The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1948
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAKCII I5IATIIKY1LUC (AUK.)' COUU1KU MOWS Dixie Revolt Against Truman And Civil Rights is Headed For Showdown in Convention WASHINGTON, M:ircli 15. (U.P.)—Tlie Southern rebellion fl|v:iinsl I'l-osiik'iit 'I'niinan lu':uh'it tinlny Tor ;> jolting showdown al (lie Demncnitic National Convfntioii. Peacemaker.* nmoiiK coiiEi'Msioiml Deinocrats linvu jusl about abandoned hope for prevent in g a split which scarcely could fail to insure Mr. Truman's defeat in the November elections. The jfovcmors directly cliai'Kod ihe rre.siden'l with playing politics \vitli civil rights. Tlie alternatives apparently ai"3 + for Mr. Truman to bark down 0:1 his civil I'iRius program or for the angry Soiilherneis to accept it is nart of the IX'niocralic 1048 catn- m . .. platform. Nciihcr seems remotely likely as of now. ' Governors of six Southern stales ! signed here over [lie weekend a manifesto opposing the presidential nomination ol Mr. Truman ,>r any oilier person who supports his plan lor federal legislation against lynching, the jxdl lax and raciil discrimination. The six states were Arkansas. Alabama, Georgia. Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas. They rei>rescnl 72 voles in an electoral college in which 2SS voles is ! i bare majority sufficient lo elect n president of the United States. Stale Committees lo Act Gov. William Preston Lane, Jr., of Maryland, chairman o( ihe Southern Governors' Coiiferein-v. plans 10 send copies of the resolution to the governors of all Southern states. The southern governors who met here this weekend did not see Mr. Truman or Chairman J. Howard McGrath of the Democrat.r Nalional Commiltee. McGralh la..I month rebuffed the governors 'in three specific requests: 1. That Ihe civil rights program be withdrawn irom Congres-v 2. That Die two-thirds nominating Mile be rc-adopled bv tile Democratic National Convention. 3. The 194H platform include H firm state's rights plank. The governors recommended sev- Knife Thrower Demonstrates 'Defeat Truman' Drive Launched Southern Governors Spearhead Move Among Democrats WASHINGTON-. March 15. (UP) —A conference of Himlhern governors today urued tile people of Itie Poillh lo -take every possible action" to defeat Presi H Truman's civil riants program and •"those who I propased it." The committee's report \vas presented Saturday to the full conference of Southern governors' here to lake aciion on ML. Truman 1 .-; pi opo.saLs. The report said I hat n,e present leadership of the Democratic party Merit Council Sccfcs Stenographers, Typists The Merit I'uimrll !•, eeklni! additional ii|i|illennts in .iuil or stenographer and .hinlor typ. IM it salaries ranging Irom Slot) in fir.O |ier tnoiHIl. It was disclosed tndiy. Applicants may take the re- imi cd evamlnallim.s in .loiieslmro Ma 'eh 1!'J. April l!l. or May L'2. Application fni ins may he obtained I from ,l<ilin 1. HORIIC. supervisor n[ Ihe system. Ills office Is In Ihc Will. luce llnlliliiiR In f.lnle Rock. Head Courier News Wan; nth. State Ahandons Project To Use Area Near Hope . M'lTI.K HOfK. Ark,. March il'l'- 'I'he ArkiuiMi.s lirsini PACK K1VT5 poillnn of Ihn Southwestern Prnvltix C'rttniiul nen Hope. Tin 1 Infori al Ion was revealed In ii Idler friii i Commission Director 1 "•>• lo •>. M, Huston, • vl.-or of .Surplus pio|i- of Hie HI. I/mis j.' W |- London bakers Mil prepared pi» crusls. When balelr* a pi*, th'* housewives merely h«ve to pr£pare the pie filling. ' :• Alice Orton is n gnme yotuiR won i I e si it Die knife Imam while her father, "Tex" Orion, Hollywood Muni man mid clmnimnn kinte ^ thrower, plan-s the knives too close lor mutton. These knives are ill | inf.lies in lentuli and me Inn-led »t a distance of 111 feel. Dill it's nil in n days work Inr these eircus folks appearing wall ll:e Hicks mothers Circus in the HlythcvilJe Armory Friday ami nmtirday. March Ml and :'(). lo Rive peilormiince.'i each (lav at 2:15 p. „,. and .i;lS |i. in. for Ihe lienelil of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. ' PILES may cause FISTULA Ui'ljili'd Ailments Kxplitini'il In RtKH HOOK Navigation Error Causes Plane Crash ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Mar. ]; — —,. .,. ..... ui mvji, j .nit tj,iii.( 'ul I—Civil Aeronautics Adinints- '"iias deserted the principles of pov- trillion officials revealed today that eminent on whicli the parly w is *•'".•" . .=-•• — founded-!lie right t,r people to »ov- ern themselves." The report was given to the ro:i- lercnce nv Gov. J. Strom Thurmond of 'south Carolina It (hat enactment of the anii-di crin malion legislation proposed bv Mr I Truman leads tin-committee-lo III,unavoidable conclusion that it con- si Limes a total departure from the fundamental principles on uhich methods by which cle:ionl I the government was founded." Of Southern St:lles r>/lnl.l K.T 'Chn ..-M.... ... J votes ol Southern states could be withheld from a Democratic denta] candidate wiio advocated the civil rights program. These methods now will be considered, and prob- « ily in some form adopted, by som°, r all of the Democratic state conventions which shortly will be tai:- inj place in the South. The sense of the governors' recommendations is the South should participate in the Democratic National Convention, but only win, the understanding tiiat Southern electors will not be bound to support a civil rights candidate. McGrath Denounces Southerners Advance notice to this effect, would be submitted to the convention in writing by the represcnta- lives of any state so minded. That poses a tough one for Mr. Truman and McGrath to decide. The SS4 question would be whether to seal convention delegates who had «i\en ndvancc notice that their states reserved the right to bolt the convention's nominee. McGrath aheady has denounced the governors' proposal a.s undemocratic. There was at Ica-sl a him in what lie said that the convention would undertake to discipline the protesting Southerners. . "This most undemocratic propos^^1. ' McGrath said, "can only be dealt with by the convention it- The report called on the conference 10 "repudiate Ihe present, leadership sponsoring the civil rights program." and lo "light to the last ditch to dcleut those wno proposed it."' Slate l'ioti-sls Pro|Hlsetl The report called on the Southern stales lo adopi resolutions !n opposition to the Truman program and to declare that they will not Mippou any candidate who favors such legislation. The legislation listed in the re- ixn't included fair employment I practices, anti-lyncliing, anti-poll I tax and "federal laws interfering wiih separation of races and any other laws violating state sove- rcisnty." Tile report widened the gap between President Truman and the | rebellious Dixie Democrats. Mr. I a Northwest Airlines Oouulas nt;-.] which crashed Into lowcrinn Ml Sanlord was "well off Its course" when it phmnod into the Ki.lKia-foot peak. They could advance no cause for the error in navigation. Airlines officials nnd CAA men were .studying the terrain of the mountain to determine it the bodies or :IO victims of ihe rrash could be removed irom the shattered wreckage of the airliner. The huge fonr-engiiled plane crashed headlong into Ihe icy side of the mountain, and liuigi-d like a liery avalanche :ui()0 (eel down the side of :in icy cliff before cimi- ing to rest hi a glacier at the 8.00(1 foot level of the peak. The smashed and scattered remains ri[ the ship were siphteii Saturday from Ihe air. mid all ubscrv- ers agreed that there was no hope thai any of the no passcilRCrs and crewmen escaped alive Walter p. pletl, CAA I'etional administrator, and Dudley Cox, chief pilot for N'orthwV.'itern Air- Tcxiirkana Vice Squads Raid Hotels, Taverns TKXAHKANA. Mar. 15. ail 1 ' The drive on vice hi this bnrcler cjly wa s cotitnnird today tollou- inu raids on III hotels, taverns anil I rales vc.stci-liiiy. Kherilf W. II. I'rr-i- 1 Icy said 1-S persons were ai":eM"d I iind charged with drunkenness anil j .pi aclicillg prostnmimi. ; The .sheriff s atd that the closing 'i( srvcnil downturn rooming houses, rates nnd mjit chilis bronchi : to Hi the nimiln'j" ot places winch have been toltl to close llieir dimrs. Three houses of prostitution and a cafe.known to liarbor prostitutes were ordered closed when the dm<began on I-VI>. ^5. Write Indus' lor 11 ropy of n 111- IHiue I-'KKK HOOK wlil.-'h explains I'iles. FLslllla. oilier leelill uilniriils and ussoclalecl colmi and s inch eondillons. Thornl<io ,ij Minor clinic Suite :i'ia. 92R MKii,,. .si , Kiinsai . <-lly. ,Mo. When IlKiilnhiK Ktrlcki In land, It produces a ful|[uril*, a curious, lube of fused aand p»rtlcW«. 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Strom Thurmond ol i Smith Carolina replied that Me- Grath "•apparently . . . has not ; read tile re.sohuioii adopted by the ! Southern Governors Conterenee." Whin he does 1 am sure he will realize that we are following Democratic procedure in our rieteiini- 1 nation to unhorse Ihe leadership which has betrayed the Democratic i Parly," Thurmond said. Truman last Friday told an Ma- ' bama Democratic olficial he would } not back dim u on his anti-tliscilm- j ination proposals. The committee report asked that the state conventions adopt resolutions lo the eifcct that their electoral votes would iiot be cast for any person favoring this type of legislation Finally tile committee proposed that tlie Southern .states defer se| lection of electors until alter I hi! national convention to be held in July. • In this .way: (he Southern Democrats could hold a club over the convention and Mr. Truman w iio will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination. 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