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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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WEATHER OAKLAND AND VICINITY Partly cloudy and mild tonight and Friday; gentle west wind. Csmslett Wemther Kesort sg rire St. HOME EDITION we EXCLUSIVE ASSOCIATED WIREPHOTO UNITED PRESS VOL. CXXIX NO. 84 5c DAILY OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1938 10c SUNDAY mm 36 PAGES im A fa) fa) rnTP UVJUVU rev xs ii ru uur Dead 2 "JO Hurricane; Thousands Homeless HURRICANE WINDS HURL AND SMASH YACHTS ONTO SHORE Fire, Flood Follow Gale; Add Horror Cabinet Is Led By War-Hero Military Government Created to Curb' Revolt of Population; Soldiers Still Massed on Border to Prevent Invasion PRAGUE, Sept.

22. (General Jan Syrovy, Inspecto general of the has accepted the commission of Presi dent Eduard Benes to form a new Government, and has com pleted his Cabinet. Seven States Stricken By 100-Mile Wind; Thousands Homeless Full Page of Pictures on Page 12 By The Associated Press The total of known deaths enumerated by States, stood as follows this afternoon, as the hurricane toll continued to mount: Massachusetts, 96. Rhode Island. 95.

Connecticut, 36. Lr-vSyrovy emerged as the strong man of the republic as iBjrteiS sought a new regime to replace that of Milan Hodza, zvr which stepped out in the face hamberlain. New York, 33. New Hampshire, 13. New Jersey, 2.

Vermont, 2. Quebec, Canada, 1. 1 Totai.8. By The Associated Press New flood menaces arose today Hitler Meet of rising indignation over its "capitulation" to the Anglo-France proposal to cede Sude-tenland to Germany. A Government spokesman said the new regime would not be military dictatorship, but "a military Government," capable of the firmness needed to cope with tha excited temper of the Nation.

Syrovy is regarded as a friend of Russia. He lost an eye while fighU ing in the famous Czech Legion with the Russian Armies during the. World War. There was speculation whether a new Government would approvt cf the "capitulation" to Germany, FIRMNESS DEMANDED In the hurricane-hit North Atlantic States, where already the list of dead had passed 275, with no sign rf an end to the melancholy situa Godeberg Parley Remaps Europe; To Be Resumed tion. In New England, the threat' of high water was particularly acute, and some isolated Massachusetts towns reported food shortages.

GODESBERG, Germany, Sept. 22. W) Prime Minister Chamberlain, after a conference of more than three hours with Chancellor Hitler, tonight issued an appeal to the Fuehrer and other parties concerned "to assist in maintaining a state of orderliness" In Czechoslovakia. This scene of debris was presented today at Carsons Beach, Boston, where scores of boats were hurled ashore and smashedTafter hurricane winds swept New England yesterday. Damage to small, private boats along the coaet ran into many millions.

The storm waves carried some boats far Inland. The list of dead numbered hundreds and many thousands of survivors were rendered homeless. A.P. Wirephoto. Property damage ran into uncounted millions.

Thousands of houses and Summer cottages were smashed; hundreds of water craft were ruined or beached; communications were destroyed over wide areas; crops suffered. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut. New York, New Hamp-shire, Vermont, New Jersey, all paid lin loss of life. Even Canada was touched, one death and heavy de GODESBERG, Germany. Sept.

22. (A) Adolf Hitler and Neville The Czechoslovak people have raised demands for much greater firmness in the -Republic's foreign policy. The radio said it also was probable that General Jan Vobratilelt, who served with Syrovy in the Russian Army during the World WF and also is considered friendly to Russia, probably would be named minister of interior with control of the gendarmerie and police. While Syrovy was arising as Chamberlain discussed changes in the map of Europe for more than three hours today and parted with promises to continue their talks to morrows The British Prime Minister, who new leader there appeared to be no had come to this Rhineland town for his second conference in a week with the German Fuehrer in search slackening of Czechoslovak defense measures. Border report said sol New Floods, Food Shortage Menace New England Area POLISH MINORITY SEIZES CONTROL OF CZECH TOWN 50,000 Demonstrators in Warsaw Cheer Demand for Annexation of Territory diers still were moving into defence of Assurances for Europe's peace, positions.

left Hitler's, hotel at 7:15 p. m. struction occurring in the Province of Quebec. DISEASE FEARED Comprehensive steps against contamination and possible disease were taken by Federal and other authorities. The area struck is one of the wealthiest and most heavily populated in the Nation.

As the job of reconstruction was barely begun it became evident thai its cost would run into many millions of dollars. The homeless were numbered in thousands. Many soldiers on frontier duty They had been in conference since 4 p. m. when cnamoeriain still had no information that the Government had submitted to the German demands and were ready reached the Hotel Dreesen, Hitler's headquarters, having flown from London to Cologne, motored to Pe-tersberg and then ferried across the to resist any invasion.

RADIO APPEALS Rhone. Prague, meanwhile became WARSAW, Sept. 22. (U.R) An of 120-MILE GALE WHIPS NEW YORK quieter. General Syrovy, himself, several times made radio appeal! Thousands men and women in ficial report today said that the Polish minority in the Czech town broadcast by street loudspeakers--.

Four States Count 188 Dead; Troops Half; Looting; Polluted Water, Fuel Lack Add to Peril of Tcschen had occupied the police stations at noon. The Czech-Polish asking the populace to preserve order. His plea apparently wai At first the two met alone except for two interpreters to discuss especially the fate of Czechoslovakia, to whose partitioning at Hitler's request Britain and France had agreed. THRONG GATHERS During the first part of their discussion only Paul Schmidt. German, and I.

A. Kirkpatrick. Briton. being taken to heart. AND LONG ISLAND frontier runs through Teschen, in ence In Middle and Eastern Europe is vanishing." "France did not wish Or could not help her ally.

Czechoslovakia." the paper said. "The Little Entente, once France's political instrument in Eastern and Middle Europe docs not function any more. "In this new situation Poland must analyze general conditions carefully and perhaps even reverse certain traditions of her policy." The Polish public still remembers that France stiffened Lithuania's 'The Army is on guard," he as sured the Nation. Benes in a broadcast to the Nation Silesia. mass meeting of 50.000 demonstrators in Pilsudski Square in War saw today cheered demands for "war" to recover the Polish minor the area of disaster troops, police, Coastguardmen, naval reservists, Red Cross workers.

Boy Scouts-were called to relief work. Meanhwile, this morning the storm which had been accompanied by tidal waves on some sections of the coast moved upward into Canada, in the southern parts of the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. FEAR FOR CAPE COD There was fear that the hurricane had brought catastrophe to the isolated people of Cape Cod, and to the Islands of Martha's Vineyard and tonight said he did not fear for the future of Czechoslovakia. NEW YORK. Sept.

22: (Ravages of the tropical hurricane that blasted Long Island and Metropolitan New York, with a wind BOSTON, Sept. 22. W) A rising toll of death mounted to 188 today in the wake of yesterday's hurricane in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island as au ity in Czechoslovakia. velocity between 110 and 120 miles an hour atop the Empire State Building, left an unofficial death toll West Springfield, gave way early today, letting water from the swollen Connecticut River into the thickly-populated lower section of the town. At Springfield, observers reported the Connecticut was still rising, with the crest expected within another 24 hours.

Three National Guard companies aided police in evacuating residents of the south "In the whole of Europe changes are taking place, not only in our country," he told his compatriots. "These changes have different forms in different countries," he said. "We must therefore face changes with calm and unity." Referring to the Prague Govern ment's capitulation to the Anglo French proposal to lop off the Su deten areas at Adolf Hitler's be the interpreters, heard what the leaders of Germany and Britain had to say. But at 6:30 p. m.

the two statesmen entered the main conference room of the second floor of the hotel and the vtalk continued in the presence of German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop. Outside the hotel a throng totaling several thousands stood for Continued Page Col. 1 thorities sought to avert further loss from flood waters sweeping seaward altitude during the threatening situation between Poland and Lithuania last March, so that Poland accepted a compromise instead of marching into Lithuania. Now France again opposes most Polish demands In the Czechoslovak situation, Poles declare, some of today of at least 29 dead, scores WARSAW, Poland, Sept. 22.

(P) The entire Polish press expressed indignation today over what it called France's lack of understanding of Poland' position on the Czechoslovak minority question. The newspaper, Express Poranny, which frequently reflects foreign office views, said "French influ in swollen rivers. Of the dead 145 were definitely missing and millions of dollars damage. identified. Rhode Island counted them adding that the Polish-French alliance has lost force.

its identified dead at 67 as search Officials of the Empire State Building the world's tallest buildingsaid the 102-story structure swayed "a little more than four Nantucket, lying to the south of the cape in the open sea. The first direct report, covering only the base of the cape nearest the mainland, showed at least 21 dead a tentative figure apparently certain to go much higher. From the less protected part of the cape there was a sinister silence. VEERS INTO CANADA and north ends of the city. The Red Cross set up emergency headquarters in four high schools to proceeded for additional victims.

Massachusetts, still seeking to determine the full extent of the disaster on Cape Cod and in the Con Arms Firm Founder inches" at the height of the hum- Eastern Baseball prepare for the increasing flood menace. The level of the river cane, the widest yet recorded. listed the necticut Valley area, nrrticut Valley area Non-Federal Jobs Largest for PWA WASHINGTON, Sept. 22. (A1) Secretary Ickes said today that PWA's present non-Federal pro hest, the premier aaid: "The Government has had to ad in accordance with present circumstances.

I have never feared and I do not fear for the future of our Nation. NOT SCRPRISED "I have made my plans and eat not be surprised- by events. "I am ready for any understand-ing that will be favorable for my country, for the pacification of Europe and for collaboration with They said no one noticed the names of 68 dead. In New Hamp- eary 'as reported at 25 2, as sway, which came in a period of 7'i shire eicht victims had been identi- compared with the peak of 28.8 in sernnrU Fnrinorrs rnnstnirtpH the 1 fieri and in Vermont two. the disastrous 1936 flood.

Ends Life With Gun SAN DIEGO, Sept. 22. (U.R) Charles Savage, 83, founder of the Savage Arms Company, died today Mrrams rose pvfiywunt in hit: stricken area, most of which had been beaten for days by extraordinarily heavy falls of rain, and to those standing amid the debris left 1050-foot building to withstand aj Additional victims, reported to MERRIHIACK RISING 12-inch sway. number at least 33. remained un- At Lowell, "fiighways and low- The New York Telephone Com- identified in New Hampshire, the lying residential areas were inun- Cubs Shut Out Phils PHILADELPHIA.

Sept. 22. 14 Bill Lee won his 20lh game of the season today pitching the Chicago Cubs to a 4-0 victory over the from a self-inflicted bullet wound at the Quintard Hospital, Coroner Chester Gunn reported. gram, three months old, was its "largest and fastest." Ickes based this statement on the launching of 5592 non-Federal proj pany reported that approximately Lape ioa area, ana in southern i dated by the Merrimack River, al- Police said Savage shot himself ready within two feet of the 94-foot Phillies in the first game of a double-header. Bill Atwood of the flood stage, and still rising.

Stuthbridge, town officials in the head with a pistol and left a note saying "the unbearable pain of my illness caused me to do this." Continued Pare Col. 3 by the wind there came the added menace of imminent flood. Especially hard hit were the areas of Providence. Rhode Island, and swar.k North Shore of Long Continued Page Col. 1 WHERE TO FIND IT Subject Page ects which will cost $1,273,338,606.

Altogether, PWA has approved 8583 Federal and non-Federal projects to cost $1,458,064,891 since President Roosevelt signed the 1938 PWA act of June 21. PWA has 15.000 telephones were "dead on and Vt estern Hhode Island. Long Island at noon today, with Additional threats of food short-3200 more phones out in Westchester age, polluted water and lack of fuel County. I for boiling water and cooking con- Six Long Island points were iso- fronted some communities, lated Shelter Island. Sag Harbor, The U.S.

Lighthouse Service Montauk. Fire Island, Amagansett warned of great hazard on the and Shoreham. heavily traveled shipping lanes off The office of J. P. Morgan asked Southern New England arising from the Coast Guard to search for Mrs.

damage to existing aids to naviga-S. Parker Gilbert, widow of the tion. late expert, missing from her home 1 ni-c rvr.n FED Great Britain, France and Germany." The President's broadcast came at close of a day during which he bad -sought for a strong new regime to replace the Cabinet of Premier Hodza, which resigned In the lace of rising popular anger over the intended cession of Sudetenlahd. "I call upon you to preserve your calm and await developments," the President told the Nation. "We are prepared if necessary to fight to the last man for our rights, just as we are prepared to negotiate.

Phils was banished in the seventh inning for protesting a play at the plate. Giants Win, 6 to 1 NEW YORK. Sept. 22 Hal Schumacher, pitching despite a sore arm, hurled the New York Giants to a 6 to 1 victory over the Reds in the first game of today's double- F.R. ORDERS AID 10 STRICKEN AREA agreed to contribute $808,257,985 toward this work.

At 10:50 a. police said, Savage telephoned his aon-in-law, Harold Briesdon. asking him to come to the Savage home and bring with him the coroner and the police because J'll be dead." When they arrived they found him unconscious on the floor. He was taken to the hospital. Savage was a widower and had lived in San Diego since 1904.

at Southampton. Long Island. Jine persons, including seven cnn- The Coast Guard had eight cTTf- Dewey Sets Hines' header. Schumacher also hit a homer WASHINGTON, Sept. 22 URl-President Roosevelt today issued orders to all Federal Jamestown.

It, i rum tubers perished in in the fourth with the bases empty and Bob Seeds unloaded another Contlnbed Pe rl. K. 1 when a Bus was engulfed by circuit blow for the National League The victims were: agencies to give every possible a nuge wavr champions.with one on in the eighth. Eunice Matoes. her twin sisters L.A.

Firm Wins Gate assistance to flood and hurricane Retrial for Nov. 14 NEW YORK. Sept. 22 of Tammany District Leader James J. Hines.

on policy racket conspiracy charges was jrt't today for November 14 in generat sessions court fcy District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey. Teresa and Dorothy. 11, and her brother, Joeph Jr Constance stricken areas in New York and 15 22 22 24 23 36 23 30 24 32 24 25 Amusements and Plays Classified Advertising Comics ar.d Strips Crossword Purzls Daily Knave Column Editorials and Columns Editorial Features Financial and Stocks Geraldine Column Marine News; Weather Martha Lee'i Cocking Radio Schedules U.S. Destroyer, Freighter Crash New England.

Bucs Blank Dodgers BROOKLYN. N. Y. Sept 22. () -Jim Totiin blanked the Dodger FIRM rOLICY Hf we have given away.

It Is to our honor. I see things clearly and I ha try plans. Our line of policy is firm. Your patriotic demonstrations I fully understand. They hrrm your Interest in the State.

Do not lose your feeling of optimism ard your common sense. General Syrovy is native of the CeaUne4 Page CL Jranitis, 5. and her brother, John, Marion Chellis, Mrs. William Ordner and her ton, William. SAN DIEGO.

Sept 22 The with four hits as the league leading Pirates stopped Freddie Fitisim- Navy destroyer Henley and the Huge sections of New England intercoastal freighter Washir.gtonian were all but paralyzed, were seriously damaged when thr National cuardmen moved into collided in San Diego Bay channel 23 Massachusetts towns to preserve Span Approach Job SACRAMENTO. Sept 22 U.m The Marco Construction Company of Los Angeles submitted a low bid of $593,042 for construction of a portion of the Tunstoo Avenue approach to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, the Department of Public Works announced today. The project include drainage and grading over a 17 mile stretch, and construction of 1300 feet of concrete runnel under the Presidio Golf Course. Twelve cow pan i aubmit-t4 twtisatea. mons' winning streak at seven games with a to 0 victory ta the first game at today's doubleheader.

Bets Nose Out Cards late last night order, as Inotir.f was reported. The Chief Executive called upon the Army, Navy Coast Guard and the Civilian Conservation Corps. WPA and Red Cross to furnish their full facilities to aid in relieving distress in stricken areas. Even before his orders were issued the Coast Guard had 2500 of its XXfl men in the stricken area and the Red Cross was mobilizing its disaster relief forces. The Works Progress Administration was in action and had promised additional aid.

Although Nary authorities made Near the base of Cape Cod alone. no detailed report, it was learned 21 were known to be dead, and Dorothv Thompson arra'g- 28 Lost at Sea Off Turkish Coast ANKARA, Turkey. Sept 32 OP) Twenty-eight sailors were drowned and six others were missing today in sudden tempest which eacght convoy of motor barret c3 Turkey 'l Black Sea coast. Society ar.d Cubs 20 and 21 Ercrts end Sportsmen 25 the Henley, inbound, crashed into seven missing. BOSTON.

Sept 22. CeV-The Bos land and rrance foe their part ton Be i put on a sis -run rally In the CzerhoslovaJiian the outward bound Washington uio Westerly. R. I. alone reported 2 off its starboard bow.

dead, mostly from drowning, while Both vessel made port under i 51 still were anissinf the power. 1 Inland, a kcUoo of a ta IS 35 Theaters: Wood Scenes Vital Statstics the fourth mmrg to take the first Jf rrt magazine para of game cf a doubieheader from the TT.fcuce. Si. Lotus (Ua, today..

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