Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on July 28, 1995 · Page 24
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 24

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1995
Page 24
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2C DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, ROCHESTER, N.Y., FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1995 Another role of the Dice: Andrew Clay in family sitcom Bv STEVEN COLE SMITH FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM ' LOS ANGELES Pause to pity the poor performer, the artist formerly known as Andrew "Dice" Clay. Now known simply as Andrew Clay, he has lost the attitude and the raunchy standup comedy act that left him be banned for life from MTV (hardly cable's paragon of good taste) and caused Nora Dunn, a regular on Saturday Night Live, to leave the show rather than perform with him. No-Dice Clay will come to a TV near you this fall, at 8 p.m., no less, as the star of Bless This House, a situation comedy on CBS. Bless This House is supposed to be an updated The OHoneymooners, with Clay playing a postal worker married to Cathy Moriarty Raging Bull, Soapdish), who looks like a doughy Faye Dunaway. Interviewed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour last weekend, Clay, 37, said his "Diceman" character "sort of got out of hand. I had a lot of anxiety over it. And to tell you the truth, when it started falling apart, I was sort of happy about that because then it was, like, get back to basics and back to what you're really planning on doing in this business, which is television and movies." In 1990, Clay starred in his own feature film, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, which made most every critic's 10-worst list. It's safe to say that the failure of that film contributed to Dice's demise. "I couldn't get a dog food commercial three years ago. Maybe it was something I said," he said. "When I got into the arenas and 20,000 people a night, a lot of them didn't want to hear my material. They just wanted cursing and vulgarity, and that bothered me. And I didn't want to tour anymore. "I saw what was happening 1" H - U0 -JWUW.1 I - u . L ' i , . - - File photo The Diceman goeth Andrew Clay cleans up his act and stars in a CBS sitcom this fall. with the audience." There were never any specific incidents, he said, "but I would be in a mall and have guys come over to me and say how they would smack their women around. Now, I talked about sex; I didn't talk about beating women. I think it's an awful thing." Clay still does standup comedy, but his act has changed, he said. "I mean, my subject matter years ago was basically sex, because when I made it at 30 years old, I was talking about the stuff I either lived or witnessed when I came to Hollywood when I was 21 years old. And when I made it at 30, that's the material I had," he said. Now, he talks about his present life, which is as a husband and a father of two. "I mean, when I'm not on stage wearing 11,000 rhinestones, I'm at home with a 10-month-old kid that's urinating in my face, and another one throwing a ball at my head," he said. "So that's the material I'm doing now. It still has an edge. It's not said like a nice kid would say it. I say it to entertain. I say it in my own fashion." Surprisingly, the pilot episode of Bless This House isn't bad; it really does remind you of Jackie Glea-son and The Honeymooners, without trying to copy that classic. There could be life after Dice; this kinder, gentler Andrew Clay seems like a pretty decent guy. TUNE INTUNE OUT Diagnosis Murder (8 p.m., WROC-TV, Channel 8) Veteran talent Betty White guests in this repeat as the sister of Dr. Sloan (Dick Van Dyke), as she temporarily moves into his home after her own house becomes a murder site. He soon becomes so bothered by her overbearing demeanor, he resolves to solve the case himself, just to get her out of his residence. Family Matters (8 p.m., WOKR-TV, Channel 13) The relationship of Urkel (Jaleel White) and Carl (Reginald VelJohnson) takes an unexpected twist in this repeat, as the younger fellow becomes the object of would-be vengeance after he prevents a robbery. As a result, Carl is assigned to act as Urkel's bodyguard, a mission that definitely doesn't please him. Black Fo (9 p.m., WROC-TV, Channel 8) The first in a trilogy of TV-movies that Christopher Reeve made prior to his horse-riding accident, this drama opens the saga of a tenuous co-existence between Native Americans and settlers in the Texas of the 1880s. The other two films will air on subsequent Fridays; Tony Tbdd, of the Candyman horror movies, also appears. The X-Files (9 p.m., WUHF-TV, Channel 31) Despite the belief of his elderly grandmother that he was inherently evil, the mysteri- ous death of a young boy leads Mulder (David Duchovny) and r. Scully (Gillian Anderson) to suspect that something else and . something otherworldly caused the tragedy in this repeat. When -other bizarre demises occur, they're even more sure about their instincts. Homicide: Life on the Street (10 p.m., WHEC-TV, Channel 10) As the repeat story that began" last week continues, the suspect who shot three of the precinct's detectives also appears to be the ; strangler of a youngster. Pemble- : ton (Andre Braugher) steps up his hunt for the alleged felon, while . : Giardello (Yaphet Kotto) is sus-pected of having erred in the assigment that led to the shoot- -ings. (Part 2 of 3) -: - TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES This morning: This afternoon O Morning News Thit Morning: Monica Seies. (CC) 89935 Maury Povicti (CC) Rolonda: Mamas Ooys. The Price Is Right (CO News 70799 46225 91770 86206 rn News 45664 Today: The next generation and ways to over- Regis a Kathle Lee Gordon Elliott: Leeza: Gang, members come racial differences. (CC) 36225 82663 Identical twins. 1 7732 37596 ' rri Ne IS" Good Moroino America: Popular weekend activ- Donahue (CC) 20667 Sally Jessy Raphael Mike 4 iFamitv 93672003 Morning roes. (CC) 50022 79l57 Maty Matters (31 (6-15) Math Basics Sesame Street (CC) Barney Mister Sesame Street (CC) Puzzle IKIdsongs Lamb Shining "U 6050460 136667 Rogers 71157 Place TV Chop Time m Conan Transform Aladdin IBooby'i Sonic Darkwtno Goof Troop Cubhouse Paid Paid Jenny Jones: Elidible Adv. en 69136 World Dues. Program progrsm bachelors. 77393 WGN Swaggt Cops. Vlmps David News (CC) 171312 Griffith Griffith T.J. Hooker 576663 Qulncy, M E. 563119 WWQRPatdPrfl. Woody Samurai R 'stone Jsannls BewHch Feud Partridge Chart Boss? Love Boat 105119 TBS Tx" Scooby Planet Kats Ollllgart Bewitch" UHle HoussPrslrle 3'sCo. 3TCa Matlock 1143003 GRC9 News News News News News News News Ntws 'News News News News CNN Business Day Earty Edition 652041 Morning News (CC) 911206 . O.J. Simpson Trial ESPN SportCtr. ISportCtT" SportCtr. SportCtr. jSportCtr. SportCt7 Motion GetRt FHProe Shapjng Golf (Live) 442761 TNN OfttheAlf Ralph Emery VideoMornlng 671577 . ' "" NIK Wizard Fllpper Bultwlnk. Kids Welner. Gumby Rugfats R. Scarry" Bunny Picnic Allegra Gullah FAM Cable Health Club Popeye Gadget XUXA Valiant The Waltons 526645 The 700 Club 364515 Health USA Information TV Cartoon Express 654409 . Amer. Gladiators Amer, Gladiators P. lewis"- My Dads TNT Shorts Toon All Stirs 521428 Scooby Dooby Pool 251022 Panther Toon Ail Stars Knots Landing LIFE PatdPrg. PaldPrg. PeldPrg. Workout Baby Sisters (CC) 704119 " Stewart Our Home 2846&T Bigotra, Summers DISC PaldPrg. Paid Prg. Paid Prg. PaldPrg. PaldPrg. PaidPrg. Pet Gourmet Home Rnish Easy - Homewk. A&E W List of Adrian. The Great Pyramid Lou Grant 712022 Columbo 362916 Remington Steele CMDY PaidPrg. PaidPrg. PaidPrg. PaldPrg. Poiltlc'ry Rhode Rhoda Soap IStand-Up 12 Drink London stand-Up " UNI Notlclero Caaos Edad... Tlgrltos Carruset ElChavo Chesplrito 6849190 Soitero Dr. Perei Bails Conmlgo Prime time tonight; LOCAL Fff!?! 3 Ih.foun9.,nncdaJh IJ,JoW A-Vthe Wor,d Turnl Guidinfl Light (CC) Top Cops IHighway News (CC) Coecn - 94732 Restless 319683 40409 (CC) 55460 57225 7954 patrol 2652 7190 CD 5 L'"' Ropers " 8732 SKi, B 81867 900039 Ch"d""CC OLite to Live (CC) fal Hospital (CC) Full HousejFamlly Ne (CC) Hard Copy m torh,Acllo,Acta & lgim l6" Street (CC) Read GhostwrtteSandipNya S) SUiJS? iflSlWln9 ??3QQ!!I 90210 Woodp Gargoyles Tiny Toon Tax-Mania Antmanlac Power Rickl Uks: Virgins. rivalries. 57T38 (CC) 66886 er Adv. s Rangers B3206 WGN Oeraldo 214206 News (CC) 223954 Perry Mason 830393 Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs, (live) 168225 "'" WWOR Kojak 747119 Barnaby Jones Mstlock (CC) 461041 Top Cop Top Cop Cannon 762393 Love Boat 406190 TBS Perry Maeon (1:05) Movie: Club Med (1986) 6224916 Cartoon Planet Scooby Brady Saved" " saved " GRC9 News News "News News News News News News News News News News CNN (11) 0-J. Simpson Trisl 973461 Newsday 935886 Intsrnst'l p-slkBacir Politics EsrtyPrlms 178770 """ Showbiz ESPN Q1) Golt 442751 ITennis (bve) 726190 INdAA: Champ. Surfing "' Bicycle Sr. ROT" PGA TNN Aieene Aleene Ralph Emery 683312 VideoPM 526225 Saloon NIK Lassie Gumby Muppets lAlvin Beetlejc Looney ITIntln YouDo? Shorts Hey ... Looney Looney FAM Let's . Tuna Music Tune Second Lst's Brewster Lassie felling Maze MyDogl K9Cop USA Facta 10 of Us "Magnum, p.t 304867 $100,000 Sliver Luck Scrabble MacGyver 301645 Knight Rider 954751 TNT W5' Canter ' CHIPs 676022 West Was Wow Wild. Wild West " Movie: The Oktahoman (1957) 244312 LIFE Stewart Home Design. Dealgn. Movie: Victimot Innocent 5975 1 6 Spenser: For Hire Cagney A Ucey DISC Q Karr chefs Cuislna Home Finish Eaay... IHomewk, O.Karr Chefs Culslne Wildlife Und'sea A&E Polle Story 777799 Rockford Files McCtoud 406664 Remington Steele Lou Grant 436770 CMDY '"Ilea A-Uat Stand-Up 1-Nlght Sat. Soap Benny Hill 9462770 "Python KldaTHaiT Comedy del Sol UNI Balls Conmigo Pellgrosa 9642751 Le Oracle da Dloe Maria Celesta Crlstina 94561 1 9 Primsr Impacto CBS WROC O WIVB QD WTVH CD NBC WHEC WGRZ WSTM News 5751 CD CD ABC WOKR WKBW WIXT 03 CD PBS WXXI 3) (11) FOX WUHF W38AW ED (7) m (8) (4) News (CC) 4003 (5) News 1393 CBS News (CC) 1(8) Wheel of 1(8) Jeopardyl 8683 Fortune 7848 14867 (4) Inside (4) American Edition 4732 Journal 409 (5) EXTRA (5) Edition (10) (2) NBC News (CC) 6003 (3) News 683 News (CC) 5175 Que Pasa, Rochester? 54683 Fresh Prince Bel-AIr (CC) 18480 Paid Prog. ABC News (CC) 1577 (10) American Journal 8596 (2) Current Affair (3) NBC News Nightly Business Report 45935 o( The Simpsons: wild nae. (UU) 154 72 Press Box !(13) Entertainment Tonight 6770 (7) (9) Wheel 9206 Diagnosis Murder: Mark s over bearing sister (Betty White) ' moves in while police investigate la murder at her house. (R) (CC) 92886 (10) (2) EXTRA (CQ5515 (3) Entertainment Tonight (CC) 667 Unsolved Mysteries: Explosion kills six Kansas City firefighters; drug trafficker, believed killed in a plane crash, may be alive. (CC) 10206 (13) Roseanne (CC) 5931 tow Jeopardyl (CC) 6225 MacNellLehrer NewsHour: Newscasters detail the day's top stones, (ib) raw2 Star Trek: The Next Generation: no free hostages, aliens want revenge. (CC) B377Q Country USA wovre; owcx rax io, western inristopner Heeve. onv load. A pmer (lave affects peace between Indian tribes and homesteaders in 16608 West Texas. (CC) 62645 IDatellne NBC: A Montana shoot- ling between a driver and a law-enforcement officer resolves. (CC) 123770 Family Matters: 'Carl is Urkel's bodyguard. (R) (CC) 2190 Washington Week (CC) 13848 Boy Meets World: A pirate radio station. (R) (CC) 1225 Wall $t. Week 25683 TV Nation: Waiting lines in women's rooms. (CC) 69190 Homicide: Ufi on the Street: Felton copes with guilt and paralysis. (Part2of3)(R)(CC)33157 Step by Step: Too friendly pro cessor. R CC 45428 McLaughlin Group S6190 Michael Jackson Changes History: Top hits (CC) 10867 2020: David Smith discusses his pwlM, Susan, on trial for the murder of their children; children's weight-loss camps. (CC) 48003 WXXI Reports 4B67 ffha X-Files; Partners seek truth about death of a boy deemed evil. i(H) 099M ESPN (24) Business Insiders Up Close 505374 SPTS (25) TNN (27) MTV (28) VH-1 (29) NIK (30) FAM (31) USA (32) TNT (33) AMC (34) UFE (35) DISC (36) A&E (37) CMDY (38) mis Language of Life With Bill Moytrs: ine Heart oi Things. intolerance. (iu) 29193 Matlock: Guests: Ken Kercheval, pick Gautier. (CC) 82041 (8) News (CC) 3031732 (4) (5) News 6341518 News 5353480 The Tonight Show: Tom Selleck; chef Billy Hufnagle. (CC) 5925003 News(CC) 3739954 Late Show With David Lsttermsn: Dennis Franz; Bruce Homsby; science demonstration, (CC) 1123225 Nlghtllns(CC) 2154634 (The UnguageolUte With Bill Moyers: Come Celebrate With Me. (CC) 53616 (13) Murphy (CC) 7502981 (7) Coach (9) All News Night Charlie Ross 429523 Rickl Lake; Conceited people. (nj iioots Cops: Shooting call. (CC) 245523 VCR PLUS CODES The numbers next to the listings are codes for the VCR Plus, a device that simplifies taping programs on a VCR, For details, see the TV Book in Sunday's ; Democrat and Chronicle, or call 1-800-432-1827. DAYTIME HIGHLIGHTS 7 A.M. W38AW ED Paid Prog. PressBox Country USA IPress Box Movie: Vengeance Valley (1961, Western) 850461 press8ox ICountrv USA paid Proo lonely Cher Press Box W59BV m IP" '"'Lord 7036003 TCTToday Word of Lite IFrederlck K. Price 76B14S0 Iprai.e th. I nM 'aiwJ 1 ' 1 Sn" cable ferrpi'.k.- i i pr,'i1,tTrmTw wmn,i nm- i Sr-t WGN (4) ff8" g0mf;'a Vn'nctlon Baseball: Ctcago WMe Sox at BWe Oric. (Uve) 439503 Siws'cC) ' 'ha SlnwigJcfl'llS? ' WWOR (5) The Fugitive 736003 Strs of San Francisco TMGIrl That Girt jMod Squad 462645 News (CC) 486732 Kojak 119312 IhmsI 743962 '" TBS (6)aPain,K'th' ?597Y9" 14746! BaMb"'i " FG'MUve)(CC) 677770 ",: GRC9 (9) Nev(CC) News(CC) Nm(CC) N.w. (CC) 'CC C) New, (CC) (CC) .(CC) Nm(CC) N.w.(CC) N.(te) Itim (CC) ' "' a,n JZ4B1 28490 23225 54732 72409 24374 33022 66577 56374 86417 cityi2 12 gar nuowi paM? &3193 cTod8vjo181'9 3ruhwrNw,Hwf(ccS . TLC (16)dRe9nov,rtionH Testament 317732 Cats 243683 Cats 222190 Cata 6948(1 ICata 660461 Cats 932190 Cats 956138 ' Cats 609225 Cata 208770 ICata 561320 RFIT (17) Serata Luna Park 2122409 iTeleglornale Movie: Aqul Estan lot Agullaru (Spanish) Uis Aguilar. Hombres Oando y Dando 1779751 TeleNotlelas Pwrirnl Pwa ; HW lienen las aventuras en caballos. 1767916 vvmi pmnnm rZJ. QVC (18T(i2TBIack Hills Gold Bush ' 1 E!2E! MfS Cprado CNN 399935 py ggg. pPolltlc. L,n,Kln,L,.:0FOs,CC) feda mpsgn Trial faTonl,h, Jfr- i- i Business Tonight SportsCenter 851206 MeU Inside Pttch IWlidhorse Saloon IThoroughbred iGame Time Saratoga (416577 Club Dance: Shelley Mangrum. 321041 MTV's Best of the '90s Flix 773374 (The Hidden JTemple Evening Shade 225751 Boxing: Mucho Machismo. (Tane) 393848 The Real World 214645 Singled Out B06138 FT-Fashion Television Top 10 148549 Rugrats 156480 Evening Shade 16003 Knight Rider (CC) 384003 Starsky and Hutch 696666 Baseball: Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Mats. (Live) 619409 Boxing: Kevin Kelley vs. Tommy Parks, Junior Lightweights. From pay oi. louis, miss. uve) mnuuj Baseball Tonight Country News 977138 Week In Rock 243157 Michael Uackson Doug 417645 Clarissa Explains It All iThe Waltons 596866 Wings (CC) 955480 Wings (CC) 609799 In the Heat of the Night (CC) U 1W4 (6:151 Movie: The Westerner 11940 Wnstarnl Hanrann lnrtno Roy Bean befriends Texas drifter. 48423683 Shop Til You Designing I Designing urop women women I Supermarket Sweep :Wings 771515 Police Story 766683 Beyond 2000 K19003 Next Step 156022 Rockford Files: Guest: Diana Muldaur. (CC) 418409 COURT (43) El (39) TFfVL (40) BET (41) Exploring UNI (42) FOOD (48) EWTN (49) m m MSG (54) Lumen 2000 IStations (5) Praise the Lord 7036003 Off the Air EMP (55) TALK (56) PREMIUM HBO City (2) suourps p4) MAX City (14) Suburbs (2) SHOW (1) DISNEY (0) West (98) I IMovie: Which Way Is Up? (1977, Comedy) Fruit-picking labor hero turns coroorate flunkv 'R' 928S393 (12) 0J. Simpson Trial Covsrege: Simpson trial 3391667 Championship Rodeo 331312 Music CitvTonldht: Boxcar Willm: Dave (iannati- Th Kendalls 603041 The Last Word 192175 Welcome Back, Kotter Paradise 572206 Michael Jackson Fllx 942472 Welcome Back, Kotter Jackson's Scream rVHI'sHotUst 326515 Murder, She Wrote (CC) 874747 Michael Uackson Welcome Back, Kotter IThe State 206751 Club Dance: Shelley Mangrum. Waterworid 1380648 Don Kirshner's Concert Welcome Back, Kotter Rescue 911: Couple tails bank iroboers. (CC) 585770 Beavls and Butt -head Welcome Back, Kotter SportsCenter (CC) 450645 Thoroughbred Saratoga Don Kirshner's Concert Welcome Back, Kotter IThe 700 Club: Welfare reform. K95157 Movie: The Long, Dark Night (1977, Horror) Joe Don Baker, Wope Alexander-Willis. R' 34421 90 IMovie: Drums Alnnn lh Unrviwk i - ... -9 , VWV , iiuivi rvui wici ' 'Q I IMovIt: The Terminator (1984, Science fiction Killer cybora visits go lj tu cnanjje nisiory n LP) aa43B (Jackie Onassis: An Intimate PortraH 576480 Shipwrecks 428751 IPirates 447686 ISolrft oi Survival 763461 Biography.427157 Investigative Reports 407393 Undent Mysteries 400480 fTommy Davidson (5) Rap City 715770 Appalachlan Dr. Candldo Perez News 160836 Notlclero Untvlsion 1(3:30) Daytime Session 4132409 What's Happening Now Fashion Wk." On the Road TravelQuest Journey to the Edge What's ! Happening Roc (CC) W30157 Caminos Cruzados 9276916 La Duena 9285664 Food News a Views 121Q157 Getting Healthy 1785312 Monastery Mass Racing Home Prete Box" NY Giants Training i-Tm Onth 1762461 Pennant Comic Justice 9303119 Comicview 419664 IPrtme Time Justice 4929577" Singled Out 846393 Big '80s 398732 rTaxi 773848 Waltrlp's Racing Duckman (CC) 302374 Baseball ffonlght 126610 Racing Meadowlsnds Path to Stardom 280374 MTV Sports 561225 VH1 Crossroads 919409 Msry Tyler Moore Rescue 911 l(CC) 563683 NewSportTalk 192829 Championship Rodeo Vol MTV Raps 908423 SoulofVHI 1632417 Dick Van Dyka 740829 Bonanza 118287 Movie: Butord's Beach Bunnies (1992) R' 985916 (10:05) Movie: Night oi the Lepus (1 972. Horror) Bio carnivorous Laoend ol iauuiB roar mrougn wrizona 546645 Movie: This Gun lor Hire (1942, Crime drama) Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake 631596 IMovie: HOStaOt Fltaht (19R5 fiultnAnui klari PUiathi Da Fields of Armor IDeslgning Women 743732 IHunters 415312 IShlpwrecks 775206 Law & Order 876765 IMovie: Hollvwood H0fl7 r.nmoui irin, cn,,c I. -j ,,uvlj vwm.vuj; nw gui ,d igia, stereotypes in movies. 'R' 9297409 IGossip Show Talk Soup Weekend 348747 On the Road Exploring " Video SoulTop 20 412686 Politically Incorrect Late Night David Lefterman End of Road iTravel Guide Cine: El Derecho de Nacer. (Drama) Aurora Bautistia, Julio Aleman, iTaste Gin of God Summer TrBNTode ITV Diners Focus TheTrlpps Crisis Bowling: ABC World Team Challenge. (Tape) Chef du Jour Rosary Frederick K. Price 7661480 Washington Watch 4931312 Chef du Jour G rilling ln Concert 8797954 Movkj: Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) 4585003 iDeslgnlna Women IGlrls Night Out 908243 IPirates 389683 ISpirlt of Survival 742287 Biography usury The Real Deal 3700119 H. Stem H. Stern On the Road Roc (CC) 770312 iNoticiero Unlvision jTravelQuest"" Rews 493866 Primer Impacto Extra Prime Time Justice 2978428 iMvsterv Sci. Theater iNewsWeek poumey Uazz CentrsT 304243 Lot Aleqrea Iflgullares Taste 3141206 Pralse the Lord 8329664 lEmeril Provldencla Boll Water paseball: Pittsburgh Piraas at New York Mets (Live) 602751 Pro Beach Volleyball: AVPMiller Lite Tour. From Milwaukee. (Tape) Iy-i - - ' ntjw r vsu, wai'ioj ran, rival and rgnofanc Woe a doctor's crusade in the eanv years of th AlflC aMj4A 'OTl 41i Ji-n ficte ' ' (4:45) Omen N: Movie: Strictly Business (1991, Comedy) Mail 77i Awakening werk rises by helping company man in romance. iRnoer AIIm (5:30) Movie: t Funny Lady (1975. Musical comedy) Divorced from 1-7 - -v uiiiij wirva iwnj rwi brisauTTaY 1(5) Cinderella (CC) 1626M Pork 1783954 MovkK ProjecT ihtdowchaser III (1995. Science fiction) The crew M a wrecked space station boards a ghost ship with a killer android (America After Hours Movte: Fvmpkinhaad II Blood Wings (1 994, Horror) Teens unleash vnnnntul smrit nf rticf iPorter Cup Mass Dino 5685349 (11:15) U.S. Olympic Festival: Track and Field, mesmng ( iape) J14175 U.S. Olympic Festival (Tape) 457454 Ask E.Jean 7457916 IRooer Ailes Movie: Demolition Man 11993. Snnr an imprisoned ex-officer to catch an escaped cryo-con in 2032 San Annolae 'D' trr icome ' Movie: The Chase (1994, Action) Charlie Sheen. Escaped con kidnaps heiress, heads for Mexico m BMW KO-13 (CC) 590193 Movie: Oklahnmal HQCE Ui.cirali lnrrlnn Chu, 1 r . .. 1 I M. ixowiod, mircy jutitjs. vxjwuuy uuriy loves Laurey despite hired hand Jud Fry. Rodgers and Hammerstein songs include "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'." 'G' (CC) 1 62770 O This Morning. Monica Seles; actress Jeanne Tripplehorn (Waterworid); new products for summer; gardening to attract birds; and Swing Time Canteen; Sandra Bullock The Net). (CC) 8993S CD Today. The next generation and ways to overcome racial differences; actress Sandra Bullock (The Nef); scientistauthor Richard . Rhodes (Dark Sun); fitness. (CC) 3822S CD Good Morning America. Never-before-seen photographs from the new book Elvis in the Army; popular weekend activities. (CC) S0022 AMC Movie: 77ie Stooge. 467938 8 A.M. O Maury Povich. Cartoon VOiceS. (CC) 48225 CD Regis & Kathie Lee. Kevin Costner; dessert-recipe contest. 82883 CD Donahue. Legal controversies. (CC) 20867 AMC Movie; Tomahawk. 469428 tO A.M. CD Sally Jessy Raphael. Surprises for viewers. 79157 10:30 A.M. AMC Movie: Tumbleweed. 835393 11 A.M. CD Jenny Jones. Eligible bachelors. 77393 ESPN Golf. Senior British Open, Second Round. (Live) 442751 NOON WGN Geraldo. Teen-age boys who want to be women. 214206 AMC Movie: St. Louis Blues. 180374 1 P.M. ESPN Tennis. Du Maurier Ltd. Open, Quarterfinal Match. (Live) 726190 1:30 P.M. AMC Movie: Indiscretion of an American Wife. 5745664 2:35 P.M. AMC Movie: Darling Lill. 48278480 3 P.M. WGN Baseball. Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs. (Live) 168225 4 P.M. CD Oprah Winfrey. Babies. (CC) (R) B5022 4:30 P.M. AMC Movie: 13 Rue Madeleine. 1076022 5 P.M. I Ricki Lake. Virgins. 83206 LATE NIGHT 12:30 A.M. d (12:35 a.m.) The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder. (CC) 2331928 CD (12:35 a m.) Late Night With Conan O'Brien. (CC) 8854184 CD (12:35 a.m.) A Current Affair. (CC) 7781523 ED Northern Exposure. (CC) 575436 CD Country Music USA. 94320 WWOR Magnum, p.L. 971078 WGN The Honeymooners. 473691 TLC Cats. 859097 ESPN SpeedWeek. 498349 CNN Showbiz Today. (R) 550788 DISC Fields of Armor. 918788 NICK Bob Newhart. 854418 HBO Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam. (CC) 490707 SHOW Movie: CI A. II: Target Alexa. 9929894 1 A.M. CD (1:05 a.m.) Love Connection. 7912165 WTBS Live From the House of Blues. 464523 WGN T.J. Hooker. 435691 TLC Cats. 542320 LIFE Unsolved Mysteries. 639875 A&E Investigative Reports. 828707 ESPN Drag Racing. IHRA Sportsman Series. (Taped) 922962 DISC Hunters. 833639 AMC (1:15 a.m.) Movie: The Westerner. 57732146 INSIDE LINE on iDennls Miller Live (CC) 135368 Movie: tn Quanta HQO Dmun.ui.i TV.. uanire u,or.. i 1 wuvw mieesome 1994, Homance- PG ICC1 4?i 7ftfi7 C 9f Mn meet Woman ,0 h1 UCLA sui,e-ma,es '"to love triangle 1(9:45) Movie: Threesome (1994, Romance tumeuy) utU SUI 'R' (CC) 47350596 Movie: Marilyn Chamber' Bedtime Stories (1993, Adults only) The porno star has a lingerie Howie Mandel 932799 Movie: South Pacific (1958, Musical) Mitzi Gaynor, Rossano Braza Navy nurse Nellie falls for mysterious Emile, on a top-secret World War II mission Sonas bv QftrinaM 4nfl irr OnrAr.n 3 ' Full Frontal Comedy (CC) 80417 The Nixon Interviews With lOavid Frost: 1994 Soecial 1-9004544444 93 cents per minute Pre "4" for features. , Call 24 hours a day from any Touch-Tone phone Callers must be 18 years or older. The minimum charge is 95 cents. Horoscopes: Press 1 for daily horoscopes plus finan cial and personal information. Soap opera summaries: Press 2. Updated Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. Movie reviews: Press 3 for critics' views of new films lEdltloo (Part 4 of 5) 3149022 ana videos.

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