The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS A\'D SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXVII—No. ML He°rald. r ' w'tey u"'cr. HI. YTHKVIU,I3. .ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, AUGUSTS. 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS KIDNAPER MURDERS EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL ~~~ —————__„ , _ —-T-'< Salesman Killed, Wife Hurt In Auto Wreck , —A . /^ Car Strikes Bridge Rail OnRoadBl As German Flyers Reach JNew York OSCEOl.A, Ark—H. R. Miles, 35, sales manager o( the General Refrigerating company of St. Loins. v,'iis instantly killed and his wife critically injured when their car crashed into the concrete tide wall of a small bridge near Wilson on [Highway 61. about 8:30 o'clock this Hopo of securing a federal post ( mo ™l'iS- "" *-"•"--- •-- — •• ••• Traffic was light on the highway Caraway and Robinson Answer Resolution; Indicate Building May Be Had cftice building for Blylhovllle, which several months ago wns be- lievfd to have l>ccn left. out. of the federal building program, has been definilely revived with the receipt of letters by Mayor Neill Reed from at She time and Miles is reported to have fallen asleep at. the wheel, 'vlth the machine, out of control, smashing into the concrete ra.nni; on the right hand side of (he road. I Senator Jo* T. Robinson and T- H. i Motorists extracted the pair from ! Caraway of Arkansas. The letters j Ihe wreckage and Mrs. Miles was • were in answer (o resolutions pass- rushed to Memphis in a Swift am- i id by the city council asking Arkansas' members of the federal ccngress to use their strongest efforts to secure a building for Bly- thevilte. . No answer has bren received trcm Congressman W. J. Driver of Osceola to whom the resolution also was addressed. Procedure Changed Senator Caraway in his communication to the Blytheville mayor states that congress lias turned the matter' of awarding federal buildings over lo the Treasury department, and that buildings are no longer constructed under special acls of Congress but by representation to the Treasury department. This is contrary to the belief ap- j bulance. lo the Baptist hospital. '• She sustained several broken ribs! and is believed to have been in- i internally injured. Miles' body is being held hei. j. | pending word from his parents. Mr and Mrs. T. J. Miles of Atlanta. Oa.. who have been notified of the tragedy. ' -UP MED Moon Lake Resorl Scene ol Bold Raid; Stones Told. Different j Taking their wetcomcrs by surprise. Captain Wolfgang von Gronnn, Ciemum flyer, and his three companions. brought their old rebuilt, seanlone (o r;si in New Vcrk harbor with the snme hick o! fuss or MEMPHIS. AIIIJ. 29. lUl')— Confronted by two confusing Murlcr i told by the management and uuesls ; of the Uende/.vous Lodge at Mooi: i Lake. Miss, jmllcc and sheillr.' aides were hunting two mild appearing hniullls who robbed the guests near 2 a. in. loclay and liici '. escaped. | Memphis police wore today lolc j by Mrs. Virginia Perkins, nluli ' club hostess, that the bandlu en tcrcd the dance hall, lined up Ihc guests along (he wall and robbed llicm of al least $l.tKW. Lalpr the residents ol Moon Lak' who were al the dance lasl cveiiliv called pollre nnd contradicted the hostess' story. They snitl the bandits did no! enter the dance hat' but entered a shack behind the bulldlm;iwl:ere 16 or 1!0 were engaged In a dice came. Police refus- ULEHEJBG T P I D laml ' Labrador - aild Nova SeoU:l ' Ha ' e - vou £ec llic n "S e iilrshlp at Ihe tottery, with police boats standing j '%• he'robbery occurred while "Dus- I 11 I r s by until the official welcomer.s, \iho thought the flyers wcutd land fanner oul. arrived. At the extreme ty" nullork. manager of (he lodge, i light is Ihe W.:ohvorth Tower. ! wns out of the building, and wa' I flurry thai marked their secretive trip from noithern Germany via ihr- Faroe Islands. Iceland. Gtccn- Man Shot in Quarrel Over Dog I'ONTOTOC, Aug. 29. (UP) — A family (minrel, prO\'2V.Cd When 11 |iH waldi dux was killed, has re •iislled In a fight, niul me shooting ol Solomon Casllcerry, 45-yenr- o!d rainier. Casileberry was shot ami painfully wo'.mdwl last evenliiK by Mrs Abni-i Cox, who:;e pel dOtf U w:>s alleged he kllk-il. Earlier. Cuslli-- berry Ihc woman's husbaiiil had loughl with Cox, being severe ly bealcn. olllcerfi were lolcl. The shooting occurred al Phax- ton. a rural community eight mile. 1 west, of here. The Injured mini wns brought. Un hospital HI Tupelo. Charges o! manslaughter will be filed agains' Cox ami Ills wife It die 1 :;, clllccrs r.iild.' Caslloberrj POLICE FOR KILLtfl OF ed lo divulge- the m ini.", js cuiurury to me ueuei ap-; iy; c ~ j pareiHly generally held here that! Wai' OCCVelarV Begins In-I appropriations for specific, buildings! cr ,__i - T r ru - • ! were still provided In bills passed SpCCtlOn lour ol IVllSSISS- ippi Flood Control Today WASHINGTON, Aug. 29. (UP!--. Secretary of War Hurley prepared ! tcday^ lo begin a 4.000 mile trip j which will take him over the en- I provided In bills passed by Congress and that Blylheville has teen left r/ut of Ihe last appropriation schedule. In his reply lo the council's resolution Senator Pobin?on assured Major Re«d that jy? would -do ; ev- erythirtg in his power to secure a federal building for this city anti that he would Investigate the status of the program in relation to tire Mississippi river route where ' a flood control project-, costing j nearly ns much as the Panama ca- I nal. is materializing ! a possible building here. Two metal airplanes were ready ! In his second dispatch to Mayor I al Bolli ,, g Pield , 0 tat , c t ) le °° s ! -••- Senator Robinson inclowd j i ela r.Vs party 10 Minneapolis. Reed a' copy of a telegram he receiver! from the post office department in response to his inquiry regarding " " this There the group will board a river boat, which will follow the path of the Mississippi to New Orleans. the building for this city. The] With Hurley will be the active 1 telegram follows: head of the Mississippi develop- ' Hon. Joe T. Robinson, ir.ent. Major General Lytle Brown ; U. S, Senator. Little Rock chief of army engineers, and Ma'-' Relel 25th claims cf Blylhevilie! jor General T. O. Ashburn heart Arkansas for Federal Building will j of the inland waterways corpora- rind Boys Tending Mountain Distillery MARION, Va.. Aug. 29 (UP) —Four little boys, one nine, another seven, and twins five years old were found tending a still In the mountains near Tazewell yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Vint McGraw. he reported here tcday. The oldest boy was ploying a month harp for the others to dance while watching the still, McGraw said. Several barrels of mash was captured by the deputy. 18, . I unaware his curst* were being ro'j- ! bed. he [old police. He said it was Impossible to estimate the amount .taken. be given v;ry careful consideration iu making up allocation of Public Building Fluids authorized at last session of Congress. This allocation will be c-mpleted sometime in fall of this year. tion. Hurley's purpose in makint trip, said to be the most extended made by any war secretary In the last decade, is to obtain first hand j information concerning the nunier- i (Signed) oils problems of Mississippi river Vhiiip. flood control and navigation. In his letter Senator Caraway I Contrary to the original plans, i urges Mayor Rc,?d to have BIytlic- j lllc secretary will not attempt to \ viile make a "showing" and pledges follow a hard and fasl schedule.; himself lo back the movement for He plans lo cover the entire river ' The communica- as rapidly as a thorough inspec- i. ;Little Rock Minister Delivers Sermon As Local Pastor Accepts Call a building here, tion follows:' Hen. Neill Reed. Blytheville", Arkansas. near Sir and Friend: Your communication, containing j the resolution of the city council 1 touching construction of a new post office building for Blylhevilie, received. Under present law, these buildings are awarded by the Treasury Department under showing as io the postal receipts and the other nee- lion will allow. subject, the Rev. W. Moore Scctt. of .Little Reck, chairman of the home 'missions of th? Syncd of Arkansas at the First D i A i i r> .1 missions of m? sync< ] Bud Usteen IS Granted , preached the sermon Furlough by Governor !presbyteria " dmrch last n 's ht ° ' iwhen the Rev. Marsh M. Calaway Last of Five Girls \Vho Drank Poisoned Water Pronounced Out of Danger j LONOKE. Ark.—The condition of : Loree Hudson who, with fom- other students at Union School, seven- miles west of here, was poisoned I Tuesday afternoon, is regarded by physicians as slightly Improved and it is now believed that she will recover. She is being cared for at the home of Lewis Rice, member of the school board, who lives near (he school. Evelyn Bettls and Mary Peaicy. two other victims, were permitted by physicians to return to ihcir homes yesterday afternoon and the others are safe. The school board members and faculty of the school have agreed that the poison was not placed in the water bucket, as it was first thought. Sheriff R. 0. Benton is working on clues furnished him yest^rdav by a member of the school board. When Lorce Hudson recovers the girls will be questioned. The $100,000 Fire Loss i Bi * L ^?i? Ha r ^ at Memphis Internal Strife Among 'Lcg- pcrs 'Blamed for Big Hauls During Week. OSCEOIiA, Ark,, Aug. 29.—W. II. Slater, his son, Tom Slater, nnd Whit falterson, a negro, will al! | be iricd before Justice O. L. Wnd- idell Saturday morning on charges MEMPHIS, Aug. 29. iUP)--Fire believed to have been caused by _ i _ • n • i inuimrKi gauons 01 nijuur oy me By Drouth hays Smith sheriffs forces here late yesterday, . _ ' I 'TWO hundred and, fitly gallons OSCEOLA. Ark.— Tabulation of i WCIT toultl ln - tlla aUlc of W > H - res|H>nses to between two nnd thre' | sln ler's home west of Osceola, anc hundred qucstionntrcs sent to Mis- slssippl counly farmers during (he friction of two belts rubbing to- I" 1 * 1 weck indicated a (otal rcduc- gether. destroyed or-flamaged ap- • "P" of lrom 7 = to SO per cent Iu proximately 11S.OOO bushels of grain : f hc county's hay crop. 75 per ccnl and partly destroyed the Interim-:'" " lc conl cr °P nllrt " f| .v per cent , tional Sugar Feed Mill here totlay.! ln lile cotton crop due to the i "nd the negro Patterson with the at a loss estimated in Ihe liclgh-! drollth . c - G - Smith, resident mnn - •••-'•— - —- fifty gallons In Whit Patterson's house north of town. Tom Slatci wns arrested en a technical charge of transi-ftlng. Efforts will be made, according i to officers, lo connect (he Slaters South Bend Is Shocked. By Horrible Tragedy; Find Body On Vacant Lol • SOUTH BEND, Ind., Aug. 2D I UP)— The barn where eisul-year- old Marbcrlnc Appel was atlacked and murdered was found today by . police searching for the man who kidnapped her. The .scene of the attack was only 75 feet from the vacant lot where the child's body was found Iflht night. The burn gave up. what police regarded as valuable clues ns lo the klllei-'s Identity. The barn hail been bfl.irded tin for several months. •:, On the earlh floor were splotches of blond and the prints of a child's bare feel. MarbcrlneUJiad . been barefoot when kldnti]ij>ed while playing In the street In front of her loms Wednesday night, The plc- lurc frame from which the child's assailant had torn wire with wVilch ,ic strangled her, nlso was found in the barn,. On the frame were finger prints by which police hope to Identify Ihe fjayer when he is caught. A bantam automobile Is being sought as this was the car Miirbcr- Ine was kidnapped In. There are only n few of .such in South Bend, SOUTH BEND. Ind., Aug. 2fl. (UP)-— The brulnl mi'*"r of elghl- year-old Marbenne Appel, who was kidnapped, cruelly attacked/strangled with a wire nnd thrown In a vacant lot, started a' search through Iwo slates today for her apparently maniacal abductor. : Authorities believe the child was the victim of a demented man who . lured her 'Into an automobile wllli promises of candy, and held her captive for- more than 30 hours. Y/JiCn tlle'body •wfts-*folin<t*only 1 *.- -j feu- blocks from her home physi- barhocd of 5100,000. ! ager of the Three States Lumbei company of Blytheville. told Osce, ola Clvltans in a lalk made at the luncheon club here today. Half a crop and half a price for cotton, together with an aculc shortage of fcedstulfs will sec many i farmers ill this county in actual ; need before the first of January Mr. Smith said. Farmers in thr comity as n whole came manufacture of whiskey at one of the Ihrce stills captured In a raid Saturday south of. Osceola, which resulted In (he arrest of seven alleged operators, four ot whom, Taylor Wise, Walter Kipper, Tom Brown, and Arch Wilson, were held to the grand jury on charges of manufacturing. Cases were dismissed against Hoy Smith and Arch Williams, and Jack Harris™, Famous Pilot and Wife i tiV Steal Spotlight from Stunt d mltn' ,. Artists at Chicago Today.! 11 "" 1 '" '""">' county as n whole came nearer who plead not guilly to the whiskey planting a sufficient supply of fee charger., was fined S50.00 and costs is year than in any previous but the drouth has cut. the S50.00 and costs for tarrying 'a pistol. J. P. Jeffries, arrested in another aid on the prospects are poorer | fa me day when -100 bottles of home i brew were found In his home near '• Rosa, was fined $50.00 and costs on CURTIS WRIGHT AIRPORT, i BoVS Lost in Woods • * l 1 "-" 5 '"* charge. CHICAGO, Aug. 29 (UP)—Still the ' ., A l 17 1 : ' ™ C SCrlt>s Of raill!> whlch hl>ve center of attraction at the tenth! Near Afmorcl Yesterday I resulted in more arrests than have ' been made here in the same length cians said she had been dead less lhan air hour. ' The bcdy, wrapped In n shawl. was found by Mrs. Richard A. Bn- shalz whose home is next to (he vacant lot. Marberlne's blue, dress with a white collar was badly torn. ndlcadng she had struggled against her altacker. Investigators believe the preily Ijrown-halrcd child had attempted lo break away from her abductor nnd he was frightened by her screams. The man minrit .have struck her on the head with an auto wrench and then bound her throat with wire to stop her cries, they said. Jack Spencer, 32. was being ques- Honed today after Mrs. Appel told police he acted strangely when he called at her home last ni?ht~ln- x quiring if they had any word of the missing child. annual air races. Charles A. L-Ind-1 bergh and his wife planned to take! Jimmie . , off laic today for Detroit where in, Chark u „ ... „. „ -— citement caused by the near trase- j he h|>s „ bll6illcss appointment, ersville, Mo., have promised never' bo ""egBers fraternity, officers say. Tipton, is, and his cons-: of tln 'P '" months, are result of a a; James. 17. of Caruth. '• dl^Krecmeiit In the ranks of the dy had practically subsided this morning ar.rt order is being main They will fly from there to New to hunt wlid grapes again. They ? nd d . ls B™nlled purveyors York early nest week, he said. were lost in the woods near Armor- ' 1; -" ltcni r>g" on each other, Ihe Lindbergh's visit climaxed el fcr eight hours yesterday all be- ] — the "cel.'biity parade" and served cause they got tired of hunting Robot Breather Aids to draw more than 50,000 to the and were hungry fo r wild grapes.. «iua using the passage from 2nd Timo- Lucy McAdams to „ r. . 51 i rates yi'suTuiiy. ; Accotr,-}?.med by Jimmie's father, ; Operate Beauty SHOP Lindbergh said he will not take Dr. Paul'L Tipton. Bob Barnes and j races yeslmlay. sentenced to two years In Ihe state, of Jon?sboro. The glories of thn church and cssltics for a building. The price of rents have something to do with! prison. Os'.cen's furlough was the; it. Congress turned this matter i third granted to Mississippi coun-! over to the Treasury Department I ty prisoners within a wc,;k. Frank lb> ' the Rev - Mr ' Scou who usod much against my better judgment. I Bethel and Mike Wallace having'" Pllritv in Doctrine." "Consistency I voted against the bill, but a ma- j been given ftirlouglis several days '" Practice" and "Fellowship and jority of the Congress agreed with | ago. They were sentenced for l8; Spl !'. it ln General" for his theme the plan and the law is so written. " " Buildings are no longer constructed under special acts of Congress, Mrs. Lucy McAdams. v:ell known I came lo wau-h," he said, here where she lived since 1900. has i purchased the LaFerney Beauty hop and will be In active charge of :he business after Monday. I The same,operators, Misses Mary Man's Fight for Life ! part in any of the races. "We just Homer Davis.' the party left this i SAN FRANCISCO Aug 23 (UP) I ,-„.,,„ ,„ ,,-„,,. i," !,„ „,., _ ' ' cl;y j 0 i, nson> years each two years ago. • outlines. Tlk3 furlough ' to Osteen was T * )e scodly number of Presbyter____ granted, it was slated, in order to lans nnd present nlso heard but by this representation to the permit him 13 attend (he bedside j thc Rcv - Callaway accept the Treasury Department. Ma~<e your showing and if there | jof hfs mother who is critically ill. 'charge and the choir sang an an- LaFerney and Edith Collins, are to! A ncft . |, nrmony l( , Qm> eomposed 'Ilicy didn't find the grapes they; Physicians In charge of the younp ontintie their work buc Mrs. Me- O f ^15., Jessalyn Payne aiid Bill 5ald the y u ' cre ' m " s! s!nrml - ! rn ? n ^Herlng from restricted dla Adams will be there nil the time as Trotter of this" city, will be Inlro- ' In tlle meantime hunting parties > P nr asni muscles brought on by t'-.< : manager. duced to radio fans of this"district : llnd scollr ed the woods without sue- j disease, announced his progrtss There are to be no changes ex- by station WREC at Memphis 3at- Mss bllt a 'l reached home In time pvcn morc "Pid than they had cept minor improvements, the shop in-day, and will broadcast as a reg- ' for supper. ; ""P*" ' or - te anything I can do to be helpful i nH.- er and Wikon i win be glad to do it ,L«i,er ana rcuson .. _ ll*»l-»r /«n ithem ns other features of thr pro- With best wishes, I am. Sincerely t'ours, T. H. Caraway Listed in New 'Who's Who' : gram. The paslor. who was recently .Synod to the Arkansas group, has The names of two residents of • "" PaS '° r ° thC Hungarian Aviators to Try Ocean Flight • i Mississippi county, Congressman^ hrough tlle sum ™ r ' hBvmg come W. J. Driver of Osceola and RE. ' 1Crc from A " S ""' TeXaS ' L. Wilson, financier and planter of ; ; ! ST. LOUIS. Aug. 29. (UP)—Cap- The new edition of "Who's lain George Andres and Captain contained life sketches of Alexander Magyar, Hungarian aviators, left Lambert-St. Louis Field today for Detroit where they will attempt a traiis-Atl.intlc flight tc Budapest. The two arrived here yesterday from Wichita, Kans. Wilson, arc listed in the latest edi- ! A ) J A • C 1 of "Who's who in America" Alexander Again beeks Speakership of House outstanding men and women cf the country. ' To Start Flight to Japan Early Saturday TOKYO. Aug. 23. (UP)—Lieut. Harold Bromley. American aviator, expects to slarl at dawn tomorrow on his proposed flight from Japan to Tacoma Wash. Enjoys Life He Once Criticized So Bitterly MONTREAL, UP)—Mr. and Quebec, Aug. 29. H. L. Mcnck- . "le. Representative E. E. Alexander ! re-elected lo the state legislature • in the recent Democratic primary, will seek Ihe spcakershlp of th house, ho announced today. The chair held Uvl sessler by Dr. W. H. Ablngtoa of Beebe I vhs lii>s been elected >o ihc sen en were on a honeymoon here lo- Alexander will be opposed for the day. i honcr by James R. Campbell it Se- The noted critic and his bride ! v 'er county and H. K. Toney the former Miss Sarah Poweli Pin« Bluff. Itvlns Neal of Sebas- Haardt. expect lo return In A fov ' tlar > county U also mentioned : days lo Baltimore where they will ! n prospective candidate (or ih» > But the boys went exploring. After ' paralysis victim whose life Ls be- wandering over the 15 mile of ', |11 B sustained by a "robot breather" „""" : Vimn^"^ ' vvocd5 umil ln!0 « f 'e rllo o'> Iheyior artificial respiration machine broadcast WREC Feature wandered to Hi? clearing and has- 1 to doy made another stride toward :tened to Armore! and food. Since recovery. is they Physlclo being closed Monday while making ; niar weekly feature o! (he station. • Company M To Head for Home Early Sunday LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—The zero hour was 5 a. m., today when the 153rd Infantry, Arkansas National Guard, tightened up its collective belt to go "over the top" for its annual "Battle of the Wilderness." This event, the most colorful of the annual encampment, began at 3 a. m., when troops begin moving up from Camp McRse to take their positions on the line for the daybreak battle. The "battle" continued for 15 minutes, when the "enemy" will be completely annihilated. Breakfast at Camp McRae restored "casuall- ties" and the annual encampment I draws near Its close. Troops will be paid off Saturday afternoon and camp broken early Sunday. Company M of Blytheville ts in :his group. these, and in the name. "Mrs. McAdams' Beauty Shop is its new name. Mrs. C. M. Gray, interior decorator who also has a gift shop, will have a complete display of things for the hcmc, including draperies, upholslerlng, pillows and gifts in her shop, to be in the same building. DETROIT Aug. 29.—Figures of the. Michigan Aeronautical Board for the first seven months ol 1930 show that there are 71 airports and 36 flyin? schools licensed by the state and operating therein.Of the ports 25 are municipal and 45 private commercial fields, live. i speakershlp. SAN FRANCISCO Aug. :9.— Airplanes are being used extensively in dusting crops In the state wi'h insecticides. One company rc-'-.rtK dusting 1500 neres o fruit using 126400 pounds The local musicians, billed s* \ Aj.- PJrrnc rn Visit BUI and Jack." will be on the ah-: Hlr UrCUS t0 VIS11 . _ ,, from 3:45 until 4 o'clock every Sat- City Over Week-End ' ui'day. ' |Postofficeand Banks lo Be Closed Monday Trotter Is considered one of the The 'Hollywood Flying Circus! r '«uor Dfly, Monday, Sept. 1st. outstanding singers of this city and ' will give exhibitions cf stunt flying j »'H1 be recognized as a legal holi- rcccntly returned here after aloni.during their stay in Blytheville on!day by the local post office and period of study in Chicago. He will • Saturday and Monday while Sun-1 banks which will remain closed be remembered also as a leadln? day will be set aside ns a special! during the day. soloist and member of the local day for carrying p.issengefs for' Officers at the county court house high school quartette. Miss Payne rides at t v e novel r.ite of a penny ! w 'lh the excepllon of the sheriff's is well known here, having presld- a pound. The filers will use a fiold i office will also probably be closed ed at the RUz theatre organ for • in the Pride subdivision near High- «" Labor Day. several years and played for many • way 18. southwest of this city.' The holiday will not be general- entertainments here. The pair firs;; Rex Rlchter ami Art Seiger, who i b' recognized by business houses gained radio popularity with broad- : claim to have boon flying for I2,nowevcr. casts over station KLCN of thl;i years, will pilot the planes. Willie ' city. CHICAGO Aug. 29,—The Boeing System has 53 veteran fivers on its ! Jones, negro, will make parachute | Believe .jumps Saturday ar.d Monday. ! Hif Hit New Madrid Area Today ST. LOUIS, Aug. 29. (UP!-The Is 4400 hours. The senior U. S. air- • number of airports, according to n! selsniozranh at st ton : iir^v.r mnll nll-l E ' Hnmlltfrn t.on hoe _„.. ~r .k. i. m n.,i»i» r : ,. 5nlog . a P n 9l St - Lollis UnKer I.OS ANOELES, Au<!. 29.-Call- ; roule.i the average time In the air fornia leads all oilier states In the phur lor exterminating Ihrlps ajid Ihn dusting of 1\ W3 | hours 'acres of grapes. nine; 85 each, are lied for third, and century of several serious earth- Guard President ot Argentina from Attack BUEXOS AIRES, Aug. 29. (UP) -The capital was tranquil today and the public pondered while elaborate precautions had bjen made for protection of the president of Argentina. Official sources refused to dk- cuss reports that revolutionary activity was feared, and similar forces were supercedJng police In the protection of the capital. Three scout ships were ordered to Buenos Aires and troops were reported confined to their barracks at Campo Mayo. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Increasing cloudiness tonight. Saturday mostly cloudy., Showers In the southern portion. Yesterday's temperature was 95 for the maximum and 83 for the minimum.

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