Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 1953 · Page 84
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 84

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1953
Page 84
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m w v ' w m " m w m ' 6F ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLI Sunday, October 18, 1953 eii laka Piciwiel There's More to Grid Photos Than Field Play By NORRIS HARKNESS You go to a football game after graduation, that is -both to ;see your team win'and to enjoy your friends at and , after the day's nominal excitement. Thei equal variety: if you shoot only the game, you miss much of the fun. The frantic crowd during the long run is an important part of all of it in either still shots or a more formal movie, and some of the most dramatic football; pictures have been made of the : substitutes on the bench and the coach's torment, so don't got so lost in the game that you miss the best chances for pictures. Probably the best system when pictures are the goal of the game is to decide on what exposure and focus seem right and then concentrate on the faces around you. Several years ago I sat oni the aisle in the Yale Bowl and shot several rolls of 35mm color on what a group of old I grads did four rows behind me, on the other side of the open; space. The series shows the' whole progress of what happened on the field and an occasional; shot of the scoreboard only filled in the actual figures. They were interested, then excited, then let down, then elated, then suDciuea, and finally bitterly disappointed and unhappy. That group of six faces in the setting of other excited fans show the progress of the game better than the actual pictures of the game. If you are realy enjoying football, you are working with your high school team or some other local eroup. Keep in mind what can be done by photographing what happens as they play. There's more than the football in the game. - JDITING WILL HELP That ; boxful of slides of the sum mer vacation trip have a particular interest for all the family. They remind all hands of the excitement and the fun of the days away from home, and they help settle arguments about what ) happened where and wno I That leaves the camera angle ;and viewpoint. The use of lenses jof different focal lengths (wide- angle, normal, and telephoto)j ;lets you seem to change the; (shooting distance without actually moving, but with one lens, iyou work from perhaps 30 feet, I or 10 or four to set the stage, show tha chief character and tha concentrate on one of them. Differing camera heights also help break up the monotony and shooting over shoulders when photographing a conversation adds interest. Frequent changes make for better films. IP" --- ---- DAN'S DELIVERY Rochester, Bptavia, Buffalo Daily DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY 206 MONROE AVE. BA. 3781 HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR FIRST DELIVERY OF THE FUEL THAT EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT? GAME SIDELIGHT If you photograph only the game itself, you miss much of the fun and excitement of football. Watch for scenes such as this bandsman, who provided material for shot by Louis Jacoby of Jerseyville, 111. It was a winner in National High School Awards. lights up too close to the modeljbut even and concentrate all the illumina-'ruined if tion on the face and head with; bad. a good story will be ths technical side is the result that printing the picture becomes very difficult. To Good exposure is simple enough If you use an exposure hold the detail in the extremes, meter or follow the data sheet we use soft printing paper and! which comes with the film. Any- lose the contrast that gives skin one can quickly learn what is texture in the face areas. meant by bright, hazy and dull A better system is to use tight and light, dark or normal either more bulbs or stronger subjects, or simply shoot at f8 fine ones and place them farther from the model so that the whole level of illumination is more even. A stronger or closer fill-in light, the one nearer the cam- was! era which fills in the shadows,! there. w,u ouen ao lne lrlcK- Lignt iy. witn tne camera firm against They will be of equal interest; tie background to make it dis- tne face and the elbows pressed to other people, the unlucky ones tinctly different from the face,1 against the body, you can soon who have not seen that territory, but be careful not to get too i hold the outfit well for the regu- only if you arrange them to teU mucn amerence oeiween mefiar lenses: reiepnoto tenses will in me Dngnt sunlight of a day. A steady camera is easiest with a triDod. but manv nhntnc raphersjdo splendidly after they learn to hold the camera correct- . j.t. c-tr;n nnnD nnA a story, it is an eaiung jo quue uij un like that of making a good movie j less you are willing to lose all out of the vacation films or plan ning the album for the vacation story, and it starts in just about the same way in all three fields of photography. Begin by culling out the less good shots, the bad exposures and the ones which show camera "wiggle or some other fault. Then start laying them out in order. If it was a trip, the order in which they were shot is likely to be best unless you stayed for some time in one place and pho- toEranhed things as they were need an even steadier support. YOUR PICTURE TAKEN POLAROID CAMERA Come in and havVydUf piei turt taken. No charge. No obligation. See tha amuing new Polaroid Camera maia a finished print in a minuu. It's the biggtst thrill in photography I Com in today t IASY TERMS ) ML tli T " Uut iVJt' Pock. (book PHOTO pi a : r0 tHZj EI 517 LYELL AVE. GU. 5009 Opn rry ft. Until 9 t. M. X X x mil 'the whole family i will ENJOY Til tr uonrc i HUDSQPJ IT'S CHEMI-COATED t MORE COMPLETELY. BURNS CLEANER! BURNS REQUIRES LESS ATTENTION! RADIANT projIcjIoscreen J? X EvervOle in the family will Be. thrilled J with 'this Radiant ProjectionScreen. Every picture will look bet'er than ver before. Millions of tiny bead embedded in a pure whit plastic rtfltct light to exceptional brilliance SPECIAL! 40 x 40 SIZE RESULT: MORE HEAT, BETTER HEAT FOR LESS MONEY! Reg. $23.95 .95 Ask your nearby STERLING Dealer for the coal with the Silver Luster. Order now from any dealer listed under HUDSON COAL on page 65 of the Classified Telephone Directory. Ideal lite for home movlai , or 35mm. Glass-beaded screen surface. All metal tripod and screen case. CHARGE ACCOUNTS WVITiO ---t ri,nl Rut oven then ths pen- eral plan is the order you shoti tliem anH the "nnp rjlace" nic- tures can be set up to tell the aift PTtRA ctnrv nf that Innppr stno. A Codd T idea is .to arrange them to suggest one tour of the city and to show what might have been seen in that one day of wandering. Laying them out on a sheet of glass with a light under it makes it easier to select what comes next, and 1 find that getting the whole family into the act makes it a better show since more ideas come into it. Then, when they are just as you want them, mark the lower left corner, when the slide is held as it should look on the screen. That mark becomes the upper right as the slide goes into most projectors. If you have one of the auto matic projectors, set up the slides as they will go into the machine and put a tight rubber band around the whole group. Then, with a pen or a colored pencil, draw a line parallel to one edge of the bunch and a diagonal from near the end of that first line to the opposite corner. The two will serve to identify the slides in that group and to show their proper order. (CONTRAST CONTROL One mistake that most of us make in doing portraits is to have too much contrast between the face and clothing, or, to put it another way, too much light on the face in proportion to that on the rest of the picture area. We want to use fairly short exposures with a lens opening small enough to get everything perfectly sharp, so we move the the detail in a dark suit or dress AKE MOVIES MORE INTERESTING A good movie is primarily a story telling medium, but it can put the story over when the technique is adequate.; That calls for reasonably accurate exposure, a steady camera which moves only when there is a good reason, and the use of different camera angles and working distances. Naturally, the story must have a beginning. action leading to some sort of suitable ending,1 332 E. MAIN ST. LOcust 8120 M.n. thru St. t:45-5:50 a Thun. Ivn. WO r . Expert Advice and Assiiranc For Tripi Anywhere in America 320 Andrews St. BAlcer 7600 CAMERA REPAIR SERVICE ALL MAKES, STYLES DOMESTIC AM) FOREIGN CAMERAS f REE ISTtMATBS mi HCK U AND DEUVltr MST SEHVICE FULL YCAU GUAHANTtt Phont HOpkins 3711 TESTCO Photographic Supply REPAIR DEPT. 3 W4'M ; - r-m fswmms p f&K jum mil: 4 ( i ' r h it 4 FREE SAMPLE! No Obligation . . . ' elm0 Pick out your fivoriU trupjKot of your family, homo, pah, Wintar icon or othtr suitable tubjactt and bring tha neqativt to your CarKart daalar't. Wall mala you a parsonaliiad tarn-pi that will show you oiaetly how it will look on a Photographic Chriitmal Card! NOTHING TO BUY1 " You may WIN 25 Photo Christmas Cards FREE! Listen to th "Midnight Mayer" K'HEC Tut, Thars Sat. i . ..... - mHfMmtUm f DDT KILOWATT SPIIDY THIKM YOUI DIPlNDAItl ILICTXIC AND AS SHVANTS i i IVv ( f JX.J'L L t ' H ' '! 1 We Washed Our Farp This Snm Av:4jUIJL'VA 4 AM I I . a .a uccause KU&t and other Rochester industries are cut- I I vTI 11 ?1 n fc'l : ;? ?ihN H I flflfT Wnu-rt -ii-i ''cm,-,I.MMr'' nM 4. 1 l . . i 1 . 1 I amuing i,iiuiu uicir stmuKc stacKSj, our gleaming uuimingwiu stay acan ana Deautitul lot a long time. Next time I lltz k'fr H U- W fl H f J Z, Vf i. ..u.. 11 Ajvrk.T. it J I'Clll Ul UUl f 'a J I j , constant effort to helo make Rochester nnp nf the most hntif,,! I ; 1 I- II'-.'. - " ' Str-l- AlWAYS ATI I v-V.r" . . .?Tc.-? ii' . 1 We've Spent More Than $1,000,000 to Cut Down Our "Smoking"! When electricity is made from coal a certain tmount of imoke is given off as a result. To eliminate my possible annoyance to you, we have taken steps for many yean to reduce the output of smoke from the itacks in our plants. Hen'i How a Dust Collector Works ... Oust iaden AIR -A For example, dust protectors (for "filtering out smoke) have been used in the stacks at Russell Station on Beach Avenue since it was first built. We are also modernizing our smoke eliminating equipment in our two other major steam generating plants: Station 8 on Lawn Street and Station .1 on Mill Street. In addition, dust collectors are being installed in the stacks of Station' 9 at Lincoln Park. CLEAN' AIR ' That's "smoking"! we ve cutting down Ctrl, amoka and asot . . . paaa through m alaetroitslie field . . . or o I o e 1 1 i a a 1 V cherrgad . . . and err than do-poaiiad en pla; , . . wharo thy ellr.g until fjuahad away. Other factors which play an important part in keeping Rochester's skyline smoke-free include the New York Central Railroad's conversion to Diesel engines and the increasing use of RG&E's steam for' .heating in downtown buildings more than 95 of these buildings are now heated by RG&E steam. ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE asm iii j . L mm r f v , . ? iitiyi-xffnll

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