Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on June 12, 1934 · Page 17
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 17

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1934
Page 17
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KOCHESTEIt PEMOCKAT AND eiUvOXJCLH. TUESDAY, JUNE 12. mH IN. he and ; t r i, i S t u iB 70 !. shu J rati 4 SS i, r hui;. ' wine Pn-. cro-. i Tun-v nvr-l on :i. orhs-hi. f. uUn o ss, nrs fri (neap ulsn la nra t'Y irt so irt mhi. IJ nsni: irs icro: ot of i Inn ln j i -if! 5 5t a Vi STREET PAVING MIXUP CAUSES COUNCIL JIBES - Genesee Street Length Confuses Morrison, Says MacFarlin .I.i.-t which part of Genes1. l in course of repair was jHhjort of vigorous dobats. yester-iln. Omncilman Harold S. W. Mac-y-v'.:n (R, in conformance with iiixnini'rmriit of Sunday, lat r -Hi introduce.! a resolution dl-r.n"mc the city msnagtr to re-fl.'-it New York S'ate Railways t.i improve Stropt, he-: nil car tracks, from Arnott riii!cvard to Soottsvil'.e Road. F'.'i! hofme the resolution went j.- rnmrtu.Kionrr of Puhlic Work. T'vm;s J. Morrison said the paving wo: k as requested I being (.i-::i'd on an rapidly as possible. T-vo month. ago, he said, he went ,er the street with H. A. Ahell, rhvf engineer for New York Stat rtniways. and paving is now going on between Arnett Foulr-vard and Iv'T'wond Avenue. Tity Kiiuly to Act Vv Superintendent of Mamte-r.ince Kdwin A. Miller wii! over- , i. the paving of the rest, of the ri:n-ement as soon Here for District Heating Parley the trolley npany has completed the work rot wen the track, he said. in connection with his re?o-; or, !.-i-'t night. MacKarlin said Iheie "i. evidently some confusion I-, h:. mind as to exactly how long Om.i.-e Street is, where It really fop and starts." 'Several times," he said, "repair ta-.g have struggled with Hene-i( S':eet pavements, leaving them n"in m worse condi'ion than he-firc. Ail section are In hornhle shape, ' especially the section my resolution covers." Another resolution submitted hy HrF-irlin last night called for estl-tv.-i'im on the improvement of S-n'tsville Road. Of this. Mr. Mor- ;,f r'"n said The TriltA people are sriu woik-,nC nr. sewers in Scnttsville Road. 1 went over the work with Mr. Viiler a wnck ago and we plan to n'Ue repair to the pavenient whe.T he sewer wor k is completed. We , h,ipe to obtain a state nppropria-j timi so that we can do the job In j proper manner. The city plan calls fur, a widen f w ' . Pjlm, , I .. 7j f 'A J 1 r tfw wM.yiswwe)'i'lw' limy iS TRUCK DRIVER JAILED AFTER FATAL CRASH $4,500 Action - Operator of Mowing Machine Is Killed, Helper Injured Leaders of the 25th annual convention of the National District Heating Association, above, were ready today for the opening of the conclave at The Sagamore this morning. In the front row, left to right, J. K. Hillemeyer, president, St. Louis, Mo., and D. L. Gaskill, secretary, Greenville, Ohio, and standing, William J. Baldwin Jr., first vicepresi-dent and incoming president, New York, and Landis Shaw Smith, past president, general chairman of the local convention committee, of the Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation. HEATING BODY WILL CONVENE IN CITY TODAY Mee'ing in one of the first cities to adopt district heating, delegates to te ZMh. annua! convention of the National Pistrict Heating Association last night were arriving In Rochester. "C of the pavement but we haven t j The convention will open at 10 tie funds available Just now. If; a. m. today In The Sagamore with we can an appropriation sim j a welcoming address by Herman J. r to that obtained for Monroe ; Russell, pr esident of the Rochester arc! P wev Avenues we carl carrv Gas A Electric Corporation, apon-out the v.rk in a Kroner manner. ' I or "f " meeting. It will continue BUSSES WIN CONCESSION BY COUNCIL BunU. Sa llootti rev To this. MacKarlin retorted Jat i nght: ' It .-em strange no mention f was made of paving Soottsville j Road as work relief project un'll j (lf 0f f g I h'-ought up the matter. M o Fariin also introduced a rer-lu'ion las night, vhicn was r" furred to the law and pprsnnnS romniittees, which would make t the city pohrv m emploving lahn; to give preference to qualified p"-. sons who are on welfare relief. "At! the provisions of this tesiv tjion " said Councilman Hoesterov f, the nmocra'!e roiincilmanie majority, "are already being carried out, so sr A in egt))y possible. It is just another hit of p.i-h'cnl bunk " rnnliniled frem Tate fifteen ago. part of thi lot. was change.) to commercial and a gas station j erected thereon. Peckens now seeks to have the rest: of the lot made commercial also. This .'ommimication went to the l city planning and zoning coui mittee while a communication from C. S. Davis asking an appropriation of V.m for the Public Ilcalih Nursing Association went to th finance committee. An oidinance hy Councilman Milne. 1R1, which would amend the building 7one ordinance to al- Friday. J. K. Hillemeyer. rn inBger of the steam heating department of thj t'r.ion Kleotric i.ight & Power ; low g stations in rnmnii'ii ial Company of St. I. ouis, Mo., national zones, wnt to zoning committee. president, led the advance guard I At present, gas statmns may he into town yesterday, elected only in Industrial zones. j i'rom.neiit among them were Wil- Councilman Scinia s ordinance : ham J. Baldwin Jr.. first vieepresi-j declaring it Impractical to puichasc ! dent, who is the incoming pr esi- I rden supplies for subsist nnce gar-; dent. New York, and P. !,. 'ita-t--j(fpnj, pv competitive bidding, w j kill, sccretary-tteastiter. of Own-1 nrfoptod Th city has upprnprl- ville, Ohio, They conferred upon t()a- jR for supplies Tor these ; arrival with Unin Shaw Smith j earrpn, Hri4 win n(, reimbursed in of the Rochester (,a Meet ric j mot pJ,r, nv lnc ,ut, ,.nf!pr p Corporation, a past president, who jnPW ordinance, Citv Purchasing generH, enmrman n, ' j Agent Schreiner will make the pur U'lii v r in in 1 1 1 1 'in mi 1 1 rr . A state employe was killed almost Instantly, another nenously injured and a third man Is in Monroe County Jail on a charge, of manslaughter, second degree, following an accident In Penlleli Pugway, west of Penlleld, when a truck crushed Into th rear of a horse-drawn grass mower yester day morning. The body of John Biggs, 52, of Penlleld, who was killed, was re moved from the morgue to an un dertaking home in East Rochester pending funeral arrangements Raymond Hagreen, 44, also of Pen- Held, la In Park Avenue Hospital with a possible skull fracture an Internal Injuries His condition last night was. pronounced fair. The ariested man, John Kran- zese, 24. of Wat kins (Hen, told dep uties and ite police that, the heavy truck he was operating bore down on the two men, engaged in driving the mowing machine along the grass shoulder of the highway, and that he could not swing out because an automobile was coming the other way. ' First aid was given to the fatally Injured Biggs by Mrs. M. A. Rogers of 57 North Goodman Street a nurse who was riding in the It rat auto arriving. Taken before peace Justice, John H. Amnion of Penlleld, Franzese waived examination and hlx case was ordered held for the Grand Jury. Unable to raise hail, he was remanded to jail, The dead man leaves his wife. Emma. N. Kiggs; a daughter, Por- othev; two sons, Gordon and Francis, all of Pcnfleld, and an other son, Llewellvn, of Leona, N. J. Collision with Truck Injures Motorist Receiving head contusions and body bruise when his auto collided with a truck in Saxton Street at Maple yesterday afternoon, I.eo Rutler, 19. of ,W St.rohm Street, was taken to St.. Marys Hot pi HI and later discharged. The truck, operated by Francis Markel, 2'2. of Reigcn. is owned hy the Crcw-tvick Company, .Vl-t : Ijfwiston Avenue, police raid. Bo' h cars were damaged. Brighton Plaintiff Socking Triple Damages Against Town Employes 4 Shirley N Osborn, former superintendent of highways of the Tow re of Brighton, and two men employed on a road gang are defendant. In I $4.SiH) damage suit, trial of whicn opened yesterday in Supreme Court before Justice Marsh N. Taylor and a Jury. ' The plaintiff, toiiis P. Jacobs, Flniwood Avenue. Brighton, repre sented by Sidney K. Backus, alleges Osborn and Thomas Stear. foreman of the road gang, and the latter' Son, Ralph M. Steal-, member of the crew In W2, trespnased on his land, dug a 257-foot ditch, removed 75 square yards of "dark, rich loam," and cut down an elm tree that stood 4d feet, high and had a diameter of a foot. The defendants, represented hy F.dwnrd M. Ogden, Brighton town attorney, claim the, ditch, which they assert they merely cleared and deepened for diainage purposes, was wilhln the highway limits and that If It was not, It nevert.hele s was wilhln the towns jurisdiction through usage for a period of .W years. Jacobs alleges his actual damage. amounted to JI..MKI and he seeks treble that amount under (ha Real Property I,w. He set th? value of the elm tree, at $150, the loam at, $225 and loss of use and depreciation of his property at MILK PRICE UP CENT A QUART IN ROCHESTER DitchDiggers NRA BIRTHDAY Defendants in TO BE MARKED IN ROCHESTER Mayor Opens Drive on Radio to Spur New Eagle Display (M B TO SKK K 1)1 N.N K It Rochester was the third city to have district heating. The first plant was at F.dison and Kxchange Streets adjacent to the old Ki le Canal In 1H'.9. From that It developed in to the present nationally famous svstem. Today's nroirram includes a re- The On-To-National -Encampment , pon.e to Mr. Russell s welcome by Club wiil serve a southern fried! Mr . Baldwin, the president's ad-cnicken dinner tomorrow at ';3 dress, reports of officers, appoinl-Sprtng S'reet from 5 to p. ro ' ment of a nomina'ing commit' r dinner ir sponsored bv ti. an I ipoit of educational, mem- Thirl Ward Republican bership and publication commit-1 tees. Discussions will follow. . airi-s Cub. Chan without bi'Minsr Another ordtnancp, spnrisnrfd by Councilman Scinta, aui.honzr ' t of th gn!f mncsinn nt P'i-rnnd-Kfl.(i m;n T'lrk to John Mr Orath. Tprni" wiil b? the samp an existed )hA year when M' )i t'h hud thf COUCP.HHiof), (VjunoiUriari Koulken' nrdinfinc I elHtinn to -x tension of t true fot to IffTlHflt tHXpHVt'l hfi coiitu'ii-i man aid With it in pfFWt, oi'y 1 officials would havp a month moit of titnp to iff. vis fori nidi-ration to complHtnt of Uxpayptu ovor thprr ftrtcfsHinpntn. ii- m . i '151617 June Planting Dates ACCORDLN't.; to a farmer's planting guide, Jiitie 1, Hi atxl 1" are sij-ji-e! to tie e.pcci.i!ly guoi! plantiitjj date, seeds niatvirin? (piicklv ami s rs; i CiT drv v eatlier. m !:iv til the tmtniii, Imwevrr, U a jiuel ila fr ''( 1115' ntit vavii-- in (he Mi in rn ( iiot 'ii;-, F'"k iiei ymr "p'antife" vi.;'! if!d a rrp ff "it'tf re it ' - i'hy i mnntlu Plant now to bare-.t later -r.. Monroe County Savings Bank Or, ROCFI K STER Ttt o Convenient Office' mm Main Offitc 3S Stat Strfet A tttt ('" Bram-h Office' ' s.'fl K. Main cc II I anot 1 I" '.' ii.i.,iffi.iilW.ln ...iljlilll'l) ).) , W Fireman Cut Fighting Small Brook-Lea Blaze Kir of undetermined origin caused damage estimated at J.'oo in a toolshed on the old Hart far n on the ftrook:-l, Tountrv Clnh property. Chili, yes'erday, The buildings were unoccupied. The flates-Chlll Kire Department, under Battalion Chief Harold Prown, answered the call turned in bv passing motorist. Kirema-i Clarence Converse suffered a severe leg cut, but remained on duty after receiving first aid treatment. The blaze wits invent ij,'Hte() by Specit! Deputy Oeo Weitzel ..... .. . ... Rochesierian's Active At Templar Conclave Oorgf. V. AiKe'singer, Cor-win Ftoad, r.aet commander if; Knighn Templar, New York Sta'e ; w;4j!tiasima ocr at the memoml dinner of the ltst ann'Ml conclave of the grand rommandery in Iine ructd vesterdav. ipo'Ker at th dinner was Jnnn H Mutlan. 217 Wellington Avenu- i former floch'-Rter prifl'mater M: Mtillan was elected grand recorder of the Hrand Conimndry Te dinner wan in memory of Henry Clay Walker of Binghamton. pa-it grand commander. A parade of mom than l.OnO uniformed Knight. Templar yesterday af'ernoon pro- ; vided a colorful spectacle. j - i Second Division Has 16th Annual Reunion World War vt-t-rram from Roch- r ester who attended the 14" h an- j nual reunion of the Sevond f)i- ; vision Aociation are Jop-i Vlllone, William C. Tarry, and ; Ward Pavis, necrelary of the Rochester branch of th association The asiocial ion viiiedth t'nit d States Kleet. was S'lest of Mator Oene'a! Jsmea O. HrbfK 1 at a sprctal In !h RCA t buHdinz, and addretd b) t i Greece Crash Victim Battles for Life Still in serious condition in On-eral Hospital last ruth), Charles A. Hiilburt. 21, of U'S Lenox Street, j was making a desperat fight for: life following an automobile aeci- ; dent that caused a fractured skull. ilurlburt was driving in Stone, wood Avenue, Creece, early Sunday when he lost, con'rol ner Bennington Prive. The car careened and cravh'd into a tree. Hutlliurt was lemironi-c.oua when picked up, and the car was badly damaged 2 Safe Robberies Net Loot of S652 Police are Investigating two safe robberies discoveied eailv yester day. that, ne'ted burglars V'l'l cash. J'17 checks and a $75 diamond ring One safe was blnsied open by nitroglycerin. At the Star I'aUre foundry, til North Street, where the safe; combination was blown off, an ef fort to open a "cond safe failed; when the thieves apparently rani out of explosives. Kightv dollars; and the ring were missing. t A-the Pine Quill Casolme Sta j tiono, 2K0 Kxchange Street. cash and $t7 checks were reported missing hv Mathew Haves, 71 Cus- i ter S'reet, s'ation employe, whi! said the receipts were in'acr hen ' he left there at 9 p m. Sunday j The )oot was taken from a safe, which hore no marks Rochester housewives pid an additional cent a quart for their milk yesterday. It was the boost to 12 cents a quart ordered hy the Stale Milk Control Board to help th farmer weather the drought and increased feed prices. Albert H, Woodhead, president nf the Western New York Milk Producers Association and member of the male milk advisory committee. Inst night hailed the boost as a boon to the farmers. He thought It would he geneially accepted by the puhlic because the greater portion went directly to farmers. The new price oppiles to all fluid milk where ever mJd, ha aaid. Federal, stale and municipal institutions now under contract will be supplied by the old price during the period of the contract. All new contracts must carry the new scale, however. - . .. , Eastern Star Group Plans Garden Party ftochesler Chapter O K. S, will hold a garden patty Friday at the home of Adelaide Young, 47H Maple S'reet. Cards will be played In tnej afternoon wiih supper served from 5 to 7 p m. The following night, the Chapter will enteruin Master Masons Ht a tuteen dinner to ha served at 6 .1o o'clock Ksther Nnvea is chairman of thi; event Matron Ksther Pell wiil celebist April, May and June birthdays of members at that time. PICK-UP AT 90 MILES PER HOUH IN THE NEW GRAHAM SUPERCHARGER MAKE US rOVE IT! StorageVaults? lhinks,Sitit Cases, Efc or tc WHO welcome thf pleasant months of the yfar more heartily than you? The burglar . . . the housebreaker, Why not place your nilverware, hcirloomt nd other bulky valuable in the vaults of the Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company? One dollar pays for one month for trunk, suit case or box of ordinary u,t and valuation. Annual rates as low as $5 per year. Rochester Trust and Safk Deposit Company ttatu Slrttl WW mnd Liihap NRA will l a year old Saturday. To commemorate the anniversary of tha government movement to alii business and Industry, a seiiea of radio hrnadcadla Is planned this week, designed to call attention of employers to the new Cods Katies that are replacing the oriKinal Blue Eaule, h outward sign that an employer was hacking President Roosevelt and Ills New Deal, Mayor Charles Stanton, speaking on WHKC, opened the series last nixht with a plea for a general display of the Code K.axle this week, JcnrK Keyes, NIX A jrencrsl In Rochester, will continue, tha series over WHAM today. The Rochester rtetail Code Authority Is milking local arrangements. Home Loans in Area Pass Million and Half The Home Owners' Isian Corporation has made loons tolalinir Jt,-A 12,73k IS In the Rochester district since the office was opened last October, it was announced yesterday by Stuart C. Pew, manager of the local office. AtinlU'ations fnr loans numbered 7.123 and totaled J2K.7Dfi.802, Mr. Dew said. A tola of 478 loans him been closed ho reported. Irfmris closed last week numbered -tH, totaling $IM,W-I 37. HOTEL ROCHESTER Ai much a pert of Rochester at tha City Hall itclf. For Cool For Refreshment Tasty Mea's Tha vary -fitmt of all legal baveragai, tasty lunches or compUta dinners served ;r tha most proper manner in surroundings that hava captured tha trua Bohemian atmosphere, Prepared by matter chefs, served deftly in tha quiet of our former Main Dining Room providing the coolness and spaciousness of a summer garden. COFFEE SHOP aji, TAP ROOM 1 .onn o $300 ,11 r . WVJV 1 w - ill r ion i f .. .sg worth- Loans 'r " ' o a&M . m at -- nnts. I on tna r- l "r.t,nan.- V'r that 4 -t bT.r fulcharo.on ht p en your ear- oanU u ,i,e r i n ' ram ..wt rn. PERSONAL 720 110 , co.mak1 prices GO UP JUNE 15? BLACK BANNER GUARANTEED GENUINE BEEHIVE COKE $(o)oo J TON Unexcelled Service) Courteous Drivers Left Buy ALL You CAN ri mini ANTHRACITE COAL EGG or NUT 41.35 STOVE '11.60 PEA '8.85 CASH PRICES DFX1VERED SHOVELED OFF CALL Glen. 1290 NYDEET 14 MART PL, OFF 531 LYELL Welcome to Rochester N. D. H. A. We wish the National District I (eating Association success in its deliberation during its convention now in session. The rapidly growing popularity of district steam heating and its importance in the business life of so many of our cities makes the solution of your problems a matter of great importance. Wc also trust that your visit in Rochester will be the source of pleasant memories. SPECIAL "ON WINGS OF SONG" RADIO PROGRAM Tonight on Station WHAM :'") to 7:30 P. M. Special historical drama on the birth of District Heating. Program will be broadcast from the large studio in the Eastman Theatre, 50 Swan Street. You are invited Obtain a free ticket at the convention registration desk on the Sagamore roof. Tht dollar you $ped fur electricity today fnvi more than the dollar you trnd for other cnmmoditiei that entrr into thf cmt living. HOT HKSTKK'OAl1! ,'" J

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