Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 2, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 8
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ANOTHER GREAT HIT AT OUR CHAMPION SALE. • Our Eastern Buyer having purchased for us 500 pieces . all ^ Persian Ribbons at a price that others pay lor cotton. We will ofler fomorrow this immense lot of Persian all Silk Ribbons worth from 75cto$l.ayard, at the low price of 29 cents a yard. . We being the only house in the city that could handle such an immense lot of Fancy Ribbons because of our great Out-let with our two stores. Hence the Low Price. FANCY DRESDEN AND PERSIAN SIL £S. Also a lot of Fancy Persian and Fancy Silks sell generally from) $1.25 to $2.50 a yard, Tomorrow's price will be 39'c to $1.25 a yard. Be on hand early. .. Golden Rule Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the best shoes is at Walden's Our Ladies 20th century Walking Shoes in both B'ack and Tan are strictly in it for $1.98. ' , , Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high grade" and up $1.48 to $2.98. Our line of men's working shoes are the best value ever offered for the money 98c to $1.98. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. NOT THE BALL GAME Is what'we wish to call your attention to. Most of the nobbiest and swellcst hats seen iti Lognnsport have come from our store, where the stock was never so replete with novelties as now. All.the newest styles to stilt any taste arc'here in profusion, and the golfers, tennis players, bicyclers, or all-rounfl athlete can suit his fancy from, the most fanciful. Our new straws are dandles. flORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. The latest invention for tie beneilt of bicycle riders Is the vuleaiilzer. The vulcanizer Is a machine In which, through a certain process, '' worn and •bursted tires tbat Lave here-to-Corc been bej-ond rcpaJr, can be made good as new. This is done by vulcanizing raw rubber Into the defective, parts. In the past when bicycle tires became worn or burstcd, they had to be thrown aside and new tiros substituted, necessitating one of the greatest expenses, of tlie bicycle. This, however, Is done away with the invention of the vul- canlzer. The Bursman Cycle Co. lately received such a machine and. are in position to mend any rubber goods that bave been considered beyond repair. We vulcanize every day. Call at our otore aoid see us do it. lu our repair shop the brazor is a very useful tool; We are so equipped that wo can do the very finest of work- In this particular line. When you journey on your wheel carry a kodak with you. For sale only by the Burgman Cycle.Co. Notice to the Ladies. • I have established my office in the St. Elmo building and ladies who are suf- tci-lus from eczema,, wrinkles, freckles, teller and excess redness of skin, to those, who purchase one bottle of Madam StrlnRluun's face bleach are entitled to one free treatment for face'for the next two weuks. Superfluous hair and birth marks are treated successfully. All ladies aud pohtlomen arc In- cl to call and sec me. Watches For Japanese Heroes, The Japanese government has placed orders tor 18,000 watches, not to cost more than $2.30 each. They are to be distributed among the ofliccrs and men who distinguished themselves in I he late war, and- are to take the place of the medals usually awarded at the close of national hostilities.—READ OTTO'S OFFER. . ... Catherine StringJianL DERMATOLOGIST. This Watch and Chain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or ... The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kraus "Of Course" Sealed Proposals, To'furnish supplies lor the Northern Indiana . Hospital for insane, For me Montn of July 1896, - : wm beVocelvwl bytbe -Board ot Control, at the KospKtt, .nmll 12- o'clock noon on Toesdw, JUDO Oth, 1890,, See Bpfldflcntlons In State National Bank. By order ot the Board, . J.G. ^INDUSTRIAL TRAINING. Logansport Hinisters Will Aid in Interesting LadieS in Work. .Some i line a.C'O Mrs. Uewey, a lady of attainments and t-nersy, came to Lo- fjansport from Xew Albany for Hie purpose of starting a:i industrial school. She has been connr.cled with an institution at Chicago, and had a school at New Albany. It is her intention lo hold a school on Sixth street, and she has succeeded in iiKen.'Sfin.C' the pastors of the several churches ot the city in her enterprise, and led tires .will he ,7'ven ai tiic school lYi'iiu liniu to lime, l.y the ministers. These lix'-turos will I'C lYu':. anil will lie on live anil interest in;; topics. The roliou-itur resolution was passed yesterday niorning at I'ho meeting of (he njiusU'rial association: Ilesulved, That we. as pastors and churches are in fullest sympathy with the idea, of the needs ot an industrial ednealion for the defense of our girls and boys: that we believe our system of public sdionls defective, not developing habits of industry'in the lives of our yonng ])cople: that we coinmend the whole subject to 1 Lie'attention of each one of our churches with a view to jtet- tinp otir Christian'\\-oincn interested in Mothers' Meetings • and industrial schools for the -purpose . of -reachm;.: those young,people who are'without the opportunity of 'such Instruction.- ' F.-M. HUCKtEBERUY. Scc'y. THE DELEGATES Big Attendance at Ward Primaries. COUNTY CONVENTION And Joint-Representative Delegates are Chosen. The Republican Ward convention*, held hist nif,']it in the livu wards of. the city for the purpose of si'lt'Ciing delegates to Hit 1 county ;iii(i joint ropre.senta- five conventions, were- well attended in all o£.tli.L'. wards and 1:1)0 work ot seloct- Imr'iho-'lai'iio nunibor ol! delegate* was despatched, with vigor, Following is a full list of the Oolites eho.-cn: FIRST AYAUD. ''' County Convention—T. .1. Wright. Al.ie Cockloy, 0. H. Black, James H. AVeis'o. 'J. W. Johnston, T. W. Darroh, •Toliu ' Bealty, John Lin'jier, AV.-ilter Chapman, .T. C. Bdgoworth, Charles Hoffman. .Tolin E. Barnes, Lewis Ray, .W. H. Ganger, M, M. Crockett, W. E. rowt'll, Low Kins, '0:in Walts, L. H. D-iliJe, W. S. Tresback, Alfred Campbell. .T. D. Allison, J. P.. Kerlin, Lino .Tones, II. C. Hm.-k, II. AV. Englebrccht. Ed Leonard, Will II. Less. Frank Dan-oli. Arthur Fimiesan, .Tame* McMillen, John Eh! ire, Chris. Panton, T. )>. Hood, W. n.-H. Cartel', Al Davis, John IT. Miller. Absalom Millei.-, C. F. AVarron1.iu.rg. Joint Ropiv.-iom alive—Dave Bender, .7. (J. C-iraco, Ben Barnett. B. M. Murray, SECOND WAUD. County Convention—Peter Caslle. A. C. Smith, John A. Minvrey, A.S. Thornton, Will Richie. J. V. Grable. A. C. McCarty, Charles Long, Morris x Fishcr, S. 1}. Richardson. .Tohn Chapman, Sehuy- Je;- Myers. Alien Richardson. J. II. Gales. 0. M. Miller. Harry Lux. K. G. Wilson. Capv. A. II. Hardy', L. Cop- prich. J. D. Ranch, Thomas Meyers. K. P,. AVliitseU. "\Taltop- Chandler, (ins Girard, Ht'iiry A'oss, J. Shields. Charles' Parker, D. K. Kartsman. John Keis. .lohir Representative—0. W. llaijih, Cap I. A. 3.L Kardy. Ch.r.-lcs Xorm.cr. THIRD WARD. County Convention—Michael Fomoff. sr.. Earl Stewart. W. W: Smith, .Tohn F. Lous, Cliatics Hililiouse, John B. Smith John Saners. Dr. Edward A. Grace. .Tiicoh Zimmerman. Thomas. Kendall, 'Frank IJisht, John II. Lux. Frank Speitei. 'A. C. Walters. O. L. Sheppanl. Joiui Staihnaa. James A. West. Allen Lewi VICTIMS bF THE STORH. Mr. and Mrs. August Burgman Killed at St. Louis. t f' ) August Bu'i'gman, who was-, formerly employed as brakemiiu by the Panhandle company and lived 1 in this city, and wiio with -His wife.' located in St. Louis I about a year ago',' was a victim of the| cyclone as was also Mrs. Burgman, Their residence was completely demolished and tlicy were fatally injured. They were removed to a hospital whore Mrs' Bin-groan died Saturday, and her husband yesterday morning. Charles, Bin-groan, brother of August, left last night for St. Louis and will probably accompany .the remains of the two victims to. this city where they, will be interred. AID SOCIETY. Picnic of Miami Countj' Germans Yesterday. ' - /, . , The German Aid Society p:cmc.whic.i was held at Radnor's -grove, Miami county Jlonday, was one of noted events of the season. Prepara.- Hos wore made for a grand time. There were present' several singing societies from neighboring cities which added greatly to the picnic,; A.delegation consisting of a number of- societies and' citizens formed on'Broadway at Peru and inarched to the picnic grounds led by the Merchants' band. It surpassed any picnic ever given in Peru. Logansport sent several singers to the picnic. ' ' MISSING F'PvOM LAPORTE.. An old German by the name of AVah- renburg, 7C'years of "age, is .missing from, his .home In Laportc. -Tic disappeared Monday,'and ; no::hlug. has since been hoard of him. The man Is demented .and it. is feared that he has com- •mitted suicide,,as he some time ago attempted to take/Ms Me, but failed in the attempt/; A.-diligent search Is now being conductor/to- '.discover -his 'whereabouts. .'..,,- ' • , '• A DISLOCATED SHOULDER. A. yotrag : sbn of .Mr:'and, 'Mrs. John 'Dunwood of'the AVestside fell from a tree .in Mf Hope. cernetery yesterday rooming' .and.dislocated his. 1 ' -shoulder. I)r.: J'pr-dan'.wns .called .and .dressed the .. injured member.. Srhuyler Powell. George AV. is, John Barron. John M. Baker, AVilli.-ini Ki'L-sur. .1'c.int l;i-,]>resemative—Dr. Pa.rker Jrjstice. .Jiilin Wagoner. FOURTH AVARD, •'.County Convention—George Funk, .1. Q. Myers. Hach. Taylor, AV. D. Pratt, John Kuepp. -lohn .Teuks, George Chase, D, H. Mull, J. Y. AVood. H. C. Linville, J. C- Iladley, Charles Horning. William Cornell, James Thompson, John Foster, Wagoner, John H. Martin, Frank May. E. E. Mclntyrc, G. B.' Barron, Eii'-ene Wcdetiml, Joseph Klusey, '.Tamos Chidi'sicr, Charles Michael, A. P. Jenks, J. B. Boyer, Andy Stevens ,.T. B. Winters, L. G. Patterson, Carl G. AVise, •Alfred- T. Bringhurst. 'A. B. Stanton. Henry' Murdock, D. C. Justice. C. F. Rauch. , Joint Representative—Dr. N- AY. Cady, George AV. AA'alters, T. P. Swi- gnrt, Robert R. Reed. FIFTH WARD. County CouvenHoc-V. M. Coolo, II. J. McShcehy. S. AV. Clevcnger, A. 'C. Davisson, Thomas Butferworth, George Cilley, E. E. Davis, Thomas Peden. F. W Potter; Patrick Dolau, J. T. Van Winkle, J. F. ComiiiKOre. AN'. AV. AVil'son N R Donaldson, Fred Landis, D. H. Lee I. X. AVatkins, H. A. Rogers. James Etnire, Schnyler Grain, August PolholT. William Hilton, Rudolph Bcrmlt, Polk Li-hthiser, Ed Sellers, William Pick- iird,. August Eardman, 'C. E. Harrell; C E Johnson. Isaac Johnston, H. K. cilley Joe Ballon, F. M. Blassingliam, I-Tarvey AVilsou, W..S. Rosier, E. B. Mc- Conuell, J. E. .Tester, Joe Klnney, O. M. Hand, Levi Binucy, Dr. Stcrrett, C. AT. Graves AV. P. Matthews, F. T. Rogers, J T Cofkburn, J, A. Butterworth, W. j', Dodd. '.I. G. Mock. Charles Sellers, Frank Patterson,. C. D. Kerlin, C. L, H-iynor,'.T. EusfieUl, sr., David Laing, J MeCar.ty. T. Hackett, C. Penxel, E. Sampson, R. Knight, J. B. Orwin, William' Patterson, E. Patterson, C. 0, Bowers. • , • Joint Reprosenfativc-Pv. Knight, Sot D Brandt, J. T. Cockburn. W!Il?am Pi'ckuTtl, A. T. Van Winkle. Isaac Smith.. . -. -•V bevy of ladies, on their way home from lodge, was met at the corner of Fourth and Broadway-last; night by a wheelman'- and-- a whcelwoman. The ladies .were after a.street car and the bicyclists .whirled into the crowd, before the ladies-were aware of their presence. The young lady got through safely, but the.young-man-collided' with two or -three Indies' at oace, and .was thrown' : some distance. 'His victims were not so seriously, hurt but-they could catch the •car for'home The nervous shock was •The wheelmaB/Tode.awny. learned WERE YOU AT Harry Frank's Saturday. Nearly Everybody Was. At any rate the biggest crowd of buyers that ever collected within the Four Walls or. Logansport business house, filled and packed every inch of available space in our store It was a sight never to be forgotten--About 10 employes were kept busy as bees from 7 a. m. toll p. m. Nearly every township in the county and city sent its share of purchasers. This shows the deep interest manifested in this GIGANTIC CLOSING OUT SALE. Many families bought 5 and 6 suits. This great Losing Sale continues until all is closed out. Kespectfully. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. HORRIBLE ACCtDENT. Small Child of Wm. Woodruff Dies From Burns. The two-year-old son of 31 r. and Mrs. William WoodrnfC who reside a short distance south ol! Young America, re- ri'ivcd bunij5 Saturday uislit about- 5 o clock that proved fatal a Tew hours laler. The child was at play in the kitchen and its mother was at work on a r-kie porch when she heard the shrieks of the unfortunate little fellow and when she rushed to the room she found L;.S clothing in llanies, TJis doihins had probably been burnins for some time before Mrs, Woodruff heard his screams as his clothing was almost burned off when she reached him. The house was saved after thc-r.fniturc had been pr.r- l/ally destroyed. The funeral was held .yesterday morning at 10 o'clock from the Miller school house, the Rev. Jfun- son ofliciatiu?-. A NEW FAD. A Novelty in Watch Guards Made of the New Shades in Leather. BODY OF ALBERT HARDY. ; Thought to be Among the Victims of the Storm. Albert Hardy, a farmer living a short distance south of this city, is supposed to be one ' of the victims of the St. Louis cyclone. Mr. Hardy suffered an attack of temporary Insanity some time ajro and upon beius released from the hospital cured, went to Illinois and worked on a farm. Nothing definite has been heard but it Is thought that one of the unidentified bodies is that of Mr, Hardy, One of his relatives weut to St. Louis to conduct au investigation. : S3'; tents/if or: 1:T5 ; cent, bicycle :--leggings ™- inrllMit-'kiiiifmfliii -fi Co.'^-rDouble THEY WERE SMOKERS. Burglars Take Cigars From John Lux's Store. Tho grocery and residence of John •Lux of Sliultxtowu was burglarized Saturday evening during the temporary absence of Mrs. Lux, and although, nothing of value was.taken the-thieves helped themselves very liberally to' cigars The entrance ivas gained through n window and was not discovered until Sunday. One of the very latest. things -. in gentlemen's watch chains of guards Is- made of leather. They are very hand-.some aud\uuique. They are made in many different colors, embracing all the new shades.- That they are a great favorite with the gentlemen goes without saying; and. especially is it so with the bicycling . public. A little nlckle-plated buckle is used to attach them to the clothing and also to the watch and thereby, avoiding the danger of. losing your watch while on the wheel. These guards • are being presented to Line Polling's customers with shoes. Pilling the up-to-date shoe man makei it a special point to always do as much, if not a little more for bis customers than does any of,his competitors. Free watch guards and £ree shines' with every pair of shoes.—Pilling, the Shoo man, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. , . . '.' Columbia bicycles are the best. To. ride a Columbia is to buy one. They sell themselves.—Line Pilling, agent,-. 412 Broadway. - '. OWNER OP LOOS1C STOCK. " Kobert Morrel of the- Northside was arrested yesterday upon an atlidavli charging him with letting his stock run at large in the streets of Logansport. He was arraigned before the Mayor yesterday afternoon and fined $1 and eosi 1 * .which amounted in all to f?i"i. 'FUNEIEAL OF >ms. FOHREK. The funeral of Mrs. Fohrer will be Jiold this morning at 0 o'clock from St.' Joseph's Catholic church, l!ic Kev. Koehne conducting. the services. . VICTORIOUS CLIPPERS. The Clippers defeated the Bridge City base-biill team Sunday on the SouthsHlc- grounds by a score of 3.1 to .1. The Catholic Total Abstinence'Union of Indiana is'in session at-South -Bend. 'About 350 arc in attendance. The local society is represented. The AA-. C. T. U. of South Bend has been invited, and is taking part in the meeting in. the cause- of.-temperance." •• '•> Ackley,' Iowa: Have used one box o£ AntiFrecUe, 1m no longer the freckle-faced girl I once was —M Tay lor_ Sold at Ben risherfl 35c a bos To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work ;ot, house-cleaning claims the attention of- the housekeeper cmd not a little de-'J pends on the appearance of your lace-; curtains as poorly done-up curtains spoil' the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We hare experience^ help In this class of work who do nothing else and we know we can give you perfect satisfaction.;, We are nlso making a specialty this yeiie of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm in the city vising machinery exclusively for tue purpose. We vi\ appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. OPERA HOUSE CLUB EQOSI.; •\Vc have opened_up a fust-class clnbj room where all devotees of pool caM spend a pleasant time. Tobacco, cigars! and confections. Soft drinks ot all| kinds. MotheJ-s will fmd Chambeiiain'sf Cough Rcjuedy especially valuable-'for croup and whooping cough. It,,.-wilil ulvc prompt relief and is safe and' pleas-] ant. AVe have sold it for several yearsT and it has never failed to give the.-mostj perfect satisfaction. G. W. Richards, Duqucsuc, Pa- Sold by B. F. Keesltng j d-ruggist. • . . t • ' - • - —" FELL R ROM A TREE.'. .. James Stanley, jr., son of Will Stailel of the Northside, fell from a cberry.tie yesterday and broke an arm. He wn attended by Dr. X. W. Cady, ... '.-.." '"' Don t miss seeing the new cst designs —Trade Palace •<M" J* , w *Vi --W(K ^.i^is&iffiw'

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