Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on July 30, 1912 · Page 12
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 12

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1912
Page 12
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Li.Wlteii'JiritptMi..( nOCITESTEIt DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, TUESDAY, JULY 30, 1912. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS C0MFAKA IIYE TBSPERATURE FEDERAL TROOPS FOR PARADE ON CENTENNIAL DAY DAILY CIRCULATION Week Ending July 27th MONDAY MelfiO TtF.SDAY lrH00 WEDXKSDAY KftVMS THl'RSDAY KM FRIDAY e'lW 8ATLRDAY 3,440 THOUSANDS WILL RECEIVE APFEAL. Children's Field Day Will Be Well Advertised. We open another Big Pure Food Store in August at 214 and 216 Main Street West 'VThls Tfr Han 20 Hole Jlrlcnf thru, yt t hold under V so His. pressure by s " Rodnlph Srhmlilt k Ce.'t Tbrrmomctcr. Tuesday and Wednesday Special Low Prices ior Next Two Days Is All Departments. A saving ol 25 per cent oti your grocery and neat bills by shopping at our storei M Interlock iT. ' Tim bMt la to . Inuriwbi JULY 29. 1911 JULYW. 1912 r ... ... . u r-..-ll.Ifir WWt.HU .IT. inr Dm a.'--. n . ... . , - "i rrvTvni Blow-out and Otffeot f uactuni. Maxaon Vulcanizing Work TUBia J8o INCH MOtI 12B Weal Main Stroat .68 Ordered to Rochester by - Way Depaitment. 70 SLOGAN CAN'T BE DODGED I TWO STORES 365-371 Main St. East. 184-186 State St. Groceries Crnatmof Wheat, ftTBfW 11)1 Jfntpliff. Iti2v Maple Flake, Bakery Specials Fresh Snowflake Biscuit, dz., 8c Fresh Fruit Pies, each . . 10c Large Jelly Roils, each . 10c Walnut loal Cakes, each, 9c Rolls, Buds and Biscuits, dz., 8c Fancy Layer Cakes, 25c,15c,10c N. B. C. Fig Bars, lb. . . 9c London Creai Crackers, lb., 9c Fresh Graham Crackers, lb., 9c N. B. C. Ginger Snaps, lb., 9c Washing-ton Irlsps, phg. 9c Jtoiied Outs 1a I Iht. 1UC Pearl Taplora, n ponnd Iw Fatter- Hire, O -pound 0 Beans, rt... VZQ Family ni)A Flour, bbl. IfiC POTATOES FTnc?Qu0.n.?;r Mohican Creamery Butter, lb., 28c Selected Fresh laid Eggs (:?;) dozen, 23c Best Quality Regular Hams ( QUALITY MEATS Fancy Boneless Baoon, lb .17c Fresh Cut Hamburg Steak, lb 11o Best Smoked Sausage, lb 12 12c Choice Lamb Chops, lb 16c Tender Beefsteak, lb.. -r ; .16c Boneless Corned Beef, lb 12 1-2c Best Boiled Ham, lb 28c Choice Veal Chops, lb... 18c Choice Ribs Roast Beef, lb 16c Best Cooked Corned Beef, lb.. ,...26c Fruits and Rip. Tom.tou, lb 15o Niw iMti, Carreti, 4 bunehit, So rinoy Head Uttuet, I Madt.JOo Niw Cabbigt.hMd.... 7e Ytllow String lb 9o rraih Rallshii. 4 bunehtt So Always The Stevens-Duryea starts with perfect smoothness--no Jar, nor jerk, nor stalling of the motor. The clutch takes hold grad-. ually but surely. The flexibly supported sbc-cylinder motor supplies steady even power without vibration or shock of any sort Stops smoothly. The braKes are perfect They can stop the car all of a udden in case of emergency, but normally worK with entire absence of strain. THE GILLIS-BAIRD MOTOR CO. 184 Clinton Ava. South Model AA, Su-cyluuJef, tlwvus-lurjra Coropaay Pioneer Builders of POLARINE OIL and GREASES ire the best automobile lubricants we know how to make and we've been In the oil business a great many years. You get the benefit of our long experience when you buy the Polarinc brand. ar 5a Etnymhir V STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW YORK fry a D & C "Want" Ad, To-morrow Groceries Creum Corn, (In 7c (Jrfliiuliitpd Sugar, limit, pound Fancy Sar. dine, tin... Pure Ollt Oil, fit. tin.. Uikc Shore Tomatoes, ran Pure Cocoa, We tin .... Fane Lob. slur, !)0 tin Fancy , Hid Salmon, tin BIST COF. FEE, lb. ... 5k 12c 69c 12c 16c 23c 18c 34c On Carload Funoy NiwWhIU, a aaorifina, In our two big loraa for Tuasday and Wed. noaday. 18.1b. paok at . 25c Frh nniiHfl 1 Smoked 7 ywUU, X W Vegetables dipt Paaohai, larg batktt . tSc Swttt Valencia Orangat, det..t5e Fancy Currants, quart 12 t-Zo California Lamani, donn ...25o Fanoy Hucklaberrlns, quart..... 1 So Largo Watormaloni , aeh SSo Smooth Washington Squara Stweo - passcrtgcr Touring Car Cbteuyee Falls Man American Sixes GramlB Fli Your first baking tells you it is what you have always wanted sax vouit o noo in J. G. DAVIS CO.. Miller. For Workers Who Want Clean Hands BM Yellow Cons 10? EVERYWHERE NEW DRESS LINENS We have the larROHt line of DresH Linens in Rochester, imported from Franco, Ireland ami (Jreat Hritinn. 46 lo 50-inch Ramie at 75c 46-inch Ramie at - 65c 36-Inch French at - 39c 27-Inch Crash at ...... 25c ample aanton raquaat. We have a few Linen Suits loft which are reduced 20 to BO per cent. 31 Clinton Ave. South, opp. Seneca Hotel c A REMINDER. VOU haven't called for Dome time to have your Glasses adjusted perhaps the lenses are chipped and should be replaced. Anywny it's very likely they need our attention. RETT Ml COME IN E. E. Baascb & Son Co. ( a MAIN ST. Opticians-Optometrists 7 IAiT AVt. Direct Route ...TO... Summer and Fishing Resorts ' Stony Lake Burleigh Falls Sturgeon Point Glen Island Prcsqo'lle Point Sand Banks Bay of Qointe ' 1000 Islands Bon Echo (Lake Massauoga) Also to Cotourg. Fort Hope, Petcrboro, Lindsay, Lakelield, Toronto and Ottawa. LOW EXCURSION RATES Steamers leave Charlotte (port of Rochester) daily. Tickets and information from Amsden-Kalhfleiseh Co., 4 Main St. W"kI. TRUNKS $5$10$15 Nowhere in the wide wmldto far, a wt'rt brm thr to Warn, it tHr tuch TiWik V'tlun at the ZELTER $5, $10 and $15 Special ll will lak rxrt frw aHHarnlt lo dmo. MiMf thrtf wprnoniT. Pt vmt le our arm if jroy art tontcniJijn t tnp ol tnjr tort. Cor. East Main and South Anua. 92 Stata 5trt. Factory. 63-65 Mill Straat. ,A.-.db71 pm '4 F-S6 f A. -AH - hah I1M - IM - JrH -4.M. - JPM- 70.H- 76 : 76 ( 76 76 76 r- 74 5.M.H 13X10 TO-DAY'S DOINGS. Highland i'trk CniH'crt hjr I'urli rinnl, 7:30 V. M. t'onvf nllon Hoi! --Oiinvpntlnii of Wptnrii Now VirT t'oluutrrr l'liuit'ii' AoHa'lun, lu A. M. llK(bnII I'nrk -InliTniitlonal I.viirmo ii1jI1, Uuclii'Mer mid ITovlden'o, 4 J1. M.. T1IKATKHS, TmplViighBn I1t C'nmpnny In Caorui Unly," 2:15 nuil H.15 I'. M. alr--"Ti'n Nlflit In Bkrrooin," 11.15 rid H:15 V, M RIDE OR PUSH, IT'S ALL SAME TO THEM Tourists on Varied Lines Here lor Few Hours. , John A. F. lir-Mon htk! Hcnnnii I't'hin, (lorit.tii) of IIS niirl '.'5 yrnm, rc'acUpi) Itix'hctitcr from I'liiln Jt'hililii Inot nlirlit with a "pusliraobilc," with which they lire trj'irnf to e-itiitilish a IruiiactiutinciitHl rnooril. Twy expect to reach 8nn KrnnfNco by Nnv-pmln With. Tliej Mt I'hilmk'lphia Jiinv ;i(h. The "pimhmolwle" rliif.-ni from nn eii-loinubilo in ihut one riden only down hill. On tlniiKlit ntrt-ti hen and gnnlcn lo'-.iriiotion is idctitk'jil with Hint of a I'riby carriage. The liinehine weighs 4."0 pound, londcd. Tim yciing men curry a canipiiiK out Mt and liv in tlie open. They neli, pirmire enrda for traveling evDoniw!. This Htlemoon Oie trnvelersi will Vve for BulTnlo. They ny thin h the ft-t etlort at a record with n "pimhniolill.." L. It. My er mid 1'. It. lippinan, of MmiHlield O.. tonrinit niotmvvrlihtH, also reaihcd ItiM-liestei' lust nihl, en route for Hottton. Hotb -venr iirown eiinvaa suits find they irry a tent and lil.mkctH on their wheels. Si vein in an attorney nnd IMppmnn In ciuploye as dniuzhtn-miin by thj Ohio ltmsit Company. They are on two weeks' vacation. The tourists mode many trip of a like nature. Affer a rim of 170 mile yesterday they pitched their tent, last ulKht iu a tield, iuteudinif to rlxe early la N'siimo their Journey. They expert to reach Boston Krldiiy. having left Mans-lield last Saturday at iiihhi. If they oonipltte tJieir ediodule they will have covered about IKKI miles in mi dajw, allowing v!"fy I"' time for stop. BAR TWEET NEXT MONDAY Important Business Before Association That Day. Th trustees of the Iloehester Itur Aaaoi'lHtiou jnet yestenlay and voted to hold a special nieetitig on Momlny, August fith, for the voiisideralhm of the itpeelnl eonimlttee's report on the public attitude tdnard the courts and of other matters. l'residetit It. Iv White in-stnirted SwTetary Homer K. A. lt'.ek to send out the formal vail. The necn1-tary is having the eommittea rcw.rt printed for eouvcuienee of discussion, copies being sent to members of the bar. Beside the report and the invitation t pnrtierpate in the eity centennial, the association linn another matter of unusual importance to consider. At the request of the New York State Idir Association, lawyers' orgnulxationa are being pni dn record on the proposition of 'bipartisan nomimttions for the Court of Appeals. Tba terms of Judgea Vanu and llalght, Hepublii-nnt, expire with I'M'S and those of Chief Judge Culh'D snd .luds'e (iruy, llemocrats, at the end of 11413. The loss of tlies four experienced snd able nirti will be seriously felt utile's they sre replaced by the best timber available, 1 prevent the politicians from bedeviling the selections, the state bar committee has fiiirjtested that a Republican and a I'o.niocratic judge b chosen this year and the method re-pevj in 101.1. It Is figured that this would give the least Possible excuse fur partisan politics In the selection of Judges to the four vacancies, Ou Monday the Hcche!er Har Association will eonider the propof ilioii nnd act oti it. HONEY FOR INFANTS HOSPITAL Mayor Receives Sums Raised by Children lor the Bnbies, Mayor Vlgerton yesterdnj received thref. gifts of money for the Infanta Mummer Hospital, sll from children whd liad raised the money In snmll aiiuiunis, iAa S result of giving s flay, "fljue-beanl." children whosa sees run from T to 14 turned over to the 'Mayor r?14.7". They gave tdair namea as fionald Kara-Cher. Barilett, riillllps Melb Orny, Melville. '(ilnier. Merle and Hare) Kolh, ieirge tjolden. Homer twls, all of Wellington avenue; HuUlnh Matthews. Itugby avenue; Jack Burke, K4rkl.ind road." Helen Snvder, aged 11 years, of No CC1 North tloodmsn street, tiroiight In tFU-AO, and Veronica Hansperser. of . IW ;Fair place,, aged 12, 1.7.1, Tlie Woney was sent to the treasurer of the hoapita!, PERSONAL' MENTION. fr. and Mrs, Charles Sturgeon are Tisrting fretids In Chics n. Italph Campbell snd Ernest Young are apsnding the summer at their cot-tag at Sea Breese. Miss Hose Mcneing, of No. 204 Oranga atreet. ii spending the vwek at lriftwood Cottage, Cranberry pond. Miss Non Scsnlon, of No. 202 Tr-tnout atnwt, spent the week-end st hvun party st Uriftwood Cot law. Cranberry Pnd. Mrs. I.itienburirer, Misc Mne and Anna I.ttimburger, Anna Glhbt snd Susie Kodwisa are at Uit .Jullai Cottage, Crfut Beach, - - - CITY TO ENTER TEN ROATS They Will Represent Eventa ol Historic Interest-Parade to Be in Six Divisions and Will Be One of Most Novel Ever Seen According to plans announced ycter-tisy by the Hiilxrommi'.lee on parade and floats tor Rochester's centintiiol celebration to be bald September Mth, the rade will be one of the most attractive ot its Vind ever seen iu this city, '''here will be a military division, w!;h United Stutea and s'.nte aolillera, a histories! division, and other division for industrial float and foT orielie:i. The most prominent men of tlie country l;uve been invited to be present snd it is expecued that many will accept 'Ilio subcommittee, ot which Robert St. Searlo la chairman, met. yesterday afteruoou at the Rochester Club. There vero irresent besides tli chairman Mayor II. II. Kdgerlon, K. N. Wnl-hriiige, J. Warrant Csstlcman, tdgur 1', K1 wards, Frank Keoiifrh, Dr. I'. R. .Smith and General Secretary Bernard J. ilajtgtirry. Mayor Fdyerton rend ft letter from Uoliort Shaw Oliver, a.-sistunt secretary f war, uoti'.ving him that a but Villon of the Twenty-ninth United States Infantry, from J.'ort I'orter, Buffiiio, would be ordered to Rochester for tln centennial parade. In addition to thoxe tliere will lie a troop of regulnr cavalry iu an escort to rmldent Tf.ft, If he accepts the invitation to 1i present. Large Military Division. It la x-pecte,l that the Third llegl-nienf, National Guard, aul the Third Naval Batiulion, will also participate in tlio parade. Tbc ltochcater companies, at leuM, v, ill be among tho marchers, in-cludiiiic the l'irst, Eighth und Tiflieth Separate Companien, ambulance corps, Troop, H. First New York Slate Cavalry, and the two companim of tlie Naval Militia. Mr. F.dwnrda nnd Mr. Haggnrty were appointed a cisnmitlee to look after the lloiita. i'Miner Waller, miniiiger of the Hliuliert Theater, was nniuid ns cxisrt to supen is,? the coiisirui'tion of the llo ils and I ion Manning will be the chief acen-io nrliat. The city will have ten floats representing events in the cily'iatory. such us the entry of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester and Colonel Fiuhugh, the purchiso of the 100-arre tract, the famous "underground railway," tho opening of the Eric canal, and so ou. Acceptances received from various societies iuli".i;o that there will be it t ;eist lifty oilier flouts in the parade Many Floats in Line. The first division of t 'it pa":ido will he composed of the milllary companies; '.econd. historical section, hc:nled by fifty Indians frun the Toniwandi Reservation, with the leu oily Moats; ttird. floats representing all n:ii!o:m that have ions Iu Rochester; four'h. Hoais representing ihe various iuilntries of the rity; fifth. HoaU of miscellaneous sOiMc-ties; sixth, civic societies marching, Tt la expwted that oven- han.1 in the city will be In the parade, Mayor I.'dgerton ami Messrs, Wol-bridge, Castlemsn, Keough snd llnv-pnrty were nppoiniet a committee to decide on the line of march. The Rochester Industrial Fvpoaition Association has offered through Secretary Edwards, prizes of $75,. $.10 and $2.1 for theiest flouts In tjie parade. The Mayor has written to the Secretary of the Navy requesting that detachment of blue jackets rnd anolher of Marine be sent to the parade, but no reply has been received. The J'urk Board has granted the ns? of Armory I'ark for ipinrtertug the visiting troops. Men who have been Invited to be guests of honor are President l'str, Vice-President Sherman, (iovernor IMx, Iiieutenant-f ioremor Conway. I'nlted States Senators Root and ( "'Gorman, Judge Willlojn K. Werner of I ho Court ef Appeals, Representative Henry ;, Dnnforth and the Mayor of Rochester, England. POLICE SAY HE IS A BURGLAR Find Stolen Goods on Negro. but He Denies Theft Charge. Alfhouirh it Is said that stolen prop-erty was found in his powniMsicn. tiwrge Willinivs. I') jears old. colored, nlio live.H at No. 17'l I'puit istreet, pleaded tint guilty lo ehnru'es of bvrglary. third ilegn-, and ernnd larceny when ar-r.iigned testerday in police couit. Williams is acmsed of breaking into the lions of William Raker, No. 2S Wehtou street. Baker nnd hi family were away Sunday. Someone entered the hotiw with a Ley awr-tnok a Mvitigs Uank ho'ding Sit. a'fndd -wat'h, gold slick pin and gold lock ot, all valued at M7. ' Ncjihlxirs told tlio Bakers that a nejro had Ix-en aeen nenr t' v house iu the afternoon. Early yesterday morning Patrolman Miitinitli went to Williams' room In I runt. atnet nnd oarrhed the man's cio-,hing. Some money and all the other articles were found. Paving Contracts Awarded. At a meeting of the Hoard of Contract and Supply yesterday the following contracts were awarded: Kelly street brick pavement, Schroeder-Hicks Contracting Company, $l0.s.'t2; Scott place Medina block pavement, Aikeuhead, Bailey & Donaldson, $!, 40.1; Sfillson street Medina !hck pavement, William II. Sours, 2d, $"..1X1.50; Woodbine avenue ssphnlt pavement, Whitmore, Han-ber t Vlclnus, $H.7r,,1.5n; Avenue B as-phtilf pavement, Julius Friedrieh Company, $it.7fM; Monlroe street brick pavement, James Ward, JC.'l.liV The board will meet to-morrow to open bids for constructing dyke snd conduit at Hemlock snd Csnadiee lakea. Families to Hold Reunion. The tenth nnnual reunion of th Peacock snd King families will be he'.d ,Vn-giit 8th st the home of (ieorge Peacock, Gates. A eonveysnc will be at rti tii.ti ron.t to meet Ihe BuTalo. Lock- I port v- Rochester trolW lonvlngstlie turt str emuoB a; c Total for week 3H070 SO DAY, July 21st, 634)20. 8TATK OF NEW YORK. I County of Monroe, f W. . Mathews, President of the Rochester 1'ilntfiig Company, publishers of Democrat and Chronicle, being hy me (Inly sworn, doth depose and say that the Democrat aurt Chronicle printed and circulated dorlng the Iran week the above number of dally jia)'.Ti. W. II. MATTTEWS. President, Sworn to before me this 27th- day of July, 11112. W.M. H. rtiOK, Notarv Public 30,000-POUND STRAIN ON TWO CABLE POLES To Be Exerted When Light Company Spans River. A newjilnn to equalize the output of current of Nos, S and 15 stutioiis of the Railway and Wirht Company will go liflo effect to-day, Special apparatus will lie required to handle the work, The two stations, one on each side of the river near the Lower Falls, will bo connected by four cables of hard-drawn copper wire manufactured to the order of the company. These cables, three of which are seven-eighths of on inch In diameter and one about' an inch, will have a span of IKK) feet snd a strain of iiO.OOO pounds will be exerted on the two poles to support them. Figure A poles ure to be used nnd ihe weight of Ihe four cables will he nhoii1 2,.KK.) pounds. Thonius Yawner, superintendent of the electrical department, said yesterday; "It would be lmiKisible to stretch the cables from bank to bank so Ihera world be no sag in them, as lh' great sirniu would part the cables or pull down the poles. The greater the sag in the cables the less the stralu, but since there would be a great amount of sway if they were very slack and the cost ef copper is high, 'e are required to compromise by Increased tension and reduce 1 use of cable. The strain on the poll is about ten times the weight of the suspended cables, "When the connection between stations is Hindu efficiency of the stations will be greatly increased, due will tend to equalize the oilier. Other diangea are being planned, for better-lug the service, but the one of spanning he river with tKsJ foot cables w the most dillicillt." JUSTICE DIDN'T ' WANT A DOG Woman Wanted to Be Relieved ol Responsibility lor Canine. "I have brought the dog hare and you can have him," announced the wife of Joseph Bonzie, of No. 2oit Troup street, when her husbaud wus called upon to plead to a charge of harboring an unlicensed dog in police court yesterday. "I don't want .he dog." replied Jus tice Chndsey, rather testily. Mrs. Benzie explained that other persons had brought the dog to her premises ond that she couldn't get ril of II. "They can have the dog," asserted the woman. "He's out in Ihe hill." "I don't care what becomes of tho dog," replied the Court, "but you may pay a fine of $.1 for kiWui:. him.'' The line was puld. Frank Wood, of No. 27 Whi'ney street, paid $.1 for the sam. offense. "My dog 1 4 only ten wess old," pleaded Ernest Swan, of No. 1 Paul place. "I didn't know you lufl i pay a license fee until the dn' was three months old." "Age makes no difference," was the Court's stern ruling, mid Swan paid Helen Jolly, of No. 12 Raymond street, did not appear to plead to the charge against her. SENT BACK TO PENITENTIARY Petty Swindler May Receive a Series of Terms. In police eonrt yesterday William Lang, "0 years old, of Toronto, pleaded guilty to a charge of petit larceny and was committed to the penitentiary for thirty days. The man was arrested two weeks ago after he had undertaken to swindle a Marshall street woman out of a few dollars by means of a worthless check. He got ten days for that Job, nnd after his release he was arrested for having beaten Mrs. Anna Bender, of No, 4i'b1 Clinton avenue north, out of $.'t on a check deal. Ing pretended to be employed by the Western t'nion Telegraph Company and went about the ci'f renting rooms for linemen. In paying he gave the rooming-house women worthless checks for s few dollars more than tlie price of the rooms agreed upnn. In most instances the women gave the man the difference in money. i .. CLEANING OF RACEWAY FINISHED Station of Lighting Company Will Soon Bt in Commission Again. After being empty for nearly two weeks, the race that furnishes power lo No. 4 station of the Railway snd Light Company will be filled '.ate (his afternoon and the station will resume activity. For several days men have been cleaning the race of its accumulations of five years. One laborer found a purse that contained a few chins and what appeared to have been bills. The water had turned the bills into a tn of tulp nnd they were worthless. Station No. 3 Is also having Ita share of work snd a swarm of men is preparing lo lay the pipes fur furnishing steam vower in the Fatman Kodak plant In State street. The beds for the new turbines have been placed and some time next month the new machine! will be instslled. Man Still Unconscious. A man bclleveJ to bs J. P. Hinds, of New York, is still unconsdnas st the Oenerul Hoapital, whither he was removed on Sunday afternoon after an accident in Main street east near Aqueduct street. He Is thought to have suffered a stroke of apoplexy just befors he wss struck by a horse. ,' NefjUpg Is JJuowti abotrt kin. ; nvJ To Conlront People at Home, in Theaters, Stores, Factories and on Street Mayor to Ask for Co-operation of City Ministers The managers of the children's dispensary lield day, to lie held at Buiu-'ball Park August 1Mb, plan for a whirlwind iiui.-.h to their eampsisn. The chairmen of the subcommittee and members of the Advisory Committee got together at the Mayor's otlice last night and put the finishing touches lo moat of the plans that have been pro-greasing for a month. Plans for "ticket day," to be he'.d a week from Friday, tlie duy before Urn field day, received nuwt attention, since the sale of tickets is the inaih ob'cci of tlie enterprise. It was decided thnj ench person who buys a ticket friiu one of the hundred young women who will .sell to all-comers shall receive a tag making him immune for the ret of the day. Mrs. ; Ivlns G. Eldredgo will make up the list of young women and chaperons to conduct the sale. In ?i"iernl. the same young women will aid who assisted In the flower day sale two weeks ago. Advertising Not Neglected. Approximate dateg were fixed for the initlution of most of the advertiaiag stuiils that are planned. It was agreed that the slides itr tho eleven nioriug picture theaters shall bu flashed Thursday and continue for ten days. Miin-ager J. J. Farren, of the Victoria Theater, will not only flash ihe slogan "Children Ileulihy, City Wcnthy" ou the screens, but will donate the proceeds of his theater for two days. Tn.i field day announcement and slogan made its first appearance last night on the program of the Temple Theater and will continue there for two weeks. It was announced that tiO.OoO bills for gas snd electricity from the Rochester Railwav and I.i:ht Company and 12.000 bills nf the Bell Telephone Com;., pany, on all of which the slogan appears, will he distributed this week, beginning Thursday. Sixty thousand other slips bearing tlie slogan will be placed in the pay eucvolpes of the employees of factories and stores Saturday. Several hundred canvas streamer'! will oppeur on trucks, delivery wngons snd other vehicles sll next week. The electric sign of the Railway, and Li'tht Company on the aqueduct has been flashing the slogan fur a number of days. The words will appear on all oilier sums of the company Monday. Announcement in Churches. Mayor Edgerton will write letters to nil clergymen in a day or two, asking thetu to announce from their pulpits Sunday the field day and its purposes. He also has promised to itue a proclamation, making the field day an official event and urging people to give it support. Next Friday niglit the Souvenir Committee will get into action again after a few days' rest, succeeding the strenuous efforts of flower day, which was conducted under its special direction. The finishing touches will be put on several schemes concerted by Bertram E, Wilson, the chairman. The list Of novelties includes Ihe famous grab hnc. which the double of Mayor Edgerton will circulate in the grandstand. MINOR POLICE COURT CASES Bicycle Thief Gets Penitentiary Term in Lien of $50 Fine. In police court yesterday Charles Murphy, '-'0 years eld. a waiter from Boston, was lined $.r;0 lor stealing a bicycle. He had no money and went to the penitentiary for fifty days. J. L. Vasseler was complainant and the wheel was worth $20. Murphy is said to hsve been making a business of stealing wheels. Charles Anferlh forfeited bail of $1 by failing lo nppear to answer a charge of shooting craps. There was in appearance agasnst tiiuseppe Ad.mie, ot No. 10 Woodward street, charged with third degree assault upon his wife, and he was dis-f ' charged. Antonio I'e tiruthie fa'd a fine of $.1 for Intoxication, lie complained to the police yesterday thnt he had been robbed of $Tt iu Front street. A isdleemsn found that amount of money in one n? his pockets and locked him up. LICENSES FOR MARRIAGE GRANTED Termits Granted to Applicants at City Clerk's Office. Marrlsge licenses were Issued ye1rtay t the t'tiy t'lcrk's offli-e to the following applicant: Chsrles llarann. N'o. 31 f'cnler park, and Jianette Mjt Kurron, llomoi.p.ulilir. Hot-plml. f .liwfTh C. Dull nnd Umr K. CnrrlgSB, both of No. -I'H Orange street. Il.irlan E. Williams. No. Tremont street, and Miiry W. White, No. 44 Bark-ley street. . Xa-m Baker, Nn. Ill Kelly street, and INiher Colonemoi. No. llii Kelly street. Junie. A. Hurley. No. -19 rimlrti street, a n.l Marina l', .Murphy, No. 4'.'l lxlugtou avenue. Kwau fVmlnn.M and Kattiervn Hrtnera-nyt. both nf No. 4 HoCanrl Htre.n. K. Hniwn. W4 Klonmfleld, ami Margaret Klen Inr, No. h'.eliange street. i harirs Hhi.-k ami Jessie ('. Johnston, bola of No. '1 Klucli Mreet. Krsnk J Plehler, No. ifirt Meigs street, and I'slherfne A, lrescbmilt, No. 104 Hr-llii afreet. , Lewis H. Thomas, No, 1 Keller streets and Kva Thurston, No. Sit laiisy street. Fireworks To-night, Ontario Beach Park. "OI Favorites' eek" stars, including the Flying Fish-era, the Klns N'era, Frederic and Veaita snd J" Iks' Bond. Chicken Dinner irf West Greece. Slop st Manchester Hotel on your anto trip. Finest chicken dinner In the state on short notice. Itell 'phone I'M-R-4. O. TA. Wlnsl.iw, proprietor. A Fine Boat Ride. Buy the pink ticket, lake snd bay trip. Includes s stnp-iff at Newport House. Tickets st Ettcuhelmer's. lilt-u ilsven cars leave Main and Clinton I every half hour. 1 1

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