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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 10

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 10

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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CD THE COHN-ING TOWER VOL CXXIX 10 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1938 NO. 37 i ft DOien MODS ACES IN SPORT WORLD CALLED ON TO COMBAT SICKNESS By Art Cohn Sports Editor Oak Hiffers; Bob Harman, Kovacs Win Doubles Title p''? i 4' Stars It wasn't told to me, I only -heard That Solly Krieger, who draws the Ace of Spades here Wednesday night, "carried" Freddie Steel, then, world middleweight champion, in their recent 10-round brawl at Hollywood Southpaw Oakland Pair in Good Form, Take Holds Locals to 5 Hits; Abreu Gets 2 Seattle. That Hank Lulsetti, the basket Southampton Title SOUTHAMPTON. N. Aug.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6 The ball phenom, is secretly engaged to a niece of Kathleen Norri3, the lowly Oaks again last night proved to be the Coast League's gift to (U.R) Frank Kovacs and Bobby Harman of Oakland, defeated author. down-trodden ball clubs. Frank Guernsey of Orland, The Hollywood Stars, who haven't That Dario Lodigianl, the Oakland paisano on the Philadelphia -Ath been abie to beat anyone all season, and Russell Bobbitt of Atlanta, 1-6, 6-4, 6-4 in the finals 'ot have found the Oaks much to their letics, gave up boxing Deause ne liking. Last night they pounced on couldnt fathom soutnpaws and he still hag trouble with 'em Red van Fleet, and in three innings the Meadow Club's invitation men's doubles' tennis tournament today.

That Sonja Henie will join the had pounded out nine hits and six The match lasted two hojirs. runs. They went on to gather eight more hits off Kenny Sheehan, to wind up with a 9 to 3 victory. It roller gkating circus next Winter. That Oakland has not yet had a "Jack Lindcll Day" in honor of the Oakland pitcher but Los Angeles will tomorrow! That Lindell was the greatest all-around athlete in the history of gave Hollywood, the series lead, three games to one.

Southpaw Stu Bolen, who had won only eight games against 12 defeats, Harman's hard overhead game, coupled with Kovac's sizzling service, tew much for the young pair of Southern collegians. Bobbitt, star of the Georgia Tech team, and Guernsey, National intercollegiate singles champion from were playing their first doubles final together. Bobbitt was steady all the way but Guernsey alternately was spec-, tacular anoerratic. Bobbitt scored repeatedly with gof forehand half registered his ninth win last evening, holding the Oaks to five hits, two of wjiich went to Joe Abreu, who collected a single and double Monrovia High School, In Southern California having won the State high hurdles title in addition to playing football, basketball and baseball. That the Padueha, nine batted ill the way around In an Inning this week without getting even one bit.

That George Hudson Is not the in four times up. -However, Abreu was charged with an error, as was Eddie Montague, Oak shortstop. Smead Jolley, the league's leading slugger, who has been bothered no volleys off the services of bothhia opponents. The Southern team twice made strong bids for victory once when they led two sets to one and end by southpaws all season, experi onced his usual difficulty with Bo. first tennis pro to be exiled again in the final set.

because Mercer Beasley also was itrl getting only one hit, a single, Bab Ruth and Max Bar tried different roles yesterday. The Bambino (left) is shown giving a pint of blood to his 22-year-old adopted daughter, Julia; who was operated on neck was reported much better today. Max Baer, former heavyweight champion (extreme right) participated In a transfusion yesterday to give blood to his mother, seriously Dr. F. K.

Kearney is assisting. A. P. Wirephoto and Tribune photo. Behind 5-2 in the first set, they forbidden from Demg on me grounas four tries.

fought to 5-4 before losing it. In the fifth they had a 3-0 lead which melted before the Californians' hard Just Another One of a certain Eastern club when his pupil, Frankie Parker, wag com- peting. That although Mr. Beasley was I HOLLYWOOD volleys. ABRH OA ABRH OA FELLER SHOWS OLD WILDNESS; 2 10 1 5 118 0 4 1 1 1 4 0 barred, Mrs.

Beasley was not and, after watching Frankle play few tournaments, she divorced her Abreu.lf 4 12 2 0 Carey. 5 2 2 0 'J Jolley. rf 4 0 11 OIPucnllMf 0 3 2 0 Unseeded Californians In Women's Final Play Rmndl.o 4 0 1 0 6 Mnte.a 3 0 0 I 1 (HID Coscrt.Sb Hartje.c Hoovr.2b ijjj CLEVELAND FLAG HOPES DIM EAST HAMPTON, N. Aug. 6.

old man and married Parken Tower of Babble I am also Informed -That r.v Moore, the old relief Wrnr.3ra 4 0 0 2 0 VanFlt.p 10 0O2 OP) If the Maidstone Club's tour Bolen, Baer, Ruth Blood Donors Ex-Champ's Mother Improved; Home Run King Aid to Daughter GOLFER FINISHES 144-HOLE RACE, COLLECTS PLANTATION J. Smith Ferebee 'Hurts All Over' at Conclusion of 13-Hour 32-Minute Grind 'By STEVE SNIDER Shehn.p 1 0 0 0 1 nament, which ends today with two Conroy 1 0 0 0 01 Totals .41 9 17 37 10 pitcher, who started the season 32 a 8 24 si Young Bobby Allows Three Hits, Walks Yanks in 6-1 Loss; Giants Gain on Pirates Conrny battarf for Sheehan in ninth. Oakland 103000000 HUB 303001000 Hollywood 3. 0060100 Hits 3 1 0 6 2 3.1 3 17 Summary Errore: Abreu, Montaiue. By SID FEDER Associated Press Sports Writer unseeded Californians in the final, is any indication, there may be an upheaval in the women'S tennis rankings this year.

First, Dorothy Bundy, the only neWconser to crash into the top five on the Nalionaf list in the past few is years; and Mrs. Sarah Palfrey Q' Fabyan, who has been' near the top right along, were beaten in the guarter final round. Than the upsel winners, Dorothy the CJaKS, is naving even wumo mm, 'If possible, in the Texas League because Beaumont shelled him for El hits In seven Innings last week to make the final score 13-2. That Dick Williams, who roasted II baseball writers, but hard, in a recent magazine article, is ghostwriting Dizzy Dean's latest series. United Press Staff Correspondent The jury is still out in the Feller Mrs.

Dora fiaef," mother of the uorey, pueeineiu. Lnilnl pitcner: Van Fleet. Innlnan pltrhed: By Van Fleet. 3 plua. At bat: Off Van Fleet, IS.

Hlta: Off CHICAGO, 6 (U.R) That Van Fleet, B. Bum acored: Off Van eet former world's heavyweight cham-pipn, Was still in a critical condition old Virginia plantation for which J. Smith Ferebee, broker, played 144 For a while it looked like a ver 6. Runs reaponalble for: Van Fleet 7, Bolen 2, Sheehan 1. Struck out: By Van diet overwhelmingly in young leet, li try Bolen.

0: by Sheehan. 2 at East Oakland Hospital today, de names' for convenience. Ferebee was a little worried though as- to his wife's reaction when she learns that he spent a day playing golf and risking his half share in the plantation which has been in his family for some 300 years. Tuerk was a. good loser.

Bobby's favor finally had been Baara on ball: Off Van Fleet. 1: off Bolen. holes -of gojf in 13 hours and 32 minutes, wes owned by neither him nor the man who bet he couldn't first meeting of their series. TBob Seeds' homer with a mate aboard in the seventh finished that one DERRINGER TOPS LIST Paul Derringer became the National League's first 14-game winner as he hurled the Cincinnati Reds to a 4-1 decision over the Dodgers, boosting the Rhinelanders B. Left on naaes: Oakland 7, Hollywood 9.

beeh reached. But recent develop' 'i wo-oaae nils: Abreu, Pucclne 111 a. Mort, spite a blood transfusion given her yesterday by Max. Mettler, Runa batted In: Jolley. Puccl- do it, it was revealed today.

ments indicate the jurors just came back at that time for further In nelll 2, Abreu, Hoover, Bolen. Mettler 2. It was owned by Mrs. Ferebee That the Chicago pureau 01 io United Press yesterday quoted J. Donald Budge as saying that he had NOT received; any professional That under his own by-line In the British journal, "News of the World," Columnist J.

Donald Budge Workman'of Los Angeles, and Barbara Winslow of Hollywood, who is 11th in the National ranking, a staged a couple of other surprises in the semifinals. Jurat, Carey. Stolen base: Hill. Double structions and another quick look. Hospital attaches said Mrs.

Baer spent "a very poor night," and her piaya; cnacarart to Hoover to Mort. Ehee. and Mrs. Fred Tuerk, wife of Fere-bee's business colleague, who en "I guess Smith ought to be the han to Montaaue to Ralmondl. Time, 1:40.

Certainly young Bdbby'g work In umpire: snyder and cole. recent weeks, since about the end into a tie for third place. Lon condition was unchanged from that Of yesterday when Max flew here tered the all or" nothing -bet after a disagreement over managerial methods And at least one of the wives or June, leaves him somewhot short of being all the Mathewsons and Warneke tossed a six-hitter and the Cardinals whitewashed the Phii- writes: i nave naa a numucr i fi offers for my services as a pro, but I AuTOpSy SHOWS COUSO Johnsons rolled into as you lies, 3-0. were led to believe by- the bally' there is not a cnance 01 my anything about them until AFTER I Of EqUipOISO Death joe Cronin's homer with the from Lake Tahoe to make the transfusion. 500 CENTIMETERS Mrs.

Baer has been ill for months, one to have it anyway," he said. "That place has been in his family for a long time. Its value may be a little bit over-estimated. We paid for it in 1933, but I guess he feels its worth more now." MINUTES TO SPARE They bought it from Ferebee's uncle. Ferebee won with only minutes to spare as the last bit of day hoo boys during the freshman and Miss Workman, conquerer of Miss Bundy, went on to defeat fourth seeded Helen' federsen of Stamford, 4-6, 6-2, 6-4.

Miss -Winslow, who had beaten Mrs: Fabyan, trounced Virginia Wolfenden of San Francisco, most sensational of the younger players 6-1, 7-5. The doubles, however, went according to form as Mrs. Dorothy ri Andrus of New York and Mme.isA bases loaded featured the Boston tne national cnBmpiunuii. Mrs. Ferebee nothing of the wager which was settled amid blistered feet, thunder showers, and enthusiastic gallerites yesterday.

MATTER OF CONVENIENCE But there will be no difficulty in h. National auin i ry Aug. eany gopnomore aays 01 Cleveland Red Sox comeback to nip the Tigers 9-8. Fred Johnson, a rookie of 41 Tl i n. Or.

Charleg Hagyard, Lexington cannon-baller. 1, -ii. similes xiaxyara, exuiKiun lumiun-Dajier, SSSJ toi IX-WnU HOWLING SUCCESS and has spent much of the past six months in the hospital. In December she was gravely ill at the same years, hurled the St. Louis Browns to a 9-2 win over the Athletics.

looHinu iciHum mat uie aeBin or vne In fact, his record tf twd victories Ferebee collecting his winning, The rest of the outfits in both (both against the lowly Athletics). iew famous Whitney race horse, Equl- TXA had resulted from an inflaV time her husband, the late Jacob Baer, and her daughter-in-law; any more than there would have been if Tuerk had won. Winner. leagues were idle. light was fading.

He limped in, his feet blistered, his back aching from lumbago, but with his eighth round a stroke better than his first. four defeats and just three complete nine-inning jobs in his nine starts mation of tha Ipwer intestine. never defile his column by calling Thllr1, Mary Sullivan Baer, also were con and loser explained that they had put the property in their wives' since June 30 haven't made him even fcM 'b'de Broomstick, the most close to a howling success. norse ver owned by Farmer Halts And on top of that, he has the "Tn" "Ji. Twta.

anf t- I WW tables. same weaknesses, the same tendencies to throw hoe-wild at the hearted arid, in a concession to kids Howard Horses fined. Max gave 500 cubic centimeters of blood to his mother yesterday in an effort to build up her resistance. TRAINS FOR BOUT "I am awfully worried about mother's condition." he said, as he loft the hospital. "She's very, very sick." Sylvia Henrotin of France defeated Mrs.

Virginia Rice Johnson of Boston and Katharine Winthrop of Manchester, 8-6. 3-6, 6-1. Misg Workman and Miss Bundy eliminated Miss Wolfender and Mrs. Fabyan, 8-6. 3-6, 8-6.

That sent the two top-seeded teams into the final. -v Carrothers, Dranga in British Columbia Final VICTORIA, B. C. Aug. 6.

(Canadian Press) Bob Carrothers, plate and to fall asleep with run Just becoming sports-page conscious, mLeii J-comnromUcd by calling 'em B's OmpDeil OIIS in Tuerk took up Ferebee's boast that he could do 144 holes in one day, but added a stickler each round had to be 95 or under. Still Ferebee. a 10 handicap player, won in a walk with rounds of 90, 82. 82, 82, 87, 87, 88, and 89, a total of 687. "Sure, I hurt all over." Ferebee grinned at the finish.

" was easy. I could have gone further if it hadn't rained me out of 97 minutes Yannes j'n Third ners on the bases behind him, as he had when, they brought him out of which still standg for Bravcsl New Speed Attempt the Ioway cornfields. Fair Races' GENEVA, Switzerland, Aug. 8. That was what wrong with him (jflP) Sir Malcolm Campbell today "Red" Farmer, 160, Honolulu, yesterday when he dropped a really Baer has been at Lake Tahoe training for a fight with Joe Louis i tailed in an attempt to break his own knocked out Bobby Yannes, 159.

crucial o-i decision to the Yankees Short, Short Stories And, would you believe it That the campaign of Harry KIpke which has made him one of the three top leaders in the national popularity poll to. determine the SACRAMENTO, Aug. 6. Charles world motorboat speed record. (or the heavyweight title.

wnicn sent uenrlg and company Los Angeles Mexican, in the third round of last night's mailt event -at In a trial on a Lake Geneva course made rough by a storm. Sir Mal 3 ft games out in front in the Ameri Dreamland Auditorium, San Fran can League race, certain of return colm reached a speed of 110 miles cisco. ing from their western trlD leading After two slow rounds, the Hono the parade. Master Robert gave up playing time, but I guess getting the plantation was enough." START IN DARKNESS rebee's eight rounds were played under almost every handicap a golfer can face. started 'at 4:05 a.

m. in virtual darkness. There was heavy rain, high wind and later, drying greens that proved fast on Babe Ruth Gives Transfusion to Daughter NEW YORK, Aug. 6. UP) Babe Ruth's 22-year-old adopted daughter, Julie, was doing "very nicely" lust tnree hits in the seven inn nes 16-year-old cannonball from Coro-nado, and Mel Dranga, Seattle, meet today for tbe British Columbia tennis championship.

vCarrothers defeated Ted Schroe-der, Glendale. 5-7. 10-8, 6-3, 8-6 in a gruelling match to, win his place. Dranga took an easy 6-1. 7-5, 6-1 win from Harry Wagner, San Francisco youngster.

S. Howard, widely known owner of Scabiscuit, will euter "about six thoroughbreds" the 1938 horse race meeting to be held in conjunction with the California State Fair and Exhibition set for September 2 through 11 in Sacramento. This was announced by Sccretary-Maaager Robert Muckler following a long-distance telephone conversa lulu fighter, out of the ring for two months with injuries, cut loose in the third to bring Yannes to the ne worked, but he walked 11 bat Harry was fited from Michigan ters, twice passing three in a row. Aquaplane Trials canvas for the count with a left and he was the victim of five hook to the jaw, after having SANTA CATALINA ISLAND. in the hospital today, but the onetime' home-run king himnelf was too weal: for probably the first stolen bases.

TRIBE NEEDS FELLER knocked him down three times in the same round. Aug. 6. (U.R) Aquaplane riders and speedboat crews, including Jackie Fritz Crisler. That all the New York writers and press gervlce writers who got J.

Donald Budge to admit this week that there is no rift between him and Gene Mako fumbled the story badly. That lh newshawks should have one side anoj slow on tne other, with no way to tell which was which. On the slow greens he had tion with tho San Francisco horse lime on record to sign autographs, There you have Bobby's trouble. Lester Morris, 155, Milwaukee. Loogan and his actress bride.

Bettv Ruth was donor of a 500 cubic and there you have the hopes of was given a decision over Sidney Brent, 154, Seattle Negro, in the Grable, went through trial spins today for a gruelling 25-mfle race me Tribe in the pennant in the centimeter blood transfusion his daughter yesterday. A motorcycle pennant chase. For, if Bobby con six-rqund semifinal after knock tried to get Budge to deny that over choppy waves from Santa Cata ins the veterad down in the sixth tinues off form, the Tribe, with man, who said he would enter the two big stakes, the $1000 Inaugural on September 2, and the S1300 Governor's Handicap on September 8. If the Bifcuit does not start in the $10,000 handicap at Seattle, September 3. he will be exhibited at the State Fair on one of the bigger lina Island to Hermosa Beach to- there was any pheud between him to use a five iron and in water-soaked sandtraps he had to use a putter.

As he finished the last hole, he called to the gallery: "Well, anyway, my golf's got volume if not quality." (Picture on Second Sport Page) morrow. omy jonnny Alien as a dependable with a left to the jaw. hope (despite Mel Harderg come- Other results: VaMejo Gun Club to Hold Bay Excursion VALLEJO. Aug. 6 Vith an extensive program mapped out for the entire day.

the Vallejo Rod and Gun- Club today is completing arrangements for an excursion trip around San Francisco Bay on the Yerba Buena Sunday, August 21. back), isn't going places. Feller has Eddie Stanley. 134. San Fran- police escort rushed with him from Ebbetts Field, where he coaches the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team, to the hospital.

The daughter underwent an operation a week ago for a glandular condition in the neck. She had failed to rally satisfactorily, showing symptoms of anemia which given up an average of only nine cisco, and Frankie Martin, 135. Los hits per game since the end nf Aneeles. foueht to a draw in their stake days, Howard indicated. Moore Scores Win SAN DIEGO.

Aug. 6. (JPt Areht. AVhilo ha liflc ind Bobby Riggs! That Jake Ruppert. who is 71 yean old today, is worth (That'g right, Mr.

Linotyper. That the first roller gkating derby ever held in thig country began in Chicago two yearg ago August 13. That the cooling gystem went hay what horses will be sent to the Plantation Winner to Moore, La Jolla Negro middle- June, but his earned-run average is six-round bout. somewhere between five and six Kui Kong "Young, 122, Honolulu and that won't win an awful lot of Chinese, took a technical knockout weight, pounded out a decisive vic The boat will sail from the Vir Fajr, Howard included Chanceview, Ariel Cross, Exhibit, Indiantown. tory over Lorenzo Pedro.

Brazil, in ball games. True, he leads the in the third over General Padilla. made the transfusion necessary. ginia btreet wrrarf with some 1200 members, friends and guests of the Rod and Gun Club aboard. Manila.

Grog. Advocator. Veloz and Quick Cloud as possible entries in a list 10-round outdoor bout here last night. The Negro- floored his foe Besieged by scores of neighbor league in strikeouts but he is also far out in front in bases on balls. Jimmy Reid, 176.

San Francisco, Play Golf for Fun Today CHICAGO, Aug. 6. (JP) J. Smith Ferebee's program today included 18 holes of golf "for fun instead of work." The 31-year-old investment broker, said he had an 18-hole wire in the middle of the Chicago derby ona night, warping the track so badly and freezing it so that presented to Muckler. hood hero-worshipers, Ruth excused himself, saying' his arm still felt a knocked out Doug Carver, 184, Oak twice in he seventh round, for counts of one and eight.

land, in the first round. While the Yanks were stretching their lead behind Bump Hadley's five-hit flinging, the other half of Pa Knickerbocker's baseball family, the Giants, pulled un a came Umpire Pipgras little weak. Hospital attaches said a second transfusion probably would not be needed. closer to the National League pace Lewis Beats Wallace CALGARY. Alta.

Aug. 6 (Canadian Press.) "Tiger" Al Lewis, Negro welterweight of Seattle, outpointed Gordon Wallace. B- former champion of Canada, in a tame 10-round bout here last night. International League Rochntw Nfarlc 4. Jemy City S.

Montreal z. Toronto i. Baltimore 4. Syracuse Buffalo O-l. the roller skaters became ice skaters.

That If the American Legion or any other organization actually WANTS a fight permit in Oakland, as Acting Commissioner Edwin Geary claims, let that organisation now gtep forward and publicly say go or forever hold its peace. CHICAGO, Aug. 6. (PI George match scheduled for this afternoon. Pipgras, former right hand pitcher "I feel great." he said at his La with the New York Yankees and Salle Street office.

"Had SH hours the Boston Red Sox, will make his of sleep and a real breakfast which first American League start in three i puts me right in shape for a round years today as an umpire. I this afternoon. oy Knocking orr the league-lead-i ing Pittsburgh Pirates, 5-3, in the Bartell Only Eastbay Star, To Hit Safely Pro GriddersSign NEW YORK. Aug. 6 Three more football "rookies" sent signed contracts to the New York pro football Giants today.

Queition, Please? MAJOR, COAST LEAGUE RACES The latest to come to terms were Flovd Pete Owens. Texas Terh HENRY MdEMORE COMMENTS: guard: Doug Oldershaw. another 200-pound guard from Santa Bar How many of there men do you knnw: Vf. J. Duford of St Ambrose.

How-gnJ Hancock of fllini Normal. R. Studer of Cape Girardeau. Cecil Mullereile cf St. Louis.

Ppfe of V'sbanh and A. J. Robertson of Bradley Tech? (Cotiyrujt.t. 13. the United Press) National League STANDING or THE CLl'BS Dick Bartrll uas the only one of the five F-aftbay Urs in the big Ifacurj to rlimb in hitting yesterday.

Athe Giants were beating Pitt.burch to gain a full game on the leaders. Dirk "swatted two for bara State, one of the LiMle All-Americans, and Fritz Waskowitr. bad NEW YORK. Aug. 6 (U.R) Put- idea either.

What's hap-, Three reari lt-r Loj wen 'i Pacific Coast League STANDING Or TBI CXt'BS Club Won Lost Pr Ln AniHea TJ Ml Sacramento 14 574 San Dieio an jus Sn Francisco a JJI Rattle ill Portland an at .45 Hollywood captain and halfback or last years University of Washington team. Club Pituhurth New YorH Chtcato Cincinnati pened to Bill Decorrevant? Eigh the lightweight crewn frm Tny. months ago you couldn't pick up a his ring idol. Reports from De- Won Loit ph. B.

sa ss tn 41 4'i M. 4J SS 41 4 4 4J 13 44 1J 40 4: It 2 paper without seeing his came tn troit say the Tigers will undergo three to jump his batting average six pointi to Xil Two of the locals locked horns in the East as Cincinnati and Brooklyn rrwt, but both Ernie sock Did yni know that all of them re football coaches? Did you "know that all of them fcave more ot in that chony Na Baseball's Big Six type. a is la 0' Boat on Brooklyn St. Louts PhiUaViphia Down in Hattiesburg. Miss, the OaklaiMl ti jm tional football poll tharr? UM1TS t.AIT ir.g catcher of the Red and Ham tins the sport ghot here and there: The tennis fathers say there won't be a break-up of the Mako-Budge Davis Cup doubles combination But that doesn't necessarily mean they'll play Because if Australia reaches the challenge round, they will have a boy named Adrian Quirt on their doubles team And he has never lost doubles match in wjhirh Budge was one of his opponents.

a gigantic shake-up this Winter. Only five members of the present cast are alated to be retained. Watch a horse named Thingumabob in next year'a Kentucky Derby. Race-horse owners henceforth will (Br the Associated Press) BATTING i first three In each leerue) PUrer Club O. AB.

F. rosnc. Red Sox JA S3 Lorrhardi. Keda 94 1M Averill. Indiana 3 Tl 111 Lavacelto of the Dodgers, went hit-lens Lombardi fell ett three points Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a re-enactment of the Sullivan-Kilrain fight on Labor Day.

"Gentleman Jim" and "Jake" fought TS rounds with bare knuckles back in J. J. Mclntyre. Cleveland. 0 owner of Earl's Mr.

Will tSlTTg TESTCRDAT New York a. Prtjburh a. Cinrtrnatl Brooklyn I. St. Uuii a.

Phiiartelohla iNe oioers acheduied I American League Hollywood a. Oakland t. Lea Annies 1U Baa rYaacatcv I (11 to-arnvs. an IXecs 4. SaciaiiKiite PorUane a.

Seattle I. ow Tat ararrs tw HOlb-WOOtf a. CMbUM i nne uvagetto dropped one Euck Shaw c4 Santa Clera. rterly coached tha only major tin. b-ateo and untied team in the United utes lt year? Do yon know that all thrw B- Viin are lifted among 39 eosrfces -J54 Jil J47 Travis.

5-natori JJT IX TVrrer. Herts 1 fa Med K-k. Cards te i St 121 Dsno wag again on the as the Athleticf lost to St Iuu and hrld ateadr at 2i. Sam ST ANOrNO Or Tdl CLI BS have to pay social security taxes on jockey, according to a ruhr.g by the Bureau of Internal Revenue Walter Hagen and his sn. Walter Jr.

a Notre Cair.e shjgrjv will make a father end son tta-n fr The Wilmcr Allison-Johnny hare rr.orc xor than Soft AKtK.LAGl IWATL. UAGM a serious contender for the Hamble-tonian stake next week, paid 15013 for the trotter even though the Hesse Res eTeexe Essi Van Ryn team is back in circula- rr lion ard has eyes on the assijn- Crcenoere Teens 5T Oood-ao- fteda Prt. 4 VS San rranmrs a Uie Ancrlea I. RTatoenie X. Dtecs a.

Portlana i. Seattie a. Cf TOB4T Ostiana Hoft wi.t Lm Antew at Tnmctor. at SrHie Sa Do at kacremeniax in points Do rou wrrder. as I da why Shaw Charman Ud anmhr httlns dai dcn wrthdraw hj name from the four up ar.d fell eff five mi r'ctf i to 272.

day CI St '-l 14 11 IS rr Chi! York Cln-eland B-TStOfll Hil4eha St. Lauis Woi fi 4 47 XI Lot Jl XT 4 Ne 4T 1 Fot. fo Soa Oil. C-sr's Xork. Tee- 22 Cwii'i.

Doffavra Ys-Vs Cirrtin. inhwi Atht it a ss Hasted is Dicr. Y-eee ISOrt-C-ants wawvr srrrari for the East- bay the 113300 at White Plain. N'V Y. September Z2-ti.

PractsranyN e-ery profe4raiaI siar will play in the K4-rWe maratKrm jrmks nne fir Vr. Ferebee Tctos League rale was S5000: the check was dated March 11 and its number was II. BOW TIME CHANGES In 13-13 Lrm Ambers rode the raila Joem from Herkimer. N. Y.

and cat in a gallery seat wstrt) Tony Canxooeri f4ht Xj4 Cboeo- jj mcnt HANK DEXIES tUT.IOR Henry Armstrong reports there no trutfj tr- rumor that if i he beats Lou Ambers iext Wednes- aatV Tanr.g the I cro-sm be is fir.g to chailerge I Joe L0--1. 7at be a Southern Awociation c---ct a. 4-L g-4. 1 JV at 1 rv- i v- a-. w- Kr.trer II Mwlwl CHi St.tir4 a-s r-r.

Sio rt Ovwit-sso. ft rvtn, TrMs a.xr. rsia r.nssv a Mhk Yens i ark. I era TT, arst'LT mniatr York Crin si-woo (. i p- a 4 rw'iw t.

Tulsa --j-wi Atft a. it. r.Ape my fori arta A. tvnrttwart a. usual 4.

f-a rr the the vrtasez..

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