Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 1, 1938 · Page 23
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 23

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1938
Page 23
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60 FOR SXLE MISCELLANEOUS EXCHANGE Deer season Is open! HADnC lil 1. Moulded i iw- knotty jin, 135 up. T inmwr, buo East latn. ASSINKT, crib,' bathluet, play child's clothing, slightly used, College Avenue, " BASSINET, pink, and baby's scaled In good connmon, aw nncrry 34117 CAMPING outfit, complete. Single . ana aouois oeos. d. mi S18665, Tribune. CAMPING outfit, complete, Including everytning. sen very reasonable. TR inidad 57K5. DISPLAY, case, meat, 12-toot triple glass, fiov saviag. Act now, tntsi.'. trLiencourt nai4. Enamel, $1.25 Gallon Close Out Papers. 3c Roll Up. D. J. Canty Co., 158 lth Street. TE mplebar 7108. UR coats, Jackets, fortes, collars, factory samples; huge stock; furs remodeled. Dow Warehouse, "House of 1000 Fur Bargains," 133 Kearny, wan rrancneo. OOERY store fixtures, Including helvlngs, butter boxes, bakery Roods, cases, etc. AN dover 2000. J. R. Wallace. MANURE? screened, 7 sacks, $2; topsoll, leaf mold, sand. ' FR uitvale 0533 ' . Pipe Used Iron M-lnnh, 1 cents; 1-inch, 4 cents; 1U-Inch, cents Plate, angle, reinforcing, pulleys. Pan Pablo and 67th. EXCHANGE expert painting and ' paperhanptng for furniture. ALa-meda 4110M. 160 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED ALL, used building material, plumb ing fixtures, electrical supplies; cash paid. Symon Brothers. 22nd Aventre-East 14th: FR uitvale 1S31. BEST prices paid for all kinds used tools. GLencourt 2752. DESKS, cash registers, Invalid chairs, adding machines. TE mplebar 3084. ' ' GOLD, silver, diamonds, antiques, remedials. Jackson Jewelers, 1621 Broadway, through to 1624 Tele- 65 HOUSEHOLD GOODS . (Continued) uvvwwi"frfri"" VAACl-JCDC Ironers rented vvui iLixjtjfcjht, sold,, repaired. Washer Store, 9234 East 14th. R Inidad 0!'72. WASHER S 1 i g h U y used Thor washer and i r o n e r combination, 169.95, with pump, safety wringer. Breuner's, 21st. Broadway. All New, 100 Union $1 Down, $1 Week Is all you pay. Your credit Is good here; no red tape. Guarantee Furniture Co., 2718-20 Telegraph. 125 allowed on old set; open evenings. BAND new Thor washer at greatly reduced price. Phone TR inidad 6910. COOLERA'f OH, -444Fer- kins. TE mplebar 5372. EASY washers, discontinued. Sav-' lngs to $50. Dewey's, 520 13th ' Street. FRIGIDAIRE, 1937, 6 cubic feet. Stove, de luxe WedB-ewood. 1938. Combined value $400. $75 cash and balance of contract. Box S18tt6, Tribune. Forced to Sell L7 table-top Spark stove, Imel finish. Excellent iditlon. Private party. AN 'dover 3ftsn. General. Electric Eight cubic feet. Perfect condition. Cost $365.00. will sell reasonable for cash. Private owner. Also some draperies and rug. HI gate HOUSE furniture for sale, very rea sonable. Must be sold today. 617 44th Street, Oakland. Prices Slashed ! ! on Wedgewood and Snark ranges, ,11938 models. Quantity1 limited 10 popular models reduced. Jackson's easy payment plan. ' 13th and Clay j : Save $20 to $40 on 1938 Nationally known 'refrlger-aiprs. 6 cubic foot, regular $159.50, fV $189.50; 4.1 cubic foot, regu-$139.50, now $99.50. Limited hTfrhber; 24 months pay. Haus-chllritB, 1618 San Pahlo. TWIN beds, complete, $25. Other furniture. Principals only. 369 Perry Street. GLencourt 5933. .WALNUT desk, $14.91; large rus, $18.50: walnut twin bedroom ulte, $49.76; wall mirror, $2.25; lined draperies, $3.95 pair; attractive 2-plece living room sult4, $44. bridge lamp, $5.50. 2930 Lake-shore. 65 HOUSEHOLD GOODS WANTED aljU lurnnuie, nuuniiu m""" . ruRS, 4Stovft, foeddinir, planoff. a r M II.. U..U1J vnnj4n dishea sllverwarp, hric-a-Drac. Caah! Pauline Slishiirv. TE mplebar 9883 A SPOT-CASH buyer for your fur-nltilre and household goods. Before you sell call TE mplebar 5426 ATTENTi on nByrurr rd;.',,.; teres; exceptional prices. TE mple-hsr 8748. : ARNOLD F."rrh"!J.So,iS cash furhl- ture, rugs. HI gate 7H25. A Furniture, Bric-a-Brac Fnrd pays rash. HI gate 6336. APPRAISAL of furniture free. I pay most cash. Call for Ben, GL en- court 1174. AN Y furniture and desks, rugs; mor cash paid. TE mplebar 3084. AMVk'"d ' furniture. Call 'VIN ' son. TE mplebar 9533. Elli ANYTHING in furniture, roics. etc. Pay rash. Call OL encourt 2275 BILL Harden pays top price fo ' used furniture, any amount. Pled innnt in HIGHEST prices Dsid for used fur nlture. D. A. Pommer. HI gate 6566, 66 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ANDREW KOHLER. (used) wit) - bench. Mahogany case, wonderful condition. $58.50, terms like rent. . nsunrnnot s. isis San Fshlo ACCORDIONS bought, sold. iTTrf quarter for accordion music; re r'TiTif. inn rrsnKlln I IflLHr.K niann fn.aHt . - 1 1 .... beautiful mahogany finish: lovely wn, an exceptional ouv. See this t once. Breuner's, 21st and n . : lA.Oi, beautiful period grand -iiae new, Also upright Cable f rnd. Perfect- eetndltloa. Very ' .T " , . " HT' oing m rue RFi ORD player. R. C A. Victor. R. prod nr.. rMaMi r r"a,-" tirrnt with P m recoMn for only $14 . 4 -Small Used Estw Htr !" dy little piano, la ex cellent rnniliMftM 1 K. . - . i '- " " to suit- Better PreTirr ?1t n lr"i4irf i-Pianos-Rent-$2 ;;.'..' Plan GLeneairt ITIV Clin Ptsxn Co Chk serine j'-e 7!?d X 'no- $; MCSICAL IXSTRSMEITS WAITED A.D t.,tn,n I me ,,.-""' ei wutM trumertm. fhr-f oor- H. C Cam- Get your equipment below. Bay BUY AT FACTORY pen 6520 PAlhlt Do yotknow that for J2.40 ner gallon or . 65c per quart you can enamel your kitchen or bathroom with 1 (iil-sonamel? (There Is better.) Do you know that you your, self can do a perfect job ovef old pnlnt with one coat of Glbsonamel? And It wears and wears and wears! Gibson Paint Factory IMS East 15th FR uitvale '-'873 ses FREE! , One pint each Unseed oil and turpentine with each gallon "Old Dutch" paint, 33.60 grade. Special sale $2.89. gallon.' Uhi Bros.. 375 12th Street FOR lumber specials Bee Graw Lumber Co., S127 Knst 14th. KNOTTY pine, 1x12, surfaced. 224 20 2x8 pine no. 2, sized ttx6 knotty pine, molded 30 1x6 redwood vee rustic 33 4x4 6-foot redwood posts, each 28c 2x4 pine, sized, a buy at 315 Blackman & Anderson 4221 East 14tli Street; AN dover 0460 Aliw and used bars: counters sinks; steam tables; desks; stools. iwiz articles. 735 12th street. USED Axml nster carpet. 800 yards gooa condition, win can witn sample. TE mplebar 9902. Ask for nnnsen. Kvenlnga. KU1TS, men's, grey, size 38 long pertect. Fit uitvale 1905M. 60 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED FURS bought or exchanged. . 188, r Fumy, rcoom iiuo. an rrancisco, CNl r Wanted tor our factory. OULU Top prices paid. Loeb & Velasco f?ll IT. 1617 Broadway.' LATE style full dress suit and double-breasted "Tux, size 38. Piedmont 6H49W. Private parly. OLD .books, magazines bousliL Holmes Book' Co., 274 14th Street, ni gate , 66 musical Instruments WANTED (Continued) CASH for piano. Suitable small church. TR inidad 6411. 9-6. PIANOS. Highest spot cash. Call till 10 P. m. FR uitvale 9726. 68 RADIOS AUTO-HOME radio sale. New, used, 45 up. Terms. Open Sunday, evening. Gateway Radio Co. 2923 Telegraph, HI gate 7981. AUTO radio. Latest mode) R. C. A. Victor. Special, $19.95. Superhete rodyne, Roberts 4346 Hopkins. FR uitvale 0464. AUTO radios; Pacttard-Bell. $29.95, Installed, Including aerial; $1 down, $1 week; open evenings and Sundays. 8462 Telegraph; HU in- bnldt 6631. COMPACT radios, slightly used, re-cent model, standard makes, $6.96 to $9.96,. Guaranteed as new. Easy terms. Breuner's, 21st and Broadway. MIDGETS, half price, from $5.96 New Phllco's. $19.96; Zenith, $19.95 Big savings 1938 models Phllco, Zenith, Howard. Lowest terms " Cllnnick'a. 3460 Fruitvale, corner riorums, upcn evenings. MfA 1938. Marvelous tone, $16.95 INLVV Used. $10, $1 down. Grand Lake Auto Radio, Signal Station Lakeshore and Excelsior. HI gat 7989. - 'RCA" Victor 1938 radio phonograph combination with automatic record changer. Reduced to $99.95 to clenr stock. Easy terms. Barman's, 14th and Clay. 70 PETS FOR SALE COCKER spaniel puppies. Pedigree cnampion stock. Reasonable. 2520 Market Street. COCKERS and Bedllngton Terriers, puppies, registered. 1010 Ventura hk rkcley 91J79W, COCKER Spaniels, all colors, ages, prices. 1Y Kootnill, Ban Leanriro, K1TTENH Persian, pedigreed. $2 and up. Beauties. 597 32nd Street. Norwegian Elk Hound Q fenigreed male. Full papers. Beautiful dog. Very friendly, suitable for child's pet. 2101 Enclnal. ALameda 0237M. SI AM KSK kittens, maleH, Pedigreed. j.i71 Fir, Avenue, Aaniand, ISftth Avenue. off HEALTHY pets boarded. Indldual rutin. Suburban kennels. 656 Med-ford. Hayward 859. 73 PIGEONS WHITEKINO, fancy pigeons. Mated pairs. 6034 East 14th, FR uitvale 8167. 75 MORSES BIG, flashy, galteriY sorrel, saddle-bred gelding for salejit a sacrifice, $750. Write P. O.-Box. 263, Los lisins, fsnrornia. - 80 MOTORCYCLES HAKLEY Davidson 1937, 74, excellent condition, 250. ,2301 West Street. 19:i5 Hariey 74, recently overhauled, 8i0 worth ot extra equipment, $250, easy terms; or will trade for equity In late automobile. TW Inoaks 0391. si TRUCKS, COMMERCIAL CARS CHEVROLET, 1937 cab and chassis, 156-Inch wheelhase. Looks and runs like new. Eaton X-speed rear end. :.75. 1900 Crove. CHEVROLET, 1931 lV4-ton. bottle rack $150 Many others. Campbell, G. M. C. Dealer. 6001 Grove: Piedmont 0427. CHEVROLET, 1931, dump, hydraulic body, lV4-yard water level; good tires., Apply 8124 Chestnut, (Jak land. FOHD H-ton and Chevrolet H-tAn; dual tires; terms. Piedmont 0950. 84 AUTOS AUBCRN. 1931 Convertible Sedan Fender wells and trunk. Radio. On special at $195. Remmer and Jordan JM7 Kt 14'h Street. AL'BLiiN. ISil Sudan, $115. Chevro let. 1130 coach. $150. Earls C. An thonr. Ie. ?H4? Hsrrln ITT "K. 13J ' coupe, $745. Muot FW eetwood It). ell. Will t? Red Ribbon Special 1938 Chevrolet Matter Coupe. Spruce irL lilt mile. Cannot be told 71' from i V' J. Bank Terms CbeTrr'Ut D ler " CHKVKOU.T. iiiK. Matter i- Less sport ee-1a. fnar-swr, bailt-la tmak: ten-er e wttie): ry t toned radio; heaetiful golrtea krti finiaa, eainxtt be toi4 from brand eew car: ais OA fw!! sbe best care; will arriflce, $72$ l2t Hirriioi CHrVR.-.LST I'.'l ..rB, argaia. AUTOS fContlnued) 12 Specials at Bargain Prices 3640 Broadway ' 1932 Graham Blue Streak $223 1933 riymouth,refinlshed 325 1930 Oldsmoblle Coupe, refinlshed 163 1931, DeSoto Coupe 193 1933 Ford Tudor Sedan. v225 1934 Graham Sport Coupe 363-1937 Willys De Luxe Sedan 478 1935 Graham Touring Sedan 423 1935 Chevrolet Master... 423 1936 Chevrolet Master... 873 1935 Oldsmoblle De Luxe Coupe ,.483 1936 Hudson Custom Sedan, radio 645 3640 Broadway Used Car Department Webb Motor Co. Graham Distributors no "In'BfWB IQUGHVAIU! Chevrolet De Luxe Coupe 1937. Beautiful black finish like new. Low mileage. Mo hair upholstery. OK Red Tag Guarantee $95 Down 3359 Broadway "After we sell. We serve" CHEVROLET, 1937 cotfpe Three to pick from, $595 up. Remmer and Jordan 3!47 East 14th CHRYSLER 1937 Imperial sedan; overdrive; finished in pure black; a real buy at $875. Phil Davis, 2647 East I4th Street. CHEVROLET, 1935, black blaster 6 sedan, paint and car srfme as new; $400; easy terms. HI gate 1Z14. CHRYSLER, 1934 reconditioned de luxe sports model. Snappy red and black finish. Radio, heater, 2 spares, mz.i. terms. At, sfflcdn 7461 CHEVROLET. 1937 tinirinir town se dan, Jt4ti. Daniels wens lnc,, ituoo r 1 " n 1 1 w n y . CHRYSLER, 1931 Sedan. Privately - owned. Exceptionally good condi tion. I97.&0. l it Inidad 2937. CHEVROLET, 1931, coupe, excellent condition, $125. 1912 Henry Street, norKeiey. DODGE. 1933 Fordor Sedan. Two to choose from. $325. Remmer and Jordan 3947 East 14th Street. - DODGE, 1836 touring sedan. Coni-p 1 e t a 1 yA equipped. Immaculate. Low mileage. I'rivate owner. $045. Terms. EiHeiGarage, 3923 Piedmont. 1 DO I X i E convertible eoupe, 1936. $525. Will take trade. 6211 Tele-graph Avenue. PI edmont 9569. DODGE 1929 DA sedan $125 Durant 1931 Sport coupe 45 Chevrolet 1932 coach v, . 196 Pan! Chevrolet Co., 2630 Broadway DODGE, 1937 gray coupe. B40U miles. $685, 2970 Barrett. SW eetwood 0275. ' DODGE, 1936, CabrldJet. Must sell. 95 flown payment. HI gate 2546. DODGE, ),9ft,l!3li 4-door De Luxe Clean. 1900 Grove. sedan. ESSEX sedan. 1926. 18115 Alice Street, Fine condition. Apartment 3. 1 FORD, 1937, deluxe touring sedan. Jet black finish with spotless mohair Interior. Built-in radio. Reconditioned and guaranteed. $620. Warren Boyd Q ast 14 th Co., Bulckr dealer, 8030 East Street. FOHD V8's, 1936 Tudor sedans with trunk and radio. Reconditioned and guaranteed. Dietz Alameda Park Street, Bnena Vista Avenue. FOHD, 1929 coach, completely over-hauled. Gooditlres, new battery, $76.00 cash. Phone HI gate 4290, 1049 Harvard Road. FORD, 1935 Tudor, $325. 1936 Tudor, $426.- 1937 Tudor, $526. John M. Olney, Shattuck, Blake. BE rkeley 2676. FOHD, 1937 Tudor sedan. Model 8566, terms; 2740 Broadway. Ford 1936 Coupe, $44u.. Bill Wood, 3(160 East 14th. GRAHAM l37 Mu"m' charged De UrSAArmiVI Luxe '4-door trunk se dan. Never sold or registered. Slightly used house car. Big reduction. 2321 Broadway. Graham Distributors. GRAHAM. 19.15 Fordor Sedan. Finished In Desert sand. $445. - Remmer and Jordan 3947 Fast 14th Street. LaSALLE 1937 tourin fi- Hflnan . $11195 745 645 Lasalle I33S sport coupe Ford 1937 two-door sedan.... Ford 1937 sport phaeton. Ford 1935 sport coupe Chrjrslur 1937 Imperial touring sedan Don Lee 24th and Harrison 695 395 975 LINCOLN Zephyr, 1936 sedan. Radio, : reconditioned, guaranteed. $846. 2936 Broadway. UARMON Coupe, runs fine; only $60. n i nnin lni; j:.ni nroanway. NASH, 1929 Sedan. Runs perfect. Ex cellent transportation for only $46. Kastbay Chevrolet Co., 916 San Pablo. Albany. BK rkelev 4622. W-J L:l' r--i!T VIUblllUUlie, -4ZZJ gb Owner selling 8-cyllnder F.fl "f 1932 Sedan.- In excellent IJ' I condition. 3368 Wyman 1HI Street, Oakland. V SSI OLDSMUBILK, 1931 de luxe sedan, wneeis, trunk. Very clean. Make offer. Phone Mr. Williams, week days. TF. mplebar 1550 Packard "6" 1938 Sedan Over 600 miles. Big discount. W. D. Wright, Packard Bales Service 4129 Fast 14th. FR uitvale 4264. Li MULTH, 193, De Luxe four-door sedan, with built-in trunk. Paint ana upnoistery same as left fac tory. My car always received finest of care. Must have money. inn- ii. i,;; narriwon rirer r ALKAKu 19k, priiate party mil aarriiice; Al condition. 122 i3rd fLVMuLTH, 1J, coupe, finish like new; iow mileage; radio; $496. TW Inoaks 3n7 FLYMOl'TH De Luxe Very low mileage. Coupe, $646. 193 8620 Kroaflwsr. PLYMOUTH coupe. Hit, like new; rnjicf? raaio. sv. xTincipeia only. 1127 CroT.. PACKARD. Hi. 2-door; run S" roil em, llOfj. Howard Automobile, 27ft Praiwev. . 1J.1JIOHH de luxe sedaa. iili. tx relleat coaditloa. $. 149 East 1 r n Pu.NTIaC '6 '. 1'iH convertible, iiii 1176 ,!Tn Firry SHI Pro-r. STlDtHAKLR. !:. T.urn, Se dan. Rad.o. Besullfot "finish. $646. Remmer and Jordan . SI ?IT T"f 14 lg'rt It i.r.Af LANu Hi. 8-oi.r iku Has beea rvfinlstied. rcortiofed I541. Cocbraa dt CellL 184 bil It r.t.Af i.AN K eK. Inirk. I4i. J. E. Frearh Co, Broed- r"' SiU.lS 1S; tr'i-u :f s '" -1 uem. Oely $:ii. 18 ilni.t or OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 84 AUTOS (Continued) Why Buy a New Car? We're Trading Wilder Than ever on these nearly new Fords 1937 Plvmouth De Iue coupe. 6000 miles. Like new.... ,$69 1937 De Luxe Ford Club Coupe 691 1937 Ford De Luxe Coupe (95 1937 Ford De Luxe Fordor . . Touring Sedan.. 695 1937 Ford 60 Fordor Sedan 61 1937 Ford Fordor Touring Sedan 6i 1937 Ford Tudor Sedan.r. . . . 69 1938 Ford Tudor Sedan 695 1938 Chevrolet De Luxe Coupe; 2 months old; $65 radio: only 2000 miles 795 All the above coupes and sedans have radios and carry 90-day guarantee. We also have 60 others, all makes and models from 1929 to 1936 at $60 and UP.( Fi'restine ,. 6.100 College. riedmont S1 1 3 Howard Automobile Co. 1937 Bulck 4-door Sedan: guar anteed $ $50 1936 Bulck 4-door Sedan, guar anteed i 745 1934 Bulck 4-door Sedan..:... 475 1932 Bulck- 7-passenger Sedan 345 19,37 Dodge Sedan...-. 775 1937 De Soto Coupe 725 1937 Oldsmoblle Sedan ; 875 1937 Oldsmoblle 2-door Sedan 746 1938 Packard 2-door Sedan; 800 miles 106S 1937 Ford "85" Coupe 675 1936 Ford Sedan 495 Howard Automobile Co. 2700 Broadway TE mplebar 3449 Lots of answers to ads for Collie pups In Class 70. Why not two ads for sheep? Goats sell quickly altho seldom offered. "To seli. call TE mplebar 6000. ATTENTION user car dealers Re possessed cars continually coming In. GLencourt 7410. REPOSSESSED cars; will sell for balance due. Hammond, 2221 Webster. $252 equity with Oldxinobile dealer. Will sea for $200. BE rkeley 3027J AUTOS WANTED sAssssssssWSWVMWM Autos Wanted Badly Attractive top cash prices paid for cars from 1930 to 1938. Equities bought (local and out of State cars). Joe Haley, $301 Broadway. HI gate 9 836. A Autos for Cash Also Buy Equities. Top Prices, Bill Lavlgne, 3043 Broadway. TE mple, ALL cash immediately, any make. . 2364 ShaUuck, Berkeley. Til orn- wan ooou. LltlilT 4-door sedan: About $290. 816 Madison Albany.. reet, LATE model cars; will pay cash. 2221 Webster. GLencourt 1367. POSITIVELY most cash for care or equities. Bishop Ovefstreet, 1600 Broadway. WANT to buy late model car or equity have all cash; no trade. Call at 1422 Harrison Street. WANTED, 10 cars for cash. Equities bought. 3916 East 14tn. 86 HOUSE TRAILERS A LR FLOAT, Halsco's; Covered Wagon. Many used. Terms. Cali fornia Trailer Co., 3760 Telegraph FOLDING trailer, easily handled. All built-lns. Goes anywhere. FR uitvale 0076W. HAItLKY, late 1936 model 61; many extras; brand new heavy duty tires. $295. C. W. Hammond, 2221 .... Webster........... 86 HOUSE TRAILERS WANTED SASAAiWWVSAVWSAAAArSiiAAAAAAA WANT house- trailer. Traae in eouitv in home, some cash. 672 Kll7.aheth. Call 6-8 p. HERBALISTS Ulcer Sufferer Relieved January 9, 1988. For 16 years I suffered with gas and pain In my stomach, which I was told was caused by ulcers. Falling to obtain relief elsewhere, I began to take the Fong Wan herbs. Now, after-having drunk the herb tea for a short time, I can eat almost anything; without distress. James Demechells. Route Box 160, Escalon, Fong Wsn 23rd year In Oakland California. For further Information, a book on herbs free at the office, C. A 67 10th Street I uriy VVdll Oakland, HI gate 377. Open dally from 10 a. m. to 7 p. m. Sundays from 9 a. m. to 12 noon. DUN wuu Herbs for all Ills: con sulfations free. 194 7th Street, HI gate 6893. PoKwong Shew Herb Co. 40 Years Successful Business 2321 Telegraph Avenue Y. I Chan Herb Co- 2240 Tele graph. GLencourt 0420. I.F.UAL. NOTICK Subject to conditions prescribed by the undersigned sealed bids are invited ror the erection and compiS' tlon of a glasshouse and yard. Ox, ford block. Campus of the University of Cslifornla, Berkeley, California. A deposit of $10.00 Is required for each set of plans and specifications. No bids received . after 11:00 a. m. Wednesday, August 10, 1918. The right to relect any and all bids Is reserved. Plana and Information obtainable at the office of the Comptroller, Window 1. First Floor, Cali fornia Hall, University of California, Berkeley, ai;rrnia. THE RFtjENTf OF THE CNIVER8ITr OF CALIFORNIA. hoTK B rime row ri rsiuhij . VF.HIf'I.K tlfEsIC TAX fLATEf AMI IVKKRT The Council of the City ef Oakland will receive sealed bid on Tuesday, August 9. 1938. between the hours ef 1 o'clock P. M. and 1 o'clock P. M for furnlnhlnr vehicle license tax elates and inserts for the year end Ing December $1. H39. Specifications and blank forma of proposals will be furnished br the City Clerk oa appllratloa. Price bid shall Include all Elate and Federal Taxes. All proposals 4all be aceowipaaied by a check 4m aa amount not leas thaa ten per rent 1 of the aggregate amount of the proposal, certified by resiKtno'ni bank. pevaMe to tne order of W. W. CbappelL City Clerk of the City of Oakland, which cberk and. the imitont therein specified hall be f"rfiiA and retained by the City of Oakland If the eereeesfal bidder falls to execute the contract la the required form and fwrnteb the bond required. Bend la the earn ef ewe-half the contract firwe to be gir ty rcftit bidder fr faith fal performance of crtrert. C-trsrt te be entered wurie I ds and veh'ci 1 tas ed tr-erie t be d red oi cat. r-fo-a r. ,-n J; if".., W. w. CHAFPFI.U City nerlC J J . S-T-i.. Ihd.- Js 2? mt MONDAY, AUGUST I. 1938 LEGAL NOT1CK , AUVKKTIRKMBNT FOR BIDS Notice Is hereby riven that the Council of the City of Oakland will receive sealed btds or proposals on xuosaay, tne stn day or August A. D, 1938, between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00 o'clock p. m of said day at the uouncu cnamners In the City Hall for the Construction of Drainage structures in Mountain -Boulevard and Adjacent Right of Way, Between Golf Links Road and Oak Knoll Boulevard and in a fortlon of laiana Avenue Aducent to Moun tain Boulevard. Afthe exnlratlon of said hour the Council will, in open session, open, examine and publicly aeciare an diqs. The successful bidder shall be re quired to enter into a contract wunin ten days after award thereof. worn shall be commenced within ien oays alter, and completed within ia consecutive calendar (lava frnm and after the date of the contract All work shall be done In accord ance wun tne plans and specifica tions therefor adontnH hv Rnanhitliin No. 6737 C. M. S. of this Council and filed in the office of the City Clerk, to which reference is hereby made for full details and description of the work. Plans and specifications msv he secured at the office of the City Engineer, Seventh Floor, City Hall, Oakland, upon deposit of Five Dollars ($5.00) per set, which deposit will be refunded nnoft return nf ,inh' copies In good condition within five days after bids are opened. Bidders are hereby notified that pursuant to the provisions of Section 1770 of the Labor Code nf t h Mtat of California and of Section 1284 of the charter of the City of Oakland, the Council of the City of Oakland has ascertained the general prevall-'nS rate of wages and rates for legal holldav and nvertim wnrlr I, ft. locality in which this work Is to' be penormea tor each craft or type of workman or mechanin noerioH m execute the contract which win h nwmuea me successful bidder. This nrevalllnfl' rata e ,a luuuu null nfiiflrmiiin nv WAaniotin. NO. 6738 C. M. S. of this Counr.il In as loiiowa; Bate Classification Per'Hour Asphalt Plant Operator ,..$1.60 Asphalt Plant Foreman .... Asphalt Mechanical Finish Operator , . Asphalt Baker Asphalt Shoveler 1.10 1.S0 1.10 .85 1.00 1.60 1.7i 1.36 1.25 1.25 1.2,5 1.25 1.50 .80 .90 1.376 1.50 Blacksmith Blade Grader Operator, finish work Bricklayer f6 hr rtv . Bricklayer's Hodcarrler (6 hr. day) Carpenter Cement Finisher :.. Compressor Operator , Concrete Gun Operator .... Concrete Mixer Operator .., Concrete Worker (wet and dry) . Concrete Worker (under ground) , Electrician Grader Operator, towing or motor, rough work . Header Board Man .80 Holstman 1.876 jacKnammer operator, under 60 noundn .85 .90 " .76 1.25 1.00 1.10 .90 .75 1.16 1.10 1.60 1.60 .80 .76 1.26 Jackhammer Operator, over pounus ; Laborer Mechanic (trouble shooter) heavy equipment ........ Mechanio (trouble shooter) light eauioment Miner , Mucker (underground) Oil Distributor Bootmsn Oiler power shovels or cranes Powder Man Power Shovel Operator Roller Operator Sewer Laborer Spray Gun Operator (pave- ment curing) Steel Men (reinforcing bars), limner Men s nesting, bracing, cribbing, lagging. . 1.10 iractor uperator (up to ana including 35 H. P.) Tractor Operator (over 36 H.P. and Including 60 H.P.). Tractor Operator (over 60 HP.) Trenching Machine Operator. Truck Driver (less than 4 cublo yards water level capacity) Truck Driver (4 cubic yards 1.833 1.60 1.60 -1.60 .9376 water level capacity or more) 1.062S Wet Mix Truck Driver (carrying 2 yards or less) Wet Mix Truck Driver (over 2 yds, up to and Including 4 yds.) Wet Mix Truck Driver (over 4 yards) Watchman , Guard Flagman Any classification omitted herein, not less than $7 1.00 1.125 .76 .75 .76 .76 o....,i.-n-,ii.i. . u - u .... - except for truck drivers which will be time and one-half. Sundays and holidays (exeept watchmen, guards and flagmen) double the above rates. Holidays are New Year's Dsy, Washington s Birthday, Decoration Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Admission Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christ' mas .Day. The foregoing schedule of wages is based upon a working day, unless otherwise specified, of eight.- (8) hours. It shall be mandatory upon the contractor to whom the contract Is awarded, and upon any sub-contrac tor under him, to pay not less than the said specified rates to all laborers, workmen and mechanics employed by them In the execution of the contract. Notice I also hereby given that all bidders may submit with their bids, a aworn ststement of their financial responsibility, technical ability and experience. Such sworn statement may be required to be furnished before award is made to any particular bidder, Kach bid shall be made out 'on form to be obtained at the office of tne city Clerk and shall be accom panied by a check certified on a responsible bank, payable to the order of W. W. C'happal, City Clerk, for an amount not leas than 10 of tne aggregate amount or proposal, which check and the amount therein mentioned shall be forfeited to the City of Oakland should the bidder to whom the contract Is awarded fall to enter Into aald contract after nemg requested to do sq by the City of Oakland. Upon execution of the contract the contractor shall execute to the City of Oakland and deliver to the Auditor a bond in an amount equal to J00 of the contract price for the faithful performance of the contract and a bond In an amount equal to 60 of the contract price to guarantee the payment of all claims for labor and materials furnished, said bonds to be secured from a auretv company satisfactory to the Council nf the City of Oakland. A list of such surety companies la on file with the City Clerk i ne city council reserves ttia, right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informality In bids re reived. Keen bid must hear th.-w fldavlt of the bidder r.nlr.i k. .1 - . . . . . . ......... itvn oi ino vny ;narter. . No bidder miv withdraw ui- itA for a period of thirty ) days after in-- an inr ine opening thereof. '-njrrr.uu ' Ity Clerk. No. 17 July 80, 1928. t) ROTIC9C TO BIDDER 'Notice la harah. .1... w a . at. Board of Education of the City of Oakland and of the Oakland School b Z . rxTna,or ,n Oakland High School District of Alameda County berj-by rails for aealed proposals to '- "'iTjr.o i. ine Becretary of said Board. Room 106, Administration Building. Oakland rlifm. , ne ria a a r of Anaust. MI. at 4-0 P. at which time and isee eaia aids will be opened for: nrnedale Kb. 1 ft far.,-,-.. "a. rmirr ream. Tama r.m Milk and Buttermilk. mos shall be accemrealed b eer-fled checks for i:na fnr r..i,. Cream. Tsble Cream and Milk and i' ror HBttenrlik. Theae bids shall be erea.Btad l. accordance With tne gnerlf lcatiia on file la the office of the Director of Porcbseieg, Room 111. A am Hila rs Uoa Bonding, Oakland. Cslifor- s. Price, fltaeae and anallrv bales- quel, vreferaeco will he a-'rea la be prod acta ef the State of Caafor- ;ojtx rrvsrwrin gacretsrv ef the ef T' ft ,k, city ef Cakiaad. Ca.i- aCtai VITAL Oakland Births i MULHERN To the ylfe of Kenneth N. Mulhern 1080 AshmouM Avenue, July 80, a daughter, Martha Ann. MILLER To the wife or jonn . Miner, 448 62nd Street. July II, a son, James Francis. MANCHA To the wlte or jonn Msncna. 8438 Amelia Street, July 11. a son, John Thomas. Mi.l llTo the wife of Gabriel L. Mello. 2620 73th Avenue, July 21, a son, Ronald Jack. ... . NIELSEN To the wife of Vincent O. Nielsen, 2907 Glenn Road, Hayward, July 22, a son, James Edwin. NARDELLA To the wile of Micnaei r, Nardella, 790 14th Street, July 11, a dauih, ter, Carrie Louise. Noii Tn ttim wire or William soi, 292r California Street. Oakland, July 23, win Riitharri riAVIfl. ORBE To the wile of John Orbe, 1650 83rd Avenue, July 11, a daughter, Nancy Lee- .. DrpraBnii Tvt mi wm, ni jiiiraa Peterson, 4170 Montgomery Street, July 20, a daughter, Joyce Dyren. REYES TO tne Wlie oi ln"M, Revea. 407 Sixth Street, Decoto, cantor Toll, 11. vin. Kdwflrd. RAMIREZ To tne win oi 'Tana nam. Irer. 329 Chester street, iiuiy o, a om ter, Frances Crus. ROLLINS TO tne WITH OI eurc Rollins. 6824 Occident Btreet, juiy ji, Dwlnn. BivwirRTZ To the wife of Oscar Rle ittr, leth Avenue. July 12. a son, SEEFELDT To the wife of Raymond p. Seefeldt. 3377 Aaenne oiri. oiiw, July 24, a son, naymuna nre. Santa Clara County 0ait tcci . a., 1 The following vital statistics were on me in mi- m-v-- MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED . OSBORNE, Lloyd 24, osRiana. onus.' a . . -r. -- e rtstlrtanrl NEALE. "d,ck2T"Qikl.nd. LINN Barbara 25. San Francisco. ,.Tnvl'M CLARK, Roger 23, San Jose. WALTON, Anise 23. Campbell. , .,. LIPE. Francis 31, San Jose. RANKIN, Irene 27. pan rfose. r-. ANDERSON, Laurence 37, San niTMM nil, In Oft AlnmaHn. Jose. ADDOTTO, Lester 24, Mountain View, wctnncc n-n. DA Mountain VleW. ALIAS. Joseph 24, Sunnyvale. BAN-. DUCCA. Carmen 24. Sunnyvale.. RASCH. Charles 30, San Jose. miio r.lin, It. Affnew. WIL- SALTER, Harold 21, Sen Jose, CUR' RAN, Eileen 20, San Jose. MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATIONS ANOELARI. Anthony 34, Ssn Jose. SATORIANO, Mary 30, San Jose. mm CARLSON Near San Jose,- July SO, Catherine Carlson, wile of A. H. Carlson, mother of Mrs. W. R. Griff in and Grun- -.-,1 Carlcnn. a nattva nf Sweden. 74, RTnrKitN in San Jose. July 30, Jo seph Stocklin. husband of the late.Kather- ine stocklin, ratner ot cisie sa. oioiiuiu native of California, 73. BIRTHS MADSEN To the wife of Henry G Mnrivnn. .Tnlv SR. dSUffhter. WEISENBURGER To the wife of Harry Welsenburxer, July 29, s son. FERREIRA To the wile of Manuel L. Ferrelra, July 25, a son. Contra Costa County MiPTnrer. An. 1 The following vital statistics are on file here today; MARRIAGE INTENTIONS CARRIERS. Eugene 24, 8 Eighth Street, AHnh .TflNTTK. Thelma 24. Pittsburg. TIGNER, Richard O. 25, 2525 Durant Avenue. Berkeley. STORRS, Marie Roxle 25, 1526 Filbert street. an rancisco. . BUNTING, Jonn a. 1 110 ifinu ".treat, nakland. LA VALLEY, De Mon tral Flora 10, 1660 Oriole Street, San Leandro. , MARRIAGE LICENSES MANRIQUE. Louts 20. Msrtinei. Mac- DONALD, Matilda Jean 16, Martinez. MORRISROE, Edward f. at, zi renn Avenue, Richmond. WANN, Beverley 10, 2607 Elliwortn Btreet, seraeiey, DIVORCES ORANTED ACKERMAN, Chris from Mary, final decree. .ia BIRTHS DRYDENrIn Martlnei, July 30, 1938, to the wife of Virgil Dryden of Brentwood, daughter. Solano County FAIRFIELD. Aug. l.-I-The following vital ststlstlcs are of record here today: MARRIAGE APPLICATIONS . WILKERSON. Joseoh 26. 1218 Mon terey Avenue, Vallejo. HOPE, Martha 21, 1127 Louisiana Street, Vallejo. HOEHN. John RudO DH 45. 886 Fesrl Street, Napa. YOUNG, Ida 23, 204 Lemon Street, Vallejo. BIRTHS WILLIAMS In Vallejo. Calif.. July SO, 1038. to the wife of Boy Williams of Vallejo. a son. San Francisco Deaths A MA TO Ma ry BARRETT, Ann Hayes CHICOURRAT, Marie CICERO. Vlncenza 86 years DEAL. Roberta Griffith GOLDSTEIN, Harry GRIMM, Fred Arthur PERCIVAL. Elijah C. RUCH.' Arthur Perelval SANDWIK, Gustsv 31 years TERPKNING, Elmer A. WIGHTMAN, Helen F. ZIMMERMAN, Luise R 79 yesri Townsend Notes Clay townsened Club, No. will hold an Important business meeting tomorrow night, at 7:45 o'clock, when It' meets In Sclots' Hall, S29 12th Street. . . . : Bay Bridge Townsend Club, No. 20, will hold a business meeting, with an unannounced speaker, to morrow night at 8 o'clock, when it meets in tne nan, rear or church, 37th Street and Telegraph Avenue. Piedmont Townsend Club,' No. 24. will hold a- business meeting to morrow night, at 4029 Howe Street. Eastlawn Townsend Club, No. 31, will hold an open forum at 8 o'clock in Melrose School, 1310 53rd Avenue, tomorrow night ' There will be a short business ses sion, followed by a reading of im portant bulletins, and a social eve ning for Berkeley Townsend Club, No. 1, at its meeting tomorrow night at 7:13 o'clock in the South Berkeley Library, corner of Woolfty and Grove Streets. Berkeley Townsend Club, No. 4. Will hold an important business meeting at 2418 Hast Street, to morrow night at o clock. Rooms Wanted Furnished room, 208 23rd Street, rented to one of several Tribune readeri answering want ad. LEGAL NOSCB A OTIC K TO lOUfc.llS Notice Is hereby (Ivan that the Board of Education of the City of Oakland and or the Oakland school I'lxtrlct and ef the Oakland Hif h School District ef Alameda County hereby calls for aesled proposals te oe delivered to the becretary of said noaro. ftoom ltr. Aflmtnistraitoa Rulldina. Oakland. California, until Tuesday the lath dsy of August. I'll, at 4 Ot p. re . at which tine and vlare aald bids will be ooened for: Schedule No. 4t Transportatioa of t'nvstraliy Handicapped Children. "ts shsii o accompanied r-v a certified check for two hundred fifty dollars !!?'). Thre bids shall be ereeentsa ia sccnrdisre Hk the Specificailons oa fiie In the cffe ef the I'lrectv ef Parcb as,. p. Hoa lit. Ad'cirOtrattoa SBildmc. (.k- iaet. t ai'foreia. Price, fit-iaaa aid ata,ity Velef eal. 9rrrnr wil rae Iks arodarte ef tVa j.'a ef i t' 'ria. j- u v.. r ;-... v r errarv rf te 4 cf ? J STATISTICS - DEATHS BOBO In Oakland. July 26. 1931, Carrie Bobo, lovlnr mother of Ada Kdwards, Urilla beralaln and Lucius Bobo; a native ot Texas, aged n years, friends are Invited to attend th funeral Wednesday. Auauet 3. at a. in., from the funeral home of Julius a. Uodeau. Inc.. 211(1 We ster Street, Oakland; thence to at. - .(..a ua dhim Aiiurcn, wnero I reuUieill mail will ha nffaraH fo "'" ;; nose ot her soul, commencing -v -.v a, hi. "V""ln Oakland, July Jl. 193S, ooert H., beloved husband " curr, loving father ItODert H .Ir Pattl- u , . , -- :,-" - ..... u a.,u X.UI1I1I. Burr, brother of Mrs. Julian Hoi man and K W. Burr of Hayward a native of Stan h'ranU.A A k ;?'' of Modern Woodmen of the Ul IU, 'riends are Invited to attend "v'u o . '"""ay, August 2 t iu.ou o ciock a. m. at Tru . la -!apei, Telegraph Avenu av dvin oireei. L.Mit in Berkeley, July 81, 1938 Marararet iMmrirUV u.i - ,i,. late levi Carr, beloved mother of airs, jjeua Stevenson, Mrs. Iotti h imams. Mrs. L Vesta Straefe ana tne late Leo la Stevenson sis Jer of the late Mary J. Hall; a na live oi jnicniaan. aa-an xo venra A member of the First Church of ine Nasarene of Berkeley am Women's, Kellef Corps ot I,ar4 more, .norm nakota. friends are invited to attend J "J services Tuesday, August 2, at i:sv ociock p. m. at Tru mans Chapel, . Telegraph Avenu, vi 3tHh, Ktreet' Inturment, Sunset i n ioiiieiery. , . I" Oakland, July 80, iiMo, Anna ivlnuiall IJarling. wlf pt the late Lyman A. Darling, be loved mother of Mrs. Kdith ston Chester P. and Harold P. Darllri a native of Massachusetts, aged 7 3 CHI S. Friends are lnvfted to attend services Tuesday afternoon, August 2, at 2 o'clock at the chapel of the First Congregational ynurcn, 2(th and Harrison Streets, uakiand. (Albert Brown Co.) de OS MA In Oakland, July 81, 1938 juno, oeiovea nusDana ot Kara de Osma, brother of Jose M. de usma; a native of Spain. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral Tuesday, -August 2, at 8:30 a. m. from the Chapel of the UBK8, uaKiano Mortuary, 80117 Telegraph Avenue, thenca to St. Mary'a Church, where a solemn requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul at 9 a. m. Interment, St. Mary's veineiery. FLICK In Oakland July 30. 1938, Catherine H., beloved Wlfa of the late George W." Flick, loving moiner- oi ueorge A, 11CK, Mrs. Harry N, Morse and the late,Ed-mund A. Flick and Kudora F. Kltxmlller, loving grandmother of Harry N. Morse Jr. and Edmund A. Flick, great-grandmother - of Harry N. Morse III; aged So. years, Friends are Invited to attend the services at the Fast Oakland Chapel of the Grant O. Miller Mortuaries, Inc., 2372 East 14th Street, Oakland, Tuesday, August a, i9ds at. is ociock p, m. xnurn ment, California Crematory. GARFUVKEIi In Burlingame, July 31, 1938,'Harry, beloved husband ot itenecca uarfinkei, loving lather of Kidney Garflnkel and Mrs. Esther Plottel. Services Monday, August 1, 1938, at 2 p. m., at Hills of Eternity cemetery. Entombment,- Portals of-Eternity Mausoleum. HAMILTON In Oakland. July 81 1938, . Ida C. Hamilton, beloved mother of Nellie C Jamea and .Raymond Hamilton. - Private funeral services will be held from the Cathedral Chapel of the Grant. D. Miller Mortuaries, Inc.. 2860 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, Tuesday, August 2, 1938. (Please omit flowers.) Inurnment, California crematorium. uminvuva in uaaiana juiy sj. 1938. A. E.. lovina husband of Eleanor J. Hitchcock, father of Mrs. E. Sandkuhle, Mrs. 8. Urat- ton. Mrs. E. Waener. Mrs. Ia Dis brow, Doris, Stanley, George and Edwin Hitchcock; a native of Ireland, aged 69 years. A member pf Oakland Klwanls Club. , Friends are invited to attend the service "Wednesday, August s, l38, at 8 o clock p. m. at unapei of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Friends may call at Truman's, Telegraph Avenue at 80th Street until 1 p. m. Wednesday. . ....unw r Cl 1. 1 J T . . 1 .. 11 ,in . 3u , ii vaaiaiiu. uuij . , 1938, Josephine, beloved wife of Carl Johnson, and loving mother or Clarence, warren ana aieivin Johnson, Mrs. Frank Fake, Mrs. Jsck Jacobs;. a native of Sweden, aged 73 years, 19 days. Friends are Invited to attend the services at the East Oakland Chapel of the Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, Inc., 2378 East 14th Street, Oakland, Tuesday, August 2, 1H38 at 1 o'clock p. m. Inurnment private. LEHHK In Oakland,. July 80-, 1981, Fred w Deioveo. nusDana oi wary J. Lehre. Idolized son of Rosalie Lehre, brother, of Arthur and George Lehre and Mrs. Frieda Partello; a native of Oakland, aged 40 years. Friends are Invited to attend the services at the East Oakland Chapel of the Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, Inc., 2372 East 14th Street, Oakland, Tuesday, August 2, 1U88, at 2:30 o'clock p. m. Inurnment private. MACKKM1E In New York City, Auaust 1, 1938, Lydia A. Mackenzie (nee McLeod). beloved wife of the lat- Rev. Robert Markensie, D.D., -former pastor First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, and mother 1 SPEED 1 Twenty-one Tribune buyers called SW eetwood 0287 in one day regarding Want Ad offering coupe. The first caller bought it. Twenty Tribune readers are still looking for coupes. . 23 DEATHS DEATHS (Continued) of Mrs. Isabella" M. Mel ver,Ne: York City, and Mrs. Alleen M. U D ) Cory, (449 Regent Street, Oakland. xt 8vJe. Rlverdale-on - Hudson, New York. U a. m. Wednesday, August 3, 1938. Interment, Romeo, Michigan. i?EiR " in 01nd, July 10. 1938, James P., beloved husband oi Clara Parker, loving father of Mrs. H. Dlferdlng, brother of 4 G iinnur aicueimott and Mrs. X W- native of Vaca- ' ville, California. Friends are Invited to attend the services at the East Oakland Chapel of the Grant D. Miller Mortuaries Inc., 2378 East 14tb. f lsik "iN" .T,ue"da,. August a, 1938, at 8:30 o'clock p. m. Inurnment California Crematory. 1938, Jennie, beloved wife of Peter Randlow, loving mother of Ber-endt and Carl Randlow. and Mrs. R. W. Codeglla, grandmother of Robert and Donald Codeglla. A member of Dagmar No. 2; a native of Denmark. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from the -Home Chapel f Andker-Petersen, 1445 6th Avenue, Tuesday, August J, 1938, at i ociock. . RIKRR In Oakland. August 1, i93-Addison James, loving father of Mrs. Hazel Rlker Cohen; grand father of Ben, James, Helen and Shirley Cohen; aged 89 years. - Friends are Invited to attend the-services Wednesday, August 3, 1938. at 11 o'clock a. m at the new motuary f Albert Engel Co., 3630 Telegraph Avenue and 87th Street. Robhrig - In Oakland. July II, v.-.,io, uony Deiovea wire or Frederick, loving mother of Lillian, Fred and Kenneth Roehrlg; a . native of Kansas. Past president of Washington School P.-T. A., Oakland Council: of the P.-T. A. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services Tuesday, August ?! t ? P. m. at the Chapel of the Chimes on Piedmont Avenue. For further Information call Han rahan, Wadaworth, Pine and Borba, GLencourt 6942. TAHL In Berkeley, July 80, 193. x. oiani, Drotner or t , Ludy, Robin R;,t)rovllla W., Lewla A. and James L. Stahl and Mrs. J. ' F. Alexander; a native of Kansas, aged 86 years 10 months 22 days. Friends are Invited to attend -funeral services, Wednesday, August 8. at 1:30 o'clock p. m. at the Chapel of Edward E. Niehaus Co., 2640 Grova Street, at Derby Btreet, Berkeley. STEPHEvs In San Francisco, July ov, jooo, wan Bertram Stephens, beloved husband of Sarah M. Stephens, loving father of Barbara V. Stephens; a native of Ten-.nessee, aged 46 years. Friends are invited to attend the services at the Cathedral Chapel of the Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, Inc., 2860 Telegraph AVenue, Oakland, Tuesday, Au- f ust .2, 1938, at 10:80 o'clock a. m. nterment, Mt. View Cemetery. TEIMSIBY-July. 30, 1938, Leon Paul i vnnvy, lamer or jjuane' Paul Tenney and Leon Tenney Jr., son of Mrs. Mattle B. Tenney; a na- . , tive of Oklahoma, aged 42 years. ' Services at National Cemetery. Presidio, Tuesday, August 2, 1938, at 1:30 p. m. . . , i WELCH In Berkeley, July 81, 1938, .rranues, joving sister or lono Welch, Mrs. R. N. Linn of Honolulu and Mr. E. R. Welch of San Francisco. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, 1:30 p. m., at the Oak Hill Cemetery, San Jose. (Amos Williams service.) WILLIAMS In Oakland, July 81, 1988,-Johnr beloved husband of Anne Williams, devoted uncla of Eleanor Werner, brother-in-law of Mrs, C. .Benjamin, and Mrs. S. Werner; a native of Liverpool, England. (Fresno papers please -copy.) A member of Bricklayers' -. Union No. 8. Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral services Tuesday, August I, at 8:30 o'clock p. m. at the Funeral Home of Freeman Sc Cox-Roach A Kenney, Telegraph Avenue at 27th Street. Cremation, Oakland Crematory. CEMETERIES OFF THE Cm STREETS t WITHIN THEIB GATE! It A TBUI SEgVlCl BOBN OF NIID. Mountain View CRIlf 1T0RICM, COLUMlAHruK MlUSOLinif Cciiitibt . ESTABLISHED 181 PlRFETUaL CAB! FUNDS EzOEZS OKI MllLION DOLIilII Crematorium Within the Grounds Unlimited park Space The Best Coats No Mora Terminus Piedmont Avenue, Oak land. Phono PI admont 2588 $:i r.h. J44 Ksst Jl'k. ef tae Ci'v cf C-s - Ce,.lc-a a M ix - A 1 N -v 1 . J r lii acct iaa A---i 1

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