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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 30

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JULY 17, 1938 6-D 21 DUPLEX, FLATS. APARTMENTS FURNISHED ROOMS HOUSEKEEPING 24 26 BOARDING 25 20 29 APARTMENTS 30 FLATS UNFURNISHED (Continued 20 APARTMENTS (Continued) APARTMENTS (Continued) (Continued) (Continued) fnntlntldl 1 (Continued) TELKGRAPH, 2776 Sunny front kitchenette. Free gas, ALAMKDA, 632 Santa Clara Fur ELM, 1415. block east Telegraph AHCO Apartmenta, 143S Madlaon. X- (Continued) 26TH Street, 427 Ijirge, clean, nicely furnished room, adjoining bath.

Congenial atmosphere. Walk-lllg distance. $3.50 week. 60TII Street, 1038 Four room, re-decorated; water Included. Will furnish.

Hunny throe-room, furnished, 30 HOW10 Street, 4110 Large room suitable for block to everything; telephone; breakfast optional. Olympic 9072. nished apartment-flat, dinette. Garage, water, garbage, PIC ADILLY Large studio living room, fireplace; electric kitchen, sunny bedroom; $62.60 Includes utilities. (017 Bhafter, near lights, telephone.

room furnished. Heat, hot watjr. refrigeration. Janitor nervlce. S0.

AOUITS. electric wnaner. EAUT lth ytreet, 2uu4 t'urninhul, Lovely I rooms, kitchenette, bath, THOL Court Apartment, 226 Athol Avenue Modern 2-room, newly VERNON, 473 Pleasant rooms; all conveniences, parking; $3. TE m-plebar LAKE Merrill Six rooms, 673 Beacon Street; 2 baths; rent reduced. TIMnlilacI fitni.

ARLINGTON 103C 3-rooiii, garage, HA WTlloit.Ni-;, 306 (off Broadway) Sunny front, private bath, service, utilities. 2STH Street. 640. near Telegraph Attractively furnished steam heated rooins. walking distance riano.

JaraEe. hrtrdwoou floors. Schools, transportation. Oakland. furnished.

EAST 21st Wtreot. "i 2-room, fur 1 1 its Central Avenue. Studio living room, fireplace, electrlo kitchen, sunny bedroom. $62.50 Includes utilities. fioi? Shatter, near Prondway.

W'EiiSTLR, 1812 Sunny 1-room, kitchenette. First floor, private entrance. Utilities. AJ'GAlt, upper Iront nlshed, aublet, references, 1 year Furnished," unny 4-room. Marin NICE sunny upper, 2 large bedrooms, move, refrigerator, garage.

Quiet street, near shopping; $33. I gate JAYNK, 2118 Front room with running water. Private family. of business center; garden and porches; unusual environment; ex- r-ellent meals. Sunny, clean.

All transportation. ni Idm view. Private hcacn. Afternoons. EAST 114th Street, 02 Newly turn AMuLiU Aoartments, JeSl AlaUIaon Un fill- WEBSTER, 152!) 2 suites, all utilities; parking space.

Xear Y. W. ('. A. $22.

110. Adults. LAKKSilORE, 40'0 Attractive 9 an1 J.rnfllTil '1 raimpnr I PKItity, 461 Hunny 4-room, unfur-nlHlieil; steam heat, refrigeration; garage; all transportation, liea- Hnnnhlc. 5 .1 Ml Very Avon ue, duplex. 1- and i-room, furnished? ateam 2TT11 Avenue, 17-7 clean front rooms, also single rooms.

Excellent food. Oarage. attractive. BRYANT nlshed (lf-11). tlon.

2S 127.50. Pf edmont 22H2W SUNN lower. Hardwood, floors throughout. Range Garage. Cudwcll Realty Company, 5636 Ornve Street.

licaf. Frjgldalre: room, adjoining patio; private modern, refined home; 814.50. GLeneonrt EAST 21st Streot, 1125 Four-room, CRUFTON. 646 4-ruom uufuriiiKiied PARKVIEW Apartments, 162 Ninth WAYNE, 237 (one-half block lake) Large singles. Electrlo plate avail- a be.

furnlahed; bedroom inginaire, iBellevue, 415 win rn, 'in I'll 38'1'li Avenue, 2316 Delicious luutl. Sunny, comfortable room. Parent, school child. Fit liltv.lle IH23M. duplex; furnace, refrigerator.

M.rcet. jsunny 2-ronrn furnished. LAK1CSHOKK, 1816 -Lovely room utilities; adults; 4.riS3. FLATS FURNISHED Newly renovated. Near business, 31 across from Lake.

Near all EAST 37th Street. 2420 Hcrlecorated ir.mnportntion. Spurious Street, 1 10C WEST ltli Street, 1060 Sunny, clean, convenient, one or two beds. Telephone, utilities, parking, 8 furnished rooms, rnsiaaire, ga 63rd STREET, 6611 Twill beds; Milt-ablo father, child; also single; real home; excellent food. modem 2-room, nicely furnished Unfurnished Junior, four larira bedroom, five closets, electrlo kitchen; remonabla rent Includes utilities, janitor service, garaire; Ideal for RID VISTA, near Piodmnnt MANILA Avenue, 3763 Front, rage.

griragn; $25. no. EAST 21st Street, toil Sublet 2- flnfi 4Utn, 4-room lower, unfur-n lulled, redecorated. Very sunny. nicely fiirniMiert.

Shower Suitable business wo in a n. References. Transportation: HI ml.nldt 8213. transportation hed. a year or less.

ALAMEDA. 1323 Santa Clara, corner sunny 0-room, sleeping porch. Frigidaire, vacuum cleaner, washing machine. $17. Garage, water, garbage.

Gardener service included In rent. ITU Avenue, 1448 Large room, kitchenette; utilities. $15. Garage 63RD Street. 882 Congenial gentlemen.

Home privileges; laundry; $35. Oarage. EDGKWOOIJ, 4507 Attractive 4-room, sunny duplex. Garage, water, stove. $35.

ANdover 1123. rtcfe Belmont Street, 378 MOXTEC1TO lli (downtown). St. Clair Apartments 63RD Avenue. 2467 Private Foothill Boulevard 1900 26th Avenue.

Cheerful large room; fireplace, telephone; garden view. Near San 715 View, included. Two-room, $3 week. 4TH Avenue, everything (Jentleinan. EAST 28th Street, 1352 Atlraciive 2-room furnished apartment.

Ga-ragn. $25. between Perkins and Staten. Mod-am 4-room, unfurnished; complete service; all transportation. Tic mple Peaudfully furnlahed and unfurnished 2-3 room, $.12.30 up.

every trance, hot water, garage, gentleman. 512. 50 ral'il'ic. bath. $25.

Four-room, Adults pre- i' rn rirlsco trains. U.A.MEDA. sun porch, fined. Verv choice. 2.

3-room. finely fur thing included. 1250 34th Avenue. Mil; A VisLa, 526. Grand Lake Dis har 2763.

nlshed Ilarht, sunny; S.15-S42.$fl, In 1S4TH Avenue, 1273 Private home, adjoining bath. SW eetwood 3832. corner East 14th Street, also transient rales. trict -Large room with slcep- HAD DON Road, 3.12 5-rooiu unfurnished; nico yard. Near Tark Boulevard and East 18th.

STH Avenue, 1843 Large sunny room. Utilities'. Transportation. $3.50. Adults.

cluding utilities; transportation. Upper hardwood, sunny, clean. Afternoons. AH 1 rn tlon. inc pori-n, garage, oentlernan.

San Pablo, 2317 ATTRACTIVE Home, Lake excellent food, Ill gate 558 7. Fairmount 39 1 nntald th "Nolse-zone." S-room, MONTE Cresta Avenue, 138 Large, STH Street. 636 Stucco, nicely fur LOCKSLiiY Avenue, Fur Ll.EVUE, 445 (near Grand Ave-nue) Newly decorated, beautifully furnished 2 and 3-room 1 apartment Sunny. San Francisco and local transportation; also I and 4 rooms, unfurnished. nisliecl room, includes electricity, sunny front room; private bath, Aptrtmei.t II Will share 10 til Sir.

5 rooms; et, 719 Upper cor-wnter. S-5. unfurnished. Ideally arranged; elec garage. gns.

nished 4-room, hardwood floors, automatic water heater. Yard, garage, OLvmpic downtown apartment with tinir man: $30.00 in trically equipped. Utilities, garage. ATTRACTIVE conveniences. Best of food.

room All mode Accommodates 1 PI edmont jJiiiA vista, o20 Furnished room STH Avenue, 2111 Attractive 2 room, separate entrance. Every cludes meals, utilities, etc. Lower five room; garage; near school, all transpor-. tatkm; SHATTUCK, 6436 Modern apart In cozy home. Garage.

HI gate ment fats, unfurnished: twos, "1 thing furnished. Adults. RKELEY, 2S18 Telegraph Ultramodern. Beautifully furnished 2 Is. Exceptional yalues.

Garage and utilities Included. Transpor FOHTIINW Way 6'JIM 1 block south Foothill-Seminary. 132.60, largo 3-room, sunny, furnished. Preferences. PI ertmnnt B194.T.

STRATFORD (2446 Telegraph) ARE you interested in tasty meals, congenial home) garage? GL an-court 5797. 0th STREET, 178 Redecorated two OA IV Htreet, 1020 Sunny near threes; garages, water; block from trains, stores; reiisumilile rent. Sunny, furnished Z', i'a; Frlgio- alre; $27.60 up. transportation. Private family $3 OAKLAND Avenue, 315 y-roolrt.

Circulating heater. Frigldaire. Water. Garb.nre. Reasonable.

room; rot water; teiepnone; 2u $22. tation. wcck. Herman, 11', rn plehar 5358. SilAKTER 39411 corner 40 Street 3- BUKK, La Vlsla Apartments- Fairmount Avenue, 201 Very attractive, modern 4-room unfurnished apartment; all 7TH Avenue.

1819 Frigldaire, utlli Kliliy, 314 Attractive, newly fur Ll.lrlltAl'll 23j4 Choice CONGENIAL, private home. Suitable one, two business persons. Unusually attractive room. Best food. Reasonable.

GLencourt 7340. ruum furnished, garage. $30. Worth $3 6. nished, all conveniences, gentle loHVr, wallilng distance.

Reason ties, parking. ill gate 7TII Avenue, 2310 (off Park Boulevard) Modern duplex, unfurnished 4-room, breakfast room, water, garbage, garage, $45. Open Sumlay. man. 0(162.

able. TE mplehar t)49ii, jy 10TH Avenue, 1425 Lovely room The Reg i 1 1 us Nineteenth and Jackson 246 Large front, $20. Smaller, $12. running HI gate FOOTHILL Boulevard, 1U05 Two-room; Frigldaire, hot water; adults. ANdover 370S.

I jilshed, 35. Frigldaire, heat. Off Grand Avenue at Euclid, Jii Mock to Burk and Lake. KKE1J, 2420 Virginia. Ultra 1 modern, beautifully furnished 3 marine view.

Garage, utilities in PEKRy, water. 0216. Kitchenette, ail inciuuea. i.du EAST Oakland Desirable home. Shower, all conveniences.

Transportation. Garage. AN dover 4204, OLympio 8529. 9TH Avenue. 2510 Sunny, modern TELEGRAPH Avenue, 2936 rooms, S30.

''iipfuirt 787'i. 9TH Avenue, 2231 Sunny upper, large rooms. Garage. Adults. Lndy.

Beautiful spacious Lake District apartments. Furnished or unfur 4 rooms, unfurnished; stove, wall 11TH Street. i21 One room: neat, REGENT, 6416 Single lront up bed: private laundry, garage. FKU1T VALE- Avenue, 3711 4-room, furnished; upper; garage; elderly adi ltsi $25. stairs.

Hot water furnace; shower, clean; plenty of sunshine; also one FAMILY style boarding huiine. Le-liclous cooking. Free parking. cluded. nished.

Convenient to shopping and transportation. Uniformed doorman. near transportation garage. Gen front sleeping room; not anu coia 16TH Street, 730 Stucco 2-3-rooni, tile bath; furnished, $22.50 up includes electricity. Courteous service.

week, up. FR ultvale 9542. tleman. I'teomont 830 kW. water.

loND Street, 6014 Beautiful nlshed 2, 2-room, 30up. 40th Street, 721 2-room; 11TH Avenue, 2439 4-room, upper, completely furnished as home by owner. Garage, yard. Rus. $30.00.

OTIi Avenue, 2444 Newly decorated 3-room, sleeping porch. Frigldaire. $35. LAKH District 297 Lenoi. Newly TRASK, 6320 Unusually attractive 11TH Avenue, 1505 Sunny, uuiet, RIO VISTA Avenue, 20 Large nice decorated room with lovely view.

OAKUUU Street, 2831 Garden apartment. Sunny, outfit. View. Porches. Near University, transportation, shopping.

$42.60. BE rkeley front, sober man or couple. $12.60 room, sun deck. Piedmont 6254W. ties; transportation apartment.

Beautiful surroundings. All transportation. $40. 29th Avenue, 1424pw- Sunny 4-room, unfur- j- I month. $16.50.

double, utilities. Home atmosphere. Excellent food Walking distance. tiiACON, 607, East, Lakeshore Park A clover I2H5. oiAiJi Avenue, 1432 Clean, sunny room.

Transportation. Home prlv- 12 AVENUE 1710 Clean, sunny nished modern. Refrlgera VERMONT, 1)54 Furnished or un LAKE district, near Excelsior front room and kitchenette. lieges, nijencourt 551X. tlon, stove, water, garbage.

Garage. Adults. Adults. Reasonable. Parking.

Boulevard; beautiful Spanish home. 609 Kenwyn Road: one of furnished threa-room; utilities, $30 garage. a Grand Avenue, 3726 Spacious 4-room. Unfurnished. New ly decorated.

Steam heat. Refrlgera tor. Gnrage. Modern, spaoiuun, furnished J's, 2's, dinettes. portation, 240 up.

2U07 room apartment, completely nished; water, garbage; 26. WEST Street, 1019 Comfortable room, for gentleman over 35 12TH Street, 823 Two largo sunny 53rd Street, 82 4 spacious rooms and dressing: closet. Upper. (iaraRt, Nfar all transportation. Water, garbage.

Art 1 1 H. $37.50. two. WALKER Avonue, 732- Four-room. rooms; quiet.

San Francisco train years In quiet home. Adjoining LAKE District, large sunny room, stop. Business person preferred bain, wanting instance of busi 34T11 Street, 465, east of Telegraph 4 rooms, furnished, clean, sunny. Adults. Reasonable.

unfurnished, modern conveniences, Frigldaire, garbage, garage; back Grand Lake Theater; adults. rkeley ness center. $10 month or $2.50 GRAND, 144 Two- and thre-room furnished apartments; utilities, 13TH Avenue, 1420- private bath, fireplace, garagie. TE mplehar 3826. -Clean 1-room, $3.50.

Utilities per week. Apply Sunday morning small kitchenette, included. LAKE district. Private home. Large or alter p.

m. any evening. frigldaire, service; transportation walking distance; 236.00- J3RD Street, 680 3-room breakfast nook, nlcelv furnished. Close in. HI gate 8168.

WARF1ELD, 1001, corner Fairbanks Large three rooms.dlnette; modern conveniences; exclusive; gobd WiLDVVOOD 16, 4 doors 10TH Street, 835. One room, kitch- sunny room. Home privileges. TW Inoaks 3687. 84Z.50.

40th Street, 795 room, furnished, newly painted; 2 wall beds, $30 off Grand Avenue, all transporta enette. Single $3. Utilities. MOTHERLY home, Normal or sub Kill Castle view; rent reasonable. tion.

Large front room in heauti- 28TII Slreet, 831 4-room, modern, newly tlocorated, sunny, garbage a il wa ter. $27.50. 18TH Street, 796 Cheerful, single i tiRXELEY, 1844 Curtis Modern furnished two-room, large dress-Inir room; newly decorated; utill-tles; $30. "iiKOALMONT," 231 2ath Street, be-tween Broadway, Harrison Nice- Jy furnished two, three-room, rea- sonnhle. LKiiKELEY Sunny Garage.

Garbage. Adults. )ul home, bath, garage, all con- 420. Unfurnished normal child and mother. Tliorn-wall 7374 WAYNE Avenue, sunny 4-room.

room, everything Included. Adults, $3.00. 'enfences. Reference. Piedmont When In Oakland Eton at 1431 Jackson Garage, water.

64TH Street, 747 A three- and two-room furnished apartment; steam 1509W. Adults. $30, NEAR College, Fairfax. Neat, 32ND Street, 677 (near Grove) Large sunny four-room, $24; parking; adults. 24TH Street, 367 (near Broadway) 1222.

Large sunny 5 sTT At- yalieat: garages; rensonanie, JmLM Attractively a h-sn I u. apartmant or without rnmnl.l. rftl iiiivlr tractive 4-TOf Yoom Quiet clean one-room, kitchenette; all Included. 4TH Avenue, front room, included. airy room.

Garage. Eiueriy person or workingman. ANdover 4506. Reasonable. Gentlemen.

Utilities Mlnfurnished 6STH Avenue, 3014 3-room and breakfast room. Unfurnished. Ga- breakfast nook. Colonial fireplace. $2.

ColUBa. ttoor garqen 24TH Street, 631 Sunny, 2 rooms. 4-lTH Street, 466 Attractive, clean four-room upper; garage; near transportation; adtiits. OPENING August 1, new guest home l-qge, garbage. T.

if. ic v. 1 Ac 3 room unfurnlshe Chesterfield. Garden. $5.00.

Adults. 6TII Avenue, 1749. Well furnished. Hot w-atcr, parking. $3 week.

E. Street HARVARD Downtowi Downtown: modern, 137.60. 2117 College Ava 64TH Avenue, 2061 4-room, newly sunny 26TH Street, 710 Largo front room. Bolsley. ('harming garden.

Adults. VORK, 840 Attractive furnished 2 and 3-room. Utilities, garage Included. Inducement to permanent tennnts. decorated.

Garage. Transporta nue. 59TH Street, 626 5-room flat, garage. Lights, water. Adults.

No house pels. kitchenette. Utilities. Walking distance. tlon.

$25. TEmplebar 0606; 12TH Street, 668 Lovely 2-room f.k-.nK'If.T.KV, E728 Dwlitht Way, SW eetwood 0537. suite with bath. Also single with at 629 Oakland Avenue, xvo. ji car.

Completely redecorated, private or adjoining bath, showers. Garage or parking space. Specializing In strictly homii cooked meals. Can be shown by appointment. For further information, call HI gate 3450.

near University Beautiful corner 28TH Street 604 Sunny, front 2- furnished two-, threa-room, steam heat; parking; week, month, HARRISON btreet, 1426 Two and three-room, furnished; downtown; elevator, maid aervlca; rent by week or month. hath. $4 week, up. HI gate 9300, 887 Upper 4-room, re-Sleeping porch. Adults.

8-room. unfurnisnen. aquhb. 61ST Street, decorated. $22.50.

ATTRACTIVE 2-room furnished apartments. Lights, water and frlgldulre Included in rent. Con room, redecorated. Garage. Electricity.

$20, 315. Walking distance. LKHKELEY 2536 Kegent. 2-room ATTRACTIVE'LY: furnished, sunny upper 4-room. All conveniences.

Garare. Transportation. Adulls. 315 East 15th Street. spacious, front, nicely furnished.

Kelvlnator, transporta 2LST Slreet, Unusually furnished. Breakfast 29TH Street, 695 (near Telegraph) beparate entrance. tlon. $32.60. AS hharry veniently located.

1929 26th Ave-ntie. Phone AN riover 6136. TWO room, private shower, $16.50 HANOVER Avenue, 473, near Lake OUT-OF-TOWN 32 privileges. Business Room, kitchenette; gentleman. Garage.

Parking. ATTRACTIVELY" furnished 3-room, furnished, unfur tROADWAY, 2833, Apartment 14 Five rooms, month. Good neighborhood. Be-cum, 2802 Foothill. person.

nlshed; garage TE mplehar 813H Daoy to snare wnn 4auy. oum 32 STREET, 700 Light housekeep 1ST Avenue, 1 455 Furnished two-room; frigldaire, heat; tranaporta- tlon: dinette. It's different; real home. $40. Adults.

Key, 1202 Hampel, m. 23RD Street and Telegraph. Sleeping HOWE, 4386, corner Mather. Homey A Real Vacation 8-room, furnished. titoOKLYN.

616 Lake view; fur ing. $1.60. $2.50. Everything furnished. Gentleman.

26 BOARDING WANTED room. GLencourt 0418. Near trans porta tlon. 4-room, furnished. Garage, $27.60, ft eomonr hv h.

1238 2-room, fur-Adults. GLencourt nished two-room, tin, inree-rooin. 32NI) Street, 2ND Avenue, nlshed. $20. 8093 Sunday.

lo- BRAND new Monterey Colonial 6 rooms unfurnished; large sunderk; close to San Francisco trains. 860 553 Lovely electricity, Lake County, fi-room, furnished bungalow, swimming, hiking, fishing, near resorts. Wonderful $38, room, phone. bedroom, Slreot, 607-cation, close Clean, desirable In. HELEN, 3261 2-room, partly fur kitchenette.

wishes to shar ghT Business Lady. $15. Vermont, off Mandann. nished. Frea gas, lights, parking, Close to bay bridge.

with college -or bus! GENTLEMAN desires room with private bath in private family together with 2 meals daily, within 8 miles of business center of Oakland. Box P70S39 'Tribune. apartment news girl. 35TH Street, 402 Two rooms; elec climate. Accommodate 2 families.

HU mholdt 4144. 2STI1 Street, 686 Large sunny rooms, garage. Transportation. $16, $20. PI edmont 7729J.

HILL Manor, 461 Bellevue. Lake 3RD Avenue, 1444 Beautiful sunny Steam" heat, frigldaire. Garage. 6TH Avenue, 18163 -room, redeco tric, garbage, pnoue, garage, MOVERS (Class 132 like large loads but you can cut down yours. Sell the unnecessary things.

Advertise In Class 60. To sell call front, 6-room, 2-bath, fireplace. adults; $16.50. Large room 28TH Avenue, 1507 service, ah trsnannrtnrion Casa Madera Vi.Kl Tw MflirA ANdover 35TH Street, 464 2-rooin lront. HARRISON.

27111 unny four-room rated, water, rrigkiaire, garage, adults. $32.50. BOARD and room on mountain ranch; $10 week, $35 month, Including riding and packing stock. Box 141, Lower Lake, Lake WORKING motiioi wishes room, board for self and 6 months baby. BE rkeley 5811.

with! ahower. Parking 4788. Suitable for nurse. 3-room, two beds. Water.

Parking. Telephone. uniurnisnea; fireplace, frigldaire, 7TII AVENUE. 1810 Ones, twos. 2STH Street, 410 near Broadway- not warer.

Annua. Beautiful, modern apartmenta. tm maculate. Spacious as homes. Din lne room, one-two bedrooms, Els Utilities.

HI gate 206(1. 36'1'il Slreet, 675 Front room, Kit HAWTHORNE, 396 (off Broadway) 28 CHILDREN BOARDED Clean, a moderate rates. chenette. Transportation, auuus. TEmplebar 0000.

22 BUNGALOrcbliTr 46TH Avenue, 3 rooms, furnished. Al condition. $35. Adults. Key at 4514 East 14th Street.

ANdover 1100. nt furnishings, unfurnished. furnished; ateam heat, a-room, utilities No pets. 11TH Avenue, 2201 2-room urn-ished, modern, refrigeration, utilities, garage. $36.

2UTH Slreet, 232 (near Harrison) FOR, new htore building 2 Hx. 80, located in fast growing community. Apply Dave K'ldd, Castro--Valley Boulevard, corner Redwood Haywavd. Claremont Manor 34TH Avenue, 1 3 rooms, clean. Oarage if? ivy Beautiful large room, nressiiia Drive.

2204 (Lake District BALFOUR Avenue Children's Home. Experienced supervision. Refined surroundings. encnurt 4 4 87. Adults please.

220 62nd Street, off College kow 2-room. unfurnished. Vena room; twin beds, running water, garage. $5.50 for two. Single $3.

35TH Slreet. 543 Sunny, large liv 12TH Street, 79 3 Modern 2-roon, furnished; Frigldaire; tile btfth. 2,. Ksoeclally deairable, 2, i room tlan blinds, range, garage. Pri ing room, kitchen, parKing, garu- fn.ntflhAfi nr unfurnished.

Amp! vate entrance. II I I Park Cabin enuipped for 8. $20 weekly. AN'd-o I- 6 7 5 DA week or month. Near parks and beaches.

614 Ilaight Avenue, ALnmedn 2ND Slreet, 626 Large sunny room, board optional, OLympio 1690. nge. $20. 11TH Avenue, 1 844 Attractive 2-ronm, furnished. Garbage, water, $23.

Parking. JACKSON, 1428, downtown Two- 9 closet apace. Electrically equipped elevator, utllitleg, transportation, 35T1I Street, 839 Two sunny rooms, 13T11 Avenue, 2608 Furnished three-room; lights, water, garbage Included; $20. 33UH Avenue, 830 Newly urulsheil room, furnished, $32.60 up; three room. $46 tin.

patio, garage, electricity, Annus f4t Up private family; near transporta 36TH Street. 4S6 Clean, well furn LA ICE Tiiluir, well furnished, log cabin near Bijou Riding slahles, golf links, fireplnce. Eler-tricity. Accommodate 6. Ill: mholdt 6749.

tion, AN flover 9456. GIRLS under 10; motherly care, modern country home. rj Rural Delivery No, 1, Box No. 477, Walnut Creek. HOTELS JEFFERSON, 10062, 3-room, newly 23 17TH Avenue, 2302 Furnished two-room, bath, garage, $21; one large CorteAlcferica rener.oratea; utilities; furnished; SOT 1 1 Avenue 37 19 Two-rooms, ished two room and bath.

Two entrances, Electric washer. Parking. $22.50. up. nicely furnished for two men or front, kitchenette, bath, garage, $18.00.

Individual apartments with a charm In B.rH.r fnur-room. fur Hotel Clar-idqe working couple. Private entrance. JAYNE Avenue, 205 Lake District PLIOASANT homo for child to slay or by day. Excellent care.

3101 Harrison. GL encnurt 0 1 k. 18TH Street, 1063A Furnished 3- $25. FR Hit vale 5094f. Coy 4-room.

Board optional 2ND Avenue, 1606 2-Iooni, clean, sunny, $17. Near train. GLencourt nlshed nr unfurnished: utilities. 2609 RUSSIAN liiitr cottage, l-'u in is ned. Accommodates 7.

Available last 2 weeks July, August. AS hherry 78S7. Business People room, large living room, hardwood Reasonable. 40 1 Avenue, 160i ltrge sunny Ivt Drive, off Park Boulevard. 61118.

rinors, 2n. room. Private entrance. Near Tour good Judgment will vm, 11 KvC Lake Merritt Hotel SUNNY room, privale home. Yard.

Vi block school. Suitable parent, child. 882 63rd Street. 24T11 Avenue, 2021 Newly fur rn porta tlon. 63RI) Street, 1019 Quiet, comfortable; kitchenette, hath; $12; ga-rage.

OLympio 5506. here! Genuine comfort. Unexnerted 4 J. ST Street, 368 Lovely modern Two-room apartments, $66 W. month up.

Smartly fur- nished and renovated, sunny 3-room apartment, garage, utilities Included. $25. FR ultvale 21 36.1. Castle Vista Ivy Drive, 2232, off Park Boulevard. Brick building, 1 and 8-room, furnished, unfurnished.

Everything room. All conveniences. Well fur- JlluSHJAN Jliver, roniiiH, aruoinino-dftte clcvon. Klrrtric; stove, writer lionter. IU5 i kelcy S310 or Til orn- wnM jt544.

RENTAL AGENCIES nished. Complete hotel nlshed. All transportation. Rea 29 SANITARIUMS, REST HOMES service. Permanent or sons hie.

service. Outside the "Noise More for your money. Room and 2 meals. 7 days a week, $41.50 to per month. 15th and Grove Streets 61'i'll Avenue, 2638 Clean, sunny, spacious 2-room, furnished, Frig'-dalre, shower, garage.

All transportation. Reduced rent UW transient. 1 I room Everything Parking! flticltided, $37.60 up. 60TH Avenue, 1511 Nice room rage; near all transportation; space. 325.

Ilium overlooking lake, dancing, w1 Also 8 room apartments. A BEAUTIFUL rest home: Country Club Apartments BACHELOR or studio. 2-room, cor 26TH Avenue, 1767 Two-room, mod- Lakeside at Madison. TEmulebar 91 modern. 6 1ST Avenue graduate nurse.

reasoname Fit ultvale ami UAnvA nft Rrnadwav and 6Rth APARTMENTS, homes. Lake district and Piedmont. 492 Lake Park GLencourt 4871. everything -ote arillOn 2 300. ner, sunny, separate entrance.

2111 8th Avenue. Busses, trains. ern, furnished, clean Included; Separate entrance. tTninna 1.4-room unfurnished. Tile S2.50.

Oakland's most convonlon Lenox Manor NORTH Berkeley Woman share 26lh AVENUE, 2745 4-room upper, AGED, convalescents. Trays, furnace heat. 2 blocks lake. GLencourt 4959. Hotel offers a choice exceptional permanent ac Jli bath, ahower, electrlo kitchen, aepa fate entrances.

COLUMBIA Apartments, 3612 Tele m-ra nh 2-room attractively fur home of business woman; garage. 'I'll ornwall 3605. furnished; Frigldaire, utilities; adults: $37,00 ATTRACTIVE corner room, home privileges. Heat. Transportation.

Garage. IT edmont 1 843.M. commodations at extremely A PERSONA nuto service lo anyone desiring apartments, houses. PARK View Terrace, Large Beautifully furnished three. Furnished or unfurnished two and three, separate dlnntte.

View. Garage. Utilities. Transportation. 206 Lenox, off Grand.

3210. 29TI1 SI reel, moderate rates. 201b -Hromlwny AIjKD, aeini-lnvalid. run va k-yci-n I graduate miro, dny and niylit. 'I'K mplf hnr 628, 2-room furnished sunny.

TE mplehar Albert Nortnan. nlshed. Heat, hot water, telephone, 380 15th Street. CI.ARE.Mii.MT train. Attractive room.

Homo privileges, $16. Em apartment, 9902. Ill gate (1997 KAMI' Hotel. 22ncl, Grove, $3 week All outside moms. Redecorated.

front room suitable for 2, beautifully furnished; Frigldaire; tele- phn ne. ployed people. I yinpic $25. Transportation. F.A11RINOTON.

4230 Furnished 2 36TH Avenue, 1616 2 3's, furn ATTHACTIVK rest home; beautiful surroundings, excellent meals; heated. GLencourt 94f6. Lake, 133 Berkeley Exclusive Rentals Mason-McDlll fie 2101 RKrkclev 0200 room, dinette, water, garbage, ga MENLO Hotel. Special permanent rates, $5 week up. ONE-IIOUM, private hat II, Jl 11.50 iAST Oakland, near car line.

Business woman preferred; garage. A ilover S8III. ished, unfurnished. Utilities, ga- $35 no. rage: adults: 2t.

month. Good neighborhood. Me-elini, 2802 Foothill. 13th-Wehstei 7TT- LI UK ELK Y-t 'lareuiout renta Is. CLEVELAND.

6333 spacious, ar- 36TII Slreet, 684 3-room, furnished Walking distance downtown. Lower sunny three room, wall lied In living room: also bedroom. Frigldaire, heat, $37.60. BE A liTl I 'L view. Restful surroundings.

Special care It desired. Two blocks to C. S. Church. AS n-herrv 344 4.

quiet; 1721 3.7th tlstlo rooms, dinette. Furnished, Utilities. Lake view. Oarage. LAKE di'tricl; private family; modern cor, eniences; garage; gentleman.

Ill gate 8467. Sunny, $16. A veil mi included. or unruriilshed, included garage, garbage, water. utilities St.

Mark Modern, eomfortahlf rooms, bath, $8.50 week-lv: without. $7 (by the LAKESHOIIE, 1018 the 37'1'li Avenue, 1 505 3-room, fur CORDOVA (882 Cleveland) Dlstlnc-tlve. spacious, furnished 3-room Electrically equipped, furnished 25 HOUSEKEEPING WANTED KENN'EXCI-; Avenue, 6463 Homelike rest home; hen of care for elderh- ami convalescent. Piedmont, unfurnished 2-rnoni. 3-rooni atudln apartment; elevator; adults, I'll IN' ATE home, sleeping quarters, from $2 up.

759 i.Mh Street (near Crovel. SMALL sunny front, privale home: brenkfast; business girl. ANdover Utilities Included. Moderate rental. lit A Apartment nished.

Refrigerntlon. Garage. Near shopping. $27.50. 38TI1 Avenue, 1501 Attractive extra largo rooms.

Strictly modern, constant hot water. Transportation. $3 5 lip. it pa month.) Several beautiful 1 h-Frnnklln. Elevator: Inn nr.

1811 27th Avenue, corner ficer Realty i0u3 College. UK rkeley 71100. HE rkeley 5 4 7. Lake, Park Boulevard homes and apartments. rritt 4 100.

OI, ympic 1880. Alameda A 5-r'Hini, i i-1 Timilrn housp. Nar all rn nsjicrt inn. Also a Inrpre old ma us if i suit hie "i- rnnini or rtli Djf li'iiise. 1 4 I 1 'r Santn C'lnra.

LAKE. 714 lllllgirt Circle Unfur -3 l'TUNISIIKI) rociins, or mo nt. Nar 'n iverHl Mother, 2 children. liox Tri biine. ST.

GEORGE. 371 13th St reet $2.50 Foothill A message to the wise: If nished 3-room, balcony; sweeping week up: clean, comfortable showers; centrally located. BALI-'lH'i; Avenue cli I blrcn's Home Kxpprienced stiper isiou, refined urroll nd tugs. GLencourt 4 I BEN YEN Nursing Home trav service. Quiet.

Reasonable. TIT ornwall you ara anticipating view; transportation, bridge high wsy; steam heat, refrigeration rensonnhle. HI gate 6228. ciianaa will nav vnn YOSKMITE Avenue 46 Newly decorated front bedroom, suitable gentleman, $15. garage optional; near all transportation.

38TII Avenue, 264 1, 4-room apartment, furnished, water and garage, good transportation. Rent $32.50. BOARDING 26 to Inspect our apartments. 2 The Colonial Inn LAKE district Sunny, modern 3- 1109 Oak Slreet TEmplebar 9416 men or women. Excellent! care.

room, unfurnished (bedroom) steam heat, refrigeration: adults Near Lake Merritt CONVALESCENTS, Graduate nurses. GL encnurt .191 I. furnished or unfurnished. Electrically equipped ateam heat, hot water. Also hotel room, wall bed, private bath.

If engaged prices will remain. ALAMEDA 1221 Taru Street. Large front room, suitable for two. Rates $1i month; garage space. HOUSEKEEPING 25 39 AVENUE, 1146 2-room furnished apartment.

Refrigeration, Adults. $25. Tit Inldnd 2727. $32.60. (36 Hillsborough, off Wes- Ideal for business and elderly people: finest of food, complete hotel ALBA aVlarhi AvoiiUf rncrn, sunny cornrr, enrden, ur-iki'T horit.

Suntiav ev. 40TII Avenue, 1608 Furnished front service; rates from $35 per month, including brenkfast and dinner. LAKESHORE, 2108 Beautiful 4- GRADUATE nurse will lake bed patient or elderly person in her home. Day and night care. Phv-siclan's reference.

AN dover 6837. memoes sn. LOLORES Avenue. 4fiis nook, water, garbage; 2 -room, ALAMEDA, 512 Santa Clara Avenue Three-room, well furnished; npwly decorated. Everything Included.

$25, room. residential aoartment. fac 32.l". TAFT Hotel, corner Lsth and Tele Boulevard) I clean, quiet, aunny Ing Lake. Unfurnished.

Adults. a nd Siiiinyinre 3-rooni, pcrernf (1 porrli. j-a id, gh rrrco. PI Pdmont isniw. BKii KLK Funny rear rottapo, parapp, near Fhopplnff (rnnsDortation, 1 $17.60.

OLympio References. Afternoons. rooms, i ara( water, garage, gar- LAKL-SHOnn. 1400. on lake.

Walk ASPEN Place, 40U6 Hrautiful new home; private room; excellent meals. Garage. $27.50. ANdover 3723. BELLE Avenue, 395.

Lake Dis-trict Heated room. All transpor-tatlon. $40. BROOKLYN, 781 (Lake llistrict) Private home, gentleman. Single, double.

Shower, free phone. GLencourt 5220. INVALID, employed relative. Pleas-ant adjoining room. Excellent fond.

Nurse's care. 173 Santa Rosa. HI' mholdt 2164. graph; reduced rates: weekly, up; conveniently located. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS ALVARADO Unusually delightful, select, Claremont home, magnificent view.

PE rkeley 7021. Ing distance. I-rooin and bath; 45T11 Avenue, 1426 3-room furnished apartment, clean, modern. $27.50. Sea Mrs.

Towne, apart-inent 1424. 48lh AVENUE, 1437 Two-room, furnished- modern; utilities; all tra nsportat Ion desirable. osae. view, urnianed. No doga.

IjELAWAHE, 2864 Oakland, a-room furnlahed, partly furnished, fia-rage. Reasonable. Transportation. furnished and tinfurnlsne LAKESIDE Three, four rooms. Ar- ALICE Slreet, 1575 Large housekeeping room, kitchenette.

Trivate hath. PENSIONERS hoarding. One upper, one lower. Quiet, sunny, trays, excellent food. PI edmont BKUjEYVE, MUb lease beau tiful fi-r(iom home, furnished or unfurnished.

Trnnsnnrtatinn. tlstlcally furnished; walking die tanee, Tl? mplehar 6888. Brae, 1446 Oak Street. Mod- arn. Three-roora furnished.

Utlll- ALICE, 1646 New Colonial, furnished; Venetian blinds. Inner-spring studio davenport: streamlined bath: one block Lake and business; $5.75 weekly. LENOX, 332 (near Lake) Redeco BRl'SH. 2116 Large, sunny room, kitchen. Parking.

Every- thlng. ea i.rvln. REAL home, garden, deliciour fooii. Cheerful, kindly nurses. GLencourt 8473.

IiKllKELKY, 1S2J Modern 4-rnnm, renovated. Larg: moms. rated, unrurnisnea i-i-rooin. 39th Street, 693 Modern nunny, quiet 8-room urnlalieil. lmMudea lmat, hot water, frlKldalre.

Ml trnnHportntton. Yards. $40 up. FRU1TVALE Avenue, 1536 Large three-window front room. Suitable two.

Simmons bed, good furniture. Pest of home cooking. Home privileges. Congenial private home. $9 week.

KOTA Street. furn- lhd. I5, everything Jncluded. Pnrklntr nnnrm CASTRO, 1915 1, 2 suilliH- rooms, $9 month up. Garage.

Phone. LINDEN. 1016 3. 4-room, newly 14 Meiilu riace 3-bed-HT cate fi-7- p. m.

VERNON. 414 Rest lionn sunny rooms. Best food. Graduate nurse HI gate 141.2. ronnis, $H0.

decorated. Sunny. Parking. Trans portatlnn. Reasonable.

ARIlLEY Avenue, 3239, Dllnond District Attractive home, kitchen privileges, single, double, telephone, heat, shower, garage. All transportation. 2-room Adults. Avenue, 2237 front. $17.50.

4267. COOL! DC. hi upstairs, A dover BKkk Kl.K V. OhaniiiiiK Way-4-rniimt linsement, pa rn fetv 63KI) Street, 855 Sunny upper three rooms, tile hath: Key transportation; garbage, water. Til ornwall FLATS UNFURNISHED HARKISoN, Front room, home privileges, parking, $25.

Transporta lort 30 Mayfair Apartments 400 Perkins ast21st Street, 1310 Corner IJth Aventie, 2-room, nicely furnished lower. Hardwood floors, large bathroom; private tl4S I hed-hntlis, intihle garage hhnds, Ill: mboldt EAST 12th Avenue, 14.12 1-riiolil and kitchenette, furnished. Water, lights, garbage. SIS chi rr win i room'. Vf'IM't lii II 4 Pparloua apartments, beautifully ALAMEDA; 215.8 Clinton Cheerful large room; also smaller; running water, garage: all transportation.

ALsmeda JACK SON. Attractive rooms in desirable guest house near lake. Street, 1066 Sunny front 3-room. Redecorated, well fur-nlsheil. Transport! ion.

BERKELEY, 1742 Blake clean, stove, garbage, water, parking furnished; utilities, elevator; garage attendant, service; one block shop- entrance. Bualneaa couple. Tanspor- latinn. $26. LAI Li; II.

LE 12 San Pablo Aeuue. New. clean, sunny. I'til- l'arkimr. plng snd trn Ins.

ALAMEDA 10311 Pacific. Private Noted for excellent cooking, service. Fireplace, gardens, porches. An unu'iial home. Rates reasonable III cute AlM.

2 -r fu run res. hn id (jod floors fiiphmit, pa a f- t'L ympic EAST kth Ktrel 6'1 Monterey Apartments block to Park Boulevard evard Street, lvs, Colliuwood Apart-nients, near San Pablo. Furnished 2-room, $35. Includes frigldaire, evrrvthlnc. t-room.

$45. tiKANf Aveiiiie. uppr. Hardwnnd inoeum. tt11itir-roiirf -2-l'ooin, everything home.

Large, sunny room for gen-tleman: conncting ADAMS. 387. between Perry and Terkini Sunny room for kly lth Street, Ledrooin. $2.50 we Opal, near Broadway snd 41st. jxewiy redecorated 1 2-room.

Furnished or TfJ sink i--ia-i JAYNE Avenue, Quiet, close in. I'onifortahle. Garage. TEmplebar room. Monterey furniture.

Mod st i mi i Avenue, New 2-room, hrf-aK- furnlahed. Includes ern convenience. PI edmont 22PU. HAWTHOKNH, 400 mff Teleraph)j 5-room; hardwood floors, coin- i room, psrk- fin nished. Water, garbage In-chiden.

Private entrance $23. rsge, beat, hot water, Clo fo trsnsportstlon. mt tr 2n Furnished 2-bath. Utilities, Smolav AlO.NTGo.MK.ltY. 4231 3-room apart- i l'l 1 1 1.L.

kitchenette, Ing Adolf. nTetelr rf rto'a td wdulT A einie. Trans- .0 38t Tarking epact Avenue. Beautiful home; business people; heat; garage. OL ymplc Corner, rodf orated.

ANGKLO, 3T $2.50 week. portatlnn. KINGSTON Piedmont single; 78 4 l8Tll Avenue, 2J35 Furnished 2- i v. At sunnv room. HI" ft ment, furnished or unfurnished, $47.50 to Utilities Included, elope to train.

i-fi. 4 near trnn? Minn i porta Inline. Bus- HOWK 4-room, r-icp )ST lark. neji. privale i lien and home privilege person.

mholdt "11' room, kitchenette. Includes gas, electricity, wster, garage. Trans- pnrfstton f't MANILA. 62 us 3-room, newly fui ALICE. 1 i 1 Cm ner I out Running water, parking El Mirador, Apartments Penthouse, six rooms: beautiful, spa.

clous; private aun deck. Alio large 4- and i-room apartmenta, unfurnished; utilities service furnished. Comer Crescent end fsnts risrs fi in i-t, id- Min porch; Ki I A i JT) i 1,, nished snd decorated. LKE Stieet. 3e; S.ncle room, suitable gentleman: block all transportation: excellent table; $32.

a'1, IL encourt 2'''' nnAtTra- hirge. $11. TE mplebs 1 -roo t'loiie in. I T. -room.

Nesr trsnsportstlon HID Avenue. 2732 Nicely furnished 2-room. Near Chevrolet, Foothill. V. -Sunny fioi-t 4 -rrifim unorr NINTH Avfhii" tiU dfira i i vel redT Hnrdwo.l fo TW I 16 Al.

AKDLKY, 10. MYRTLE. KurniMieil. home -It rn 6-. AS h- Sfr-'l.

''kfc furna ran-e, like 3-room. Hot water, heat, $.12. I I ITNAl.E. tlm-es. store, ears, botwater.

parking: 7dTH Avenue. 1J27 J-lni-ni, furnished. GaraRe: garbape. Near MANILA Avenue. lover room, elderly lady.

pej month BKKKKI.l'.Y. et'on-f hie room, hsth. Private home, rage. Close transportation. THornwsll 442 Tor Kin.

UK rk" ra n-port a ton flat TW inoal, SANTA KS ul nr AN' MARKET Street. 127 Nicely nished 2-room. Heat, water. Ks, East Oakland fatrfaa, 1361. corner Bond.

4-room, nicely furnished. New store. Near transpor-(tlon, abopplng, achoola. Hi 1-1 kMMIKli lluee rooms slid bath Mil. I NX.

4 1 nesr (irund Avphup Sunnv rooms, exrrllent niesl. K-r4 -rV Cenxenlent rs nSnort ion. $20 1ST A 1 nur. drora UK rkeley Nar L. Lalke tiAul, jeileco- I.

Chesterfield, shower, 'IT EXCELS. OR. Large room, beautifully furr.ishcd: maid's service; private home Mock n'l transportation; 50. TNY Inoak-i light, garnsge. Adults $22 JJENTONE ARMS.

1732 Wei. Her 2-ronm modern. Furnished. All utlli-t1 kl'NTLLL Slreet, Jl, Pirdmont Avl-nua shopplnr dlsti let Three-room. furnishen: trsroiportwtion llOSS Avenue.

115 Kurnisiied living room-hedroom. kltben. dinette. BoiileVHld dislllct. unn.

quiet, artistic 2-room snd dinette, beautiful vard. garsge, refined wmbm onlv 574 13th Avenue VKKN'tN -Sunnv outh off hfl'rnpy: two generous well-roo)d rrca Is. tel. phon. radio, piano; pliinl home with group of ycir-" men" nar lor J.

Sun Kra ran? port at on young -in er'-oir i tk.and Suititv front Walking distance $4 Excelsior Avenue 618 fpaHooa 4-room. unfur-r'liud. Btaam heat, re- Gsrare. Strop, ft newly r'Jfora upper wi'b lanrdrv J.lo. ilarnc fxtr.i.

LAST Slat Street, 24.13 rooms. hot water, si-rape: employed person. 7 y-IX rondi-t'ft phff" I rkeley St'NNY comer apartment, l-iomn, hath. dre1ng room. Furnished $23 50.

U37 Berkeley. Near Arin- srd Pan PsMo. -nt room, telephone. I-: Lai ti- 1 ku hen. Gas.

electricity, i 8 unit hatn lisrsre. uitnr'e i 111 (Piedmont district KI, IViRADO. near Moss Coir, oi i.a -tlon living -bed room: central, s'l conveniences; jl a nT.T-pio T4f I i. KKNON. V.od (t -od food, rarkinc No parties.

30 up. TF r-rd-r-al- rf Threa front rooms, modernly fur- -Six-iim, i ri e. cr f- X) Kit hi Garajie. d'KIN room i KFI Btshed; bedroom, shower, gaa clr-rulatlng beater; Ins, parking; 17th Street. eDt Pleasant, stinnr Get'lcr-p $3 w-eel; LAST e'eat $21 50 Parkview Apartmenta 15 th Street Modern, redecorated Str -I'riVatte (amnv telephone; reasri a OK" 4 1 A cr) ven'nres.

Ml FT OAKLAND Avenue, 1 (near Iike Marritt) Two-room and three-raom apartments, attractively furnished: utilities and ca-ace'ln- rlnne1 Iti rernyble OAKLAND Avenue, Mi1n fiir Ished, 1-room. na la Water ard yarhsre i- t-Ai-T iTlh Sirt, 1331 Unfur- Ll'CLID. 4. tLake Inslre il Ni. room.

I a n. Tacking Gl.ereourt 17? linei ic-nif. I. 14. .1 com JiST I TP.

-ine4 Z-room. bath. Wallbed. In private ho prta antranea. room.

Furnished. Close in Trsnprys'toh 14-11 On Ike. fp- Li Vi h'1 h. 1 Kat Oakland fiv ronma anil ill mwlfrn; nar pnc.ii"ii: I4n. l-u-aali nick 14th.

4... KaIK-. UMP pfa i. rt (' "r' est, ga-ftaga Inciudad. Adulla.

i i l.l.. I 1. kfritc r-i Park Boulevard, 373 il ti I Siinn. i unriy fat Eir' 1v fnrniFbed. T.

aeallent it Two, three r--onv rew.y furnlahed, $17 tip li district, tcirf mm; dfT lie c.mcr. f4if-. HI rata ISIS: rlrl. KranonaM aW ration. Ijirre i' m.

furnished. It 1 Fireplace JL nook. 8teetn location. nook. Steam itinr I-room, henett.

WALKKR Avnua. ii- rorim. twin b1ii Al irtl. All ccnrnlnc Nsr trpnD'rTa- tin Exl1nt n-a'c Rats rra- Ki'i: 1 nJar.f. liis.r.u I priat hom.

hnt aTr iv.rnc pft, SrVMf1 rear rr- dn. nrC I adil'ta il X.y' i a'am neat, gark-aga, water: aaa FrlaMslra. Ho-c nir w1r. -1 HillTlAi.L 1m ok- fuin. rm and a-arace.

Telephor. Breakfast i i i.t iK -rm i'A I.N I l. eT-iri: Tr' Turn'4. f'mrDu rct. 4- 1.," clons bean'lfnllr fnrnlshed 1-room and bath.

Modern. City transportation, fcummer prlca ta accommo- da'e- Uil llh Avenue i-room furnished apaitmert. rommnnity lanndrv, a i rc o. Aduita enly- TEmplebar croui lasa iw. Heat.

refrigeration, garaga, garden. 421B 1.11k. Nitely flnil'J. frrnt. I-Tiiira Collega i 4 I up C4TM A r.

-at i fr-f i-t, f-cm Ijl f. a i 1 a. 1 1 or 4-roomTaMiar porch. Fmihd, unfur-r fce Fntlrely rnnrstad. Every- nreei.

1 7 4 inn er r.eference. UK AM' l.A 11 Si-UI be. sr Ps'-V'-r r.a- i'A sT Boulevard ditr. lf-: I hx View Just completed, beautiful 4 -ro-om. anfnrftihed.

T'sher, 4117 l- 11 rn; aire la or ijmihi; op 1-rt-om I i K.i M' 'NT ho.T. A. MU-t- I it 11 Ax'-nu. ua with rivata halh, idl fft II ui. i 1 i "4i.

i nrtr fhoerj Jr ieortd a lrc rry i a Me -ri -fO rar. r- pr-vgte entrsena. anfmnma fAKK BouM. l-' Kt iird farnthfil- Park-; 1 i. .4 Fnwr-room.

frsnwr-tst'ca, achoola; garage. aft lanwiffk; I. -t. m. J-r-d-ri4--v rfnrmtr.

I- r.1. -ry-K-t 41? -r--i-n flat. -4: i 2 1 All include. hA 1 A i.i irtra. Sunat.

A4- i.hA-1 trr4. Mm-yv i -t t-- it- I 5.4. fit lark 4 i i- -I I svnay. Ulil-IM-: i-- -ir4 recratad. t-- (UTS.tUriUEJ Ti r4 arf1ea, tam 3 iiAT.K.jX ar.4 i.tirii.

f. (rr-it. All it ti -eira i-iT3leaL Ca'tvH irfrT' Trm cfM5--watic fr HUirVldt fs-i-y AI.AMEn. a hi'i Clara araaao. firaga.

atr. IS? Ml. ctf fm. Ftis aM oia oc K-Via $:. OLr pie44 -t l-sw'f'a.


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