The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 8
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HAGE EIGHT 1 m Denies Comparison Between Waterway Subsidies and Rail Land Grants I-'VJJ Ex-Premier of France Is 111 CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Dec. 18 —Statements made In a recent St. Louis address by Secretary ol War Patrick J! Hurley, thai the assistance being rendered Inland waterways by the United Slates government now Is analogous to the as- sistance'given the railroads In (heir pioneering days through land giants were brought In Issue by J. M. Hum, president of Frisco Lines, In sn address here last night before s genera! meeting ol civic clubs. The Frisco's president devoted n considerable portion of his address ' to polnllng out that the government has received a handsome return Irani the land grants mode I!:: railroads fifty years ago. "I do not care to get into a public discussion with the secretary ol war," Mr. Kuril said, "but when Secretary Hurley compares present day subsidy of inland waterways with the bud grants Initially made 'In the case of a number of railroads he docs not give the complete picture. "Every railway thai was given land grants was required in return to allow the government reduced rates and a decision of Ihe Sunrem; Court of the United Stales more than fifty years ago held that government matterlals and troops must be carried at 50 per cent. of the regular rates, while some ronds had to carry these materials nnd troops for nothing. "During the period from 1924 to 1928—ajid' remember this was during pej»ce times—the saving to the government from the land grain railways amounted [o more than 4,000,000 annually. Even this was not. the total saving to the gov- ernn^ent'because other rail lines which had not received land grants Initially, were forced to reduce rates for handling material, government mall, troops, etc., in order to meet trie competition of the land grant' carriers, so that Ihe saving to the government during Ihe period mentioned, was considerably more than $4,000,000 reported by the land giant carriers. Since these grants were made 60 years or so ngo. It is quite obvious, I think, that the railroads Instead of receiving a subsidy have in reality paid a handsome price for the land granted them and may I call your ntten- 'tion'to the fact thai they will of course, continue to pay and pay. 'The government records also show that the value of land grant property was less than $1 an acre. Assuming thli it n fair value, the saving c: Si.OCO.OOO a year which the- government received during the period : nientloiieil above, would have pa id-for : the land more than twice crrer during the long period the lan:l grants have been operated. Remember-also that the roads have been i»ytag"taxes on the land at a very increasing rite for the supi»rl of the states and counties through ..which they operate and without "which our rural school districts would be much, more deficient, due to the fact that Ihe railroads in many' Instances are the largest tax payers . In communities through which they operate." President Kiirn also pointed out that many other perplexing problems "confront the railroads today and paid particular reference to competition on the highways by buses and trucks, BV ISRAEL KMKN Science Killtor, NKA Srrvlri nttcrlcli bear much of flic brunt of driving In winter and therefore they need more attention at Ihls (ime. t 'Ihe bnllery will run down quickly on cold days for, the load on it is mi re than double. Yei getting out find icsllng it, or keeping It :iileU with wn'.?r, Isn't half as bad as being forced to crank the car. If the former Isn't done regularly, the ln'.:cr wlil liavc to lake Its place. In winter, the buddy's efficiency is only about w» per cent of Its efficiency in summer. 'IWs means that, if the tattcry-ls kept properly AllTICl.K NO. 82 HY W.1I. K. AlcKKNNKY Sccrdary, American Itrldgc I.rafiiic The bidding at Ihe bridge table convejs to tlie alert player valuable infoniintlon on the location of Important' cards, especially when a hand has been doubled. NORTH S—A-8-4 WEST S-K-7-6 ~ -yEAST S-Q-3 10-B " • 1-6-5- D-K-9 -3 C-K-9-5- 0-1-7-5 4 SOUTH— DEALER C— 7-3 S— J. 10-9-5-2 H— None D— A-Q-10-4-3-2 C— 11-10 Today's hand was played at con- trnct. love score, neither side vulnerable. South, the dealer, bid two diamonds. West doubled, North passed and East bid four hearts. South now showed his second suit by bidding four spades which promptly doubled. rhls closed the auction as all >assed. West opened the ace of hearts, he top of his partner's suit, North, the dummy, followed with he deuce and L'ast plixyed the seven. South must now carefully jlan his play. He has only one proper entry into Ihii'dnmmy, the ice of spades. Perhaps the eighl of spades can be created an entry Eie therefore trumps, not with a small spade, but with the nine, r.ud then leads tlie jack of spades. West rciuses to cover and plays the six ol spades, declarer plays Hie four from dummy and East wins with the queen. East now returned ths king of hearts in an In the filled and the hydromek-r slr-ws 111 fully charged, it will piovldoj only CO irer cent of 'the work. It' would afford, when In Ihe ennie condition, In summer. The result of this Is Hint the gen crnlor must be advanced consider-1 nl)]y t-j keep thi; battery charged at. H higher rate, that the wmor in the" battery must, be replenished more often, Unit the lights be used ns sparingly as possible nnd that as llt'.le cV-'innnil |je made on the tarter as passible. Tlie colder it gets, the lower be comes the. bntlcry's efficiency. It wear.? down much qulck.?i', and If nothing Is done to help it recuperate, the mctorist will nnd himself with a useless power source- some cold morning. • * • 'The first essential Is to see that the generator is charging Ihe battery at n higher rale thiin it did In summer. Any garage mini can set the generator brushes in short I Haymond Poincure. former Pre- Itme. Tlie mmncicr reading should »' le1 ' of Prance, and a world- be close to 21) amperes, particularly famous statesman since Wotld in tlie irrthcrn part of tlio Unil"d! War days, was reported to lo Stales nnd In Canada, Keeping (lie bntt?ry r.lli-d with water may not help if the battery Isn't nlso kept fully charged, in fnct. this would result. In more harm than good, for u haif-chnrg- eii battery, although filled, is more likely lo freeze. And a ruined battery may result. • When fresh water is put Into the battory. it Is gocd practice (o keep Die motor umnlng for a whl!e> ut a rate equal to a speed of about 20 miles an hour, in order to charge the entire solution and thus keep it from freezing. • • * 'One good way to save Hie battery on cold days Is to turn over !he motor by hand a few limes before starting out. This should be dene with the ignition oft, the choks out and the throttle partly open. The few turns will loosen the oil in the crankcase und nt the fai'ue time draw a little of the fuel into the combustion chambers. Then, with the Ignition en nnd the choke control In, a minimum drain on the bnttcry will be needed to'start the car. Another aid to tho battery in winter is the use of a thlniwr motor and transmission oil. What Is called "winter medium" is the most popular oil for most cars nt this time. This goes into the crnnkcasc. For transmission and differential RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday HAVE? Bravely ill in Paris. He recently underwent an operation. fulrly easy flowing, aJlh'cuiih quite Ijcavy, oil should bo used; -c^ruai Site Planned With All Alleys Banned FRESNO, Cal. (UP)—A residential district, williou^ alle;s v/;i: li? attempted here, It appears foilo-.v- ing nn order of the city commission to abandon alleys in n S2ei:r,:i kno'A'n as Ten ace Gardens. Terrace gardens will lie re-sub- j" divided In a way to eliminate al- j { leys except for an clght-fuM right- i' of-way for public • utilities. Streets |" all v,-lll be 70 leet wide. All will be of large frontage with residents required to conslru;: driveways. t#^W$$.&&M&.$L%&$8$l% jL^^t^-'My^ M|;;.^^ig;'iP Biease is good only for warm weather driving. This lighter "oil will keep flowing witliln tlie gears and therefore nssnre constant lubrication, while a grease'will harden, nmt irrm a channel lor the gears 1 without, lubricating them. ', Not, only'that, but tlie heavier lu-! brlcant will be a sever,? hardship' on the battery, particularly'In the transmission, wlicn the car Is to be stalled. One way'to l\clp this, is> to press down on the clutch amli so relieve tho.battery of turning! (vcr this adJttlonal mechanism. Thinner oil In the crankcase, tco. will p,?nnil the .'buttery to force the crankshaft through it more easily I nnri so make starling caster. | We keep them HAPPY Ford tinners like our brand of sm-ire. It Ls dcuemliibli-. prompt, economical. Our shup Is clean, cheerful —Hit most ship-shape you i^ver visited. Moili-rn equipment, Fonl- truincd meek-inks., gtt best results on all jobs—bit or little. C'omc in. We niake a specialty of periodic tunlnj-up, oiling and gre;isin(;. .Complete stofk of genuine Ford parts and accessories. Low prices for repainting or washing and polishing. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Hlytheville, Ark. 1'hones: 810-811-777 Gloves, Ideal tor Gifts Any woman would adore these beautiful boxed handkerchiefs, many o! them hand made. Box individual' Jianui:er chiefs In a lan;e as scitmcnl Hi Smart Purses A fine full hose in cliilfon or semi- service Height, black, gun-inclal and colors Cndet or j-nocniN Hose in sheer, clear chillon, nil new shades endeavor to shorten South trump. South trumped deuce of spades and led tlie live of spades, West playing Hie seven and declarer, who now hns a right to figure at least one of spade Modern David Kills . Man in Store Hold-up SEATTLE. (UP)-Irving Slaab, 17, hljh school student, assumed the role of a modern David here recently and killed an alleged grocery store bandit. Staab and two friends entered the grocery store while a hold-up was in progress. They ran Into the street and picked up stones. When the bandits emerged. Staab threw his stones with such accuracy that one struck Dan Bunker; In the forehead. He died at n hospital several hours later. Bunker's two companions escaped. .-__ RAPID CITY, S. D.,' (UP) — Charging Horse, an old Sioux Indian, predicts' plenty of snow this winter; According lo tho. legendo of his peopb, there will be as many snows as the moon ts days old when the first tracking snow arrives. A tracking 'snow (ell on) the nlnteenth day of the moon, he claims. honors In West's hand because of his double, finesses the eight spot In the dummy. He then leads a small diamond from dummy nnd Uncases the ten spot which West wins with the king. West then leads the Jack of hearts, which declarer ruffs with' the ten of spades. South, the de- ' clarcr, now leads the ace of diamonds and then the queen of diamonds. Ol course all that West, can do no-,v is to trump with toe king of spades to set n good diamond In his partner's hand, The declarer over-ruffs In the dummy with the ace of spades and returns to his hand by leading the queen of clubs and going up with the nee. Of course, now the four, three nnd deuce of diamonds are good in declarer's hand, and all he must lose Is the ten of clubs. thus making four odd doubled and scoring 240 for tricks, 50 for his contract, nnd 300 for game for a total of 590 points. i.C.ipyright. 1930, NEA Service, Inc.) HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Lupe Velez with William Boycl in The Storm' Tho Dramatic Thriller of the year! HUNGRY? Drop o coin in the slot. THIRSTY? Drop o coin In the dot. IN LOVE? Drop a coin in (he t/of. Wont CLASS Velez— Greatest Hole to date! Cm-toon & Spell of Circus No. 1. Matinee and Night — 10 and 25c. Last Time Today "Paramount on Parade" with 30 Stars — as Jusf one of Ihe quaint customs of 1980. You'll see how it's done in DeSYLVA, BROWN and HENDERSON'S JUST IMAGINE Fox Movietone Love and Laughter in 1980 Star Cast including— El Ui-endel Maureen O'Sullivan Marjoric White Comedy and Xews. Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—10 and 35c. Often Nights Until Christmas J. C. Penney Co. D E P A R T M E 220-222 -W Main St.- tee. STORE Blylhevillc, Ark. A Few oS the Thrilt- f[Ing Toys for Good | Girls and Boys In Toy land Blackboard I and Bench v E*scl itjrle blackboard ... 39 inchfj high . . . counting beads ;. . . »Iph»btt pioel'. . . writing surface 12x14 in- Mtfk^ • 79C Coming—-Saturday—Charles Ryggles & Helen Morgan in "ROADHOUSE NIGHTS". Coming—Sunday & Monday — Jack Oakie in "S E A LEGS". Coming— i "WAR NURSK", ! "ALONG CAME YOUTH" "TOM SAWYER", ou iMiirs—as iviii. U«XT. i. Maurice Chevalier—SinjriiiK' "MOROCCO", Song—Buddy Rogers—Nancy " MIN AND ni1 ' 1 "Carroll _ G?o. Bancroft and " BIG TRAIL", others. Adm.— Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c , "LIGHTNING", with Will Rogers, "ALL QUITE OX WESTERN FRONT". Doll Cart A wdl-conitnicted flit fibr* reed cab ... 16 inches lonz and 8 inches wMe. ^-inch vhcelft with rubber ti«». The lack' ,nphol5ttrc4 in « repp. < J pd*t rfoU ctttt, flSS ud ogi Baby Dineples A dirling, dimplcd-faced Horj- rt!.ln iloll lhat every little girl v,-ill love. Her dress and bonnet arc of crisp organdie, bee trinnred, and she xvears l.ica trimmed underwear. Cojnp-jsi- tion anus 2nd ICKS. 9 At^ p«b 9*49 JWf "Mary Lo" Ptaaoi 98C and up Baby Grand and Upright Glylei on which a little girl can really learn _lo play. Accurate loi;e§ *nd fine cctislruelion. An aj- •urtmcul of tucs from 93c uj. Pedal D;i:lt like a real wroplar.e . . . »n<) sounds like one, to-3, with an i:ui[alion motor and r.oiso ma'kcrl All iteel—llVi incliei lor.r; wir.^ iprcad -W inches! 6)J inch rc»r .'. lunilsoinc. sturdily construct< : ill siccl n-ugon vv^th a boic .'.>i iv.:l:ci lo:>i and Uyi inches i .-le !>a!loo<i type roller bcar- i wl:cc!s »nj a chromium I .;vtl lundle with nibber l'Um;icr Brake. Big Other v Steul Wagons, 5t.98 up n-encn kid ij loves shown in nil the most fi'.vorrd Kauntiet and wrist styles $1.95 :o $3.45 iric Gloves at 49c,59c,98c Kalian Hand Tooled Purses, :-. nifl any woman would appreciate $3,95 * $5.95 Purses ot of j: 98c Leather Purses al 52.95 Si>e(Mtu lot of purses <U GIVABLE SILK LINGERIE A beautiful. line of tailored lingerie made ol pure silk crepe, including gowns, teds, step^ ins and dance-cites In t>each, pink or green ' 81.95 to $450 I'ajainns of pure silk crepe in neat tailored or l.icc trimmed styles (hit. .she is sure to appreciate 84.50 Silk Negliges & Quilted Robes You could shut your eyes nnd make n good selection in thin group of nifrncUvo silk [negligees and quilled robes. Some 1 are Ivinuued vriih csirich phnnes, some with fa«cv tuUles und tailored .styles. Pure Wool Blankets 84.50-87.50 Rayon Gowns Rayon Undies .Ladle's Jowns In seven.! cexxl styles, made super-rayon. 81.95 Practical Gifts for Men Hayon bloomers, step- ins nnd dancetles in '.wo ticed qualities 49c--98c If man were to select his own present he could ask no moic than to be turned loose in our complete new stocks at the new lo\v prices. New Ties Every conceivable nsw patterns and colors in Men's good lookini; tics, dc?ens njion dozens, to choose from at 95c Men's Soeks No man ever has too many hose especially when thy'rc ns good looking as these are. Silk Scarfs A most attractive display of new silk Ec.irfi:, all, smart patterns at popular prices 79c to $2.45 H'kerdiiefs Men's Handkerchiefs with plain initials or fancy colored, borders. "Box of tiiree, I-'K, or each at 25c, 49c, 75c 19c, 25c, 35c Mcns & Boys Rollik Sweaters A beautiful line of genuine Rollik Sweaters in a large assortment of pretty colors and d>n QC white . and black. Slip-over styles «?£.".) 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