Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on October 24, 1927 · Page 17
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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1927
Page 17
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17 Has Wilkes-Barre Two Panther Elevens? Coughlin Defeat Is Gridiron Upset TOIES-LEADER. WILKES-BARRE." FAV MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBEn 24; 1927, HAS WILKES-BARRE TWO ' PRO PANTHER ELEVENS? One Team is Beaten at Seashore and Stuhldreher" Clan looses to Stapleton, L. I. Mixup is Causes in East ern Gnd Circuit Has Wilkes-Brre two Panther football elevens? Local lans are asking this question, piayea at Atlantic City and Stapleton, L. I., yesterday. In the game at; the seashore, the team purporting to be "The Panthers" lost by the score of 34 to 0, while another Panther team, led by liarry btuhidreher went down Lt. i., eleven yesterday by the The Panther eleven, which played , In Atlantic , City "was, . according: to Manager Wlilets -,' of the seashore " team, the Beaver falls eleven, or a " .class B organisation. The game .- caused considerable d Issatlsfactioii, as tne tans "razzed" the visiting eleven, knowing It wag not the same team' and ha4 hone of the players "who appeared against Coaldale at the ljirkBvllle park one week ago. Man ager Wlllets of the. Atlantic City team, wanted to give the money ' taken In back to the fans because the real Wtlkes-Barre eleven did not appear and he held up the guarantee which was promised that club. This ; guarantee, Wlllets said, would be paid . to the league president, Herman O. Meyer. Who was at fault In the mixup'for the playing o the two elevens under Hie name of. the Wilkes-Barre Pan-thersf- Was it Matty Owens, man-,,1'ager of the local team, or the president of the Eastern League. Local sportsmen Interested in the promotion of the pro-Panther eleven here , 'say that the league officials were to blame and that Wllkes-Barre was " made the "goaf and asked to fill in ivith an extra eleven for yesterday's game to complete the eight-club cir cuit m the eastern wheel It was explained today tbat one of the pro teams had dropped out of the circuit and in order to have four ;. games played yesterday- a pick up , eleven had to be gotten together for one of the games. Instead of the : Panthers going to Atlantic City, ..where the team was scheduled, a switch . was made ' and the Stuhl-?dreher clan went to Stapleton, Long .'Island. Not one of the players on the Fan- ther team appearing in Atlantic City " played here last Sunday against Coal- dale, although from Stapleton cortles the report that the regular Panthers, led by the famous star of the "Four ..Horsemen," went down to defeat he-fore the home team lit a great game by the score of 2Q to 6. 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M. following the reports of games to defeat before the .Stapleton, score of 20 to b. lowing to say- about the game played byvthe Panthers against the "Stapes: "The Stapleton football team defeated Harry Stuhldreher' Wllkes- Barre team 20 to., 6' yesterday at 8t, Thompson's Stadium ' before 8,000 fans. Stuhldreher, playing with losing club, was easily the star of the game. He reeled off several long runs ana piacea the ball imposition jor nis team s onjy score. - At PoU'm By populau demand the management of Polls Theatre has engaged "The Big Parade" for a stay of one week. It opened with the matinee to day and those who have witnessed this wonderful photoplay on Us pre vious engagement wll have a chance 10 see it wunouc me usual crowding as there will be seats lor everyone, The Big Parade" will be shown con tinuously from one o'clock till eleven in the evening. This will be the first time this 'great story of the war has been shown at popular prices. 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Fables, the crazy cat film will complete the program. : At the Orpheum Slices of New York's kaleidoscopic life where ambitions and personalities clash with dramatic results are said to be seen in Thomas Melghan's new Paramount picture "We're All Gamblers" at the Orpheum Theatre. It Is a story, which ehows..;Meighan in a new type of role, and It 'has been directed by James Cruse, maker of "The Covered Wagon" and VOld Ironsides." - Down on the" crowded East Side where so many famous men, including Governor Smith . of New York and Mayor James J. Walker, have fought their way - upwardH, a professional boxer on the threshold of a match for the . heavyweight chamDionshlD finds his career cut short by an automobile accident The car Is driven by a Fifth Avenue aritocrst who has been drawn there ' by idle curiosity. The virile boxer, Melghan, attracts her. With indomitable courage he fights his -way upward to the proprietorship of a night club. Again she meets him and again they light against acknowledging their love for each other.. The aristocratic beauty is played by Marietta Mlllner, a Viennese girl. . The story was adapted from Sidney Howard's stage play "Lucky Sam McCarver." Crnze has. deftly brought out the highlights of an absorbing tale. In the supporting cast are many well known players: Cullen Land in. Phllo McCul-lough. Gunboat Smith, Gertrude Smith, Gertrude Claire and Spec O'Donneil, the f reckled-fBoeri redhead. tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiioiiiiiiiiil I Of Interest To Holders J I Of Second Liberty Loan Bonds On November 15th Second Liberty Loan Bonds .will be called for redemption and they will bear no interest after that date. if you bring them to this Bank and deposit them in a savings account between Oc- tober 24th and November 3rd, for then they will earn interest for the. full month ' of November and you will also be credited with accrued interest to date of deposit of bond. ; Come in soonand let us detail the additional interest ceive by this plan.' . MINERS BANK OF, WILKES-BARRE Largest NEVERS STARS IN GRIDIRON VICTORY OVERPOTTSVILLE Duluth Fullback Tosses the Ball 16 Times For Four Touchdowns Fottsvllle. Oct. it The Duluth Eskimos led by the wonder back ?Ernie" Nevers. of Stanford, cave tha Pottsville Maroons the greatest surprise and the worst defeat the local eleven has received since they have been a national- League represents tlve; When they set them back. 27 to 0. Nevers squad, used the Lindbergh route to put tne Maroons on the wrong side of the score, every bne of their four touchdowns coming by means of a forward pass. With Nevers on tne tossing end and seem Ingly the whole Duluth representation on tho other, the visitors successfully completed no less than 16 out of 20 attempts for the best percentage any loot Da ii squaa nag ever rung up on tne Maroons. . The ' Maroons recovered from the daze of walching so many passes to come back In the second half and throw the rapidly-tiring Eskimos back under the shadow of the goal posts, but could not register the final punch for the touchdown. Never was the giant gun of the visitors' offensive, running the ends and tossing all Eskimos passes with great effect, and it was on his very capable shoulders that the entire Du luth triumph rests; Latone, when put in the lineup In the second half, tore through the Eskimo line for several large gains, he, with Kenneally and Mullen, standing out for the Maroons. Nevers was successful in three out of four attempts at the extra point Duluth Pottsville J. Booney . . ..Left end.. .. Mullen Ashmore ..left tacle.,. ... Budd Kelsllng .....Left guard Racis B. Rooney .. ..Center ,, . Rebsamen Suess ,i .... ..Right guard... Osborne McCarthy . Right tacle..... Henry Neacy ... .... ..Kight end.. Kenneally Methor .....Quarterback Ernst C. Rooney .Left Halfback. Klrkleski Blood .... Right halfback.... Latone Nevers .......Fullback Went Score by periods Poltsyllle 0 0 0 DuluUh ...7 20 0 0 0 027 Touchdowns -J. Rooney, 3; Neacy. Point after touchdown Nevers. Substitutions Duluth: -Clarke for Method McNeils for Clark, Beldon for Nevers ; Pottsville: Moore for Latone, Toungfielss for Rebsamen, Roberts for Klrkleski, Erickson for Osborne, Hultman for Mullen, Latone for Went, Rebsamen for ToungfleiBS, Schearer for Ernst, Youngneiss ior Osborne, Kay wood for Rebsamen. Referee Hewitt. Umpire Miller. Head linesman PurnelL It Is the exhaust valve's opera tion, however, that Is most important for full power. A slight derangement of Its timing, lack of suf ficient clearance, breaks, down tne engine's efficiency. The proper seating ana adjust ment of the valves is a Job - for a good mechanic. It should not b? attempted by an amateur. ; Ileadachcs Dizziness These ailments are usually caused by eyestrain. An optical examination will determine the cause. If glasses are Indicated we will supply them for less than elsewhere. H. H. Blase, 64 S. Main St. You Will Profit Bank in Luzerne Countv MYLES LANE IS LEADING FIELD AS GRID SCORER Dartmouth Star Has Total of 101 Points; Booth, Pitt, Second With 62 By' Associated Press Increasing- his lead by scoring 14 points , against Harvard Saturday. Myles Lane of Dartmouth brought his. pnenomemai scoring total to 101, Just 19 points lees than Wilson, of Lafayette, last year's leader, made in the entire season. Thirty-nine, points below Lane in second . place is '"Bullet" Booth, of Pittsburgh, , with "Smiling Jack' Connor, of ' New York University, third, with 66 points, and Nork, of Georgetown, : who made four touchdowns against West Virginia Saturday a Single point behind. Johnny, lioepke. of Penn State, is fifth, with 48;, All five have scored in every one of the five games they have played to date. The leaders: I Player. College. X TD. KG. PT. TP. Lane, Dart. ......... IS o n jni Booth, Pitts. 8 1 11 $2 Connor, N. X. V. . . . . u t Nork, G't'n. 9 o l 65 Roepke, Stated 6 l 9 48 Howe, Will. ......... 7 0 4 46 Balderston, Cor. .... 7 0 2 44 1 Guest, -Laf.... . 7 0 0 42 Madden, Col... 5 0 11 41 Wlttmer, Prin. . s.. . 6 0 2 88 Letzelter, Car. 6 0 2 38 Briante, N. Y. U. .. 6 0 0 36 Welch, Pitta. ....... 6 0 0 36 Kumpf. Coi ........ 6 0 0 36 Amos, W. A J. ... .. 5 0 4 34 Strong. N. Y. U. .... 3 1 11 33 Barbuti, Syr. ....... 5 0 1 81 Lloyd, Navy 9 0 0 30 Parkinson, Pitta.,....- 6 0 0 -30 Duplin, G't'n. 4 0 4 28 Caldwell, Yale 4 1 1 28 Hanlon, Laf. ...... 8 0 7 23 Ilalickl, Buck. . . . . . . 3 0 7 ' ; 25 Clancy, H. Cross ..... 4 0 0 24 Rieger, Col. ". , ,v 4 0 0 24 Goldman, Syr. ...... 4 0 0 . 24 Wilson, Laf. ........ 4 0 24 Crosby, Har. ........ 4 . 11 0 24 Murrell, Army ...... 4 t) 0 24 .Murphy, Penn. .. 4 0 0 24 Walker. Amh ; 3 0 5 ?S BEWARE THE -COUGH OR COLD THAT HANGS ON Persistent coughs and colds lead to serious trouble. 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Money refunded if any cougn or cold la not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist. Adv. explain in voii will re- SCRMON TECH VICTORY IS SCHOLASTIC GRIDIRON UPSET Plymouth, Nans and Kingston Elevens Play True to Form Hanover Eleven Jolts Memorial High St. Mary's Wins Over Coaldale ..Two unlooked for upsets the defeat of Coughlin High' School by Scranton Central, and Hanover's victory over G. A. R. Memorial eleven comprised Saturday's total sensations In scholastic grid battles of Wyoming Valley, which today were still. being rehashed and subjected to post mortems by rabid pigskin advocates of the region. But rapidly pushing these con-testa into the limbo of the past is the Coughlin-Plymouth clash, second of the "Big Four" games scheduled for next Saturday at Huber Park, Plymouth where the local Red and Blue aggrega tion will be given a real opportunity to prove its mettle A resume or Saturday's game results is as follows: Scranton 'Central, 6; Coughlin, 0. Kingston, 31; Forty Fort. 0. Nanticoke, 2G; Larksville, 0. Plymouth, 47; Plains, 6. " V St. Mary's, 19; St.. Mary's of Coaldale, 6. John's, 25; St. Patrick's, 0. . Hanover, 7; U. A. K., 6. Coughlin Off Form Playing a game that tf as without life throughout and fulling to follow up opportunities when they presented themselves, cost James M. Coughlin High (School victory in the gamef with Scranton Central at Larksville" ballpark, score 6-0. A Scranton punt, barely touched by the substitute Coughlin quarterback was recovered by the visitors who crashed through the locals on an )ff tacklo play from the three yard where the recovery was made. Kazeski made the loue tally for Central. Despite the fact that they lost the game, Coughlin gained ground consistently, making fourteen first downs to three for, the Lackawanna County eleven, but on each threatening occasion. Central's good kickers sent the bail Bailing out uf danger. , Hanover Defeats G. A. R. G. A. R. High School tasted the dregs of defeat at Hanover in their big game, where Coach Walters' team grabbed a 7-8 . victory over Mccracken's Blue and Grey warriors. A'ozviak, Hanover center played the Test game for the home team, while Blaum made the six-pointer for G. A. R. Bloom pulled in a forward pass for Hanover and scored on a short run after which Endler kicked the extra point. Reilley's Team Wins St. Mary's High fjthool won a de Blue-White Diamonds Blue-White Diamonds If On Terms To Suit You There Is a difference Id Diamonds! What people like about buying Diamonds here is that they can buy with the utmost confidence. We guarantee the color, weight and quality of every Diamond we sell. Invest In one of our guaranteed Diamonds today. In one of our guaranteed Diamonds today. , . , jjfy rfv Cash or Easy Payments J&k I ff j'Hk Blue White p. 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O'Donneil scored two touchdowns, Fnyder the other, and the latter kicked a point after touchdown. Mcllugh kicked the extra point. A return game will be played with the Coaldale team next Saturday in this city, probably at Artillery Park, which will not be used by Coughlin High School, and local fans will have an opportunity to witness the parochial teams in action. Plymouth Wins Agsin Plains won glory in defeat against Plymouth Saturday for they earned the honor of being the first high school team to score on the "Shaw-neeites" this season. The final score was lopsided however, 47-6. Stonick scored two touchdowns. Miller made two, and Bogiinki. Slauzls and K, Thomas each went over once.,. Bohn, Plains captain scored for the Peld-man crew with & 60 yard run after Intercepting a Plymouth pass. Nans and Kingston Victors Nanticoke and Kingston scored victories over Larksville and Forty Fort respectively in two games which ended with one-sided scores. J.tnoskl and Bobbins starred for Nanticoke against the Larks while Rovlnskl and Harrington carried the brunt of battle for Kingston. West Plttston high school's football team took Montrose into camp at Montrose Saturday and In doing no partially averged their hands down defeat by Plymouth. Edward Davis was the star for Coach Leon Winkler's team. ; n a r ImikIc And Jewelry Stores 34 S. MAIN ST WILKES-BARRE HARRY MCHLOSKYPROP. AND ONLY LOCATION 34 S. SHOT GUN and RIFLE PRICES-CUT CORE-GET OUR tiElV LOW PRICES Blase Special Shot Guns Remington Pump Shot Guns and Winchester Pump Shot Guns and Ithaca (New. model) Shot Guns Iver-Johnson Shot Guns Savage Repeating Rifles L. C. Smith Shot-Guns Crescent Shot Guns Stevens Shot Guns ' Lefever Shot Guns Parker Shot Guns Fox Shot Guns $3.50 Fine 130 Prism S23 German Army (new) field classes .. 8-9S 112 Special Hunters' Field Glasses ...... 6.79 All Rifle Ammunition at Reduced Prices . 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