The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1949
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVTLL1! (AKK.) COURIER NEWS FRTDAT, 'APRIL 8, 194S Cost oi Rearming Europe is Studied Senator* Endorse : Suggestion Made by President's Advisors BT Edwin B. HaaJdnson WASHINGTON. April 8 Senator* worried about the cost of rearmiti* Europe today thre« strong .support behind a suggesttor that at least part of the money r*u»t come from funds already asked for defense spending. Lawmakers from both pai lies- including both critics and backers r.f the rearmament program—res ponded with all but. unanimous support for that idea when asked for comment. The suggestion was offered b Dr .Edwin G. Nourse, chairman o the president's Council of Economl Adviseis. In » statement to military lead ers, relsased Wednesday with Presl duit Truman's approval after had b.+n delivered, said of til North Atlantic pact: "We rannot afford to make In 'costs of Its Implementation a slm p!r addition to other military plans as they stood, before the new alignment. "Rather we must rework the whole operational and financial plan w as to gain maximum security T-ilh minimum strain on our economy." This and similar careful phrases meant to the lawmakers that a large part of the cost of arming the 12 rut'ons Joined against Russian aggression In the new pact must come out of the $15,000,000,000 defense budget for the year starling July 1. T> Aid Ratification Move Senate Democratic leader Lucas of Illinois said: "If that is true, it will > definitely aid in ratification of the pact and It may eliminate dangers ol a fiscal deficit this year." Chairman Connally (D-Texl the Senate Foreign Relations Committee commented that "If projcct- rd expenses In bermlf of the North -other Blames Son for Big Bank Shortage MADISON, Wls., April 8. (A>) — Federal Investigators want to know what happened to John Gill and H50.000 from hit father's bank. But ,hey said today th»y had no Immediate prospects of finding out. The 44-year-old former a&sLstuit cashier of Ihe Bank of Madison ha« been named in a federal complaint, signed by his father, President Norman P. Oil), charging the younger mt.n with making raise entries. John O!ll dlgappeaied March 21, leaving his wife and four children In their Madison home. An audit had disclosed Irregularities In his checks accounts. TJ.S Ally. Charles H. Ctuliln said neither his office nor the FBI had a lead to follow. "We haven't a thing new on this case," he said. "The FBI Is working hard anfl may have a report ready In a work or so." Official; of the bank estimated the losses which they said were "occa.sloned by acts of John K. Gill." They added: "The audit of the bank ha.s progressed tar enough so that now the >fficers nnd directors believe that hn laws occasioned by these acls can be accurately determined." The statement was signed by Norman P. Gill, president of the bank and fitlhcr of Jo!>n. who work- d for the bank during the past 10 yeans. Examiners of the federal Deposit InauriuK.? Corp. started a routine audit o! the bank's accounts March 21. The examination revealed irregularities In the books. Stable Economy Held Essential To Preparedness BOSTON, April 8—<«'i—Secretary of the Treasury John W. Siiyder says the nation should not let lla preparedness program cause crlp- pllnr disorders to Us economy. Snyder told the Boston chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars last night that communism "thrives upon economic and social distress." "The manner In which we conduct our economic affairs Hi home," lie said, "has a vital Influence on economic progress In most other regions of the world. "It Is not enough to support an Army. Navy and an Air Force. We must also maintain a high standard of civilian, economic and »plr Itiml health." He said that failure io do this not only would affect our own economic well-being but would "Jeopardize In many countries the very existence of democratic Institutions." Atlantic pact can be Incorporated or absorbed by the United State military budget, it will be a flin thing." And Chairman Tydings (D-Mri i)1 the armed services conimlttc fiery-Furred Rabbit Spreads Grass Fires Into Farmer's Yard MANHATTAN, Kas., April t~</T) -Charley Streeler was burning off pasture land on his farm west of fllley when the flame* caught up with a Jackrabblt hiding In the tall grass. The Jack's fur caught fire, and he Look off. The rabbit smoked across the road Into the yard of Mr. and Mrs, Emll Baer. Dry grass In the yard quickly flarel and Baer, fearing the blnce might reach his home, called his brother, Walt, a janitor at the Rlley High School. Wajt mustered corps of student volunteers and the fire was quickly put out. The rabbit? He was roasted. Secretary Sawyer Says Supply, Demand Balanced PHILADELPHIA, April *—<*>— Commerce Secretary Charles W, Sawyer says the balance beween supply and demand appears to oe approaching "although whether It will be accomplished this year I can't say." Sawyer, here to address a meet- Ing of the Sunday Breakfast Club, a civic organization, told newsmen that he considers the nation's economic outlook good for the remainder of 1949. He pointed to the fact that the unemployment trend hss leveled off although he said "tills Is attributable partly to an Increase In farm labor." SPRING SPECIALS Read courier News Want Ads. Income Tax Payments By Arkansans Show Decline of $5,000,000 LITTLE ROCK. April 8 ~(fl>|— Arkansas paid »5.000.000 less In fed- ral taxes during the first three lonths of this year than they did n the corresponding period of 94*. W. D. Self, acting collector of itemal revenue, said collection* In he state through March this year otaled »48.S14,157.14. The first uarter of 1948 produced $53/190,38.77 for the federal Rovernment Arkansas. No Tangible Evidence Found by Air Force About Flying Saucers WASHINGTON, April 8—W)The Air Force said today there h«. been no tangible evidence up to now that a foreign power is sendhij "flying saucers" over the United States. But, It added: "On the other hand, there no evidence to deny categorlcall such a possibility." The air force has been Invesll greeted the idea as a money saver, gating reports of strange, lumlnou adding: "We've got ,to keep costs• objects shooting through the skle down ,»nd I think It can be done." at Intervals during the pnst sever On the other side of the political al months, fence, Senator Taft (R-Ohlo), GOP "Many of the reported Incldenl policy chairman and a vigorous crl-1 have been definitely determined t til of any additional spending for be meteorological balloons or natur European rearmament, declared: "I agree with .Dr. Nourse that It ought not to be an additional cost. We ought to be cutting defense coats if anything." Republican Floor Leader Wherry of Neb'tska said of Nourse's statement: "I'll go along with that. I think , any pfO?ram to !rar# Europe should be dflv without Increasing the bud! t«t. That'i why I think Ihe State Department ought to bring along the state •fouse Bill Paying $2,686 lice Damages Passed WASHINGTON. April 8—</P)— The House has passed a bill to pay S. G. Jones of Walnut Rldgc. Ark.. 12,688 for damage done to his 1843 rice crop by Malaria-Control work of the U.S. Public Health Service. The service used airplanes to dust certain flooded rice fields In Ark ansas with purls green and soar) stone. Damage to rice plants resulted in some Instances. Congress last year paid claims o! 14 other rice planters whose flells were damaged. The bill, which goes to the Senate, was Introduced by Rep. Oath- Ings (D-Ark.) Big Auction Sale SATURDAY, L P.M. To Be Held in New liuilding on EAST MAtN STREET Across from Jack Robinson's Gin Will sell (o highest bidder on money-back guarantee FIRE SALE STOCK—CLOSE OUTS—RAILROAD DAMAGED AND WAR SURPLUS (jrocerlrH CMolhlnr. Razor Blades Clip Combs All Kinds Notloni Candy Washing Powder Furniture Farm Tools Shovels Men's Socks Handkerchiefs I.adie sAnklcts School Supplies NECESSARY ITEMS FOR KVEIIY HOUSEHOLD 250 pairs Ladies Shoes, §1 pr; Kills T Shirts 40c ea. Will be on sale Thursday, Friday and Salurda.y iilso MANY OTHKR ITKMS. Blytheville's Greatest Sale! Don't Miss These Bargains CREOSOTE PAJMT 3.97 er*o*ot* protection •*•• a bright whiu ISrm*. Woat LA DOCKS t*. !«-«*, 28-ft- extension 38-ft. extension.... 25.» We c*a Mpplf all sw««. AH Underwriter* Af*. al celcstta phenonema,' ment said. ••However," It added, "there .some Instances reported by reliable and competent observers which are still unexplained." 5-DAY SALE! ROOf SAVE* 5-C-t, 2.89 Famous Jim Brown Super Grade. Finest u- ptiaH asbestos water- proofer. Kills, sealsi SUPER-GRADE BARN PAINT 5-CJ., . 1 1 .00 $11.00 Super-Grade Red. Buy now during- th« 5-d«y sale! Years of protection at low eq«U SCREEN ENAMCL J«4M*ck 45c t Aid* cfag fme m«sbe«. Ojt. C*« tmtj PORCH AND FLOOR ENAMCL 6 A. like-new finnt tar porches, r.ihn^a, eta. w«*4h«r. OM. Pur* raur lineeed ofl. m c»ns. Save «* Jim Brown's on all yo« [Mint neeoV G iillon 3.29 ROOf BRUSH Reduced! Maile especially for applying Hoof Saver. 7- in. long. Fibre bristle. Special I . _ n 4k 4.J7 PAINT BRUSHES Pure China Ho* Rristl* brushes. All types and sizes in stock. Brush nnlr 2.39 Barrel Sprayer C*rt Sprayer Big Top Sprayer Read Courier News Want Ad». ?'lth trie Atlantic pact an estimate of "what » military program will cost." FRIGIDAIRE TOMATIC ELECTR WATER HEATER Pltnfy of tl«on Kot wat»r ol- woyt on top — a) just th« rljht l«mp»ratur« ond . . . without flam*, imok«, joot, work Of worry. Th«r«'s a Frlgldolr* au- lomollc ittctflc Water H«ot»r In a ill* and typ* to fit your ntedt and your pocktlbook. $114.75 RCLUSIVI KADIANTUlt HUTINO UM1T k •fficltnt and *con«rmceT. C»mfl«lily ImmxMtf In wMtr, H kM«< tattar. S*«I>I d«itjn >f<Y>r>H 1—tin,. Only MjWolr. h«t H. Adams Appliance Co. inc. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Complete Service Department In Connection 2M-208 West M»ln p hnne 2(I7 , Yo« wheel this sprayert 5- gal. tank 0*1 rubber- t>rcd cart. Complete a* shown, with IKMM and nozzle. Steel Posts Painled Punched Angls Easter-bright! Priced-right! Made of Kail Steel 60" ---- 73e 72" - - 78" ..... 85c 84" ---- 91c 96" --- $1.08 (A) COUON DRESS-UP... 7-14 Spring SSod««/ O95 EAST CULTIVATOR 6.70 ARM CftTIVATOR Straight from a storybook is this charming cotton with it» ribbad nsclclins insel, puff sl*ttves, billowy corded skirl. Others! Use Our Convenient- Budget Plan Stratlitleo rown, CTiltir«(«« both sidcn. iueludeK 2 plows, 1 mff<-r hoeB, 2 caRrr&tor&, Z krmf a<Jju*tab4e handle*Tull eqaipmentE 3 dock foot 2 skk how and ton ahoveH. A dandy! (B) 3-«X PRINT PARTY-COTTON HOG AND SHEEP FENCE Dainty «mbroidery on Ihe shcor organdy bodice, laced-midrifi ond lull iWrt maVs It a f«stivft style indeed. See ouf othttrsl 26". n ga, top and bot- lom. 14'.i filler, 20 rrt. roll 2" 11 ga. top and bottom. 12'i niler, 4ft rr 20 rod roll.... lU.JJ (C) 1-3 COTTON "BUD" PRINT 198 DOUBLE EOC£ CUTTER One of a delightful collection of prints for th« toddlers—shirred, whirl-skirled With fin* ffilli found in costlier frocksl Swinging tjrpe wr<ed works (>*t! :i« inctve* lon^ OTPT - >M vitfa straight bAn<fte. Tempered Rteei blade with serrated :h«tf! 2-point BARB WIRE 39 . 10 ga. Top and bottom. 12'i filler, </ AT 20 rod roll ID,7J RUG PHICK cun BROOM BARGAIN broom, ma<V of broom corn, securely A pood selection of and eoiors for c^ery room CLOTHES LINE POST Steel Upright with Crosspiece for clothesline. Painted Phone 584

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