The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 194C Labor Shortage Threat Is Seen New Construction And Higher Goods Output To Create More Jobs BY BKYCE W. BUKKK United ' Prens filaff Co.Tfspond.-m WASHINGTON. April 24. (UP) — Die Veterans Administration esll- mattd today that 4,000.000 more Jobs' will be available by tlie end of tlie year—enough to Uneaten a labor shortage. VA said the increased demand for labor wus Indicated by plans for new construction and for Increased output of durable goods eagerly awaited by the public. Tills demand, provided there are no setbacks 10 present economic developr.ints, .Is expected t 0 call for 4.000,000 wprkers more t i lnn tne 53.COO.OCO employed in March A VA report said the workers can come from: 2,800,000 servicemen expected lo be discharged by yearend; 1.400.000 veterans not hi the •'»>-".«•" labor market at' present but who I "Justice would be far more ant to will be seeking employment with- ' ** served." Die year; and 2,700,000 persons j T "e human being capable of fair '"- | and unbiased Judement of his (el- Prison Inmate Would Install Three-Judge Panel, Oust Juries BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COimiER-NEWS By DON JKNNINUS Dulled l-rrss Stuff CorrKpundent LEWISBUHO, Pa. (UP>—An Inmate of the Northeastern Federal Penitentiary Is convinced Dial what the nation's Judicial structure needs Is a good three-man bench. Abolish the one-Judge system and Ihose "antique, unwieldy vehicles called 'Juries'." wrote a prisoner (whose name was withheld) in the ixmltentlary newspaper, and the country's courts would be on their way toward ".shining example of progressiveness" instead of "serious and costly failure lo curb crime.". The proiwseil tench, which the prisoner said would strengthen our present judicial chain's "weakest link," would comprise men selected by standard civil service procedure One would be a psychiatric-psychologist: another a theologist and social economist, nnd the third an expert on civil and criminal law Check on -Stun I»eclsl«ns' They would be required to "look thoroughly Into the defendant's background," with the result that In now unemployed. These, plus, 400,000 persons normally entering the labor force ivould make 7,300.000 potential workers. VA predicted however, ihat between 1.000,000 and 2,000,000 vetermi-i low men has yet to be born, wrote the, prisoner In support of his three-judge theory. "Criminal proceedings." he said, "should be weighed carefully nn'd '-by: more, ' --------- ...„„.., would return lo school or recnltst, ! than one Judge. In this riiaimer leaving the net additional labor wo "ld a prejudiced reaction and supply figure at between 5,300,000 ; snap judgments, which are normal inid 6.300.000. I be reduced to a minimum " "Thus. If the 4.000,000 additional I ' Today's bench has become the jobs materialize, unemployment. ! "chief stumbling block to real jus will tend lo drop to as low tend lo drop to as 2,000,000 or even 1,500,000," report stated. "This, iri effect, means a labor shortage since at tills level of unemployment, there is insufficient margin to cover normal labor turnover." The report said more than 7.000,MO of the n.300.000 vet emu of World war II had found employment und that a substantial number wer e . in school, in training or not seeking jobs. In V.e first week of April, th' 1 report said, unemployment allow ances were being paid lo 1,700,000 vetennu). It was pointed out, however,-that claims for unemployment payments declined in March and Ihat prospects for Jobs bright ehcil.wlth the settlement of majol strikes.'' . Arkansas To Get New Milk Plant Paris Selected For Location Of- Large- , Processing Factory LITTLE ROCK. Ark., April 23. (UPl—Avoset Incorporated of San Francisco has chosen Paris. Ark., as the location of a milk refining plant which ultimately will use the milk output of 15.000 cows. Col. Hendrix Lackey, executive director of the Arkansas Resources and Development Commission, made the announcement here Monday. The first unit- a creamery—will be under construction .within CO days. Additions will be innde to the plant costing $75,000. At full capacity, the plant will employ 200 persons and process 300.000 pounds of'milk daily. The product—"Avoset"—is.a sterilized, stabilized cream which keeps sweet indefinitely, Lackey said. It was develo)x?d during the war but was not placed on the open market because the Navy and War Shipping Administration consumed the entire'output. ..••.' In add'itibn to Ihe cream, several by-products will he produced, including casein to be used in the manufacture of high-gloss paper and milk sugar, used in pharmaceutical' manufacturing. Negotiations were completed by Wayne Fletcher, industrial engineer; of the Resources and Dcvel- opment Commission, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce. . t Lowell Call Pinkertcn, above, foreign service career man, has been nominated by President Truman to be U. S. Minister,to. Iraq. He had consul, general at Wellington,'IJI..Z., l aiiii . .' at Jcrusaleml • ' "'' HONORABLE DISCHARGES Kenneth N. Loveless, fireman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Loveless, has been discharged from the Navy at, Ihe Separation Center in Memphis. * • • .Pfc. Wilbur C. Jernyon of Kel- scr has been relumed to civilian life at. Camp Chaffee, Ark. * • '• Sergt. Samuel L. Glasscock, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Glasscock. has been discharged from the Army at Port LeuvcnworUi. Kans. A veteran of 24 months service, several months were spent in the Italian Theater and he was awarded three battle stars. * * + Guy M. Whitney, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Whitney, has been discharged from the Navy after 18 months service. He was granted a discharge at the Separation Center in Memphis. * • • Staff .Sergt. Herbert R. Downing has been discharged from the Army at Camp Chaffee, Ark. » • • Pfc. Audrey M. Penn of Blytheville Amazing results shown in Improving the LOOKS ... boosting VITALITY! GETTING VALUE out of the food "you eat is YOUR No. I HEALTH PROBLEM whether you eat 500 or 2,000 pounds yearly. To do this, medical science *ay$, you must have an adequate Ripply of natural stomach DIGESTIVE JUICES, and RIO!, RED-BLOOD must be present. SSS Tonic may help you get both if this is your trouble, without organiclcomplkation or focal infection, as these two important results enabJc you to make me of the food «t Nature intended. Thus you get frssh vitality... pep... do your work better., .become animated... more attractive! SSS Tonic has helped millions ... you can start today... at drug stores iu 10 and 20 oz. sizes. °S.S.S.Co. • UHD STUTOV HfUTH «4 * M p StMW*«T - SlIADT . SrtOHO helps build STURDY HEALTH tlce," according to the prison In- nnite. "in most cases It is so In-' Hated with Its own Importance thnt it might as well have over Its eves Hie blindfold of 'Justice' herself'." Wauls 'Public Defender' His plan for Judicial reform siu>- gests further: 1. A "clean-up" In the oirice of the prosecution, assigning the positions to "men or women Interested In security and the dignified respect of the community, and not to political mongers lo 'whom the words 'convictions won 1 represent bill rungs lo bo put. dlsrcBwdfiil of ethics, in Ihe [wllllral ladder Ihat the heights may be scaled the faster." 2. Establishment of the office of public defender." insuring die services of n competent defense attorney lo any one facing (he courts, whether they felt they needed one or not, and cllminnthi" many retrials. "Our present method of assigning counsel has many obvious Haws. The allorney'.s background being unknown in ninny cases, the defendant has little or no confidence in him. And by this same token the attorney appointed s forced lo go Inlo court knowing mite or nothing of the case or his client's background." 3. Inception of "true rehabilitation. ' keeping first offenders particularly, away from "the Inside of n jail, let alone u prison with Us unavoidable associations. The fact Is obvious thai our present method of sentencing and subsequent |>|in- Ishmejil is accomplishing very lit- tlf nn^)ie way of rehabilitation." lias been discharged from the Army at the Separation Center in Camp ctjaffee. Ark. Pfc. Leonders Patterson of Blytheville has been discharged from tlie army at Crimp Chaffce, Ark. • • • T-4 Alvls Harris of Dlylhevlllu has been returned to civilian life t the Separation Center In Camn Chaffee. Navy Tries ''Milking Stool' Propellers • l-cjokliitf like unjuntle milking siools lire Hie Uvin wloidill rim IH'llevs, pictured instalkd .on a Navy hmdlm; Bhip , i The Kvcreu ; P;,ulk' Shl|. )iiiUh,, 8 and DrydocK Co.. Kverell, Was s tou (i- yc-nled by Prof. F. K. Kjrsteu, 'of ihe University of wTishlntil n the novel propeller was demonstrated to (In.- U S N-ivv '•><, , vi' '« mjo. The Germans used it on their K-boala in Worio Wiii'il with dcvastat ng ellect. .Unifs av» seven foci in diun eler. w I, s x vertical blades, each of which revolves on its own ,, x i s ,,' s the main j-otor turns. Cyc oldal propulsion | 3 Bald to tl ., |)le *„£.$ ' n ^^ • "s well as give It extremu immeuvembililv Museum IICK announ'ced the Jpur chiVse of Augusts Rodln'ii ' famou llfe-sl/.ed'.bronw "iit.-., John'; ihe "it' MS gem-rally conceded ( ( , be Kodln's ..finest fxumpii. or icnllsll,. mm.e- Men In Service Pvl. ,u>s CrlviWr Jr., ims b*«pi unsigned to Ow; a^'il Combat Coin- iii ii nd lu the parfuma Cuoal Dt- piirlmcnt. , 1'rlviiU; 1 6rlvm>r i arrived 'In Pun-' mini n(te|- . .having completed liK limitary training In thn slates uiul will . in-tin service In .Anti-lank Co. W AH NINO OKUEK In Ihr (.'liaqcrry , <'*nrl, 1 ty. Arbunuu. John D. Thrasher ......... Pliilnllir, vs. No. 9569 Moo>mi Thraslier ....... Dofendmit, , The ilefniduuL U<xknu '1'hrushcr Is licrnby wn'mecl (o appear wllliln thirty day* in til* i-ourl. named m tlie caption hereof mid answer the complaint or the plnlntllf John D. Thrasher. ' U;iU'il this 111 ilny i.f April, 194G : HAKVKV MORRIS, Clerk Percy A. Wrluht, Ally, for Plf. ' GUIDES MILLIONS TU» imn\« "Wl, Jo*K-pb" lUitltty ( bjk^^t fcuiioiuv I21alj..ld0o«l'iioiilyl0i.'! St.Joseph I ASPIRIN Read Courier New* Want Ada. WAIT! Before you dial, listen for the dial tone. It means the line is ready for your call. ivvi hum Watch your ear sprout wings with that high-power, high-test, Phillip* 66!* Get on ihe banUwagon, folks! Joio the line of happy motorists pouring into your nearest Phillips 66 Station. This new gasoline, has to be Jell to be believed. Bowling along the open highway . . .snaking in and out of traffic . . . starting <jff on a cold morning—!you ask it and Phillips 66 deliver*! • , ' Drop in at the nearest orange- and-black shield ami see for yourself why the whole town's talking about Phillips 66! . # PHILUPS WAR-DEVELOPED RERNIN6 METHODS ARE BRINING- YOU THE FINEST GASOLINE WE'VE EVER PRODUCED! PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE •. -.'•.';' '' • . ,-'. . ' • • ':.-• '•••• I ••'•'• '• f . Here's to the day...Have a C6ta-Cola .. .the friendly pause adds to the gay times A surprise shower for the bride-to-be. A- time just made for friends alone. One of those gay occasions when the invitation Have a Co^e bubbles with friendliness like Coca-Cola itself. Coca-Cola belongs in your refrigerator for friendly refreshment—to brighten the most important part of home, the it. IOTUID UNOE« AUTHOIMTY Of THI COCA-COIA COMPANY 1Y COCA-U)LA BOTTLING CU. ot MATHEVILLE Coc»Cc!a" and tti lUreviition Colw" »re Iht rcfjiltred tr«d«- Imtrkt which 4i*tinpui^ tht pnd t of The Coca Colt Compiny. BY KXPKRT MECHAIflCa ' '•.".''"•" For All Makes of Cars Oar complete wrvlce ineluln . „ MoUr TwM-Up, Motor OverhauU« e , Brake ArfjwtMnt urf re-liai«c. Kl««tr!eai Repairing, Radiator Repairs, and .Oil Chang*. ' IWt WaltJ We will pay you lk« top tuh price for y««r car. Drive in today. Gel the cash. We Are Approved BJytherUte Dealer* DESOTO - PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS and carry a complete it»ek of Oepttne ' ' P«rU , SALES H. SEYMORE—OWIMT Corn *'f r«pkli n & W«ta,t , } Pho4i«8Mot3534 You Need a GARMENTAIRE Th« N«w Method of Horn* * Storage for Wool Suit*, Coat* It Saves Storage Fees! l-et us show ypu this wonderful new home tftortire method now . . . and how «»l| y and safety you can stire winter clothea in your ,ck»et. For GARMENTAIRE. Horn* Cleaning Suppliei and CLECTROLUX Cleaner MRS. r ROBT. M.' GRAVEtT 4% FARM LOANS Farm loans nfmle to fit your indivMmU needs.,Our reipaymeht privilete granted aJJ borrower!. Let iu explain our Pre-Payraent Reserve Ptan: ; , NO EXTRA CHARGES - NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we nrranre with you it ti good business for us to make it fit your need* becawe farm loans are a good invejstment only whwi they ars good for the farm owner. 1 '. ' .- '."•"•.'. ',.' ''. -' :,'••••"-•.•'.••• 908 Bill W«*d«r!kh ELECTRIC RANGES $9575 Apftinent rice Three large top buraera Full size antoMUe eoatralleil oven . : Pull porcelain GAS RANGES for Aparimevt size FOOT top, boners' Full sat OT«H Full .poreekiti GM '59 50 CLARKE HARDWARE CO. 11

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