Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on October 13, 1923 · Page 10
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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1923
Page 10
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.3 TIMPS-lEAPPn, WgJffiS-EARRE. ; SATOnOAY.J5VF.NINa. OCTODER.13r.J923 Tcmrra pace 1 1 1 1 l i (J .iiui Raps Giant ers l ox lhterierenc$T-Rival College Grid Teamo Men: Tcr-ay Play OIVAL COW ELEVENS fJEET OH GRIDIRON TODAY Army-Nofrq Paaie(jsorgetowpPrincetoaj SwartfiniQre-, U. of p,,?n(JVYpstVirginiPiUa Prominent Piiies While tl:a great majority bt college teams playing borne todjjy have opponents pn which they will try out, there are several, real jiijkrtan eon- eets. ' ' -: ; v? Four stand 'out prominently. ,' They nre the Army-Notre Pame clash at West roint, Oeorgutowa if : prlnce-ton, Swarthmore at rJfcapr ana - ist Virginia-", at - Pittsburg .: .W'"Mt will probably tot little truujjle ut Kastnn ; with Franklin "Warsbllj. Lehigh, however. 1U doubtless meiit a real eleven this, year at Rutgors. i-sucknetl, In toe content at Lpwis-lurg, would easily defeat Sustiuetuu); i.a. The Fast knowg Notre Dame asone of those teams which year jif and . yar out la 'good, much Ilka the eleven that- Glen Warner. has been rending Into action these many year from Pitt and before that Iron) Car' lisle. Also, be East knows Army M one of the moat powerful teams n the land last season and one retain ing most of Us formidable veterans, end with Tiny' Hewitt, famous' litt line cracked added. " Knut Rockne. Noire Dame's wily coach, stands oot as probably the master strategist of the aer&i game, and it le evident that today -be will be foreel,.to reaort to those forwards since "his comparatively light array can not hope to cope with the speed and te riffle power of tbosa West Point veterans. If Army can conquer the invading- Westerners, Jt Will undoubtedly, give "the Cadets so Ineids -post for the dash down the homestretch toward claiming the gridiron title of 1921 in the East. An added point of Interest In this fray will be that Princeton meet Notrt Pam next week. The fact that fVwtre Dame tackles such a grrira' foe as Army first should give the Tigers an easier task next .week than would otherwise be theirs. And today I'rmcetpn wity ha.ve o A weak line has been the complaint or -rnneeton men and the nightmare, of Coach Bill Roper; With the veteran forwards who helped him win a championship last year gone almost Ing. Consequently, Princeton's back looked any tiling but good last week. . Georgetown in undoubtedly weaker than it was hist year, but it does have a coupls pf rattling fine line smashers n in bacfefeid and ons end of Au-Amerlcan caliber. They will lest the Tikoc line to the utmost today, and whether Bill Roper's grinding toil of the last week to bolster bis forwards has borne fruit or not will pew oovjous oy utv leauiv wu . battle, ' In lome respects ths p roblsm pi Coach Loli Toung at Penn is similar tq that of Roper at Princeton. Young baa a Jina put bis backfield, although amp veteran material is at hand, is Just as erratic sa Ropere line. - That sums un Penn's ' problem. f Given a hackfleld worthy of its line ana toe worries oi -un wouiu v Sver. It may that th shifting of ern from center to Quarterback wllll helo to overcome tha difficulty, but lt-unust & remembered that Dern SHETHNE FEELS CONFIDEOT IIElL Wll RUTH RAPS CATCHER SNYDER FOUL TACTICS ALLEGED West Side Battler Will Have Plenty of Rooters at Coming Battle Bambino Says Big Backstop Deliberately IneHered With Aaron ward .'raises Casey btengel ; , By Bsbe Ruth New York, Oct. 13. I. se tad blood In the aid if the Giants can't win ball games without resorting to m unr tactics vz tneie catching ryamm. oyuuer - (iejioerateiy inter Last winter when i llickev" O'Brien I ."Yd I tnird strlks In wu sottintf f- .n. iapai nro. wnmg and u was not any mQtsrf matched fcen Shetljne ,wth tt.,Zyj, u the soWell topped batler,' much So 1,1-tcs in nearly Very the disgust of some of the local flghi we've Played against, th, eat ians wno sata, "Mickey win gnocs. - y i , bis head oft, he has not had enough ,F..P'ttJ ' urt on- ball Jub xperience. But Vickey didn't knock W has )d ths National Leaguf jn fihetline's head off. but Instead, the Patting fall down sit bat g the west side inexperienced youth gave Wants have so fax in tn& series. But ths hardened O'erien a tough H'1 etchers; havVtg Join up fop ellii rounds, and therS i wii lit WUh their pitchers to stop oup battle to choose between theni at the , ters, It's high ; time the ' umpires fnisb, , .' M I should interfere. v Wednesday r4ud - Bbetllnehas only appeared In a few ; Thursday it was tpe'same. r fights since his bout with O'Brien, Iugant Pipp ' and Witt have all but in the twelve months that has kicked because of this kind of catch-gone by ha bas gained untold ext ing.' mi only in this series, but sro can only caii ens piays. an, cannot force ths man with the ball tq charge low npr to select his openings. Jo pick a. gams far thrills in addition to the three mentioned above would be an easy matter out of the program that is offered the gridiron fan today. There are several that hold am Die promise. Before the war Rutgers j his highly touted ring i perienc, and ha is how rdy to step right out and set the pace for Mor-f peth, the idol of the East End fight pluck and gxlt, and he has the good old-fashioned punching ability to piuke Iprpefl show at. his best to win. West Side fans will flock in droves to the Armory next Wednesday pigbt to see this battle. They have confidence in the Kdwardsville portaider and they feel that he Can win over sett to ths trouble Iwiuun Vik u ..j ! "vv"vr uui oimo, iormes utapt catcher, in, last year's series.. That mi u-ouoie. wnen they get a Tankfee batter in tha Jiola, ths Ojant catchers start the Trick Stuff, and If- the batter is sitting pretty, they try to pat him In a hole by methods that I don't think they'd static; fop on a sand lot. - Shouldn't Allow Such Tiotics MayDO tnat 8 some of your I'mind any rate it will be worth walking miles to see, Venchal end Csns Undaunted by the suops of Joey Gans, the Allentown pegro, franki V enchal trained ' to peilectlon, aa4 chuck full of confidence s re4y now to jump into the ring agaiust hjs duakv nnnonftnt anl no over the ten r opponent At over matter,' 'but I'll say this muc- a great battle, I think John McGraw is too square rt aBA I a. tin Hhn 11 fioht n i . . . .... a oaseDau renter to srlv ihn.A in structions to his catchers or any Other players. - I am sure has not' won 1 bis wonderful pennant fights by suoi) shady tactics, and I don't think tht Kind Of baseball la nermittot 'in h "National League. Please tell ma lor to the last map, It ties peen no easy task to reconstruct the Orange and , Black Last Saturday's game with Johns Hopkins proved conclusively that Princeton had no line, that the men from tackle - to . tackle were merely-jrame and green. - The ends and backfield were the team, and no backfield, can show to advantage .when ths forwards fail to hold the opposition while the attack it form- held a place in the limelight of the gridiron similar to 'that of Lafayette and Pitt today, Since the war Ryt-Kers has baton one of the lesser field. Hut this year Foster panford has launched a machine that looks like his old juggernauts, and today they face Lehigh which Is fF from the lact season. : round route, tt make very iitt dUr the benetlt of MJller Huggins' ball f' Then, tpo, from the spectacula ?Fence W Tsnohal what kind pf a olub why is It permitted in world" standpoint today's program affords a' record Gans boasts of, for he feels scries games. f probable rare treat when Pitt meets ' confident he can win, and he says! By no means was the game on let the Mountaineers of West Virginia, that it may be inside thejUmit. There '. ' -- -. " J " ' PJtt beat Lafayette last Week ih the, re fet fighters iq. lbs welterweight big surprise of the season thus far. j division who can make Vencha) back Pitt's aerial game is as good as ifouti up. He says that he will carry ths Dame s and ' probably better. Por fight to Gans and that )f the dusky Warner has. developed something new, bay does pot go into his shell he wilt in forward passing. An-.forward ; give the fans something to' talk anout zor a long tune, uans s just as sager to win over Venchal as bs was to defeat Frankie Bcboell and the bout promises to be of a wind-up variety, with action every second. Ths Other Bouts Tl... . v, i .... . v. . i If v-1. TvMld It. true form last ..""''.?. ' WWFr . . .7 1 , v: " " : " i v - aftouia servo as w tonic r Ting action tnat-is for the Giants by ths time Ward cams up in til's last Inning, pot on your life. Ward smashed cut a home fun in Thursday's, game. Ahd didn' 'asujr ntengei .come mrougn o)s ' ' b'ist homer in Wednesday's game in the ninth inning? And didn't he pave two strikes en mm just u warq? How long woul4 the g me have been ort tee if Ward had driven the next pitched ball into the leftneia nieach-ers, but Bnyder inWsrferrsd and Wrd struck out; tough luck, 1611 say It's tough when you notce that Ward IS leading both clubs in slugging. I woodst f by any chance Bnyder thought of that ou can nut it dow the Yank7ars guoq su wii tmi fyuir thinks this tmng is over ougnx to r member what Dempsey did aft Firno had him clear outside the ropes. For three straight games W have outbatted the pept hitting club in the National League. Attas ths second game their team batting ays-rags was Just .&. and nog4 it.' dropped aguin. ' It was Just a case of Stengel put' ting across a run single-handed that tlirt more damage than our combined six swats. Before, that the Glauta fiadri't prossed the plat jn nine con-secntive innings, and, outside of Stengel' smash, only one Giant bat-? ter reached second base all Friday But HI say this much in closings Tbsrs srs Just twn inn ' portsnt things in sny bsli game, score runs snd st the ssms time prevent your opponent from do- Ino the same. Csaey Stengel ds- victory for MeGrsv and Hsiais GrpK by s marvelous step in h seventh Inning prevented Scotty from doing the ssms fop ths Yankeej. f eonrstjits bo(h f them, :.. , TACOfJY ELEVEN POSTS FORFEIT . : VITH SPORT EDS, Panthers Ready For Crack Visiting TeamFrench to Play With Locals . V?, 1 -i . .-.' '. , "-' "?V i. - Ths certified check which guarantees ths ppearance hers - of . the Tacony A. Q.' football team to Play tps.-VfTil(ys-Bair.'-::XantIisrs was turned over yesterday , to ths Sport Writers: Committee, hls v glvss absolute assurance of the fact that in ths second gams of the season ths feathers win face an opposition that will lores them to the limit This means that the local football followers wU see a game which, h never been equaled' In this section. ' a. he check was given over to ths Sport Writers Committee, which Is composed of William B. Loft us, : of the Evening News, "JBffle" Welsh, of ths Times-Leader. Vand James J. Jennings o ths Wiikes-Bwrs Keoord. It, n any svnt, ths Tacony team lalls to play ths Panthers bare, they win appose Of ths check as ty Hes T.-L, PLAYEfl DOAUH ViLL (HVE .FAIJS SUNDAY'S OAT.IE : fhe flflh gam of lb a vrtU's series) lo bo played totror-, row afteriioari jit ?e Yark ( n Npvr York Gty wiU be reproduced on thsj Star I layer Board in front of the Tirrv3- ; Je4(?fT office, jtrj m rodaj;' end the pther ramp hays fcn hewB t? & bf fRn cf NYyoramy YfJleyi Yestf rrfjr ,, grent mo cf f?,ns 0e4 eyery 6Y!jb! &ic pf spare en West Market street, from Franklin to the Sterling Hotel nd enjoyed h quack est ant rnoit accurate ervic that bA ever marked a, world aeries report fc Wjlkei-Parre,' The aarne tmrnraQe4, aervice contlnwe tomorrow, an4 throushout the fries, iq addllion to the pperallon of the Player Board! the mesraphone rran! ohn p, Callafher, ynll be on the 'job. Baseball fer? pf hm region are foyit4 fa ' attend the biff gaioe tomorrow ffonf of the? Jvtm-hpwr COMPOSITE BOX SCORE OF THREE GAMES III WORLD'S SERIES IX.4YI1 Bancroft ss - NEW YORK GIANTS (Nations! Lssgus. ' AB HSIlHiq IB IH SQ l BBI BPO Q n van m sm m Sk mm m mr 11 4' The, lineup of ths Tacony team 2 gives promise of a great contest, pn ' IflliJB " ,7 'JJ ? the Taconv team ' will be: kusa I ? Wauael, It, .....1Z . 1 Taylor, of Vermont, atcLaughlin, of 1 c ulTi!h.m 5 Notrs Wme, fcchr2er, 'of p. ot'v,; ' v?lf MIJo; of Franktordr Bwinton. of Lo- high,' Dayton, of P. M. L; Boss, of ' iowl& wr! ? Virginia; Allen, of Bwarthmors, and wVtsoS?n7.! ! '! h passing is the forU of West Virginia. There should be some bighllghta. From ths inter sectional standpoint there Is another savory dish in store besides the Army-Notre Dame clash. Yale's amasingly powerful team faces Georgia and should have It easy FABER BEATS GAME OF SERIES and 'tis said that Syracuse is com ing tack into Its own this year. To day frill tei '(ha story, ' WELSH RAREBITS Gleanings From Cfiaiing Dish of Sport TIIE SPORT SCREEN k Babe Ruth, ths Ysnks hero, in his stories written for the Times-Leader. vsry oiien reiers to "mind over mat ter" as one of the essentials to win t ali games. There are many who iiiugf) this theory, while others up Iioid It Anyaay hers is an (j)ustr MMii 115 WVftiHg VHTef. Ralph Shlnnsrs, tfis fss utility outfielder, who the (iisnts carried all season as reserve material against possiuia injury 10 isiengei or Cun-i.ingham, is desperately ill of typhoid iiuiuenxa in a ew xorg hospital, The doctors bed given up heps af saving his life, lBt Wednesday morn, ing. Ue eemed to be sinking rwpidr ly, in fact the" chances were te ,$ one that he would not recover. V-'' ';V-. -'I' in 1 11 1, . ' 1 1'.. I,. ' 1 .; Then came the news of ths Giant victory, thinners rallied. He seemed to possess mors life, more nerys. Ths body carpenters who said he didn'-l liave a chance, decided ihat thefs was chance for him after all- .Ths mind ones sgain had triumphed over the weakness of the flesh. A t least It had triumphed momsntar- . iiy and carried the bait player ovay a desperate stags of his disease. '.'.."" -.'v " 1 " :: - - - -r:; -rr There are good hopes - now that thinners will pull through. ""Though a tine athlete and an 'excellent, ball player, Shinners had never' 'quite risen to sufficient heights o win a .berth in the lineup of the world's champions. But he was Veil liked, -end there Isn't a player in the league or a fan In the country who doesn't wish him well in the bluer fight with the dark-robed angel. ',' : The big point je, that Skinner's joy in his teammates'' success lifted him out of the rut and save hint a fight ing chance for life. It was another . WITIJ THE SCRAPPERS Joey Gans. rsted ss ths best welter weight In the world, may have boosted nis etocK in iraae lascaitgnt me fact that he knocked out an unknown does not mean anything In the life of ens, Franklo VsnchsL The latter says uans wi know after vveanesuay night of next week that as has been In a, battls..., .;. Venehel l a plucky fighter. There never has been sny nghter developed In this; region who ever showed any tMng on the Lithuanian doughboy in, gamepess, His frlepds say that he Can take Gans hardest socks and com back for more, and at the finish, Venchal will bs In there, working hard for 4 victory. PS Th Venohal-Gens battle Is being talked about everywhere. The fact that Gans so decisively defeated Rivers last night has boosted the Armory fight in which both of the above elters ars semi-windun prln-el PS la. The battle is attraetinar as much If pot mors tntsrest than the windup. . Pea O'Brien. Old Ferae battler, last night in Binghamtpn, knocked out 0nstota Bob, of Syracuse, W. T. ins aayo wallop came in the tenth round and it was a crashing right hand wallop to the jaw. Young MoDeds, of Plains, Isat night caused suite an upheaval in hstlo circles when he gave Whitey Grey the worst trimming of his eareer. Ths Hanover Green boy was on the vsrge of a knockout n the last two rounds. To the credit of Grey, however, he stood up under a Arcs bombardment, and he shewed rars, gareeness In go ing ths entire route. For some reason or pther the gallery gods, who are usually fair ant broad minded, gave ' uetiittn lutmer a nna raxzinar aura Coolbsugh has appeared at the Armory before against Johnny Hardy and thf fans know he can step some. Morris Is. a newcomer, but he has been working out in town and ths fans who have watched his preliminary work say he is a hummer. Willy McNulty, who meets Johnny I Hardy, is also known here, but sul ! Acs to say that Mike Latao Is his ! nmnager, and Alike never handled a r poor (Ightsr in his sarear as a man ager. un ians an Know Hardy and luvj, uh w see mm wora against a jast opponent a thriller. Ths tickets for the Armory show have already been placed on sale arid they are being disposed of rapidly. Indications point to a capacity house at the Armory Wednesday night ftWow' Hero of 1917 World's Series bnables White i.Sojj to Win ' - !V'v':- Chicago, Oct 13 urban Faber, star spitball pitcher and hero of the 117 world's series, hurled the American League team to Its first victom over the National Leaguers in th? city series here yesterday. Faber downed the Cubs, 4 to 8 being afforded nna support and displaying the old cunning which marked him an th loa. This bout should be Pltcner of, lasu " '?rr U. Vic Keen, ths Maryland pell- gian, was forced to leave the slab when he became wild in the fifth session. Fred Russell hurled until the seventh when he was removed for' a! pmcn niuer. uroie usDorne nnisbing up, Fsber hejd hs Cubs to six hits, ens pf tliem a homer by Fribarg. Tha Box gained sight safe hiows p lh three Cuh pitchers. , The fourth game of the series will be played to4ay at ths American League park. Attndance. 26,128. ReceipU,. 2.-.ir Commission's ehare 12T04.37. liach olufci's I1MSPUT LOCAL BOY DOWN SATURDAYS COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES vs. Swarthmore, st Franklin Penn field. Army va Notre Dams, at Rmnkivn. Navy va Wsst Virginia Wesleyan, f ?lftyers' pool, ?,fJ4.60. Yals va Georgia, at New Haven. Princeton,-, ya Georgetown, at Princeton. Harvard vs. Middlebury, at Cambridge. , . Lafayette va F. and M.. at Kaston. Lehigh va Rutgers, at New Bruns-wick Bucknell vs , Siisguehanna, at ir:tory for 'those whs believe that Whitey didn't deserve such treatment tilO ,,,,I,U (Uiq fcf, 4fJ., ". t Vrpf, 1, tM Wy. LOCAL BOYS ON CLASS 1 '075.1 .. TEAMS AT MUHLENBERQ urXhtSK! . WUke..t3arreboy.opiia?dBn.an- Sacrolrn.teTUe other in. backflelds restefday, a rouhda O'Brien i a fairly good bo v AHpntown, when th. Freshen fct: but hs w, n? mate , fSi Thi Muhlenberg defeated; tba Bopba- fans would Hka to see more of this mores 24 ,to 0. "lioch" Junes played -youngster. IUT IU flfH tWf warn, Holnhauer right half for the second year men, ,The contest took plsoe in connection with Colege $9f celebration. '' . ,k . The heart was takes put e the so-thomores, when, after they were bout to score. - Wtdemoysr Inter-cci'ted a forward and rasj yards fur a touchdown. , Freshmen Spphqmores. . Mderaoyer .... left snd Melllck 1 i elntaolman . . left idcle ' ; . Steward Umick . left guard ,'fl. Miller 1-r.ji.ndt ...... center i.,.., Truchses 1 y ....... right guard . . . . . . Dennis .'-i rpn'kol .right tackle. Bartholomew K Jliller ..... right ena J yer quarterback ..... Klotz j rden -..left hulfback . .Bteinhauer J.hics ....... fullback ....... Glenn r-ubsiltutlons Wolfe ' for Day. !.!. for Adamlck. Harned for 8. J!Hler, Neily for Stewart Bumra for i-.tter. - Valentine fof Dennis. Touch-do nr Widemcyer, B. Miller, Bor-iv n, Peycr. Umpire Groves. Reft i!f-WUt. JiPiivl iipesman-HCrrinii -it Time of imarterST.ia minutes. Pitt burgh. W. and J. vs. Brown, at Wash ington, Pa. Penn Stats vs. Gettysburg, at Stats Coltegs. Dartmouth vs. Boston Unlversltr. .i I, Cornell va'Willlams. at Ithaca, Columbia vs. Wesleyan, at New York, v Centre vs. Clemson, at Danville. Maryland vs Richmond College, at College park, Md. Johns ' Hopkins vs. Mount St Vary's, gt Baltimore. Pelawsrs vs. Urslnus, at Newark. Lebanon Valley ya Vlllanovs,, at Lebanon. ' 1 " P. M. a vs. Albright, at Chester. . Haverford vs. Stevens, at Hobpken. ' Holy Cross va Providence, at Worcester. Syracuse va Alabama, at Syracuse.-: . ." Drexel vs. pt. Joseph's College, at Phillies Park. Ohio State va Colgate, at Qa-lumbus. Michigan vs- vanaermit ai Aan Arbor. . .,' - Share, $8 Wj4. WhUf 60s ;' ,l" : ' " ab. r. strunk, cf. t Barret, If. ......... iiooper, rf. Collins, 2b. Bheely, lb. Falf. If. .. Moatll, ., pf.,.-,. Kamm. Sb. . .., , Vfrtfnla. PittaTlMcClennan.-ia" . t'rouse, c faoer, p. Totals , Stats, cf. s.. Adams, sa .. Grsnthsm, 2b. Grimes, lb. . . Friberg, lb. . Miller, If. .. . Heathcote. rf. O'Farrell, c. . Keen, p Fussell, p. ,,, Grigsby ,, , . Osborne, p. .. Totals . h. o. a. a. 2" 2 1 0 1 1 2 3 6 3 10 2 1 a A ! o 0 I 6 3 0 11 A 0 2 0 110 6 10 0 10 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 i ooi i e ::;:::Jjjjjj ......28 1 "i t7 is"; J Cubs ab. r. h. o. a. a. f 1 J 0 0 4 0 1 i t D ..... 4 0 0 4 J 0 4 0 1 11 0 i ......4 12 12 i ...... 4 (f 0 2 0 0 , a o- o 4 e q v...,. Ill 4 1 0 ...... s oo o o a 1 0 0 0 0 0 ...... 1 o-o poo $ 6 0 2 1 rCOTOALL NOTES ;ivr.y.M-vi!Ie Buflaloes will play - i t -.';tfrtn iJunaloes, gun- - 1 i. -t. 2 O :!K'k Shirp SOCCER GAME AT FORTY FORT On Baturdav at Wallba ,.i formidable Plains' United wl lineup against tbs Forty Fort Soccer club. Both teams ars at present tie for first position and a break either ar Will gq a Jong way in, deciding the pennant lather team needs an Introduction In the soccer world as both clubs are composed of players from up net down tba valley. . llalns Is expected to Use their feir j-tholomew - ulap Uneun consisting of Border, ale, . , . t Lants Donald, Newblgging. MoOrew, Drylle urumera, lameron orotners, A, Dins-mulr, Fergupn and Moffatt lorty iqrt will have Captain J. Bundle, Oliver Arthur a professional from one of the vrack English teams, Joe Patrick another medal man, Dick Richards who is clever with the ball, Smith one ot thf best goalies in 'the cpuntry, besides several others, ope pf whom will be a new fullback who comes under ths highest recout uienuatioe of being the best Is his , class. - - ' . - r - , . - j As this is a Wyoming Leagtis con-1 test the kick-off must be at 4:(0 prompt ' . :- . j On Sunday the Forty "ort team will p!.y the Nanticoke A. Cat fan- , i icoks, J i ; . STATEMENTS BY RIYAl MANAGERS John McGraw, Glapts: -fhs Giants) have now passed the hardest part of the journey. Ths series has not been won yet, as TnkM r fighting club, but we haveThe aovantags ani I feai sure ws will retain it Casey Stengel has won two Uns games for us. Nehf pitched wpn-derfully yesterday and Groh was marvelous. I am sorry that Pipe is hurt because he .is a great player and a gentleman." Miller Huggins, Yankees: "We have not given tip' hope. Wo ars outshining the tliants and having tnostof the breaks against us. Stengel thought that Janes tried to 'bean' him .lust before iis hit (he homer but' he Is wrong. Jones would never try -to -'dust a batter. The Babe still has his eye and his confidence is only increased when they keep walking him. Shawkey will . pitch today if he warms up good." , ' , ......31 2 6 27 12. 2 -aiiu iuf r M88cu in seveiuiu Score by Innings White Sox ..... 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 Cubs 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 (j Two-base hlts-r-Statu,- Grouse, Frl berg. Hpms rBI",rlbrr- Stolen, base Adams- Bacrlflcea Colins, Keen, Fatter,- Hooper. Double plays -Collins, alcClellgn and Sheely, Left on baewt faox. 7; Cubs, 4. Base on pans- ra.oer, i; neon, yeoppie, 2.' Struck putx-Byi' Fabse, 4; by Keen, fi by Ftissell. 3. , Hits,pff Keen. 6 In 4 1-2 innings: off Fussell l jn 2 8-3; off 08borne, t la . Wild ultchr FussalL , Umn rested QUlgley. Ormsby, Tatein snd iqlmes. ; Llng pitcper-rriveen., '44ms :. , - - ,. a,.i.;. . " . i.il.- .t..,-- j 1 - Want To Swap Guns? We wIB s.y cuk tit ytmr sea. 'ttfU, e? ristol. tt MCku-e wltk fn tt u? ethaf ftrMr'zea wity ml, Vrm to t&e time e to (nil rn e, rl- H. ELASE, tt 8. Maia tt,' GREAT dm TQ AVIN,' Neh't HARD ONE TO, LOSE,' v -s-Jpn. Ka'i York,' Oct- IS. "It KM a great gains to win,". said Arthur Nehf in his modest way after tha little yesterday. "JHy ar never felt better and my curye ball. 14 pharp break to it. , ''I was pot worried by tha baaing of ths crowd when Rutb was at ths bat in" ths eighth. My hardest moment of tha gams came in the ninth Inning with Ward at ths bat i thought that X would fever get hjw. out.'! : - Sad Sam Jones was not a sad person when seen In the club? house.:; :' 1 wanted to win today," said Jones. ''I never pitched any better. ?he' ball I threw o Wiengel in the seventh, a sorew ball,' did pot break the way eirtected it would. It broke too tlose, ami that Is why Stengel ' hit . his homer." , FOR TEN COUNT? Fans Marvel at Form Shown By Allentown Negro VfnchaJ is Ready Whn Joey Gans, rated as the best colored welterweight In- the world ! !ht knocked out Mexican Jos Rivara, many of tha fistia followers gave vent to their expressions and predictions were mads b iQtiii that e cotprea Dattlsr would send FranWa Venchal down for the cotjnt. uinerg paid that Vancha wf a far fiitierent type fightsp than, tha, pp-popents that Pans has been appearing against and they look for. tha ocsfcl battler to give ths dusky entry the hardest battle of his career. . . Venchal was at the boxng- show last night and he looked to hi In fin. condltioh. After the bout some of the boys started kidding him. and. when one of them shouted, "est read v foe Gans right", Venchal retorted quick t ly, "1 haven't got a glass jaw " - And in that spying, Frankie said a whole lot He is one of the few battlers who in his novice days was luiyea iu iaaa it vencnal In pther words has gone through the school of hard knocks. One night in Mike Gaughan's rink at Newton Johnny Herman of Allentown knocked - him down, eight times, and Yfnchal was n there at the finish and n th last rounq he had Hernias on ths ropes i1?., Pfnch (Sfpng a.n( groggy pp,n.. PHlon, ; :'4 Made Good With Cross Can Marty Cross hit Local fight fans Who saw ths Hebrew socker When ho was in his prime will attest to nis nitung aoimy, ana yat. Warty when he was at his bast couldn't phase-Venchal. When they fought in this city, Cross knocked Venchal down, but Frankie didn't stay there 1 or any lengm ot time ana OS gave 1. roas - one or his carter. there hereabouts who will say that Gans hits harder, than this Sams tross reiiowr . The fight between Gans and Ven chal promises to be a great- battle. Everywhere that sporting fans con- ? negate, when flstlp dope is peddled, here is some person or other who shouts out, ''say, how about that Venchel-Gans fight 7". And this interest extends all over ths valley and tha coming bout will be freely commented on until they meet in the ring, .. ' Gans knocked put WaHy 'Hinekls. hs Kayoed Jerry Mayes, and - hs stopped Johnny O'Malla. Gang l credited with knocking out several Ipther opponents, Rivera. the.fexU pan, peing nis l'epi vipvnp. tui gHoij didn't knock . out Larry Eetr r idgs, - when i the New , .Yqrfc; hegro opposed, him, at the Armory plug a f months ago.-' '.! . ffa'l 'CaWat,.nr - Tommy Cjuigley feels confident that Venchal wjl take the measure f Gans in an eight round bout Hs IS very much elated tha Venclioj has, decided to 'return to ths ring, and Tom plans to make him as big a drawing card as ha was about pns year ago. II Vonebat beats Qans he will again be la popular favor with all the fans, and realising just what It means to him, the fans can de-eend on tt that ' Venchal Is going out to win and that he will be at pis beat when he tackles his hardhitting Welterweight opponent. NEWPORT ELEVEN ( DEFEATS RIVALS Judging from jnanner : In which Newport Township high school's foot ball team Is starting (ha season, they will putdo their last year's record. They defeated Forty Fort high school yesterday pn fhs Ttst Side school's field by the score of 20 to 0. . j.iprnozi, uie vien vyon ypuin sso Is itarring as the centre for Newport. and Kushln, their half back, featured with 'specular plays and ends runs, jsewpovt seoreil.' a touchdown in every period. Peter Torek, a former college foatbal star hlmselt,' who is a member of the Neanort Town ship high sohool faculty, i coaflung the bovs'and Uke evtry other tenia tliat Turek directs thoy bav. exil- lent clijfuros of c iiiiijs out on 'top. jura of xiobart Tacony has a par ticularly strong line.' and this will give the Panther fans ait opportunity Of seeing the plunging powers of Pat Smith, Michigan , All -American, and VP iigmner, tW ptata star. , Thf addition of Wakf (French glvesi to ths IPanthers a backfield combination, which seems to outclass any ever before assembled. While a star a R(itgera and West Point French was, acclaimed as ths most versatile back lit thf eountry. At making slices pf tackle h rtvI thf Prea Killenger. gnd in the open field he will tnaUe, Gebrgf Sullivan of the U. of P., and Dayhoff, BMcltpell, move at top speed to keep ths place they wop last week in, thf hearts of ths fans. SiilUvan. demon strated that be g a real wonder, but the critics are warning tha antbpsi-astio ones to watch tha work of French. ' ,'. The management ha been commended on the perfect order that was kept lit ths large crowd last week. This condition will t even . better next week for in anticipation of a crowd evec larger than ths first ens, thf police protection wilt bs doubled. Mounted police will patrol every slds of the, field and gridiron and othar Officers win control the crowd at tha gata and the bleachers. This wl make it certain that ths seats re. served for ladies will bs undisturbed. Th rma will again ba played at the fotst jnd field and. VU start t hi. MUHLENBERG SET FOR DICKINSON Wstsen,'p. I P.yani. p. tit . McQuillsn, p. ' tBehtlsv. a. ...... 1 IMaoMlrt,,.,, 0 Tot,lf I 0 fi 0 I OO60I .417 112 i 1 r r 1 5 5 1 v v i iine u g 0 0 ? 5 0 0 0 0 1 .167 11 0 0 i I 2 2 i t I 2 0 0 -600 I 0 0 9 2 2 ! 2 2 2 2 D 8 0 o o i o o a t oi e a ,isa 21 s o 0 0 0 0 004 0 1 0 0 .000 ia a 0 o e e . 0 0 0 000 0 0 .ooo 10 0 A (I 0 oso o 0 0 o e 0 .000 010 s o u u a v' p u a i o a .00a 1 8 fl I 0,0 0 1 0 000000 jOM OOI) 1 a 2 1 o a a n a n n . r.e.1 n 0 f 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 .333 0 1 i u U U U U U tt B O -DOU o o n 0 0 0 fl 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .coo .0 0 0 0JJ P 0,0 OiM Q 0,-000 0 0 0 t .217 II 43 2 ,000 1,000 657 1.000 1,000 1,000 ; 1,000 : 1,000 1,000 -1,000' 1,000, ,000 0.-1,000 0 1,000 .000 .000 .000 ...Z 8 21 t-slatted for Cunnlnobam in t Batted for Waton in first gsms. ' r , J Ren for Gowdy la first osme. ' Batted for Bentlsy in seoond gams. Ran for Bsntlsy in first fisms. ,084y VXAYZB Witt, f, .. Ougsn, Sb. , Ruth. rf.. 1b R. Msusei, If. ripp, ia. Nf WYORk" VANKES6 Amsri esn League) AB, B tf l KB 9TB BB IK 10 SB SBIBfO FQ o i 14 I f " f f se m :y.:Tll w.rd, ft, ;,:,;; .'.j Hoyt' p. I Bush. D. ......... .'3 Pennoek, p. ...... 3 Jones, p. ...2 Johnson, ss. Q I "''. ! Handricks (, .V, 1 IHoff msnn ,,,, ' Totsls'.,,i. ..1008 28 5 Bsttedfor Bcott in first t Betted for- Juries In triird asms uBuoie riaysrr-f snufesi U U U I U U 1 U d. .14.-1 SUB ril l! pi f Q 0 3 1 0 1 0 1 .167 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 .333 31 0 0 0 0 1 8 0 0 2 0 1 .417 9 10 1 0 0 6 1 0 & 0 0 ,364 fi I o o o 3 o i i o ! ;333J m uvsaa u uDioa .oua o a 1 i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .66? 0 2 Q o ooo ooo o Id 8 .000 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 XCO 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 7 0 0 OS) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 0 0 0 0 0 .0 0 p e 000.0 0 .000 000 01000 0 0000 0 00 0 S 0 2 3 45 0 1 8 0 8 80 6140 "5 isms y i-s 1.000 1,00a ( pug . 1.000 0 1.000 .B39 1 ' .962 0 1.000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 ,000 .000 CCO m .'. Scott. VJmrA mnA Plnn. Si Jim... (mh j el 1. Oisntsi Bsr.croft.F,seh snd Kelly, Ryan. Groh snd friech, 1; Frieeh IP" j"wt 'I t-nfon, oancroTi ana tveny. , Left en Bases Yankees, 21; Giants, 14. yt. T off Bush, ? off Penneck, 1i off 4a Off McQuillan. 2l off Bentlv. 2 off Nan ? (Ryan Snycfar) by Pennoek, 1 (Ksllsyh I and Oron), by A.tson, 1 (Hoyth by Rysna ufllfri, 1 (R. Msusel)! by Nef, t snss, W't. Coach Walter fPunk" Wood Thura. day afternoon sent his Muhlenberg rouiuau macnins inraiia-n Tiara sorimmage drill game wan uickinson this afternoon, tha practice ptths hardest, not for the wee( Cut fof the entire season. -Starting with a light signal drill. the practice - ended with ths hardest kind of scrimmage. When tha play-era were dismissed thia afternoon they left the field a tired hut happy lot knowing that . the last praatioe of the week for the big game to morrow was over with. To Say that Muhlenberg looked good In Its practice would be-putting" it mildly, for thS Cardinal and Gray squad looked even hetter yesterday than it did the week befor lf W aB- wltl Lafayette. - '- '':'' "There is a general sneaky feeling among the Muhlenberg followers that Muhlenberg is in for a trimming today at the Jiand of Dickinson, but those who have seen the team work; tot-in tha nut week believe differ ent "Muhlenberg haa shown a hijf -Improvement "since that unexpected. defeat by Delaware lasi paiufuay. and there 'is more fight than ever among the individual players. . Phara l a determination to Show that hv have tha goods, and that the defeat at the hands of JPeUwart was a nuke, t pey e Mii"i w-' Bases on Balls Off Hovt. 1i off Bush. 2t ntr pmi,. ii , off Watson, 1 pft Ryan, 2f off MdQuUian, 2( off Bently, 2 , eff Nehf, j. winHHV vmv jr pum, inn t. . . , . y . . k. T ny donas, ifisnT, oancrort (Ward ana acott); by'McQi nuxn ana waroi. - s ans RunrJf noyt, 4 and 4 Iri 8 1-3 Inningsj off Bush, and 1 In n a in- nasi off, ifine t a fp, N,hf. 9 ,nd 0 in 0 innings. ' - . r " " . ,- - . . wua ritpnes -riysn, 1. - ' M', PiartrrRyin Xf!rt oam) Pannoek (saeatid 0ma)i Nahf Khird osmSl. , , . .J-osing Prtohara-nBush (first 0ms)j MoQuillsn sscond asms) Jons (third oame). . , : . - .- v- - . -M, .-. iuah Its last i e e r i R o 3 L?, V8 "",r,8 V Bush. 4 ar t hardest battles pf . DU. aulteiy for tha game today and ""w. S"' 'W -r!? whenMHuhlenberg takes tha naio W- day ths Cardinal ana way euppun-ers will see the sme snappy ngntlog tam that T gave Lafayette auch a great battle. WALTER pipp is out ; ! OF SERIES FOR GOOD New York. Oct II. Walter Pipp, ths plncky Vst baseman of the Tankeea, who Started the .Wood's Series ; under ths handicap lof an. injunsd- ankje, strained st Boston two weeks ago.; was announced a deMtely out of the Yankee lineup fop the remainder of the games, by Coi Jaoob Rupperi laat night . ;';'-' ;"''' ''i-1 -- The running tq second bass la a feres hit by Aaron Ward in- the seventh in-tnng Ppo bad tP slide in a desperate effort to beat Bancroft's throw to Frlsch. He slid, then trledtorise and fell over ," heap. The bad leg had given away again and now Jt is worse than ever. : v-" e"M, . Walter will i view the proceedings from ths bench or side line today and the rest of the series. His absence Is found to hurt the a'40- of the Yanks. He had been hitting at t ,iu rate in the three games played- It may hurt the defense; for Babe Ruth is not as agile at Arst as the tall Wolver ine. -' ;. - . Eimer'SmUh or orobsblv will play place of Ruth, MILLION DOLLAR GATE IS NOW IN SIGHT New Tork, Oct. 13.-i-Ths "million dollar" gate, so long sought by the naseoaii magnates ta wonq s aeries, is Jbt sight Receipts for three days of the present record-cracking grapple at ths Stadium and ths Polo Grounds amount to $541,482. The record for tha past, ths eight-game series between the Yankees and the Giants In 1921, drew 1900,288. Just shprt of tha minion mark. At the present rate, if the series goes three mors games, which seams possible, the : million nark will ha bassed. - !- .. ' ' If it goes seven games, tha limit, tha best record of tha past will be laaten by $200,080. ' COLLEGE FOOTBALL Holy Cross, 22; Providence, 0. Boston College, 10 j. Fordbam. P. Colby, f; Bprlngfleld, 0. V . ; " Denison, 4: Cincinnati. 7. ' . . Otterbeln, 22; 'Heidelberg, 0. - - Maryyllls Col,, 14; Mllligan Col., . WIT FIRST TOIE THAT I 3NYDfeR TIPPED BAP! New Tork. Oot 12.- The Yankee hall players were I'hot under tha col- lar1' in tha club house after the game yesterday because of the bat-ttpping stunt f hat I'Panchq" Snyder pulled on ' Aaron Ward In the ninth Inning, They declared that it was not the first time In the- series that Snyder haa pulled ' tha trick and that If it Is repeated, there will ha rumpus oni tha ball , field.- - -.(".,- , ,-.-,,,: "Bnyder tipped my bat la tha tttafhi inning. said Ward. "Ha even sd- : initted to me that ha did, but Nallln , wouldn't pay any attention ta tny ' protest It's not tha first time ha hag.' dons It I should hare had bit haaa , I on balls Instead of being called ant Pit fstrikea . . , ; ., Harvey Hendrlck in ths outfield In DIDN'T PITCH TO . i ; ME, SAYS RUTH New York, Oct lf-'Nehf didn't pitch to me!, you can go and bet on hat," said Babe Ruth while he was "cooling out" -in the club house after the battle at ths Yankee Stadium yesterday. -t'He' didn't pitch to me," continued the PBlg Hitter." ''and if he had In that, eighth Inning I might bava won the ball game. - " - 'They pitched to me In the flrst two games, but Nehf decided yesterday that it was better to walk me rather than let nie get a real swing at the ball. The ball I was called out oo in tha sixth nnln was high and on the Inside, and I thought I had my base on tls. -' 'I tell you aHIn. it a'as pns game that tha titants didn't pltuii to me." - . ." . " BATS the pace .vv:;';-'-: 2.5Q I 3.5P 32 South Main St. if - ram Ai and CCCC" BALL snent Decker-LkdLczn Ilvare Co. 5

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