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BANQUET IRELAND'S PATRON SAINT HONORED AT DIG AFFAIR HERE Speakers Paint Word Pictures of Glories of St. Patrick PA. fl Si The annual St Patrick's dinner of Ancient Order ot direst t' vw4 if 4 ml TQ InA Special PreJiastGrSellina OUR smart roads this Spring, all leading to the traditional Selves AuYiIlatv ill i of "a suit for Easter. New tweeds and sports good taste woolens in youthful tailored suits. The two piece suit with T.

COSCRAV. detachable blouse front an effective "merger" of tailored suit and ensemble. The three piece suit with box coal newest ensemble version. And the ensemble with dress and long coat perennially smart. Altogether four, ways of saying one thing 'Suits are smartly worn this year." Ensemble Suits, $59.75 to $89.75 2-Pc.

Sport Suits, $29.75 to $49.75 MacWillianCs Easter assortments on the Fashion Floor include comprehensive showings of suits in each' of the 3 four approved typesX 4 PUBLIC SQUARE WEST MARKET PRESIDENT W. EDITOR'S NOTE The following St. Patrick's Day message was writton exclusively for Timcs-Learfer and NEA Service by W. T. Coegrove, president of tho IriaS Freo State.

BY W. T. COSGRAVE i Prceidonl of the Irish Freo State Tho of St. mtrlck may well be c'lolnrited with IncreflHPd rejoic-hip both in Ire'iind and wherever Iflshmpti meet in remembrance of their natron saint and their home country. Tho year which has passed since biHt celebrated St.

Patrick's Day fia been eventful for Ireland. Tho lioiulon urrreement removed from the patli of Irish development possible of future difficulty. It established pood relations with people of northern Ireland in way which. I believe will reault in cooperative effort between nil Rood citizens In the Interest of the country as a whole. Reeogniio Neecf of Irish Nationality It settled tho outstanding financial question with flreat Britain.

Fptab-lishment and growth of the free state have produced marked change in the attitude of who in times past dpposed recognition of political freedom for Ireland. They have come to recosnlze the need of the Irish nationality. More important still they have come to recognize that the Irish nationality can find expression In perfect accord with other nations of the commonwealth and of the world at laii-Re. As the Irish people themselves have come to feel their faith has been vindicated and their long fight for political recognition won ffiSHAMRPC Touay, Wednesday, March 17, Is the day that every Irishman will proudly display a shamrock on his lapel. We all know they are wearing shamrocks in honor of Ireland's pa-Iron saint, St.

Patrick but why Here's the story which has long vetn told and has long been accepted a true: When St Patrick preached Chris tianity to the pagan Irish he had JLcWimiL both rnova 1900 -fil IRISHMEN So- Hibernians, division IS and 17, and- Ladles' Auxiliaries, Nos. 1 and 3, A. O. was held In the ballroom of. Hotel Sterling last night More than 300 persons from various sections of the county attended the enjoyable affair.

Joseph F. Evans proved to be a capable and Jovial toastmaster. Ireland ana Its glories and the achievements St Patrick, Its patron saint, were beautifully painted hi word pictures by the various speakers, who also told of the Influence of persons of Irish extraction throughout the world. C. Bowman Stroma spoke on The Day we Celebrate, in which he told or the achievements of St Patrick John B.

Boyle gave an early history of the Hibernians and told of the work of the O. H. throughout the country. John J. Casey talked on Our Country, and Mary Shovlin, county vice president talked on be half of members of the ladles' auxiliaries.

Miss Mary McBride gave several vocal selections, Cornelius O'Donnell gave a humorous reclta-j tlon, and a quartet having as its members: Messrs. Burt, Nolan Roberts and Reese, gave several selections. Rev. J. J.

Curran, pastor of St Mary's Church, gave Invoca tion. John Noland led the chorus singing, and music was furnished by Burt's orchestra. The program was Interspersed with a program of Irish jigs and reels, participated In by a number of the guests. 300 Attend. Honored guests at the affairwere; Miss Anna G.

O'Donnell, State director; Mrs. Anna Nolan, county president; Mrs. Anna Meehan. county secretary; Miss Mary Sheerin, county treasurer; Anna Black, Anna Hoffman, Mary McCarthy, Daniel O'Donnell, State chairman of Irish history, John Smith, Joseph M. Gaynor, county president, and John A.

Keeney, treasurer. The committee in charge of last night's affair had as Its members: John Heyburn, E. A. McLaugh lln, Cornelius Reilly and Edward F. Mangan.

The following attended: Margaret Allen, Anna Allen, Mrs. Ellen Andes, Mrs. M. Brady, John B. Boyle, Mrs.

John B. Boyle, Eugene Bradley, Joseph Bilby, H. P. Boyle, Mrs. M.

Brannlgan, P. F. Boyle, P. J. Boyle, Clarence Brown, Mrs.

John A. Brown, Josephine G. Bergan, Frank Black, Mrs. Fraak Black, Mrs. Delia Beirley, Mrs.

Anna Boyle, John J. Boyloh, Mrs. James Brazell, Teresa A. Brazell, Mrs. Albert Boyer, Mrs.

John Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Burns. John J. Casey, Rev.

J. J. Currnn," Michael J. Conway, John J. Cunningham, Mrs.

Joseph Cochrane, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Campbell, Mrs, John Cannon, Marie Casey, Mr.

and Mrs. Thomas D. F. Cavanaugh Mrs. D.

F. Cavanaugh. Mrs. T. A.

Convery, Anna E. Considlne, Mrs. Mary Cuslck, Mrs. Ellen Collins, Mrs. Mathew Carlin, Mrs.

X. Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. James Cannon. i Winifred Durkln, Mrs.

Mary Doyle, Mrs. James Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dolan, Katherine Duffy, Mrs, V. E.

Donnelly, Mrs. Walter F. Dane, Dr. F. E.

Donnelly, Mrs. Mary Dowl-Ing, James1 J. Devaney. Joseph F. Kvans, Mrs.

Elizabeth Evans, Mrs. Albert Evans, Thomas Finn, Mrs. Catherine Flanncry, Mrs. M. Gallagher, Mr.

and Mrs. Hugh Gallagher, Mary C. Gallagher, Alice Gallagher, Marie B. Grausam, vlrs. Claude Gregory, Mr.

and Mrs. James J. Glldea, Mary A. Gainard, Thomas Garvey, 'Elizabeth Gernan, Mrs. Thomas Garvey, Mary A.

Garnor, Mr. and Mrs. I J. M. Gaynor, A.

C. Gaynor, Paul Benjamin H. Goldstein, John Glldea, Mr. and Mrs. John J.

Heyburn Catherine Hilbert Mr. and Mrs. I. Hosey, M. J.

Haffey, Bertha Haffey Mrs. W. Haggerty, Joseph Hastings Mrs. J. Howlands, William Hersh- lerger, Harvey Hershberger, Hogan, Mr.

and Mrs. W. A. Hughes, and Mrs. John Hoffman, John A Herron, Margaret Harnan, Mrs.

Kate liarman, Josephine B. Hopkins, Mr. nd Mrs. John Hughes, Walter Holmes, J. J.

HIgglns, Henry tunes. Mrs. Margaret Jenkins, Mrs. R. Jones, Mrs.

John F. Kroop, Mrs. P. J. Kennedy, John A.

Keeney, Mrs, John A. Keeney, A. Kensington Martin Kane, Mary Kane, Mrs. Kirk, Elizabeth Kelly, John Kuzmak Reglna LVnch, Mrs, Edward Lynch, Mr. and Mrs.

Martin Lavln Anna Lavln, Mrs. Hugh H. Lenahan Margaret Logue, Mrs. Mayme Lewis Jennie Lyons, Mrs. John Little, Mrs Bessie Lyons, Patrick Lyons, Mrs Mary Lyons, Mrs.

William Lawler iary iiyons, Marie iogue, Mrs. Anna Meehan, A. McLaughlin. Mrs John Manley, Mr. and Mrs.

P. A. Mc Laughlin, John Manley, Mr. and Mrs. M.

J. McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs D. J. Mangan, Mr.

and Mrs. Edward McLaughlin, Jr, Mrs. P. McGuirk, Antnony Monahan, Edward McCor mack, Thomas A. McGlynn, Patrick McGuirk, Mrs.

Joe Mullen, Frank May, John May, Marion McLaughlin, Kita Mullen. Mrs. Delia McNallv. D. McNeils, Joe Mullen, Mr.

and Mrs. j. j. McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs.

W1I liam McCall, Mary McCarthy, Mar garet T. McCarthy, Mrs. E. F. Mc Govern, Mrs.

J. A. McGrane, Mrs. rnomas McGlynn, Carrie Monahan, Mrs. Frank McKernan, Michael Mellett Joseph Moran.

Mr. and Mrs tdward F. Mangan, Mrs. T. A.

Mc-Namara, Mrs. Mary Mooney, Edward Meehan. Mrs. Thomas Meehan. C.

J. Mangan, P. McCall, Mrs. James McGoff, John A. McCall, Mrs.

David Miller, J. F. McGroarty. Mrs. J.

F. McGroarty, Patrick Meehan. Mrs. Anna Nolan. Mrs.

M. L. No lan, Michael Nolan, Mrs. Mary Nolan. E.

J. O'Neill. Anna a. O'Donnell. Mrs.

James O'Donnell, Daniel B. O'Donnell, Richard O'Donohoe, Sarah O'Donohoe, Mugn j. O'Donnell, Anna O'Toole. C. J.

O'Donnell, Mrs. Frank O'Hara. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Prime, Frances PnrgWiv PolaeWkr Mra Mar-garet Quinn, Mrs.

Andrew Qulnn, Mrs. Rose Rotaenbecker, C. M. Reilly, Mrs. C.

M. Reilly, Mrs. George Reid, Mrs. Kathleen Rogan, Raymond Reilly. Mrs.

John Ryan, Mary Sheerin, Mrs. Henry A. Sullivan, Anna Sheerin, Mary Shovlin. C. Bowman Strome, Mrs.

Belle Sweeney, Mrs. Margaret Sammon. William J. Sammon, Mrs. Leo Scanlon, Mrs.

E. Swank, Mary Bweeney. Mrs Sallte Stoltz, John Smith, Luke Sheridan, J. Spangler, Agnes H. Shea, It J.

Schneider. Ray Whalen, Mrs. Rav Whalen. Margaret Walsh. Mrs.

Georga Yesko, Mrs. Joseph F. eager. HALLELUJAH FUNERAL HulL Eng. Cant.

William Cocke- rcU ordered the Hallelujah chorus played at his burial instead of funeral march. NAME THESE FAMOUS Wses. a.o,H. Apostle of the Irish, was not an Irishman, but it seems established that he was of Welsh parentage. His original name was Succath, and, In accordance with custom, when he was-consecrated as a bishop he was given a new name, 'that of Pa'triclus.

Named thus, he Went to Ireland and converted the Irish to Christianity. The shamrock soon gathered to itself a reputation for magic and as a remedy in disease. Eaten In the manner of watercress it was said to allay all fevers; picked when found near a wayside and worn next to the heart, it warded off evil spirits. If placed in a child's cradle tho little one would be exempt from the ills that trouble the young. Maidens had but to Pick on the leaven the name of the young man whose love they sought, pray to St.

Patrick. and bury the shamrock berieath a rosemary bush, and all would be wlel. Ill-luck was destined to befall nn enemy if a sprig of shamrock, pierced nun mo name a tnorn naa to be Used for the Dlercine and nlnoari In his path, was trodden on by him. It once was the custom for all boy babies born In Ireland on St. Patrick's Day to be named after the saint and trained for the priesthood.

ST. PATRICK- NOT IRISH! St Patrick Agrah! They won't lave ve to us: They Say Mother Erin Can't claim ye at birth: They'll give ye to Spain The Dtttch or the German Or any ould place iiarrln Erin on earth. They say that we stole ye An' urot ye to Erin Ah' kept ye, a slave There, watchln' the sheen: For seven long years art We held ye Tn bondage A slave in he land- Where in honor-r-ye sleep. If that same be thru? 1 11 honor the robbers That stole Ye Grand Jewel For Erin's renown: No one can measure The Treasures ye gave us By small, worldly values Of scepter or crown. If ye were a Jew? Small blame be it to ye, Or in tight little Wales, Ye cherished the Leek: Or if ye were born Aither Frinch or a.

Roman? Pd praise ye the same, wuiie me tongue's fit to speak. For "The Fire" ye lit un tne ould Hill of Tara. An' the Shamrock of Faith Ye plucked from the SOD. An' proved be it's laves The Truth that ve gave us. An' taught us the Love An" the Mercy of GOD.

How can I blame thlm For WANTIN TO CLAIM YE? Or. at their good taste Why SHOULD I THROW A STONE? Shure, where ye were born Was none of your doing BUT TWaymelf -xtelmed -The-IrUli ALONE FOR YOUR OWN. JOHN DOWNING. Fottnlttntt, i smmi. ThAf4 Nourishing Digestible No Cooking.

Ths Horn Food-Drink for Ml Ag 1 dFood Jim they have felt Inspiration which Is derived irom creative acmovemoni. This inspiration will manifest itself in the future in every sphere of the nation a life. Its results will be found In Industry increased output and im proved quality. It will be found in the building up of the national In stitutiotis and that our State makes contribution which it ought to the international life of the world Everywhere through the country practical reconstructive effort is mak Inpr itself manifest. Work on the Shann electrical scheme is progressing satisfactorily.

Production and han dling of agricultural produce is be coming increasihg scientific. Vast improvement in roads bears witness to the development now tak lng place. Now that the political con test is over and the facts of our coun try's history no longer tend to be mis represented and adapted to advocacy of politicians, interest of Ireland Is becoming more fully recognized In connection with European history, feel that the return of St. Patrick's Day is tho proper occasion for re mcmberlng what the history of our country has been. Most Hearty Welcome Assured.

Our most ancient monuments rtand as they have stood for over three thousand years. Unaffected by vie tories or Roman armies and having expelled Invading Danes, our an cestors handed down an unbroken tradition which has lived in the minds of our people through centuries of connici. i wouia liKe to give to ail of those who Would visit our shores and particularly to all of Irish birth or extraction who would come to see for themselves the changes which are taking place in the home country, the assurance of most hearty welcome. difficulty in making them grasp the doctrine of the Fcmlty three Per sons in one God. 'men ne inspired to show them a piece of shamrock, or trefoil, with its three leaves on one stalk.

That simple illustration from nature availed, and from that time the beginning; of the fifth century the shamrock, or trefoil, with Its three leaves on one stalk. That simple illustration from nature availed, and from that time the beginning of the fifth century tne snamrock became something to be worn in honor of St. Patrick. It has taken its place with other national emblems. St.

Patrick himself, although the STORAGE 1 BATTERY 1. rf iw jj 1-1 A a. i .1.1 iiini uiiiii At liiyiHHfiyfflyiliifiiim it IT'siicr 1 "ilk At' I E.J.KEATING The twelfth annual dinner of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick will be held in the State armory at Plttston this evening at 6:30 o'clock. An excellent program has been arranged for the affair, with Hon.

Leo Healey. district attorney of Queens County, Brooklyn, N. the principal speaker. The subject of his address will be "The Day We Celebrate." The dinner will commence nt 6:30 o'clock, with Rev. Dr.

P. C. Winters, LL.D., pastof St. Johns R. C.

Church, offering the Invocation. Hon. J. Keating, president of the friendly Sons will then give the nl-troductory speech. Atty.

Charles B. Lenahan, of Wllkes-Barre, will be tj. s.ii, Hon. William H. Gillespie, Mayor of Pittston, will give the address of welcome.

Rev. Dennis J. Kane, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Plains, will be one of the first speakers, his subject being "Characteristics of the Celt." 'Another noteworthy speaker will be Hon. John- H. BIgelow, of Hazleton, former District Attorney of Luzerne County and present State Chairman of the Democratic party.

Hon. Blge-lows subject will be "The Dawn of Intolerance." Tommy Rellly, of Philadelphia, will fender several Irish ballads and Eddie Muicahey; of New York, will entertain With Irish wit and stories. Earl Keating's Orchestra will furnish music. The Armory is elaborately deco rated for the affair, and this year's banquet promise to surpass others ot previous years in every way. Res ervation have been made for about 400.

ERE ARE THE ANSWERS Editors Here are tne answers to the "Name These Famous Irishmen" contest on this page: 1 John McGraw, ot the New York Giants. No. 2 Justice Joseph McKenna, United States Supreme Court. No. 8 Traffic Commissioner E.

J. Donahue, of Cleveland, Ohio. No. 4 John McCormack, noted THnh fnor No. Governor Al Smith, ofl New York.

Np. 6 Cardinal William O'Con-nell, of Boston. No. 7 Tommy Gibbons, the fighter. ''One-Eyed" Connelly, famous "gate crasher." No.

fr-rSenator Thomas Walsh, of Montana. TO DINE TONIGHT 'it iK T- -I i t- -I i Ast? 1 I A i Tj i I 7 8 i for this genuine NEW Tl fl jO Thousands of good Irishmen in the United States will be "wearln' o' the green" toaay in nonor oi m. rai-rick's Day. Here are nine prominent Americans who will surely pin a shamrock on their lapels early and keep it there until late. Who are these sons of Or Erin? To help you in this contest we'll name the Irish looking gentleman In HEAL SKIN DISEASES Apply Zemo, Clean, Penetrat ing, Antiseptic Liquid It is unnecessary for you to suffer with Eczema, Blotches, Ringworm Rashes and similar skin trouble Zemo will usually give Instant relief from itching torture.

It cleanses soothes ths skin and heals quickly and effectively most skin diseases. Zemo Is a wonderful, penetrating, disappearing liquid and ts soothing to ths most delicate skin. It Is recommended for daytime use because it doesn't show. Get it today from an druggist Small size 60o or lance botU 11,00. VMJi Irishman from ths wild and woolly West He gained considerable tarns when the Ta Pot Dome boiled ovett (D(D)ILBJS! Ia an mixta thtpainh Gone! Gets at the cause of corns Dr.

Scboll's 2lno-pad work I3cs magic, becaoss they rsmove tbe-Ma-pressinf or tubbing of shoes, Ths pain goes instantly. Zlno-pads a are safe, sore, antiseptic, bealing. Thj protect while they AssX Ost a boa at yoqr druggist's ot shoe dealer's today-3Sc. tm idmi Ufa. DlSclwllb Tut siM pain it gins SsVi Rubber the center.

No. 3, because, although he represents a flock ot well known Irishmen, he Is not nationally known. Hers are a few tips to help you: No. 1 -This famous Irishman spends most of his life around dla monds. No, he's not a jeweler but halls Irom Gotham.

No, 2 This fine old gentleman is one of Uncle Sam most capable and oldest aides. And he baa the Irish 4 "M' i-tackad onnllJliaJast name. No. 8 He is Traffio Commissioner E. J.

Donahue, of the Cleveland police force. We printed him because he has such a good Irish cop's face. No. -Here's another "Mc." He's usually in the spotlight No. B-Thls New Yorker used to drive a dray.

Now he's right up there among the political notables. No. It wasn't so long ago that this Bostonlan paid a visit to ths Pope In Rome. No. 7 Look at that lace and guess who this Irishman from the flghtln' family is.

No. He only has one eye but when it comes to crashln" his way in, this Irishman Is ths master mind of all times. No. Last but ust least Is this IJase 13 Plates eMail Willard Battery Stations.

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