Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on May 6, 1925 · Page 19
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 19

Rochester, New York
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Wednesday, May 6, 1925
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SECOND SECTION Eighteen Pages SECOND SECTION Eighteen Pages f ''' f - KOC1IJESTER. N. Y., WEDNESDAY , MAY 6, 1027. I I aw Open oase To-day lAfflRftTFIN r7A,7flnf,roP; TO BACKS DAWES ON CLOTURE i Senate Misuses Filibuster, Representative Tells Optimist Club. LOST MOTION HIT But House Goes Too. Far with Its Gag Rule to Force Vote, He Says. St, John's Home fur the Aged, 2 to 4 : Rochester Guild for Crippled Children, fl to 11 A. M and 1 to 3 P. M. ; Rochester Friendly Home, fl In 5:3(1: Urn-heater Children's Nursery. 11 to 1 ; Ued Cross, ! to 12 am! 1 to . ; rublio Health Nursing Association, 8:30 to 4; Legal Aid Society. 9:30 to 2; J. Y. M. A . 8 to 10 r. M. : Jewish Orphan Home, any hours: Jewish Home for the A k1, 2 to 3 ; Humane Society, HI to 3: Highland Hospital, any hours; Girl Smuts. Morning hours : General Hospital. 3:30; Roy Scouts. 2 to S; Big Sister Council, II) to ,r); Baptist Home, 10 toN; R,-ideii Street Settlement, it to 5 and evenings. LIBERTY POLE SITE WILL BE MARKED SOON Historic Name Association Committee Will Place Bronze Tablet. METROPOLITAN WILL OPEN K! (IF FTHYI TO-NIGHT WITH 'FALSTAFF,' .... 1 TALE OF COMIC BRAGGART W nMluLiljj, GOLER CLAIMS The campaign to amend certain rules governing the United States Senate launched by Vice-president Charles G. lawe is attracting attention to certain evils of the Senate which should be corrected, according to Representative Meyer Jacobtein, who spoke last night before the Optimist Club in the Osburn House on "Hawes on the Warpath." Representative Jacohstein said thati linwes's chief aim was to place a! more drastic limit on "Senatorial In (uaeily, but so far, the speaker de clared, t he vice-president had outlined no acceptable plan for accomplish ing that purpose. Barked by Public Opinion. "Dawes would "not be Dawes unless he were fighting something or somebody," Mr. .lacobstein said, "lie is on the warpath now, after the Senate scalp. Our militant vice-president is encouraged undoubtedly by a tremendous body of public opinion supporting him in his eforis to kill the customary Senate filibuster. "My mind goes back to Inauguration Day, The stage is set for a very dignified and inspiring ceremony. The scene is the Senate chamber packed to the doors with Senators, Congressmen, foreign diplomats. Su- preuie Court justices, the Cabinet, and I the President of the I'niied States. The vice-president is to he sworn in. as are also trie new senators, in the presence ot this august body which asetubtes once every four .years for this serious occasion. Instantly Fighting I'awes by his dramatic and sensational manner of delivery almost converts the scene into a farce. i It was offensive even to those who I agree with him in his fundamental if purpose, lie got himself on (he first if page and i hmist pas bed President Coolidge's Migunuion speech on the second pa;e by his melodramatic at- , lack on llie Senate trules on that memorable March 4th. No Limit on Debate. To-day's Doings GENERAL. City Hall Annex All-day meeting of County Home Bureau leaders with Mrs. Robert Hickey, 10 A. M. City Hall -Meeting of the Board of Contract and Supply, 11 A. M. Chamber uf Commerce Talk by I.adson Butler on character analysis before Salesmen's Club, noon. Hotel Seneca, Bine room Card party of Loyal Workers of Interna tional sunshine, 2 .-.SO P. M. Pinnacle .School, No, .')," - Killer-taiiiiiiont of Parent Teacher Association by school pupils, 2 :.'!0 I. M. Memorial Art Galley Puppet show. "St George and the Dragon." for the children. 4 P. M. No. 'Jill F.ast Avenue Banquet ol Sunshine Chapter, . K. S 0 '30 I M. Odd Fellows Hall Banquet of Ideal Review, Benefit Association of the Maccabees, 7 P. M. Central V. M. C. A. Talk by Paul Reichelon 'The Plan," in Your Home Course, evening. I. Y. M. A. Lecture in course on "Applied Psychology." 8:13 p. M. Masonic Temple.' Gothic Hall Program by .less I'ugh before Unmasous Temple of Shrine, evening. Armory. Main street east -May party and dunce of Genesee Valley Post, A. I... evening. Workmen's Circle Hall - Knteriain- m.'nt and smoker of Mcrrimnc Social Club, evening. Y. W. C, A. Young girls in busi ness and industry, R P. M. .Municipal .Museum Historical, archeological, numismatic and fine arts exhibition, II A. M. to 5 P. M. Highland Park Lamberton Conser vatory Park Department flornl dis play, !) A. M. to 5 P. M. Memorial Art. Gallery Snecinl t- traction. exhibition of Rochester Art Club, 10 A. M. to 5 r. M. Women's City Club Exhibition of small sketches in oil bv Ailing M Clemen Is, 10 A. M. to 5 i .U. PLANS CEREMONIES Point Made Part of U. S. Survey to Be Recorded in Washington. Revival of Verdi's Opera Marks Peak of Achievement. It seemed as though the oM Liberty Pole were about to return to its old place at Main street east and Franklin street, last evening, when at a meet-injr of the Soricty for the Re storation ana preservation ot Historic Names in Rochester and Vicinity, held in the Ad Club rooms. Hotel Rochester, partial plans were made for the placing ()f a rC bronze tablet to mark the site. This tablet will probably be laid with suitable ceremonies in the sidewalk there some day next week. The prpKiripnt, Mrs. KJar.i W, MiiHijiH.i, was nutlinrizM to roniminee to nrrnnjrp for the exer CA4T OP FAI.HTAFP Sir .Tohn FalntafT ..... Aninnto Srottl Fori ,! Kawrmrf Tib ben (Villon Armanil Tnkaiyan lr. ('Hjim Anylo Hmla Rantitlfo tiiorrlarm a li rin iri Pint ola Ailauio J ulnr Mr. Atici' pord I.uiicj'.ia Hori Nhupm a i Anna i Giieenn M aria Mrs. tiu.fkt? Marion '.Viva Mrs. Mf(f F'afff KaOtUn Howard 1 ii4'idf r a 1 dmifi by t be Cur pa de Ballet, ffiiilufiur. Tallin Snnili . The Aleiropolita n Opera Company' enRriKpment will open to-night: at the Kaufman Theater with a perfonnanre of Verdi's "Falsaff." Tomorrw r:ij;ht Mousw realty's 'Rorij (ioflfmow" will be Kivpii. Last Mar lht M.itropilitiina two opfni performan'p seried a.i thp t'ti- fi'iu in intprtt of th Kut-liPfti-r rmiwie epnsoii, n nd (his year the name ohtnrb-injE interest is shown by the pnMic in the oomijix of this couiurv' foremoft ofnilitr fprgiinization. There will be two jfreat amliences to hear tlic per-f o rni n n ee t which i h e .Met 'ropi ! t ( n i niiinaxeinent tlerlarett will parallel in rat-in aiul produi-i ions those given fit it;. New York home Sitrresa ( Seawm. The revival of Yenli"s 'KaNtnff" this feanon has been one of the most prnnounceil' suo'essef of the New York season;, the opera has been heartily welcomed for tfself ami all the critics m.itefl in opinion that the six t cr forniHtmes nf it have bppn ,it (he h nn)inf i . . ! Metropolitan s peak of aclueveinptit. NOTABLE OPERA SINGERS ARRIVE THIS JORNING Entire Metropolitan Staff Will Reach Rochester on Special Train. No Apparent 111 Effects of Motor Fuel, Health Officer Declares, Opera cises. Lieutenant Karl O. Heaton. in command of a corps of men sent nut by the Cnited Stales Coast and Geodetic Survey. Mayor C. I). Van Zandl and Arthur C. Parker, director of the .Municipal .Museum, spoke at last eve-j ii i ii K s meet mg. Ml SIC. Kaslmen Theater -Giuseppe Verdi's Metropolitan Serafin con- opera, "t alstnfl," hv Opera Company. Tulio ducting, S P. M. Kilbourn Hall -Guild of drganisls' National Music Week recital, with Robert Bcrentsen. Howard I) Smlil, ".lust what, is the scrap all about? Kv Ions sliiniliiiff cusloin stntnni-lArl Vv whnt is known as senatorial cmir- IXIM'IM Ktl ON PACK TWENTY. NEW SCHOOLS PROPOSED FOR IRONDEQUOIT Two Plans Submitted at Annual Meeting of District No. 2. and M. Warren Gehrken playing, 4 P Base-IS :.10 Two proposition to relieve congestion in the two school buildings of lhstiict No. 2. Culver road. Ironde-onoit. were pfsemed to the taxpayers at Their annual meeiing last night in Cnleb llobliie School. Tlie first was to bu'ld two new schuol.s. une of eight, rooms and the other of twenty, at a cost of fv.VMMHI. 'The other was to build one achool of twenty rooms at a cost of $2.SI,IMg. -"i aciifn was taKen on tlie proposi-' '"'is. as it was decided to allow lime for discussion before calling a special mei-t'ng about May 2'.th. Officers for the year were elected as follows: Trustee for tbre years, Charles Rahe; collector, one year, I' red Ereland; clerk, one year, Edward Schoeneman. Taxpayer nf District No. 4, Sum-ntervill boulevard, lrondequoit, at their annual meeting iast night voted budget of $2li,000 for the coming year. Officers were elected as follows : Trustee for three years, Charles K. Kingston ; clerk, J. Arthur Meade; collector, Charle r . Miller. The only contested office wa that of collector. Mr. Miller receiving 2d.'! voles 10 fur Chester T. Rambert. SI'OKTS. Baseball Park. Bay sireet-hall. Rochester vs. Baltimoj-e, P. M. Armory Field, Main street Baseball, Kast Hii-h vs. r:enes ltih 3 :!! P. M. University Field, Main street Track, Kat High vs. University of Rochesler freshmen, 3 :30 P. . Elm Hall, Elm street- Bowling, city bowling tourney, I M. THEATERS. Stage. l.yeeum Theater tltis Skinner in "Sancho Panza." romantic comedv. 2 :15 and S :15 p. ji Keith's Theater J'ifiy Miles from Broadway," tabloid, musical comedv, headlining eighi-a.-t vaudeville bill. 2:lo and 8:15 p. M. Kay's Theater Sunshine Sammy in comedy act, headlining six-act vaudeville oilio, with I.uu Telleneu in on Hie Member Donates Tablet. The tablet has been cast at the expense of a member of the society whose identity is not disclosed. It is red bronze, circular, seven inches in diameter and bears this inscription: "Here stood the Liberty Pole." The marker is fortified by the United States government, for the old Liberty Pole's she-is now designated also as a tri-angulnlion point in the government survey of this cily ami environs, through the friendly co-operation of Lieutenant Heaton, -who is in command of the federal engineering corps now operating here. This means that the exact position of the old landmark, which lowered more than I'M) feet in the air, shall have been determined scientifically, its latitude and longitude taken an dits altitude above sea level recorded. The data thus obtained will be tiled in the archives in Washingion fur reference as long as this nation shall endure. Lieutenant Heaton explained that the site ot the Liberty t'ole is now-tied to a triangulalion net which, spreading over the entire area of the United States, ex:ends into Mexico, and through the co-operation of the Canadian Government, reaches into Alaska. The lieutenant showed how, should a catastrophe wipe out every vestige of Ibe city of Rochester, it will now be an easy matter to relocate the site of the Liberty Tole simply by communicating with the Washington authorities. "This imperishable record of the staff's location appears to compensate for the loss of hate respecting the poles origin and curly story," said Robert 1. Burnst secretary, in his report. "W" mav never know how Chnlinpin's greatest role is that of "ftoris Godunovv;" this is by consen-sus of critical opinion the operatic world around. And for several m'Ssoiis Moussorgsky's opera with Chftliapin in the title role has been one of the ' M ni rr,rul i I a r' na ri leu t , r aunt,aiu which New York does not tire. 'Ti e cast here in Rochester is that which has sung the opera in New York many times. "Falsia'' is one of the grentest of operas in the comic vein, a m-nsic-dn.ina in form, boasting a scow of amazing yout bfulness, dash and spirit, coupled with extraordinary grnoe. This is remarkable when one recalls that the composer of "ltigoletfo,V "1,1 Troviitore." "Aida" and "liiello" wrote it in his eightieth year. Battle of Wits. The text, by the poet composer Boilo, follows the familiar description of the fat, vainglorious, swaggering, stupid old knight and his butile of wits with Mesdnnies Ford and Paso as recounted by Shakespeare In "The Merry WiveM of Windsor" and "King Henry IV." Falslaff lias written idenlical love YnNTiNi'Kn on pack 2. The entire Metropolitan ompany organization will- Rochester by special train at 7:30 o'clock this morning over the New York lentrnl, Assistant General Manager Edward .1. Ziegler is in 'harge of the company for its East man Theater engagement. It: addition to the distinguished singing stars I ho company will bring its own orchestra, chorus, bnllet and complete corps of master technician. The principals have made reserva tinns at The Saguniore and the Seneca, Rorehestcr and Powers hotels. 'Phe successful Cleveland engage-nu nt closed last night with a brilliant performance of "Aida-' For lo-dny and to-morrow Rochester will be the musical shrine for Western ' and Central New York. Opera goers will he present, from Ruf- I falo, Niagara falls, Rntavia, Syracuse, Utica, Aulmrn. Geneva. Canaii-daigna and other places within a radius of (HI miles. Out-of-town music lovers will crowd all of the hotels, many of them sjaying for both performances. TROLLEY MEN TURN DOWNOLDCONTRACT BY 36-VOTE MARGIN . - a '; ; Overwhelming Opposition Here Offsets Utica and Syracuse-Majorities to Continue Present Wage. ALLOWS SALE HEREP0II HERE IS 422 TO 1 10; NEW DRAFT TO BE OFFERED Ten Stations Continuing Supply; Washington Decision May 20. STEAM STATION MAINS STARTED Line to Serve East Avenue Building and Others; More to Follow. Irish enm-bur- t.reaier tiimi Jlarriage screeu. 1 to 1 1 P. .f. (aety Theater "Abie's Rose," comedy. 8:15 P. JJ. Corinthian Theater Stock pauy in ".Morning Glories," lesuue. :.iU and s :30 P. M. Screen. Regent Theater Emil Jamiings in "The Last Laugh." 1 to 11 l ,, Piccadilly Theater Aileen Pringle nod Antonio Moreno in "One Year to Live." 1 to 11 P. M. Victoria Theater Betty Blythe and Billie love in "Folly of Vanity." Two acts of vaudeville. 12 M. to 11 P. M. Straiid Theater Pola Negri in "Fast of Sues" and "Hearts of Oak " 12 M. to .11 I'. M. rainuy meaner irgmia aiii in "A Lady of Quality." 'J A. M. to 11 P. M. CONTINUED "N PACK SEVEN. RINMSHOW, 'GREATEST TO COME JUNE 2D Horse to Be Glorified in This Year's Circus; Fresh Novelties. City Manager Plan Referendum Set for Yonkers on June 1 Yi.nkers. May 5. (A. P.I A peiial refereudtiru election on the I'tesiion whether Yoiikrs should ibarid'tn its second, class city ehartT :,nd adopt a city manager plan of s'overninent was called to day for Mon- "T. June 1st. - 4 The polls will be open from R o'clock n the morning until 0 o'clock at night. WOMAN, 30, ENDS LIFE BY CARBOLIC DRAUGHT Melancholy and believed to have been temporarily demented. Mrs. Mabel K. Stoddard, 30 years old. of No. 305 Lakeview park, last night i-omniitted suicide by drinking carbolic acid in her home, accordinf to the coroner's report. The body wis discovered in her room by her brother early last eveuing. Coroner Charles I. Maggin investigated and will isjoie u certificate of death by suicide. The Community Chest is directed by men representative of the whole commercial, education!, religious and industrial life of Rochester men you trust, lo your share. Give. Circus day is three weeks and six days off. ; Rittgling Brothers" and Rarmim i Bailey's "Greatest Show on Earth" I w ill be here on Tuesday. June 2d. The first, circus press agent of the year. Townsend Walsh, arrived yesterday and announced this momentous fact for the benefit of the boys, girls and adults of Rochester. The circus has enjoyed its biggest winter season vet at Madison Square Garden. New Y'ork. and is now showing in Philadelphia. It comes to Rochester early this year because of a trip has been arranged to the Pacific Coast for the summer. This year the circus has set out to glorify the horse. An equine ballet, "The Fete of the Garlands," in which appear 130 glossy steeds ridden by handsome youths and comely tnaidens. is one of the prime attractions. An other ia the appearance of five trouiies of trained sialliuiig in intricate ring maneuvers. There will lie, of course, all the freaks, acrobats, clowns, menagerie and other sights without which a cirus woulo not he a circus. 4 r im of these, it js promisd. will be fresh novelties from all tiuarters of th globe which will make (lie show outdo all its forerunners in magnitude and splendor. . I Excavation for the first, line of stesm mains from the projected slouin station which the Rochester Gas and Electric f Virporataon will erect in Lawn street was made yesterday, when eontra-tors prepared a broad trench in Kuclid at reef. This line will serve the Fast aVfiinc building, und will be continued to supply live steam for heating the Baptist Temple and the Culler building, according to Edward L. Wilder, head of I In' industrial gas snics department of the lighting company. The irench will carry two or three lines of wlded steel pipe in a cast concrete duct, it is not exc!ed that, the yijss will have to be utuovir'd again for pot-haps a score of .wars. Mr Wilder said. Welded pipes from the steam station in the river gorge have been in service for fourteen years, and have riven no trouble. Another pipe line will be laol out East avenue, and wi'l supply steam to ihe new Hiram Sibley huibimg which will le erected at East m-emc and Alexander street. It: is et"cietl that othT buildings along the avenue also will receive steam from the central station. Another line is plannM to serve the reisil area in t'lin'on avenue south. This line will follow Chestnut street, down Temple street to its junction with Cortland street. ?nd thence across a private right of wav to Clinicn avenue. The steam station is scheduled for completion this fall. The excavation work already is completed. Scenery Being Placed. The scenery for the two operas to be sung hi-re. Verdi's "FalstnS"' which will lie given to-night and Moussorgsky's "Boris Godtinow," which will be the offering to-morrow-evening, arrived yesterday afternoon and lo-dny the Metropolitan's own stage force will put it in place. This year IliP Metropolitan Orchestra will be "HI per cent, larger than a year ago. the changes made in ihe Eastman stage last September permitting accommodation of the increased ensemble while at. the same time the regular stage depth is extended considerably. All Ihe stars with the exception of Feodor Chuliapin. who will sing the title role in "Boris Godunow" tomorrow night, will arrive on the special train this morning. Mr. Chuliapin will come on from New Y'orl; this evening. lu Ihe group of world famous artists arriving this morning will be Antonio Scotli, I.ucrczia Bori, Jeanne! Gordon, Lawrence Tibbetr, tjueena Mario. Marion Telva. George Meader, I Armnnd Tokalyan-. Adanio Iiidur, I .lose Mnrdones, Ralph Errolle, Iuiise Hunter, Kathleen Howard, Paolo An- anian. Ellen Ilalossy and Olhers, Setti to Direct ('horns. Another important member of the company who will arrive is Ginlio Setti. Ihe chorus ma-oer. who is responsible for Ihe splendid work of lh Metropolitan chorus, which is ad-mitlrdly unequalled b.v any operatic chorus in the world-Two of the regular Metropolitan conductors will accompany th company. Tullio Serafin, who will conduct. "Falslaff" to-night, will make i his first appearance here. He has I had a brilliant season in Xew York and also in Atlanta and Cleveland, conducting the famous Verdi opera in ail these places. He is one of the foremost, of tlie younger generation of Italian conductors in the world. D:;r ing the summer he, n ill go to Buenos Aires where he will lie general director of the grand opera season at the Colon Theater. Genuaro Pnpl- who will condu.'f "Roris Godunovv" to-morrow uighi. never uses a score, lis will take ihe sieamer for Kurnpe next Saturday to visit his family in Naples and w ill be gone only .three weeks, as he returns to' i-ondiiet during the summer at Ravinia Pntk near (Tin-ago. Mr. I'npi established himself in Rochester favor a year ago when he conducted 'L Bolienie." To-nijthi's performance will Iwgin promplly at o'clock. "Absolutely harmless as -far as we have been able to deter mine," was the verdict of Dr. (ieorye ". (Joler, city health officer, last night on ethyl gasoline, which is again the storm center of a controversy among American chemists after onte having,, been voted harmless by the United States liureau of Mines. The second controversy was precipitated Monday night when the Ethyl 'lasoline Corporation announced indefinite suspension of de liveries of tetraethv lead for resale in ethyl gasoline. One Rochester motor fuel distributing firm yesterday reported ten ethyl gasoline pumping stations open in various sections of ihe city and announced rushing business. Officials of the company stated their intention of continuing the sale of the fuel, which was given a clean bill of health by Dr. Goler. Investigation of Oje alleged harm till etteets on the public health by the Health Bureau officials show re ports of danger to be without foundation, as far as can be learned here, Dr. Goler eaW in commenting upon the situation. There is no reason for moving to stop the sale of the looney' gas. as it is sometimes Called, he said, and the policy of the bureau will he one of non-interference. Action of the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation in suspending deliveries came after Surgeon-General Outlining in . Washingion ordered a new investigation of the health problems involved in the use of ethyl gasoline in automobiles. The surgeon general has called n conference in Washington on May 20th at which phjsicinns and chemists from all xelinns of the country .will subject, the gas to another iiiresiiguiion. The manufacturing firm is suspending deliveries, save for scientific purposes pending thedecision of the conference. The inhalation of minute partible of let raid hy I lead from automobile exhaust pipes recently was declared Dy Dr. landell Henderson, of Yale, to he one of the greatest public health problems that ever has faced the American people. The Y'ale professor predicts that the effects will be apparent In tn to Hventy-five years in a lessened birth rate and widespread suffering from .hardening of the arteries, rapidly decaying teeth, weakening of certain muscles and other symptoms of lead poisoning. VALLEY CLUB PLANS $180,1 WING IN REAR Will Admit Hundred More Members from Ranks of Younger Men. Dansville Lawyer Expelled from Bar for Veteran Frauds Overwhelming opposition by Rochester street railway employees yesterday defeated a proposal to continue the existing wage and working schedule as a 1925-26 labor contract between the Xew York State Railways and the union workers in Rochester, Syracuse and Utica. Both Utica and Syracuse workers voted for the acceptance of the agreement by large majorities, but the Rochester balloting offset the affirmative ballots in the other two cities. Contrary to advanra expectation!, the recommendations of the. union Agreement Committee, submitted for the workers' ratification after a conference with railway offieiala, wera rejected by thirtynix vote. M-Voto Margin. The total ballot In the thre citie in which the traction company wa only 1.IHW, n of the smallest vote on record, the union bavin a total membership of nearly 2,500 in th three place.. Til final eonnt howed 518 votes for the committee' recommendations and 552 in opposition. Employee of the Syracuse line fae- ored the eceptane of the proposal by a rota of 209 to 42. Utie street railway men were 197 for and 88 against- ratification. Th favorable ballnta of the two down-tr tritie were overbalanced by th balloting here! Rochester worker rat 422 ballot against and oaly 110 for acceptance. , . Desire for an increase In wages was the primary consideration In th refusal of th proposf d agreement her. Previously the union employee had instructed their representative to ask for a T rent inreg, In wage. Insurance and tb six day -week. Th agreement wa read to the Rrhtr membership at a mteting at 2 o'clock yesterday morning in th Corinthian Theater. Wage. Seal la Issue, General dissatisfaction with th proposal to bold to th 1924-23 wag scbadnja was, expressed at tba gathering but anion official wr confident that the union would rally to th sup port: ot its Agreement Committee and support th agreement in tba balloting. Th stronghold of th union mem- nersmp u m this etty, 1,200 of th members, bein)r employe of th Koch-ester lines. , A committee of union leaders, bead- . ed by Jamea I.argay, of Utica, an international vice-president of th Amalgamated Street and Electric Railways Employee Association and including two representative of th employees in each of the three citie, will confer with James F. Hamilton, president of the New Y'ork State Railway to-morrow morning on the ont-come of the balloting. Other member of the Agreement Committee ri CONTINTEDON PAGE 2 BAKER DENIES CHARGE STREET WORK IS SLOW Final action on the project to erect TXI,U00 addition to the Genesee Valley Hub in JSast avenue, was deferred pending a more detailed report on the alteration plan at a meeting of n hundred members of the club last night. The sentiment of the meeiing was generally favorable to the proposal, but th project wa sent back to the board of managers for further consideration. The managers will meet within a week and th plan will be submitted again to th members late in the month. Rids on the building Will be solicited In the meantime. The proposal provide for-a three-story sddiiion for recreational and social purposes. The ground floor would house a swimming pool. Turkish l;th and cloak room : the first j floor a pool room, tea room, dininr room, men wiling room, reception room and Kitchen, and the second floor Is to be given ever to dormitory with fourteen sleedng rooms. It is planned to construct number of tenuis courts in the rear of the build- The Appellate Division, fourth department, yesterday disbarred from practise George W . Scott, of Dans-! ville. now serving two terms in An- ! born tii-isim tti f.. .1. frauding siiteen incompetent World''""' VI ''cppt. hundred new men.-war veterans whom he rei.resented . I ""', ,f h"'I(1,n P-'"-' ' "- leg. In a letter sen to club members by a committee of the Board of Managers it was declared that there had been a demand for additional facilities for dinners, dances and recreation. The committee is composed of Harper Sibley, Erickson Perkins, .lames St. Watson. Mortimer Antire and Harold (I. Tnwnsen- Building of a tennis court and redecoration of the present clubhouse, formerly the Perkins homestead, would bring the to tal cost near the $200,000 mark. The committee propose to issue bonds to meet the building cost. An Increase in dues from the present rate of $115 with an assessment of $25 to $110 or $150 a year is -peeled to accompany the proposal. The addition would be constructed in the rear of the present borne of the club. It is understood that one of the purposes in the move Is to bring more young men info the club. Seventy younKer"men' already have made application for admission in view of the proposed improvements and it is plan eoinnitiiee in incompetency. The application for the disbarment: was made by Albert C. olp. Wilder building attorney, acting f..r the Livingston Ooiiii:y Rar Association. accepted. Th Community Chest plan saving time, effort, expense-" a ppenls to everybody's common sense. Give, PALS OF DRINKING VICTIM DETAINED Palpitation Caused Death in Shack, Coroner Says. Dreams Come True for Children at Dorsey Home When Their Film Idol, Sunshine Sammy, Entertains Answers Miss Kneubuhl on Construction Project in ' Chestnut Street. There were some tall doings at the florsey. Home for Dependent Colored Children out Clinton avenue south, in The the ,,,,,,;,.. v., lu i Brighton, yesterday afternoon. It Kilborn. 4 years old, a farm hand? Fully Equipped Bed Stolen; Police See Homemaking Thief Thieve with honinmking ta( art ojnTHtinK in iiHriis-str. aHudiitj; ti the jvolii t, dtr follnvvins Hits upon t he t h"f t uf a bn Hit it b rn me the report last tiijrltt of the theft uf a beii anl nil that with it. . "harlot, e street, oomt'UinH that mi iron bed, mattress, four blanket, nnd four iher were Moleti from a house at No. 32 Charlotte utreet. wan t i hrifttmas, ot course, but it wa just as big and exciting as ureas-ion tu the many til tie inmates, it was a soft of a fairy tory come true for the bright-ej eJ. chtM'olaie-sfcinnefl yuiinitateTa for they had in their very mitist no le a penu.nage than that little colore, hero of their dratri, !fir)M!itiie Kmfuy, the diminutive iusky rouietiuifi in "Our Gang"' stTeen fomeiie. - Sammy, who is a feature of Import-; an.xi nut tsf till iii-tiuiilr tit him mui Following an autopsy yesterday, i i.,i, ... ,i ,i ,. .naggio reportedly...-,. --,eafcr ibis week! his foster brother, who appears with hitu in the stage act, and his parent. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morrison, the latter of whom sings in the act, were taken out to the iMrsey Home by Assistant Manager Hohert Barrett, of Ksv's. hie.' of Police Joseph M. Quigley and Policewoman Nellie Mi Klroj, who as officers of the home were attending the found dead early yesterday morning in a tJiack in Kosemond street, following a drinking bout, were held at the jail last uighl on charges of vagrancy lo enable them to receive medical attention. They gave their names as: Frank Ilalton, Watertown ; Wordeu Terry. Salvation Army Hole!, and Kdward. wbo said he lived with Kilborn in the shack. Coroner Chartes I that KillHirn died of acute palpitation of the heart. Deteolive Norman and Fleming, who investigated, discovered ibat the men had been drinking heavily for the past month. The Community Chest Die relief of suffering n want appeal to every heart. Give. monthly meeiing 'of the Board of Hircctors, welcomed Sunshine Sammy and bis party warmly. Sammy and bia brother and mother gave their comedy, singing and dancing .-t in full and '.von round of applause. Then Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Alexan der, the proud superintendent of th home, had several of the little residents entertain th gueitis, and they won much favor. Then came or., of the "surprise features" of the affair. Quit unexpect edly Sunshine Sammy stepped for ward and presented lo Chief of Police 'v'nigley for the home two drafts of $0 each. All present, including several other members of the Board of Tlie statement made by Mis Emily 11, Kneubuhl. director of th City Manager League, in a apeech before the Women's City Club Monday night, that Chestnut afreet would not be torn up more than four months if Hochester bad a city manager, wss vigorously repliewi to yesterday hy Public Works Commissioner Harold VV. Bakr. T don't care what Miss Knenbnhl said as reflecting on th conduct of the Department of PuMie Works." ; said Mr. Baker. "But if she said I city manager wonid make any differ I ence in Chestnut street she" doesn't know what she is talking about. Chestnut street probably will be torn tip for sometime, and right in front of the Women' City tlub. too. Chestnut street right now Is afflicted with growing pains. "A new tewer wa put Into Chestnut street. Now the Rochester Gas and Klectrie Corporation is starting pipe-line construction to anpply steam heat to the business section of th city eaat of the river. The distributing plant, unfortunately for Chestnut street, is located in I.awn treet, diagonally opposit the Women' Cit Club. "Now this steam heating plant will mean much in the future ot business in Rochester, as it will save coal burning downtown, and that will Directors, cheered the little performer tifhcers for the ensuing year weret mean less ash collections for th cityp elected by the board as follows: Pres-jand ease our task of finding mors ideut, Chief Quigiey ; vice-president, j dumping grounds for ashes. Mrs. W'arhsm Whitney; secretary,! "There may be more inconvenience Mrs. Charles W. Smith; treasurer. I In this prticular neighborhood th Miss Nellie McKlroy ; chairman ofjnes six mom ha bstt in the end it the House Committee. Mrs, Robert T. j will mean a navintf in the Department French; superintendents, Mr. and j of Public Works and consequently to Mr. Osborne Aleisnder. (the taxpayer."

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