Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on May 4, 1911 · Page 19
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 19

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1911
Page 19
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0 HOCITESTER DEMOCRAT -AXD CHRONICLE. THURSDAY. MAY 4. 1911. 19 I 1 r, JS t v 1 m a in icrvcu Dnnocu . A TO RF SFI FfTFI. Civil Service Commission Certifies a List. FIREMEN'S RATINGS READY All of 54 Men on Eligible List May Be Firemen Within Two Years if They Choose to Remain onList WantPlumbinglnspector The Municipal Civil Service Omniia- sinn mri yesterday and confirmed the list of rodmen from which City Engineer I Fisher will appoint seven men this week. J'hree appeals wore dismissed. The commifwion opened the written jj.taper in the examination for municipal fremcn and compiled me toisu muums's .... : j pending the results to eacn, candidate. I i jrhe mental exauiiuation counts oO per recent., the atiileue ana pnysicai eucn liter cent The new eligible list con- juiins but 54 names, the fewest in sev- tml veara and every man who keeps his i - ... name on the list will protMDiy Ms appointed to the depuruneut within the next two yeans. The commission prepared the questions for the five candidates for the position of jihini-bing inspector, which psy $IW a month.' The examination will be held at 1:30 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. The Board of Estimate's action in changing the title of William Marks' osition from rodman and clerk to assistant chief clerk wao approved, as was he alteration of Henry A. Laix'h posi-fnim innior eh rk to assistant clerk. i Mr. Lira's salary increased from $7-0 : to f.") ft yenr. i Tim standings of the candidates for S rodman follow: jSedley H. rhlnney S Brighton street. . .M '. K.dward B. Krost. T Brighton street ....KB Vniarles V. A Murray. ; l'ark avenue M lt Waiter Hughes, it Green .mI street. M 'lilostor P. Hevonor, 212 Wolllncton avenue Ha roil It. Baker. Ill Charlotte street U Stanley 11. Miller, 57 Month t'nion 'r,et liirold'K. "sme'ed. 10 Alexander street ..Kl iieol.ald M. Outnn, ." Houta Flubngii ttrirwm F'Brvan.'V 1-2 Cndy street TIJ hi Snbwold. 3.M' Alexander street. is afca P. Kelly, li'-s ?o. i hiu en.--,. . . . . . . 4oiie XI Fienhcrg, tst I'lnnaoie pwi-.m 3Wer K I-Foy. !." Park avenue j eorge 1.. King. V.ii State street 'dney A. orkiiill. so Jones avenue ....... ariuond J. Mcl-sugWln, J.i riawiev street ' .irold MoElwin, 100 Atkinson street -Uiur F. Anderson, IT Straub street i3 Norman Rice, X 1-2 l'lymouth f,f avenue Kdwsrd J. Kelley, W Chestnut street. . ..3 I Benedict M. I.yon, IKS FranK street iu fro hold big midsummer outing 1 V fjefferson Club Turning to New I Field of Action. ., 1 The Jefferson Club discussed the po-Jl twiil situation last evening at Its regnal ir meeting in Wihlor's Arcade, with a view to bring about harmony among the itrring factions. After nuH-h dtwns-l Vnn It was conceded that any meddlinj iwith the present lolefnl situation would lonlv vroci-pitate the impending tiwiter. f The rejxirt of the financial secretary, V. a. Vomers, showed that the club was hn excellent condition financially and ;that sixty new mcnihers hud .liecn added "to the rolls during the month f April. ; A vote of thanks was tendered to Fro-ffessor Onrrett Uropper, I'rofewsor How-I srd T. Mosher, John ! I.ynn and , f George K. Noeth for their co-operation Jin mnKing me annum 'i'i'i iffrlifb a sinvess. The club also expressed 1 its sympathy with the family of the late i Walter Halloran. At the next regular meeting the question of holding a Jefferson Club a-ill he discussed and It is be- , 1 HIT Oil that it will he decided to hold tt hie political picnic in August, at ouc 7 of the nearby sninnier resorts. , . Nurses Will Be Graduated. : Grnduatlng exercises of the Hahnemann A nospHat will he field to morrow night at i R 15 o'clock, at the I'oivers Hotel. Two Seniors will be guests of the women mati- - ace-s of the hospital at a dinner at the tmtel. previous to the exercises. Rev. ' V ,. It. flood win. rvtor of Kt. Paul's r.ptseopal Church, will make the address. H Judge Arthur F,. KuQerhind. president of ,1 the trustees, will preside. Mrs. W. It. H. ftngeri U president et the managers. The ! prntrrsmme will he followed by dancing. E Ir James 8. Barnard will give the young I women a theater party at the I-ycetim to- night. Local Engineer to Read Paper. liiger P. !oVpf. of the enilnoerlng de-partment of the Roehesler Railway Usht Companr. has het-n Invited to present a psper on the presrallon of a rational rnt system for steam heating, hefore the National District Meant Heating Association, whhh meets In Plttshorg, June ti!Ji to th. Mr r,aVV.J allA.. u. BO .llturt. Rfl tile subject assigned, having given much time I tn If. ........ -I tl mA U'lU idimhtll. ln.ll.liAn .IttlA. $tn will gather for the convention from I parts of Canada and the United States. OPPOSE LIBERAL VOTE MARK Say Saxe Bill, Allowing Any Kind of "Cross," Is Vicious. Albany, May .'1. Protest against the enactment of Senator Snxe'a bill to "lih-ernliie" tho voting mark wen made at a hearing before th- Assembly Judiciary (Viramitteo to-night by Albert S. Hard, one of the two editors of the consolidated election law, speaking for 1h. (itl-sen' I'uion of New York, and John J.. Koirper. who ran for governor last fall on the Independence league ticket Earh member of the committee was handed a sheet of paper on which were more than wixty queer looking voting marks, and every mu of fhem might furnish the .liasis for a contest if the Rave hill became law. The Saxe bill provides that no ballot shall he declared void -because of the Irregularity of the cns mark; and It strikes out the word "single" on another ran or the law providing that only a eromi mark may be used a a vot- TV ' " t wi mars. m T "If t door la to he opened to all sorts of irregular marks as provided in this bill," said Mr. Bard, "it will be hard to decide between ballots that are Innocently irregular and those thnt are marked for secret irlontihValion and represent purchased votes." Senator Saxe contends that his bill 'will put an end to recounts. It Las passed the Senat. ' Bingoes, Wilkes-Barre and Albany Win Opening Games Syracuse, Strengthened by Purchase from N. Y. Giants, Checked by Weather. A lb nr. Ma? t Alb&oy lefitd Troy in th epnii)f Bin of th Nev York 8ur LeMu thit ifteraeon by bumihlnf hits off Smith 4ltvrr la the ftm laottif. ffcftrf of gut Edwr4 8. Lttanskjr loMed t tba trie bu. but3 eerteert prr44 th game. Otif tu lortnelbl with B9B en th batea. Hariky'a hitting sd 8. flmlth'a jitchlnt featurad. A eold vlnd b!w arroaa the ft Id, ha.npr1r tna vork f tha flIjert. Seora; Alhtaj 3 t e a I I Troy V 0 1 9 9 8 91 P.-tf rt-OtJa and Ctiatk, Smith and Vanda- BINGHAMTON 6, SCRANTON 3. Scrantoo. Mar I. I'Dtbl. to bunch bill, liiti. loo lost tin opanlnf gaffla ot tt. Nn Tork Stat. tifi waaon to Blngh.mlon lo-day. rut work by tla Ultor-a utfi.ld took away ay eksiicM Srranlos had of or.rromlni tha lead at th vlalt-ora. A cola wtna nrept over the park ana apec-Utora anrl ptayni ahlvered through tho gain. Brora: S"-Mon i i i I i i i i a a i i Blnihamton I I I 1 I H I t I 4 FIRST LONG TRIP OF 1911 FOR WEST HIGH Play Cornell Freshmen and Cascadilla School. Tn-mnrrow morolne the West Illuh base ball team will leave on Its first lonar trio of the season. The team will play Cca-dllla (Preparatory School to -niorrow after noon and Saturday afternoon It will rnoet the Cornell freshmen. The Oocidenfiili. tunc not met the 'prep' school team in several years. Last year, however, they played the Cornell "frosh," hut rain Interfered at the end of the third, at which time West High was ahend hy two runs. Captain Renzoul, notwiths:nndlng Cie weak rendition of the tesm. hones to irtve the Ithai'ans a good ruh Saturday. Ijist finturdny the Oeeidentils ni.ved Ilroekport and much to the surnrls of all of the students won the game, which la eildeme that, the team tins Improved wonderfully In the lust two wee.s. Two weeks ago thev were beaten bv Kalronrt by a irore of 16 to 3. The team totaled thirteen errors then: In the Bro-krort game there were only four chalked up for Captain Kcnronl's team. In regu'.ar team will take the ti-tn to tthaca, as all of the players who were kept out of last Saturday's game on account of stwllea have Increased their atandard of acholarshlo sufflrlently to eoroa up to the staudard set by Principal Bennett. The followlDu players will take the trip: S. Morrison and. Hammond, pitchers; Ben.II, first; Foley, second; Patchea. short; Little, third; Webber, left; Anderson, center; Mehle. right; Irwtn, utility, Morrison will be on the mound In the Cornell game. He pitched In the Brock-port game and held the villagers down to a few scattered hits. Hammond will pitch against Cascadilla. Captain Benmul will do the receiving in both games. So far this season be has played tula position faultlessly. COLLEGE SWIMMERS INVITED July 1st Date Set for Big Aquatic Events Off Travers Island. New York, May 3. Invitations to six colleges other thau those in iba regular Intercollegiate Swimming League, have been sent by tbe committee arranging for the large outdoor swimming meet to be held at Travers Island early this summer. Secretary R. C. Patterson, of Columbia University, has announced that July 1st has been set as the date for this big summer aquatic event, ar.d at that time the star swimmers from all of tbe Eastern colleges will be assembled In this city. Annapolis West Point, Amherst, Williams, Brown and Pyraeuse, all of whom are outside of the league, have ahout signified their definite intention to enter teams and besides these, Vale, Columbia, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Con-ell snd C. C. N. Y. will participate as members of the league which is backing the meet. There will be five events for which any tnsn still In college or who graduates) In June will he ellplblp. There will be only the one dash of 100 yards, but In this almost all of those who swim In the shorter distance during the winter season will enter. The rest of the evoMs will 1 tho qnsrter iiiei the half and the mile In the swlois and the high-diving contest, wtiloh Is annually held. This last event will be rim eff In th same way as the regulation A. A. V. sprlnghonrd divine, the only difference being that tho higher up the dive Is made, the more It will count. There are eight (Mves, taken from the ten, twenty and thirty foot platforms. ARE RULED OFF THE TURF Noted Horsemen Found Guilty of Illegal Racing Tactics. Chicago May 3. II. L. mirenlck, Sr.. ml his u, H. U Duveiilck, Jr.; both of Calflornla, Mo. whose names bave been eouiiecle't with trotting horses for many years, have been finally expelled on appeal from the American Trottltg ..,s:, and forlildden ever to enter any events conducted by the association. Theodore Christian, oj CeiiVrtoHn, Mo.. and J. K- Hooerts, ot St. Imla, bave alao declared by the Board of Appeal f the association to have been Implicated with the luivenicki and a previous order of expulsion was upheld against the 'our Dien. The Missouri men were charted with having entered Marie Van Hook, a pBr. lug mare with a record of 2:10 1-2. in a 3:1T race at Monroe. I,a. The nmre was entered, It was charged, under the name Lulu Alice and won the race easily. The ease was decided against the men aoms time ago and ther appealed. Spencerport versus Holley. Jipenoerport. May 3.-T!ie Speueerport Hlch SHiool baetl! team will play tbe Hol'-eV team Friday aflenioon at 3:. o'clock on the I-yelt street grounds. This will be the third game of the season for the local bovs. Albion High 18, Middleport 7. MldMleport, May S. Albion High School defeated the team of the local high school here to-day, IS to 7. Hueston. of tbe Tl.ltors, Bounded out tws tares-toggera. PaTtarlaaaiauuhtar and Mack. Flrtrher and Kiwliar. L'myira 0Toola. WILKES-BARRE 18, ELMIRA4. WUkaa-Barra, May i. Wilkfts-Rarr. won tl opanlnf gam. to-day mainly t)tnuh th. .rror. of th. Elmlra tnfl.ll. Tlia day was tntooaely cold and th. orrora of both (hsu wt. aialaiy du to Ih. Dumb flnfera of th. pliy.ra. Ttia opening erod In WilkH-HarT('a btatory ahlymd through th. gam. Seo': SHI Elmlra ....... Wllkaa-Garra I 1 I I I I ! I I- I I II l a I t l T i SattarlM Cartor. Cagan and Cteua;h.r; McCrld. aad Brwger. tmplroo Wheel.r and Agr. RAIN DOUSES SYRACUSE OPENING Srrtmaa. Mr I. Th opening game of th Nev York 8rate L a je boaaball apasoa faera tods y wu poitponed until to-morrow. A belated twwutortn made It lmpaiMllj.e for hit outdoor athletlci. Pitcher Na-gle. of tha New York Na- tlotuli, baa bean purchased or tha Stara. Na;,l9 pitched for Elmlra last year and ranked fourtd awoaf the Fute League tvirltra f Ed Rculbach Kd Ruelbach, of Chicago, the hefty righthander who is winning games right along for Frank Chance. Keulbuch i the logical siicccssr to Orval Overall and seems about to step into that gentleman's shoes. Itetilbach us taking better care of himself tiiis year thun heretofore, and can not say "physical condition" when he is making excuses, as he is i prime shape. He has -mastered t lie "fadeaway" of Christy Mathewson, so they say, but it has not yet been tried by him on the firing line, so it is safe to presume that he cannot control the elusive delivery as can the redoubtable Matty. Tint Ruelhach wilb bis lithe nhvsinne and more than average bend, ought to bo able to get it under his wing if he will just persist. ARMY OVERWHELMS VARSITY BALL NINE Cadets Score Ten Runs and Blank Yellow. West Point, May 3. The Army overwhelmed the I'niverslty of Rochester baseball team today by hard hlttl'ig. f'vre: West Point .. 31(11(1310 M 10 2 Kuchevti r .... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 IV-O 4 0 Batteries--S-bon, Harding and Dunn; Hysit and Pavtiiport. LIBERTYS BOOK SUNDAY GAME. Manager Ruonomo, of the I.lhertvs. baa booked the AH Rochester as the opponents of bla team tho coming Kuuday. the game to be played at Pheehnn's Held. An attempt will be made this week to get the field In shape to permit of s fast artlcls of ball. The lop-sided victory of th Mhertys ever the Concj-ds last Sunday was ample proof that the Rutx aggregation was again lu the field with what Is considered bv a majority of baseball faus In the city as the fastest semi pro team to be found In thla section of the state. AH the men bave bad several years' eiperleiieo In their posl-tlona and the fact that thev have played loeiher for some time makes them especially formidable. The All Tto hesters are sure to make rttinnouio's Hlrds trael a fnst pace to win. as thu team baa shown Its class ou several occasions. The aggregation Is maJt up largely of college players and they van al-vnys be depended on to give tha best of Ibem a run for their money. It has not been decided bv the maunder of the All -Rochester who will be the pitcher to face ths Llbitlys, but two clever twlrlers are svxU-sble. either one of wbom Is capable of good work In the hex. Crown will be tbe catcher. He Is there wllh the h!ad stuff as well as a good wing and It is a safe bet that Rnti'a Rahblti v III not run w ild en the sacks as they did last Sunday The All ltDCbesters will present novelty In the line ot a K Infield, with Kuney ou Brat. Knaho at second. Knight St short snd Killlfer on third. Tb combination should b able to knock down most anything shoved at them by the oriposlog slapstick artists. The pasture outfit win be made up of Doctor In left. Henio In center and l'nnta in right. The lemocrat and Chronicle job printing department has up to-uata aciiiiiss snd up-to-dat ideas. yff SHOO JlS Stooklna 178 Eastwood Shoes for Growing Girls EASTWOOD FIRST WALKING SHOES FOR BABY When bnby heuins in stand a!niw, first bearing the welitht of Its body on the tender little feet, the rtylit kind of shoe Is imperative. Our First Wnlklmr Shoes are modeled from the perfeet feet of normal children. They ullnw the feet to expand and develop naturally. The necessary support to instep, arch and ankle Is Mippiiod hv Just (he riurht enmbination of flexible leather soles and couriers. The toe-sprlnfr a raisin of the froat of the shoe, following the natural trndenry of the foot prevents trlilmr. Price ranjre: f 1.00 to f 1.50 TRIAL OF DEITZB PROCEEDS RAPIDLY Witness Says He Saw Gun Pointed at Dead Man. Hayward, Wis., May 3. At the conclusion of the second day's proceedings in the IH'iti trial, tea witnesses had been examined aud the casa was pro w ling rapidly. The testimony of John Hriftm) was very strong, ami wai rnont ilamag-foiff against Deitz. Tha efforts of DeiU ami h wife to t.h'.ke .'lis testimony ot; crusd-eMliiiiuation was unavailing. ISrilton testified that six or seven shots wore fired at him, and that bo saw a gun poked through the loop hole in the roof of the barn and aimed at (tocar Harp, the Deputy-Sheriff for nbisse death IMtx is on trial. Michael Madden, the uhcriff, who led the forte of deputies and made DeiU surrender, was examined in regard to the warrunt placed in his liauils for the arrest of leita on the charge of shooting fiert Horel at Win:r, snd which precipitated the fatal battle of October 8th. "When the Ilorcl warrant was turned over to me, I deputised Hoy Van Al-stvn snd Fred Tluvrbum," said Madden. "When we got ncidy to go after lb-its, we got order from (iovernor 1 bivit,ion not to do anything until further efT'Wfs could be made to get him peaceably 1 got my orders t 'get him.' " Following this. Madden described tbe nil-day haitle which resulted in the death of Harp, the wounding of several others and the surrendct of the "bad man of the Wisconsin wn'xK" The state probably will finish In about a week. Cleary Camp May Dance. Ann P. C'learv Camp. No. to, rauhters of Veterans, held a May dance Monday event ir In Col'rnbla Hall. Its new quarters In the Coi hulklrnf. The ball was trimmed with red. white and blue decorations snJ nu's. A larse number of young people was present and an enyovable evening was spent. Mrs. Maurice O'Connelt was chairman of the committee of arrangements. Carnegie Gives Swiss Hero Fund. (tern. Swilteriand, May 3. -It is officially confirmed that the government has accepted with cordial thanks $!;!.-i (MS) in the form of I nited Mates steel bonds from Andrew Carnegie for the purpose of establishing s Swiss hero fund. Ills Feint of View. Chicago liecord Herald. "I notice that yon have given up the fight for a cleaner city. Vim uwl to be one of the leaders in the opposition to the smoke nuleatice." "Yes. I've come to the conclusion that amoU en mint le abolished. It's useless to keep harping on the question " "By tbe way what business are you in now?" Oli I've nnif workini for s salary. An uncle of mine left me a valuable in-tcrost in one of our biggest machine shops." DIH.D. &K.AMAN In this cHj. Wednesdav mora, in-';, Slav ;t. It'll, "t t.;; residence, No, ilT! University avenite, fertile A., widow of Mc'iheu H, Sean an. he Is survived by s son In Saw, (ieorge W. Hook, irt I'ieTelaiid. Ohio. Funeral Iron ber late residence Vrt-d.iy. May 5, ml. at U. THE HOME OF WM. EASTWOOD & SON CO. - 130 MAIN STREET EAST 10-12 STATE STREET There are seven million Am erica a girls, ft is said, between the ages of thirteen and nineteen tears. This Is the period when parents usually rind ft extremely to sec ere shoes of a type, uml with, tittiiii? qualities, suitable to the needs of the growing girl's foot. A standard shoe-trade journal recently urged American manufacturers to begin to pay some attention to designing practical shoes for these larger girls. But it is a great many years since the Eastwood experts began to develop shoes of this kind. We have shown, for several seasons, complete lines of high-grade shoes to bridge the period between childhood and womanhood. These shoes are shaped over lasts of Eastwood design, and support the feet properly, while allowing plenty of room for natural growth and expansion. MARRIED. BEN.VEM RKICHKRT Friday, April 28, It'll. Miss Tlllle Kelihert aii Marshall Heimem, both of J lin-o.n 1'arK. N. V. Mr. uwi Mrs. llciiiieiu will uiaks their borne In lietfolt, Jilch. ttVTIirGN-0'lK)xVNKL,leOD Wednesday,, Vlay 8, mil, by Her. Bdward Hart, Ml-a Klisulx-th M. U'Uuimell and Herbert W. Kuthveii. DIKO. DK'KINOX Entered luto lest, Wednesday, May 3, ll'li, al ber realdeuce, No. hi Kenllworth tcrrsca. Kl'en at., wife of James M. Lilckiusuu, la the Bbst year ot her age. Noii.e of ft-tiwal hereafter. U!tAi'rtlIAVAt the home of ber duush-ner, Wrs. Flliubeth Pinner, uue u,ll wt uf farms Curtiers, at f. it. i'UMia, May U, ll'll, Air a. ilariiet A. UrsOij,i, Sbk'd 'in years. I'Ue funeral services will be teld from thv bouio of Mis. i'tsher fc'rbjuy sHei-nuou St a oYluc. Burial st farms Cur lirrs. Uuv. Mj. lie lil will ullk-kue. liltlVtiK At bis liome, Ciiuton avvumj uurtu, lu Ujc tiwu of livudwiuoit, Wsiiucsdsy, May H, mil, lleujiiui;ui urtv. U', ueii iU years, lie Is sunived by his Mife, tlx si'i, William, Henjaimn, Thomas, Juincs, tiewiH ami Jvau, anl four iluiyhtvi's, Mrs. ArUiiir Ilviuihijctuii, Mrs. it. vt . foilanl, Miw. WUllaiu w ibou aud Miss sadle K. KHver. ..'he fuueral Riil take place fro.u ths reSMleuce twtiinlay aftei-nouii at o'clock. Burial ua Klyerslde cemetery. HuiiUDL, lu Vasnliigtuu, I). C, at his resldeuv-e, No. Wit M street northwest. i buislay, All Pi, Hill, tvlwlu K. lioiioli fi ineily of Itecbestvr, N. V. 'ilie fmieral was held fiom t",ieiy Oiaae i tmr' on Wednesday attecnoou. A:nl l'.'tli, liev. Hubert Hen Joiiusoa i hciaUu.-. lu'lcruioiu was at KotS trees inuwtcry. NAi:v At ttie family rmaldeuc. No. B lalleiy v-c, -Tuesday, .May mil, td wat'U, mu ot Mai-garet alii tby lute Joliu Nacey, ated IU years, beskius bla nuther bo leaves two brotuera, William Hardies uml Jonn Nacey, aud two elfteis, Mrs Alliort Kelslfvel aud Mrs, George SUllnr. -4'mieral Friday, May 5, 1911, at S;itO o clues rruiu tu rioldvucs, and at n'cluok truut -lujuiaciilste Concevtlot) Church. Ntamu-a rails and Jackson, jLUuh., pspers pless cupy. ClB-At Kush, Saturday. April 9, IB'1, Carl ls Close aged M3 year, lis leavei his wife, one daughter, krelyn; his par. tntt, Mr. and Mrs. heinaJd Close, of ItoebexteJ, and one sister. Mr. Mabel llii'.l'tir)-, of Kochester. Fuc.eral waa held from bt late borne en Monday St 1 o'clock. Burial In Mouut llo;i cemetery. B,ltNliS--ln this city, Wednesday num-lug. May it. I'lll, at ber rethlmce. Ni ISt Frost avenue. Nettle K., lf of Arthur llaxues, aged 4.1 years. Besides ber htibaTid see is survived by bor par-euis, Mr. and Mrs. Kini McMillan; Ivvo kIsu ts, Mrs. Nellie Wli;a.u aud Mrs. Maud Oiupman; one brorber, Adellwrt McMillan, and one niece, t'arol Wilhauw, Fuueral tiom her lale fsldence Saturday. May 0, It'll, at 2 f. M. CAl'KLI.K -Kntere.1 Into rest, at bis lata peaklence. No, .'hU )'aiells avenue. Turn-day, May lull, John l'orter Capelle, at.e.1 til years, fl nintb-'. 1' days. Ha la auriived by one broth.-r, Ueorgc . ri(wile. of llmlna;,oa, l.el. ; one son, Mansia llogeoe .'aH'lie. of i'itl,'aro. aud f,ur daughters. Mrs. Austin Karrsll, of Marquette, MHi.; Mary Fllsabeth Capelle. Mrs. Ira U. Kiiu-sbury and Bertha May Capelle, of this wtv. Funeral (nrvi-es private, at 0;30 A. M. thuTw'ay, May , lpn. Burial st 8t I.ouls, Mo. liOMMKO At 2; 15 V. M. Wednewlar, May 3, 1911. iHinnbv KlUatwtn fioddard, ,1aii(rtiter of Mr. and Mrs. P, U fioddard. No. m Shelter sireef, DWVKR Tuesday morning. May lfttl, a 8t. Marv's Hospital, Oeorge Kwyer. He leaves bla parents. Ciree brothers, J'flin, WIIHs-n sisl FTank. and three fitters, Mrs. Thomas Kennev, Mrs. Joseph Hrexlev antt Mls Mariraret Dwyer. -Ths renialna were removed to Ms lata bene, N'n. SH Ardtnoire street. Funeral will take place Friday morning sr at RiSO frr!i the houe, and at P o'clock from St Patrick s Cnrhclral. Interment in Holy Seruli-hre cemetery. dim GOOD SH0EMAKING They do not look like children's shoes, but have more shapely toes and higher heels, to give them the attractive appearance of our shoes for women. We make them in sizes 2Y2 to 6. Instep Strap Pump for Gfrli Patent leather and dull C O f( C3 fi black calfskin sP-J.VV. vJJt . Dull black calfskin $2,50 Oxfords for Girls Tan Russian Calfskin and dull black C3 (f calfskin JWUU Patent leather and dull black calfskin )Q These shoes for (rrowlna; (rlrls hate proved to successful we notice in Increasing demand for this conservative tfpo from women. Many believe they (fet special satisfaction In wearinw shoes shaped over these moderate toe and medium heel lasts. He sureest an Inspection of these shoes by women who have not been satlwtkd with staple or novelty styles rejruli.rly offered them. TIMS SOLID and PNEUMATIC If (ire mileage and construction are a consideration, it will pay you to investigate. Empire State General Vehicle Co. Bell 'phono Chasa 888 Don't Wear A Gaping Collar We have installed a collar shaper used by the largest collar factory in the world. We can now give you an absolutely close-fitting, easy tie slide collar. 'PHONE 899 KELSO LAUNDRY AND be convinced. "Jet White" Linen. FUNERALS Will furnish adult eloth-cevered casket rough box. bears, two eoscnes ana Mar-Ices, 550.00 and Up. STRAUCHEN, Undertaker Proprietor Rochester Casket Factory. No. JSir.5. BOTH 'PHONES. PUBLIC FUNERAL CHAPELS ShSM V, i I Homa 'phone 3379 TUB WA-Vr COLUMN'S ef tlika papar ars s sort uf sutversal srraud boy, that traveis back and forth tu all dtrectiona, carrying messages from seller to buyar and Axias buyer to seUsr. 4

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