better this year than during the war >iears because more natural rubber u currently being used. • Tin—Wherever practical or pos sible," the Department has askei home canners to use glass jars in place* of tin cans because tin sup plies^contiSue^to remain scarce. Sugar —'^Supplies of sugar alsc are .short, the Department said Spare ration stamp No. 9 Is now LONDON. April 23.— Thirteen red-raecd and elderly members ol the Ancient Society of College Youths climbed the tower of St. Paul's. The>' si led their coots. their ties and grasped 12 ropes, one of which needed two white-haired youths because it was hard to pull. The warden gave the word with a grunt, and across Ix>ndon town through ruin and un&carifd build- lug dike reverberated the Easier paean of Britain's Central Cliurcl). The mighty cathedral stood there In a little park of grass and yellow jonquils, hardly ctiijipeit ;xcept for tile ruined choir loft by he bombs which had wrecked , "But they nil grew up, and their sons after them.," Lnngdon said. "I was a young man, too. when I began it." The college youths then began talking excitedly about their art, tipparently the most complicated method possible of making music. They looked me over carefully as a jxjssible bell ringer and said that If I practiced seriously every day and rtevelo|x?d the proper grace and rhythm, I might possibly become a third assistant puller 'ol the ropes In five years. "It Is not a matter of strength," langdou said, '"but one of music and beat and skill. I tun very grateful to help ring the bells of St Paul's," The bell ringers then .scurried block after block, of buildings, down the stairs to hurry to llicli """" *~' ""' next church. They had five Easter around It. The worshippers stream- id in, wearing their well-brushed ind well-worn Sunday best In an- iwer to the bronze-voiced call the college youths have rung each Sa&ter apart from the war since 1637. The Dean's verger^ a cheerful little man in block cassock, said he was sure the members of the Ancient Society would be delighted U> ^have ; an American newspaperman ' observe their artistry at close land. He summoned the sexton who led me through a maie of granite tunnels and then up and up and still up the circular stone stairs until we were hlith above txmdpn. The sound of the bells so close made a pleasant tingling on my skin. "Do not move," the sexton said. "Sit. quietly here in this chair. became tile slightest distraction Suit Industry Shutdown Seen Price Regulations May Halt Shipment*; Suit Makers Warn WASHINGTON. April 24. (UP) — Government clothing experts, hopeful of boosting production of men's suits, today faced the threat of nn Industry shutdown on May 1. The, retraining and re-employ - incnt ndiiilnlstrntlon said Industry officials announced nt ft clothing conference Hint unless maximum nvcnigc price regulations are drastically altered, they cannot continue to .ship jiuUs after that date. David Dre.^hlcr, attorney for the Clothing Manufacturers As- Koclation of the United States, told MuJ Gc f Graves B. Eiskine, RRA liend. Dial suit makers had been tumble to maintain the required balance between low and high priced garments. They have until \\iny to make might take the minds of the gentlemen off their work." •The sight in the octagonal one I shall never College Survey Shows Women Still Welcome P.Y MASON BI.OSSKK United I'rcss Slaff Corrcspondcnl COLUMBUS. O. IUI'1— DcilU Don H. Gardner of Akron University (believes girLs who wish to go to college can get enrolled despite the ^ was forget. Upon forms stood 12 stout oak plal- 12 youths, rnnglug in age to 85, deep in cencenlrn- tton laved In sweat, pulling the ropes attached to the 27,100 pounds „ five pounds of sugar fo" of musical bronze above them. The hom«'dhnlng. .This stamp will be| rln « er of the bl BSe st bc» ha<1 his valid-through October and the De- i assistant on the floor to give him partment asked homemakers not lo a halld »'"'» tne Pulling Bot the use titiis coupon until it is absolute-1 toughest. ly needed. The grips on the roi>c were red, "Hpine canning will be as Impor- Iwhlte and blue plush, the attitudes tant^this year—when famine statics of the college youths were deeply overseas—as. it .was during any of reverehl, and the. music of Ihe the «nr- years," the department tells was so beautiful that I shut said. 1 ; "Every j»r "of good .home-canned food that a family puts up for Itself will do its bit toward making the wqrW's:food supply go around." Steele-Cootet Society—Personal Pvt. A. C. -Wells, soii 'of Mr. and Mrs. __ James Wells has arrived hcmj(.^i^.0ews .». liiflay furlough He Ssy-stBt'lohed at 'Denver, Colo. .Jaijjes D. Jackson, fireman first liass;.?. .has received a discharge Irom~the Navy at Great Lakes m.. Separation Center. Jaoxfs Southerland, yeoman third class, son of Mr. and "MIS. Walter Southerland ,has received « discharge. from the Navy at the Separation Center in. Slemphls. He serve*; IB months In the Pacific Theater. - • • • • Mr.7and Mrs. Lewis Woodard q St. Lauis have returned home afte a twi.w*eks visit with his father, WilllW*odard and family. . rtr Ruth Gunn and daughter, rny eyes,and-decided I would mnkc rio attempt to describe ft. When finlaly after nn hour this nost Impressive concert of nny i lave-ever heard ,was finished, the 3 youths wiped their flushed aces, resumed their black criwats. 3Ut on their coats and gathered ouiid to talk about tho Ancient Society. I wish" I had the space to describe them all. but perhaps Henry a business man the other six days a week, will be. typical. He' was white of hair and stoo|icd of shoulder, dignified, kindly and proud Indeed of the golden bell he wore In his necktie. For 47 years Langdou has been a member, of the Ancient Society. T exclaimed at thai. "I am but n youth at the bells." lie,said seriously, "Many of the others have been at U much longer." conceits to ilny, and theirs was a schedule that could not be bvu- ken. r scrambled down with them and shook their hands, and Lnng- <lon ,said If I were Interested a muslcrU bell career, he would be delighted to assist me. Ik' was adjustments for the first quarter of sincere, but no more sincere than 1B4G, he said, and due to short I am when r say that 1 wish I'supplies of low price wool and oth- coulrt accept Ills offer. er material' they will not be abU; to do so, he said. OPA clothing experts discounted the warning. One official called" It iin "idle threat." However, the acency said that If the suit makers can present evidence of hardship, appropriate adjustments will be made. Erskine. calltnu on OI'A to review tho map regulation covering the suit Industry, pointed out that under the best conditions H would take months for increased production lo be felt'by the consumer. The civilian Production Administration, engaged in an Industry survey to see why production has failed (o measure up te government, goals of 28.000,000 suits this year, ing" and educating returning scr-| viewed the., prospect more seriously. CPA said results of a survey of 80 suit makers are being tabulated and should be completed this week. New steps to holster production may follow. A CPA clothing official pointed on; Unit t \ scy,es of government moves to this e'nd. the latest announced Monday in triple orders affecting cotton yarn, would have been futile if suit shipments are nlloweft to halt. KiT.kine said he had made no decision on the merits of the argument. He said, however, he Is con-i lltlcnl OPA and CI'A will work out n solution. Court Denies Overtime Pay for Foremen BOSTON, April 22. (UP)—In ft lest case affecting overtime claims touillnB $15,000,000 throughput the ntilion. federal judge IVanois J. W. Ford ruled today that working foremen urc not entiLIed to overtime pay us provided by tile fair labor standards act. Tlin Fair 1,-ibor Standards Act provides tfnc and a lialf overtime for nil work done In excess of 40 hours a week. Koid's decision was the Joint trial of tv:o Miilfi brought by war workers nualnst Day & Zimmerman. Inc., of Philadelphia and the Precision Manufacturing Corp. of Fall River. Mass. The suits were flled"a.i tesi cases for countless workers throughout the nallon whose claims ' wcie estimated by Asst. U. S. Atty. Charles E. Cunningham to total W.000,000. Cunningham represented the government In the 70-day trial before a master. f Many working foremen had l>een classified )jy tliclr employers as executives and therefore exempt. However, the men contended they •were doing other specific work In I addition to being foremen. | In the case of certain plannine | engineers, Ford found Iliat they had been doing virtually clerical 'work and Hence were entitled to the benefits of the act. Ford allowed $2,750 In claims for overtime in their case, and an equal amount In liquidated damages, plus $\;2S'J for fees and expenses. Gives Mayor a 'Ticket' SKMINOLIS. Okla. <UP i— Policeman Frosty Crawford proved that he lias nerve. Recently he placed an overtime parking ticket on the car of Mayor J. C. Cravens, which was parked by n meter on a rainy day. Crawford knew It was his boss' car. The mayor said later he didn't think the meter patrolman would be out on a nasty day. Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Maiir Phone 3616 Sale* . Phillip* Robinson BcrrlM - FeUx Can*} overcrowded conditions. The nation's schools, beset ns they are by the problems of hous- vicemen, still welcome cording to Ihe dean. Gardner snid that a recent stir- very of every college in Ohio reveals that there is no intention of upsetting the co-cducntional balance nny more than is absolutely necessary. Need for Trained Women "We're dcsing everything \ve can to provide veterans with what they want. "one dean replied, "but we're going to need trained women badly in the years Eo cotne and \ve'll have lo give them that training." "More women arc going to college. too. for t-Ao reasons." Gardner said. "Families arc more able to send their girls now that the. boys are being provided for under the Ol bill and it's undoubtedly true that more women are going back." be- Is It Out of Order? • Our mechanics are Not Factory Trained—but They are ftOOIV. • Their work is (UJAKANTKKD! • Their Prices arc RKASONAHI-K! • They are well equipped (o do Light Repair Work on any make of Car or Truck! • They Guarantee to SATISFY! NEWT SHORT in Charge of Garage. MARR'S Auto Service Washing, Greasing, Patching All Standard Products Ash at Second FOR SALE! 1C Ga. Corrugated Steel Culverts in K> Ft. Lengths with Connecting funds. They're Lighter than Concrete, Easier Install'and Will I-asl a Lifetime. to Five slates twice a year. observe Arbor DaV cause the' men arc Housing is a big factor in accommodating women students, Gardner pointed out, emphasizing that, they cnnnot be -placed .In quarters not up to standard or situated very from the campus, with the exception of a few fralcrnity houses now being iinnctl back, to men oil large campuses after occupancy by women students, colleges will not relinquish dormitory facilities fov men students. Facilities Available While many of the nation's co- women only, accordnig to the U. S. Office of Education. Gardner .said that the girl with [in education in view may have to Lake a second choice in her selection of n "school; she may not" Ih'C" the dormitory where her mother did. but—if university and college officials can arrange it—she'll gel enrolled. educational and men's colleges and .There are about 1.000 members of the society. In 1C37 they were universities are "brimming full" V.ll college youths, ringing I.on- and are rejecting application!: from out-of-town and out-of-state applicants, others still have room for don's first musical bells. Field. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Helen'. Rice and gramteon, Billy Purtle, ' have re- birnnl from Mounds, III. They werejeuests of Mrs. Rice's daughter, -.aSd other; relatives. 1 Mni,i,Thbmas Allbritton has left for , ; gj^aine,: ^csh., to be WiUv her .tifisb^ini;;- Private' .'Allbritton, who , is stationed there at Geiger Fender spent last week In St. Louis with friends. Condition of Sain Hamra, who has been ill for the past week, is Iniproved. "several thousand" more students —particularly women. Gardner said. The United States now has approximately 145 senior accredited colleges and universities for women 'only and 65 junior colleges for IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE , noio pimplM, simple ringworm, to Her, .sail, rlioinn. humps (blncklicads), inn! uply broken-oilt skin. Millions relieve itx'lmij.;, 1 turning nod soreness of these miseric.1 \viih IliUaimplu liuiuc treatment, liliu'k :unl Whites Ointment Roes lo \yoik nt onri*. Aids licnling, wm ka tliu antiseptic way. 25 years eticct'aa. U)<", L'oo, SUe. fiEzL'd. PurcEiiisu [trice refumk'<l if ymi'io not e:itttiliv<l» k Uao only na di- tfctetl. Vitul in clcait^inir in good aojip. llnjuy Bluet (mil \Vliitu .Skin Suuii daily. Helps Build Up RKtstwtce Acalnst CRAMPS, 1ENSION Of "CERTAIN DAYS" Lawnmbwers Expertly sharpened nnd repaired. Phone ^ e p ' c ^ ul> mu ' d c '' vcr - Immediate service and guaranteed satisfaction 2 I 92 assured. We also specialize in gas and electrical welding. F. L WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second A Natural Aid for Rheumatism Arthritis Neuritis Don't neglect what may seem to be a trivnl aclie or prtin and allow a serious ailment to develop. Make the palatable Mountain Valley Mineral Water your "ounce of prevention" against, stiffened joints, stabbing nerves or aching imiscle-s. Phone for a case today. HOUNTAIN VALLEY MINERAL WATER Frcm Hot Sprints, Ark. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main A DMrion. BtytberlBe, Ark FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed From 1944 Celtifietl Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phone 2348 Residence 2309 CALL OR WRITE—; LEE WILSON & CO. Wilson, Ark. Phone 18 I, For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loom Dirt for Fills Larkin Service Station 219 East Main St. K. M. I-arkin ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Let us figure your total contract including labor. Service and Repair on wiring and accessories, • Appliance Repair. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. Sec. Phone 3371 JQE B, EVANS Certified Public Accountant Member of the American Institute of Accountants ANNOUNCES (he opening of his office in Room 202 Lynch Building, Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3661 CELLAR (Sump-Pumps) Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S POULTRY FRESH DRESSED DAILY FRYERS CUT UP Buy the entire Fowl or Just the Pieces You Want Ask Its for Our FRESH Infertile Yard Fggs. Garden-Fresh Produce Received Daily We Stock a Wide Variety of Pickles, Olives, Jams, Jellies Cuts and Spears ASPARAGUS All Green All White SPEARS The Variety Grocery—Come and See Pickard's Gro. & Market I'hone 20'K5 1044 Chickasawlia Avc. Do tummt* function*! pertodlo <!!•- catu* you to luffer from •wthlr cramps iMMlach*, bocfcte**; •Mi Mrroot. tlnd. JUUr?, cranky— •»•**«!».?,. L»fl 1» I . Ptekham'i to reU«n «ucb Compound l Kim* mcb »» •rwHhlr.g «gtct on on* matt InporUnt OTJ HARDWARE BY LESLIE TURNER WASH TUBBS SHE 1$ A NEAT LOOKER IF TONIS GONNfl BANff TH' IN A SINGLEc ftND hSAkE THEM -SUl/ftrrgRS SIT UP AND BARK FOR *OCE, 5HES GOTTA PR 1 * TH' flOOS. WITH A FEW FAST NUMBER , SHE'S MO • HOOF ANP (AOUTH ARTIST HET ! I .'AEftN SHE PON'T GIVt OUT SCXJ C*USHT HEC ACT LAST NISMT, T6LL THftT ALt THE PUBLICITY IAS LANDED TONI IN A NIGHTCLUB, ISSUE MAMNGGCW. HIGH Cf STEB OF 6BAVIT EDS TO TURN ON 1/tOSS PcRSOSALirV, ^\AKe WITH TH 1 TEETH THAT'S GOOD FOR A U»0 OF WKX-S BY FRED HARMAH Vf FATHER AMD AREPRlSOKlE JL151 LIKE TOLi (•WDQE HERE W1L1. /•aOOKAriER YOU THE s^^GE coACri DIDN'T II.T OVER

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