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Morning Register from Eugene, Oregon • Page 5

Morning Registeri
Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

FIVE. Solve Your Own Labor Problems by Using Register Classified TTTFi MOnNTXfl TlEflTRTBlt, FWDAY. A I'D I 'ST 2. 1018. IneH as solo proprietor thereof.

Mr. FOB BALE Beat E.UU. MISCELLANEOUS FOB BENT Flati NEW TODAY fair lo medium 81 1.00W13.00; yearling I10.00toll.7r.; wether 10.75; owe 19.00 Hen, Wool and HUUia. Hide Salted, 25 lb, and up, 13c; salted, slags, 60 lb, and up, 10c; alted and green kip, 16 to 26 13c; 'salted and groen calf up' to IS 25c; green hides, 25 lbs. und up, He; green stags, 50 lbs and up, 8c.

Mohair 1917, 4065o per lb. Wool All prices nominal. house In tho city of Eugene, Oregon, on Saturday, Septembor 14, 1918, at I o'clock In tho nffornoon, offer for sale at publlo vsnduo and soil to the highest bidder for cash, tho mortgaged promise described In ald jiulgmont, viz: Lot throe (3) In block cloven (11) In Hendricks' Amended Addition to Eugeno, In Lano County, Oregon, with tho appurtenances, to satisfy tho amount found duo plaintiff In snid Judgment, Flftcon hundred dollar with interost thereon at 8 per cent since February 24, 1918, less $10 paid thereon Juno 14, 1918, the sum of $100 attorney's foe on foreclosure, $17.05 cost of suit, $130.47 tnxea paid by plaintiff on said promises, with Interest at 8 por cont stneo Juno 17, 1918, together with the cost of such sale Said sale will be subject to redemption a by law Allowed. D. A.

ELK INS, Frl-8-10-6 Sheriff of Lano County, Professional Directory If Ilranntcttcr has also assumed all obligation of tho firm. Duted thl 7th day of August, 1018. W. W. JiRANHTETTKH, A.

W. MCLAUGHLIN. Frl 8-10-3 of Fowlosiiro Sulc. Notice Is hereby Riven that by virtue an execution in foreclosure issued to me as sheriff of County, out of tho Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for Lano County, June 15, 1918, upon a Judgment entered and enrolled inv said court Juno 14, 1918, in a suit wherein Clnrk E. Looml wa plaintiff and Ola Martin, W.

a. Martin, Western Loan and Building company, a corporation, and Lano County Credit association, a corporation, were defendants, and now in my hand for enforcement, I will a such sheriff, at tho southwest front door of the court PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. Q. S. BEARDSLEY Physician and Surgeon, 410-15 C.

W. Bldg. 1-2-tI O. R. GULLION, M.

D. Practice lim ited to the eye, ear, nose and throat-Eyes tested and glasses furnished. Office 306 O. O. F.

Bldg. Telephone 133. TITUS, DR. J. F.

Obstetric and dis eases of children a specialty. 982 Willamette street. DENTISTS. HARRIS, M. Room 401 Cockerline Wetherbee Building.

LEE, DR. W. 404 C. ft W. build ing.

Phone 42J. Office houra, 8 a. nb to 6 p. m. OSTEOPATHS.

BTUDLEY, DR. B. L. White Temple. Phono 689-J, Jtl Tenth At.


S. National Bank Bldg. Phono 800. 7th-WIllamette FISCHER, DR. J.

L. 206-7-8 White Temple. Phone 410. Re. 121J-R.


Halrdreaslng parlors, over Price's Shoe Store, Phone 888. VIATI. 067 Blxth avenue west Phone 719J. UNDERTAKERS. GORDON ft VEATCH Funeral directors.

Lady assistant Full auto equipment Chapel and residence corner of Tenth and Pearl atreeu. Both phones, 987. BRANSTETTER ft MCLAUGHLIN Funeral directors. Lady assistant Auto hearse. 1162 Ollvo St Phone 615.

CORSETB3RE. MRS. A. TRUE LUNDY 16S East Ninth. Phone 292-L.

ARCHITECTS. HUNZICKER, JOHN Architect and superintendent 101-104 O. O. F. Temple.

TRANSFERS. SCHNEIDER BROS. TRANSFER CO. Moving and heavy work our specialty. Telephone: Office, 477; Residence, 602-Y.

EUGENE RUBBISH WAGON Office phone 920. O. U. Bray. Residence phone 65FJ.

Garbage removal service for business houses and residences. Fertilizer hauling a specialty. Small Joba picked up at al' times. VULCANIZING. SWEET-DRAIN AUTO CO.

Expert tire and tube vulcanizing. All work guaranteed. 1030-42 Oak street Morning Register Morning Register OOOD I'AHTUHI'i, nlno 8 ton Kreen Ki-fin lmyj 4 mile went, of town, on Crow road, I'hono KK23, 8-22-2 HILTCOOH LAKE Two mile from ocean; flno boutlng and salmon-trout fishing; tent and cabin for rent; spring water und frco wood. Kor particular phono 402L, Will H. Hcuvor, 8-6-tf BTORK YOUR CAR ot tho Good Used Car Center for 12.50 per month.

930 Ollvo atreot. 8-9-tf WANTED Evergreen blackberries; will pay Oc per pound at Oregon Electric depot: crate furnished free. J. W. Hhumrile, phono 938.

Will meet any competition. 8-13-lf WANTED Hlghont cash price paid for all kind of household good, stoves, range, tools, plumbing sup-pile of all kind. I WILLAMETTE BAROAnT BTORB, It West Eighth t. Phone 1123. 4-4-tf NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO.

PAYS Face of policy at death If from natural causes. One-tenth face ot policy yearly for life If disabled. Double fooe of policy It accidentally killed. J. W.


HIDES, PKI.TH AND CIIITTIM BARK WANTED AT HIGHEST MARKKT PRICES. WILLAMKTTE HIDE AND JUNK '176 EIGHTH AVENUE WEST. PHONKS 1214 AND 939-lt. 7-4-tf MONEY TO LOAN MONET MONET OH, 1 Pr eent farm loan: plenty of money for straight city loans. 761 Willamette at.

Berger and Darling. REAL ESTATE LOANS See for long and abort time loan on Improved farm and Eugene property. Rorer ft Brundage at Bank of Commerce, Eugene, Ore. 8-6-tf LEND TOU A MILLION War conditions have not affected us. Unlimited funds at all times.

Farm Loans. City loans. EARLE STANLEY SMITH. and C. H.

SEDQW1CK. DAILY MARKET REPORT Dairy Produce. PORTLAND, Ore, Aug. 22. But ter Selling price: Creamery prints In parnfflno wrappers, extras, 54c; prime, firsts, 62c; first, 51Vjc; cubes, lo less, cartons, lo uddtltoal; dairy, 37c.

tJutterfat Portland delivery basis, No. 1 sour cream, 5Cc. Choose Selling price: Tillamook fresh Oregon fancy full cream triplet 30 rents Young America, 28 it 29c lb. Eggs felling price: Case eonnt 48 cents buying prlco 47 cents selling price, selected candled, 50c. LIVE POULTRY Nominal, aens.

23 25c; broilers, 26 28c; old roosters 18c; stags 15i'10c: turkeys 28 if BOc; dressed fancy, 37c; No. 2, 30c; squabs, 83.00 gceac. spring, 16c; ducks, 2430o pigeons, tl.50 2.00 dozen. Country Meats Boiling price: Country killed best hogs, 26 (if 27c: ordinary 25t4i 2Gc lb: best veal 20 2054c ordinary veal lSc; rough heavy 13 Si 13 lie; goats, 12e; lamb, 20S23c; mutton, HfrlGc; beef, 9 11 lb. Smoked Meats limns, S4H 35V4c: breakfast bacon, 34(if51c; pic nics, 25c; cottngo roll, 31c; short clears, 3033c: Oregon exports, smoked, 31c per lb.

Onions Selling prico to retailer: New red, 24c: garlic, 714WSC green onions, 35fr45c dostcn bunches: now crop California reds, S1.C0Q1.75 cental. Potatoes Rolling prlco: Now potatoes, SH03c. Livestock Market. Catllo rrlmo steers, JI2.50W13.50: medium to good steers $11. 00 iff 12.00; fair (o medium steers JI9.75W 11.00: cominon to fair steers 9.75 cholro cows and heifers fair to medium cows and heifers 85.25 6.25; dinners 13.00(5.00; bulls 85.00r(f)7.00; calves 9.00 (ff 12.00 stackers and feeders 36.00 fff 8.00.

Hogs l'rlmo mixed, 817.6020.00; medium mixed 19.000-19. 50; rough heavies $17. r.Olff 18.50; pigs 18.00; bulk ot sales $19.25 iff 19.50. Sheep l'rlmo lnmbs Foil 11 IS NT Five room modorn flat, block from pontofflco, I'reaton ft Huloa, 857 Willamette. 7-17-tf FOIl ItRNT Klv-room modern flat with leepln( porch and garuee; (urnlnhed or unfnrnlnliod.

W. Working, Sixth and Lawrence. 6-l-tf WANTED Male Help WANTKD An ull uround ono who know hi hunliien. Ap-' ply to A W. Wotlan, Lowell, Oro.

8-18-0 HELP WANTED Male, Female WA.VPKI) Kxperlcnceil cook at (Initio lentaurunt, 712 Willamette Bll'eol. 8-22-lf WANTKD Hop picker; boirlu plck-Init BopU nhiick fiirnlitheil. Tele, phono Have, 4KKI4. 8-22-tf SITUATIONS WANTED KXI'KHIKN'CKD office irlrl denlren poHltlou; excellent reference. Ad-drenn 7U2.

care UeKlnler. 8-22-3 WANTED WA NTKD To rent, fiirnMiotl lipartinent or mall tnodcrn homo. In Kod location, from September to I'hono 503.1. 8-22-tf WANTKD llrlnit your ckks the reel of thl week at 45o a doxen. eiiKll over tho counter; any quantity.

KainioiM Imp. At Prodiico Co. 8-22-2 WANTKD All kind of rattle and iiprlnir calve, Tuylor and Abo Hnn km, phono 354 or 889; Gordon blilk. 8-20-6 WANTKD DrlnK your freoh top prico Kuuiuniccu. no itioui Fooil Moro.

8-20-0 PRUNES WANTED Will pay hlBh-ot market prlco for prunes delivered railroad atutlon. Cnah upon delivery. K. E. Itorapauch, resl-denco phono 797L, offleo 617, acent Iianello ISros.

8-18-0 WANTKD HHIP KNKKH Kor contract, price and blueprint addroH J. W. Klanugan, Murshfleld, Ore. 8-17-2wks WANTKD A econd-hund alio. Thonc 4CK32.


8-13-tf WILL PAY 6C I.R. KOR EVKll-GRKKN RLACKHERRIES Will buy evory pound you can pick: will furnish crate free. Soo J. W. Shu.

mnto at O. K. depot. Phone 938. Will meet any competition.

8-13-tf EVKRORKKN HLACKBKRRIKS I will tnko them In bucket, tubs and boxes; must bo clean; will pay 6c por pound; dollvcr to O. K. depot. J. W.

Shumate, phono 938. Will meet any competition. 8-13-tf LAND WANTED 10 to 60 acre within 10 miles of Eufrone. Must bo productlvo soil and cheap for cash. No Inflated values considered.

Olvo description, locntlon and lowest prlco to 6622 caro Register. 7-31-lmo WANTKIV-Chlckcns, hldos, mohair, wool, chlttem bark, at Wnrnock's feed bam. Phono 116. 0-8-tf WANTED Chickens early tomorrow morning. Tamalo Factory, 662 Oak.

Phone 850-J. 6-20-tf WE WANT your veal, chickens and KH for highest cosh prices. Jones and Eaton, 846 Olive streot. Phone 224. 0-25-tf FOB EXCHANGE "EXCHANGE) FURNITURE DEPT" We will take your old furniture, range, eta, as part payment for new or pay you the highest cosh price for thorn.

Brauor Conloy, oornor Ninth and Oak. 5-12-tf TAKEN UP TAKKN UP Four head of cnttlo, brand head brnnd ono largo Jorsoy cow with boll on, no brnnd, nt Clicnom placo ndjolnlnff Tlioimis K.uknl, Ppcncor crock, 8-21-tt FOR 8AU5 Miscellaneous: AUCTION HALE- Hlg Milti HI Urour'a Auction Hul i "I v. August 24, beginning ut 1 o'clock p. in. Hovorul milk cow, 1 hiirac, lini -tionx.

cream anpnralitr, In. wagon, hack, tc. "ln good supply of JiouhqIioIU good. Everybody welcome. I'Iioiio 83.

J. K. Uroor, auctioneer. K-2 3 2 AUCTION HALU Am leaving farm ami will oll ut Greer's Auction Market, Kugono, Ore, Huliirday, bo- iiimilliK 01 1 p. 0 Jii'iul kooiI milk cowh nnil holier, creum op.

nralor, l-lncli wagon, inuwor, hack, liarni'M, collar, I'lilllvuliir iiml other thing. C. It, Undlioy, owmr, J. K. Omar, iturltoiiiuir.

H-SII-t' JfOlt HALE Olyuipla Flour fur Kale Junt received a Mhlpmonl itf lllyiiiplo tluiir hi nnil 411 pound HiukH. Ideal Food HI mo, I 111 Nlnlli avenue runt. 8-23-4 FI'IKDI FE-I'JDI FIOKD! Two mm Junt received; a nir of mill feed and a ear of Fisher' ilitlry feed, ideal Fcd Hturo, 131 Nlnlli iivt'iiuo piuit. 8-23-4 lfdll MALE 3 '4 -Inch lumber wagon, bed on. all In good shape; also a liund spring wukuii.

Call ut 7 uiivo mroci. PKARH FOR HA 1. 10 ill J. It. Walker' Hour Jtoudmond Ferry, ut 76 rent par box.

B-23-3 Foil HA UK Good riruvi'imllno apple nml kouiI nmllvll pear. I'liimn i4Fii. MU1K pearhc Junt netting ripe. A good canning poach. For alo iu my orchard.

Fred Wllimn, KuKeno, II. F. U. J. I'IIOIIO OIKS.

-23-6 FOE ViIX Ponltry, Livestock ItKII OHOHH liorno, buggy and liar-no donated by W. W. Conn, to lie oil by publlo iiurllon ai Oreor1 Auction Markat, EiiKono, Sat urday, AUKiinuJM, promplly at 2 o'clock p. 'OCOOll tu go to Hod Urn fund 8-23-2 IIOKKK AND lll'fHIY for unto or rniil; hnrna I chunky build, welitha about Rfro poumUf, anil I good nil-around for delivery or any -light work. (n bit seen at Furnlturo iiuapitui, di w.

mil. FOR HALE I'uro bloodHl Anrouo moater. Prlco $1. riiiuo from Polk county. Phono 47FI3.

K-23-S WANTED Mai Help WANTED Five men wiuilnd Immediately for factory work. Good win-tor Job. flood wage. On (ho merit plan. Apply at unco.

Phono 787. J. W. Hliiimuto, 093 Wlllamotto HI. 8-J3-tf WANTED Fnllcr, buckor.

river, tennis, war work. Illithmt wane. Beo II. K. Owen, clKiir ctoro.

8-SS-l" WANTKD IxiRBOr. toamnlor. burk-er. ele. Call ut 777 Wlllamelto HI.

8-S3-3 WANTED Female Help tllrl or middle ludy for ffnnernt' lioumtwork. Cull at (00 WlixllltlKton Ht. Mr. M. J.

Thompaon. 8-23. 2 WANTKD A roinpiilont Bill or woman for Ronnrul lioiiHework. phono 787 or call at 018 Jcfforaon. R-23-lf MISCELLANEOUS WANTKD Two iinlo pnnaoiiRer lo Hnn Krnnclco about tlio mlddlo of Heptombor, Ono an oxperloneod driver.

Phono 479J or call at 800 12th nvoniio KiihI. 8-23-8 WANT1CD A Rood iieeond-hnnrt lil-ryrlo. MiihI bo 20-Inch frame. iPhono 8IK2. S-SS-S LOST LOHT Near Murcnlii, a rover for an atitnmbllo top.

Kinder plon.o leavo at tho IteKlKtor offleo or notify Herbert J. DowiiIiibTi Oro. 8-2S-2 MISCELLANEOUS WOOD SAWINXl Order your wood flawed early. Avoid tlio runli. I'hono S02H, Hofllileneo 0 Joffer-on atroot.

Win. M. Douirla and Hon. "-2S-G BRINGING UP HELLO -OIV; DID "TOO KNOV HWE. BEEN VERt MCK- i t.i-rniuns Kt III Enjoy I.iixiuie.

Doapito widenpread distress in Germany, largo Hum buvo been expended on luxuries and uruueiiLents. A report from licrlln Hinted that tho consumption of champagne, which dropped to Ichh than 6,000.000 bottle In tho first year of tho war, rose to bottle 1n 1917, although tho price rangod from 300 to 400 per cent higher. Tho theatre report exceptionally large audience, and thero ha boert a marked Jncrouso In betting at the horse race. Thero Is a certain Ccnlcrvillo kiddy who frequently ovlnrc a pcrHpteaelty beyond bin year. Ono day ho wn observed vigorously to scratch hi hcal, whereupon omo ono naked him: "What make you scratch your head "Ilecause." tho youngster, "I'm tho only ono that knows it itches." Country Gentleman.

Real Estate Transfer. F. L. Chambers et ux to Elva Lyons Day, lots 7, 8, 9 and 10 in blk 19 and lots 1, 4, 6, In blk 20, Chamber's add. to Eugene $300.

F. L. Chamber ct ux to Elva L. Day lot 12, blk 13, Chambers' add to Eu gene $125. Stoyan M.

ltusscff to Nlca Kollcoff lot 14 blk 29, Colters' add. to Olonada $60. V. A. Elklns, sheriff of Lano county to L.

M. Travis, lot 2, blk 6, Watts' add. to Blue River City, Lano county. Oregon $100. D.

Elklns, ehorlff of Lane county to L. M. Travis, an Interest in 1080 acres in or near sec. 14, 15, and 16, tp 17, It 6 also 40 acres In or near sec 20 tp 17 a 6 all In Lane county $240.70. James C.

Parker, sheriff to L. M. Travis, 2 acre in or near sec tp. 18. 12 W.

also 1 aero in or near lot 6, sec 36. tp 18, 12, ot W. in Lane county $31.55. D. A.

Elklns, as sheriff to L. Travis, tracts in or near county survey 119, all in Eugene, Lano county. Ore gon, also 80 acres In or near sec 14, tp 19, 1 of $140.49. Geo. Melvin Miller to Anna Gil-more, lots 1 and 2 in blk 35, Chicago add to Florence $10.

Lydia E. Dunn to Wesley Smith, ct ux, lot 1 in blk 1, Hazclton's first add to Cottage Grove $250. I'ietro LaCalsl Frank Fletz to Aug ust G. Brauer and Georgo F. Conley, 13.57 acres in or near lot No.

1, sec 3, tp 18, of 11 4, also 2 acres in or near lot No. 1, in sec 3, tp 18, 4 Lano county, Ore gon $10. M. E. Furrow ct ux to Pietro La Calsi Frank Flctz.

lot 2, blk 2, Walnut park, a subdivision of strip A of the Eliaa Stewart add to Eugene $10. O. B. Long et ux to John T. Baker ct ux 98 2-7 acres In or near sec 34, tp 18.

3 of $10. August G. Brauer et al to Pietro La Calsl Frank Klctz. lot 2 blk 2. Walnut park, Ellas Stewart add to Eugen $10.

Guard Huston ot nl to Ross Huston 14S.62 acres In or near sec 5 tp 18, S. R. 5 $1. Aotioo to Cnxlllors. Notice Is hereby given that tho un dersigned has been duly appointed by tho county court of tho state of Ore gon for tho county of ljine, us admin.

istrnlor of tho ostuto of Emery Rouche deceased, and ull persons having claims against said estate should pre sent tho snmo properly verified, cither to E. Richardson, etpringfield. Oregon, or to Frank A. Del'uc, attorney for tho estnio nt Springfield, Oregon, within six months from tho dato here of. Dated August 25, 1918.

E. M. RICHARDSON, Administrator of tho cstato of Em-cry Rouche, deceased. Frank A DePuc, Attorney for the estate. Krl-8-23-6 NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.

Kotlco is hereby given by tho undersigned that tho partnership heretofore existing between them under tho firm namo of Brnnstotter und Mc Laughlin, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent ot tho parties. Mr, Dranstotter has taken over tho assots of tho firm and will continuo tho bus- l'oll HAI.K At a liiii'Kaiu, eauy tiiiin. my in ni HiMililiiin," lociilud lx iiiIIkh iihovii OiikrlilKO, two mllcii from Kllnnii Hut HpiliiK. on Kllnon creek 1110 acren, i lu're olearod, llllilel' IrrlKutlon; fi.OOO.OOU feet llin-bcr, ri-iuoiii IiiiiikuIiiw, moilci'ii Im-piiivenieiilM: eiiinciit milk and nml bonne: kouiI burn and jiood oiilnldo riuiKo; bent water y. Tniu In I ho nlaln of OreKon.

Write Kred Kink, Oakrlilite. Orn. 8-22-0 KOIl HA Alberta wlicul farm, 800 aen; all rinn farm Ian. k'ki'I bulblliilt. well Improved, fully eiiilppei; per ncro.

Will lake farm or city property rirnt pay-miint, balauco crop paymenlH. Wrllo Clniidn Cole, 300 Henry fort, laud, Ore. 8-22-S WHY pay 100 per ncro for land? I buvo Junt ii Kood for 130. Crop, ntuek and Impleiiienl free K. 'A.

care ItOKlnlnr. 8-21-8 KOIt HAl.K 20 aero river bottom land, 7 mile niirlli of KiiKenc. Well fenced, Homo bulldliiRn, family orchard; nine nine head ri'Klnterod red polleil callle. Tlmo or pnrU J. W.

Xuinwalt, IivIiik, Oro. Jlox 20. 8-21-C KOIt HAI.K At much Ichm than rol, modern ff-room bouno; fin mico. fire, pliu'e, hardwood floor. Aildreiw car Ki'Klnler.

8-20-d KOIt HAI.K C1IKAP Tbroo youne tiiiileM. 1'J. Turpcnlufc-. Kuifcno. 8-18-0 KOIt HALK Ono pure bred Ooliiwold rum and ono Kood Khropnlilro rain.

CI. W. Hluffunl, Bprliiirfluld. Phono 4K4. 8-18-C roil BALK 16 acro--10 acre In cultivation, 1 acre ohontnut, ome fruit, om walnut, all bearing; food barn, imall boil, prlng water.

A anap for aomeoo. No trade. Preaton Hale. t-t-tf DIHKNFKCT PIP Try our DUrtn-rot dip for poultry, poultry bouao and atock. We aell It lo bulk.

Ilrtng your container and aave In the coat. Ideal Feed Htore, 131 Kant Ninth. 5-22-lf FOB BALE Poultry, Livestock nAI.KI) boy for aulo Walter Day. phono 33K3. 8-1H-C Knit HAI.K Ono reentered Jemoy bull, tbrea beef row, a few mlleh cow mid helful-.

W. Parker. Klmlra, lira. 8-20-D KOIl HAI.K Pur blood Ancona rooater from eBP alilppod from Houtli linkntn, 11.60 each. Phono S67U.

741 10th dvo. K. 8-17-0 I.M POUTED Porehoron atnlllon for Kilo or trade for othor mork or good automobile. J. Q.

Alien, Cur tkn. Ore. 7-24-lmo roil BALE Pure bred Poland China rwlno. Frank Noedhom, Kureno. Motor Homo A.

7-28-lf FOB SALE Mlsoellaneoni Foil HAI.K Hlx-horno Htovor ga en-irlno wood nw. rhcnp. Phone HprlnKfleld 34 KS, W. It. Hurdle.

Kit. Bcno It 2. 8-22-0 KOIt HAI.K Sx24-foot olio, I. II. C.

apreailer nearly new, DeU'ivnl eii-arator, 075-lb. TlKr uraln drill, 14-hole; (rood top hlm-uy. John H. llynlt, phono 205, Crenwell. 8-22-3 lYilt 8AI.K Wheat traw, mile wet on Crow road, 2 per ton.

Kl-mer HubertK, Crow Btnb'O. Phono 8K33. 8-21-tf KOIt HAI.K Second-hand boon bnr-veHter. bean tbrcwher-wairon, jilow, biu-'Ky, hack ami BaiTg plow. 747 ollvo KiiRcno.

8-20-4 KOIt HAI.K Tlo Umber. 100 noro-i moro or Iohm, and moro adJolnlUK: nlno mill irite; right on tho nillrond at Mupleton. It. 11. Clow, Mapleton.

8-20-0 KOIl HAI.K Winter wheat for Hood, 12.25 pur biixbol. Phono 40K32. 8-20-tf KOIl HAI.K 2 -Inch now Wobor wugon. 3. ApKor, Moliuwk, Oro.

8-lS-lmo FOR SAI.K nalod oata, whoat and choat bay, for ulo by tho balo or ton. Wo liavo our own dollvory. Ilud Kompp'B Llvory, phono 03. i 7-31-lf FATHER rOU LOOK A THOUGH XCiiJ VERE OUST AROUND -i tO tirWE FUNERAL r- ATTORNEYS. FOSTER, O.

V. S. Notional Boa building. Phone 380. SLATTERY, H.

Beckwith building, corner Seventh and Willamette Sta, Phone 198. THOMPSON HARDY Room over First National Bank, corner Ninth and Willamette streets. BROWNELL, HOWARD 728 WU lamotte. Phone 1160. TRAVIS, L.

M. Attorney-at-Law, office over Eugene Loan ft Saving Bank, Eugeno, Oregon. ii. D. ALLEN Attorney-at-Law, Ground floor, 10 West Eighth St.

DEVERS, J. IC, lit Will Phono 000, JOaES. WALTER B. Office Eight and Willamette streets, room 1, over Bank of Commerce. Phono 482...

WINTERMEIER, C. A. Land title and probate specialties. Office corner Eighth and Willamette street, MEDICTNAIfc MAX LUEBKE The Raleigh man, 776 W. Sixth, Eugene.

Phone 044-T. CHINESE MEDICINES. J. C. YUEN Try our Chinese medicines when all else fall.

Free consultation. 914 Olive street, corner Ninth Ave. Eugene, Ore. I-2-tf PLUMBEVQ. HALL ft SHUMWAY Plumbing, tinning, and heating; sewer pip an drain tile.

Seventh and Oak street Phone 1003. CLEANERS AND ELECTRIC CLEANING CO. Phon 837 for first-class work. 83? Olive atreet We also clean carpets. IMEPERIAL CLEANERS AND HATTERS, G.

proprietor, 81 Seventh avenue East Phone 394" First-class work and prompt service We call and deliver. OSBURN HOTEL CLEANERS, O. Ai Faust proprietor, Eighth and Pearl, Phone 342. Wo call and deliver. CARPET CLEANING Real electric cleaning by a specialist Phone 884-J.

4-26-U COLLECTION AGENCIES LANE COUNTY CREDIT ASSOCIATION, L. M. Travis, secretary, L. and S. building.

Phone 110. APARTMENTS HULL APARTMENTS A home for you away from home. Private bath. Eleventh and Alder. Phone 400.

CREAMERIES AND DAIRIES EUGENE FARMERS CREAMERY, G. A. Harnden, manager, 830 Ollvo, Phone 638. Bv. Geo McManus Business Directory "Dopvrigiit 1913, International Newt IsxyIsst "TT AND HE KEPT ME.


HAVE I I you oo "vm fe5 tti rnwf ry fa Sill.

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