The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1944
Page 8
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PAGE RFORT BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER JO, Strong Humes Tigers To Perform Here Friday Memphians Rate High In League v Chick Opponents Have -Won Six Out Of Eight Games This Season ' ' By ANDY ROGEKS ,Commei<dal Appeal Sports Writer MEMPHIS, Nov. i5—The Humes Tigers, present third-ranking learn In the Memphis Prep League, will be In fine shape for their invasion of Blythevllle, Friday night, to meet the Chickasmvs, Coach Jlm- ihy Patterson indicated hero Monday, DOPE BUCKET n t. P. IKUND MAKES A PROMISE ta Job on my own ' and 'hot Afrely '" 1 •The-former mentor for the Fordyce Redbugs, and Arkansas college performer at 'Henderson State Teachers College, was only worried about Billy Oswald, a tackle who has been sidelined with a Wg injury for the past two weeks. The rest of the Tiger forward wall will be Intact, as well as a quartet of top-notch backs. ; Operating from a single wing formation, the only club In Memphis that uses this system on offensive, the Tigers have chalked up six victories in eight appearances this season, five of these in conference competition. In their only non- conference engagement, "the Tigers scored a 7-0 triumph over tho ..Golden Bears of Jackson, Tenn. V Strong on Defense :"r The Tigers are particularly strong on; defense, and won their first four games without being scored on.- In their last two appearances, however, the Tiger defense cracked and a late-starling South Side eleven racked up a 13-2 triumph While Christian Brothers College smashed them, 35-7. South Side ranks fourth in the conference. C. When Cant. James. 'Ace Puckett^rom spouting oil. was here enroute to Fort George Meade, Md.j his headauarters, he told me he had Just returned from a very interesting trip to France and as soon as he got back home and settled down lie was going, to give out with the details via his usually deserlplfve letters, • He waited so long to, write after leaving here I- felt reasonably sure he had been sent right out again; which proved to be correct as related In his letter dated Oct. 28. But instead of relating his trips he branched but Into something else. And I am not sure If what he had to say in the last part didn't carry a more-than-touch of Irony. What do you think? .-'. . Here 11 is, and the ol' boy might have something nt that: C. second. A' fine . fullback, Jerry 'Crook, spearheads the Tiger offensive, while Red Williams, an All-Memphis guard last year, and Don Ft. George Mcndc, Mel., Snt. Oct. 28, 1044. AOF UD NO. 1 Con. Dot. Off. Dear J. I am very sorry that I have-waited so long to write since my short visif home, but I have been prettj well on the move.since scemg deai ole Arkansas, BlylhcVllle anu-JcJn- cr In particular..It so happens thiil I have had twoirlps since Sept. 25 one to England, and .the other to parts unknown. I Had planned to sec Marshall Blackard in Englam but didn't get near whercOie is hospitalized. Have you heard anything about him recently? FEELING IS GKKAT Jiauerz. who Is Memphis honors stellar linesmen. headed for All-, this season, are GIVES NEW ANGLE Something struck me 'about fodt- iall In high school there that 1 hlnk expresses': the thinking of a ady who lias tjie interest of boys nnd girls at lie art above all else In his world. Miss Hardy said uoirie- hlng alwut some people thought Jicy should drop high school foot- jail for (lie duration; said the boys were too young and too small. Miss Hardy said you know these- boys and girls will only go lo hlgl school once. She said they deserve football as n part of their schoo nnd tlmt she would do everything in her power to sec that it was continued, J. P., that was a though and expression thai can come onl from a person who thinks of lx>y and girls In terms of chnracte above all else. Those boys who go out and give all they have evei though they lose nnd the student- who stand behind them show the are not .quitters even though the odds arc against them. No, J. P.. athletics arc Just as much a part of school program as any subject offered, and win, lose, or draw, it should continue. • Now, I would like lo give n few pointers to our boys on -the etiquette of men returning to civilian life. You know the military bigwigs give us all -,pointers on how to do, net and live In any foreign country wo might be going. So, I think it Is high time someone gave thought to 'arkin To Play keola Friday ' Scminoles In Return Engagement Seek To Avenge Earlier Loss OSCEOLA, Nov. 15.—Smarting under the 20-0 defeat l>y the Hughes Jlue Devils to snap their uninterrupted series of successful Homecomings Hint extended over n decide, the Osceolii Scihlnolcs sire 'prc- iinrlng for another severe battle t week. They take to the road for the fourth time pi the season, stopping this Friday night sit Parkin 'for ; return engagement, with the power ful Tigers which overpowered them 19-C, earlier in the campaign.; It will be the semi-final for th Semlnolcs. They have an open dat next week to prep for the Turke Day classic with the dcfehdln champion Market! Tree Indians t end the first season under Coacl Homer Bourns. • The tribe came out. of the lord struggle with the huge Blue Devil In pretty fair shape and should be fit to face the Tigers. Despite th hitter defeat, Coach Bourns lia nothing but praise for his. young stei's. He expressed satisfaction ovc Lhe mic manner in which the Seni- inolcs performed, though admittedly disappointed.. In view of their weakened condition, due to injuries, sickness iincl withdrawals, they ,wrre given little chance against the visitors but made a strong, gallant fight of It all the way. topooses Will Take On Luxora iridders In Game Here Tonight Conch Sylvester (Pop) Mosley ikes the wraps off his high gcnr- d lilythcvllle Junior High Pa- oose.s and sends them against lie Luxorix Panthers tonight at laley Field, starting time 8 o'clock. Final arrangements for the gaipc cere completed this morning after jtnns for a game with Armoijel ell through. j Hopes For Crowd J "Pop" .hopes for good : weather 'or two'reasons. First, he wants .0 see a' large crowd of customers n the stands to watch Ills promising young proteges In action. Naturally' that 'would mean In- Crook ranks as the No. 1 fullback |n Memphis this .year, and his ground-gaining prowess pliis excellent -punting ability, have sparked the Tigers to theh third spot In the circuit Williams and Kniicrz are tops both on offense and defense, - f and the latter also fills Humes' plncc-klcklng bills. ' Boast Fine Backs -; The "two halfbacks, Gene Curtis and Nick Speros. are above the average, but scarcely can keep up with Crook on offense. At blocking back, Frankle Wilder, a 125-poimrbr, who b/oxes a little on the side, also is n top-notch: "performer despite his size He runs very little, sticking primarily to his. job as blocking back, but when he does its on a quarter-back sneak' that has been one,of the major puzzlers to prep coaches In Memphis this year. The probable starters for Humes: .Taylor, le, Davis, It, Williams, !g, Jones, c, : Ruleman, rg, Kauerz, rt, Taylor, re, Wilder, qb, Speros, ill, Curtis', rh, Crook, fb. SHOVE, MOKE SHOVE First; the boys who come California Track Star Is Killed In Action TORRANCE, Calif., Nov. 15 (UP> —One more American sports slar has-., given his life for his country. r The-parenls of Lieut. Louis Zamperini: have been informed by the War. Department that the Southern California miler must be listed as dead Zamperini, an air corps bombardier, first was reported missing In .action in June 1843. His national huerscholastlc mile Now that I had the happy priv'i an education and orientation course letjc of .spending a few hours In.Bly-. "-for boys coming back to Hie good theville and Joiner, 1 let me tell you what It means to a guy, to get buck home. J. P., that visit did sdirie- thhig to me that Is haril tip explain! There Is-something about the peo- pie aromtd Dlythcville and Joiner that makes me feel, that they are my kind ,of people and that I am part of them. -Take for . example when I wiis-at Joiner -during the football game, I :shook hands with folks like -John -Burnett,' Ed Horton, Messrs. Perry, -Brownlec, .Wlllet and dozens of others,.In addition to numerous; boys and girls whom I have tried to.teach. Well, boy, when you've been away ns long o.s-1 have it gives you a real thrilHo-sce them again.. Then on-up .to Ely theville that night to see the Sam Morris', Harman Taylor, Frank, Whitworth, Friends (J. P.'s), Halsells, Siiubui-ys, Moslcys, Miss Hardy, Fred (Rock) Sallba and hundreds of others. Then comes Skeeter : (Bishop), Lanelle Smart, the Crooks r (Mrs. <fc kids) and many others I taught while, in Blythevillc. Well, I might say agttln that It IS difficult to express 'my feelings. But when .you get such a feeling all-over that you-only, get n few times in your entire life; well brother,' •• it makes', you. proud.''of I knowing 1 that;J- soineday; ^ybd'-.'s caii come'back-and r live*hiribhgst ; :i>ebplft who are real .folk's;' No,;;J.'P,7~there is ho place on 'God's .green''ear|h' that I had rather be "and Ifye thaii In Blytheville, Jqlner, or even Misi sisslppi County.' , .-. / ; : And Just in cnse.spriiepne thinks I am pluggiilg for a job when this war is over they are all wet. I ani merely pointing out that some place in Mississippi County will be my home to live the rest of my life ole U.S.A. So knowing full well that you are rather prolific wltn a typewriter,' suppose I delegate ycm o 'give some thought to this sadly , . . . icglcdcd situation. So, : will en'-1 shakeup in the. Arkansas .High give you a few pointers. School Athletic Conference Is ex- New Grid Loop May Be Formed By 'Big F/gfit' JONESBORO, Ark., Nov.'15-rrA ' I peeled when the annual' meeting into ncllt at Little Rock In December., Ici-cst in 'the kids. Then, too, It would help swell Ihe Junior coffers that are urgently begging to be rilled for some equipment. The Papooses received a seriously tough break la&t week when Jupiter Pluvlus sledded to turn on the faucets just when the Jonesbo'ro Whirlwinds were scheduled to invade for, a galnc with Ihc local youngsters. Bccaitsc of the usual interest, and rivalry between the two teams "Pop' 1 had counted on a large turnout. As It developed there were only a Imiulful and only bare expenses were met, instead of 'the expected prof I Is. Now if Ihc Juniors are to build up anj surplus it -must come from the game tonight, lhe_ meeting will he 'Strong Marked" Tree Reserves lext Wednesday, and a third meet- ng of .the Osccola Reserves the ollowing Wednesday night. . Wanls Dry Field Secondly, the Papoose chieftain wants a dry field and ideal weatli conditions for the' sake of hi boys. While true they did all rlgh in their first try as muclder 'gainst Jonesboro, Coach Moslc; l. c . confident they would have don just as well If not belter if th jridiroa had frbeen fast. He ha lltlle doubt that the deviistatin forward passing attack that neltc two Whirlwind ' touchdowns ill th fourth quarter could have bee checked had Ihe footing been steady. He had set, up n defense nost of the larger cities should be nan enough to push, nudge or cl- jow anyone out of Ills way when boarding a train, bus or street car. Just: forget what he was taught about-stepping back to let n woman ahead of him or to give her his seat. For, brother, when you step back .for a woman some dozens of men (white & etc.) will cripple someone In n wild slruggle for the place. Hold any ground or space you might gain and fight like mad for some more. I also would suggest that if .he happens to travel with ills lady fair alt he iieed do is get her into the 'front of the jam and zip, bang, and she. will land some placc.on the inside of the car or bus. You' sc^i l\ve Joes have been accustomed-to! lining up and waiting out our turn.'We also have been accustomed .to seeing French, English, Italian, and Aussies line up. Not lhat way here. So, come prepared to;push, .jam. and shove, or you nilgtuV.nbt' get: on .the train. But enough'of that before I really get started.' '. I'll tell you about my trips wlier I get back. A pal, Ace. It Is reported that coaches are ivorlng the. formation 'of ighl" unit, including the larger cams, the selection-being based .CMI ast records, ari all•:probability!jftnt Big Eight" : wouid' include Jdfies- joro, Little Rock, North L'lttle Rock Fort Smith, Blytheville, Hot Springs 'me BlufI and El Dorado. All mefri- jers'bf this'.group',would play-eacl- Liibr, leaving three 'vacancies.'15i" bfj.r season schedules for match'c; vith teams not in the conference. The state, as a result, llvidcd Ihlo four portions, \ process of elimination, 'a ga'iiie votild be scheduled'' between 'trie Big Eight winner and 'the winiitf if the ganies played In the district >y teams not belonging to the Big Eight. This game would determine when this war ends, I'll manage for COLD LOGGED NOSE? Feel Bluffy t 2 drops in each nostril, help you brenlho freer. Cnutlon: TJso only aa directed. Gel PEHETSO NOSE DROPS for It and drilled them all week on how to break it up. Luxora, from all reports and based on records, should give Ihe homcllngs a very busy session. In Ihe Northeast Arkansas Six-Man (inference, the Panthers rate as ne of the stronger learns. No Lineup Changes The Papooses will take the field 'Ith Ihe same lineup which faced onesboro. That means that Don luey, and Harvey Eaton will hold own the wings; John Hoover and Don Besharce will be at their usual ackle posts Billy. Braccy and Billy Bob Elliott will handle the ball at center. In the backfield sturdy Jack Elliott calls the signals and directs play' from the quarterback slot. Dickie Greenwell, chief scoring threat, will operate at left halfback where he has .ihone all season. Flankuig him at right halfback will be Harold (Little Beaver) Traylor, the fiery stick ol defensive dynamite who did such a, swell Job against Ihe Whirlwinds. Billy Wayne McParland, plunging youth and a potential star, completes the quartet at fullback. KEEP ln J' lac<! ' Tam » that unruly vmiB I 00 ! 1 ' A n d lus "' c ' Kmv IWUlf h.ilr ivsjll groomed with UMin ilorollno Ilolr Tonic. Largo riMIK boltle 25c. Sold everywhere. uarris, and R. B. Hodge over the Read Courier New W»nt Ad* If you want Co Day more War Bonds SELL US THE FURNITURE YOU ARE NOT USING, (or cash! Also liberal trade-in »Uow»noe for old furniture on DC*.' Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. F. B. JOYNER SERVICE STATION Corner Ash & Second Sis. (Formeily Tom Jackson Sev. Sta.) ESSO GAS & OILS WASH—GREASE TIRE REPAIR — Call 2011 For Koud Service S 1 E. Hate Phone 2302 llie four' buUtimdlng learns in the state coming from the four districts. If the four winners so de- cid,ed, -run-offs. could be played after the season was officially over lo;j detcrml'rie;the;-state championship. ••••-* • Visit'Us In One ' NEWBUiLDlNG K-iSiiW 1 ?'^ . . ' Located at "^21 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Farts & Service 121 E. Main ;: Phone 2122 Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING WhiU It li Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. ! ;• Phone 2911 feCo'rd of four minutes, 8 and three- tenths seconds Is still on the books. And;he also once held the Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association" record ' of nine minutes, twelve..and 8-tenlhs seconds for the two-mile. Zamperini was the lad who provoked International comment when he made a bold anti-Nazi gesture during the 1536 Olympic games in Berlin. .One day while sight seeing in the German capital, he noticed the Fuehrer's chancellery, bedecked wilh Nazi fhgs Acting on his first emotion he got close to one of .the flags and snatched It down. , 19?-™ a T> guards fired on him and gave, chase, but the track star out- sprinled them and managed to bring the flag home with him. Nazi General Werner Von I"riUch, who inis since been reported killed in action on the Polish . front, excused Zamperini's action as a boyish prank. A type of sunflsli has been discovered that lays as many as 300,000,000 eggs in one season. Have a"Coke"=iAdelante con la musical (GET IN THE GROOVE!) w x f <^ DANCE rhorsday — Friday — And'Saturday Night* 9:30 to 1 O'clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NpBLE 'Admteswn 60c Inch Tax. »•' .1 .fer-4 x ' i \ or getting along in Guatemala Music makes friends among our Latin-American neighbors, just as it docs here at home, There's another custom that helps make friends even faster. It's the pause that rejreibes wilh ice-cold Coca-Cola. Have a "Coke"- is an invitation of welcome as quickly understood in Guatemala as in Georgia; In many lands around the globe, Coca-Cola has become the same symbol of friendliness that it is in your own living room. tOlUED UNDEI AUTHOKItV Of THE COCA-COU COJSPANV 6Y COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE "Coke" = Coca-Cola It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbrevia- , Hons. Tiiat's why you heat I Coca-Cola called "Cokc"i. .=>.-. : ,•'•'» OFF TO A FAST START New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Wednesday & Thursday "CAROLINA BLUES" with Ann Miller &' Kay Kyscr Fox News & Short Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Wednesday & Thursday Ga p- • tailored by HART SCHAFFNER & MARX News of the Day Short It' s very difficult to get a good gabardine nowadays ... impossible anywhere else to get gabardine ap fine as this famous Hart Schaffner & Marx Travelers' gabardine of ours. And we re fortunate, indeed, to have a limited number of coats of this superbly fine fabric needled by those master tailors, Hart Schaffner & Marx. So, if you . . . like well-dressed men everywhere... arc planning to give gabardine a play this season . . . beter come in soon and let us slip on one of these smartly fashioned coats styled with sweeping drape swagger lines that will put new life into your appearance. And not only are you as'ureu plenty of good looks m this •V. Havl Schaffner & Marx gabardine coat... but plenty of long wear as well. R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Starts at 1:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box OfBce Opens 1 Show Start* 1:15 Last Time Today "GUNGA DIN" will) Cary Grant 11KO News .t Comedy Tluirsdiiy <iml Friday 'HEAyENLY DAYS" with Fibber Mctkc ,t Molly I'nrninouiit News Short '50 CHICKASAW Matn New 2Ist 81. Bat itarts 12:45; Bon. start* I:* Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opcny 4:45 Continuous shows Sal, auct Bun. Wednesday & Thursday , Double Feature ~* "THE GREAT MAN'S LADY" with Barbara Stanwyck ,t Joel McCrcu and "HONEYMOON LODGE" wilh . , Harriett Ilillianl

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