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Morning Register from Eugene, Oregon • Page 7

Morning Registeri
Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

A THE MORNING REGISTER, TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 1917. SEVEN NEW TODAY FOR SALE--Real Estate FURNISHED BUNGALOW and up-to- FOR HALE--Practically now dato 4-room bungalow: living room and dining combined: two bedrooms, cabinet kitchen and fino fireplace and built-In bath; furniture; A-1 furniture. Price $1000; torma. 352. Very neat and cony 5-room 111 one of the finest locacottage in the city; fine large, lot, abundance of fine fruit, barn, cowoodshed and poultry house; ment walk in front; alley macada.

mized, in fino This in walk. InK distance from conter, Price $1000. NO. 235. A large, roomy and up-to6-room bungalow, convenient dato the conter of town; all modern to conveniences except furnace.

Price $1360. NO. 212. CoNy and up-to-date room cottago on paved street: neighborhood can't be beat. Price $1360.

Installment plan terma. SAM RUGH REALTY COMPANY, 8th Ave. East. FOR SALE OR TRADE -Unencumresidence property in Indianapolls, Ind. Phone 1234Y, or 21183 care Register, 3-6-2 FOR RENT- -Houses FOR RENT OR FOR SALE- -March 10, small cottage, partly furnished.

Apply W. F. care Rogister, 2-22-tf FOR SALE--Miscellaneous. WOODRUFFS NURSERY OFFERS FOR SPRING planting the largest assortment of rose bushes, climbing vines and perennial planta. Prices rango 15-20 cents and up.

We have several hundred descriptive cataloguen on "Peonies and How to Grow Them." These will be given out free to anyone desiring a copy. Display salesyard next Y. M. C. Willametto st.

3-6-1 FOR SALE -Span of gray mares, weight about 2400 sound, genttie and true: will work in all harneaN; price $150. If you are looking for a team be sure and see these before you buy. At Warnock'8 Feed Barn, 867 Pearl st. Phone 302. 3-6-5 FOR SALE Span of well-mated, black geldings, weight 2200; blocky built and fat; will sell cheap 11 taken at once; also WAKON and buggy; owner leaving town.

War. Feed Barn, 807 Pearl. Phone 302. 3-6-5 "ROBES." climbing vines, peonies, new supply just received from the growers: extra fine. Now on display for the spring trade at the "Reliable Nursery," corner 9th and Olive.

W. 8. Gillam, manager, 3-6-3 FOR SALE TWO good sets of heavy breeching work harness; for sale reasonable. Call E. Ninth Feed and Boarding Stable.

3-6-tf TO TRADE-1100-1b. mare, gentlo and drives single or double, to trade heavier work horse. Phone 292J. FOR SALE-2-year-old colt, will make good driving or riding horse: will sell very cheap. 867 st.

Phone 302. 3-6-5 FOR SALE -A full-blooded bronzo turkey tom; also two half-grown turkeys. Phone 51F12. WANTED--Female Help WANTED--Girl or middle aged woman for light housework: one who can go home nights. 763 Olive between 9 and 11 a.

m. girl or woman for eral housework. Mra. Max bauer, Walterville, Ore. Phone Springfield 20F24.

3-6-2 WANTED--Schoolgirl to do housework or caro for children after school, Saturdays and Sundays. Phone 505J. WANTED--At once, girl for general housework in country. C. W.

Letson, R. No. 2. Phone 6F14. WANTED (Male Help) WANTED--A young married man to hopyard.

James N. Hill, Springfield R. R. No. 2.

FIREMEN, brakomen, $196 monthly; experienco unnecessary. Railway, care Register. NEW TODAY WANTED. WANTED TO RENT- -Small acreage with 5 or room house, close In and convenient to cur line preferred. 21174, care Register.

WANTED TO RENT Ranch, stock ranch preferred. Phone 4F21, Coburn. 8. A. McMullon, Harrisburg No.

1, Box 76. DRESSMAKER wants a few customere: special attention given to designing and selecting material. Phone 1248.7. 3-0-2 LOST -Between Willamotto and Mill stroots, spectacles in black caNe. Numo Kenneth Kellema Inside.

Finder leave at Registor. Reward. 2-25-tt STRAYED--From John Edmunson's farm at Goshen, yearling red Durham heifer. Kindly phone Springfield 2072. 3-3-3 FOUND.

FOUND- pair of glasses on East Eighth, between Pearl and High. owner may have sumo by calling at Register office and paying for thin nd. 3-4-3 FOR RENT -Houses FOR RENT--A partly furnished 6- room cottage, acres of land, HOmO fruit trees and good well of water: $8 per month. Inquire at Foster'8, corner 18th and Friendly ave. FOR -9-room house, modern except heat; one block south of city hall and library.

Inquire 1417 Olive. Mra. Hobbs. FOR RENT Four room cottage, partly furnished, 1253 Olive street $8 per month. 740 13th avenue East Phone 427J.

FOR RENT -Seven room house with sleeping porch, electric lights, hot and cold water. $10. 257 15th avenue East. 3-4-2 FOR RENT--Modern 7 room house, two sleeping porches, close in. At 1230.

Onk street. Write or phone E. M. Johnson, R. F.

D. 1. 3-4-3 FOR RENT--Eight room house on East 13th avenue just across street from U. of 0. campus.

Call H. E. Wylle, phone 20F3. FOR RENT -Seven room house. Phone 769L.

3-4-2 WANTED- Female Help WANTED- -Experienced girl to care baby 8:45 and 4:30. 214 Saturdays or call and at 641 Sundays High off. street. Phone MONEY TO LOAN LEND YOU A MILLION FARM LOANS Straight Loans and Instalment or Reducing Loans on City Property EARLE STANLEY SMITH 681 Willametto (upstairs) Phone 75 MONEY to loan on improved farm and city property; money ready; no red tape; no extra trimmings. Special prepayment privileges.

Rates the lowest. Bee us. Rorer Brundage, at Bank of Commerce. 12-30-ti CHEAPER MONEY- -Farm loans 6 per cent and up, according to security, City loans on long terms, low rates, or on instalments. No appraisal charges.

PETERSON, SKOTHEIM Register Bldg. FARM LOANS 6 per cent and less. The First National Farm Loan ciation, 5 to 40 years' time. No missions. Geo.

Melvin Miller, socretary-treasurer, 317 0. W. Bldg. Eugene. 1-21-tf FARM MORTGAGE LOANS Current rates of interest; no commission; no inspection feen.

David Auld, room 6, First Natl. Bank bldg, Eugene, Or. 5-10-tf TO LOAN--A limited amount of money to loan on farm or timber security. F. A.

Tripp, 304 0. W. bldg. 8-3-tf MONEY- -MONEY 6, 7 per cont farm loans; plenty 30 of money for straight city loans. 8th ave.

west. F. J. Berger. 12-31-tf FOR SALE -Real Estate FOR EXCHANGE--A 5 room house In Salem: plastered and all modern conveniences; lot 64x100; well located on State owner will trade for property in Eugene of equal value.

Price $2,250. Free of debt. FOR SALE-26 acres of good bottom land, close to R. R. 18 acres in cultivation; to clear; fair 4-room house, good barn, 2 acres of orchard and plenty of small fruit.

Price, $4,600. This 18 IL snap. Geo. L. Jennings, 24 E.

6th St. 3-4-2 LOST BEST BARGAIN ever offered in Eugene; large four-room house; porchen and wood shed; young orchard. If taken at once will include furniture and sell for leas than cost of property. Cull forenoons, 1468 W. 11th Ave.

FOR SALE-8 acres 1 3-4 miles west of Walker; house, barn, wood house chicken house, 2 springs, 1 well, all kinds of berries, 1 Jersey cow, 1 horse, buggy and harness. Clear title. Price $500. J. H.

Langston, Walker, Ore. TO TRADE- One hundred and sixty acres Wallawa county for property in or near Eugene. See J. 0. Cobb at Smeed Hotel.

WANTED. WE BUY HOUSEHOLD GOODS, rang. es and stoves. Quick service on all 'phono orders. Phone 1122.

OUR SPECIALTY Furniture, shoes and all kinds of second hand goods and tools bought and sold. Willametto Bargain Store, 63 Eighth avenue west. 2-11-1mo FURNITURE We want your old furniture, stoves and ranges in exchange for new, or we will pay you the highest cash price for them. Brauer Conley, Cor. 9th and Oak.

3-1-tt WANTED Board and room in private family where baby could be cared for part of time. Walking distance. Phone 214 or call at 641 High stroet. 3-4-2 WANTED pay the highest cash prices for your furniture and stoves of all kinds. Call us at phone 709.

Eugene Furniture 125 East 9th street. 2-8-1mo WANTED-! horses, mares preferred, from 1300 to 1500 also driving and riding horse. T. W. Rugh, 1360 Patterson street.

WANTED Chickens, ducks and tor. keys. Highest cash prices. J. Sher, 662 Ok.

Tamale factory. Phone 850-J. 11-21-tf WANTED You to bring your old tires to Preston and Hales and see if we can make new ones out of them. 8-4-6 WANTED-Old cotton and woolen rage; all kinds of junk. Lattin's, phono 1256, 645 Charnelton.

12-16-tf WANTED--Your harness to oil and put in good repair. Preston and Hales. 3-4-6 ANYONE having city lots to rent for gardens call at or address 356 Mill street. DRESSMAKING-Mrs. Williams, 282 East Ninth street, phone 468L.

2-9-1mo POTATOES WANTED Scobert warehouse. Phone 528. 2-22-1mo WANTED--A mechanical drawing outfit. Phone 824. FOR -Flats.

FOR RENT-Unfurnished lower flat, 5 rooms, modern, fireplace and Blooping porch: Allen apartments on Patterson st. Fred Fisk, 1062 Oak st. Phone 974J. 3-1-tr FOR RENT- 2 or 3 room apartment, also large front room with kitchenette, everything modern. 642 Charnelton street.

FOR RENT-5-room modern apartment, sleeping porch; furnished or unfurnished. J. W. Working, 642 Lawronce st. Phone 591J.

3-1-tt WANTED-Male Help. WANTED--Married man for general work. Address M. H. Stewart, Eugene, Ore.

3-4-tf WANTED Wood cutters. C. I. Collins, Bartle Court, phone 1133. 3-4-3 FOR SALE--Miscellaneous FOR SALE -Well mated sorrel team and harness, gentle and sound, weight about 2100 pounds, with dray wagon and top and surrey; almost new drag and 14-inch plow all for $225.

This team was sold for $800 a year ago last July with wagon. Want to sell; going east. Oakridge on College Crest. Wm. Albrecht.

FOR SALE -Six cylinder seven passenger Reo, run 1400 miles, in excellent condition, good 0.9 brand new at a great bargain. I also have 2 or 3 lighter cars at almost your own price. Bee J. Daniel at 708 Willamette street, up stairs. FOR SALE- One 4-year-old Percheron, weight about 1000: also one o.

I. C. brood sOW. Millard Triplett, miles east of Springfield, or phone Springfield 45F4. FOR SALE Letterheads, envelopes, billheads, statements, cards, tags, announcements -anything in job printing except sagiliators.

Over U. 9. Nat'l bank. Valley Printing Co. 2-22-ti FOR SALE- One 5-year-old bay mare single harness; also New Perfection oil cook stove.

Bert Newhouse, 231 Madison street, phone 1024J. 3-4-2 WHY buy your furniture, stoves and ranges elsewhere when we can make you money. Let us convince you. Eugene Furniture 125 East 9th St. Phone 709.

2-8-1mo FOR SALE Choice strawberry plants: Clark Seedlings, Gold Dollars and Godell. For particulars write A. E. Thornber, R. Eugene.

2-22-1mo FOR for SALE Horse, also 12 buggy black and ness $100; Minorca hens and two roosters. $1 each. 1953 Columbia street. FOR SALE- -Clean Jersey milk, teurized or unpasteurized; Sc per special price on 2 or more quarts. Phone 993Y.

FOR SALE -Ancona eggs for setting, good fertility. $1 per 15. Phone 48F11, southwest corner 24th and Agate. FOR SALE--Best coal ever put on the market in Eugene, Rainier Coal phone 412, 684 a Willamette street. 3-2-tf FOR SALE -Hartman Yellow Dent Seed Corn, 5c per shelled.

R. C. Edwards, Fall Creek, phone Springfield 39F11. 2-28-tf EGGS for hatching, $1.50 per 15. Rhodo Island and utility fowl.

34 East 11th street. Phone 394L. FOR SALE-O. A. C.

White Leghorn eggs 75 cents per getting, delivered A. Ash, Eugene, general delivery. 3-4-1mo FOR SALE -Seed barley and hay. J. D.

Ash, one mile northeast Ferry street bridge. Eugene, R. No. 2. FOR -Stock of general merchandise and fixtures at Donna station.

W. A. Heck, Mohawk, Ore. TELL your corset troubles to Anna H. Uhl, NuBone corsetiere.

1826 Lincoln street, phone 985J. FOR SALE -Horse, harness and hack. For information address C. J. Christenson, Mabel, Ore.

FOR SALE An extra good saddle. Would trade for hay, J. J. Clark, box 145, R. F.

D. 2, Eugene. 3-4-3 WHITE Leghorn eggs for sale, 75c for setting. P. L.

Boyd, Goshen. Phone Springfield 25F31. 2-11-1mo FOR SALE- -Bicycle in good condition. Reasonable. Phone Springfield 17F12.

3-4-2 FUEL FOR SALE 4-foot and stove length, dry in shed. Williams Fuel Company. 5-1-tt FOR SALE- -Ancona eggs for hatching, $1.00 per 15 eggs. Phone 1225R. 2-13-1mo FOR SALE and vetch hay.

Jas. Humphrey, Irving. Phone 13F23. 2-24-tt WOOD -Phone your wood orders to C. I.

Collins, Bartle Court. Phone 1133. 11-29-tt FOR SALE- -Hay and vetch. PhoneJ. 18F43.

Louis Heltzman, Irving, Ore. Professional and Business Directory FOR RENT. FOR RENT- -March 1, small cottage, partly furnished. Apply W. F.

care Register. 2-22-tf Housekeeping Rooms. FOR RENT--One very large furnished housekeeping room, g0.8 range, wood heater; also one large furnished room, 93 East Sixth. 3-4-5 FOR RENT--Four furnished housekeeping rooms, all modern, use of phone, 471 Jefferson street. J.

M. Working, 2-18-tr PORTLAND MARKETS Dairy Produce. PORTLAND, March Creamery prints in paraffin wrappers, extras, 42c; prime firsts, 40c; firsts, cubes, 1c less; cartons, ic advance. Cheese Selling price: Fresh Oregon fancy full cream triplets, 25c; Young America 23 24c. Price to jobbers: Flats 20c; Young America, 24c.

ing to quality. Onions--No. 1, $9.00 10.00; No. 2. $6 8.00 per cental; association selling price at country points $10 per cental.

Potatoes Selling price: Local, shipping. fancy buying price ordinary sweets, No. 1, $4.50. Vegetables Turnips, $1.50 sack; carrots, parsnips, Oregon cabbage, green oninons, 25c dozen bunches; peppers, head lettuce, $4.00 crate; celery, per crate; artichokes. $1.00 cucumbers, $1.50 dozen, tomatoes, Florida, 6.50 crate; egg plant, 20c string beans (-) rhubarb, 11c peas, 15 20c; cauliflower, California, $2.35 per crate." Dressed Meats Selling price: dinary best veals Country killed hogs, 16c; orbest, 15c; ordinary 13 heavy poor, goat, lamb, 16 11c; mutton, beef, lb.

Vegetables and Provisions. Apples -Local accord- Eggs and Poultry. Eggs- Selling price: Case count23 buying price, 23c; selling price, candled, 24c; selected in 26c. Live Poultry-Hens, heavy Plymouth Rocks, 20c pound; ordinary chickens, 19c; stags 16c; broilers, under 2 25c; turkeys, 20 dressed fancy, 25 26c; culls, squabs, $2 dozen; geese, live, Pekin ducks, young, 23 25c; Indian Runners, young, 23c; old ducks, pigeons, $1.25 dozen. Portland Livestock.

PORTLAND, March 5 Wheat strong; no trading. Spot bids unsettled; lower to 2c higher. Bluestem fortyfold club red Russian, $1.61. Barley: No. 1 feed $39.

Today's car receipts: Wheat 10; flour oats 14; hay 12. Cattle higher; receipts 1405. Steers prime light $9.60 9.85; prime heavy $9.50 9.85; good cows, choice $7.75 8.00; medium to good ordinary to fair 7.00; heifers, $6.00 bulls $4.50 27.00: calves, $6.00 10.00. Sheep steady: receipts 1086. Lambs east of mountains $12.90 13.10; lambs, valley lambs, good $11.25 cholce wethers $10.50 choice ewes $9.25 9.75; heavy ewes Northwest Grain.

SEATTLE, March 5-Wheat Bluestem Turkey red fortyfold club fife red Rusian $1.64. Barley $39 per ton. Yesterday's car receipts: Wheat 14; oats barley corn hay 12: flour 6. PORTLAND, March higher; receipts 2396; bulk of ing grades $13.25 13.35; heavy packing, 215-250 pounds $13.35 13.50; light packing, 170-190 pounds, $12.35 12.50; rough heavies pigs and skips stock hogs COMMISSIONERS' COURT. Road District No.

57. E. R. Crowe, rd. wk.

4.00 0. E. Crowe, rd. wk. 6.00 O.

E. Crowe, supr. 1.25 E. R. Crowe, Ibr.

3.49 K. M. Sparks, rd. wk. 26.00 N.

Chapman, rd. wk. 14.00 Alva Davis, rd. wk. 4.00 G.

Crow, rd. wk. 8.00 DENTISTS. ATTORNEYS. HARRIS, M.

402 Cockerline Wetherbee Bldg, G. G. Crow, rd wk 1.00 0. E. Crowe, rd.

wk. 10.00 0. E. Crowe, supr. 12.50 George W.

Worthington, nails 1.10 E. R. Crowe, grading 25.00 George Farman, rd wk 62.82 Frank Crow, hauling rock 69.84 W. B. Hawley, hauling rock 4.95 E.

R. Crowe, rd wk 9.36 Ralph Lynch, rd wk 14.13 c. C. Davis, rd wk 71.64 W. H.

Davis, rd wk 62.82 George Farman, rd wk 42.90 J. P. Runk, rd wk 73.62 c. C. Crow, rd wk 14.67 W.

H. Davis, rd wk 119.61 J. N. Chapman, rd wk 43.00 G. G.

Crow, rd wk 69.21 J. P. Runk, rd wk 61.02 George Farman, rd wk 88.92 Fred Sturdevant, rd wk 57.54 W. H. Davis, rd wk 86.82 C.

C. Davis, rd wk 82.29 0. C. Davis, rd wk 30.60 Ralph Lynch, rd wk 58.32 E. R.

Crowe, rd wk 71.19 W. B. Hawley, rd wk 22.50 Otto Buntrock, rd wk 8.10 Scott Jackson, rd wk 9.72 Frank Crow, rd wk 32.40 Roy Foster, rd wk 16.74 Frank Crow, labor 105.39 J. P. Runk, labor 82.35 George Farman, labor 95.22 W.

H. Davis, labor 110.79 c. C. Davis, labor 98.64 Frank Crow, rd wk 59.40 C. C.

Davis, rd wk 122.40 Road District No. 62 A. R. Tolman, rd wk 64.00 Sherman Banta, rd wk 4.00 F. X.

Galagar, rd wit George E. Tolman, supr 40.00 Minnie E. Smith, gravel 1.45 Harald Wimmer, pipe 13.30 Road District No. 65 W. H.

Davis, rd wk 4.00 Louis Oison, rd wk 1.50 Guard rd wk 4.00 Guard Huston, supr 5.60 A. C. Mathews, cr. rock 35.00 Road District No. 66.

Watt Shipp Powder explosives 1.51 Road District No. 67. Chas. Soverign, rd. wk 3.00 Herg Torkelson, rd wk 2.00 John Torkelson, rd wk 7.00 Jie Gimpl, rd wk 13.00 C.

A. Soverign, rd wk 10.50 Wayne Jenkins, rd wk 15.00 MOORE, H. 820. Ninth and Willamette Sts. Residence 661-R.

PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. will Jenkins, rd wk 13.00 Hubert Jenkins, rl wk 1.00 John Kraal, rd wk 4.00 Fidon Iraal, rd wk A 13.00 Ira Truesdale, rd wk 10.00 John Moss, rd wk 10.00 Albert Hierke, rd wk 9.00 Ejerke, rd wk 3.00 Andrew Erickson, rd wk 6,00 N. K. Smith, rd wk 6.00 Andrew Hoff, rd wk 9.00 Delbert Brewer wk 9.00 Martin Hansen, rd wk 9.00 Ole Sannes, rd' wk 7.00 Cline Walkley, rd wk 1.00 Andrew Erickson rd. wk.

3.00 John McCulloch, rd wk 2.00 J. Jenkins, wk 11.00 J. V. Jenkins, rd wk 20.00 Joe Gimpl, rd wk 0.00 Berge Torkelson, rd wk 3.00 C. A.

Soverign, rd wk 2.00 Road District No. 08. Albert Hull, rd wk 28.00 J. H. Hull, rd.

wk. 14.00 Road District No. 76 J. Lancaster, rd wk 8.00 E. Turpin, rd wk 2.00 Finley Whipps, supr 8.44 Road District No.

81. Joseph Acheson, rd wk 2.00 Louis Swanson, rd wk 0.50 George E. Acheson, rd 11.25 Wm. W. Wilbur, rd wk 3.00 Albert Finseth, wk 2.00 Arthur Pope, rd wk 4.00 Joe Opal, rd wk 2.00 Louis Swanson, rd wk 1.00 George E.

Acheson, supr 8.75 Arthur Pope, hauling powder. 1.25 Road District No. 82. I Chas. Kull, rd wk 14.00 Chas.

Schwader, rd wk 16.00 Perry Galloway, rd wk 8.00 R. E. Hays, rd wk 2.00 Glen Cooper, rd wk 7.00 J. J. Furgueson, rd wk 6.00 C.

M. Davison, rd wk 6.00 Walter Petersdorf, rd wk. 8.00 James Miller, rd wk 1.00 W. A. Miller, rd wk 6.00 W.

Darrow, rd wk 22.00 Ben Darrow, rd wk 4.00 J. R. Turnow, supr. 17.50 Peterson blacksmith 10.00 Junction City Hardware nails, etc. 5.25 Road District No.

86 C. J. Sluyter, rd wk 3.00 Will Boqua, rd wk 3.00 A. J. Brinkley, supr 2.50 3-6-1 TITUS, DR.

J. Obstetrics and dis- TRAVIS, L. eases of children a specialty. 938 office over Eugene Loan and SavWillamette street. ings Bank, Eugene, Oregon.

OSTEOPATHS. STUDLEY, DR. H. -White Temple, phone 589J, res. 291 10th av.


White Temple. Phone 410. Res. 989-L. UNDERTAKERS.

GORDON VEATOH -Funeral directors. Lady assistant. Full auto equipment. Chapel and residence corner of Tenth and Pearl streets. Both phones 987.

BRANSTETTER McLAUGHLINFuneral directors. Lady assistant. Auto hearse. 1152 Olive st. Phone 615.

AUTO TOP FACTORY. EUGENE AUTO TOP FACTORY Auto and buggy tops recovered. Cushions, curtains, lights, bows and sockets. Auto upholstering. 718 Charnelton street.


EUGENE RUBBISH WAGON- Office phone 920. O. H. Bray. Residence phone 986-J.

Garbage removal service for business houses and restdences. Fertilizer hauling a specialty. Small jobs picked up at all times. VULCANIZING. JONES, WALTER 874 Willamette street, over Kuykendall's Drug Store.

Phone 482. THOMPSON HARDY--Room Over First National Bank, corner Ninth and Willamette streets. BROWNELL, HOWARD -Office Cal Young's 728 Willamette street. Phone 1160. WINTERMEIER, C.

titles and probate specialties. Office cor. ner Eighth and Willamette streets. MECK, A. LAWYER-Offices, 208 Brown cor.

9th and Oak. DORRIS, GEO. Office over the Bank of Commerce. HAIRDRESSING. HASTINGS SISTERS -Register building.

Phone 1009. SHAFFER, -Hairdressing parlors, Willamette. Phone 888. ARCHITECTS. HUNZICKER, JOHN Architect and superintendent, 801-804 I.

O. 0. F. Temple. PLUMBING HALL SHUMWAY- tinning and heating; sewer pipe and drain tile.

Seventh and Oak streets. Phone 1002. MAGNETIO HEADER. BAGLEY, DR. W.

drugless methods; gets at seat of trouble, removes cause. is Treats acute and chronic diseases. Matlock Room 4, 8th and Willamette Phone 155. CLEANERS AND PRESSERS. ELECTRIC CLEANING -Phone 827 for first-class work.

We call and deliver. 832 Olive street. LUNDSTROM TIRE AND REPAIR VIAVI. tire repairing. Goodyear tires.

Free air. 44 East VIAVI-Mrs. Lucy B. Talt, manager, Seventh ave. Phone 166.


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