The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1949
Page 10
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PAG* TEN B1ATHEVILUS (AKK.) N*iW» JULY 11, 1949 Hiss Trial Judge May Face Probe Formal Demands For Investigation Appear in Offing ' WASHINGTON, July 11. (API — Two HOUM Republicans apparently •re working up to formal demands Mr an Investigation of Judge Sam- ur! H Kaufman's handling of Hie Alger His« perjury trial. '.Reps. Velde (R-I11) and Nixon (R-Callf) are getting ready to back up complaints against Kaufman— they say he favored the Hiss defense—with speeches on tlie House floor. And the two, partners on the House Un - American Activities Committee, may go farther. Nixon definitely wants an investigation aaid aides say be will tight to get one. Velde 'will back Nixon. An old-fashioned political scrap could result that would give a new twUt to the celebrated HLis-Chtim- berfi case—a case that so far has featured charge* of espionage and perjuiy. Democrats hav* ihown few signs of letting the two young members of the House Un-American Activities Committee get an investigation started. And they would have to have aome Democratic help. Kaufman Is a Democrat appointed by President Truman. HP federal district Judge in the Southern New Yori; District. The Hiss was his first °is otle His*, once a high official In the State Department, was tried on charge* he lied in saying he did not know former Communist espionage agent Wluttalter Chambers as late a* 1938 and never gave Chamber Mcret document.;. Politics Charged A new trial ift necessary because the jury couldn't agree on a verdict. Eight jurors wanted to convict Hiss. FVmr want to acquit him AH of them quit trying for an agreement Friday night. Then there was x rush of statements over the week-end . Nixon said Kaufman had been unfair and there should be an investigation. He said politics figured In the trial, that the 'Airman administration didn't want anything bad to happen to Hiss because it feared there would be support for reports of Communist Infiltration of the government during the New Deal. As a member of the Un-American Activities Committee last year. Nixon had more of a hand than any other member in developing the Hiss-Ohambers case and steering It throug.i a series of spectacular hearing*. Velde. a newcomer to the committee this year, followed up with a statement saying Judge Kaufman showed "a marked bias for the rle- leroe that, to say the least, bordered on judicial misconduct." Obviously, he said, an inquiry in- Cut SOYBEANS 0 Per Cent Jy Committee PICCY-BACK-PLANE—This lalest French Jet plane rides piggy back over Toulouse Airfield, near Paris. Named the "Composite Letluc," the jet is carried alop a standard plane. At hiyh aJUtude It takes oft at suoersonic suced under Us own Dower, Obituaries Pete Conley Dies Of Heart Attack; Rites Conducted Funeral services for Pete Conley, 62, were conducted this afternoon at the Cobb Funeral Chapel by the Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor of the First Baptist Church. Mr. Conley rtird en route to a hospital Saturday evening, after he suffered a heart'attack at Korsyth's Grocery and Market at 621 Lake Street. He lived on Lily Street. He was born In Blytlicville and has been engaged in farming neat here all his life. Survivors include Uvo sons. Richard Conley and Herschcl Conley, and three daughters. Miss Dorothy Conley, Mrs. rcusjol carter, and Mrs. Jim Forsyth. all of Blytlicville; two brothers Calvin and Andrew Conley and a sister, Mrs. K. M. Larkin. Pallbearers «-erc: Ray Haynes, Clay Stallings. Walter Luvjsfoi^ Jim Allen Haynes. Travis Ellis and Theordore Randolph. Burial was ir. eterv. World News Roundup —• Reds Renew 'Little Blockade In Breach of Paris Agreement By The Asism'itilcil Press The Russians Liuve choked Western truck traffic to Florlin to a mere trickle in a move denounced by Western officials as a clear breach of the four-power agreement on Berlin icached l;tst month in Paris. The Russian move, 'without explanation, come on the eve of scheduled new four-power consultations on normalizing Berlin's existence- Western nerves already have been stretched taut bv the Russian's nff-apain oil-again blockade tactics in Berlin, and the imv- csl move is bound to increase the tension. Only four cargo truck:: an hour— 9G a d:\y—are Roing from the west to Berlin. These RO over the Helmstedt highway. All other highways have been closed up by the Russians. On the Ilelmstedt road alone some 300 trucks a day had been travelling into the city with supplies. i The latest RusMati move, the Eltmvood Cem- I amoll » ti "B <° another In their .scries of "little blockades" emphasized once again Berlin'- position p.s political and economic island 100 ni|i?s Inside 'he Soviet Zone ant! unrtersaf eil the Importance „, of [he airlift, sill] roaring into the city with supplies against the possibility of another full blockade such -as IB Russians imposed for almost a year. palace ol Archbishop Josel Berai oft i reported the Roman Catholic primate a prisonei in his own palace under guard of a plain clothcr po> Itccmnti. The leader of the Catho- lies' fight against government coil' Lrol has ml left his palace slnci Sunday. June 10, when Com mini ist hecklers broke up his sermon in St. Vltus Cathedral. The church leader who visitec him said the archbishop intend to remain In the palace a.s a "BCS lure of against Ihe goy eminent actions 1 against th church." 131 M. J. Duncan Dies After Illness of Year M. J. Duncan. 73. died at a.m. today In the home of daughter. Mrs. Johnny Fleiu, Dousan Street, utter an Illness of nearly one year. He was a native of Dyersburg. Tcnn.. and had lived in Dlythevllle since 1920. Funeral services will be conducted in (lie Cobb Funeral Home chapel at 2 p.m. Tuesday by the Hcv. E. C. Urown, pastor or the First Baptist Army Public Relations Chief and Navy Officer Killed in Boat Blast WASHINGTON, July n OP,—Th general who headed the Army public relations and a retired Nav officer were killed when a cabi cruiser exploded on the Potoma River yesterday. The dead: MaJ. Gen. Vernon 1 Pritchard, 57, and Commodore Wi frt'rf L. Painter, 41, USNR. Navy captain Sergins N. F. Lobo shez and Johannes Johnanne.^n, 4 steward at the fashionable Corir thian Yacht Club, were carried o hospiiaE critical li-sts today. Eyewitnesses ere tilted Col. Ant I ony J. Drexel IJUUlle, one of Iho: alxntrd. with great personal cow ago. Bidcilc. -soldier, athlete and dip lomat, told reporters the SO-foc cruiser Flalcyon was Just puHei away from the Yacht. Club dock Chinch, assisted by the Hcv. K. T.i Kclley, pastor of the Full Tabernacle. Burial will be ElmwocKl Cemetery. Pallbefirers will be: Active—Ralph Nil-hols. G-II. Cnldwcll, Henry West- to Kaufman's 'conduct- of the case I brook, Henry Berry. Curtis Marsh, "cannot be sidestepped." 1-ine Nmvoll, Ed aBUIwin. and Bob But chairman Wood (D-Ga) or 1 Cnx«ome. the Un-American Activities Com-I Survivors, in addition lo his mittee made it pretty plain that lie i wa-i going lo have no part of any ouch investigation. Besides, he said, the Judiciary Committee is the proper committee to investigate iPOLIO Judge*. Jury Picked for Trial Of Memphis Bank Robber • MEMPHIS, Tenn.. July 11. W>>— Dapper Clyde Milton Johnson drummed his fingers casually on the Tidi lo Seal BnroVr Premier Marshal Tito of Yu»o- slnvla, in his first major policy. speech since? April, informed thejrome clmvn the Potomac when t!' world last night he intends lo seal \ explosion occurred, off hi.s border with Greece. There Gospel | n!ls bt ' e " lalfc 'hat Tito. In Mosin tlic: cow ' 5 doghouse for a year, is ready ' for peace u-ith the Altiens KOV- -, ernmr"t. which Yugoslavia had | helped harass by lier aid to ihc Communist-led guerrilla rebellion. "It has come to tills: Mint we ! must gradually close this frontier I and safeguard the lives of our daughter, include '(TO sons, Elzie i' « p orkinsjnen in this pnrl of Ihe Duncan of Rlythcvillr nnit L p ( ' oll " (l '. v ." Tito told some -10.0I1C] per- -soiis "I F»nla. Such n move could lie interpreted as a gesture toward the ] .West. Tito spoke at the same time ! "Sf-his need for a loan from the ; I west. pleted after nljoul an hour and a i Pd it ed Continued from Page 1. at the University hospital. Twelfth Death Reported LITTLE ROCK. July 11. H>) WASHINGTON, July 11—(«>)— h« Senate Appropriations Com- ilttte today voted a *3,m380.000 Mropean Recovery Program—10 cent less than the amount sked by President Truman. Senator Bridges (R-NH) reported lis action after the committee )ent only two hours in reaching greeinent. The figure was conflrm- 1 also by other committee mem- :rs. The amount is $509,910.000 more lan the house approved for the econd year recovery program but Is $19.620.000 less than Mr. Tru- isn requested. Bridges said the cut represents a ompromise between those who •anted the Economic Cooperation Administration to receive the full mount^a n d an economy bloc hlch wanted to slash as much as 9 p*i' cent off recovery spending. The committee also agreed, Brides said, to a 900.000.000 program his year for government and re- lef In the occupied areas of Germany, Austria, Japan, and the Ryu- cyu Islands. This was a cut of 25.000,000 below the House-approT- ed figure and $75.000.000 less than he Army had asked. EGA Chief Paul Hoffman had requested $4,198.000,000 for the »ec- ond year recovery program. The House cut this figure to »3.568.410.000—but permitted that EGA In spend the money in 10 and a half months if necessary. Continued from Page 1. has* agreements or storage pay- menu will be applied toward ui- nual payments. Loans under the program are to >e available through June 30, 1930, Mr. Spellings said. He added that county committees and officer! had already been supplied with application forms, and that local lend- of consumers edged down 1 per cent. Consumer spending dropped 3 per cent. The rate of saving rose. "Employment (averaging 58,000,000) I- st" 1 high, but unemployment has been Increasing and veterans and others leaving school are finding it much harder to obtain work than a year ago," the message said. "Production Ls still high, but it is lower, particularly in some In dustrie-s, than It was last year. Business Investment Is at a high rate, but plans for new investments are being made with caution." ing igenelee could be approved by qualifying through filling out lending agency agreements. OMxict Meeting Scheduled County oommltteemen and administrative officers of the Production Marketing Administration In Northeast Arkansas District wUl meet in Newport, Thursday, to discuss wheat marketing quota regulations and acreage allotments, Mr. Spellings will head the delegation from this county. H. C. Kiiappenberger, vice - chairman, RufLn Newsom, member, and Ralph Monroe, administrative officer, aj>* will attend the meeting. The wheat marketing quota regulations will concern the UJ60 crop, which will be aeeded in August, and Mr. Spellings said today that It wu Important that farmer* know before that time the prospect* on th* acreage allotment situation and th» quota regulation*. Nolan McGee of Little Rock, »U.t« marketing quota specialist, and Hoyt« Rowland, district Meld representative, will conduct th« discussions. BRING YOUR TRACTORS T0 US FOR 1 Major Overhaul and Minor Repairs Work Supervise* b; IS Expert Instructors. "No charge tot labor ... repla*mtnt paiia at cost." DELTA 635 Hernando St. TRADE SCHOOLS, INC. Memphis Phone 37-0181 TRUMAN its for at Continued from Page L program. This program got nickname from the provision unemployment pay to veterans the rate of $20 a week for a max! mum ol 52 weeks. 8. Raise Social Security benefits. Extend coverage to more persons. Increase direct public aid grant. f A Social Security bill may come from (Tie House Ways and Means Committee in about a week.l 9. Let federal agencies speed the advance planning of federal works and acquire sites. Help states and localities lo do the same." 10. Provide technical aid to develop the world's backward areas and encourage foreign Investment. 11. Restore the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act. to bolster world commerce. 'The House has passed such a bill: a Senate fight awaits > Mr. Truman pledged every effort to economize and to restore R budget balance "at the earliest possible time." As one of the most insistent pi\sl aid vacates of & balance and of uniform! debt reduction, he blamed today's red ink on the "untimely" tax cut voted by the Republican 80th Congress. Another mistake, he said, was the failure to give him the anti-inflation powers he sought. Their absence helped to produce the present dangers, he said. The President emphasized that tin signs -'tiriicate a depression like p. Davis of Kennctl. Mo., two luo- their, J. F. Dunrjin of Bomiiecord, Tenn., nnd Turner Duncan, fonncr- l.v of near Dycss, who now lives In Mississippi. pulio death WHS reported j that of the 1930s. in over the week end wlillc the total of cases for the year edged toward the 250 mark. Fourteen-year-old Johnny Ford of Hot Springs died there yesterday of polio. His death was the However, he said he want- | first this year from the disease [nude clear that his Is still ! in Garland County, ft was the hnlf, and the court was recessed j n socialist country with no inclina-I twelfth for Ihe state (or lunch. Testimony was to begin lion toward the West politically. I Tlie latest State Health Depart- He still claims Trieste as Yugoslav Iment count placed the total of am! has no intention of gtvinp up; cases at 223 his claims on Austrian Curinthta j Tito told the world. I Some more of his findings: production in first half 1949 dipped only l 1 ^. per cent from the record level of last-halt 1948. Real earnings were maintained, bank deposits and money supply dipped 2 per cent. The personal Income Attention! You are cordially invited to attend the first showing of FALL AND WINTER WOOLENS in MADE TO MEASURE SUITS for both men and women at our store. Tues. & Wed. July 12-13 MR. H. R. SACHS, master of the tapeline, representing the GLOVE TAILORING COMPANY, will be here to take your measurements. Martin & Boydston "Everything For Men & Boys" this aftnmoon. The 30-year-old walked out desperado. March nnd of a Minim was captui who last jail . . . .J by FBI table today as a jury was named j men In an Indiaimpolis icunilghl! for his trial on bank robbery chnv-jthe rollnwiux mom]), is accused of! PHmafe Fs Prisoner ges began in federal court. j taking part in the S43.nno robbery; In neighboring Commi The selection of * jury was com- of a Memphis bank Feb. 8. GV.echn.s!ovakia. a visitor to A field study-day for 4-H club members, which had been sche- dulcd fnr July 13 at the Stuttgart Rice Branch Experiment Station was cancelled because of the polio outbreak. Beauty by Chrysler Bnmlv In lovdv 'line H?.um tlial i* uae'fiil i« tlir I'hn •'-•< i<Ji\i. A iiriLin:; line ofclirmnr alonr; rlir t-'ii.l- Crs ItlAy plc.1?C your r^^. bin it's ihrre lo act ^i< A i uli rail. Hctiiiul cadi drl^il of Chrysler (trsipn Ihrrr.'. , Mory of common jcn*? ami iniaginalion in engineering. il i it s I (-.n,.!,,., ii.»v<- llii« I.,-,,! ,.( !,,.,,IK. i,,,,. frrlrrllv |irmuulii>n,-.l l.« , .<nil.,ii. lliov seal you 31 llip projiri hrii:!il r*> srr Ilie road anil In enjoy lour .Iruc, Coinlnil iliat lia» licauly Kn<- .Ir.-ipn —ihal's tlip jfcrct of I Hn*lT TiEineerini: an«l llie relaxing pleasure of .IriMng a Chiller. H.,,.l cn^irir 1 . Wilh i. <lri\ine ii tor t.ilc*. \nii into CTin^ing T,IIIE;C. You rlv t.»iirh thr s;cjr ,»riifl lp.\Tr. A few mmnio? in ihis car ci^c« you plc-is- ^-MiM t.iVr a book to^pscnbe. p for a ricim-mMMlmn today. You Will Enjoy T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Street HOW MUCH OF YOUR BUDGET GOES TO PAY TAXES? Perhaps 70, new r«H»d it«< a«r o/ i. ww „ p. y e!«'« taxes—b«t k DOES, Tb« reuoa? BecaoK certain farored corporation* engaged in proAt bujmesj-juch a* co-oper.tire c«po«tio n j, government bujj- nesjes, and other* do IKK pay federal income taxes like ibc rest of us. It is estimated that more than a billion dollars ij lo« each year 10 oar federal trnmrj beamc uW« tax-exempts arc permitted to e»cape pajmetx of that onch ia federal income axe*. Naturally, tb« money HAS K> com* from somewhere. So M i, ADDED on to the tax bill th« aM the re« of u» roo* p»y. W« haw to pay Uncle Sam hi* »n*re before w« do anything els* with oor income*. Co-op* ami odver tax e**mpts jhouid b* REQUIRED 10 do the MM. When they pay rheir Ml share, rh< income rax load CHI th* r«x of M ca« be mad* lighai*. ALL BUSINESS SHOULD PAY TAXES ON THE SAME BASIS Right now Congre** ii talking abott more and bigger income Maw* on *hoM «lfuJ; ing (heir f«H ji>»re »nd more. Ever)- income taxpayer »houl<i *tgt h** if i irnaii Congre«« ro TAX THE UKTAXED FIKST b*<br« adding addirional r«« (rf M . TAXING THE UKTAXED wo«ld make iocrta.** <M m. r«« of •, National Tax Equality Association

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