Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on May 9, 1958 · Page 7
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 7

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1958
Page 7
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Brooklyn Pair Jailed As Thieves in Probe Of Slaying at LeRoy BATAVIA, May 8 Two Brooklyn men, suspects in Ihe robbery-slaying of Anthony De Francisco, also known ; Frank, of LeRoy last Sunday, will spend the next 30 days in Genesee County Jail while investigation into the slaying is continued. City Judge J. Vincent Serve Imposed the jail terms on Isi dore Oback, 39, and Max Desat-nick, 35, on their pleas of guilty to charges of petty larceny during a special session of City Court late this afternoon. Specifically, the larceny count involves the theft of one box of 10 spark plugs from Phil and Jim's Service Station at 582 E. Main St. in Batavia at about 4:40 p.m. last Saturday. Oback actually took the plugs while Desatnick acted as "lookout" and engaged the station proprietor in conversation to divert his attention, according to State Trooper Leon Taggart of the BCI. Nothing New Meanwhile, state police and the Genesee County Sheriff's Department said there is nothing new in the investigation in the slaying. Oback and Desatnick have steadfastly denied any knowledge of the killing and have said they were not in the Le Roy area at the time of the slaying. The slaying is believed to have occurred be tween 9:30 and 11 a.m. last Sunday. According to Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy Harry W. Mc- fariana, tne room cictk ai Rund's Hotel, 48 South Ave., Rochester told him last night that two men registered there as "Oback" and "Desatnick" at 11 o'clock last Sunday night. The clerk said they took sep arate rooms and checked out at 7:30 a.m. next day Oil No Longer Vital He Needs Softsoap SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 8 (AP Next time Airman Cramer sticks out his thumb he'll make sure where it's pointing. The Highway Patrol told the story today of the travels of the young serviceman, who would only identify himself as "Airman Cramer" of Hamilton Air Force Base, Calif. Cramer's car ran out of oil about 6 p.m. He thought he was just a little way from Marysville. That's about 40 miles north of Sacramento. He started hitchhiking, found a gas station, bought the oil and started walking back. Somewhere something went wrong. Cramer got a ride and the next thing he knew he was riding through Sacramento. He got out and started walking again. He got another ride. This time Cramer wound up in Roseville. He hired a man for $5 to Names in One More KANSAS CITY, May 8 () Harry S. Truman was 74 today and about 70 of his close friends threw a luncheon party for him. It wasn't exactly a surprise on the former President, since the same group has feted him almost every year since he . came home" from Washing- Harry ton. Truman They did overwhelm him with one of their gifts an oil painting of his daughter, Margaret, and her baby, Clifton Truman Daniel. The big birthday cake had 75 silver coins on it and said: "Happy Birthday, Mr. President 74 and 1 to grow on." Queen Mother Begins North Ireland Visit BANGOR, Northern Ireland, May 8 (IP) A cheering crowd infiltrated by plainclothes detectives greeted Queen Mother Elizabeth today as she began a three-day visit to Northern Ireland. Security guards took unusual strict precautions against trouble by Irish nationalists, who want Northern Ireland separated from Britain and united with the Irish Republic. Mamie Plans Visit With Mrs. Doud WASHINGTON, May 8 (iT The White House said today Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower hopes to go to Denver soon to spend a few Jays with her nother, Mrs. 'ohn S. Doud. Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said the first lady has made no d e f i n i te arrangements so far. He added Mrs. Eisenhower he did not know whether Mrs. Eisenhower would be in Denver Sunday, Mother's Day. Mrs. Doud, 79, has been in poor health for some months. h A s I 1 McFarland, who made the investigation here on request of the Genesee County Sheriff's Office, reported the clerk described both men as "very nervous." Sheriff Frank L. Gavel said at least two witnesses have placed the pair in Le Roy at about 11 a.m. Sunday. The Brooklyn men have maintained they are victims of coincidence because of their operations in the Genesee County area over the weekend. Business of Stealing State Police Sgt. C. A. Stephens and Sheriff Gavel said Oback had admitted having been engaged in the "business" of stealing spark plugs for the past seven years. The men said this was Desatnick's first trip, the latter having been released from Green Haven Prison only 18 days ago after serving two years on an extortion charge. Sheriff Gavel said authorities are checking alleged discrepancies in the times given by the men for their Saturday activities and the times given by witnesses who allegedly saw them in the area. The suspects were not taken on another tour of the area today. Until the petty larceny counts were lodged today, the Brooklyn men had been held on an open charge of suspicion of homicide. They spent last night in the lockup at Batavia police headquarters. drive him around. No soap. He got out- and walked again. He saw the lights of a city. Sacramento again. Finally, he asked the Highway Patrol for help. He rode aboard one patrol car. Back tj Roseville. He switched to another car and went to Marysville with it. Still no success. He came back south in a third patrol car. At last, 18 hours from when he set out on his odys-sey, Airman Cramer found his car three miles north of Sacramento. Mrs. Cramer was waiting. the News for Harry! Borgnines Announce Trial Separation HOLLYWOOD, May 8 (P) Academy Award Winner Ernest Borgnine and his wife Rhoda to day announced a trial separation. Borgnine and his wife started their romance when both were in the U.S. Mavy. They married in Brooklyn in 1949 and have one daughter, Nancy, 7. The actor moved out of the family home in Van Nuys and his wife and daughter have left for an east ern visit. Borgnine said "progressive incompatibility that has been eoinir on for some time" was responsibility for the rift. Rev. Melish Refuses Offer of New Home NEW YORK, May 8 (TP) The Rev. John Howard Melish refused again today to leave the rectory of Holy Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Brooklyn. He said he expects to stay there until he dies. In a letter to Bishop James B. DeWolfe, the 83-year-old clergyman turned down the offer of a residence in Riverhead, far out on Long Island. The bishop had offered the house as an inducement for Melish to leave the Brooklyn rectory where he has lived for 54 years. Melish is' fighting eviction from the rectory, and the case currently is before the Appellate Division, Second Department, Brooklyn. iBbk 21 N. WATER v t Ernest Borgnine 1 1 yy You will be able to identify your own clothes S iff if you RUBBER STAMP your name or initials on ( j them with laundry marking ink. ( f4gyM Name Stamp and Indelible Outfit $1.00 j C. H. MORSE & SON, INC. ! "Air Chle" "E.t.bllihed 186S" RBbk s..mP 21 N. WATER ST. HAmilton 6-7230 t JU2 HEADED UPWARD Cameraman records start of record flight of Lock N.Y. Disc Jockey Indicted as Inciter Of Rock-Roll Riot BOSTON, May 8 (TP) New York disc jockey Alan Freed was indicted by a Suffolk County grand jury today on charges of inciting the unlawful destruction of property during a riot touched off at Frced's rock 'n' roll show Saturday night. Dist. Atty. Garrett Byrne said that unless Freed surrenders by next Monday he will order the radio personality arrested and extradited here for trial. Byrne said further evidence will be presented to the grand jury and indictments against others may be obtained. The indictment against Freed was based on the so called "anti anarchy" statute. It concerned the violent aftermath of Freed's show at Boston Arena attended by more than 6,000 young peo ple. Fifteen persons, including six women, were robbed or assaulted by roving gangs of teen-agers. One, a Navy sailor, was stabbed. The penalty upon conviction is up to three years in state prison or 2Vz years imprisonment and up to $1,000 fine. The trouble led Mayor John B. Hynes to ban future rock 'n' roll shows in public auditoriums. Such shows were subsequently banned in New Haven and New Britain, Conn., and Newark, N.J Freed, who has been in New York since the Boston show, de nied there was any trouble in or around the arena. In New York, Frced's attor ney, M. Warren Troob, said he was shocked by the grand jury action. Troob declined to disclose Freed's whereabouts and declared he was "at a loss to say what we will do in answer to the arrest order. An incident of this type has never happened before. It is as shocking to us as it is to anyone else. We'll decide what to do after we learn more about the Boston indictment in a more otticial manner." Future Citizens Club Wins Recognition Our Lady's Future Citizens Civics Club of St. Salome School, 4280 Culver Rd., Irondequoit, has received a letter of recognition from the Commission on American Citizenship of the Catholic University of America The awards are conferred annually to recognize sutstanding achievement among the more than 2,600 Catholic Civics Clubs in parochial schools throughout the country. This year's study theme promoted an understanding of the important freedoms enjoyed by American citizens. NoneBetter-zifyWPnce.1 ST. HAmilton 6-723( U. S. Pilot Sets Record WHhU-MileJetClimb LOS ANGELES, Maj 8 (AP) The United States snatched the world altitude with a jet flight to 91,249 Force announced today. Maj. Howard C. Johnson, 38, piloted a Locl'heed F104A Star- fighter up at a 45-degree angle above the Southern California desert town of Mojave to the new mark yesterday. He topped by more than two miles the height of 80,190 feet 15.19 miles claimed for a French experimental Trident Isere-06 at Istres, France, last Friday. The French flight had exceeded the mark of 76,928 feet, or 14.57 miles, reached last April 16 by a U.S. Navy Grum man F11F-1F flown by Lt. Cmdr. George C. Watkins. How did the stratospheric climb feel? "No particular sensation," replied Johnson, operations officer of the 83rd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, Hamilton Air Force Base, Calif. 87 Combat Missions A native of Knoxville, Tenn., and a veteran of 87 combat missions in Korea, he lives in Novato, Calif., with his wife, the former Doris Jean Holder, and their children, Theodore, 10, and Carol, 5. The sky at extreme altitudes is "sort of a dark purple," Johnson said. "It gets darker the higher you go." Others have flown higher in experimental ships released from the bellies of mother planes, but his was the high Honor Awaits Mothe At Valguarnera Dance The Valguarnera Society will hold its annual Mother's Day dinner-dance tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse, 606 Bay St. A mother selected by a special committee will be given a bouquet of red roses, and all former presidents will be guests of honor. Paul P. Brigandi is general chairman, and Joseph Rallo has charge of arrangements. About 150 persons will attend. Sign of Convenient Neighborhood Banking (There s One Near You!) You'll find a Lincoln Rochester office conveniently localed near your home or place of business. Each one oilers complete "One-Stop" banking. Visit your nrigh-ltorhood Lincoln Rochester office soon and learn about our many helpful money management services. Lincoln Rochester TRUST COMPANY MPMB , FEDKHAL IF-'KHJ SYSTEM XMZEB FEDERAL DEPOSIT IMSLBAMCE CORPORUIO-C v heed F104 Starfighter to 91,249 feet with Maj. Howard Johnson as pilot. (AP) record back from France feet 17.28 miles, the Air est airplane ascent made from takeoff to landing. At a news conference, John son described the flight: His plane, powered by a Gen eral Electric J79 engine, left Palmdale with a full load of fuel almost 5,000 pounds of a mixture made mostly of light kerosene. "I flew a pattern to get the fuel down to where I wanted it," Johnson related. He flew to Santa Barbara at 35,000 feet, made a climbing turn to 40,000 and went into his steep climb over Mojave giving the engine full power. 45-Degree Angle Just before heading into the climb at an angle of approxi mately 45 degrees he was going a little over twice the speed of sound. He experienced 2.7 G's nearly three times the pull of gravity when he pulled upward. He had no trouble controlling the plane. At the top of his climb he was going 622 mph. The entire flight lasted ; 27 minutes. The plane's afterburner, turned on at Santa Barbara, went out at about 63,000 feet. . Johnson went into his climb! with 700 pounds of fuel and : landed with approximately 400, he estimated. He had made six practice flights in the preceding week ADVERTISEMENT "What an ideal Mother'i Day gift, 'Beacon Wax Ifj deep lasting glow reflecti your deep lairing love, son. NC Democrat and Cr Rochester, N. Y., Fri., May 9, 1953 Sack Look Good For Our Morals, Graham Asserts SAN FRANCISCO, May 8 (VP) Evangelist Billy Grahim said tonight: "I like the sack look. It has taken the sex out of dress. It's healthy for the morals of the country." Addressing an audience of 18,000 in the 16.500-seat Cow Palace, he departed from his sermon to comment on the stoning of Vice President Nixon in Lima, Peru. "You shouldn't blame the people of South America as a whole for it," he said. "There is a small, well-organized minority who will do this sort of thing. Most people in South American are pro -(North) American. I found that out from my travels around South America. Mr. Nixon conducted himself with courage and honor and we North Americans should be proud of it." Graham said the incident shows that "in spite of our giveaway programs we can't buy friends and it might wake our nation up to its responsibilities in South America." He held up the Biblical! strong man Samson as an early J example of juvenile delin-i quency. His topic was "God's Delinquents." "He had a parental problem, and a romantic problem," Graham said. "But he sinned. and sin blinded Samson and he ended up grinding a mill an bound by his blindness to his son. Then God forgave Samson and restored his strength. He can forgive you and restore you to your proper place in life." Graham said there is more crime in America today, with more of it committed by young people. The trouble is partly parents who are unprepared for parenthood, Graham said, and too much leisure time among children, who need to have more to do. Most young people are more familiar with Jayne Mansfield's measurements than they are with the First Command ment, he asserted. "There is nothing wrong with sex in its proper perspective," he said. "The Bible adopts no tiptoe, hush-hush attitude tow ards sex." WOMAN DRIVER HURT Injured when a Rochester Transit Corp. bus struck the opened door of her car as she was getting out of it, Mrs. Shir- ley Bobby, 31, of 1215 Maple St., suffered a back injury shortly before 3 p.m. yesterday. She was treated at St. Mary's Hospital. The accident happen d in front of 605 Main St. W. hand smocked French rosebuds No-Iron Colfon 5.95 Value 4feC( tea , ftetp; Z : " t I I ' I 1 N ' 1 'A ' ' -; N j ' - -r--..--.... v"s- - -: y Button front shorty gown, ruffled stand-up collar and puff sleeves trimmed with nylon Val laces. Pink, aqua lily, maize. Small, medium, large. .4 mm. v Vi-f ? illi! I ll v.- - 1 1 1 l E takes minutes to drip-dry and iron itself! 13 9S embroidered with nylon laces! by Youth Form Allover "Fleur-dclis" Waltz gown, scoop neck bodice, tiny sleeve puffs edged in nylon Val lace. Nylon ribbon belt and semi-fitted bodice. Pink, aqua, lily, maize, sizes 32 to 38. Second EDWARDS lingerit '-J SY FRANKL t! 100 nylon jeiiey, softly draped shoulder, cuffed sleeves and a gently flared skirt. Wonderful for quick change, on trips . . . buttons fo below the waist . . . looks slim, trim, pretty always. Pack it, if hangs out WRINKLEFREE. Pink, navy or aqua, sizes 12 to 20; 1 2' to 22l2. EDWARDS Daytinm Fahion$ Third Floor Bafasle Print! Baby-Doll set, hand smocking, French rosebuds, nylon Val laces at neckline. Matching lace -trimmed bloomer panties. Pink, aqua lily. maize. Small, medium, large. Floor

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