Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on January 15, 1930 · Page 28
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 28

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1930
Page 28
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND " cfmoYT,CLf:, WEDX K I) AY, JAXUAfiY 15, 2S CALAMITY JANE EULOGIZED BY ONE WHO KNEW El Comancho Tells Clubmen of Lurid Characters and Doings of Old West Calamity Jane a dance hall girl, at "tough lady," ready to "try anything once." Calamity Jane, a kind hearted goul who risked her health to car for the smallpox victim In Deadwood City when the rent ot the population had fled In terror; a woman who possessed all the kindness of a mother. These two conflicting view of "the first white omin to enter the. Blark Hill" were painted hy a man who knew her. El Comancho. In a talk Monday it the Powers Hotel. Jane, he ld, was really two persons In on. The, Indian apoks before, a combined meeting of tha Klwanls, IJona, Optimist, and Monarch clubs, it which Carl Beghold, president of th Klwanls Club, presided. Knew Older Heat . Tha old West, tha romatic Went,, waa brought bast for a few minute under tha ipell of El Comancho, who knew the country from childhood. He first crossed the Missouri tn '69. and has been trailing about that country ever nine. Another romantic figure of the Wot, tha Indian aald, Vki Whlekev Nell, who on dull daya was wont to ride'th length of the town atrida a borrowed hone, with bor rowed pistol blading. After exhausting excess energy, Nell would ' return to her unromantlo routine of living. , j El Comancho whs a railroad ..builder. HI occupation waa to aup-1 ply food for aurveylng parlies, find j camping ground, and on tha (Id j watch for possible runways for the I road. While helping to lay the' inunuauon lor .n. preeni railroad did not neglect hl financial talent, however. He purchased acre of land at any price up to 10 cent an acre, held them, and when the country waa opened, sold them to Easterners. Several years ago he sacrificed a parcel of land at tTM ""f','.nJ F' C.or?.nch" ?,yly suggested that the bulla snd bears of a certain large city "go West and learn about finance." What KchJ BlltTurd Is Like Ha also described blizzards of th pi an te, and told how to ohtaln proteillon against their rigor. r L L,. , . t l . , . coffins; at the eastern variety, travel along the ground, and are . - . .. . . v ' ' vary fierce. A 20 to 30-degree fall In temperature accompanying one, Is not uncommon. Flying slivers of lea also add to the enjoyment of true "blow." he said, and when these hit ths ground, they become pulverized, and the lc dust almost chokes an unprotected person. These blizzards are bad, he said, out you get usea to tnem Environment Held as tarn Diiiuirus oui:inrrr, oo samiine tcast liuard to prevent the Main Fartnr in T ifpiltSirVLU "Educatois and scientists of to-. day emphasize a combination of inheritance plus environment and ho lonBr discuss which U the more Important factor In Itfeenvtron-ment or Inheritance," It was slated by Dr. Hazel Cuxhlng Monday evening In a, lecture at the Women's Clly Club on "What Do We In- , heitt." This waa the seventh In a series of ten lectures by the Women's City Club and the College Women a Cluh of Rochester on the general subject of "Human Relations." The series is ranked as a non-credit course by tha University of Roch- . ester. Environment ts by far the most Important factor In life, according to last night's lecturer. "Imitation accounts for many things we railed Inheritance," Dr. Cushmg ssld. "An Individual ts limited to a certain extent by In- herlted characteristic, such as . tat - ure. eye color and to a small de- ' g mental capacity but tha real determining factor In everyone s Ufa la environment,' frand March Will , . .j H M III rO MnflCQ K3II A VUtUtVf lUWUiJU ilUU . . , On of the features ot the first harlty PalP annual Mocaeheart Charity S'?f W,"! J th,8rn?, mrch ,, ! also being conditioned and travel '' ociocn under dlre"tlon 011.1 ,im -,hih r,t... tv.. .., Captain W. Searle Hutching" ihatrmsn of the floor committee. While the combined orchestra play ' Rouse's "Stars and Stripe Forever," th assembled couple will be formed Into tin and will parade around tha hall while colored light clay on them and a shower of confetti and balloon i f'"" -eoeianon win ike place oescend from lha balcony. : tomonow evening in the lecture, Women of ,h. Oak Leaf C,ub, ! Cen'.a. Y. M. C. A. at S headed by Mrs- Leo J. Winter, and to clock John Mors, cnaitman of rf Ih. Lockehaven Club, headed !,h inter-ractal ma meeting Feb. by Mr, A. L-Giienke. will be hos-1 T- report that. Rev. nonald teases. For tboae who do not carei"- Tippett, pastor of the Church to dance thera will be ample Nations in New tork City,; .... . tng accommodation in the large balcony. Th door of Convention Hall will open at 7. 15 o'clock, and fencing will begin at t o'clock. Vlhf f rAlnmKlIt "'"6"" " ' u . .2 ' I 1,1 wary. Mospual. He leaves fou- ; "a uKima usnti, ana a s,nt Mllr. ,nd wlf. , ThomM Cnnntnr I iHlPg Nl'ohr , 1 m""brs f the execu ttve com- daughters, Mrs. Jennl Palmer. ! ,!,er iC. Trimble, Mam Street East. OpOHSOr a-aUICS IIJl minee.. r.tcr of county and city ,Mr. ccnu j0yce, Mr. Julia Co- Wilder Bradford. P., and three! Ann. nrn, to Loui, Cross-lvadie Night program was spon- wt-ie youth oreamration and mem- ;Hrn 80)1 H?if n ctitn: . I Brandc.hildren. Uwn, Rand htrret Civw Center fey th Bathter ' M ' lounj people Advl j hatherlne M. Cfftmer, widow of . 9"' Michael Draheim, two ored Monday night at CoHimbus ory Committee of the Federation' the late Michael Geimer, died yea three brothers and nine g:an-.;- i CoumII. KntghU of Columbus, withi' Qui re he at Invited terdav at the home of her daugh- children. about m member present MrMrtll .'ZZ7.i Zn'Zn ivi. Mr Mary Dony of It Wat- ' '" H. Napier, 724 Frost Ave- . Wive and gusi of club mem- " M,,Klsl 1 lu K"T,B ford Road. Irondequoit, aged TO'Oue. died yesterday. He leave a hr player tarda in th Fourth) Janies Lee Ktlenwood, humorist years. Sh leaves, beside hr (wWow. Margaret A: a daughter. ' ltft room during th buttneai ; and state secretary of the Y M C.A., ! daughter, a son, Michael R. Gel-; Marion E.; a ton, Charles w ail; mttnf. after which ther ws .. the speaker yesterday noon at mer; two Utters. Mrs. 8un Por- jof Rochester; a brother, George H.. aa entertainment program and j th Power Hotel befor the lunch-! ter and Mr. Barbara Fife of -of Buffalo; a iiter. Isabel;, of daawlsf la th ballroom, I eon meetiit; of th Rotary Cluh, i Schenectady- g fcrothr, Frederick Owego, and thre trniona. With Guns Loaded, They Lie in Wait for Smuggler . 'ILIFE OF COAST GUARD GROWING MORE ROMANTIC , , i nrl 0lU i iU5 m yylm yidMIS dllll j Shooting of Rum Runners Bring Many Recruits . j To ' chase the "rummies" with I !haa hecom, an all-the-year-afound Job for members of tha United!' 1" o'clock at St. Thonias' Slates Cnnst Guard ml rhn.lntf. ! Cllllirh. a. . j , , , Station and elsewhere Hint I nr e Ram's water frontier, Dspi! th fart that the regulation which makes It. the riutv of .. . ' nmuiinr nt i,r,r. i. u.,a ,i, ' " - numerous other duties the job of keeping the United States dry has coma to rest heavily on this branch of the Federal service. Captain N. B. McCune, who commands Charlotte Station, said yesterday that the summer activities of the Coast Guard have been so extended that It Is necessary to keen the ata- jtlon open during the Winter to put! the boats In order and. train the;hmhra; Irondtmlt Orange. nd "We Do Our Duty" Of eourv-th Coast Guard, j since It has undertaken to catch nui we no our outy as it a given to us, and we do It honestly and clean. If our job make, us un-1 ponular. It can t be helned " But after a sUnmish on the lake when a rum boat is overhauled and me press lecnunis a mile snoolins. applications noon tne orrice or the Charlotte Station, Captain McCune Sdmnted. All the young men anxious for action ate willing to sign up for a little adventure. . n nm.irr now escmng tne Winter Is. and winter activities are seldom too exciting, there Is no recruiting done until March 1 Cap tain McCune explained. The Coast j Guard has nn ham fnr ,;nnnl ..-,.- earle1 " w.h n w,a ,1 . . , .iiw t v. . first breaih of Spring. Only Boat In I'ae Only one boat, the 153. com- mended by Captain O. P. Motion and a crew of nine men, patrols the lake during the winter sr ason, Rut there Is a season in rum jun - ! lnf. well as golf, and bo,. leggers no not try to apan the die - tance of nny-odd miles bclween 1 "P"" r"' rrl' " ". .-reet. m intantrv. Fort Niagara: the Canadian' and American coasts lEllaibeth Rtever; a son. Howatd ! Albert C. Nickel, 2M3 Culver Road, for a 300 per rent profit for retail i P' Btvri uter. Mr' A,Drt who chose Madison Barrack New trade. Few boats are on the lakes 1 T- M"on nrt two Brandchlldren. Yorit , , and frank these dayi. at least in the vicinity! TH"lla "'l'n .ebharri. aged .!jofT,edo of 32 Marietta Street, 26th of Rochester, Captain Mor'on re-' '" d,cd yslr,y lh hnme : Infantry, Plattsburg. potted. of her daughter, Mrs. Eugene Dox-l Theie are still a few vacancies The Charlotte Station has. ai,',",n ,n ISS. another TJvfooi Doat, ana several small boats : 1 . . tj. . ... m j maimca ny iwir men. an or rneae are up ror we: winter now. Tneit lo In tho tmat house tw.i hand- m' ""I'tuies taken on th lake m-a m frtr if The... hrxs. m s-j, i " v. Guard navigators. -- Youth Federation to I,a IJ,,. TA.....'!,'nm',n 'orge rs on n ru p MCCt MCrC 10mOrrOW;,nrt Ml,, Cl,r, v.n Belt; three A snnner hu.ine.a meetino- nt ih . .. - . ... . . ; wm M the main speaker Other Items of business Include representation of Monro County Uear. She leave two' daughters, at the Stat Youth Council eon-! eight grandchildren and seven ventlon in New Rochel... Feb. ZJJJZ??, ZVrrZ 1 , V- I rwir-vi: 1 wMr v z sa v v v i y v v tw- 'gsJ.-.,'i ... 1 " in iii ii "'TT rrn ! ! I i i T - ' Services Conducted -(Four-County Bloc Will for John B. O'Keefe1 Ask Brake on Rural Aid Funeral services for John R O'Keefe, overseer of the poor of I'"''"iuort, who died last Patur home. W St. Paul Boulevard, and r,mllB1 I ' Solemn high Mass of .. .... . whs ir roifli uv ivpv. i n r. Muckle, pastor, assisted by Rev. .... "... i Charles S. SMsv as deacon and ! Rev. George Welnmnn as suh-deacon. The music for the Mass was furnished hy the church quar-1 , Oil n ll,n VW. Anlhnnv Mi-ell ..j q,hL A-Hve ........ imi,!.!., er oi j i,.... M,i..'r r.iiii.. i wLl'T.; 1:: 1 : ..; rjland local legislative bodies. An - rvrny 1 mruuv 11:11,1 m, &t nim r 1 ru 1 C, Pfleffer. Large delegations were present from the Fourth Degree Assembly. Knights of Columbus. Order of Al ! ln k. .,.iM,r. p.! ! j etrry. Sarah A. Wright J In Xltl y I 141 ! . .. ... w , ,'7 7T w . ! rtl'd '""'rdH' .h" hnm . m! R2d year. She leaves a daughter, j hyti r. Wright; a granddaughter.' ; Ml, Chester Rounds of Clarkson ,i . a.,.,. .ir,.iaw vtr. ih ,n,r, ... daughter-in-law, Mrs, Ida' G.,rine of interlakrn. ' vr, rvi.P ui he con. ! )ll(.tfd Fn,)nv arternoon at 2 ! 0,rlork , t' nom(i ln,rment w,, beetle In Manle Grove Cemetety, Ogden. John A. Uathke died yesterday afternoon at his home, S Rainier Street He leaves his wife, Mrs. I Anna J. Rathke; a daughter, Mrs. J. Harold Hudson, and two grand - children; four sisters, Mrs. PauH Kelt ehome. Mrs. Denna Kane of 1 Rochester, Mis. Henry Friti of ; Mendon and Mrs William Mass of ' Victor, and a brother, Herman - ",nk pf Rorhrstcr, ! I-'vl Mryrr. W 'fa", ; ",ru -. "' '"" i later, w uerung riace, ne i "v ".' ; icro a .nuiray; a son, ahk-ii "" - .A Ae UnrnH. t-, aialAa A rfl , " i rnme Aiikiiw u . n Wetland: a brother. Henry Wetland i of Brooklyn, snd four rfr,,n Mm Theem A Uarv at r I. s'L 'ded last night at heV home, I u-,,.,i. air.t ah. i.... h.r .. ... " - huehnnd, Charles Van; thrct r"'fr darter? cir, four davighters, Mrs. louls iKrisher of Rasom: Mrs. Ervin 1. .. .. .. - ' brothers Jnseoh nil I,ou Poser . . 01 liornesrer ann itev. a j. noser of Watersmut. Mica: 2fl gran,!- children and ten great-grandchil- dien Mrs. Jowphine a Pus.ley " Una, widow of th la Albert Col- 1ms. formerly of Rushnells Basin, died tast night at the home of her 1 daughter. Mis. Andrew Garlach f I R.irH Tintrf p.rim ...4 as I ..'""J" mh"m .'. ,ni""n' i.''": .l. P.w.y Avenue. There's not much doing at this time of the year for the Coastguard in the rum chasing line. But judging from the picture if the summers want to run up their Jolly Roger, they will ZrZiZ, ' Albany tlnresit Demnrrnt nnd f'hronlrle Albany, Jan. 14 First slops to- i ward formation of a four-countvi hloo to oppose further rural aid ; monris Street. measures at the expense of more; B,rnev Rapaport to Carson Kwa.-populous counties were taken to-inian, Nassau Street. ''"V when Assemblymen from Mon - foe Westrhenter. KHe. end N'sshhii ., . ....... rnuni es eimcreri arier tne e s a- , u. - rurnl-aid legislation already pro - r,-.H " p , ...u , ..'... ' .,.... eiuiK wiia intti inn epllrtuves ni:,,),,-. i,ne IOllr COUIlllCS fieciOBO lO lKC copies of the Tratl and V icks bills home over the week-end and take them up with their county leaders ! oth;r meeting will be conducted next Tuesday. The Pratt "dirt road" hill, which Is to be amended to cany out rec- ;V(ls Agr,PUitllrM Artvi,ory (-om. ml-'sion. provides that all towns shall have available at least. $100 a ! mile for upkeep and maintenance j or dirt roads. The state would con- tribute to each town the difference) """" mouni raised nv tne town by taxation at 'hi ee mill rate on a full valuation The hill wo,il,l w. fh. !, contribute much greater amounts ! t!,"n, P'ent for acquisition of rights of wavs for roads. Counties i ,.,,k ,, ikwnrm - i-.i " ' - 1 ; would be leqiilred to acquire such "Pms cn;n-el.v ABsemblyrjinn Ha i vy J. McKay of Rochester took the lead in ca!l-ine today's meftinj. The four-county bloc admits it Is In a less advantageous position to ngh! this year than last, as both political parties are united now on the rural relief program. I "p- p .Lrf; , ; I IIICC JOCne5lClUn5 Jj f j JJ g ArmV " j Sergeant. W. J. Stewart in charge of the army recruiting office at 2S Main Street Fast announced the enlistment of these three Roch- or aervic In the regu - wr "" J"nn Jernoia. rora for th. Rrmv radio school detach- ment at fort Monmouth, New ; Jersev, for men wi'h a hsc ' . '.. h:gh school eniicanon or th? equivalent. Set- gnt Stewart said Enlistment I sf.. rom i to 35 years of age hut app)jcants between IS and 'Sr vRra of 41 c miiM hav rnnnt -,f - ' I , 1 t- . I in.rldiB(1 f Iter I j-'r ,laul"S Theod"re F Roth et al by referee Open at Monroe Junior:iV.c uo" In,ur" j ' ' k,. .. In lip-reading will 6 .f''tlfh ornaniterl t . e - um-Miiii ., i!'Eh Srh001 t"l; W. M.rrhy et al, bv ref- , "om iu Mrs. .Mary ; -.,'V 7 : g! , J f ; fe''J ft" i nrlman'v for V 2 ! , hard of k. h .m P I .? ?''n .to ? ; '"if. ! , 2 i k' 1 ,7. , wreck Jerkins, 11. rtifij. m.rn .ftr nr . rv. - .. --". -' I Kdward P. O'Shea died vesterdav ; morning at his home. 31 Edmonds r-L He leave, hi. w.fe. Sarah DURER PLACE IN HISTORY OF ART ETERNAL Artist's Work Expounded by Dr. Eiserhart at Divinity School "The position of Albrecht Durer in the history of art Is eternal," stated Dr. Ewald Eiserhart, professor of German nnd lecturer In the history of art at the University of Rochester In a lecture of phllo- ; snphlrM trend given . Monday eve- i i nintt In Alvah Strong Hall of ihe j I Colsate-Rochestpr Divinity School, ; which wan- well filled for the occa- . slnn. Pr. Eiserhart, a student of Pur- ; er's works, attributes the Brest- ness of the Nuremhure painter, etcher and draughtsman to his abil-1 Ity to rise above conflicting clrcum-1 stances presented first in the form of the opposed Cothic and Renais- sance styles of art and second in the tremendous reliRious conflicts brought about by Martin Luther j and the rise of Protestantism. In ' the end the famous German artist i knew that true art was independ- ; rnt of all styles. "Purer, the out- ' spoken personality, became an In- 1 divdual In a way that, may serve ' as sn Inspiration to the youth of i tortay surrounded by thousands of conflicting Influences," is tha opinion of the lecturer. Keen Interest In nature, in plant and animal life and In landscapes were also determining factors in shaping the artist's work. Working In wood, copper and oil Purer showed his versatality. He Is best known for a self portrait, his masterpiece, "The Four Apostles," and a series ot "Master Prints" and renowned etchings. The last two years of his life were spent In scholarly pursuits. At this time he wrote several books, including "Science of Prospective and Projection" and "Human Proportions." The lecture was Illustrated with lantern slides showing the various mediums that Purer -worked in with outstanding examples of carh- Real Estate Transfers Frank M McDonnell et al. by reT- ere In Menrv T. $irhroH VA. I Martha Fnglert et al. bv referee :tn u r-.., Af t?u...- . irn, - c--. loirpfi i r.,. ci-m . . t...k.- ! ,r"'- .Tame Goodwin tn William Good- !. chin. William Gomtwm to William and wife. Chili. Anna K. Geddos to Florence A. , McCartney and another. Orchard! j Street i..'"'1"1 Haven Realty Co.. Inc., to; lM"rar" lum- i"ndto. Obnrlos A. Miller and wile to Jo sephine 1j. Curtis, Tnrma. Talont f " r nnfu t il In Anna TfuVim Greece, and Imndequoit 2 deeds). j J. Kwasman to Carl Rar-pa- M,rv Thcp to Murray A. Stahl. 1 Orfield Street Minnie Rclss to Harry R. Darling, w ,'b,,,,r- "ra'l,2' '"h to John ' M,,ch' Cnnrt,llo r, hy : to William O. Heiber. SantoM street A!mmn M Hevsellrsnd and HR- ; other to Pallinge Realty Corporation, Irondequo.t ! Glen Haven ReaPv Co. Inc.. to Ida H. Wilcox, Irondco'ioit. t Jchar, Hs,kin. Irondequoit C'en Haven Realty Co.. Inc. to ; Seneca Mutual Home neauv t penv. Inc.. tf Robert C. Stone and wife. Spencerport. Philip C Band and wife to Charles W. I.usk and wife, rittsford. Alexander P. Allmannshereer and wife to Joseph Psneta. Gates. Samuel D'Amico to Mariano Na-sello and wife, Pennsylvania Avenue. Marv Cahsl to Alice May Hendrick. Dewey Park Tract. James J. DePrlne and wife to Lee E. Stcphan, Brighton. Clen Haven Realty Co, Inc.. to Mane MrNatnara. Irondefjuoit. ' William H Stewart, IrondVluoit . r Glen Haven Realty Co. Inc . to lrma M Putler to Thomns Fell- ' wood , end wife. Lake Avenue. Todd to lrma B. Butler. t.ske Avenue. Thoms P.ellwnod and wife to , "'"' ' ; ,, ; T';'t Street ; Tremont Street i Alexander Nltach and wife to Saran S. Nitsch Wakefield Street. Ijtwrence Holverson to Webster D. Haaen. Hamlin. Clara Rerl Pfeifer to Anna M. Gnmes. Irondequoit. Frederick I. Odenhach et a) by retiree to William J Levis. Lewis G Sparks 10 Jmes P. En- n,a- Henrietta. lo Hxtnan S. Schooler. Rochester. Grsfton Johnson to Frank V'ssel- rmn and xwfe. Irondefjuoit . . .. . . At Vr-r. i v j n f tk-lF ' in.r,h h' Kurlonc. 8hfpr4 . . t Charles F Mannion aid wife to u Colonial Road. ...... ... :frtlOMm e. -.-- ,r,. to Charles W. Murpny. tmer -n ',.. " ,,, , ...ft. ,v , j w,T.n3 w f. , .fr. R" Corporation. Driving Park Avenue. sdfra Real Corporation to Taut VVu,'- l"n"l'- 1(ivi(1 T lW., by executor to Edmund J. smelter, renneia, Harry Silien and wife to Emma Litrman, Avenue Boulevard, A,TJ.1I'hS j V."J,,f. " X f io.. Grafton Johnson to General Realty Service. Inc., Highland Avenue, Ids F. Th'fmss to Anna R. Smith, Og-len. Robert M. Rumley and another to Bohert M Burnley and another, Broadway. Robert R-imley and another to Gordon H, Patterson, Brighton. Monroe County Savin- Bank to F: ance April, Chsmp.sia 8 tr. Eight-cylinder Cars Outnumber ? Sixes to Be Seen at Auto Show Exhibit To Open Monday Evening Will Represent 25 Passenger Car Dealers. 37 Makes. 17 Displays of Accessories, 6 Boat Dealers. 1 Ice Boat Dealer Eight-cylinder cars will outnumber the ilxea by one point when tha twenty-second annual Automobile Show opens next Monday evening at Edgerton Park, It was revealed last night when the Rochester Automobila Dealers' Association made known the official list of exhibitors. The list shows that there will be twenty-one eights, t-venty sixes, i three four-cylinder cars, and one sixteen-cyllnder car. 1 The exhibit Includes twenty-five j passenger car dealers, thirty-seven j makes of cars, seventeen exhibits of accessories, six boat and out-1 board motor dealers and one Ire dealer. The total value of the ixhlbit Is estimated at JW0.0OO. It was announced that the following lines of passenger cars will be on display: Auburn six and eight; Blackhawk eight; Buick six; Cadillac eight and sixteen; Chevrolet six; Chrysler six; Cord eight; DeSota six and eight; Dodge sij and eight; Durant six; Erskine six; Essex sixr Ford four; Franklin six; Graham six and eight; Hudson eight; Hupmoblle six and eight; Jordan eight; LaPalle eight; Lincoln eight; Marmon eight Marquette six; Nash six and eight: Oakland eight; Oldsmoblle six: Packard eight; Pierce Arrow eight; Plymouth four; Pontiac six; Reo six; Roosevelt eight; Studebake.r six and eight; Stuts eight; Viking eight; Whippet four; Willys six, and Willys-Knight six. Dinner to Precede. Opening A dinner wil precede the formal opening of the show Monday evening. J. Howard Kldd, Jr , presi- Prairie Humorist Will Talk to CommerceBody IT 'tV1f ittfi s if f 4 JTte 'Pi ' x DR. JOHN L. DAVIS Dr. John L. Davis, Western humorist, will address the annual dinner meeting of the Chamber of Commerce Monday evening, according to announcement made rnoon by Roland B. xecutlvs vice - presi - lamber. Dr. Davis is yesterday after 'Woodward, executlv ' .h.rfni.H to hr rvintfnrm honor. E 1 - - . - 1 i ten. 1 Hv4?-i I with David Sarnoff, executive vice-: J,u,it "v"r lhp P''?" Canal in the; man, former middleweight chart f-: nresirient of ihe P.Hio Covnoration : " f ?t Henrietta Road, and wi.l join pion of Ceniral .New York will he.f' of America, at this outstanding event in the Chamber year. event in the Chamber year. ; "A floe blend of philosophy and M. ,' Have s dewilu. 'wardanS th second i W,d' -nd nar- .ware, in announcing mis second , rou. Is said to be too weak to I spf aktr Monday evening s pro-.. tnp ind traffip. iSram "His messages are as. Th, otntr M6 wiU h. con - 1 TZ'a a. !i ,3 nv,al . d,FPsl "'tructed over Honeove Creek ,n (and reflect the long vision of the,,,,.. ,,, oraines whenre he came" I Mental Cockta l la exacted to j Mental cocKtan, is expectea ro """ ""ft" '""-'"- ment. The program for the Chamber annual meeting Includes also the transfer of authority from the retiring president of the Chamber, Frederick S Miller, to the 1930 president, Gilbert J C. McCurdy. Music will also be featured in the entertainment. t - Joseph H. F.nirel and wife to i Anita V. Hoag. Newcastle Road. Olive J. Clark et al. by re'eree : to josepn H. .tngei. .-Newcastle oaa. Harry Silien and wife to .Emma ! justices of peace .will sit "officially ! H. Wilbert Closs; cash.-iberman. South Fttihurh Street. . ... ... . . J ip vv c.,,k.ri.-j . ...i...... I Liberman, South Fttihu i Walter E. Parrv et al. to Harriet ; M. J'arry, Caroline Street. i Anna D. Charlton to Frank Mos- :cti and le. Jones Street. i Lemuel E. Foster and wife to Mar- ' tin H. Reynolds, Glide Street. I Bvron S. Abbey and wife to Ren- jamin C. Amesbury, Irondequoit William Phenic and wife to Wil- ' bam Thenig et al, Irondequoit. j Rahcock. Town Clerk F. Porter ; Cccotan, Acey W. Sutherland ! Eva J. Rothenherz et al. hy referee '- Surgenor elected to succeed them- CBndaigu and Henrv M. pi ,to Peter Michel. North Street. selves, and Jus-ices of Peace Fred m"e of Holcomb. ! Maria Cataldo to Dora M. Fasconri,G L(. Rnd Ern,,f w Emerv who ; Directors re-elected bv tha C"-I Fernwood Avenue. , .v. .1' tarlo Countv TiK r.mi fer Rosarin D'Aga'a and wife to An-i gelina Sapleniea. Bay Street, j Rossrto D'Agsta and wife to Pla-(cido II Agata, Brighton. I Harriet Stout to Walter L. Stusrt, ' Genesee Street. ! Harry Barst and wife to Elisabeth ; Samuel Kantor and wtfe to Mildred Siller. Wilkin Street. I George A. Gillette. Jr , et al. by referee to The City of Rochester, ; RHlgeway Avenue. William Oti Building Lot Aso - TZL., iv.V, 1 of Rochester, Avery Street. Th Cltv of Rochester to Edward i B. Carpenter, Bidwell Terrace, j Grafton Johnson to James Dougherty, Chesterfield Drive. I Glen Hayfn Realty Co., Inc. to 'Richard 1. barker end wtf. Ironde-, quoit, I Henry Llese to Berth C. Kaseman, ; et al., Avon Place. ' John L Rov and wife to John I VonThof and wife, PenAeld. i Giro Haven Realty Co. Inc . to Anna W. Born. Irondequoit. ' Jennie C. Green to Christina ; Murey. Linden Street. Coatlrh Bros . Inc.. to Minnie Sel- friea. Revelia Street. "Don't hurry to legislate. Give i administration a chanc to catch Sup with legislation." Calvin Coo Kg. dent of the Rochester Automobile Dealers' Association, will welcome the following guests: Charles A. Hartnett, state commissioner of motor vehicles; Mark Graves, state tax commissioner; James M. Man-gan, -district motor vehicle commissioner; Lewis G. Stapley, secretary Empire State Automobile Merchants' Association. Other Invited guests are: E. J Horton. Charles P. Gnllaeher. J. F.. Hsnsen. James .1. Williams, George Wagner, George W. Wy-man. A. C. Lohman, J. L. Hicks, and R. D. Burch, automobile deal ers; William J. O'Hea. president of the Automobile Cluh of Rochester, and George C. Donahue, secretary; Elmer E. Fairchild, president and William B. Boothby, secretary, Rochester Exposition Association; John H. Law, county clerk; William F. Love, district-attorney, Fred P. Burtd, sheriff: Harry J. Bareham, county treasurer; Stephen B. Story, city manager; Mayor Joseph C. Wilson: Andrew J. KavHnaugh, chief of police; Harold W. Baker, commissioner of public works; George J. Nier, commissioner of public safety; Judges Willis K. Gilette, Marsh N. Taylor, William C. Kohlmetz. Raymond E. Westhury, Harry Rosenberg, James O'Connor and Arthur L. Wilder; and Charles S. Owen, Charles J. Brown, and G. N. Mortimore. The Automobile Show burlesque booklets. "IS Pay Diet Reduced to 7 Days," are now being distributed hy the hotels, luncheon clubs, Y. M. C. A., Automobile Club and R. A. D. A., headquarters in Hiram Sibley Building. Theater Fire Probe j May Be Brought To Climax This Morning t Police !ac' nicht continued their investigation Into the fire in Fay's Theater Sunday morning, and. ac - cording to Detective Captain John John P. McDonald, may bring their probe ! to a climax this morning. I Edward Fav, lessee of the then- iter, arrived in Rochester vesterdav land hired John A. Dovie. private detective, to co-operate with the notice in an effort to learn who was responsible for the fire. Whether Mr. Doyle's investigation would be I conducted in conjunction with the police and fire bureaus or independ- i ently was not stated. West Henrietta Road Bridge Plans Making Final plans are beinu made a : Aioany ror rr.e construction tnia, , year of two state bridges in the! iWest Henrietta Road, to be built; i at a cost of nearly $220,000. aavs .' ; "ow,r'1 E- Smith. Rochester rtis- i ,nct 'n?'"?" of the New York s,' Prtment of Public Works. n f the structures will oe i ,n Mount Hope Avenue improve - mrnt '"vntly completed hy the I ' - - south of the Barge Canal. Ths i pdncip,al rtason tnr ,h" "tructure ; ls to do away wj,h ,ne iant:eiou. "doub e H" annroachea at both nd: of the bridge. Nearly 1.000 feet of new pavement will be constructed . and the job will cost nearly $70,000. it t .1 i it 1 t mi ungnton justices tiMsss-z SitwithBoardTonighti'rrr'- O tifinal Bank and Trust Comparr . , also re-elected officers for anothr Fred S. Roberts of fl Thackerv'v,r follows: President. Geor-' , RoaH and .Tame. Hamilton ., 19g 0altda)e Drlve, newlv elected win me irignion lown tioara ror ithe first, time at its meeting to- ! night. Tbev were elected on the I tegular Republican ticket last Fall Uo succeed George F. Keller and j Wliliai . R. Rowland. ! Four members of the board will ' remain for the new administration j They era Supervisor A. Emerson sib ir!uMiiii tne- intra year 01 their four-year terms. '. . TVn rW.cion KA-A . - wvvijiwii iTiauv vil Veterans Hospital ine aiunroe county uegion com - nas neen mvestigat - : " the relative merits of Sliver Springs and Canandaigua as possi- : ble sites for the World War Vete- j ran s hospital to be built in this , vicinity, ha taken no action u yet u,a Wlil undoubtedly take no ac- tlon, according to a statement . made last night by Chatles E. Ashton of Rochester, chairman of j the county executive committee., j Mr. Ashton stated that eveni thotgh th committee does favo one or the other location, be be-' lieves that the decision will have no effect on the choosing of the site. He stated that the matter may be direus. at a meeting of t executive cc-mmtttee next Mon- da night. ANU GOLF WIDOWr.RS A new game bat ben Inverted, a i combination of golf and archery. A combination of golf and the home - 'run feature of baseball would get "tha unanimous support cf golf widows. txciang Restaurant Measure Will Meet Opposition : Would Permit Women to Work During Night Alhanv Bureau Demrirrat and 1 hronirle Albany, Jan. 14 Opposition to 4 proposed bill allowing women o: 21 to work In restaurants all nigv made its appearance at the Cap,, tol early this year. The bill wer; In last week under the auspice of Assemblymen Jenki ari Emanuel Koveleskl, Rochesteriar, and president of the State Branc'i, Hotel and Restaurant Employer, International Alliance, arnvi" here soon afterwards. I "We are against the bill," : Mr. Kovelepki. "Always have hif : and always will be. It is a ff backward. When the hill has a public hearing, the Legislature n . get some idea of just, what Mn S opposition amounts to." Last year, an identical mea.;-. ! failed of passage after a spirit".! j hearing which crowded the Senn'i ' chamber. It provides that wom"' over 21 may work in restaurant from 10 p. m. to S p. m. At pre. ent, women cannot do such aftr 10 p. m. Mr. Koveleskl said h organization of which he Is n-officer has 22,000 members. Zontians Told Beauties; of Canadian Rockies1 j Members of the Zonta. Club ' their January dinner meeting irf-: , the Rochester Club last evening' heard J. E. Myers, a representation i of Western railroads In an illusti.s ; ted talk on the Northwest and thf Canadian Rockies. The soloist e':J i the) evening was Mrs. L. W. Bran' f j whose feature number was the son; ; i"Dear Heart." Mrs. Catherine' I Shaw, a student at Antrch Collet !gave a short talk in which she p j plained the advantages of a ah ' j sponsored by that college an.- ?, j which is said to he particularly w adapted to the needs of buin j women. t I Announcement w-as made that j- card party would he held ths e-1 :ntrg of Jan. 20 in the Womavi O City Club to further the service n'l i Zonta. At. the party, hostesses w S ; he the Misses Flora Armbiustpf' ; Florence Markham and Ruth Tur ncr. ' ! . S .r ! VJa; v-wipany rVlUUUCS j SfPfhpr HafincT Plintl I ,Cr " " FJant I P"at e Stecher Wth- IfffP''0 Company heating plant r It'4 'h Goodman Street, whin i f,"'n"'hd to ,wo elghbonr;; f I f"mp"mfs' has n taken over b the Rochester Gas and Electrt- ! . B '""' K wa3 announced ye.- eral manager. The present 'a? will be retained. In addition to the E. P. F.ef: Company and Schlegel Manufacturing Company, formerly served iiy the Stecher company, the Haydi-n Company, furniture manufacturers. ' will be supplied in the future. ; : Twcntv-first Ward t i J c 1 f r0 AllCllCl OmOkCll Members of the Twenty-first WaT Reniihliean rt.iK T .'. have a program of entertalnmeet t , John Chi isl.ner, matchmaker, prom-1 iws is rounds of boxing in whirr! ; Johnnie Griffiths. th fiuhtin , Ruoen A?htnn. colored, in the ma if i - ever.t. Preliminaries include: $ 1 v iony Brown. Joey Cu-J' evening w,l, V' Vh U I vs. Paul Hou-r- in ha'f h..- t match, " s rtn" "'h,; ,: : Prevost in woth-r half hour "a - f Two local comedtans and t, I ...... ,."rR' comedians and t J ; u KnoWn caoaret dancers, plenty of good smokes, will con- ; p.cte' the ?'a enVer.alnni.n' ; . . If j nandaigUa BatlKS I ( port Ti'f ' lVt-ClCt-L IiretlOl5 j Canandaigua, Jan. 11 Catjar -f dairua citv's two hanks hoiH t'i. ii ! W. Hamlin: vice-presidents. Hen A- Bcman. Acey W. Sutheria ' "- . , toBis.w cashier, Basil T. Elmer; trust 1 fee r. H. W Closs: chairman of ' : board of directors, H. W. Higr." bo,nam of Victor. Directors a: '. H- W. Hlglnbotham, Gcoig tv i Hamlin, Ifcnry W. Hamlin, J- Tracy, Spencer J. Suth - I l"nd- Cbaj'! C. Sackett, Henry ; . - - . i three year terms are: Edward G I Hayes, Arthur E. Thompson, Jo!" ; Colmey, Fred D. Cribb, Horace V ! Fitch and J. Gordon I.wl f) 't'c'r'' o! thl banlt w"1 b eiect'di tomorrow afternoon. a' ; . - , u siunis ; Canandaigua, Jan 14 Gum-- G. Engert of this ci' today p chased from Howard Herende. the Lapham A Herendeen ne ; cigar and confectionery store r So-"- Mam Street. Mr. Herende t has been sole proprietor of trt business since the death of hi' partner, Walton G. Lapham, Iwo years ago. v -- TO SH0W WOHK r BLIJD -An exhibit of the work of menv hers of the Rochester Aseociatier. for the F.iini cf Rochester will b' open to th public for two week; ; bs:nntg today, at the Art Center, : J8 South Washington Street' i ; - TO HKAK OPERA MNGFB Hnrnell. Jan. lt-Geraldine ftr . r"r- opr singer, is to ppear ! ! Hornell at n assembly of hist j school pupils on the afternoon of j Feb. 5, it was announced today. Arrangements ar being msd fer tn puoua to attend th auemsu-

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