The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1936
Page 5
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, JUNE 16, 1636 PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate p?r line for COIIMCU- ttvc Insertions: One Unie pn- Tino loo Two times per lino per dny .. 08c Three limes per line pel day . 06c Blx limes per line per daj ,. 95o Month rale per line BOc Minimum cnsrge 60o Aoa ordered lor tnree or nix times »nd slopped before expiration will be charged for Ihc number of times tlie nd appeared and •Oiiatmcnt of bill made. *JI Classified Advertising copy tubndllcd by persons residing outside of Ilic city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may b* Mully compuled from above table. Aavcriisiuj; oracrcd for irregular Insertions lake the onrj time rate No irsponMtmuy will be taken for more tlinn one Incorrect In- icrllon of any classified ad. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS GUIDE! ~fhf Classified SH Business Directory Wanted - Used Furniture S]wt Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis Ai Dodson J"00 credit on new Plymouth or I)o<t|!c at 21) per cent, discount. Call 158 before June 13. a-pk-9 Living room suite, >HB ond lamp. Sacrifice for small cash payment. Ijcavlug lovi'ti. IS. J. GiYi- )':im, C2U Waliml. 8p l;ll II' You Waul A Good A'vtln- wiiliile Head Tills: ('III:VIU>I.I-:T count: SUDAN COACH Baliy Cliiclcs DAY Ol.l) ,V. STAKTHIJ any liny MAIMI.YN The Pipe Tells His Identity f'M'.l Airs. J. J. bavu — Spencer Corsetlcre Call 421-w for appointments I Golden oak, quni'Ur sawed, pan- .,,.,. ,,,,..., ,, „ ,.(.,,],,• LI ,1 f.ic-,1 office parltUons. linougli lol N "* l We Guarantee to Save You | j^^ Money on Screen Work L "»<i of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 TflANTHAM TftANSPER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 064 Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction 1334 FORD V-8 FORDOK wllli Trunk, 193G license, New 1'ainl * Scat Covers J 1S33 I'OKl) V-B. New Vilinl * Scat Covers. New Tires ?275 1933 CHKVKOI.ET TUDOU. Motor A-l. A good buy 1531 CHEVROLET C O II1' K with Humble Seal. Mcilor & Tires O.K ?175 MONEY HACK GUAUANTKt: With Kvcry «• & G. or Square Deal Car Kuiiglil From I'liilli|is Motor Co. Liberal Allowance On Voar I'rcs- cul Cur I.oiv Finance Charge Through U. C. C. Come by and Iry any of the above Cars on our 18 Hours Money Hack Guaranlec. Open livening* far Your Convenience. Drive by I.ols and (let Acquainted. Call 810—81i for Ucm- urrslralion or Information. Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calvin or SlILLIPS USED' CAR LOT Stli & Walnut Flionc 810 or 811 Open at Night All our 193G Patlcrns WALLPAPER now on snlc at greatly reduced prices. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Coupon good for $50.00 payment on new Farmall Tractor. Will lake $25,00 for it. Thomas Land Co. FOR SAU-J—Used lee Boxes and Kleclrlc Refrigerators. Broadway Sales Co., Ill S. Broadway. ;iO-c-k-6-30 $I2!>.00 Credit on New Chevrolet or used car. value $400.00 or tuo':2. to buyer having no trade-in. G'<xl dtscounl for cnsli. Box "AH 1 ' Courier News. dh' l( llr.!'J roill) |. ; 0ltl)l)ii .SIMIAN' 1931 OAKLAND SICDAN .... Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices l''or Egfjs & Poultry 111 K. Miiln I9:!9 I'l.VMOUTII COACH ..$*'• —TmlCUS- iy.;\ TON' TUUCK i I'oiti) v-n TKUCK WANTEil — fclL KINDS JUNK. ocrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2o lo iViC ll>. Copper Wire, 4c to 5c Ib. nadlntcirs, 4'ic Ib. HIDES & FURS WOW AKIAN 1'IIONE 170 128 E. MAIN lilJY CI.OTUKS NOW! Pay out ol your bonus. GEO. Ml) III, Tailor 201 N. 2nd Good Used Trucks lail— \'/. Ton Forrt Iu:i5— '/. Ton I'ord Vicli-Up 13:11—IJi Ton Chevrolet 1831—1(5 Ton International All have Good .Slake Bodies Tieunis Delia Implement Co 11)33 I'HDVIWI.KT !!•'. TON '. TRUCK. '51W TOM LITTLE Certified Potato Plants Tomato, Pepper & Egg Plants G. C. Hawks Cor. Lake & Main or 520 Madison FREE GASOLINE •I.OOfl Gallons lo lie Given Away VRf.K To Our Customers! Every member of our Gasoline Dividend Club ran win from 1 lo 'Ki Gallons. When you buy p,as al Bailey's ask for a membership card. It costs nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S At Missouri Stale Ijnc BEAN & TOMATO STICKS, 5 & C FT. LONG, I'.iu EACH CHICAGO MILL. \V.\1!MN<; OIIDDi; IN Till'. 1 (niANC.'MiY t;oinn', ClliCKAKAWIU UlH'fll IC'C, M].--'HlHtill'l'I COUNTY. AKK:\NHAK. Max I'iiiks, I'luinlllf. vs. Mo. Bl!l|> j \\ r iii'hovia lliink ,v Tnr:;;. C(j,, ;\ML| I'ON | Mi.s. Mlnnk- I,, (ilwin. t:»-ex«:ii- Sl'lSi inr:( or TaisliTS ol ilu< \V. I-:,!"; lih-nn Kiilalo, IVd-nilaiiis. |: 'liii 1 ili'li'iidanls. Waclmvi-.i llaui; •V Tnuil. Co., and Mrr. iMiinili' \,, < ill nil, C[i-l'K?('ll!ni:i in 1 Tl'listei.' i i-l tin; W. K. lilcnn K,\i\d\ HIV u.uned, lo npp^ar \\HJiin lljh'ly niir\I7or»T T"".m nA 'liavs in the courl named in tho 1 HKvRdl/KT (,() ' i|>iion iu ' mir '"• <i :imwi ' tiii ' ^lll^V llUljIji S.;U. Hnminini 'of H K . plaiiilill. Mnx IXiUxl this 2nd day nf ,lnn>, IIKUl, II. M. CliAlt;. i;liTk. Hy HliBibi'th Hoildy, 1). C. (Jl'Al.lTV Sliilli SilOV"- Ji'-^ 1 Tnylor. Men's Half Solo* COi 1 , 7Sc, •'$! Ally. Ad l.ilctn. Men's Itubljcr llecl:; 28c, Mo, »• l-'rank C. Doiislus. Men's Full Solrs nnd Ilcrls ,!•:! I Ally. lor I'latinitl, ladles' and Children's Half Bolesi :i-10-17-:M 50c and Giic 1 ' Qualily Materials Laces any color. Freo delivery crr- vice. 3 PREE Shines with Imlf'suli'. Shoe Kcpalring - Hist llnic In tin- in years Miu'o It! , I 1 "*'!' 6 , tnl """" lo Ul2 lost wns bum, „ $2.000,000 nine planl. ! •',"! ."""' <'«\rt»'«'>l of a mis--. In Ilic Coeur D'Alcno minim-' n- . " Ne "' York ' Ihc " tllo i' wero liiou Is oiicmllnif ill full cupndty. m " n "''' lo c '"c "»'"« '""'c. Cu-Kil On lillle Team •1'OLKDO (UI-,--,i co-cd, Mur- ci'ry Uvvliii, dellfii history nnd ii ir n i i rf o tindltloii at Hie Unlverelly ol Halt bolCU, bbC& Up Tolcilo by wiimliU! a plncc on the Strings with Job, Ic extra schools vlllc lenm. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TltUli UUJK SHOE SHOP Next, lo B. T. Worthy's u under.sHitu: pipe i<k'uliik':j .this ilclcK">« to the Hi'inililk-- tm nnlional convcullmi In Cleveland. Pledged to tin* e;m- (lidaey of Col. I'Yanic Knox, Charles Ci. Huvvcs is shown cm ihc conclave scene, \vhei~e the former vice prc.stdriH was l^rceUul hy .scores of frinuls after Ills arrival from Chi- ctu;o. l.osl tiloves Travel far TUbAKH, Ci\l. (UP)—U«l Klovcs bi'loiiKlng (o J. \v. Miirp'iiy. with Ills tiainc- inscribed Inside, madi: l)i« round lrl|> of Hie United FCJIl QUICK SKHVICIO ON .Washed SAND 1111(1 GRAVEL Cull Us Plume 700 or Owl & Minlnn Co. And wu liniiillu till lnu!iii)r l)i"iii(ls of llijjli. Oi'fulc ('(nil— Stiinniilt, Croxil Iliiiivt, Drillinnt, Muntivullo,' Cll'. The riilch of cwlllsh In tho wcslein Nnrtli Alhinllc h:is avr.r- n(;«l, anuiiiiliy, iibuut pounds, for Iho lust '10 years. lourlOT News Clussincd Ads Pay.: ONE STOP SRUVICK STATION I'Oll VOUIl CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND UJJMICATION WYSK 1'KimY In charge of Service Department. L. II. JOHNSON in eliiu;Ke of Hotly Doimrtinnnt. v SKK'VIOK — HADIATOK Ittil'AIll — IKIDV WOltK — ruKiiun \voitK — Cil.ASS 1NSTAU.KI) — AtlTO 1'AHTS W, T. BARNfTT AUTO SALES Dodfio & 1'ljiiKjuth Dealer PHONE 888 Now Located nt 101 Norlh Sctoii'l ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU '••'•.'•, I>ON EDWAIlDSj, 1'rotii-lotor All niaken 61 rebuilt 'I'yiM;vrrllcrs, Aildln^ Mai'iibici Mid C»l:" •' culators—Itcimlrlng—1'arls—Hlliljons HEAR! HEAR! JC you have a burial association cerlilicule of liny kind on your loved ones when Lhoy pnaH iiwny, \vc will iicccpl it nl full vnhiu on Llio lunora!, provided you buy us inucli sis $50 or morb in incrcliiiiidisc. COBB FUNERAL HOME I4ION15 Lost S. A. E. Fraternity Pin. REWARD.} Mrs L. II. Moore, 102U W. Main. 8c kll Always in the Market for ' SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Meial, Hides & Bones Hlythevillc Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry Call «8 Suitcase left in car Saturday. William Brock, Wilson, Ark. Route 1, Box 16li. • 8p kll COIN 1'UHSK containing $20. LIBERAL REWARD. Mrs. Rus- Ei'l! Phillips. Batteries DE-ITER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clune At Tom Jackson's Service Station For Rent Cool bedroom. Phone 293-J. 05 N. Broadwav. 10-ck-tf Sis room unfurnished house. 903 E. Cherry, phone 283. 10-ck-tf 2 nice large Fnrnlr.iicd Rooms. Price reasonable. Call 07-J. 8c k!3 Cool front BEDROOM. Reasonable. Bess Hall. Call 280. GcklF Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 10 Character Loans from $100 to $2000 repaid over a period of .2 to CO months. No red tape and low government interest rate. Sec E. C. Robinson Lumber Co SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. S-room unfurnislicil house, 511 Park. Rcnsonnblc. Cull 280. 3-ck-U 3 room fnrnlslictl apt., newly dec- oralcd. Mre. I. O. Vfelljrool;. 4 room house, furnlsricd or uniur- nibhed. Mrs. Edwin Robinson Call 271-W. 'a-c-U 3 FURNISHKD Rooms. intxlciTi. Sink In kitchen. OH Hcrvrn. COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mrs, Jennie Craig. 000 Main, Phone 176. INGEAM aparltnent, Inquire Parkhurst Co. 28-ck-tt 5 room unfurnished house al, 12,1 Vine. Cull 208-J. 2-ck-lf 3 room FURNISHED npavtmcnt mndi-vn. 1117 Ash. Mrs. Cicorgc Maltiicws. Call 201. ck-tf Wall Paper SALE 1<)3G PATTERNS TIIEARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 STOVES STOHED FOB SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal is Black But I trca You White JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 501 Gregory I. ;i follower of HOI/PS TSAUllIilt SIIO1' 101 South and St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVE 15o lialli—Close 8 p.m.—Shlno dicl, miide Pope .In 590, was Ilic first monk to lake the papal of- THH HOYS IIAV10 SO, HE'S GONUA HAVE A'LOOK AR.OUMD, IS HE ? HMMM-1'DOMT LIKETH' LOOK Ikl HIS EVE.'- • IT'S JUS' POSSIBLE HE MIGHT FIWD A' WAY TO GET OUT OF SAWALLA - WELL, ALLEY- } OH, I THOUGHT WHECE AWAY, / I'D GO OUT A>0' SO BRIGHT AM' EARLY.' WOW) LISTeW,YOU FELLAS -I WAMT YOU TOO WITH OUR STRANGER FRIEWD -SORT OF A GUARD OP HOKJOFJ , SEE ? HE MIGHT WAUDER TOO FAR AM' SAY - JUS' AS A TIP TO YOU, HE'S A HUMAN! HURRICANE SO COKIDUCT 'YOURSELVES ACCORDINGLY. 1 " HAVE A LOOK: AROUMD - • OH, HE IS, IS HE 7 OKAY- WE GOTCHA.' AWRIGHT, CHIEF-JUS' LEAV6 MM TO US- AWAV AM' GET IMTO 7ROUBLE - HOOTS AND HKU IiUl>niR,S MAN J'OIJ 1I1AISK1J''! OF 'TVV£M \5 GOOD \-UC\t VASH TUBBS ]{y Grant , PANIC-I RUN INTO THE STRICKEN., THAT'S TWO O'JEPF A PICKET'S ENEMIESWE'Vt TALKED TO. WHO'S THE THIRC- WOT N A TRAIN ENSIME LOOK? YOU CAN WRTNE!?) BLOVVCP UP. /S£E THE DUST. OR SMOKE,OP IT WAS' NASVTH OF TOWN V^-f' 1 ^ I .-.•<?}, jrjS&sgJsy^ UWENLV, THERE'S THE GAG-SPLITTING CONCUSSION OF A TERRIFIC KX THE \MMDOWi IN EL HOVO ARE 5 936 BY NEA SERVICE. INC- T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off. 2 bedrooms or a two room fnr- ni.shrd a]i;irlinnnl. Konsonablc. Mrs. ,J. T. Collins. 1020 llc.irn. UNFURNISHED 4 rnraii sparlmenl >vllh ball). Call 327, or 55 nl tilglil. 12-ck-U P'uinishcd 3-rooin lionsc. 608 N. Killh St. Couple Only. dli •'- Room Apnrlmcnt, 1 rooms f«r- Hiolicd. J. H. Srm.rl. fjiiil 80S-J GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL WORK, reasonable. Frank Ga blc. Phone 218, Osccola. Heal Estalc FARMS TOR SALE TERMS REASONABLE Lncalcd southeast Missouri KTHEL U. THOMPSON Carulhcrsvlllc, Mo. ,. ,.,f 1'OIJ HAI.K CHKAP—HOUSES a 700 W. Ash; 337 8 room house, furnished or unfur-1 vLslon, with paying tenants. BAR nished. 2 baths and slecpin?] GAIN for quick sale. Part cas pnrch. (Ill Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call will handle. Mildred E. Cox, R 86 or 20. c-k-13 R. 1, Box 21-A, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CO.MTSIOX! Bv Hlnssci, MOM-MO^... Y SMOULD f AY HAVE YOU ) IHAVE! SEEM AKW (POODLES PA5 BOWES /BEEN DPAQGIMQ AROUND NTHEM w HERE HERE THAT DEARLY EVERY LOOKED \ DA y! LIKE THIS- . . ; ^YES .AMD P.P. ':.ioo! 'S.C j HE IF ME ( DOESWT I™' 5 IS A STOP 'ToOit-ED '11GSR ILL THOSE OL CAW BE SOLD.' REST OF 'if KM • t» 7-THE RUBBISH MUSEUM ....BLTT | Ok'LY IF V.'E C3ET i;/ THE J3CWES OF ; OH,GRACIOUS, IF THEY RE K'OT THERE, YOUD BETTER RUM TO THE DRUG STORE" . AMD GET ME A BOTTLE ^— v [ OF SMELLING V. SALTS*! KNOW I'LL FAINT.' YA BETTER FIWD l •YOURSELF A SOFT SPOT, MOM ! THE. ' BOWES ARE GONE.'/ '<$ s , ;: .jr-- • 1^^,;^ ^VM

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