Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 8, 1939 · Page 24
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 24

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1939
Page 24
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SATURDAY. APRIL 81939 "71 Dr. Reagor To Preach Fonr Service to Obscrrt Easter at v rirjr vnmiiun Th First Christian Church cele brity Taster tomorrow with wree i . ihm mnmin hour, and pcrvncv - - t vesper service at 6:30 in the evening. ' . v The main service of worship will h held at 11 a m. and will include special music br the choir, aolnj toy Dr. Lawrence Knox and Leon Milli, and the message which Dr. R?t will bring at that hour will be "The Sign of a Resurrection." t. n( service of morning wor .ui- m tirin inneiher and place an emphasis upon thr children of the church school, but In every respect it will be o service of worship for adults as wen as ior youw CHILDREN'S .CHORES - - The music at this first hour will be brought by the children's chorus under direction of William O'Don-rell, and the verse-speaking choir of the high school department will share in this service. It Is directed by Mr. and Mrs. Everrett Luther. Dr. Reagor will speak on the sub ject "A Newly Risen Christ." The traditional sunrise service of the First Church, conducted un der the auspices of the young people's department, will be held this year as usual at o a.m. aunaay in the hill back of Oakland. The cara van will meet at the church at 5:45 sun. and go to the point where the service will be held. There they will be greeted by the erected cross and the open tomb. A musical program has been arranged for this eany morning hour. PLAN VESPEK HOCB The day will close with a vesper hour at 8:30 in the evening, which will be shared in particular by the young people's departments of the church. The special music at 11 a.m. follows: Two anthems, "As It Began to Dawn" (Vincent) and "On Wings of Living Light" (Matthews) by the Vested choir, and a tenor solo, "Ho-lanna," (Granier). aung by Leon Mills, and a baritone solo, "Immortal ii," (Walker) sung by Dr. Lawrence Knox. The music is under the direction of Mrs. Roberta Butler McDonell, choir director, and Miss Esther Hjelte, organist. UNITY WAYSIDE CENTER TO HOLD EASTEf PROGRAM Unity Wayside Center will hold taster services in the Fairfax The ater, 8345 Foothill Boulevard, to-f morrow at 10:30 a.m. I ' Susanna H. Scott will preach on the theme, "Our Living Lord." Special music will include numbers by the Warwick String Quartet and vocal solos by Laura Brod-erick, soprano, and Gerald Barbeau, baritone. "WORtiTV BVBNTS FOR ACCORDING TO PHIfJSOFHT. OF NUMBERS" Dr. Juno Kayy Walton Mondny, t:80 n.m. , Wediinday, S p.m. anil 1:00 p.m. Metaphysical Library ' 6S2 Sixteenth Btrett Spiritual Aid & Mission, Inc. Sl Athens Avnli ' , 1 " 'opp. 25th and Ban Pablo Sunday, 1:00 p. m., adrlrm by , REV, EDITH LEWIS Alio merniag-ei by Revs. Banks, Grant and Phllllna Wednesday, 8:00 p. m., all meeaases. Rev. E.-M. Phillips, Pastor !0 FrUble Street (JL enrourt 76 .I Rev. Luclle Bhetterly, Vlce.-Pres. SWAM I ASHOKANANDA , (DIsolpU' of Swaml Vlvek'ananda) " Sunday; April 9, at 8 p. m. i 1 ''Death Its Cause .and Cure EBELL HALL -' 1440 Harrison THE PUBLIC IS CORDIALLY 1N.VITKD . ;mm v SPECIAL EASTER SUNDAY-. SCHOOL PROGRAM . 9:45 a.m. under direction of Mrs. Dexie Phollander, Sunday School Superintendent. . ' 11 :00'a.m.. Cantata by the Choir 'Victorious Christ77 Haldor Lillemas hwA . Under direction of Mrs. E. J: Wagner ; ,7:30 p.m., Easter Drama 'Thomas and the Risen Lord" ; .'By the Christs Ambassadors Come and enjoy a joyous Easter Day at BETHEL TABERNACLE .-achey. At the '. Hubba ' r wiU 25th Avenue and East Hth Street . L. H. White, Pastor NEW UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH v :. I ''. rrrr jf MM The new Rockridqe Church of the United Brethren In Christ, which wai dedicated lait month with many leaders of the denomination partidpating, ia the moat recently completed church structure In Metropolitan Oakland. Built at a cost of more than $60,000 at College Avenue, Hudson and Manila Streets, the edifice Is of stucco construction ornamented with decorative tile and cast cement, moulds. The roof Is of terra cotta tile symbolic of the early California period. Rev. Walter L James Is pastor of the church. Chimes Plan Easter Rites The sDecial Easter service to be given at the Chapel of the Chimes, will be at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, under the auspices of the 23rd Avenue Baptist Church. A choir of 25 voices, under the directorship of Harrison Wsrd, will sing the cantata "Resurrection" by Charles Manney. '9 Rev. M. D. Morrison has chosen a the tonic of his brief message "The Ever Living Christ." Carl Gul-lander will be heard on the organ, both as accompanist as well as soloist. . Special Services o Be Featured at Pi ilgrini Lutheran Special Easter services will be held tomorrow at Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 3519 ' 38th Avenue, near Hopkins. Hour of worship will be: Sunday School at' 9:45 o'clock, which will merge' into the main service at 10:45,. The subject on which the pastor, Rev, George M. Jacobsen, will speak is "The Last Enemy Conquered." . The children of the Sunday School will sing the anthem "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." The Sunday School lesson for the day la "The Resurrection." k FRUITVALE SPIRITUAL ' SCIENCE: . . Church No. SI Phillips Hall, 2301 Kant, 14th Street fliinilny, 2:S0 p. tn. Tastiir, ItKV. JAXI0 VATEU Adilres lv . MRS. McFARLAND . MossnKBS liy rinort Workers Healing, 2:00 p. m, N. 8. A. C. B. 8, A. , SPIRITUAL CHURCH ' , 74 I list Btreet ' 7:45 p. ra. . ii Address by . Rev. John .Willis Ring . Heallna: and Messages Sunday, 1:10 p. m. Special Easter.-Music Friday, 1:00 p. ni., Heallna: and Messages Saturday KvenliiR, 8:00 p. m. Social Whist (Lower Floor)- Street, Oakland 3 cr.rrr r:ivii:i:i-!ViJlL' . ijaMUMISrMWiifiitlfri (fi 1 1 rw iirw nitirtMiati.-M ' - Life From the By DR. FRANCIS Acting Pastor, What does Easter mean? To some, nothing; to others, everything! What We get from the day will depend largely on what we bring to it. If we . bring faith, we shall find stronger faith; if we bring "hope, we shall find more buoyant hope; if we bring joy, we shall find a new Joy beyond measure. At first "Easter" meant Spring, the eternal miracle of new life brightening the earth; then was addd the deeper Christian meaning, life from the dead, life victorious, eternal. Or as Paul put it, "Christ hath abolished death and brought life and Immortality to light." What had been a faint faith now became a fact; what had been a deep longing now became a certainty out in the light, The Birthright By REV. IDA Pastor of Divine The Easter celebration is replete with joy because Us message satis fies the demand of the soul to possess Its birthright. AH the associations of the observance of Easter are reminders that tf)ne has proved for us that man was Created in the "image and likeness of God" and given, dominion over all. things;' that the , soul is fully equipped to prove this dominion through identity with Its Source and that there is but one way of attainment, the Christ Way. But man will never take possession of his inheritance until he The Fellowship tVT kW 9J A. D. FAUPELL. Ldr 1129 Piedmont - (Norway 10:00 a.m, Civic Forum Discussion. , Topic: "Does Institutional Religion Aid or Retard Democracy?" 1 1 :00 a m. Fellowship Hour. Topic: "Life I s Ever Lord of Death." "(The Meaning of Easter First Pentecostal Church wl ' ' 3 1st Street near Grove V Pastor: C. STANLEY COOKE 5 11:00 a. m. Subject: $7: ' "Resurrection Life" - .. 6 .:!...- 7:45 p. m. Subject: , - Lk "Pentecost Made Possible Through Resurrection," J nx ' Special Easter Music by Orchestra 'v Conducted by M.n'a .nd-Wom.n'. Chorn. Choir Lender GREAT BIBLE AND MISSIONARY CONFERENCE How better can we honor our Easter message? "To the, ends to attend the annual Bible and REV. W. A. STAUB District Superintendent REV. LUDWIG JOHNSON of Olso, Norway. Hear Dr. revival REV. L.B. QUICK . .... -' ------ .Canoia Park, Calif., Bible Teacher SESSIONS-SUNDAYS, 1:00, 2:45, 7:30 EASTER CANTATA-TABERNACLE CHOIR-SUNDAY 7.30 P. Mr Director, ft A recent letter from Dr. . Robert E. Sneer says: "I believe the Alllano Is' faithfully . endeavoring to characteristics of primitive Chrlstlanty In the only way in iwhlch this can be done namely, by laying looking to Our lord Jesus Christ ai CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE ft 33rd Street, off j Dead J. VAN HORN Plymouth Church a truth to be lived by, In which to die with quiet confidence of the endless life. So it means much to every one of us if we can but take it in; it puts an eternal value into living; it gives vision and confidence; its puts eternity at the heart of every human experience, The first Easter was the triumph of the Prince of Peace; every Easter should be a fresh victory for Him and for each one of who follow Him; and the last Easter will be the fulfillment of His Kingdom of Lovevand Peace. So wc may sing with Phillips Brooks: O risen Christ!' O Easter flower! How dear Thy grace has grown! From East to West, with, loving power, Make all the wofld Thine own." . of Easter B. ELLIOTT Science Church thinks and acts in all his dealings and relationships true to the teach-igs of the Master. He can never know the joy, the power of the resurrection until he lets the Christ mind be his own; not until he ceases "following after'' and identifies with the same mighty inworking "power that raised up Jesus from the dead." The way of attainment is an unwavering faith in the Father, an ever increasing awareness of the presence'and power of God, and a vital acceptance of the promise, "all power is given unto me . . . and I am with you.". - - of Humanity - Avenue, Oakland j-rn 1 1 for Pioneers of Freedom) vj by Paul Korock SlnitlnE Unfl.r Dlr.ctinn F. E. Kv.n. 0 Risen and Glorified Lord thnn to-prve ourselves whole-heartedly to the proclamation of the glad of the earth with the Gospel of Salvation" are our orders. With this thought ir mind we invite you Missionary Conference of the Alliance Church. ... , y o o o APRIL 9-16 o o o ' . , SPEAKERS . Johnson fell the Story Qf.th (rest, In Scandinavia. W. Schunke - , our great Head and only Master. ' . , ' Telegraph ' Dr. Bradley To Be Guest Noted Prcochtr To B Htord at Morning Services : A man f'Wh National rank in the Congregational Churches of America. Dr. Dwight Bradley, recently appointed executive secretary of the Nationsl Council, for Social Action, will be guest preacher tomorrow morning at two identical services, 9 and 11 o'clock, at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley, Dana Street at Durant Avenue. Dr. Bradley is on the West Coast as special lecturer during the Spring semester, In Christian Ethics at the Pacific School of Religion. He has been secured by the church to present the Easter message J"AjLJhe -tRTsTngbrthe Sim." A member of the prudential com mittee or tne American ijoara 01 Commissioners for Foreign Missions and of the Congregational Commission on Evangelism and Devotional Life, Dr. Bradley is the author of a number of books, including "The Recovery of Religion," "Creative Worship," "Highways of the Spirit." "The Secret Stair," and, In collaboration with his wife, an anthology of noems, "Adventure Eternal." The choir will take part in the services, and at the evening hour, 7:15 o'clock, will share with Rev. Laurance L. Cross in presenting I "Easter in Song snd Story," telling the ancient triumph through poetry, scripture and music. - East Oakland Nazarenes to Celebrate Day The events of Easter, the cruci fixion and resurrection of Christ, will be commemorated by sermon, song and recitation at the East Oakland Church of the Nazarene, 1200 71st Avenue, tomorrow. The Sunday School pupils will present an Easter program at 9:45 a.m. At the 11 o'clock morning service Rev. Arthur F. Grobe, the pastor, has chosen for his topic "The Message of Good News." The mixed octet will sing the Easter anthem, "The Lord is Risen" by Erhnrdt. ?Thc evening service will begin at 7io'clock with congregational singing and testimony. Mr. and Mrs. George Pestanna will offer a saw and vibraphone duet. The concluding number of this service will be a cantata entitled "The Victorious Christ," by Haldor Lillenas. to be given by the choir. The soloists are: sopranos, Marilynn Jane Grobe and Naomi Chamberlain; alto, . Mary Chamberlain; tenor, Robert Pitts; .reader, Irene Osborne Unity Wayside Center 'Special Easter" Service at FAIRFAX THEATER 5345 Foothill Boulevard- SUSANNA H, SCOTT, Speaker ' Topic-'OUR LIVING LORD" Special mimic by the Warwick String Quartet and vncnl anloe by Laura Broderlik anil Gerald Bnrbeau, 10:30 a.m. r r . r . r r r r MISSION COVENANT CHURCH f gV. 11th and Fallon Streets . 4 Tha Church With a Cross Across From the Auditorium Sfc 10:30 a.m.. . . Easter' Worship Service' Impressive Exercise by Members of Bible School With Singing by Girls' Chorus Male Chorus, Under Direction of Mr. Carl Peterson REV. M. D. CHRISTENSEN of Scandinavian Alliance Mission Speaker ; "THE RISEN LORD" 8:30 p. m. Y. Speaker- -REV. ' 7:30 p. m. Easter Cantata: "Christ Victorious" By Roy E. Nolte Choir Under Direction of Dr. C. J. Haclund REV. B. H. ALEXANDER Pioneer Missionary to China REV. THOS, MOSELEY Intrepid Missionary in ftansu and Tibet REV. C. C.'rYAN , Adventurer for God In French 'West Africa WEEKDAYS, 2:30, 7;45 ORGANIST; E. , : ;. , J.-T. 'ARE SIN, DISEASE, DEATH REAL' IS C.S.. SUBJECT In all Christian Science churches, branches of The MotherjChurch. The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass, a lesson-sermon will be read Sunday, April 9. on the subject, "Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?" The Golden Text will be: "I am the Lord that healeth thee" (Exodus 15:26). Bible selections will include the following passage from Isaiah 1: 16-7-18: "Wash you. make you clean; put away the evil of . your "doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; learn to 'do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow, Our Faith's Foundation By REV. ARTHl'R F. GROBE Pastor, East Oakland Church of Nacarene Never was a message of hope given-at such-an opportune-time as the one that fell upon the ears of the disciples on that memorable morning of blasted hope and disappointment following the crucifixion and burial of their master and teacher, Jesus Christ It was a message of "good tidings" that Mary had received during her early visit at the opened sepulchre, "He is not here, but is risen." To confirm Mary's testimony Christ, in his resurrected botfy, suddenly stood in the midst of the disciples and said, "Peace be unto you." Their Lord PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN PLAN DINNER PROGRAM The members of the Women's Society will give a fried chicken dinner at the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church at 49th and Webster Streets on Tuesday, April 18, between 6 and 7:30. Admission will be by tick ets only, purchased prior to the night of Friday April 14. Tickets may be purchased Worn any of the following parties by phone and. they will be delivered: Mrs. A. Lloyd, Olympip 9541: Mrs. H. Burch, Piedmont 8436R; Mrs. P. Forry, Olympic. 8166. VERITY TEMPLE' (Oakland Truth Center) 17th and Harridon Sts. HI-2771 Sunday, 11:00 a. rrt. "The Day. of Victory" r r r y r r r y j . H. J. KLEEFISCH, D.D..-.. j jjj Ell kill P. Groups In Unified Service REUBEN OLSON Sfr Rowena Taylor reproduce the character Bnd aside all other reliances and ' Zamrazil, Pastor Come now. and let us reason together, said the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow: though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wooL A passage from the Christian Science textbook. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." by Mary Baker Eddy, will also be included, which reads as follows: "A sinner is not reformed merely by assuring him that he cannot be a sinner because there is no sjn. To put down the claim of sin. you must detect it, remove the mask, point out the illusion, and thus get the victory over sin and ao prove its unreality." p. 447) was not dead but was alive to renew their hope. ' strengthen their faith. and continue to be their guide and keeper through the agency of the Holy Spirit With "wars and rumors of wars" bedimming the horizon of nations, economic stress, and internal unrest threatening the world's already tottering structure, we turn, this Easter season to the Risen Christ in search of a ray of encouragement of hope and faith. We feel as did the apostle Peter when he said to Christ, "To whom else can we go, thou hast the wordsWof eternal life." The crucified and resurrected Christ is the foundation stone of our faith. In him is the solution to every problem whether personal, family, national or international: the cure for the disease of sin. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life; In him are joys of salvation, the hope of eternal bliss and happiness. )Vk?)ttaf) i sr ia iff eve; eve; e.v CHT'RCH OF CHRIST EAST OAKLAND 2714 Havenscourt Blvd. Ralph O. Wllhurn, Minister . BERKELEY Trlnce and Fulton Streets Woodrow Whltten, Minister Church Services Bible fichool.... 10:00 a. m. . . Worship and Preachlng-11:00 a. m. and 7:45 p. m. Young Teorle's Meeting-. ..7:00 p.m. RADIO SERVICES KRE SUNDAYS 8:45 a. m.; 5:45 p. m. i v SPECIAL EASTER SERVICES Speakers: Alice M. Hopkins, Alma M. Morse Traditional Easter Music Enclna Trio, Vera Messlnger, Phil Powell, Soloists; Carlton Hansen, Violinist; Merlyn Morse, Organist 1300 Grand Street, Alameda 1 1 :00 a. m. -f m " rt Divine Science Fellowship T.W.C.A., Webster at ISth Street Service Sunday, 11 Subject, "The Power of Life" SpeplaV Sololsls: Margaret. Ellison, Edith Kperry Smith, contralto; Alex Davis baritone. Carmel Scozzafava, Berkeley Unity Service Berkeley Women's City Club 2315. Durant Avenue, Berkeley Sunday, 11 a. m. Dr. Donna H. Smythe, minister Subject, "Christ Our Resurrection" 1 Music in charge of Mr. Christopher Wade,., at the piano. Mrs. Christopher Wade will give a violin solo. Soloist, Samuel Von Laldlg. Home classes: Wednesday, g p. m., 117 Colusa Avenue, Berkeley. A beautiful colored program will be given to all attending the Easter services. 3 w Oakland Unity Truth Center- j : - Civic Auditorium Theatre J r Children's Easter Pageant t . - . . t Sunday moning at 10:3D a. m. l Sermon Address, J 1 :00 kjv . May Andrews Wiggin ; ; Subject: : "TheResurrectmg-Spirit ot . "S ' Christ in Man". 3 Fred N. Morcom will give the address of welcome. "Trio of Orley. See, v'rolin; W. Villalpando, 'cello;" i Evelyn Taulbee, piano A 1 Soloists: Karla Edsen; soprano," singing . ' , "Hosannah" - - - i! Music Will Be Featured 'Real Triumph' Ii Sermon Theme at . First Universalist A musical prelude with Mary Jean Sorter, harpist, as guest artist, opens Easter rejoicing tomorrow at the Universalist Church at 10:30.. Elizabeth Winslow, violinist Vera Golden, 'cellist, and Peggy Smith, pianist share tn .the service. Mra. W. H. Lotz will sing a aolo. A brief service of memory will be conducted. "Real Triumph" is the sermon theme of Rev. Horton Colbert at 11 o'clock. Regarding the day and his thema the minister saysT "Even if everyone were to deny the eternal quality of Jesus' life, the verdict of history would put the seal of essential truth upon him and his message. The Nation which lifts the sword soon perishes by it if not today, then tomorrow. The life which lives from day to day with no thought of others has no eternal quality in it The Nation or the person living as a . good neighbor grows into God-like stuff and never dies. Jesus and his way is built into the very being which undergirds the universe and is eternal." Knights Templar Guests Oakland Commandery No. 11, Knights Templar, will be guests of honor at the evening service of the First Presbyterian Church tomorrow. Dr. Ralph Marshall Davis, minister. turn far 2 !th Ave. 11:00 . m. f "My Redeemer Llveth" Rtf Mrs. Helena Huhhard fA Original Anthem IS By John W. Huhhard VSC Sunr by the Choir fSffr Duet: "Hosanna" re? Ovid DIlllnKham ? Elsie June Peachey ' 7:45 Sermon by Jf Rev. J. K. Hubbard, j. Tastor ft3 1 i -p yr a. m. Speaker, Ida B. Elliott - Eftster Mic - pianist; Donald Baca, r Noel Curtis,, baritone, "Open the Gates, of the Temple" public address system has been installed for the Easter Service c: 17 152 It m $ Y 9j violinist. ii i

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