Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on August 30, 1913 · Page 15
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 15

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1913
Page 15
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. SATURDAY. AUGUST ft). UH'.l 15 Pa Stanton Gets into Perfumed Whirl When He Ought to Be Out Campaigning and Goes to Defeat Tf it iailn't Inr-n t',.r ;,r f4rt T'a Sua.on. ruiinit:: f..r r-Mot ..f the Vmmon Coun. :l .n tie H.l Liu l'ro-jrresive ti'-Wfl. i'in mi luui-u t:me ii:iii.--jug ilh ih ((iris, no.! if Cr Curtis had Tnnt S'tnirtij iiis rl'iint t i the jioli.v ni-ti'Tsliip on (h- croutxl tlint Cop irorai"J to giro him the heir i:i2- for a ja.l. whrrpas IVtf Buh La-! nll.inR in h!.-b to incaroerM'' the nuruly r.r the osnc rushes, ji n.I if t'lj.-V I anil Tur.ipkiiw batln't nH nkt-d oft to t'ana.iu uo a tih-ins trip jit prior to thN '"u?ip.! 1...W..1. mxl if Harry Wc'Ji lun'.n't male f:-h a fuss over the ehiMren ami there!.)' fcwiuig thir vote to Mm, nnl oh. a lot nf other thin.-i. the Manltou eecsii niljrht have ln'ou iliflVrcn'. Concrete Kuuilwrs. harinu (rone to the ripense of taking a ilnnee- un.l jmttirsf tip tfnod money for the I.iuiv no, Lyres I'rill 1 "or., tJiey h:id to r?: I i z' Homethin; on tlieir investment, and so elected the entire Oid Live ticket, !:o:nkii by Howard JVuke, wiith t'io fTript!on of the ltt-forp-tnctitionrii Mr. Stanton, who was flashed most out raucously liy even hid friend. Take that for getting into the H't-rfumeil whirl wlieo jou ou'ht to ho cut oampai-sninir. At first I'lu-h i: didn't lonk"'n if ioith"r Tt.irtv tumid :ret opoiiah voters foit to pay for in.tfill inar tlio two dummies ha.'k of tho io!s, a rmiple. of Mont-pomery ;ind Stir.t-' sMtiie that .-me jok r thoirtrtit won!i lawilily oast a npiiit f deriion over th' election, inn ari iind S o'clock, when the Lyres heavpi in with th"ir drums and lifis. oiyie ln2itn to pi ;-k up. Tin 'irst man t east a vote wa n Villi." ','irl I'y tho name of Lizzie, and she v anted to vole for I'oHe lian'u'l. m I-':-.l.ic r.iirke. iin ini e"tor for the Old party, promptly shunol iiev i..v to mark the ticket n lhat t .would ! 'I'llimnHv iiwn'i' 1 for '!! oilier niiie: ;md when l-'reddio wasn't hoy yho-viui the vox ivvmli liow to rouiMe'r t h i r si;- j promo wili. ncnrdiir.: to h: way of 1 ilvnkine. Poe Lynch, on the other win.? I RACKING SUSPENSE WILL BE ENDED SOON Havens Will Be Back in Rochester Next Week. It isi't likely, in the opinion of William V Iliicliiey, Ioimcratie state oum-tnitteeipiui that .luins S. Haven's decision us to v.liethcr hewill or will ' not rnu for mayor "tt the jiartnresl ip tiiket will be known until Mr. Havens lcti'ins to liochc: tor the inntdle ol lit'W week. So fur us 1 know, no otc has ho n M'tn to ('anada to put the question vj Mr. Havens," said Mr. Hist klrv yesd r-ikiy, "am! I am ccrta u 1 should know it if anyone had been ilispat-bcd on that mission." Mr. Itiicklcy profi ses to bel'cve tiiat Mr. Mi'vens will accept tlie dcsisnation. tie says that he gathered from thiims 1 r. Havens said before his dopirtir.e or Canada that he would be willintr to tun for ma or. Tli roe declinations of rics Kualion for t.-wi'i o'hoos veto received esic-rd.iy at tie orlieo of the cleiliot'. colli". tissioneo. io the t'oart House, li V., designated for tin oihce .f assessor of the l.fcvtt of lit n by the Itepuhli'-ins. and tt. f' t'oinbs, des'tnatiil liy tin I'roKies.sives for usse.isor ol lit" town of (.ireccc, hU-d Jccliuu'ioiis without making any '.oniiuent. Uuucau Hrew, desii-'uat'M for the office of superintendent of hishways of the tow ti of Kij:a by tiie I Progressives, said he was a Kopublican and did not care lor the designation of the Progressives. OniiiR to the opinion itiven by Attorney Oeoritn Y. Webster to the effect that lietnocratic designation for town oflieps in I'ittsford and Itiu'a were not legally mail", both the Atiucn and the Iliarnlai's tee at W'ork Nocurin si'inatnres. sj tlct each side uiiiy file designations by petition. This means that there will be a lively battle at the 1 leuiocralio primary in these towns. In the Twi ntictli ward also lucre will be a lively factional tiiiuht. Supervisor Frederick fjlenson believes that lie was the victim of a political trick and left out in the cold. Herman Krl wax Pained lis the Penioeratic candidate for supervisor. ow Mr. ll'eason will see-ore iitaturcs to a netitioti nauinur biui for this olliee and will make a "hub; at the primary. labor Day at Postoffice. Postmaster t'raue bus issued the S'-hediiie for l.alwir 1 n v at the posintiicp. Tiie stamp, 'uicrnl ilelivery and parcel post windows will l-e open utvil U n'el.H-k in tbe morning, t'arriers on all ilelivery routes will make one trip, and the regular holiday collections will he made RECORD OF DEATHS, I'orni'Mu. s.vroa ' i I ysiertav morning : ' tlie home In Railroad aieiiuo. iu ilte. tirece. aa"d .".f )rn He leaves hU tfe. five sons, forue'iu J.jhn. Henry. .1 1 M ncs an.! lent,! Sevtuii: liiree d.niehters. s. Minnie Kbenv.-iu and Mrs Julia Tuily. of t"l. of his city, and M Kraucos S- ,r' : f'-ar brothers. I.awreti.p a, el fnvi.l Sevion Sexton, of HinTa',. of I'lvirlotte: Jereiuia!i and -b lin extoa. of nils ct.y; usier. Mrs. .I,.in I ppert, of I'.iitT.uo mid seven Kran.lciiiblreii. Tb" f"1"'- f frank u. H, , s .,h. toot ma. e .c-ier iay niornli," at 8:91 o'. '.o. li tr.Mu the l,me. x. ,.,,,. , at ! n!o.-k from u;.,. ..,,v )lf V),.,,,-; i hnnh. I!,.,, a. A. x :,.,en oHieuttsJ at reunion) inas. inieriuent as made in Holy Sepal. lire eetuelerv. The f.illenl.r. Here ts'ltreis; ( Keinhaiilt, Henry i .ra lin at. larles Maiu. Ml.-hael cn:iarr George Kearso, l..ihaiu Mary t'. Keursc, nil of w. J. died yesterday morulas at Xn. ti .-(ir., oiieo .hi years. S,. leaves. her hn bum), two children, her besides mother, Thomas Airs. .:ice Pierce a bpe.lier. f l lerce, ami four sisio.-s. SLsier .Mary Krue-etine. of Itiiffalo; Mrs. II. Kennedy and Alice and llhoda Pierce. 'har'ps Xowack die.) yesterday at tbe home, Xo. rn3 lluds.iu avenue, aired "J year. The Is-It was removed to Xo. t!5 NortU street. Femur to It. IV.ik .bed Tliarsday nit-lit at the home, Xo. 1M I'rou;. street. i,'d S7 i ea rs. of tho pnliini p'.a'e uw.. (( meiu ."ae for v. onivii aa I on-,- for men', was doin; iii-- U " iH-t i b .. tao old Line oj:-iit throush. Alunz ahout 0 o'eU- k, returns from otuor ditri-rs beiran to roine in by hpwiui ouriprs. One uf the first bulletin eanjp from Tony Aberniuky'n hotel up the buy, Fbowing l'enke in the lead, uud on top of this another ou from the fiiuxap stand district, which inelmios Mike's bailiwick. 0nd where 'ti raid liiioh money was spent, statin? that C'y Curtis was l'udinz t'ete Bush by a hiif majority. Here also Hub Jones fattened un his hnttins average amon? the fishermen hy enmplotely snampius Stant.- who doesn't even oat fisli. The r.iorry-jro-ronnd district, composed of the frocks and frills, naturally rolled up a bii: majority for Harry Welsh, who squandered ni:keis pa'ore. II'iw could it he otherwise, therefore, especially with two concreters presiding over the polls, that the Old Line Progressives stood a chance to lose? And also, what boots it, if the ballot boxes stood conveniently close to the veranda rail, where some blnckleg could reach over and deposit a sheaf (if votes just wen a disinterested individual would usk one of the poll clerks "if he hud time";" Votins was over at 4 o'clock and the count About the first handful that came out. was solid. Somewhere in the ueis'uborhiiixr-oC fifty or sisty were folded together as if they had been stai-ked. As they wore all marked for the Semi-SuffiHU" e.icdidati. kooiI nicht over t!:e rail for them. But why deiy the real outcome of th's. Hie most important event in Mani-toti's h'story': Howard I'eake was e',e-tPil Mayor by tiie Old Lire 1'to-jjresivp party hy a majority of oo over Ianiel Tompkin.. as was ti.e rest of his tke, with the exception of Charles Stantou, w hom even the women couldn't save. Hut yon just wait, till I'uele 1'aniel sets back fr in Canada. MANY GUARDSMEN TO MARCH Rochester Will Bo Well Represented in Big Parade in Buffalo. Company bendipiarlevs of the National tiuard at the Armory are busy places just now. with the men preparing to attend the Perry's victory centennial celebration at Huffulu next week. It is expected more than two hundred Iloch-estef fcuardsiuou will attend, althuuiih any man who does not wish to x wi'H he excused, as there is Uo pay attached to the .service. 'Ill: spid:.l train hearini; the lloeii. ester coii'.iiien; uill depart from the Circle Mtvet cards of the New York I cntnil next Welnosday nlteruoon at '1:115 o'cl.H'k. and 'oiup.iny orders call lor assembly a ti e Armory ill 'J:!!!) o c! Jel. lirisirtdier-i,;'-iieiv.i S. M. Webb, of l'.aft.ilo. will be xrand luar.shnl of the tit; par.nio Tburslav morning. Colonel William Wilson, of the Third Infantry, will be in command of the Fourth l.rigaile. which will be inade up of the Seventy -I tin h. Sixty -tilt h and Third regiments of infintry. Metp'a-rH of Colonel Wi'son's staff will Captain ti. V. 1ia.sier and Captain f,. I. Coilius, both of lienevir Major W. W. Per.-, of the Medical Cot.s. IbH'he.'ter. . K. Tuck. ,'iiijiitatit of the headiptartets s'.uff, Ilu'l. ester, and one oihVer ca.-h from the r-cv.'tity-fourth aul Sixty-hfth rerft- lllCtits. Lieutenant-Colonel S. A. i!.ss. of M.sliua. will comiuaud the Third Infantry i:i the parade and his staff will include Captaiu C H. SiinomLs, of Medina; Captain 15. A. Tnrnhull, of Kiiuira; Chaplain A. A. Jaynes, of Syracuse, and Kitvst I.ii iitetunt K. 11. Uosers. ordmmee officer, li.sdiester. Lieutenant 11. It. Chapin. 'of Koch- ester, will lie upon lite sian oi .li.ijor Kdtrnr S. Jeuninxs, who the Third Hatt.iiou. will commaud OLD ORCHARD FIELD DAY. Fifth Annual Event to Come off To-Day at Conesus Lake. The Old Orchard Puiut Fire llepart-mciit will hold its tifth anuual held 'lay to-day ill the point ou Conesus lake. The committees have worked hnrd to make this the department's best held day. A loin list of field unci mitiutiv contests has been arranged, to tbe winners of vihich will be awarded. A ball came will opeu the prop-am a 1:1111 o'chxk. The teams will he the lieacons. captained by V. K. Mosiicr. and the Thiins, captained by Professor H. M. Ti'roe, of Syracuse 1'uiversity. In .case of rain the contests will be put over till Monday, Professor Tilroe is general ehairinau of the day. Arnold-Sossiter. The marriage of Miss Florence A. Hos-siter to James W. Arnold took place Wednesday iifteru.sin 8t the Immaculate Conception Church. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. J. (iauey. PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. Sidney Petri.' and children are in Ituffalo and Crystal Pea. h. Klsie Stcphany. of No. 70 street, is visiting her brother in viaitini; Miss Karnes Buffalo. Miss prances T. Saner, of Pierpont street is vtsitinir triemls at Audrey Villa, I. nke Siiiiooe, Canada. Miss Florence Walker and Mi tiladys Maier have rctnrwd from a trip to Montreal and Quebec. Mrs, I!. Hrous and h'r sou. lieorfre I.e Fnih, have returned from a two weeks' visit in I Kite, (). Miss Anna Kehoe and Miss Verna Conway are spending two weeks at He-vere Iicach, near ltostou Mrs. A, W. Mitdi;., of No. i!t South Wnshimflon street, has returned from au extended trip in the West. Miss A. Kliiabeih lalaell is siiending s otue time with .Mrs. W. H. Adams, ,.f Toronto. i her summer home, lieavor-tou. Lake Sinu-e. ( Mr. and Mrs. ,lohn W. Horner and dniiuhter (irace. and Mr. and Mrs. Prank P. Tdi'istis and daughter Marie have ta'turt'.od from an automobile trip throiijji Peuusi ivaui.i. tMiio and Michigan. SKULL BROKEN WHEN HEAD HITS BRIDGE Identity of Dying Man Not Known to Authorities. An umucntlrtVd man Is chin In the lioi'MHtpachic Hospital of a hmkm ttkull. rcoplTint iboui o'cloc k last ui1tt when hit ii-aU hit au Lrn ir.r4' r nt the Vlaiu 6treet eait bridge ovor the trk Tpntnil Tracks. Tbe inita ! unconscious, and. al- taoush the skull has been tr-oUued. there Is said to be no chance for bis recovery, The nmn has nothing al.unt bis re"" that wouUl W'l to his kicatiUcatlon. He I was riding ou an exires train golui east. ', I IVitU lilni were to mtn whose naiue r ; not knowu. The three were standing ou . the bumpers and the lujurcd one started to climb to the top of onf of the cars. He ; got then Jut as the train pused under' the bridge and his head came in contact j with a slrder. I He fell and would have gone uuder the i ears but for his companion). They held 1 him up until the train rvaebed l'.rlghton. ; There the train stopped and tbe Injured : niau was taken off. He was hruiigbt back ; to ,.Hv i. ese!ier train alio reiiiove'l lo tbe Homeopathic llosvltal. WANT MORE HELP FROM CITY. Genesee Street Taxpayers Figuring on Cost of New Pavement. The I'ublh.' Works and Finance Coui-nilttees of the Cuiuimm Couucll will meet Tuesday evening In the Ouiomou t'o.iuei chauvber to consider tho petltii.u of taxpayer of (Jeueaee street, which prays that the uiuouut to be paid by the city at utk for the proposed creosote wood plock mivi-uieut be increased from ilMS tu $l3.t.o. Tho contract for the layiuif of this tin-prueuieiit has been let at lll&.Mul. The puveiueBt will be more thau a m:l In length, leading from Main street west at t-'t. Mary's Hospital to Krnoka aieuue. The petitlou preent(.U to the couucll al !iKi-s that the existing patemeut. wh.i i; has been In use thirty .'.ears, was luipro i-erly laid and that tbe old foundation cun tot be used for the new pavement. It ts also adeed that the luu-rpsts oi' the taxpayers of the street were u"tjb" ted nlin the existing pavement as laid, in that the inspection was Inadequate, the foundation of the pavement was defe tivi and tbe curb waa faulty tu shape and set by iu.uinieten persons. PICNIC SEASON NEARS END. Saturday Schedule Dwindles to Three Fraternal Men at Lake. Labor Day, strictly npeaklns, Is the for ual end of the summer outing aeason, and as the day approaches the plonk schedule of the lake and bay resorts growa shorter and shorter. A njonlh aito fifteen and twenty picnics nas the usual Saturday schedule for the street railway company, tiut ouly three are chedii!ed for C' day. The Kuchester I.aiiy Foresters of AiueK-ca. inrlndliiif UTiO iiieinlicris ,and one of the camps of Woodmen,, Including about 1.00 members, will pk-nle at Sea ISreeze to-day. A graup of a!. out sixty employees of the J. lluugerford Smith Company will have att outtui at ihiy "tew. FINISHES THOUGH ON FIRE Barnacle Gets Third Money to Oregon Kid and Hydro Bullet. Keokuk. Iowa. Aug. '.'9. The Webb trophy, carrylni! a first pri7.e of in,nno and possenslon of the trophy for one year, to gether with the championship of the Mississippi Valley Power Host Asso.lalion. was won by Oregon Kid to day. The boat Is owned and was driven by S. F. lilock. of Portland, tire. the time fo rthe twenty njlles was t:ili I'.aruaclc. owned by Adam XVelkler. of Chicago, twb-e took tire hut finished third, and Hydro Bullet second. SEMI-PROS. K.MKKALIIS will go to Toronto Labor D.'.y to play the tio.val Kdwanls, of that city The following players will make the trip: Uysel. Ko.linali. Wlnlerroth. Ford, Sehlleht. Curtain. Herg. Mlson, Rlchner, Patt and I'atroske. HOME PLATES are without a game fur to morrow aud they are desirous of booking a fast team. They have the use of Hold's Field. Call J. tiunn, either 'phone sen. CT'N.NTX'tillAMS will play the lieneral Signal Company at Kiefer's Field this afternoon at o o'clock. The following players will report: Klphlek. Itralnnrd. H. Itniln-ar.l. Kange. McAull. Vlehler, Wheeler. J. Lester and Lester. III. TOKOS play the Webster A r. at Xlne-Mtle Point this afternoon. All F.l Torn players are requested to report at Sea F.ree.e at 1 :lt0 o'clock. ' WAKKI I'.F.S are asked to he a: Hip KnlTalo. Uw better & Plttsburs siatlon at 12.4. o'ekick this afternoon as follow: Mnra. Thompson. Wissner. Durbln, Jones, J. Xill S Mil. Itourhard. Lawson and Iittt man. KOCIIESTFR A. . will play the Kusu ville nine at Hushvllle to-nirrro-r In the second (tame of a aeries. Hardin a for-f-r Varsity pitcher and captain, will ! on the mound for tho villaiers while Wood or Burns will work for tbe 1!. A. A. The following playets will make the trip In a sizht seeing auto, leaving Main street .as-and Clinton avenue south at I2:3t o'clock-l'.urus. Wood. Pugan. W. rtraiiby. JIcU.l ey. Metnhanlt, Huts. Wiegand M. lira 1 ley. Wlru, I'nndt and Conover. SAI.KM A A. will play the Court F.ver-green nine at Hay View this afierimtn. Iliese (ilayers will report at ol.': Frame. Connelly, P. MiUcr, S-hlo.ser. Cool-ry. Dasson. Schulte .Morphet and Holier. HANGERS will play the Victor team u Victor this afternoon. The follow In; play era are asked to be at the Enchong streec tatlon at 115 o'clock: Do, Coldi-", Iieffendurf. Kennedy. Ueniils, Crego, Vor". retl, ftnoiiomo and Iteiir. AIU'ANAS will play two tramps (his aft eruoon on the Maple street unniuds. op-poslnj the Seldens at 2 o'clock and the M.Hsrarus at 4 oVlock. The followlns: players are asked to report: Sohnorr. tlu-U-rth. M Malum, tioldie. Pwyer. Wood worth. Konke. Miller, C.avlsan. Collett and Spencer. Alerts will meet the Projrosh .-a -o (nurmw atternMii at Park t'oneorda woiod ll!c t arrange wiili tenms up to 17 years lor times Snair t-y. Sunday and Mondnj. Call i perr. lo-ll phone Malu 175. ERRORS OFFSET FRED GAISER'S FINE TWIRLING Former Hustler Loses Out in Fifteenth Inning, 9 UfJEAKNED VICTORY FOR TROY j vmfviM. i4Vtvi 1 - Putg Crimp in Albany'! Pennant Aip!ration Bingoes and Barons Both Get Substantial Booet i.i Rae by Winnlny Double Bills Albany, Auk. St. Troy defeated Albanj in tlic first jranie of to-day's double-header tbe contest fc. inc tiff en luutn-. It w as a pitcher' battle between Gaiser and Jones, tiulser pitched s'lutout t'ull, K.vaus's error In the eighth siinR the vtstters two nms and Meyera's mispiay imv.n the way for Troy's wlunliE count In the fifteenth T'he aecs-nd game was called la Troy'a half of the spc. ind inning on account of darkntss after Cranston had been hit on the head by a pitched boll. Cranston v. as not ei'ious!y tnj'ired. itcorc: Albany 0 0 li 0 0 -' (I 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 2 It 2 Troy .. 0 0 0 o O ( II 0 (l ( y y i y llutteries ialscr and Mrliunoin;h; .louea and Woods; umpires, Uarrlsou aud Johu kOU C ADORE PERFORMS IRON-MAN STUNT FOR THE BARONS. St ranloii. Aus - Wiikea Parre moved up a few pears close." to the prnmmt today by taking a double header from Ncruntou. l to 1 and to 1.'. Cadure twirled ooth names, uiaitnit bis serententh win out of twenty two starts. The violent bitting of Mansgor f.Carrby was responsible for the ltaroti' victory in the first (fume while Prennan was the hittuiK hem of the second tilt. Hill sprained his shoulder in the ilrst gam" and aavp way to Peterson. FIRST CiAMK Scfaiiton (i 1 o o o o o o o 1 it 1 Wilkes Kane ... U D S : 0 (1 II : (I- S It I Pa'terles- (.'adore and llrieger: .iari u -y and t'eteron. llarklns. I nipire. i 1 'ii.-y cud llckman. SECONK AMi:. V.'ilkes fiarre 0 ( 0 0 0 o 4 7 ,t S. ranton 0 1 0 0 0 10 2 6 ! Katt:,ries-Cadore nnd Hrov. no: Siuiiii alio llaiklns. 1 mpires. t leary and Kck niau. TJPHAM AND BAREERICH WIN TWO FOR BINGOES Ftinshamtou. Aujr. 1. -Mlmlra lost two (tames to the Hlngoea today. t!te tlrsi lie in;! sharply contested for a time, hut the second was dtsddslly ea.oy for Calhoun's team with recruit naansl Thonitfon de-butting. Scores: MUST II A Ml'. Klntira 0 i I V ll o 0 I) rt-4 it 2 Hlngliunicuu C 0 0 4 (I 0 0 --ti 9 Batteries - Swirt and Hitter; 1'pljaiu and Crosin. i'nipire. Corcoran.' -StlCOXP (.1 A 1 1-1 Kluilra 000000 o o 2 t) Biiijftiauitoa 1 'I 0 i 0 ; -9 12 0 Patterles 'l'boiup.-on and Hitter: turtle rich aud McMurraj. 1'inptre. Corcoran. SYRACUSE 1. UTICA 0. Syracuse. Aug-. IS.-l tloa cuidd do nol h ing with be sunerti 'iTi-hin u- of Iliirehe 1 and weat dowu to defeat by a . of 1 to 0 In the second (tarm of the prcMmt series r Star Park. It.oh ltnr. tied ami Taylor pitihcj splendid laid. I ntleliling of (Jlen-non featured. Sv,ore: Svra -use M 1 OllO C ! 5 I 1 li -a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 j I Batteries Bureheil and Payne; Tnvl.-r and Murpbv. I'niplre. I'a'ey. THISTLES TO PLAY RANGERS. The Thistles will p.iy n, Ma -Nain-lKuu I!r. libera to-morrow on the Hudson avenu; gror.iwls at M o'clocU The follovvin.-pln-ers are asked to report: Kenan. !. Mutrle. J. Mutrie. Webster. W. Arthur. J. Arthur. White, Koual.i. Henderson. Han I'lster. Kcan. Mac.X'aii(.hton, Williams u and J, Black. Labor Day Lake Trips, Port Hope and return, only 75,,. ,, hour ashore. Steamer Caspian. Adv. The Plass Company, Inc. I clothes ."RXi to $iio- see our wll: 1 lined top coat at f'SS. 17 Mail street east. Adv. Selected Eggs. 27c Dots. Oneida County Creameries Co., . ! Main street east. J71 Motir,,e avenue. 2-D CletHsee su-eet. Adv. Another Registration Day. The office of the I,. I.. Williams C'.tn-mer-oiai Schind will be open to-day uotil 5 "II and all day Monday to acouutiuo date lhoce wh desire to arrange fur attendance i the day school which will open on Tuesilay, or for the evening lassies nbi-ch will opeu on the 15th. Both Kessious will be attended. Adv. MARRIED. MeC.RATH MX'tiSAV Wednesday uioru inn. August LT. Kil.'i, at 0 o'clock, by the Rev. j. Cameron, at St. Mary a i him h. Miss IMua M. laudsat and John Leo .Mcijratli. Mr and Mrs. M.-Urath left for a trip ou tbe t'reat Ijikes. and they wis! be at home at No. 0 llauiiltuu street after September DIED W1I.UAMS At 2 V. XI. Prld. Aucuxr -".'. isi::. nt tin- ln.uip t,f h.-r duxtii.r. Mrs. Frank A. sbclikm r Unclivstrr .fuilrtli'll. ift- a iirh'f IllDriK. Mm. J.'uil iien lj.nitt Wllllum. aire.! 1 jnr. Sim is mirul T'T Inn ilaHKh!.'r. Mr. Kl'Ollli A. Sfu'l.lOU, of III" ll.'Kt.T Ju.iv tlf-n, n.l Mm Tlioratu K. ('lurk, "f Hrwli esirr: ae n. Alfrtsl Hewitt Wlutnmn. of ll.irvnil. Ill : ..n" nron.lw.ii s lluri.n IJttl. of U..'b''xt..r. oini two Kr.'t nm.1(lauttit''r. Irma nl Kdnn Utile. N"ti- (if funeral later. --FrkUy, August 'JO. ldl'l. nt th fr.lliftr r.'si.len.'tv Vn l:nlvurl. n.-u. i nut. Pntrt.'k l arrnlK 8tri-il U Wr. L'7 ' fi.i.vs. 11 I-avf )iH willow. Aune lion- I lie .'nrrlt: one lirnther. IjiwreiK-e. of thii eliy; m, John, of lOi-lte; Ijiu-ritiee, I hurl"" an.( Willlmn. f ilit eltv, ai'l Hy. .laiiKliter.. Mury. Murernrvt. Anna, Cnthriije ."nil Mr. F. U li'.ev, all of t!!. viry. He s.rveil in iii. seieij-tr fifth Heiflment. New Ynrk Volnnieer. nnrt m a nivniler of Mymn Aflum Frist i. A I! - I'lUTnl Mitiilnv Seitemler lit nt K .til frrm ).U 'ite liome. n tttt at II o'elorfc from St Ihrr's rtmrrli. C.'O'l.T'F. ul.tenly. HV.tne.l tfternnmi. Ai!(trt 'Si. Almii laneiitrr e,f Mr. 11:1. i Mm William Wolfe. .,f N.-warlt. Fi'ncral iiHik t'iai- from the fan.H.T rKl.lenee. Ft Flil-.n !.tref. Vewark. t'.,lrie.iaT af'eriwon at :! e-'cleh in terment in Eat Newark cemeierx. h ' ;l ; 1 : j c;: n'i,!;:;: ; : kA' mk f- fij iTli.tyiii.ijiiliW iilliij!;,;! ijiliibliH!;;!!!!:,!,:;:!!! il ill!! Must Be Sold at Once fill i ! !!! ill ! IllH li W 1 ttlill ! V i ! KLliiNAN 'fhursitay, Aun:it . VM). at) I lip home uf ins iHiij(l)er. Mrs. Jmiih- Uurri It. .No. lt liu- ii uveiiu-. . 1'ark. Con rait Kli'inaii. anl yurs. Ht is survivwl by (our joi:s. John. KrHU. Al ! Uort unU 1'hiiip hK-inau; tlii.' iluuKt-,,,rt, j .Mr. J,fiir Han-'tt. Mn. Frank ttilly i Hud Mrs. i:hurl LeKKtl. mui vU'hf j grunf!(litifji.tij. li," wa-s un'itilwr nf tlie ! C. M. It A , Iliuii'h No. 117; Twitonin 1nt, K . O. T. M . and Muim-turika Tribe. Imirtovwi tinier of It Mmi. - Noticf wf futK-iul l.cri-afH'r. HufTiti a .id Newark. .V. J . puimth p1-hnv rovy. PKKK At lil n-ld'i.v, Thursiiny. Am-gust J. V.H-i. Fi'iiiMiido Finrutt I' ck. 01 ItlH rial iatf imiiu MiHi.fay :i privatt. I' niim l A, flu Y ITS HAUL(vV - In tuis riiy. Mndav. . VMS, IiIitmu'' VV . inftuit I. ufi'l Ltiith II U-fcts MitrUiw. ui'i n 1 lis . No. 4 Muiinw- v ; pi. 'i' t'll Ml'. fr-ttn Hit Ti)uritM.v tinon at 2 o'clo-'k. In K'f' cem-.;tTTT li AHTl-K V -At Sl"nm:KU! Spr n;'i. C-ii., Tu!Hitt. Aiieust '.ill. V.'W. Mart li t h.. widow tK Jotjn iitwv llattify, ns-l ai jf-urs. She is nnrvn Uv rbri snt4. Artli'tr C . WUiium I' .Iiui" J Hurtli-y. aud t ao nfitmL. Mir a t iara M. Hitriy a I'd Mrs it.. t ;rti 11 1 . - -TU". IiiiU i ul wl!l t a p!o-'f fioni . '.if bjui' OJi tin- V.-t f,ill rtud iu W-t Url:hton Moudav afri :;ir,.n 2 o'lok. lt.iritiM.t m Mt::n li-'pi .vmetrjr. UANUKY Friday iiiormna, A'ignst "jn, tittJ. m. tb fanuly i'Hid'nt, w. ;;;7 t li.iiuidaiu stri't, H 1 1 rj l-t li .Jonepiiin. Infaiii dauifhur o' Mlcbael ami Klba h'ih ((Hiiley, njjrd 7 nionth. Funeral 1 hts ( Satmdvt af'riiixtn rl it :vtf o:lo('k from rtm htue. Imrrtii'-nt in Holy Stpul'-iir reim-icr y. WILSON- A( b! bome on 'ollv" r,r?. Ur'wkMrt. N. V.. rtiursdny. Ai;ut l!Ki, ,!! T V!ifton. at'd W ear- Hi N stirvli t-d hy his wif. rlirvt cuiMreii, .Mr. Wade Mlay. of N'" tlan. Coun.; A. WlNn. of Aihaii.v. un-I Iavid Wllnn. nf Kro-kirt- ihr"- brothers. Wll!inni UMiaon. of itn.kiMrt. Marry Wilton, .if AH'i'tn. and F rank WiivMi. ni Hrork.ort. and two iNu-w, r-. Hun Macl.a. hlftn. of Hry kri. stid Mit Maltha Ytton. of Ilo-b"rr. - Ftmemt wiil 1- lo-l 1 al .1 o'elork Sun-da v from tli1 ho u "tomoblloo or Carrlncoo, oo Oooirod 1 1 JEFFREYS UNDERTAKERS 33 CHESTNUT ST. aoblloHl S4 'rhonoo STRAUCHEN UNDERTAKER 265 North St. rtuoalol 1340 Ua RockTlMo. MMStoao i il 11 1 illlli PI 1iP ! Si'iSBIiiii'l il'BiSP! i ! li! is! P I F Kims Must Be Sold at $40,800 Worth of Used Motor Cars Consisting of twenty-six gasoline .i' runabouts, touring cars, limousines, commercial cars and trucks, also open and inclosed electric vehicles. Prices from $300.00 up We are so sure that our prices are right that we make this offer : If you have not the time to call at our place, or you live anywhere in Western New York and can't find time to come to Rochester, if you will advise by letter or 'phone stating how much you want to invest and state the style of car you want, we will select the best "buy" out of this lot and send for your inspection. You do not have to buy unless you are satisfied. We could not afford to make this proposition unless we had the best bargains that could be offered to you. " Tell us what you want and we will do the rest." Mandery Motor Car Company 196-206 East Avenue Rochester, N. Y. Homo 'Phonoo Stono 404 and 428 ell 'Phoneo Chase 930 and 331. DOSSENBACH -KLINGENBERG School of Music THE FACULTY Harmony and Organ Gnorga Barlow Penny Jofcn Adams Wamar Lanfoiafttt Mim Mrnt CaaiiUno Piano Atf. Klmnbrg John Adams Warner Mr. Corg0 N. Cooper Mist Ettia M., Dunning; System Mra. Louii El. Fuller Votoo Tom )Crl Henri Vartllat For particular, apply at school on or after Sept. 2nd. Catalogue and circular on request. MANAGERS NCAMANN DOS8CNSACH ALP. KLINQCNBCRQ Belt 'Phone CHas 971 47 Prince Street Rochester - New York One More Sunday Afternoon Lake Excursion via the liefer CASPIAN Sunday, August 31st Steamer leaves Charlotte at 2 P. ftj., returning at 8 P. M. An 80 Mile -Lake Cruise for BUT GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY RICHELIEU & ONTARIO LINES, 32 Main St. W. D. &. C. "Wants" Bring Results Once I HI lit it i (Itrln Harmann Docsanbacb; Eduardo C. Barbieri Ludwtt Scheo?k James B. Paddoi Miss EHio S. Knauas Miss Anna Polar Corc Hamicus F-mil Knoeplta Thaodot Dosaenbafh Home 'Phone Stone 48 7 7 pa 5c I

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