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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 24
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 24

Rochester, New York
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2i ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20. mil) City, Buffalo Programs Today Private Lives By EDWIN COX Household Clend ening On Health WIIEC 1430KC-210M WHAM Jamhtwee (at (1:15) Mrirninir Jambnres A Hour 7:00 7:15 7:45 8:00 :15 8:30 8:45 9: lilt 9:15 9:45 10: 110 10:1. 10:30 10:4. 1 1 :0 11 :15 1 1 11:4 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1 :45 Musical Clork Muicnl C'lork Hrmtlcy Klnrald Mumra! Clock Musical Clock New.

Tonii Tunes Karm Bulletin Kindly Thoughts News Musical Clock Musical Clock Musical Clock Manhattan Mother Treasure Ohpst Treasure Chest Woman's Corner Kilty Kelly Myrt anil Marge Hilltop Hours Stepmother Mary Taylor Urenda Curtis BiK Sister Krai Life Story Kar Benders Bradley Klncald Ma Perkins Rhythm, Romance narcicn Talk Women Only Oonpel Hinder Tower Clock Al Sinl Rillht to Happiness Mary Marlin Midstream Pepper Young Dr. Malone Hits and Kncores Most Out of Life Kate Smith Al Sigl, news Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Hit of Day; News Merry Music Farm-Home Hour Farm-Home Hour Goldbergs Beautiful Life This Day Is Ours Road of Life Farm-Home Hour Ellen Randolph Words and Musio Words and Music (AiCOiiDiX'O ro eSTKU.v) IMAT Vri'3 JULIUS P-E-ALLY A faCMTLE, tC PEAXE-LOVlWd SOUL. 7 JULlUb LO'Esro PAJMJ WATER COLOSb Sl fXCTltULARLV BAVARiAM If lANDSxCAPES, FULL OF fVJ ff. LITTLE fLPmE 'k'l' FLOWERS. TMIS BE ALLY IS A BRACELET CORSET -5HAPFD WITH 3AR.TeRS OF pupifs amd Diamonds wok'M liv 1 1 1 That par ago OF PliEPAFEDNESS Admiral Byrd INCLUDE 0 IN MK EQUIPMENT FOR THE igZQ ANTARCTIC TRIP SEVERAL REGULATION STRAIT-JACKETS.

ThiEYWERl NEVES USE 0 FOCI their intended purpose but did MAKE EXCELLENT WNDPR.OOFS Modern Hints On Beauty 1 BEAUTY GOAL By Helen Jameson Considering the number of women who never walk further tiian the front door to get into the family car, it is surprising that rA Vt Ji 2:00 Barclay Daughters 2:1. Life of Dr. Susan 2:30 Army Talk 2:45 Universe of Melody Joyce Jordan 3:15 Society Girl 3:30 Girl Marries 3:45 My Son and I Betty and Bob Grimm's Daughter Valiant Lady Hymns Khumba Band Chase Twins Affairs, Anthony Between Bookends Al Slgl. news 4:15 Afternron Bulletin 4:30 Afternoon Bulletin 4:45 Afternoon Bulletin Club Matinee Club Matinee Music. Charm Meet Miss Julia Man-on-Street Keyboard Console 5:30 Jack Armstrong 5:45 Scattergood Baines Keyboard Musio Clinton's Your Family Tom Mix :00 News 6:15 Wiig, sports 6:30 Sparnon's Strings 6:45 Sparnon's Strings 7:00 Amos 'n Andy 7:15 Jimmy Fidler 7:30 Second Husband 7:45 Second Husband News Christmas Carols Sisson, sports Lowell Thomas Easy Aces Mr.

Keen Siverson's Orch. Mysteries of Lie 8:00 Edward G. Robinson 8:15 Edward G. Robinson 8:30 Missing Heirs 8:45 Missing Heirs; News Aldrich Family Aldrich Family Information Please Information Please Symphonic Hour Symphonic Hour Symphonic Hour Symphonic Hour Cracker Barrel Tomorrow's Headl' Meet Mr. Weeks Meet Mr.

Weeks Uncle Ray's orner SILVER COINS By Itanion Coffmun Perhaps you know the metal which "runs around" when you hold a little of it on the palm of I your hand. Yes, it is mercury, also Mercury is a metal which keeps its liquid formin the fir, unless it is placed where it is so cold it will freeze. It freezes at about 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Another way to harden mercury is to use it in coating a piece of metal of another kind. Dip the metal in mercury, and it will come out with a coat of mercury.

9:15 6:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 1 11:15 1 1 11:45 We, the People We, the People Crosby's Orchestra Crosby's Orchestra Concert In Rhythm Concert In Rhythm Four Clubmen Wiig, sports P. Sullivan, news Ayres' Orchestra Whitcman's Orch. Sign Off 12:30 thousands of us haven't lost a 'lulchMn el Other metals. a.s we find everyday life, are hard. If we1 Bob Hope Bob Hope Nocturne Nocturne News Music You Want Music You Want Sign Off 1:00 A II It.

i- i mKKina ouojeci to Change Chain, Canadian WJZ 760KC-395H WKAF 660KC-424M Hour 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 311 8:45 :0 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11 :30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 I 1 1 5 1 :30 1 :4. 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 News Summary Morning patrol Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show; News News: Earhendera Wire Saver Listener's Comer Harvey and Dell News Tomorrow's Woman Breakfast Club Breakfast Club News Forty Winks Forty Winks Forty Winks News Musical Varieties News; Remember? Remember? Gene and Glenn Gene and Glenn News; Songs Band Goes Town Market Basket Beautiful Life Over Paradise Right to Happiness Mary Marlin Midstream Man I Married Other Wife Just Plain Bill Woman In White Pepper Young Dr. Malone Richard Kent Most of Life David Harum Road of Life ARainst Storm Guiding Light Song Writer Merry Music Farm-Home Hour Farm-Home Hour Farm-Home Hour Virginia Hays To tie Announced To be Announced The Carters O'Neills Spiritual Life News, Markets Bartal's Orchestra Ellen Randolph Weirds Music Words, Music Gallant Women Gallant Women Army Band Army Band Betty and Bob Grimm Daughter Valiant Lady Hymns WIJKX 900KC-31M Wake Up. Bins f'hureh Chims News Wake Up, Sing Hun Oreeters Hun Oreeters News Sun Greeters Time Keeper Time Keeper Time Keeper Time Keeper News Sun Greeters Sun Greeters Sun Greeters Musical State News Cnsctte Merrill World of Kvents Sully Work Musical Stage Tuneful Trends Tuneful Trends I-OHt and Kound Man I Married Variety Show Other Wife Concert Orchestra Just Plain BUI Concert Orchestra Woman in White News Barnacle Bill Moods In Swing Waltz Time David Harum Koad of Against Storm Guiding Ucht Noontime Melody Noontime Melody News Luncheon Concert Your Family O'Neills News Music Christmas Music News Musical Contrast Musical Contrast David Gordon Stockyards Ellen Randolph Words and Music Dollars and Sense Betty and Bob Grimm's Daughter Valiant Lady Hymns Social Register Salon Orchestra News "Songs By" Music of Masters Music of Masters Music of Masters Four Gates Mary Marlin Ma Perkins Pepper Young Vic and Sad Backstage Life Stella Dallas lorenzo Jones Wldder Brown Tea Time Tunes Betty Brown Symphony Orch. News International Hour Girl Alone International Hour Midstream Rhythmic Melodies Jack Armstrong Rhythmic Melodies Orphan Annie News: Ed.

C. Swing Club Silva, sports Musicale Hill News David Adams Sports Lowell Thomas Musicale News Swingin' Inside of Sports Fred Waring I Love a Mystery Concert Miniature Better Speech Johnny Presents Johnny Presents Pot O' Gold Pot Gold Melody Parade Melody Parade Gov. Reports Jazz Nocturne Battle of Sexes Battle of Sexes Fibber and Molly Fibber and Molly Fisher's Orch. Fisher's Orch. Studio Frolic Studio Frolic Bob Hope Bob Hope Dog House Dug House News; Joe West News Art Crosson.

organ Studio Frolic Sign Off 12.30 Brltt, sports Barron's Orch. Sign Off 1:00 Programs Today WAI1C Press News Irry Elliott cm. 840KC-357M Morning Almanac Morning Almanac Morning Almanac News Reveille Rhythms News Wife Saver Musical March Maple Leaf Duo Today In Europe Old Favorites Morning Almanae Adelaide Hawley Manhattan Mother Columbia Cone. Columbia Cone. Columbia Cone.

News; B'fast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Kitty Kelly Myrt and Marge Hilltop House Stepmother Man I Married Morning Serenade Dance Parade Musical Program Poetic Strings Brenda Curtis Big Sister Aunt Jenny Stories Singers, Songs Sinners. Songs Monica Mucan Most Out of Life Kate Smith Wfaen Girl Marrlrs Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Hour of Prayer News Farm Program Farm t'rogram Goidhcrgs Life Beautiful This Day Is ours Road of Life Happy Gang Happy Gang Favorite Waltzes Toronto Trio Concert Orchestra Master Singers Army Band Army Band Girl Interne Society Girl News; Comedy Richard Maxwell Mary Marlin Ma Perkins Pepper Young Guiding Light Cleveland Music Cleveland Music Men and Books Ed McConnell Club Matinee Women of Yeste'y Vic and Sade BBC News By Kathleen Norria RBI News Billy and Betty Miller's Orchestra Happened Hollyw'd Yours for Song Scattergood Balnea Closing Stocks News; Ed. C. Hill Science Advanc't H. V.

Kaltenborn News Mexico City Relax, Enjoy Childs' Orchestra Salon Orchestra Amos 'n' Andy Jimmle Fidler Second Husband Second Husband Dancing Strings Red Foster, sports Andre Lou vain Words, Ways Edward Robinson Edward Robinson Missing Heirs Missing Heirs Organ Musings Organ Musings Information Please Information Please We, the People Piano Recital We, the People Exchange Control Crosby's Orchestra Fibber and Molly Crosby's Orchestra Fibber and Molly Rhythm Concert Montreal Orch. Rhythm Concert Montreal Orch. Four Clubmen Montreal Orch. Public Affairs Montreal Orrh. News, P.

Sullivan Duchln's Orch. Wblteman's Orch. Sign Off 2:00 News Star Dust Memory I.ane Sign Off 12:00 News Barnacle Bill Kitchen Library Waltz Time David Harum Road of Life Against Storm Guiding Light Noontime Melody Noontime Melody News Luncheon Cone. Your Family O'Neills News: Pitts Passes Fireside Singers Music News Musical Contrasts Roberta David Gordon Livestock Ellen Randolph Words and Music Dollars and Sense Betty and Bob Grimm's Daughter Valiant Lady Betty Crocker Music of Masters Music of Masters Music of Masters Four Gates Mary Marlin Ma Perkins Pepper Young Vic and Sade Tea Time Tunes Backstage Wife Betty Brown, piano Stella Dallas Show Business Lorenzo Jones News Widder Brown Int. Hour Int.

Hour Swingin' Swingin' Girl Alone Midstream Jack" Armstrong Orphan Annie WSAY 1210KC-24SM rorum Conducted by JANE FALES Of all the let-downs that we meet throughout the year, none are more complete than the dayaf ter-Christ- let -down. What with the clutter of toys and tinsel that covers the living room floor, and the general bedraggled atmosphere that pervades the houjse, it's pretty hard for a lady to keep her holiday spirit at top mast. If you are a bit beset by the decorative problems of your own house hold today, it may cheer you up a bit to pause and consider that at least such problems as you have are the result of so happy an occasion as Christmas. Now if you were living in Europe just now Well, there was an article in an English magazine recently entitled "Color, Light and Warmth for War Time Homes." There followed a description of ways to darken windows sufficiently without making life within unbearably dreary If that isn't a grim bit of decorative news, then we don't know! It's difficult to keep a house in order while the children are enjoying the wide sprawl of their Christ mas toys, but we decided a long time ago it isn't worth trying too hard to do so. Be as firm as you iiKe anout rules ror picking up playthings throughout the rest of the year but Christmas week is different.

Let the family step and stumble over them for a few days more. After all, it comes only once a year! And here's a practical decorative hint to keep in mind as you are mentally dismantling the Christ mas tree and trimmings. If you have some window boxes on the outside of your house, fill them with branches of evergreens from you? Christmas tree after it has fulfilled its function indoors. The greens will stay fresh for ages and look a.i if they were growing there. And it such a comfort to be able to prolong the tree's usefulness instead of tossing it into the trajsh can wnen tne noiuiay season is Clyde Conducts Adult Play Periods Clyde A uHrvised recreation program under sponsorship of the Board of Education, will be conducted throughout the winter under direction of Joseph Dapolito.

More than 75 adults are participating in the play periods designed primarily for recreation. Basketball is played on Monday evenings with badminton and volleyball scheduled Thursday when only men over 30 are permitted to participate. On Saturday nights all engage in badminton, volleyball and table tennis. SELLS GOOD FUEL STONE 1004 R. G.

E. Dry Quenched Coke SOLD: DOLL CARRIAGB Good condition, cheap, in? Dunsmere lr. f.lonwood Want Ads will sell anything usefjl. CALL MAIN 7400 MISS WANT AD SHE WILL DO THE REST New Kind of Radio Program "COURT OF MISSING HEIRS" You may be the heir to a fortune without even suspecting it. Today, more than is beinc? hold for heirs who cannot be found.

In its endeavor to be of public service, radio's Court of Missing Hf-irs has already aided radio listeners to collect. Tonight's estates total more than $95,000 Every caw dramatized on the Court i of Missinp Heirs is based on actual court or public records. Kven if you are not an heir you mty collect a reward for information leading to the discovery of a missing heir i lie sure to listen tonight. P. M.

imifTVBUNDLE DEAFNESS By Dr. Logan Clcmlcninjr This ia a week of stock-taking and so we are allowed to review the progress that has been made in medicine during ho a year ami to look forward to what the future holds. I have spent some time in Koing through all the announceme of new methods that have been made during the year, and I should say that the outstanding piece of prog I)K. I.OOAN n.KNDKMXO ress, from a practical standpoint. is the work on the surgical treatment of chronic deafness.

By an operation devised bv Dr. Julius Ijempert, it is possible to break up the bony fixation of the small bones of the middle ear, allowing resumption of normal trans mission of sound waves. Chronic deafness of the scleros ing type is due to a change in the bony structure of the internal ear. Spongy bone is replaced by hard bone. This fixes the ossicles of the ear so that they can no longer move and transmit the vibrations of the ear drum.

The mechanism of hearing depends upon the impingement of sound waves on the thin membrane, the ear drum. From the ear drum to the middle ear, the wave is transmitted by the movement of three tiny bones known as the ossiciles. When the sound waves reach the inner ear, they are picked up by the fine fibers of the organ of hearing and transmitted to the higher centers in terms of sound In chronic (sclerosing deafness, the bone at the entrance of the organ of hearingturns from spongy bone to a marble-like hardness, fixing the ossicle so that it cannot move. The organ of hearing is intact and all the nerve connections are intact. Dr.

Lampert's operation contemplates going- in and making a new connection so that sound waves can once more the transmitted directly to the organ of hearing. I have been talkini? to one specialist who has spent some months with Dr. Lompert and has seen his results and learned his technique. The operation is long it takes about four hours and is necessarily an extremely difficult and delicate piece of surgery. The results, however, justify any amount of effort spent, because, I am told, in four out of five cases a good result is obtained.

The possibilities of the relief of suffering are so great that any amount of effort spent in perfecting this procedure will be well rewarded. It is the history of surgical procedure that in the course of time operations are greatly simplified, and it is reasonable to expect that this one will have the same outcome. The Clendoning prize for the best rewearch of the year goes to Dr. Ijcmpert. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Mrs.

E. F. "My body stings and burns after a bath. Is there anything that I can do about it?" Answer: In people after middle age, the skin becomes very thin and atrophic and bathing makes it uncomfortable. After the age of 60 bathing should be reduced to one or two times a week.

If this still causes symptoms, it is probably best to take a sponge bath or use olive oil on the skin before attempting to bathe. eminine Fancies PAYING DEBT By ICuth Cameron A few weeks ago I had the Joy of paying an installment on an old debt. My creditor was dead. And yet I have no sense of being too late in my payment. For as I paid it, I thought qf her and in so doing gave her one foitn of that immortality that we ail crave a life in the hearts and minds of those still living.

Mary Boyle O'Reilly, the distinguished daughter of John Boyle O'Reilly, Irish patriot and poet, was my creditor. This is what she did for me: When my first feature story aa a young newspaper woman appeared in the paper, she wrote to the editor a gracious letter in praise of it. The editor showed me the letter, flow it thrilled me! I can see it now, two pages in her strong, vivid handwriting. I could hardly wait to get home and tell my mother about it. And how it helped me with the paper! From time to time I have tried to pay installments on the debt she laid me under that day.

Not to her directly. But indirectly by doing to others as she did to me. This time it was by calling up a radio station and telling them how I had enjoyed a charming voice I had heard on the radio, and how much I hoped I would hear it again. I had had the impulse, had had some trouble in getting the tele phone number, had almost dropped the idea, then thought of Mary Boyle O'Reilly and pushed through. So the thought of Mary Boyle O'Reilly carries on.

So death failed, and ever fails, to end the widening- circles which any generous deed can start! 4 iJ 5A "Court of Missing Heirs" Seeks Owners Of Fortunes AN Irishman was forced leave the Onld Sod in 1S4S because of the potato famine. He fought the Indians and followed John Brown in this country before settling down as Kansas wheat farmer. Now legitimate claimants of the Sl.OOO.OOO estate left by his daughter a fortune from cil on the Irishman's farm will be sought in "Court of Missing Heirs" on the II EC-Columbia network tonight from 8:30 to 9:00 P. M. Another case to be dramatized tonight involves a $20,000 legacy left by a Goshen, woman to her young brother who ran away from home to join a circus.

He hadn't been heard from for a number of years when his sister died June 30, 1931. A third case involves a $5,000 estate left by ma who died in Warren, Ohio, September 24, 1937. The only known heir is a daughter, last heard of in Denver, shortly before her father died. The "Court of Missing Hcira" tonight beginning at 8:30. TODAY 8:00 A.

M. "News Reporter" Ken French Tidewater 9:45 A.M. "Woman's Corner" Charlotto Edwards uea an lnUr-chting definition of "a good cook" na introduction to her discussion of "leftover dishes." 1 1 :00 A. M. "Mary Lee Taylor" Miss Taylor demonstrates a tempting treat of marshmallow dipped in deep-rich creamy chocolate.

Pet Milk Sales Corp. 5:00 P. M. "Man-on-the-Street" Informal Interviews with passers-by in front of the Seneca Arcad on Clinton Avenue. 5:15 P.

M. 'Keyboard Console' Passes to the Loew's Rochester to those who discover the "Hiddea Melody" as Jerry Vogt and Matt Pierce feature special arrangements of favorite selections. 6:00 P. M. "News Reporters" French LeBrun Tidewater 6:15 P.

M. "Gunnar Wiig" Sports Reporter Doyle-Gulf 6:30 P. M. Ken Sparnon's "String Orchestra" 7:15 P. M.

"Jimmy Fidler" Trocter and Gambl 7:30 P. M. "Second Husband" Bayer Co. P. M.

"Edw. G. Robinson" "Big Town" co-starring Edward O. Robinson and Ona Munson. Lever Bros.

8:30 P. M. "Court of Missing Heirs" Ironized Yeast Co. 9:00 P. M.

"We, the People" Gabriel Heatter and guests. General Foods. 9:30 P. M. "Crosby's Orchestra' Bob Crosby directs his Dixieland Band in sweet and hot tunes, with vocalist Helen Ward featured la a presentation of a romantic ballad.

R. J. Reynolds. 10:00 P. M.

"Concert in Rhythm" Master of a modern musical idiom which engages enthusiastic interest on the part of all schools of melody and tempo. Raymond Scott brings another "Concert in Rhythm" to his thousands of fans. Nan Wynn is vocal soloist. 10:45 P. M.

"Sports Reporter" Gunnar Wiig Doyle Gulf P. M. Paul Sullivan "Reviews the News" Brown and Williamson Flying Fingers Win Radio Fame -a One of the many popular groups of entertainers heard over WHAM is Charles Magnante's "Carnegie Hall Accordion Quartet." Flying fingers and expert musicianship make this group one of the finest accordion quartets on the air. 5:15 P.M. WHAM Perfect Blend Aim of Duo When Gene Zacher and Helen Ankner present their ''Keyboard Kaleidescope" program over WHAM they strive to keep the mellow voice of the organ and the brilliant response of the piano blended in even proportion.

Their expert technique is the result of long practice. 7:30 P. M. WHAM Scatterbrain On Rhvthm Revue A serenade to a lady of fitful fancy will be presented by Charles Siverson's orchestra over WHAM tonight at seven thirty. The lady in question is known musically as "Scatterbrain." IS Easy Aces and Mr.

Keen 7:00 P. M. 8:00 P. M. WHAM 'Henry' Still Has Xmas Spirit Christmas post-mortems will occupy the Aldrich Family during tonight's "Aldrich Family" broadcast.

Henry is still full of enthusiasm over his many Christmas gifts. General ands Corp. 8:30 P. M. WHAM Great Actor To Brave Quiz Sir Cedric Hardwicke, noted English actor, joins the board of experts on "Information Please" tonight at eight thirty.

Canada Dry. 9:00 P. M. WHAM Baseball News Bv J. Martins Jimmy Martins.

Secretary of the Rochester Baseball Club, will again be featured on WHAM's 44 'Round the Crack-er Barrel" tonight at nine o'clock. Guest will be Harold Roettger, Secretary of the Svracuse Chiefs. BOB HOPE 10:00 P. M. Music You Want Presenting at ritven fifteen: "The! Bronze Horse Overture''.

Paga- "Caprice No. "Ave! Maria" "My Journey's tcrig John Charles Thomas. li UOUl nrKC IUN 1 LISTENING TO I V. At-iAM Sex Barclay Daughters Life of Dr. Susan Your Family-Mine My Son and I 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 :00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 1 1 11 :15 11:30 11:45 Rhumba Band Chase Twins Affairs of Anthony Between Bookends Club Matinee Club Matinee Club Matinee Club Matinee Mary Marlin Ma Perkins Pepper Young Vic and Sade Backstage Wife Stella Dallas Lorenzo Jones Wldder Brown Clinton's Orchestra Clinton's Orchestra Bud Barton Tom Mix News; Dinner Music Listener's Corner McGee's Orchestra Lowell Thomas Girl Alone Midstream Jack Armstrong Orphan Annie Mexico City News; Sports Listener's Corner Ll'l Abner Easy Aces Lost Persona Novak's Orchestra Novak's Orchestra Fred Waring I Love a Mystery Echoes of N.

Y. Echoes of N. Y. Aldrich Family Aldrich Family Information please Information Please Johnny Presents Johnny Presents Pot O' Gold Pot O' Gold Time, Tempo Time, Tempo Meet r. Weeks Meet Mr.

Weeks Battle of Sexes Battle of Sexes Fibber and Molly Fibber and Molly Bob Hope Rob Hope Dog House Dog House Shield's Orch. Shield's Orrh. Brent House Brent House News; Krupa's Or. Krupa's Orch. Breeze's Orchestra Sign Off 1:00 News; H.

Gibson Weems' Orch. Barron's Orch. Sign Off 1:00 All Programs Subject to Change use of our legs. Walking is some thing that isn't done; and it is a pity, since walking is an ideal ex, brings beauty by-products aplenty. There has developed the limou sine figure which, believe this beauty reporter, is not streamlined.

It is more like the spreading chestnut tree. It i thick In Hie waist. full in tlie hips, protruding at the rear. Wliy not? Muscles- that haven't work to do make a hobby of collecting fat cells. Kt cells have large families.

Start with a small colony and there's no stopping the arrival of friends and relatives unleas you buckle down to exercise and calorie counting. Be a tramper. Rick up your feet and go places. I)o a little brisk stepping every day. You'll chug up a keen appetite, you will sleep bet ter, your complexion will be color ful, your eyes bright and you won't care whether tfrie interest on the mortgage is due this month or next.

Make a daily walk a part of your beauty ritual and don't skip it. -X- A brisk walk will straititen out coiled, kinky nerves, will take fretful slivers from the mind. If life Is upsetting don't settle down for hours of indulgence in grouchi-ness or grief; put on your most comfy shoes and get out and hoof it. We make this suggestion in the hope that it will catch Hie eye of the woman who feels that she has gone stale. Stie ploughs through the day's household chores, falls into a rut.

Her best bet for a cheerier, more zrstful existence Is fresh air. Walking tightens the abdominal muscles, wards off the meal bag shape that comes to too many women who have reached middle age. It shakes loose adipose tissue, strengthens tlie fibers at the waistline, reduces the measurement. Strolling and sauntering do nothing. One must pick up the heels, walk with springiness and lightness.

The body must be carried splendidly, movement must be rhythmic, like a soldier marching to the music of a band. Deep breathing Is essential. Washing out. the lungs brings rich benefits to the complexion. Walking augments tlie repair processes of the human system, has a st i niuln ing effect upon the digestige organs.

Twice as much air gets into the lungs nx is inhaled when one is resting. a Mrs. Walker and cut down the beauty overhead. Grin and Bear "See! Every time I try to take a some Senator poses Mil ia want to turn them into liquid, ve must heat them. Icad melts at a lower point than most other metals.

The meltinj; point is about 620 degrees above ero Fahrenheit. To melt silver, you must use fat more heat than for lead. The silver melting point is 1,762 degrees above zero. When silver is heated until it becomes molten, it takes a great deal of oxygen from the air. If the molten mass cools slowly, this gas goes back slowly in the air.

On the other hand, silver "spiits" when it is made to cool at i fast rate. Gas bursts through the crus: and hurls out little pellets of silver. A way to stop the "spitting is to add copper to the molten silver. We also can stop it by adding salt powdered charcoal or zince. When silver money is to be made, the mint adds copper to thoi pure silver.

The amount of eoi per! is not always the same. One part; of copper to nine parts of saver is the average for several important countries. Some persons might say, "Why not have pure silver in our silver1 coins?" The answer is that pure silver would not work so well. I'ure silver bends to easily, and would wear, away too fast. With a bit or copper added, we harden silver! coins and make them last A crucible, or melting pot.

can i he used when silver is heated to! the point where it will melt. Cm cihles are made in many Some are large enough to nold many gallons of liquid metal. Porcelain, iron and platinum are used to make crucibles. A crucible must have a higher melting point than whatever is to Re melted. The melting point of iron is a thousand degrees higner than silver.

(I''or CJeneral Interest section of your raplook.) DEPUTIES C.ET NEW BADGES Ixckport Members of Niagara County Sheriff Fred A. Digalow's staff are wealing new gold badges presented to them by the shel iff. On each badge the name of the deputy and his title are inscribed. The sheriff's deputies presented a 'gold watch to Sheriff Bigalow and jeweled brooch to Mrs. Bigalow.

It By LICHTY 1939 by United Fetar Syndteat. Tit. Itrf C. S. Pt.

Ofl AH rtctits picture of the White House, in front of it!" City, Buffalo Programs Tomorrow WIIEC WHAM WSAY WIS EN Hour 1430KC-210M 1210KC-248M 900KC-331M 6:30 Jamboree 'On 6:45 Musical Clock Morning Jamboree 7:00 Musical Clock News Wake Up. Sing Sun Greeters 7:15 Musical Clock Tonic Tunes Church Chimes Sun Greeters 7:30 Musical Clock Farm Bulletin News News; Greeters 7:45 Musical Clock Kindly Thoughts Wake Up, Sing Sun Greeters 8:00 News Ear Benders Time Keeper News; Greeters 8:15 Musical Clock Bradley Klncald Time Keeper Sun Greeters 8:30 Musical Clock Ma Perkins Time Keeper Sun Greeters 8:45 Musical Clock Rhythm, Romance Time Keeper Sun Greeters Manhattan Mother Grierson. organ Music Stage Hits News; Songs 9:15 Treasure Chest Women Only Music Stage Hits Cosette Merrill 9:30 Treasure Chest Gospel Singer Tuneful Trends Julia Blake 9:45 Woman's Corner Tower Clock Tuneful Trends Sally Work 10:00 Kitty Kelly Bradley Klncald Variety Show Man I Married 10:15 Myrt and Marge Right to Happiness Cowboy Serenade Other Wife 10:30 Hilltop House Mary Marlin Concert Orchestra Just Plain Bill 10:45 Stepmother Midstream Concert Orchestra Woman In White 11:0 Lanny Ross 11:15 Brenda Curtis 11:30 Big Sister 11:45 Real Life Stories Pepper Young Dr. Malone Jack Berch Most of Life 12:00 Kate Smith 12:15 Al Sigl. news 12:30 Helen Trent 12:45 Our Gal Sunday Hit of Day; Farm Music Farm-Home Farm-Home News Hour Hour 1:00 Goldbergs 1:15 Life Beautiful 1:30 This Day Is Ours 1:45 Road of Life Farm-Home Hour Ellen Randolph Words, Music Words, Music 2:00 Barclay Daughters Betty and Bob Social Register 2:15 Life of Dr.

Susan Grimm's Daughter Lullaby Time 2:30 Universe of Melody Valiant Lady News 2:45 Universe of Melody Betty Crocker Songs By Rhumba Band Chase Twins Affairs, Anthony Between Bookends 3:00 Joyce Jordan 3:15 Society Girl 3:30 When a Girl Marries 3:45 My Son and I 4:00 Al Sigl. enws 4:15 Amer. Red Cross 4:30 Afternoon Bulletin 4:45 Afternoon Bulletin Club Matinee Club Matinee Music. Charm Meet Miss Julia 6:00 Library Parade 5:15 Interlude 5:30 Jack Armstrong 5:45 Scattergood Baines Stemm's Orch. Stemm's Orch.

Your Family Tom Mix All Programs Subject to Change 1.

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