The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 7
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^mURSDAY, DKCKim_ER_18, 1930- HLYTJ1KVILI.15, (AUK.) COUUIKR NEWS CLASSIFIED Alfi Two cc-nts a word for first liucrlion ami one cent a word for each subsequent insertion. No advertisement- liken for less than »0i;. Count the words 'and send • the casii. ' ' .Phone SOU ,- PAGE SEVEN AfJNE AUSTIN lilt QLACK PlGF.ON "THE AVENGING P&OS01 " MURDER BACKSTAYS" OlWliOAKlJlNGHOUSl'; By Alierni: FOR_SAL13 -1030 Roadster, I condition. FOR BALE- lully Cfili! tnly $345. Call Abs Kinnimjham i louay. Phone 777. Terms, too. FOR SALE—1 Angora Goat, cart j and harness. Clias. Brijr.-*, Phone I 040-J. . 11t--K20i. FOR- SALE—193J Ford 111 Urn truck with closed cab and dual ; wheels and Klngham dual wheel log ' and lumber trailer..-Just like new. | Cc;t. over SHOO. Will sacrifice for j only 5575.. Bee. me today. Herman , Adair. . Phone 811. FOR SALE—Chevrolet Coupe,- 27 Model. Good condition. 575.CO. 1 'Irailtr, enclosed '.op, S12.50. Must sell this week. 510 Lumerale. 17P-K19 j FOR SALE—Late 1030 Ford Tudor Sedan, fully equipped, driven only 30CO miles. Looks ami runs .like, ric'. 1 .-. Jiibl the car you'\e waited, for. j First oiler of $-195 gets it. Cora Lee ! lialdrio'ge. Plione 902-J or. 811.' Trade in. your old car. FOR RENT' (MAIN ilir Sand.iy ntlrr* Jl'AXI- t| t>, itiurrirri-it ni Ijrlitgr, Illl- IjLU'Ml MBilttlUhl SUK|-l r..n ri-nlrn, lirlivk»l nil ItAI.I'll EIAMUD.MI. Irt Invr wlrji Mtn. \\J:,1 |-il>lll- III MIIL'H 'k'rlHKr Ilir nn..-!i!nu of lhi< niiinjrr 'tn fhll- tll-lll- Ilir i-CKl til 1,-mH'JMInu- 11" ti:li<- mill lend'.,] In Iht- h*lli- hr.1- r il rr:i,'r. i.r • ifUXTI-MI JJ]'IM<<1 11'S luTiiliMiirrV tHrri-. 1'in.i.Y r.r: M.t:. oMifrfp rur MIU. tlml\ IIIT Kiinf. nn^t ' kurln^ IHf Mini- ll:il|ih l» In, >plr|i)inhr« Xlln nnd tiri-al;-, lltf linu'Uriin Vn^nci'- i*itnl iiinl r.irrf* ll:ifpU .lit hmv -/iifi-li <\irti IIIT nni) 'tit*. l,rnllic r tier living room. Tlic llaliih Hum- motnl of Saturday hint Intel u white, drawn face and sick eyes.- Hut tola T h,i- Mm xlli-iirrr J I'riini .IIMICi: MAIISI [|i .1 CUM tind lntr" 11ml nfl- rrmimi ir.iui .IIMICI: Mill's lii;iJlnrJ. In M un ri'lil. /mil rtiy. '. M.lllH Jlll.r.i. n. Tni ti nii i lip rnrit liu> nny ' « hTk]>tr* - ihnt ji:i*xi-d lu-mcrn llnlph ntitl Nh:i. I'rmiy . iii'i'iisr* Kiirnmii' «1 ilie ulllnlrr, Inn Ilif nmr I* vnillKrr nj::'l»« riiilnli. I.V1IIA. Ilir inn III. \rii» nil-. ImrrlMv l.unirij I,)- Mln KII:| lc> »lii:t» Ml,, U-n nil hvr ,,i..nry, iMrlnilliit: i, in, sU'rl.m- Sto.CtlHI iililrt, Dundrr Ililnltx U lilrr^tiuill. U iininlrullr clrnrril of Mi-lilrlon. TlK- rililc-ni'c "Elil!i» [t^Hlh hn\n'l lin-t, mndi> l>nllll<* >rl. :,> tin- ii:ui,-r» nil <-;irrj I'AI'- T.11% •i'l[IA\v\'« ll,,.|]r> HiMl n Ni-i> \.irk ,:IM>M:,,I klilcil hi-r. 1'i'iut' mil"* in niis\\rr Ihc ff-!* 1 - lihcuir. ..... I rrliiniK. linrrlni-il, nucl It^lN l)iiinli-r lluu It.-llpll linx Jn 1 -) rnllcil inn] tir liiimri'l rvru knnti M::l In Oo.lil. FOR RENT—Two rooms and balli, I furnished or unfurnished, close in. 700 West Ash St. • JOC-Ti FOR SALE—Late 1928 Dodge Vic- lory 6 sedan. Sport model. Six wheels, six tires. r.c;it find atlrac- Uve looking, cxceUinl runniriE condition. A real bargain at S2C5. Phone 810. Paul Stllwell. Easy terms. TOR RENT—Five rcom house and r,ath. newly decorated and nicely nirnfchcd. Scrv.Mit'!, house, garaee. 130(i.Chickasawua. Call 83 or 2bO. 16C-K19 M>W <:<> o\ wmi Tim s'louv CI'l.M'TKU XXVI nr\F course 1 vt'OoEnty.cil his IKE Ills older brotlier, Clive. i Hammond had dark-red, tin linn tialr. Din unlike Ills lirotlnir's. Ilia eyes were u whle, candid hazel —Ihe Rrce-ii Iris tlilv-k- lr flecked ivldi brown. *3efore Penny Craln. very i>nlo and q-jlot, could sink iulo Hie clnilr she w'ns prn[i[nc toward. Jlnlnu HKinmoiid was at her nldc. one :irm goiiiK nut lo encircle her "Don't look Ilko tlmt, 1'onny!" Dundee heard him ulead, lils^vojco fiiddenly luiralile. "You're '"every 'Vliilit'-lu be *ore at me, honey, l.iul UHP.'don't lie. 1 kiniw I'vo lie'en utt-ful cad these last few weeks but I'm myself n^nln. I'm cum nrnv. Penny—" " Krtltihl" Penny nrolcstet inliy. holding li.ick ns lio woul havo hugged lier hard u^ninnt bis lirenat. "What alinul—Sllalf" Utiiidee raw the yomiK man's yo dtirkly' led. hut tipard Ills lioylsl voice ..aiiswcr almost steadily:'..' luitied.' 1 you'd' imdcrEinnd vvltliou 'making me nut H into woi honey.. . . • I'm cured of—Nlt'i. can't,express It any oilier way c.\ cepl \a say 1 was slrk. and :io I'm cured—" "You"—fenny fullered. 1>UT elio Jld accept you Timr* " day nlcht?" Penny [ii>rblsi«il. "Yes," tlio boy ndmltlcil, Ills f:>co irkly llnslicd usitilii. "T!ile IK wlully lioul, honey, IjiuM'll tell nu onco (or nil and net It over Uli. . .-. 1 took her lo illnnev. \Vo rove lo iliirnsvlllo iicrnusc she ild slie v.-as sick o( llnmllinn S'hon we were driving ktcfc slic ndilenly Liccacno very queer—reek- ess, doliant. . . . And Else nsltcd 10 It 1 Elill wanted to nmrry her. nrt I'sald 1 did: I a.lkod lier rlshl Ueti lo say when, uiid she £LL|I! lio'il marry me June tir^t, but s!ie dded—" and tlio boy, lo l)undi;o's valcliiug eyes, bcemed lo lie KC.'iU' ncly pird^lctl u^nlji by what nnisi lavn sounded HO oiH nl llio ilme-- wn^e lovois. an-l I \vas il nuly oi:c she fooled! . : . My To lliltili all of yon wo'.i'M si ami nnd lit me marry lier-:i rliccip l!i tie poll!'llnscr from llniaihtny, living Will a clicnn foiir-llualn-T couliln I set nloilK wltlnml :ind ha-i to sci:il for—" "Dul you —tvniit lo 1:111 l:n. Hallili." 1 i'oiuiy vvlilspi'idl hum;.u, loucliliiK one of Ilia knotlcd will) n licinbllllt linml. "Kill her? . . . Ci:nil l.nril. in! 1 tlic Inn Huns al Inr vlnistilly "[':i not M.d! nn uss 11:1 lli:il! Yun arc nil alike: I'oily Inul ia liu!o ECii.ii; :* 10 think !M wiinl 10 kill !Mia ;nid HIIU.IJIIO Ijnlli! S!n> | could n't tec, mill mil tier Cilvc, flint nil I . ., ._ v,ll> •;, I Mill l; I I v. .1 i; I •that slio',1 i,,ariy me Jnno ilr.t f r ja she lived to seo tlio ,hy." -,,„„,,. i rmM ^ I'd htcii- ai dm yon tin, inneiiily. ny n - lJ! | 'lie ;at i;ni OJil" Penny lutspeil, llien, con trolling lier liurror, Clio nskcd wllli wlial EOinnlc-d Ilko rcul ciirlor.liy, -'1'iien v.'lmt - !iaii)icncil, Hnli'.liV \Vliy do you proiwso to licr on riniralay nnii to tnu on-ini day?" . jvvoiillni hulk've i:u Ilio [yiiewriler, 11 i)nn(loo (old him- ' self. ;is lie wnTted. (or Hnlnli limn- iiiniitl'5 reluctant reply. "Can't ive foi|;et It. lioney'i . . . You Jo tevc mo u litlle, don't you? Can't you vvord for It tliai — I'm cured now—forever?" lint ^ vniro iii^lnntly \vhen lie snlil. That von. I'eimy? 1 and ICs a wpp- iler lo me 1 ilifln't Bcrpain." ssid Pcntiy ('rnin. ll^litins lier v:ay: up Ihruugli (ln/ci! licwililcrmoiit iff tx- plairi In ilpuiil. in answer to Dundee's. in>!ilii£ Questions. "I said, '0' cotirsp. Raljiii. . . . \Yhere ha've I'iiiny's lianilii wciil u|i to cover iliut lyith a swift. liniil'irluK "s\awe !'. er . In , cc : "'I' 1 l) " i '.' 1 ^, h :!l' i 1 . 10 toward Dundee—"you don't love Nila any more?. Yii'.l ean't deny yon were terrildy in love with her, Itairdi. Lois lold us--lold me lasi night that Nitu had told Isor In strictest crinftdence that aho had promised to marry you, just Tlnirs day night—" lo feel very sorry Indeed for her— sorry even if she Intended'lo glvs her promise to llulpli Hammond,' HS a sick fccllny In lib slonmcli [iropUc-slcd tlmt slie was about to ilo. 1 'llnsv can I knnw yun'rc really — ! cnroii. If I don't ktioir what cured jyou 1 ."' lie iK-iird I'enuy'ii faltering voiro usl; huskily from hetilml the scricri of her hnjids. "1 suppose you're rip,lit," HIP Hoy aihnllled miserably. "Tliore's '.iced to us I; yon not to tell nuyouc FOR SALE—Late 1920 Chevrolet 3ix CoacJi. Har, -1 brand new tires, o;iginal paint. Looks like new. Motor in A-l condition. CiuurarHti'd to satisfy. On!y $335. Call me at phcne 310. Garland Morgan. ^.ousekeep- 116 South 16P-K19 FOR RENT—Kice lighting rooms. Cheap. Franklin St. • v.i liecn? . . . And !ie salfl. In llml coasiiiB, tcasiiv; voice of his T «s ""J' s facc was verj pale as M ,. t , ,-.. ow ,„ .,. cl |. .p ce - Tcl i he dropped Ins hands from Penny s i'enny' " f dnn't h!sme «•««! shoulders, bill Unndee. from lieliind smnev. Yon icalU- tnrtM not to let tl!c Portieres, was not irbulilliiG tn me come o«r--an.l explain wtiy-'l W" for tlle """"cnt. He was oo Blood yon up last ni B ln. Mm you ! ^j^Jj 1 al ' enDy '° r " aV '" B wilt, won't. you^. • s ^^ 1 -»^ c " e jx,;.J.3 t! ' engaEom( , nt to Ra | y u H am-1 her again ever- Why. Penny, t.ilkcd. Ilonnie Unniler!" Bjririly! j molltl - • Oil. dnn'l you sec he couldn't kn.iw [ "That's true, Penny," P.aluh v.-as tlmt Nila is ilesd?" |saying dully. "You liave a riglu to Wa5 ,. ! know, tjecause I'm asking yon lo marry me now. ... I did propose e miller, lint ih:,i irlhr I ICitiiniK liolel ck-ik wmiM I i:hui;;u] me dolllilc U he tml low much good II would du me." from him the vilal fact of |cl<e. Alllionyli I don't want lo sec 'Did you as!; him wtierc lie • D;;utlce afltecl finally. FOR SALE— Ford Tudor sedan, 1928 'model, heavy duty lu-es, runs and looks good. A real bargain at S250. Will accept your used car as part payment. Phone 514 or an. XlW.\Hj|tli Stik.-eli Kolde-V. FOR P.ENi'',— 2 Lake, Phone 443. rooir! "fun>is!i«'d ! Eteain:iu.'a;cd,... 201 18C-K22 FOR SALE— 1029 Ford Tudor sedan. In first class mechanical condition, 5 good tires, bumpers and license. Priced to sell. $276. Call 810 toc'r.y. L. B. TaHiaferro. AUTO I'AIN'TING We will .irraiijfe time payments. Get otir prices and s a v e. Grnuine T)uco \V. I. Dc'.iton Chevrolet Co. 18c-k2G TliK l!LACK CAT corFKi: siioiTt Nov. [iiiiiouni'es new monthly raics for regular patrons. Z repnlar meilis tlnily— S30 per month. Single Mtal—oOc. Plalc l.itnrh -lUf Ko.. I ins-.l told him to cdmo on over, ami ho rnid I coulrl depend on it th:tl l;e \vnn!iln't \\nslc sny tim^. . . . Uli. Hn;iiiic! V.'liai shall wo do':" "l-lFU'ii. I'ermy!" Dntitlro uryctl rapidl>. "Von must roalize that : I've goi lo s::e a:sd Inar. hni I don'l - y.ain Urilith il:'.inn:i)nd to Sec me uuljl Vivler lie's • bad u u:Ik wilV v9^,5,.X\'i[l-, jun lei. cc to Nita ;igain Thursday night, and 'cnny simti-licd in vlliil vvuril. '^Yhcrc did yon (;o lo i;el dilink. Main]]?" "1 never rculircd bcfme .vim i Jiiueh ciniosi'.). lioin'y." ilio Grinned at lier. "Afior I ::!inok Clive— Polly ( went on 10 I>r3ilf:o iiany, becansy ulio Ihniiv I'.er down ^i tin' la: l nlnuti' — 1 v.;!rnlon:il uriniuil till I liiuie lu tho Men's llotvl. dnwn m isijitc I'lrci'l. yon Uimw. Mm olhiT side r,t the tracks. It's a mlscriil^c duni|i. hut I son ol liniiliricil for a jiliicu to Ilklo In that iva'i :i:i miserable ;ini] i-hcap ns I fell -" "Hid ynu leglslci u:u!rr >n'jr O\MI name?" "A^inmed of me, IVimy? . . . No. 1 rc'glslcreil under my iivst two liaKR'a —llr.Iph luluaril^. And elevk tnrnul out lp lie a ,. . . >Yc!l, whelp I ivnko up -frl6 WAV - GQlMC-j ,-'WlS CUT?5- WILL ME?i M -i US A HuUiJREi? iQU-AFJlyJ^Tp..?; OF TOQP 1C.PAV. F CHRISTMAS POOR V4ITM TOOD! 1 BOOTS AND ]-TEU BUDDIES HOMK,'SWI3KT HO.MK 'M: By Martin.. she did accept me. I confess now [ItalnU," Penny Inlcrruritcd. I was wild-with bappinc-ss—" •"IVtry did she refuse you before?" Penny cut in. am) Dundee silently thanked her for asking Ilio question lio would have liked to ask himself. "Was it because Bhe WOFII'I sure she was In love with you?" wuiiMn't even ttll Polly ami CHvo ytsienlnj'r ndcr' ' tt liajipciicil. tlioiiuh- I'olly r,ucssQ<5 ami went "up- -,-,.- • , , , Mair, ... 1 iried to kee,, ^\^^^^ ,™' I Clod knows I'd tirnnk enough Lo 1 don't-rn-.ito Hindcratiind, | Rie ou , lor a weck liat-k-" "^ 0 " ; «-oi:c mi fceliiiK —<vc!l. I cau'i es- wi ; e . :i j tilain H Inn to s:iy I foil light ami clean. !shcil-up! At liist I ihniiKtil my ncart was ctiipty —II felt F.V) free vf :J:L::;- [ini 1 ! lei e.s? litii ."i'ou're makins U awfully-hard r me. noney." the hoy protested. '•yi!lW'1cs"ii 'bpnsdy"'Uilhg"to"ilo;'ilhc!> admitted humbly. "Of course L ! ;i—" lyou want to know, and you should ;::-u : i?d at last, am! witliln know. . . . No. she said all along, HAY One ba!>> or n (rain load. EAR CORN, shtick on, 8Sc bu. Shuck off. COc per bu., in car iots. Cotton Sl.ifra Sales Co., Inc. Blylueville, Ark'. Phone 114 or LD 1SOS. ',<> niinui"s niior that amazing 'clc- Ii'iiouc c/.!l IjMiidee. from behind the poiiiorcs that separated the dining nnd livHig .r(mma, heard Penny grueling her visitor In ihe iiuJe foyc. 1 . She had played fair; inil not gone out into the hall to whisper a warning—i[ any warn ing Vr'aa needed. •He"had seen Ralph Hammond enter life dining room of the Stucin llonsrrthe rfp.y hoforo, In company willi Clive Hammond and Polly L'eate. when tho three tiad heen Htrangcrs to him: lint Dundee told «imsel( now. that he would hardly have recognized ihe young man almost from the first, that Eiie loved me more than I could love icr, bin that there were—reasons. Tiro reasons, she always salt], -lud once I askcil her Jealously It they weru holb men. but she looked so startled and then lauglicd so qncerly lliat I didn't ask again. Then 1 thought it might be because I was younger than she was, though I can't bclicvo sbo than 2'i or EO, and know. And once i because 1 itifluglit s!ie might still he married, but sbe sairl her husband was ask tnenn sometl'jhi you were t-.t Xita'3 !ioii:ie yes niorning?" "Yc=. Jud^e Marshall had tsert Nita to have t'no balf of the stou story turned into a maid's bedroom and Siipst bedroom and by.h. uo luakc *h r e rslimate:;. Ot source 1 was slad of the chance to ~<>a Nilii'agaiu—I liailn'l bean Wllli 1 r icr since Thnrsdiy nielst. Hut she I'Nila a s[-ccial delivery :ini had to take Lydia in for a dentist's-Ilier it was ;i!l o.T. I ted lo he fic;j apcointment, ^•*» Drecedinc into [him—" FOR RENT — Four room house, | POULTRY WANTED—Market pri- newly papered and painted inside. On' paved street. Garage. L Fowler, 'Phone 888 or 450-J. 18C-TP FOR RENT—3 room furnished apt. GOG N. a'.h street. 10p-k21. FOR SALE—1030 Ford Tudor sedan. Kas 5 'dandy tires, bumpers, mcto-metcr. Looks and runs fine. Worth S475, bill will sell for only S395.' Quick. Phone 810. John Murray. 1'AVING TAX, Time (o p:iy r.iving Taxes is •rilitiT shnrl. The •penally is ;on b.i;!! for anyone to ncslecl ?a>in^ brforc the hooks Close— IScllcT 1'ay Now— C. .1. EVKAUI). Ho nol delay fo pay. . I'AVLVG AN!)" SKWKK TAXKS . L'cc. aisi ip tl:c !ast Day. I 1 .:;: !<xlay and r.vold th=-r;is'.i. G. G. CAIHIIU., Collector. ] IN DELU—I'OR' RENT—3 room j house, SB.OO; 4_ room house. $11. L.' Fowlr'r. Phone 8S8 or 450-J. 18C-TT FOR SALE—1028 Ford sport Coupe. Has rumble scat, bumpers, heavy duly Mrcs. Guaranteed to run good. Only S105. Phonr Alton Hsrdy at 8!0. S75 dov.n. bnlanca weekly or monthly. Loral mi;) Ion;; distance hauling. Srtciiil rates on lots. Term fur loral haulinj. V. U. WASIIA.M 1160 fhirVRsawt-a TP.AXSrKK phone BS1 '"'••• '_ WANTED F6it J3ALK—1S2S T'orrt Tudor sc- "'dciii. 'nitc "itofeitis. In first class rtinniri^ condition, poor! tires, fully equipped. Terins if desired. Only $255. Ter'ii^.: Sfio down, balance in ear-y-.weekly cr monthly payments. 'Ezra Wrice:cr. Phone 810. RELIABLE MAN can qualify at onre for ixrmnnent position as tny p;rsonal rcpreseiitntivc in Bly- IhEville. Honesty, ambition cssen- tinl. Rapid advancement. Car necessary. Pay slarls innuedialtly. Wiiie fully nbout yourself. F. J. Clark. Manager. Battle Creek. Mich. Call WALPOLE For Ivloclvic Work J'honc 31-1 Why l';iy More Than Half .Price For Aufo Parts? JACKSON ATTO I'AKTS 2020 M:iiii Phone Gli i FOR SALE—Ford late 1023 model . standard coupo. Has had the li ' . i,f care. Runs smoothly-'and is very ! good IcokinR. Fully equipped Only JS275. J. C. Kinningham. Phone 777, WANTED — Family Washings Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown •JO! S. Lake St. 17CK-TF '.FOR BALE—Almost new Carter 4! Ion trailer with wheels and ! ;u foot platform body with stakes. : Cost new SGOO. Will take $295. John Fox. Phone 811. Weekly or monthly i terms; — ' • .-..-.. . •you at i sow'. I'M WAV DOW» "XO PICK OOT But as I lay there 1 \vus brimming full of Lihby h^ro. don'l for»'".l 'rang' you •room wi:ere 1 aic I could nr,!i Von ;ri(i mrii'ry me. wrn'l the fmislieil half to make soi:ic ; [yoa. Penny honey? ... I !:nc-v: measurements, and in the. bedroom'ftliis mornius I had nevor really I fcund—oil, Gcnl!" he iiroaned. anil loved anyone c'ce—" pressed a fist against bis trcmbilus 1 Penelo;;; Craln remaintd rl = i<l hen vciy stov. ly bii^ id Both her hands on his livart. sty 00 fo>lnl1 tliat Dc ' sicr Srrasiie l for nc lia ,i 1;n=I: , 1n ,i i, m . k (i hi? [,i we V\OVV£ OT ONSC^. WOT -ilone In tlic house. 1 hnd lo go into ['. was slaying there, was usin g .against lier skirt Hut as the bedroom that used to —didn't you?" Penny helped him at ,^-ijUc face, were upon last, in desperation. i had steppeil tilenll} The hoy '.'llio tioitiercs. "Yes. I'll marry yc'.i. H:il;,iil . . . You may come in now, Mr. Dundee!" stared at trie girl blankly for a mo was married again, and I wasn't to ment, then seemed lo crumple as (To llu Conlinned) with black ticks, h!ack ear.s and i graphs on side, name Mrs. spot on top of heart. Information | H. Lflnj on other side. Return will be reward- ! courthouse. chery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF leading to recovery Scott Harris, Phono A mineral v/ool having Inyn in 1 sulntini; qualities, made from blis'. photo- furnace _Llag. has been developed in AT Dan, LOST—Knife, FTER. (.OADING FRtCKLES AND THE HERMIT IN HIS PLANE, R1LEV LEFT THE VALLEY OFVANlSBeD MEN K\\\NO AND FULLSPEEC COWARD UNCUClEri Llk£ A N\AD FOO!-. KMJSTA tV M.VKES £ LANDING II.WEDIMtLY TAKCS Cll\RGC OF FKECKLE.S, VA/HO sr;u 1,9 RISING ft re K, \ Rr.;iJLT OF A WOUND SUFFCQEDWHEN R1LEY OVERPOWERED BINKLE1 IN1HESECUET TDNNLL.. tc-rs B£-n-£a TUXT \vi SETS T-AT Foot, OF (X \ V16EV. ICOT SE.E. (MM. EES wsmts ^M EL SSSiOU. TU38S E&S Tu C SELL THt v,AM5£B.r'UL , WJO MEW, \J£ft' RtEOH. GONOD V^EEL EMOOUPACjE HECWASHJ PiLRSON.BUT IT VJEtiC fi6T FOP-x/-p. UJKSU wouio NOT st-sx. so weu ttt OLO COM Wt\S Ff\tLtH 9WF.TTV , . S FIOV1ERS CAHDS CUT IT oots MOT

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