The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1934
Page 5
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WED.VKSDAV, MARCH 21, BIATHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per tine ror consecutive insertions: IFlve average * nrQS :o u lmc) One time |>er line >'•>= Tv.o times per !lne \xr UHc USED CAR BARGAINS J'i'J 4 dr. Oakland .Sedan .. S2'H 931 4 dr. Ford scdau ...... SS2J Three limes per lln" l>er day .. Me Elx tunes per line per day .. Obc Mouth rate per line 60c Minimum charge OOc Aris ordered lo: three or si: limes and stopped beloie expira I'on will '« cluii'ECC for the nuin her of times tile ud appeared ana adjustment, of bill made. All Classified Advertising cops submitted by iwrsorii- residing out side ol the cuy u use be aeco:n- anied by cash. Hales may DC computed Irom ubovc table F in ill No responsibility will be ta 101 more than one incorrect lu- tcrtion of any classified ud. I Advertising ordoica tor irrenu iar insertions ut>> the one nun late. BUSINESS DIRECTORY L. Ci. MUSS, Undertaker i Ambulance Service | |' 31) •WEAR-EVER aluniiiiiun Is bcttc and costs no mote. Sola excAu Eivcly at Hubnard Hardware Co. 5-ck-4- Reiiair FiKnilure Now Yon r;m tave money by havini furniture ujjlio'.slcrcrt now u materials are cheaper. We niak the old new again. Free estimates Compile line samples. Work guar anlecd. Jenkins & Son, chicfcisawli aic4:3-2 \Ve spcciali/.i: in Flmir S« Special kind:; fur special lluon. [lubbanl ILirilnarc Co. 12c k free figuiu diagnosis in your Ilum Mrs. J. J. Davis, I'liorc 421 SpeJicer Curseticre 2Gc K3- EXFEEIX Typewriter and Addiu Machine Ilciairilij;. U. S. BlaiU ciullip, 116 E. Kmc. Call 1G5-J. 26c k3-: FOR SALE BARKED cured alfalfa hay $: jicr ton; few tons half and ha cotton seed. E. V. Hill n-pk-24 AUTOMOHH.KS, THUCKS 0:tO sett.m J20 ronliiir Z dr. sedan 931 ToiilLie 2 dr. sedan . $175 S29U T MOTOR CO. I'hone -305 E. Main" Bargains! Bargains USED CARS :« DoiiciF, court: s« K CIIKVIIOI.KT. COUPE, f. Win- WhcrLs, Rumble Scut S3G IK AUBURN' COUPE s:n iwi roui) v-s TUDOR ssos I'JIU CHEVROLET SEDAN . Vant lo buy all kinds Used House ' '" hold Goods, prices. Sl'l'OlHl Stoves, ighlon't land Store. JJ20 E. Main. lOpk-1-IO LOST Men's Neckties Reflect Economic Trend, He Says CINCINNATI - Neeklk'S outlook is live mid ,st;ipit> patterns, with duller .••h.ulc.s. mx> In deinuiul. An o]>- IliniMjc oullook brines (hi- t\M for inon- palti'in inul bil«hu-r Uiiu.-." ho |x)inied out. Traffic Instructor Right I""" » ll ' lill >". . i "' tliouilhi iiniyb.' Jim mi-in At Home With Model '^u »<> »>«• UK--.'" v"» ••••i" •: i ;"-"" 1 ""•'•»'»'"""• i»-in. in "i<--tliiii -ilu- oml.iok nils .vuxoi, Is «•, O. II. Ciunpln-ll. l.nkcw.HHl's '""' '«»» '" "I" r,.u- H"' rEW\RD to,- ,-M,,,,,"rr7 1 ~, i?,,".', f !,' J ' I Licbsi-liuw mlllr .,,„, ,,„„„,. i, 11|1(| Ill( .!i,, s ,, l1c ,,,, ,„ u , l( ,,, ,., llMv WIL .,...,„ , ,,,,,„ ,„ ...,., u l ^f^^nd^i^^isr'orohL.',;;..*s*s« r^.! iapiv rtyip "'"•"• IHW ^ "'"vr vr'v,'•'•[; i " "r nl - l -™* er.lus-. Mrs . u. S. Burncs. 1037 w. lK-W Us animal eonu'i.llon lieiv/ 1 "' lUl *''•__ d 'k V, ^ , '"• 7?' , c,""l "" ""' ,"''' Vuln.ll. i I.lrl^'hul/. said ,hat "wh«i (he Hr,,l C^lTrSi^TwmU Ads. d ^ k '""• " "»»'"'B I"<•""''' I»"J^-"I-..I .Iropiir.l sr'.U*! n, n Uu-n OUR BOARDING HOUSE m Bv Alien? YES ! TtU. YOUTHW W POSSIBW Wt C<\N OWN A soLt> MIME! | cvcxt OUT TO n, VES.-MM COLORADO^. J "FOR A, LOCATED IN THE VERY \ WHAT 9—HI SECTIONi--AMD.IT IS ] STiL\-<SOT TVAE CALLED "THE LITTLE (-t cMTLE "RAMCU PHOEBE"/—BY 30VE, 1U ANDTOBKCCO IrA GOING OUT "THERt \ PL-\NTAT1ON WKEN THE SNOW AAELTS? i Y OL J WOULt) 5 TELLIMG fV\t \OU LIKE TO N H ,S cSO ALOt-4<3, k dlLLJ feS> "'"" '&OOTWBX H(XW V'• ABOUT $\&OO -'So) WMCH TlV MA30V2, STAR! WINDIM6 TIA'lVUCK YARN AKOUMD HIM,TO BUY A SUCE OTh . "TrV<30LD MINE ) "i—^-<_ ^-^-^_-^ H-ID-.CII uj) uiic) Joined the lore* In a- i iijlii yonis axo." :|>:i-p.ii'i'il fur solillci's of Ihc liotr V. i:. Tiu-y bi'i'ii cut very linn. ilih.Mlr.iIrd in- dilvcl, and when In wnioi 1 .swelled to lliclr '.Oil \WC 1UMK WM A 10UG11 Ol! IAO AN 1 lit Hf\D ft rCW BUMNS IN Hl'j DOME/ SO,rOLLOWIN6TH' HUNCH I OHOULOfN KMOVIH HC HAD , HE Cf\MU OUT TO f*,EET US AlONE - fe.H &SX*-, -H TOD AIIICII run i-oo/.v: 111! li.VU Hy Hamllft -'.o IAIT.HI: UAID.SWO ' ; HCSAIOIJBE.' ILL l.Vl. YOUU pl.(\Cir,II«1E(\0'- -tSk?ffi) fV' •••••\\ •''• r r--^ IV:<''-ff) ^.,. kx -^ ^, ,*ij^2^ \ TL'UOK $235 11)30 CHKYSLEIl SEDAN .... WM 1U30 CHKVSI.KK KOAOSTtK S 1920 ISUICK COUl'E S1B5 1SJ29 1'LV.MOU'IH SEDAN' .. We also have a large stock ol used (rucks at prices you will buy. Call 633 and ask for a salesman- Wo will be nlad to show yon the rjesl values in used caifc. Shouse-Littlie Chevrolet Co. For Sale CHEAP: New Vitality navy uliic I'UMPS, 7 AA. Call 3W». ONE BARBER CHAIR. CHEAP. .Mi-s. M. W. J,tc. Joiner, Ark. Up k-l-i:! 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one -1 row planter, one 4 row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one U ro\v busier v.'ilh marker. All in lirst class cotidition. Gay and Billings. Inc. Gu kl-G TWO good mules, priced irason ah!e. If. A. Smith, 510 W. Main. 2c kl! REAL KSTATB For Sale: 111 luist Davis. Lin c.x- qiiisile home; nothing prettier in Illythcvillc. Will sell nn terns at tiCf. Call uur ulliru fur jitpointincnt. THOMAS I,AM) COMPANY, .sole agrnls. i-12-tf For ITadc: City property lor farm LAND. Mrs. Ed Hard'in. lackll run SAM: n AC«J;H T isin anthori/ed to oiler for sale Ihc tr.ict of land ininiediaUly ucs: of Compress No. 1. between the two raihojd tracks of 17 arvc.s at a voiy lo'.v price for cash us a uholc or will subdivide in t\vo-.i ( .i'G tuict.s tiorne of \vl;icH I can sell iis cheap as S350.00 for tile I'S.'.l mo ncvcs. Think of it — 'lliis p::ie is !<-'.-•:> than tile avcr- a(;c w ion: city lot would co:,l you iind >aur wife can make In ing 0:1 i'.vo acic-s lor the wliole laaiily. Vo'i will hiive to act H is time no'.v to make and iin:r.'.-rii;i|ij nossrwion can be haii. My oiilion expires Ajinl Sec me today. J. W. IlacliT. lilc Fo'ULTUY K: KGGS 1 will pay hlr \r-\- ivjiuul for hcr.s rxcnpi lr"ho:'n !yp". '!!. T. Wormy. 3t5 "E-ISI Main. 19-d:-23 Fresh rjgs riaiij-. i[. I. Red setting CKRS. i-irkanl Slurt-. 1011 Chicka- sanlia. 8 kl-l(J ViL- LOOKS U<E -SO^T "PiMt KOR .'.; av)Kr< ner\sot-i,ioo DEEP fan D:MUV ICT H«A iiftut ME OQVIN! 1 UP HE CURDCO TO OlNNV'S SKULL, prncuco 'incnc LIKE A . JWH OP lUtWUPOH VOVJR STEED «."* VM-j JUST 100 MUCH — I SAW RED.' A BOUI.DEO orr in' GROUND wv BOUHCEO n on ; HIS E WE'RE TOR TO PULL OUT OF THE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES \U, HOI'WOOU'H I'AUI/I! CWONN& HWWOOO TOOPN A 'BVV ROOOrt OVi WVA VftST N\5>HV - WJO . OO VOO AUTOMQTIVE ABOUT VT . WO VOO TEL\_ Iires & Tutts, Keplace- ntenl parl^ and atcc^ofles uf ill kinils for an> make of ear. Automotive JJcpl, llubbard }ldw Cu. Ic Anla Glass All Kinds Installed Tlie Ark-Mo Lumber Co. llh; kl-10 K filial - HccliarjinE '.'I TIKE & BATTERY STATION WASH TUBDS */USi LAUE,AlOkli;, MEETS WITH LM) OP THE COW8OVS. __. r -/'euER KOTKED MOVJ SAO'W WISTFUL SHE LOOKS? COAL et WOOD / THEM? OH THEM'S 8ISON Kentucky egg COAL $6; slag 53 i«r AV . THlUG AMD GETTIN6 IH THE VIM. ton Ash i; Railroad Sis. 15ck22 UNFURNISHED -1 room apartment, bath. Phone 327; night 55. 19-pk-23 THREE ro'jin lurriished apartment v.ith buili. .Mrs. Dozie Miek. 11D W. Ash. 17-ck-t! Comfortable tnrnishcd BEDROOM OTHER QUESTS ARE" 661MG SAP 5. SALESMAN SA5I UK S 01 1,1) WOKKY! M BE Gone. LOM& LUG-tVt 1 t,TlJFF WITH j l.OftFft SP*LT, ' f\ QIC- THAT STUFF De-' t i-r/i, OUI T E LOT He. uJftTr.H CUT FCP. W wilh garage, if desired. Mrs. P. E. Coolcy. ptionc 117. l(icS;2:j 2 slory modem house on Division, just norlh o'. Catholic church. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, phone 882. 13c-lt BEDROOM lor 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut, St. Call 451. 6-ck-tf FURNISHED hed-oom, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. E<i Hardln after 5 P. M. Ic ktl KOO.M & BOAKD All V.irictlcs. Ctiilom iLitcliliig sohciicd. o'. t each TncMl.\y, butch cacli Wcrinrsrlav. i\lAIUI,Y\ IIATCHIlltV Hiilcheiy Code Crr. No. S'i & PLANTS BKED Polatoes. soy licans, Held peas nnd alfnlfn sr*cl. Oct. my Vriccs. Earl Halchcr Call G3."i-,l. l-EEOS I % Wo i-iicchtl/r in srcd (inn. 1'jinicis Casti 1'ecd and Sreii Co. 1'hone 127. ID,, kt-lll For S.i!e: CORN delivered lo you. W. T. Riley. Ntw Madrid. Mo. ROOMS or room and board orj meals. Good meal, clean rooms, rales low. Close In. Mrs. Loflln 21 S. Second. 8-ck-4-8 WANTKJ) TO RENT KIX or seven room house; must be modern and in Rood neighborhood. Occupancy about May 15. A. F. Dietrich. Superior Coal and Mining Co. 304 W. Walnut. WANTED WHITE MAN with family waul* lo ronl or (-haiccrop. Good worker. "A" Courier News. 19-pk-a2 U N F U K N I S H E D 'riuee-rooin apartment ivilh bath. Close in. Call 306. POSITION WANTED EXl'liRlKNCf.D stenographer ,nnri general office worker wanls ixx-i'.ion. Available Apiil i. Excellent recommendations. Call 431. WANTED TO BUY \Vc Pay $2 \KV Ion for Scrap Iron, Also buy lilnes, brass, copiier, lead, elc. Wolf Arian, Phono 17G, l"o E. Main. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS !,AST l,Ai:CHS! OH, NO! YO'J CAN'T ' BACK O'JT, Ucv/...Voi)'LL . rH^S CHECk : 26-ck-3-26 NO QMS IS STAND- IMG OVER YOU V/ITil A CU'J....Yo:J DOI-1T HWE TO IT! LETS J'J&T FORGET T-'f DEAL ! lly UIossci DC You SUPPOSE V;E k TOO '.ATE TO TVIWK ABO'JT nj«r,)-:ow... •C^JtD GET SOMEOMf To JTWE PAPERS ARE S!GWED...Tlil: PLACE •LE^jD !JS -33I/E [/01-iEV, / 15 MIKIE I AND IT MIGHT IMTUREST ;, 10 DEVELOP 7WE O'L J YO'J TO VlWH THAT ID HAVE C1V6H •'THAT'S B'JBBI.WG U" 1 YCXJ ft 15.OOO FOR IT, B'JT YOU FROM T,-'E CROJND V*-; ONLY AskED FOR ttlO,OOO...THATO - lil TPE BACK YARD. /_ MOM ? , /<- ~

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