The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY IP. 1939 (AUK.) COURIER NKWS ' PAGE ifc'VI CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION °«lly rate K live Insertions: for One time per'line idc W'NVllte. W Two tune.^r ,me'pe-r"da S V:::^ «^»l °™«' |hree limes per line per dny...«6(s rSirJ^.. d * y "::!!E 320 «rc. n «r B. S .thevil,c. Weil Month rate per line ". gOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 76c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six dmcs and stopped before expiration will be charged for the num- of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy tubmltted by persons residing out- by cash. Rates may be eas lly computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one tune /ate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Well apixjlnted and furnished 4- room apartment, phones 191 and &71 - 19-ck-U Cotton office, Grand Leader Biiikl- •Ing. Thomas Land Co. 18-Ck-24 Milk fed ( fryers. Mrs. Russell, N. ly and Division. Battery raised. W. Corner Hol- J8-i*-8-18 BUS STATION ASH STREET. 1st. BUILDING ON Ppssession. Sept. 100 W. Kenlucky—8 rooms nnd 2 baths. Will put In con'dition. Thomas Land Company Newly decorated 3 room apari- ment and.2 bed rooms. E. M. Eaton, 713 Chlckasawba. 11-ck-tl • 3 room fimiislied apartment. .719 Cliichasnwba: Mrs. Rnmsey Dun- tan. l7-pk-21 2 or 3 unfurnished rooms. Conveniences. Reasonable. 1129 W. Ash. 15-ck-20 4 room imfurnishcrt- apartment. Miss Elbe Moore. Call 227-J. 1013 W. Walnut! . ll-ck-tf 6 room furnished house, with batli. ' Will'rent to couple without small children. Garden and Orchard. Good Residence section. Write "Box "W", Courier News. - -H-ck-21 3 room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley. 1315 W. Main. 13-ck-lf Cool, south bedroom, convenient to ,: batlfc,611>.W.'.Mairi. Call 280. -.., .. • 21-ck-tf Comfortable bedrcom. 1017 WalnuU Phone 102. 15-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished apartment.. Newly decorRted. 014 Hearn. 3-pk-7-,'i Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. F. Simon, phone 164. 3-ck-tf Office rooms. Sudhury Building. See Graham Sudbury. 21U Washing, Ironing Expert n' and Ironing. Cheap. Hough dry and finish.. 6 quills $1.0.0. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice plant. 'J-pk-8-7 For Sale ITS >*,!>, '£•>! ' -H ''-^-'U^i MBS THEM - Counlry horns. Hickory smoked, Extra fine. Mrs. I', C.^Rothrock, 117 B. Kentucky. 18-pk-20 120 acres on nayou 2li miles of Blytheville. Well iniprovcil. Non- )x>r acie. improved. $60.00 acre. Thomas Land Co. lB-ck-24 BOB Hearn. Right at High School, 6 room cottage. Owner moved away and says sell It. Price $1250. 2 acres and 2 cottages on Highway 61 Norlh. Right/ where the Overpass connects the old highway. Fine location for home or,for billing station. $2250. Terms. Ttiornas Land Company 18-ck-24 Check Writer. Safeguard Model "p. Used only short time and B<xxl as new. Will sacrifice for 1/3 original price. R. c. Merck, 000 W. Main. , 15-ck-20 Red, Duroc brood sow with eight pigs. Charlie Brogdon. North Franklin. 10-ck-lf Gold n-sh minnows, Day and night. B. lj. Keith. 416 No. 6lh. J13 E. Kentucky, 4 rooms with bath. Newly papered and palnt- xJ. $200 down payment, remainder .o include principal, interest, in- iiirance and taxi's, payable' mo;;thly ' Mori-is, phone 24-ck-7-24 , 'Ike rent. Harvey 28 or- 506 vly Stucco home and 2 acres. Has 5 rooms and bath. Blocked hard- vood floors. Phone 252 or- 347. .'aul Byi'tim. 23-ck-tf Jans lor Jug Fishing complete with straps., GiiarantDcd won't 'eak. 7V!. cents each. Raymond Brooks, Stccle, Mo. 0-pk7-9 Notice Upholstering nnd Rennlshlne. M. Tomlin, 214 S. First 6-ck-8-« INoiicc Fishing License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WE VRE rRKPARKD TO. ISSUK VOUU FISHING LICENSE AT OUR STORE SHOUSE-HENRY •''HARDWARE co, ' " ;••'"" , phone 35* •'" " '' Lost Male puppy. 'Black cars. • 2 black spots on back. Howard. Call 163. Fltir white shoes. Were placed in wrong car in front of Fanners Bank, Tuesday afternoon. Please return to Courier. lo-ck-21 Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 803 W. Ash. Phone 983. BEST BUYS ON USED CARS AND Only TRUCKS '37 Plymouth Coupe $295 '34 Chcv. Coupe 4. room house or apartment Im- furnished. Mike Unic, Loral Truck System. Phone 50 lSJpk-22 tilrl who desires home to keep ami care for child. Room mid Hoard mid small snlury. Mrs, E.'\V. WJllImm, y>2 W. Kentucky. Call 110. 18-ek-10 Personal Only '34 Chcv. Coach Only $105 '35 Chev. Coach Onlv $149 '37 Chev. Sedan Only $314 '37 Ford Tudor Only $337 TRUCKS '33 Chev. 1£ Dump Only . I.'...'„.;•., $78 '36 Ford Pick-Up / .$137 '35 Chcv. Panel <>«iy $198 '37 Ford U Truck Only ...'.... Terms (o Suit You PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut rhoiic S1U WEN Oin AT 401 C,Kl- l>Kl\ New OSTKBX Tonic Tablets contain Invigoralors, sIlinulaMs. i:t-yrnr-olil (Incloi- says, "I lake Ostrex myself." $l.(ifl slro. spcdnl loduy ilflc. H not delighted, maker refunds Mils pi-Ice. Call, write Klrljy Bros. Unifi Store. Arouse SlUfiglsh l.lvcr, work nft the bile, to rid yoursell of constipation, «i>s pains and tlmt sour, punk (cclliiB. Take otic box GJ KHIBY'S ACTIVE UVEK I'ILI.8 '*« Hi. nil Klrliy Stores. :VEKYTHING . B V Minnows. For Sale Minnows nnd fishing csnes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. Q. 0. Hnwks. a-l-uk-7-2'4 Goldfish Minnows «. F. llrofiiloii, 3!(J Dii G OLDl'ISI I M! N NOWS '»rl ijiuiiuii. U(ir, Itnllniaa « Two persons between 16 niul 21 jo to prison every day because they me unable to pay fines, nodding to estimates. J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only tlradinte. O)iloiuc- Irisl in Itlylhcvllle. Classes Fitted Correctly Welding EXPERT E AND ACKTYMiNK Drag, line" WELDING uc and heavy IFI spccJalty. Barksdale Mfg, Co, Plionc 19 or Res. 1019 For Sale or Trade Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN 10K COM) J**? to* •-" ' -•• ;-' ; IW* Illl -J-EMaajitSXiEiStRTOrjNe "Now Uiink Jmrcl, Junior, where did you bury Daddy? l_'_l__i ij" 1 '">' P«rac." Now I,ocn|«) at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HOWARDS, I'roprlclor All Muhrs of .Rebuilt Typewriters, Addl,, s Machine,, , lld Cnlculnlurs Contrary ( 0 populur ojiiiilon, nil n, aU|rouyh they Inconspicuous In trout IIH'VO Mfn suuill nnii «peclcs. PRESCRIPTIONS FreshttU Stock Guaranteed Res< Priced Kirby Drug Stores Safe - - Accurate Your Iptloii Urug'g Fowler Drug Co. Virsl vhme e»th TCtory quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle .free 6l Uajigs Disease, In best of physical Lomlllon Cnll.Mrs Grace Lo«»! wi-j, for Hnlsell's Crude' A-R«V Milk, crenin. Country Butter, But- lei milk,'extra or holiday ordwi, liibpcullon encournscd snytlme, , , Promised Land, Route 2 Aimua- Consumption of conac )ji M United states l s about a billion pounds Consumption per capitals nine pounds pci; year.';' NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 l (1 or Prompt Laundry ^ ftiul Cleaning Servic* ^ Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms '«S«i'™ tt M" (1 ,' 10 "° l lmilrl "" ! »« otle,' "lie Imw,, y \ ,c iS 1 l lll1 . Cny11 " rc T" M * not I" 1 "*'"- Drs. Nics & Nics Ulylhcvllle, Afk. -clinic (Hl'lUnl,, Td flg Suburban grocery-and market To sain or trade. We'll located, estab | llshed business. Write v22-c!t-tf c/o Courier News. ARTIST OF THE STAGE CAN YOU STOP? -- You would not start an ocean voyage without life preservers. Good brakes are your ''life preservers" when you drive. Safely Service No. 1 FREE ' Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 > BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford ABC Brake Adjustment, including i adjustment of Brake Rods $1.35' or Cables fc Hand Brake. L 'Replacement parts not included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and REL1NING JOB FORI) I'ASSKNGKR CARS Disassemble entire brake system- Free up ail brake cams—INSTALL 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES-AdjUst clearance—Adjust hand brake—Ati- just brake rods—Lubricate cross shaft —Adjust pedal clearance — Road test—One additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETF INCLUDING LABOB AND '$/».95 8 NKVY BRAKE SHOES. J PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th <fe Walnut Phone S10 HORIZONTAL 1, B Great actress pictured here. T3 Wrinkle. 14 To mimic. 15 Instrument. 16 To perplex. 17 Odd clothing. 18 Vessel of a certain rate. 20 To desert one's pavly. 21 Knaves. 24 Sooner than. 25 Smooth. 26 Legal claim. 28 Voracious. 32 Variety of small. 34 Marine fish. 35 Hurries. 383.1418. 39 Ore launder. Answer-to, Previous Puzzle vehicle 41 Subsists. 42 Legal. 43 To cut off. 46 Biblical priest. 47 Three-toed sloth, ' 48 Amphibians. 49 Food container. 50 Red Cross, 51 Custom. 52 Perfume. 54 Circle part. 56 She was by nationality J ^ - VERTICAL 2 Surface measure. 8 Corrosion on metal. < Epoch. 5 Strong aversion. 6Perch(nsh>. ^^^ 1 Long poem. 47 The bow. 52 Exclamation. . -. 53 Ream. 10 Striped cloth. 54 Position the early j] Memorized attained - pictures. study. 55 Rhode Island. 12 Elk. ]OShe was the -—:"- stage slar of her lime. ]SShe was considered •a -— or nalural actress. 22 la any event, 23 Falsehood. . 25 Opposed to sloss. 27 Nortli Carolina. 28 A glance. 30 To piece out. 31 To adjust. '• 33 Root finial. 36 To poison. 37 Salt works. 40 Sailors. 42 Burdened. 44 60 minutes. •Voi idMUcro -r J ntN TOUR HELP To CATotUH ,,^™. WITH gpop oU) 6/«,UlXft / BUT FINDING HtM-THW PROMISES TO BE A MAN- , BUT OUR Bt<3 PROBLEM IS OOOLA THE WAY SHE'S 60ME MODERN! GEE! PERHAPS SHE'LL REFUSE TO 6O BACK! Hl.DOC--SA.yi GOT A GUY HERE "WAT NEEDS SOME UP OPERA.TION AGAIW "OPTS AN!> HEK YOUR VASH Tunns Precious Secret you o liow BO r KUOW air WHAT VDULt D008LE BECAUSE I HEED VOUE HELP, JOHU WU GOT THE RISHT COUTACTS COULD «LU MY •SECRET D \WSLL, AT UAST 1>A THE OWtV MOTE -. . V Oil EARTH WHO CAU FIWD IT ) WFPA-KULA WOMAN The Fly in the Ointment T \A/E'Ll- BE 6LAD " ^H : TO SIVB YOU AN AUDITOR, AMD V|tlU CAM JUDGE '• FOR IbURSELF / Ye*.H, I'M LOOKINS FOR AM ORCHESTRA / ' HOW GOOD ARE j GEE, I .. . KEEP IN TIME WITH THEM; AND IF FRESH v Wrm rr, YOU'Ll. SLAPPEO , . , HOWIOP T^E, BAMO DO )\\'AS OKAY. ; YOU I BUT 1 .TKIMK UK6 /WE CAN'DO, ir':/wceLV. WITH[OUT THE HELP OP LITrtE S/ft ECHO/

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