Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on April 26, 1958 · Page 12
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 12

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1958
Page 12
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT- AND CHRONICLE X Saturday, April 26, 1958 'Damnation of Faust1 Stirs at Eastman Rv HARVEY SOUTHGATE BIG PROJECTS have become standard with the Rochester Oratorio Society under direction of Theodore Hollenb?ch. Because the society's ambitions have been hich and its capacity for performance equal to its ambitions, Rochester has been enriched by many notable musical experiences in recent years. Last night one more was added with a sonorous performance of "The Damnation of Faust," Hector Berlioz dramatic musical setting of the ancient Faust legend, a work which needs big resources and skillful and intelligent direction. The audience, which was of near capacity size, seemed to find its expectations realized as it showered applause on all concerned. It had an extra opportunity 1o applaud when Director Hol-lenbach introduced Rochester's "next rhilharmonic con-fluctor," Theodore Bloomfield from Tortland, Ore., who attended the performance in the course of his first visit to Rochester. It was his first hearing, incidentally, of the orchestra of which he is to become permanent conductor. E DAMNATION of Faust" is not strictly a choral work, although it demands a big chorus. Neither is it opera, although it has operatic suggestions. It is at J-vn one-third instrumental, and another third given over to soloist'. Yet each division of the work is meshed into the overall large design. In the course of his rambling and discursive treatment of the Faust story, Berlioz has written much exquisite music, some for instruments, some for voice, and in the end, in the great wind storm and hell fire scenes, reaches a real dramatic ecstasy that is the hallmark of this composer's style. The scenes were made roof shaking last night, with brass and percussions leading the way. One is surprised to find, however, that for the most part, this is a work of lyric charm, of lovely pastoral passages, of unique and charming instrumental effects. Berlioz Epic on Early To Be Filmed in By LOLELLA 0. PORSONS JJOLLYWOOD, April 25 (INS) Eugene Frcnke and John Huston, who collaborated in making "The Barbarian and the Geisha" and "Heaven Knows, Mr. . Allison," arc about to embark on a third project titled "Montezuma." The plans are fantastic. Taul Kohncr, whose wife comes from South of the Border, is negotiating with the Mexican government for a 14th Century set to be built as Mexico City looked when Cortez battled Montezuma. This would be a permanent installation to be used as a tourist attraction. The set has been designed by Rufino Tamayo, a protege of the late Diego Rivera. This conquest Teen Film Violent, Ugly rPEEN-AGE HOODLUMS ride again, to the kill, on motorcycles, in Paramount's new picture, "Dragstrip Riot." It's a hideous little production that maligns teen-agers generally the "bad" ones in black jackets are killers and the "good" ones who wear light clothes struck us as a bit dull-witted. The target of the motorcycle varmints is a young maa who has a pretty blonde girl, also coveted by a tough guy. When the wild ones gird for the kill they mount their motorcycles and ride like bullets after the victim's white roadster. The chase ends in one death. Then, still thirsting for blood, the cyclists go for the victim with an instrument of brutality the likes of which we've never seen (a colleague tells us it is an arbalest). Besides being a sloppy picture that deals with sick kids, il is a third rate production from the standpoint to cast and direction, Jt was made by an outfit called American International pictures. JW li;u C09al im Wla AaW MWt ICSTCCt Hi HCmtM i"" ,hqw to,icht 1 1 ogmMfflmT I f Ktm Ji fXrnl TTT 1 nPV"V f NO CHARGE FOR HEATERS lJllUalW.l?aVV JTJJU It X ACADBMY AWAKDS 'li'JLiL.'" ' lUi',j P y Marlon Brando "P A VfllJ ini" r14LWa1ir'l'lI1latrlTl lamai H'O. In Color Plus I leTH! fit. "CUNSICHT RIDGE" I kmWinm j Jt ipomm ck ituitn vrvuM omm v; sT ttcwfl coaii has a way of doing delightful things with flutes and oboes. He has an enchanting passage for violas against the song of Marguerite, and choral moments of solemn beauty that remind of Mozart or Mendelssohn. One hears, too, familiar bits like the Hungarian March at the end of Scene 3, and the Ballet of the Sylphs. The story of Faust's bargain with the Devil is quite episodic most of the way, as the action makes room for war songs, dances, love lyrics, satirical bits, until things finally come to a climax later. There were of course omissions in the version used last night. 3R. IIOLLENBACH had the chorus singing clearly and precisely, its balance excellent, as always, and its grasp of the essential nature of the work sure. The orchestra, too, brought to light all the instrumental colors, the turns of mood and expression required by the demanding score. Finally, the four soloists sang the long and often involved recitatives and airs with eloquence, good diction and feeling. They were helped in this by the" singable English translation provided by Dr. Fox, Eastman School musicologist. Lee Dougherty, young Eastman School soprano, sang the Marguerite part expressively. This was a difficult spot for a young singer, but she has the voice and presence to make it successful. Herbert Beattie, whose good singing is familiar to Rochester, sang the Mephistopheles part with the right fullness of tone and dramatic fervor. Taul Huddleston used a light but beautifully managed tenor for the changing moods of the part of Faust, and Robert J. Murray was an excellent Brander. Mexico Todd A-0 of Mexico will be mad in Todd-AO. Huston and Philip Yordan are writing the screenplay and you are safe in betting that it will be a 20th Century-Fox enterprise. JVER hear of a Japanese cowboy? I hadn't until Sy Bartlett said that George Shabata had been signed for the second most important role to Greg in "Pork Chop Hill." "And George sounds exactly like a Japanese Gary Cooper," said Sy. That's not too surprising when you learn that young Shabata was born in Coop's home state' Montana, and worked as a cowhand on the range when he was a kid. For the past four years he's been attending USC law school and working now and then in movies and TV. "Pork Chop Hill" starts May 19 and George graduates from USC in June so I'd say he has his work cut out for him. FINAL WEEKS "A PHENOMENON YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE!" -n.Y.Tm., "and Cod created woman" . . . but tha devil Invontad BRICITTE BARDOT CinmaSrop and Eaatmanrolor IN INOIISHI -in CI'RT Jl RGFNS i Academy Award Winner Joanne Woodward or her performance in "The Three Faces of Evc"i David Wayna Lt J. Cobb Continuous From 2 P. M. Paaturo at J 00-3:50 5:45-7 :45 M5 Fine-Arts SOUTH AVE. AT 6REG0RY IR. 1-5800 rRI.-SAT Marlon Brando Myoehl UmakJ In Color TUZZY Ftl..SATs - Adaltf 7Sc tctrrrjTTuj ae oeaosrri araeoar aanaaam in. KayeMusica Full of Fun At Loew's By JEAN WALRATH )ANNY KAYE gets mixed up with a circus in one of the most rollicking, warmhearted and happv movies of many months, "The Merry Andrew," an MGM musical which arrived at Loew's yesterday. Danny finds himself in a lion's den, swinging across the Big Top on a flying trapeze, floating in the air in a n inflated suit, clowning, dancing, singing, and . shyly making love to a lovely aerial-ist while a stately English maiden back home awaits his return for a wedding. A little circus that pitches its tents in a sunny meadow in Sussex, has settled on the very spot where a young archaeologist has decided to dig for an ancient statue of Pan. The archaeologist I s none other than Kaye, on summer leave from his job as teacher in a boys' school where his icy father is the headmaster. If he can find the statue he can win a promotion at school and marry his fiance of five years. 'J'HE STORY gets started with a sly little smile and then picks up laughter as it rolls along, climaxing in a hilarious scene of celebration in the circus family when it appears that Danny has been bagged as a prospective bridegroom for the little belle of the high wire, Tier Angeli. The songs by Johnny Mercer and Saul Chaplin are high-hearted and catchy, the dances are staged with imagination and fun and Danny, at his old stand as a singer, dancer and clown, puts on a first rate performance. The merry schoolmaster, who teaches his boys arith-etic with songs and rhymes, comes upon the circus in a moment of crisis, for the lord who owns the land has ordered the circus to decamp and make way for excavations. But it so happens that the newcomer and the owner wear the same school tie. After a wonderful little bit of dialogue between "Stinky," the lord, and Andrew, the school teacher, the circus gets a reprieve. It's one of the most humorous scenes in the show. HE CIRCUS is real lions horses,' good aerial acts, JcMnt'f Con't from 2 P.M. Walt Disney TeeHnleolQ' . Addtd Peaturotfei DISNEY'S "MAN IN SPACE" aim "FLYING SQUIRREL" Carteoa fiaUrt at 2:50 5:00 7:15 1:20 Adalta 60e, Children 35a La Ptatwra Tonight at 10:15 P.M. lU'U'.'JH it 1 TH! HAPPIKT SHOW W TOWN I M-G-M prmmh A SOL C. SIEGtl Production DANNY KAYE, "MERRy ANDREW' to CINfMASCOf f I MTIOCOtO PIER ANgShbaccaloni NOEL PURCELL-ROBERT COOTE with PATRICIA CUTTS, rfisst THE STORY OP Cr A MASTER CRIMINAL RAY MILLAND Barry Jonts "SAFECRACKER" ' S NEW ALIZED THEATRE , v FREE PARKING OP. THEATRE K2S Am Wi 1 f D -M m V w - aarrti. 1 lf 5 ACADEMY WINfcER 5 SSS "SAYONARA" cmk TZZ "Land Unkonwn" v. I IF' ' 1 3 COLOR CARTOONS SAYONARA' Plua Ton Ruaaall II I li CcU- tl PINK NIGHTGOWN l COLO CAtTOONS Calldrta Praa - JkL. - L ri GOOD HERITAGE The joung man is James MacArthur, son of Helen Hayes and the late Charles MacArthur. The girl Is Carol Lynley, who appears with him in "The Light in the Forest," new Disney picture, soon to be released. It is a story of a white youth raised by Indians. Fcss Parker plays the top role. elephants, and a chimpanzee which becomes a rather important character in the play. Baccaloni is the roly poly circus owner, charged with the upbringing of his pretty niece, Pier Angeli. It is a responsibility snared by several strapping sons, who never let her out of their sight, particularly when a young man happens along. Danny has his innings with them as well as with the lions. Anyway, as the circus plays, Danny digs, and its surprising what happens. Archaeology becomes one of the liveliest of the sciences when the tunnel the hero digs brings him out into the middle of the lion's cage. But as the song says that Danny sings, it's a world in which "Everything Is Tickety-Boo," and no matter what happens it's all for the best. It's a story that's good without the music, and vice versa. It's a blues-chaser for all the family to enjoy. Photography, in Cinema- SHOW STARTS AT DUSK! IVtilUTABWmi mm f 4 ACAMMY AWiUM -A1 kMt IwpMillm mtfm wlrM 4'mieu mitmt mnn mmt mnim- HITM SCOTT ir f . jives ml !; PLUS- CINimaScoPC jock mMOrr mhawm $mmt CORDON SCOn VERA Plus Second itartOOfF-WirW vrw far r i nn LATE FEATURE TONITE 10:30 P. M. MURDER... of 120 mil! per hour I HELD OVER d WEEK I A II jiV. S " aaaaPaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPnv r - m. . i.a . . I I f I T IT fy Gi3 Yun3 v v i Ll.-. Mamie Van norenv' -' I Scope, is especially good; Michael Kidd's direction is spirited, and the. cast is fine. Miss Angeli is a charmer and Baccaloni is good, as always. Other players include Noel Purchell, Robert Coote, Patricia Cutis and Rex Evans. ffffl?-rrrTTi-f.;riT.-' SOMI OF THI FIMtiT SIGHT CMS MOM WHAT MAHY PtOPH CONSIDH THI FUNNUST PiCTUHS IV HLMIDI" UUREl t HARDY CAROLE LOMBARD Will ROGERS BEN TURPIN JEAN HARIOW HARRY IANGD0N FEATURE TIMES 2:15 4:05 5:55 7:4S f:40 A deeply moving story i ToHnloolot Added Faturttts WALT DISNEY'S "SAMOA" jnd Donald Duck Cartoon Adults tOe, Children 35c Doors Open 10 A.M. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES FROM 10:30 A.M. Parking Availdbt Dan'j Craamtry, 47 Monrot and Sinclair Station 2 Greet Action Hits TODAY & SUNDAY THE NEW TARZAN IN A Ntrt JUNGLE Western Hit m MAGGIE MAH0NEY 1 couaaM ncnax TWIN ROCK'N RIOT SHOW. Ferlin Husky t L'iZsiZsiGabor If Times DOWNTOWN MOVIFS 1 naw'i Danny Kiva and Pier An. irli in Merry Andraw." 11:45. J:U, 45. 10:13. Pilar Mara Cordir and I Ita Milan In "C.lrU on tha Lome," 11:30, 2:15. J, 7:45, 10:30. Paramount "Dragtirlp Riot," II 51. 2:3(1, 3. 7:45, 10. Rtvral Clark Gable and Dnrli Dv in "Teacher'a Pet," 12:35. 3:40, :45. :50. C'lnrma "The (ioMcn AC of Cnmedy." 2:15, 4 05. 5:55. 7:45. 9 40. Hue Arta Joanne Woodward in Three Facet of," 7:30. V:35. Monro 'lOld Yeller," 11:10, 1:20. 1:30, 5:45. , JO. little Brume Harriot In "And Cod Created Women," 1:35. 3:53. 3:55, 7:55. 9:55. . NEIGHBORHOODS Arnelt "Guyt and Doll!" and "Red Gartera." I.lnrnla Italian film. I.rell "Old Yeller" and "Checkpoint." Kiaitn, r. Kocn. iia iciier and "Francii in the Navy. RlTlera "Old Yeller,f in Space." Waring "Old Yeller" and "Check- point." Wehter "Old Yeller" and "The Domino Kid." World 'Slripteaje Hold Up" and "Facta of Love." DRIVF.-INS , Central "Sayonara' Land Unknown." empire "Sayonara" tight Ridse." Lake Shore "Sayonara" "Drum Acrosi the River." North Park "Kentuckian" "Rabv Face Nelon." Rochester "Sayonara" and "Tha Land Unknown." Starlit "Sayonara" and "Fuuy Pink Nightgown." Washington "Sayonara" and "Drumn Acro th River." Show and "Men I I 25 Thur.ton Rd. II 5-JHO V 'T No. 2 at I IS Marlon Brand Frank Sinatra I Lmmw. 1 "Guys and Dolli" E"1'?,"?? Vl I Shock onrf Feor H.d 0;. "THE UNDEAD" Itoaomary Cloonay Jack Carton If H Hanrlaita I via I No. J at 12:20 411 l.olor Show y WT m J'lltifard Kortoon Kornlvol (la Color at 7:30) Opea 7:00 1 V BwaaaaaaaaaaaaaJ ShW' ot 7:3 Kidoi Unl,r frMl I I OPENS TODAY AT 1:30 P. M. 1 nm iii j i ri ir n o ffMi 11 iibImo,..,.. in ii r v jww.i vmvvv ii ',!'' 'I li , , ON BOTH FLOORS OF THE WAR MEMORIAL! II Zfafrri.ltM One , i. . . . li M rT.. .... twtnol MM, 1 heag. u QVi 0o6 meet p t3uSvL-- l .... .'DISHWASHER t foot d.Py A 1 OA oracticolly tn Bavescen lamps- &fff if rf S-. TAW WTHWID; f jf Wnp proWSp OPENING CEREMONY 1:30 P.M. TODAY with the 19 HARVEST QUEENS of the towns of Monroe County Open faW " mfSM & MM Sponsored by j woMFlRSTis,' Rochetter'i Smnrteit' Supper Club FINE FOOD inltrulnmtHl ami Dancing Nightly THE TRITON 144.1 t. MulnFm ParKna n0 Car Pre Parklna) Walt Olinav't "OLD YELLER" Continuoui from 2 P.M. Plui "CHECKPOINT" All Tacnnlcoar Snaw mmmmm Burl lancaalar "KDiTUCKIAN" Miclty Roonay an 'BABY FACE NELSON' Today thru Sat. Sat. and Sun., 130 to 10:30 P.M.-Mon. I fVj; 3 HITS BOTH THEATRESj .mi -Th. i marlon brando ' I and "Gun- T I Fran lana 'and! 1 I . "-PV I I and h&H. 'ram lok.ll I tCMNIRAJW TICHNICOLOM 1 I I Jlv. lake laackll I I I and Cran.l No. I ot S0 a"w. 1 d - I AUDIE MURPHY 1 9 Rochester Home Builders Assn., Inc. ROCHESTER WAR Admission 75c-Children All (' Ska Walt Dlan.y'a "OLD YELLER" Dory Calhoua 'The DOMINO KID' rtr lIAST ROCHESTIII TODAY Can't frm 2 P.M. WALT DISNEY 2n4 Hit Hit Dannld O'Cennar 'FRANCIS IN THI NAVY" 1000 Cora Pra Pariilaf Walt Dltnty'i "OLD YELLER" Continuous frem 2 P.M. Plui "CHECKPOINT" All Tecnncolor Snaw S - w vr May 3 thru Fri. 6:30 to 10:30 P.M. MEMORIAL under 13 FREE LI amXEEDaaaV. PWI KNtttt PIATMOVNOS CNtllia) NU II Hill Jtaarf4SQJg Sr A ijaaaWifca4aJaaW i W. 4ltJ0mmti a, a a.oa. ,

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