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Rochester, New York
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SECTION TWO- Lt. Terry and Hotshot AtfSf give newshawks a tala WE RECOMMEND Should yon men take your wives with you when you go shopping for a new suit? Read Albert K. Wig-gam's answer to this question on Tage 19. 'and Marines a break. See Page' 8 113TH YEAR ROCHESTER.

FRIDAY. JULY 27, 1015 PAGE FIFTEEN" FORT ONTARIO CAMP AFTER A YEAR- WPB GRANTS NEW 'PHONE BUILDING OK nnacral Jjrimirk Si Missing Air Trio Listed as Dead; Heroic GI Killed Future of Refugees Poses U. S. Problem OPA EXPECTS 10 P.C. RISE IN MEAT QUOTA Oswego Residents Take Differing Views Cited for gallantry, a Fairport soldier pave his life in action on Cebu, while three flyers, previously Jisted as misvn.

have now been transferred to the list of Army dead, according to latest Monroe County casualty reports. 1 to 2-Point Cuts To Be Effective On Sunday There "will be nearly 10 per cent more meat for the pots, pans, skillets and kettles in Monroe County and environs in August, the OPA predicted yesterday in announcing lower ration values for most beef, veal and lamb cuts. The announcement followed a By JEAN WALRATH Democrat and Chronicle Staff Correspondent Oswego Next Sunday will mark the end of a year of life on the border of America a year's respite from a decade of wandering in Europe for the nearly 500 families in the Temporary Emergency Shelter. Fort Ontario, here in Oswego. The anniversary is approaching with a foreboding cloud, a mounting uneasiness for the refugees over whether Contracts to Be Let for Stone Exchange The Rochester Telephone Corpor- 24, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Fred G. Keehley, 27 Dorset haa been Pic. William S. Phelan Killed in Cebu Action Pfc.

William S. Phelan, 22, son Iff VB. A ation yesterday received the go-; of Mrs. Marjorie Roberts, 32 N. ahead to begin construction of a Main Fairport, was killed in presumed dead since June 7, 1945, a year and a day from the time he was listed miss ing over Monte-oourg, Fiance, 5 new htone exchange bunding when action Apr.

2 in the Production Urgency Commit-' the Cebu, Phil-tee of the War Production Board ippine Islands, approved the step. campaign. His John W. Morrison, vicepresident mother received in charge of engineering, said now the Silver Star that local WPB approval has been and the Purple D-Day ac- I tion. their voyages are over or whether they are again to be shuttled to a foreign port.

The question FIRST OF A SERIES A graduate or disclosure yesterday by the OPA i in Washington that anticipated re- i ducticn in meat point values will average 21 per cent, effective Edison Technical School, he was employed a Stromberg-Carlson before he enlisted in i granted, contracts will be let out' Heart, awarded within a month for construction of1 posthumou sly the $500,000 building which will for gallantry in bouse the new dial equipment sys-jthe action in tern. which he gave A high priority rating was given his life, for construction of the new build-j According ing and installation of equipment it citation, because of the worn out condition when "elements JOHN r. HKKHLfcV the Air Corps Reserve in August, 1942. He was called to active duty tcbruary. 1943.

and -ent over of the Stone exchange boards and of Phelan's corn-lines. The new structure will be pany were forced WILLIAM S. I'll KLA to the reverse a powerful en-threatened to LI ll ilk i located in Stone Street immediately slope of a hill by to the south of the present Stone 1 emy attack which FOUR VETERANS of engulf our entire right flank, Phel-i an, starting a banzai attack of his exchange and business office I the company. seas in February, 1944. as co-pilot on a B-26 bomber.

He had completed 24 combat missions, and held the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, and the Purple Heart, awarded him after he was reported missing. Bcsdies his parents, he leaves a brother, Cpl. Robert W. Keehley, in Hawaii with a Field Artillery unit, and a sister, Mrs. William Callahan, Kenmore.

A memorial Mass will be said for the flyer at Sunday. According to an Associated Press dispatch from Washington last night, all but one of many reductions, effective Sunday through Sept. 1, are one or two points a pound. The single exception is boneless rump of beef, which is down three points. Most steaks are down two points, vith one or two-point cuts for roast, chops and other cuts.

Factors in Foint Cut Price Administrator Chester Bowles said the lower point values for most meat together with the eight-point cut in the butter value which became effective July 15 would ''ease the strain on red-point budgets." He attributed the point reductions and the supply improvements to three development: 1 Slash in" the amount of meat required by the armed forces. 2 The slaughter control program put into effect May 1 to increase shipment of meat across With the building slated for com-! own, rushed forward unhceitating-pletion in October, 1946. Morrison ly and with lusty shouts rallied his said application will be made later fellow soldiers to such a degree to the WPB for priorities on dial that they were able to repulse the exchange equipment. If this is' enemy and drive them from the approved, it is expected the Stone ridge. Private Phelan continued to exchange and all the subscribers encourage and spur his comrades NAMED STATE UNIT ADVISERS of where they are to go now has stirred up such an issue in Washington as to embroil the whole population of Oswego, not to mention the population of the Shelter, a legal "Nowhere" so far as the Immigration Department is concerned.

Oswego, dragged out on the national stage as a sort of Exhibit A in a great experiment, has been host lately to the House Immigration subcommittee, headed by Representative Samuel Dickstein of New York; to correspondents from the nation's news centers, government observers and workers, students and sociologists. Cosmopolitan Influx Here is a city of 20,000, an upstate port town which has been going its own way for a couple of hundred years, suddenly invited to share its advantages with a thoroughly cosmopolitan group of Continental Europeans writers, musicians, physicians, lawyers, artists and journalists, of Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Rome. Under the impact of so many vis.tors all at once, Oswego had barely gained its equilibrium when a date to be announced later. Continued on face Sixtrrn i connected to it will be operating' forward until fatally wounded by The appointment of three the dia system by July, 1947. enemy fire.

His exceptional cour-ester veterans of World War I the first step in making Roches-lage and aggressiveness in a a veteran of two wars as vet-1 lr a d'nl phone city. leal situation were in the highest erans service counselors was an- Although the WPB in Washing-! traditions of military service, ton authorized the construction' He attended school at Macedon 1 4. fluJvl'1 OUUUL -I Udta lUt utiu I Edward J. Neary, state director approval was a pre-erquisue to tne letting of contracts. before he enlisted Apr.

5, 1943, and was sent to Camp Belvoir, and San Francisco for train the Division of Veterans' Affairs, according to a Gannett Empire Pickpocket Cash, City Checks Theft of his wallet by a pickpocket while he was riding in a North Goodman Street bus during the rush hour late yesterday was xeported to police by Carmine LaPietra. of 825 N. Goodman St. LaPietra said the wallet contained $4.80 in cash and a city Park Department check for $.10. State Bureau dispatch.

They are Robert J. Benedict of 7 ReCrllitS Depart ing before he went overseas in December, 1943. At the time of! his death, he was serving with the! valuei For Marine Training Chart of new meat uill be found on point Page lil Kutgers Anmony v. of 314 Aberdeen Dewain V. Feller of 321 Woodbine Ave.

and William B. Macomber of 5 Buckingham St. tha Dickstein comnrrttee visited the 33rd (Americal) Division in the Philippines. Besides his mother, he is sur Seven new Marine Corps have departed for boot citv a month ago, but Its leading citizens came through with generous testimony as to the cultural contributions that the refugees had brought training at Parris Island it was announced yesterday. They are: Donald M.

Kelly, 81 Gray Frank J. Gardner, 98 McNaughton Norman E. Graupman, Hamlin; Richard J. Tierney, Bath; Wilfred A. Bradstreet, Rush; Richard B.

Flick, Geneva, And Frank B. The four counselors will be stationed in Rochester and will serve war veterans in Monroe County It was said the counselor post pays between $3,000 and $4,000 annually, and it is believed the salary paid here will be $4,000. The new coun si if-: rf I state lines to ehortage areas 3 A "fair distribution" which became effective in June. This requires slaughterers to ship into the same geographical areas they eerved in 1944. OPA estimated that meat supplies in August will be up about t-o per cent from this month.

There will be more beaf, veal, lamb and mutton, but less pork. vived by three sisters, the Misses May, Helen and Barbara Roberts, and four brothers, John Roberts, who received a medical discharge from the Army; George Roberts, who received a medical discharge from the Navy, Howard and Donald Roberts, all of Fairport. Flight Officer Keehley Now Presumed Dead Flight Officer John F. Keehley, Boy, 6, Runs into Car, Suffers Head Hurts Running into the street near his home from in front of a parked car early last evening, Joseph Baronc. 6, of 113 Kelly suffered head injuries when he was knocked down by an automobile driven by Jerry W.

Burns, 49. of 60 Bakerdale Rd. The boy was taken to Genesee Hospital. A few more days may produce a report from the Immigration subcommittee to dispel the uneasiness which has been aggravated on all sides by the victory in Europe and selors will work in close associa the refugee problems it poses, Shanahan, Hornell. James N.

Hite, 267 Ea.stman enlisted in the Army Specialized Training Reserve Program. tion with the Monroe County Veterans' Information Service. Prior to taking up their duties, the quartet will go to Albany Monday for two weeks' instructions in their work, which will encompass M. Where the Good Clothes Come From Open Today Until 6 P. Closed Tomorrow every possible aid and advice returning veterans may need.

Served with Marines and by the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose executive order established the settlement in Oswego, the only one in the country- Situated on federal land, it is not, however, for the purpose of special laws governing the settlement, a part of the United States. Possible Solutions Dickstein hinted several possible solutions for the dilemma of the homeless: one, that they be released on their own recognizance or on bond to take up life wherever they can find opportunity; another, that they be declared immigrants here illegally, so that they might be taken to Canada, where they i TWO FAMILIES TWO PROBLEMS Fred Charasch of the American Merchant Marine, center top," is an American citizen and so is his wife, Nettie, at right. But his mother, Mrs. Jack Charasch, left, refugee at Fort Ontario, is not.

Below: Six-week-old Dickie Hazen, pic aired with his mother, Mrs. Chaim Hazen, is not an American citizen even though he was born at Fort Ontario. Many refugees are people without countries. Some have citizen relatives. Let the Heat on 6 Canned, Bottled Foods Receive Point Boost Six kinds of canned and bottled fo-vi- will cost more ration points bjg.nning Sunday but citrus juice n.I catsup will have lower point ValJC, OPA announced.

Te- or 20-point increases, depending on container eize, were assigned for canned spinach, asparagus, apple sauce, apples, and grape juice. Grapefruit juice and blended range and grapefruit juice in 45-ounce cans will require 10 p'iini instead of 20. while 10 points wil' buy two number 2 cans of juice. The value previously waj 10 points for each number 2 can Tomato catsup and chili eauce in 14-ounce containers get a new Benedict enlisted in the first World War when he was 17 years old and saw service overseas with the Marines. He was wounded in action in the Belleau Woods campaign.

At present Benedict is chief of staff for the state of the Disabled American Veterans and is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is also chairman of Selective Service Board 550. During the first World War the United States Army overseas Cotroneo served as a private in France and Germany. He is ish, is to get free of the camp so that they may find careers and the death and birth statistics have been exactly balanced. There were homes in which to establish them Styl selves and their families, Miss ramp i our Yi will be in position to apply for visas to enter the United States legally under the quotas from their native countries.

Canada is said to be willing to accept them under that agreement. Meanwhile in Oswego and surrounding territory, including Syra 11 deaths, of which one was a suicide, and 11 births, since the arrival of the group, which was assembled in Italy. On the whole, a year's rest after the terrors of Hitler's Europe has Loeb emphasized. The Dickstein committee learned that 861 of the refugees had expressed a desire to enter the United States under immigration quotas; 86 had agreed to repatriation; 27 had requested emigration to ther countries and 18 could not decide. Reports that 45 of the camp's members are preparing to leave Shape-Holding Cool Weaves Keep Your Style Intact In cuse, 35 miles to the souineast, controversy over whether the refugees should be allowed to remain in the United States has grown in intensity.

Significant is the growing number of letters to the editors of the newspapers in the two cities, past post and county commander of the American Legion. An attorney, Cotroneo is a member of the New York State Bar Association. He was born at Palmyra May 11, 1897. During the first World War Feller served overseas with the restored much of their health and strength. Despite the uncertainty that stirs dre'ams and plans, despite the yearning to "get free," the time has permitted the good things of life recreation, study, friendships and babies.

How they have managed to adjust their lives to a new country, to camp restrictions, and still to build and create for a future will be told in an article appearing tomorrow in The Democrat ajid Chronicle. soon for Yugoslavia for repatria tion are prevalent in Oswego, but United States Base Hospital 19. as yet lack official confirmation from the officers of the settlement. He was honorably discharged in May, 1919. Feller is past post Thirteen indiviuals have already commander of the American which, according to one editor, "are running a ratio of about three to one in favor of the refugees." Some reports and rumors emanating from Oswego have presented the situation in dramatic extremes.

They have told stories departed for Yugoslavia. Legion and has served as an ad Among the original 962 refugees viser in the Veterans' Information Bureau of Monroe County. From vVue of 10 points, down 10 from th current rating. OPA said new supplies of asparagus and spinach will be only abut half the amount available for civilians from the previous pa-k Smaller civilian supplies of both canned apples and applesauce are also in prospect, OPA said, adding canned apricot supplies for civjiir.n? for the coming year will about one-third less than last year Grape juice supplies were described as dwindling rapidly. New point values for the most idely used containers of the processed foods being changed are: Spinach Number 2 runs 30 point.

Up Jfi: Ni.mber 2'i can. AO points, up 20. AMMragui Number 2 cans, 30 point. Op Ki Apr.irnauM Number 2 cans. 20 points, lip 10.

"Apples Number 2 Cans. 20 points, up 10. Apricots Number 2Vi cans. 50 points. Up 20.

Grape Juice Pint. 40 points, up 10; quart'. TO point, up 20. Grapefruit Juice and blended orange and prapefruit juice 46-ounce can. 10 points, down 10.

Number 2 cans. 10 points for tr cans previously 10 points a Can. Torr.atc and chili sauce 14-ounce Containers. 10 points, down 10 points. 1930 he has also served as an in Worker Killed in Subway McFARUN TROPICALS terviewer of the Monroe County Office of Old Age Assistance in the Monroe County Welfare Office.

When Struck by Trolley Struck down by a westbound subway trolley as he was working in the subway bed cutting grass at Griffith Street and Served In 2 Wars During the first World War Macomber enlisted in the United South "Avenue shortly after 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon Joseph Scarantino, 58, of 714 Plymouth Ave. suffered in States Army and later attended overseas the French Army Artil of extreme mental suffering, even suicides in the refugee settlement, or recounted claims that the refugees "live the life of Riley" with plenty of money and nothing to do. On one hand they have reported bitter resentment of the townsfolk against "foreigners" and on the other extolled the enthusiasm of the Oswegoans over their guests. Executive Dcplorrs 'Fuss Miss Latta Loeb, executive director of the Co-ordinating Committee, which represents various national agencies and organizations interested in the welfare of the refugees, calls the controversy "a lot of fuss about nothing" eo far as the relationships between two two in nours later at Municipal lery School. Upon completion of his tiaininc he was assigned to Fire Razes Home Battery 309th Field Artillery Hospital.

According to police of the Franklin Street Station, who investigated, Scarantino was working with Tony Valence of 7 Norfolk both em 78th Division, as a captain, and saw active service in the battles of St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne and the Verdun areas. At the out break of the World War he was recalled to active service as a cap tain and assigned to the United States Coast Artillery and was pro the Oswego residents and the inhabitants of the settlement are moted to maior and engaired in concerned. coastal defense work with the com In West Webster Discovered shortly after 6 a. m.

yesterday, fire destroyed the home of George A. Schulenberg in Hatch Road, West Webster, with damage estimated at $2,500. Schulenberg, herdsman for Dr. Walter J. Bernhardt of 546 Holt owner of the property, said the fire started in the living room, but that when he tried to telephone an alarm he found his phone out of order because of recent storms.

He drove to the home of Chief Earl Schlegel of the Wrest Webster Fire Department, who also called help from the Webster Fire Department. Schulenberg's wife and two children were visiting relatives when the fire occurred. bined Army and Navy Operations kzk Vl -1 3 1 1 RESILIENT, wrinkle-resisting weaves put your good appearance on a no-let-down basis. You get the benefit of aerating fabrics that help a lot to keep you from getting over-heated or under-styled. You can't turn off the heat, but you can turn it back with McFarlin's well tailored tropicals.

More Red, Blue Stamps Become Valid Aug. 1 F-ve more red stamps and five more blue stamps in Ration Book 4 II become valid Aug. 1, OPA announced in Washington yesterday Each stamp is good for 10 points. The new stamps, all good through Xov 30 are: Red. for meats-fats, Fl, Gl, HI, Jl and Kl.

Blue for processed foods, PI, Ql, Ri SI and Tl. Fed stamps K2 through P2 and blue stamps T2 through X2 will r.ot be valid after July 31. Bureau in Boston. He was re leased for military service this month and was furloughed to the inactive reserve. He is a member ployes of the Department of Commerce, cutting weeds along the roadbed with scythes, when the accident occurred.

Witnesses said Scarantino apparently became confused when trolleys approaching from both directions blew their whistles. He jumped from the path of an east-bound trolley into the path of the westbound car, operated by Bert Shaver of 14 Hazelwood Ter. Scarantino was carried from the subway to the street by Patrolmen Raymond Senkpiel, Charles Kick and Albert J. Busendorfer of the Accident Prevention Bureau. Present at the investigation at the scene were Inspector Charles Roh and Commerce Commissioner Harold S.

W. MacFarlin. Coroner David H. Atwater indicated he would issue a certificate of accidental death. In the first place, she pointed out, few if any of the refugees will want to remain in Oswego even if allowed to stay in America.

Then, those with no elative3 in the United States would not be eligible to stay, because the government insists that there shall be someone to guarantee their economic independence. The hope, above all, of the refugees, most of whom are Jew- of the American Legion. Macomber was born, in in 1893. He was graduated from Yale University where he received a Ph. degree in mechan ical engineering.

Prior to his mil itarv service in the second World War he had been in the real es tate and insurance fields in Roch 'Shabby' Police Headquarters Due for Plastering, Painting ester. 2 Flares Probed renovating project will be advertised shortly. Roof leaks and a generally dank By Coast Guard Low Bids Listed On 2 Contracts Thomas Holahan Company was low bidder yesterday on a city contract for 5.000 tons of fine graded asphalt mixture at $7.10 a ton or $35 500 total, while Rochester Asphalt Materials submitted the low bid of $6.75 a ton for 5,000 tons of binder asphalt pavement material. American Mineral Spirits Company of New York was low on 85,000 gallons of naphtha solvent for the garbage disposal plant with a bid of 10." cents per gallon or total of $9,095. McFARLIN'S atmosphere the venerable building Two signal flares observed has taken on in recent years have over the lake last night at 10:35 made the sounds of falling plaster The interior decorations of Police Headquarters, which during war years have become as shabby as some of the overnight "guests" of the first floor cell rows, are going to be pointed up with plaster, paint and other restoratives.

City Purchasing Agent Fred W. Ereth said yesterday plans and specifications have been drawn by city engineers and that bids on the o'clock sent a Sunimerville Head Hurt Suffered In Fall Against Stove Slipping on the kitchen floor at his home shortly after 2 a. ni. yesterday, Leo McCann, 42, of 296 Maple suffered a laceration of the head when he struck the stove. He was treated by an ambulance physician and remained at home.

and paint a constant accompani 'g ment to the bustle of official ae Coast Guard boat out on a two-hour investigation. Tho Coast 195 MAIN STREET EAST tivity in the building. Woodwork and walls have blended into near- Guard boat returned! to lti base at 1:10 a. m. and the commander common colors under the accumu reported the search was fruitless.

lated grime of years..

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