Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 9, 1953 · Page 38
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 38

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1953
Page 38
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-By RED SMITH- And All Our Yesterdays MEW YORK Preoccupation with other matters has di- verted the attention of State Sen. Arthur H. Wicks and this reporter from the horse yards lately, and that is regrettable because some things have gone on there that could bear watching. One could wish to have seen the lovely Mrs. Liz Person's Porterhouse get home in the Futurity, and if it hadn't been for all that juvenile romping in Ebbet's Field and Yankee Stadium there would surely have been a pilgrimage to Belmont when Earl Sande returned to the saddle. Some fine and sentimental nirrps wprp written about Sande on ine occasion or. ms return. There are people who fear sentiment worse than Malenkov or pneumonia, but there is nothing wrong with it, or even with sentimentality, if it is honest. . And the sentiments that Sande's name arouses are deeply honest. What is the source of his appeal? Well, it is personal among those who know him, for he is a level gentleman, and dead game. For our eldering generation it is pure nostalgia. To pronounce, or mispronounce, his name is to relive for a moment the careless and wonderful 1920s. the roaring days of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, Bobby Jones and Bill Tilden, Red Grange and - the Four Horsemen, Jack Dcmp-scy and Earl Sancie. And for the younger set, seeing the little man on a horse must be much like meeting a character out of "Ivanhoe." For Sande is a literary figure, a living example of the power of a jingly rhyme. Just as Grant-land Rice created the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, so Damon Runyon made sure that future generations would re- ' member "a handy guy like Sande, booting those winners in." This is no discredit for A I . Ua.. ...aka n.nnf in uiem iur mey vvcic simi i - ... their own right, else they would not have inspired the phrases that made them unforgettable, v Consolation Prize Well, after the World Series there came a letter from a guy around the horse parks. To one who was unable to be at Belmont, it came as a sort of consolation prize. "Is they really dead?" it began. "I scarcely dare believe it. Had a bad scare when that guy-Scurillo or something? hit that 1 T... inrlonrc cinPO 3IlH flimpH Oil the TadlO OC- 1 . I. !.rTVI.- iiume lull, l ve aiacu muwi... bv ( i uny aim casionally. So far I haven't heard one voice screaming 'It s a .1 v Pat -it cu p-W was-- -I 1 Mrs. Hart Gets 7th in Senior Golf Tourney Special to The Democrat and Chronicle Garden City (JP) Mrs. Charles Hart of Oak Hill led the Roch ester contingent yesterday in the first New York State senior women's golf championship at the Cherry Valley Club with a 36-hni card nf 183. but finished nine strokes astern of the winner, Mrs. Van Devanter Crisp of Brookville, who finished with an fu fnr 174. Mrs. Hart was seventh. Uarf. who naced her lei inw -itv rivals in the first round uith a 01. tnnk 92 to finish four ...... - - -1 . , -v. T!WSttt.svi strntps ahead of Mrs. uari Hoes- - - -s-wss. terey of Monroe, who rallied mdc CHARLES HART handsomely to card a 90 alter finishes in 7th place an upturns i. nuvvuv, was out in 43. but look a 47 on with 154. was Mrs. Francis the back nine when her putter Klaess of Rockville Center, turned traitor on several holes. Mrs. v. n. crisp, o-JJ-": M-Miss Olive Slater of Ridgemontx. a v. Sr Mrs. Was around in 102 for a 07,trd Hellmajin, 95-84179; Mrs. John W. While Mrs J 01,11 iwier i .". ChaVks Hiii. 91-92- roe carueu in uu u. Vcv;, ,1R3; Mrs. Alexander Baar, 15; m a., .f DiHodmnnt finiGhprl w- u Pu M..rh OS.OTl 18V xuuiiii-y Vi. .wb. -mi.. V'"."'o, o ".bV. Hr. -,! With OY. i..,.,; oiuii!l87- Mr rhnries Still- Mrs. Hoesterey finished m a'man 1,j,'.il7iw. Mrs, T. f. Rowe, tie at 161 for eighth place with ioo-w iw; Mrs. navid Sulzberger . . j d.. Af r.r-ot inn.90 190: Mane V. lusier. 94-97 Nppk and Mrs. Ben Goerlcr of Uri Han N r.orrfpn ritv. The new Winner,! E. Clendcnin, 99-9S 19J wr : . if- - Av. V ) Garnet Lacks Letter men EARL SANDE leueJ little gentleman r VJ; Mrs. Ii. U. rnsaii, 01 v,. nan Kpvltr QK-QtV 194: Mrs. X Racz Entries at Baiavia Downs I lrsl Clasi C Mile Pace, $700. PP Hor IJrlver 7 Miss Laird C hapman 5 Fdna F. Scot Hndelns I Cleter Scott Robinson R Beaumont HanonMcQtieen Regal Comet Smith 4 Draketown Caves .1 Primlev Richardson 6 Prince Wayne jollier 2 Betty Key Burner's Boy Fourth Class CC Mile Trot, $800. Second Class C I Skeeter Salver Dale Mckl.vo 1 Jack Brook J Conaresswoman 5 Truly Chief 2 Atomic Handy 7 The Nibbler King's Finest ManninK Rapone Mile Pact, $700 Rapone fthaeffer Harp Boylan W'ellwood C'rossctt Schraftenherger McPhillips Arthur Mchlenbacher OiMi Triictunri f 1 6 I xcel Call 71 J Ken Scot 5 S Supreme King 6 7 Kittie's Frisco 5 1 Expositor 6 1 Ann Elgin 1 Virinitv 10 Eddie Mac Jr. ,Garnsey Cilgee Dennison Cioodcmole Harp W'ellwood Chapman Givens J Hi Lo's Roan BoyErnesl 1.000. 7 Happy Kngue 5 Gallant Jerry 2 Jerry Court 4 Palin Hanover S Gray Flannel Lam Drops Plans Involving Orioles; Hinted Squelched i hieh flv to left center and it looks as if it may be I guess maybe they is dead. Finon r-nintr rm meanwhile. Principally at Bel mont Park. It was one hell of a weekend when Liz and ! Porter- ;j oiendaie , Elect Rownson v. .i a .t---. .!ri aftor thA Fiituritv. All that was . P.?. "" IIUUASS oiiaicu ine niuiiv, o .....i- . . ; h marine jsuso ui't missing was Joe H. Palmer to wonder, as only he couici, wnat you have to do to convince people. ln..i..I.n,. t-n,i r fnr r oninc into the Futurity and can make the double play for you, so he pays $16.10. I donno. Neither j did Liz in the winners circle, ine price Doineruu net m."c umu anything else. 'Why won't they believe him?' she kept asking. Honest Hearts and Honest Bread "We missed some of you adolescents. We missed you when a young fellow name of Earl Sande pulled on an old pair of boots and some new breeches and come out o this new-fangled gate thing like a bat out of well, as one delighted old-timer who went to the starting gate said, 'He had his boot heels in that horse's flanks before those kids even knew the gates were epen.' 'You would be surprised, sometimes, to see the sentiment or what have you, of those rather hard-faced chaps, the players. They hung on the fence outside the jockey house; they lined the walking ring and they lined the way to the track from the walking ring; and they yelled such immoral suggestions as 'Leave him get through, now, leoay. - 1 . fi I 1 ll.. innl-nir riniicn tArilfl If I n T .. , -ii .. ... a mimhArc inH TimirH tn that cluDs cencrai know wno, as l cani ieu em an wuhuui u j -t - . . , f.f his one was down to shorts at the time-he was shaking the ! rshiP ,n view ofth. ft old gent's hand and saying, "uee, Mr. sanae, you - t run... rrnnW mil H nfel ' - - . . . . UUU I1UI liaib. 11 i Fifth Class B Mile Trot, $ 3 Michael Hanoier Schrnedcr 1 1 Vandur.en Mehlenhacher 4 7 Call I p DennKon n 6 Darn Mile Angcll 21) 4 Mary F.ltubelh Mcl'hililps 9 2 5 Sailor Signal Snyder (i 2 True Silver Harp J Sixth Class B Mile Pace. $1,000, 2 Rntal Sweep Kopciinskl 4 t.anani "."".j 5 Martha Marshall Hases 7 Dale Jingles Wellwond , g Captain Wolf Hodgins I Cardinal s Ace toinursi S Gladys Guy Rapone Hillcrest Arthur f onmrd Hal Schroeder 3 Peerless Hal Richardson Seventh J. C. Newton Pare. $4,000. 10 4 Brave Scnrt Parks t IVIavnaril HnnnveiHarner 5 Argvel Crattan I amphelt 3 Dandy Dick Wilcox Gardner Hanover Harner 2 Bonus Dillon Schraftenberger 6 Gallant Spencer Smilh irtifhih Date Cf1 Mile Pace. Newton Mrmorial, $4,000. Miss Audley Dah Parks Mlsa Voile VS ell wood . - Klcnarri tranK Lane, me f p, L, Rapone Mile Pace, $700 Brosvn Waugh Rapone Wilcox Schroeder Smith Tingley 12 S 3 6 6 6 6 t B 10 3 92 5 5 ! 10 Sl 3 4 . J 20 4 I 3 g 3 ft 8 ft I UR Gridders Favored OverUnionTomorrow By rHIL UNGERER strength characterizes the Union College football team . . , . . ... t t : . . t r i . -4 rl Wnicn IiOSiS me universny ui lyuuncaicr at ociifiieiduy tomorrow afternoon. . . . lerea a loss ai ti. Lawrence in the opener and dropped a 21-0 decision to Amherst last week. Rnrhosfpr rales a considerable edge at least two touchdowns over Union, whicn has not naa a winning year since 1949 when it was undefeated. The big gun in the Garnet at- tarlc is halfharlc T.en Klineherr. a 165-pound senior, triple-threat : - U : AAAA'A AAA tA(AAH f..l its iiua dcisauii a uuc-piamvm iuui- ball. He averased better than six yards a carry last year. He docs an tne nasstne. most 01 me run ning, the kicking off and still has time to take care of some of the punting chores. The Union forward wall is not too rich in experienced material especially the end slots. But the backfield, though depelted by graduation, is rich in good .. .. Dan carriers. Montreal -(P)-coaiie cerry t th(, emJ win bfi McNeil, agile as a cat stopped Tom MaMi and Djck Havjll Sam everything in sight last night as;Arnistrong and Bob Huntington the Stanley Cup champion Mont-. wil, fiU the tacke positions. with real Canadiens opened their Na-jJohn jicMahon and Joe Guerra tional Hockey League season at the gUards. with a penalty-scarred 3-0 vic- The center slot will be occupied tory over the Chicago Black by Ted Mattle, a veteran of last Hawks. Two match penalties ! season's squad, from Rochester, were meted out during the wild Mattle, who engaged in swimming contest. I only at Ben Franklin High Maurice Richard figured in 'School, has been a mainstay on both the scoring and the rough ! the team, playing in all but five stuff. He slammed home two minutes of the two contests to .mak and in the first period : ciaie. iie is me son 01 mr. ami ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, October 9, 1953 49 CHEV. BONENBLUST & 4 DR. " 39 $799 h BUCKMAN, Inc. LAKE AVE. 340 LAKE AVE. finlv 33 nlavers reported to coach Sam Hammerstrom at the hppinnine of the camnaign and most of these were not letter winners. After the starting lineup, the Dutchmen have little to throw into any gaps. Seven lettermcn were iosi irom last season's backfield and two at pvrrv nnsition in the forward wall except center. Chief loss was Little AU-Amencan oacK Bill Snyder, who was graduated in June. Union has dronDed both of its contests so far. The squad suf- Montreal Blanks Hawks in Opener '53 STUDEBAKER HARDTOP 4,000 Actual Mil.ll l.srh.r fsaaja Interior. Spotless Erior A lsI uuv mow LIST PKlCEl Current Model lit Showroom Now Condition. RALPH-P01ITIAC j i tlo wesT Main w.n. vtn Jf I Open Evenings CZ hp shoved lineman Sam Babcock ;,nd drew a 10 minute misconduct penalty. Detroit Kips Hangers Mrs .Tnhn Mai tip. R4 Walzford Rd Don Reed will call the signals from a split-T for the Dutchmen. Klingbcrg and George WodorzoK Kips nangers - ------ ..... ,,.. . .. mu- r.i.. tiwill IK3 ai me liaivca, wins jumv opening game since "38.ledge in the series with Union, stretched their streak last nisntiwinjng 23. losing 20, and meet-by whipping the New York ing -n four tjes The yellow-Kangers, 4-1, as rookie Dutch , jackets took a 27.14 win on the Tleibel made four assists in the-jRivr Campus iast yCar. National Hocney league vi:m:i . rJeibel, a 23-year-old center, as p ij Uktmit Ktlpia COMPANY OFFICIAL .CARS upto $600 DISCOUNT! SIERRA (DELUXE SUBURBAN) Fully Equipped Radio & Heater CORONET CONVERTIBLE Gyromefie Torque Tren,ini,iion. Redio end Heoter. CORONET CLUB COUPE Gyromatic, Radio & Heater Very Fw Miles New Cor Guarantee McEVOY 123 Monroe Low Bank Rates 72 R l"V,iA-itlnf IP') l,lA,.' ' r 1 . . . 1 .l . aa '4. Fnrer Hnsrrmfjrinnlf V high-pressure nascDau , -Mr;ta tas. Sch7otder who iraaea xne on u? . .. e-,-way ,Vh Sox into pennant contention, yes- , Haj-ieT wiiion terday failed to swing his hottest . " , trade yet himself to the Balti- 'Also eligible. more Orioles. General Manager Lane announced that: "Aftor snme deliberation a de cision has been reached that I chnniri nnt enter into any discus- don't'sion with the Baltimore club in 1.JS 83 SS 4 78 7 44" visfpH nn enals bv his two line- rpritcs Ted Lindsay and Gordie Howe and on tallies by rie-fensemen Red Kelly and Marcel ,J Pronovost. Mrmorial yonkers' $4,500 Pace Snared by Volo Chief Yonkers (P) Stanley Dancer Volo Chief, eight-year-old ? bay horse owned by the driver, i in victory in the feature $4,500 i Flushing Pace last night at Yonkers Raceway in 2:05.4. , Volo Chief came around horses J tn take (he lead at three-quar ters and led by two lengths com ing into the stretch. The margin of victory was two lengths cased up. Second was Gold Honor, driven by Ed Barnes Jr., and third was Snap Up, piloted by Robert Myer. The winner paid $3.20 as the odds-on favorite. 11 27 V8 $999 BUCKMAN, Inc. '51 STUDE. BONENBLUST & LAKE AVE. 340 - LAKE AVE. This nnriprf iwn davs of mys terious negotiations during which it was reliably rcoorted Lane's eagerness to take over operation "This is written as thev so to the post for today's (Tuesday's) seventh, which is Earl's second shot. Maybe he'll win this one, 1 don't know." (He didn't. Third with Honest Bread, his first mount. Sande was fourth with his second.) Baltimore entry in "I don't know. Think he has his best chance at Belmont, wnn Amncan League was firmly its big turns. Be kind of nice if he did it before Saturday s i uelchcd by his present em-closing. This is the last week at Belmont for the year. 'nioyers II tari COU1Q Win one, wayue unu nc u iinoi, and take one of those jobs that some of us have been trying to get him to take off the track. "Anyway, I wish you could have seen it." Copyright, 1953, New York Herald Tribune, Inc. Batavia Downs Race Results Class C Trot. 4. SO i First Milt M2 4S. Dunblane Chapmani -n-i . -a... .n'klvill rsnocii Lt" I-.. - -a Bill Young (Glued " . PP. 1-1-2 vSisttr Martha. Pert Han-mer, 3. E. W., Rmh Anna Comet, Ehtii Scott also started. d Mil. Class C Pare. Time, Tim., Seventh Mil. Class !.:07 J5. B Par.. Tim., 4.00 2.90 3.10 , h Abb JWIl .T, 4 M 3.50 Second- lincle Harry (Rapone) . U..'0 8 on iHnnter) 12.70 James the Sixth Rip Dovle ( Hodginsl ,. . " Jip 4-7-SAce Cash. Daniel Hal Scott, Her Royal Hiehness, nude Harvester Jr., Truabbe's Boy also started. Dally Douhl. Diihlan. (1) and t ittle Harry (4 1 paid $44.60. Third Mile 24 Class Pie. Tim., AnnTo'laird (Bak.r) 4.M S JO C.lendale Day (Rapone) ,3.10 Black Minx (Pssell u pp i.4.tWilmingion Chief. Widower Will, Linda Adios. Willism Ci, Mickey Herbert also started. Fourth Milt Class C Part. Time, ArJifr. (Arthur) . 4.40 2.70 J.J0 ?""L airenber M0 pp .;.3Archie lou. Cardinal W'jnj Davis B. Worthy, Ruthie B also itarted Janeie Napoleon was scratched. .Tnlhiirttl 11.90 S W) 4 50 Colonel-Wil (Wilcos) . 11.10 5.30 Nrmma Hal (Cotter) . ?.N pp 5-r-4 Prince Newport. Sun Rise Dillv. Lindaa Bov. Miss Kitty Will also started. Fiirhth Mil. Class CC Pace. Tim. 2:08 15. Fmkv Hal (Rapone) 3 ?0 3 40 3.20 F.velvn C, Dillon (Holmes) 4.20 3.20 Laurel Grande (Schroeder) 3.90 pp 3-3-3Scotty Direct I, Steady Hal, Handy Flash, Margaret Hy, Lucia Hanover also atarted. Ex-Cadet Galiffa Seen Bound for Grid Giants Track Fast. Attendance Mntiiel handle SI72.6MI. J.M7. Pittsburgh (P) The Pitts burgh Post-Gazette said last nirrht Arnnlrl naliff3. former ' ...... , star quarterback of the Army.fc football team, soon win De piay-ing for the New York Giants of the National Football League. Galiffa, recently discharged from the Army, has been visiting at his home in nearby Don-ora. He could not be reached fnr comment but the Post- Gazette said he would fly to New York today. The Green Bay Packers drafted the cx-West Pointer, later trading his rights to the Giants for Val Joe Walker, an end and defensive halfback rookie from Southern Methodist. Help Wanted -Male ELECTRIC WELDERS ACETYLENE BURNERS ROUGH CARPENTERS & LABORERS For Refrigerator Car Work. Excellent Wages & Working Conditions DESPATCH SHOPS, Inc., E. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Apply: EMPLOYMENT OFFICE WANTED real estate" sales man To taW charq. of op.rations. Must b. ov.r all man. Lib.rol salary pius bonus. Sf.ady. R..I ODDO'tuni- XX"75 D&C ty for right man. Class CC Trot. Tim. Fifth Mil. 2:11. U"r- I" ,VU'"-' 70 80 24.50 10.40 Coib" Eden .Current) 21.10 12.50 So Worthy (Weihvood) M,Flwvn pp .4i Scoot. Bo.a Mcriwvrt, Tilda Hanover, Shandon, Alayn. Regent also started. Slstb Mil. Class B P. Tim., P.nulYe5; (Wetlwood).. S.50 4 00 3 20 Mr. Griff .Tolhurst). . . " DrppA5'2n4BK, Pan Handle. Caretakers Calumet, Miss Kittay Again, Black Chief also started. optical engineers The has Engineering Division of Chrysler Corporation attractive openings for men with experience or education in the field of optical design. Men selected will aid in production engineering and guide design studies of optical fire instruments on future ordnance products. A real reward awaits men with creative ability I enthusiasm. If you are interested in these positions, please write, giving full details, including age, education and experience. Address your letter to Mr. L. U Bettega. CHRYSLER CORPORATION ENGINEERING DIVISION P.O. Box 1118, Detroit 31, Michigan an wmmm '47 '46 47 '48 '48 '49 49 ALL PRICES ON WINDSHIELD KAISER ClAO iCn CHEV. Sedon.... 'ly WW Tudor DODGE Sedan. . . . PLYMOUTH Stdan. .. . STUDE. 5OQ Star. Coup CHRYSLER COQ $289 $349 S.don. . . DODGE Sedan. . . DeSOTO Sedan. , $699 $739 '51 50 '51 '51 '51 52 STUDE. V-8 Sedan. DODGE Sedan. . . . NASH Sta. Wagon KAISER S999 $849 $869 $899 $949 DODGE Sedan. CHEV. Sedan. $1199 $1399 OVER 90 CARS 550 to $2500 it Mreavrj M YOU CAII OWN ANYONE OF THESE CARS Without A T! Come In Let Us Explain! SOME CARS AS LOW AS s150! '49 FORD Convertible 18 CHEV. Sedan 19 DODGE Sedan '48 CHEV. Convertible '46 HUDSON Sedan '47 DODGE Sedan '47 CHEV. Sedan '47 FRAZER Sedan '47 PLYIV1. Sedan '47 CHEV. Tudor 20 Others To Choose From FULL PRICE S3 ss-ss ssTCl KD ST. 'Rochester's Largest DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer" OUR NEIGHBORS SIBLEY'S TAYLOR BLDG. SCRANTOM'S BRASS RAIL SHAMROCK REST STILLSON RAMP OPEN NIGHTS Cl OPEN SATURDAY .Ul bJI fvww.w - mm

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