The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 28, 1938 B1AT11EV1LLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS ?AGE FIVE : ;' the r»llrQ»di'0f'ar«at Brllili).' Employment foe nearly $00,000 ijcrsoiw 1101 Jiially Is provided by CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bally rate per Uue lor COUECCU- jvc Inscctloiis: One time per M»8 10 ° Two times per Hue per day ...oec rlircc times per line per day ..Otic RJK times per line per dgy . ...05e rate per line COc of Tliaiite 50c & V5o fdinimiim charge ooc Ads ordered for Uiree or sis limes and stopped before cxplra lion will l» clmrged lor the num- Ifi of tiincs the add appeared am adjustment °? W'l Pwde. All classified Advertising copy jilbin|ttc(J by persons residing nut aide of the city must be nccom panled by cash. Kates may !x easily computed from above table Advertising ordered for Irrcgula Insertions lakes the one time rate No responsibility will be takei for more than one Incorrect inser lion of any classified ail. Business Directory Harry liailu.v's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at flood 1'riccb .I'HKSH REELFOOT Crappie EXI'UKT AUTO REl'AHtt ClRraee operated by Floyd ilargctl Hatchery Baby Chicks Ooo<l grocery nii'J W«'kel, making money. Will sell stock nnd rent. . UI3LIC HATCHING. Marilyn fixtures. Qwner must quit account Hatchery, niytlieylllc, Ark., H.W. 0 [ health. Write Box "DM", 1 North, I'lione 742, Courier News, 25-pk-'i'J Tailors r yon need a Tailor, see George luir, "BlyUicville's only Tailor." Main & S. n. n. 'Piano Tuning Hanos timed and repaired. Call George Ford at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. Used Furniture $215 credit on Plymouth louring sedan for $100. Will consider used car. P. O. Box 005, pliono 087. Hii-ck-U CANARY nmn hens. Mrs. N. B. Baldwin, Dell. Ark: 2i-pk EASY TERMS on used r-rlg alres, Maying Washers, Dctco light plants '& radios. E. B. Gee Sales Co. WE 1HIY & SKI,I, IISEIJ FUltNITURi: 1JUY NOW - - - I'AY NKXT FALL HUBBARD Kml Unn il Furniture JVc.vl (n Goff Hold Ilo\ise uptown. 0 rooms and batli 4 room servants house on real of lot. Easy tornis. Write Box "A 1 Courier News. 21-ck-4-2 To Settle An Eslatc Two nice houses, now renting to $22.50 per month. $500.00 dowr balance like rent.. II. C. Campbel Administrator, 111! So. Vranklin. 10-ck-4-l Colloii Seed D. P. L. No. 11 COTTON SEED Germination Test 88 per 40 or 80 acres of land. D. n. Gnr ner, Aimorcl. 12-pk-4-l MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO Cigarettes 2 for ^5c HARRY BAILEY'S Ifull.tiiil, Mo. I'hoiies 5-F-I & MS Tin Work SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Metal Work for 20 Years Valves, Blowpipes, Seed Bins ALL WORK GUARANTEED Money Back Guaranteed STOP-A-LEAK i Roof Coating ! ' Also Plastic Cement No. Oth Phone 322 490- Coal My Caal Is Blatk But I Treat You While. LOCAL HAULING t| John-, Buchanan ^ ; ' Blrlhcyille, Ark. Phone 107 cent SCO Per Ton at I'lTan I'ojnt, Ark. JOHN K. VfftEU. 21-ck-4-21 For Rent room furnished aiwrtuwnt, newly dccorsiled. I'honc 785.J »((*>' P.M. Mrs. Bello Wood, room (iinilshcd IIOUM. only. W. M. liurtlett, 5W No. Cth room Mis. uporlmont. rtlvnto l!80. 20 ivcros land, four houses u»d bin n, in Hair MOOD conitmuilly. 1 acres of alfalfa. Se^ Eui) Majors, >oll, Arkansas. 24<|)k.4-24 Comfortable Ucdi'ooin at !3)6 \V Walnut. I>hone 351, • 23-eM Comforiaale txsrtrooni. Phone J77-J Call at 625 w, Main, Modern 3 loom apaiunent. decorated, UnfurnlElted. Cor»( Main nnd 2nd, Also business build nuxt to Kroger Store, • Simon, Phone 164. 3-ck'rt Conifmtubla bedroom, nut, Call 102. IQ17 Wai Wauled To Buy Worth of USED l-'URNrrURH All ItraHn JtadlDS Uc|rali«l WADB FURNITURE CO 112 \i, Main I'Tiono 1&5 Male Help Wanted Bl'E MAtu handle Cottec Kotite. Up lo $45 rst week. Automobile given ns onus. Write Albeit Mills, 4485 9<>ninoiith, Chichlliutl, 0. Fomid jcnthcr folder with 3 keys. Own or can have jama by paying cost of (his ad. 'Mother'* Is Now a Red Candidate Black lenthcr key lioldor contali.- I"B one key. Owner can have a me by .paying cost o( this nd. 'ourlcr News. SKED8 FM4 Bwj>, AH OsU, Soybeans, AlfalU, Any W!io)eMj« & R«UI1 W. 0, RKBVKS So, B,R, 8f, Blytl»vll|e, Phone Metal key ring with 11) keys, Found iwor Hlgli Scliool, Owner cnn Have same by paying cost or this Ml. Personal All kinds of shrill) ti'lwmlnR. Hut AruoHl, 317 Uroiulwuy. '33-l*'30 Kirby'i Active Liver Pilh Arouse Sluggish Liver* BtlloTet tlUoQiqejii, cOillltlial'.fip t*d t.iJichn. Aettr« U«r I'llli «tl >t tb> ml CBIIIO of jour iluviUhDrM *°° «»ke you foel 1U« * n«w |)?r«"». Rl* •pur txilem pf lurplui »i«|io»i *!** 'A«ll« Liter Hill, Hinttli, iintb .Bold >i ill KirW r>ni ' FOWIKR DRUG CO Y(>UR DRUGGIST M«lu * Ut> FhoW 111 DMlict TRUST Sponsored porp. Several Hundred Huslids LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 Bushels DELSTA BEANS uUu a, lot of D. P. L.NO. 11 COTTON SEED I'll KB cullon seed were ginnctl on mr otvn private gin. Not a bale cf a My oilier rotfnn glmict! on Lliis gin liul this one variety. C. F. TUCKER Beans . . . Seed Genuine Southern Lorcdo Sos beans. Threshed early. Recleanc S.O. Dobbs Armorel, Ark. Box 4 ll-pk-4-11 FOB SALE—12 good young mules, cash or terms, C. H. Whistle, 6 miles south of lioscland. B-pk-4-B IJay—Soyljeans—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. See W. K Tate, Armorcl, Ark. Complete 10 volume set of'Stan- dard Reference Books with looso lent 'binder. Call 239 or 192. 15-Ia-[a Sporting Goods Complete Stock Goltlstnith's Paseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOIJHR-HENUY CO. Female Help Wtd. Room and Board Slciim Itcateil roum WHh 803 W, Ash, phono |&1, board Nicely fnrnlsiieci rooifls. Board II desired, rlioo) 002. H2 E. Cherry 28-CJM Women—Address nnd mull advertising iniiterlnl for us ut home. We supply everything, flood rate at pny. No scllinif. No expel necessary. Merdi;iiii)ise Mart, Box 523, Milwaukee. Wisconsin. 2fl[>k'2'J About. 0,248,800 George Wellington quarters were issued'by the United Sinks government, in Norllt Aiislralln has leased 500,000 siniare-niiles of its territory to two private coippai)!^, which are Gndcnvorlnc to iitlwol seUlers. The leased territory Is IfU'Bcr than the combined areas of Belgium, Chech- oslovakia, Prance, anil Ccnnany. The manufacture o( shon )>lack IIIR takes care of purl of Poland' huge molasses production. , !i(;it;ilioi|ihave,'failed luIilumpcn tlieT»))lrlt'-ot"Mp|licr" s E)liillecvi! l)|floiy'<il)'ovc,HV'lw'liasijust inn-' novlrtccd-vtiiiil ';s|io >• Is,'«i C'gin- opiulldiito .'for (iwcrnur i.-dcsDltu her-75 yeoi's. "Molliei 1 '! Bloor,-. once -a Socliillst,', nlwiVys ; n' nullcal; is iiowin^inciAb'erioI thb:Cenlral Coi'jiiniilco o'f.'.'tho Cominynlst ' .'tlia U; S.' 1 " Crescent Cafe IUNK & DANOK i:vtnv COTTON SEED . .p,.-V.'lJt"No,.|( , First Year From nr«ikr <;uhtom (tinned BRAXTON GILL Iltll, Ark. HoL .PR'.Barbccna & Klcclilo .Cooked Stenku All l<cad,lil|! Dmuils of llfP|, WlllskW, WlllBH ifc '. ,; ••'/ ; ' ain Cloni'cttba, ... a , I'ack.iijefl 250 Plilliijla ;das & Oil •21 rtOlJH-SKRVlCK Highway 01 I'honc 17 Holland, Mo. EtECTEIO « ACETTLENt. WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT BEHVICB Barksdale Mfg. Co. Line Of ELECTRICAL Fixtures & A|>|>Hi>nc<!8 Kxpcrl Wiring WALPOLE'S "The Complete Kleclrkal Store" 110 So. 2nd Phone 3U COTTON SEKD • *>,:•/', &•&. -11A 'Carefully Scjccted ti«pciitcd (icrmlnullan Tests 02 (a 1(K)%. | produced over Italo ati Acre on poor Und. 1 liujruilti'o IliU tied a* Koud a.i Hie brst obtalnublr. A. F. DIETRICH ,,* 'i'lionu 700 or 37Z NoiT Ueated lit 101 Nttth Heeond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprteta* Calcol»tors—Repairing—I'lrts—Itlbbom All m»kti o[ Rebuilt Typ«1«tltcr», Ailillni M»cblne» tni Calculators—Kcpalr ;90 bushels of larcilo Beans. Delta Implements, Inc. Call 802. I9cklt Nolice Freeman Brothers. Pai|iters and Papcrhangers. Plionc 321. 31-ck-4-21 Radio Service Expert Rartio Service PARTS, TUBES, BATTERIES Harduway Appliance Co. Henry Werner Main & 5th Phone 233 Batteries BATTERY SERVICE j. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's The Zellncr Slipper Shop sells Paris Fashion Shoes, by Wahl Shoe Co. Sli'uyed of Stolen One dark brown marc mule, weight, 1000 pounds and one dark brown horse mule about 875 pounds. Notify T. W. Chancy, Rt. 2, Manila, Ark ?.6-pk-30 WanteiS Four passengers lo share expenses to Phoenix, Arizona. James Mills, Drownlco's Store, Dell. 25-pk-2p Champion Sleeper HORIZONTAL- IRip Van , hnro of fiction. 7 He wns an | idle Dutch, •' J -—(PU. ! 5 Flowing forth. 16 Sailor. ' 17 Foreheads. 19 Ethical. 20 Kinds of hard £at. : 21 To possess. 23 Granted facf. 25 Footlikc part. 45 To scatter. 2G Not heard. -ili French. 2DHooley apple. 4? Every. '30Id.ini. •!!) Street. 31 To perish. j& 50 Card game. 32 Bronze. •£<£ 51 Italian river. 34 Electrical;%;'SSBonc. term. , S4 Nimble. 35 To decay. 3REyc tumor. 38 Neither, 40 Wading bird. Answer to Previous Punic '20 lie played ninepins with the of flcnry Hudson 21 Sound ot surprise. 22 North ' America. 42 Barked at. 43 He had n termagant 56 Passage. 58 His story is told in Irving's c '^Book." 27 Northeast. 28 Sun god. 31 Dower properly. 33. To plant. RIOIUISlMTo free. 36 Sonlh i VERTICAL America. 1 You nnd I. 37 You. 2Saturnled. ..... 3<i Inlet. 3 Nostrils. ••"» 41 To assume. 4 Tic. '•"' « Soups. r< Suit in law. 4-1 Made of G Bclnc. • flowers. 8 Type standard 45 Power, i) Beret. 47 Narrative 10 Stepped on. poems. 11 Italian coin. 50Permits. -12 Growing out. 52 Auditory. -13 To rekindle. 55 Meadow. 59 Tobacco roll. H Senior. 61 Harasses. 18 He slept for 62 To berate. — — years. 57 Self. 58 Street. 60 Road. HY V. T. HAM LIN ONLV OOOLA'REWAJKIS AT LARGE'" M THfe HOPB QF RAU.VI NG A FORCE' CCMPLETELV DDMINA.TEP BVTHE RUTHLESS EEHV, THE. K)R'/.6SLV CAREFREE LAMP OF MOO BOWS BENEATH TH£ BURDEf) OF OICTAtoesHIP.... THfi 5AOACIOUS ALL&Y OOP TO WHOM AIL MOO LOOKS FOR THE OPPRESSOR OF HER HOMELAMD/ DELIVERANCE, LIES SLEEPfWG, UWAvVARE THAT HIS CAVE HAS BEEW EFFECTIUELV BLOCKED BV ORDER. "OF'THE DICTATOe, THOUGH RETAIKJING I HER CROWW^HEOWCB MIGHTV L)MPA,IS OUEEM IN •W'/fiM/REol S P*T Off. )M8 BY KE* ^ERUC f\ ^^l^r^?*"- KPGAU MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES y'CbOLO OO 6OMEXWW , >£>' tt^ ,"" SV\P.*O XPO'O .». iOi"\ A 1 UP. . I93B BV Nf A SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. V. 5. PAT. WASH TURKS its /\\V MONEV, FUTUPE, WvV VEPV HAPPIJJE^S DEPENDS ON.IT. IVE FOUND THE GIRL _OF DREAMS VJIZt GRDERED WO SQUABS, J,005 POBTER- HOUSE STEAKS, 3000 AMUK-FEP CHICKENS- EVER.YTHIH&6 REM5V. ^ THEEE6 WOTHIM& ^souT WE . ; GOT TH 6ESTOF EVERVTHIWG, TH' FIWEST LINENS, SILVER, ENTERTAINERS W WUSIC IN TH' EWTIRE COUMTRY. 6UKIMA. BE THE g|6(5EST THING. HOtJE.V, ) T H1& TOWN EVER SAW.' 't—«aMx-r«ai T.M.REC.U.SlPAT.OFF. J BY MERRILL HLOSSER AND HIS FRIKNDS 'MOVED IS RIGHT..' 1 BET IT'LL OILY TAKE Y0O. FIVE MINUTES T£> ,-EMPTY THE AUOITpRIUM! I SOUND PRET GOOD , DON'T J ! BOY WHEN TP.OSc PEOPLE MY SPEECH. Ti-IEY'LL. BE.-MOVED ELOQUENCE! — ASJD so, WITH WORLD IN ITS PRESENT" STATE , WAR SEEMS.-IN OPINION, NECESSARY TO CLEAR TME AIR. 'OF CLCXJDS "THAT ALWAYS THREATEM I'M'GLAD YOU LET ME A RKO3D ON YOUR RCCORDNG OUTFIT, CURLEY, so I COULD HEAR MY SPEECH IS SOUND''

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