Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 2, 1938 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1938
Page 6
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EVANGELIST Just Unpacked! Women' tolas Given: tteg, 35c Quality! Men's Work Shirts c no Lions Prepare For. Convention 2C0 Members of 1 OttkfantJ Cfubat '--"- Lmcheofi MMtfng If or then 300 members of th OMtland lion Club gathered at a White Patent! md White Kids! 22) Main Seam Triple Stitched! 01 1 1 ' ' ' . SPEAKS TONIGHT ; -y - ; f 'A ' ' ' V'" ' ' ' On Snapshots Only Entries Toktn Since May 14 Are Eligible for Contest Only snapshots taken since May , 14 will be eligible for entry In The Iribune'a Snapshot Contest which Brand new Summer sandals in operand closed-toe typesj . Wbite" patent leather, white kid, white mesfc cletAsv , . trimmed in! hide o rerJ. Size 4 to & Unbeatable value' at this price, we believe! Good quality cbambray full cut to allow for shrinkage. Two big, button-throtigh pockets. in i ' ' , i ,r - r . i y M a tt fi in a II Co t it im We k 2 Simirag FitttfiifflgJ MewJ Smmairit! CaDmm Firfidlay ait S)s4i5 Ao M, special "conventiosi kmcheoar yee terday to lay final plans for the annual Lions International Convention which will be held here July 19 tff 22. Nearly 8009 delegate fre 3009 ekibs In eight eeuntrte will attend leaving at least a half million "new convention dollars in Oakland, Edwin H. KirNhley ef Parkersburg, W, -V., chairmen of the Interna Clings 2.9ft Candlctcick Befspracf J.00 AppUqued Crib Rohcs epens next Sunday.- the first week's contest will close Tuesday, June 14. There will be tit wetks of contests, the final con eluding on July 19. ' . Already enthusiastic snapshoots jwho didnt bother to read the rules pf the contest are sending in snap-allots. ' These are of course wasted, for it tias been plainly stated since last Sunday that no snapshots will be accepted Without entry blank, and entry blanks will not be available until next Sunday's Tribune. The rules of the contest are Printed daily for the benefit of Regularly 59c Lunch Cloths Regularly 1,39! Mattress Pads Newt Big Valuenl Girls9 Frocks Reg. 19c Yd! FHsse Crepe n p"- 2h Regularly 79c Girls' Slacks 4Sc Regulurly 25c Men's Caps us tional Convention Commission told those at the loncheeit. Headquarters will be established at the Hotel Obkland. Sessions will be held in the Auditorium. 00 28c fUlA' CHAIRMEN REPORT v 'Edwin R. Street presided ever the convention day luncheon yesterday. - Colorful cotton cheeks prae lovely quality Plisse erepe' fri a wide selection of new summer patterns. All color fasti Save! fwin-be'd-siie eandiewiek spreads - in attractive hanrl tufted designs. Good Quality sheeting! tical for evervdav use. sfixfin. 58x A necessity for every tteTl-turned-out baby! Soft, thickly-napped cotton. Hand knotted fringe! "Tan color only. - Smirt eottori twill slacks for iiris" 61 6 to 1. White with colored stripe. Wards 1st Fir. Bargain Store. 54x76,-inch quilted mattress pads zig-zag - stitched. Get yours tomorrow at- a real saving! Colorful hew summer prints and sheers in clever styles for girls of 2 to 14 years. Outstanding values at the price! COOl, comfortable summit sports caps in white or black and brown checked patterns. Sale 2 days only. inch site unhemmed. Stock Up ¬ committees who made progress report included: Leonard J. weltzer. Clifford D. Alien, Kenneth Fors- W!Mi,y 3t rk).i.n.ln - BHil on tnese r naayi Ray, James L' Taylor, M. O. Lick-, teig and Frameis H. Woodward. inapshootew.' In your eagerness to Bend 1ft your amir don't neglect essential reading erferelses. Also fee aur to read the classification of snapshots You must indicate on the back of your enapshot in Which class irnu wish the picture entered. Following are the classifications In which pr lie a Will be awarded weekly-and at tee end of the eon- test! "' ; : '" -t-. CUM A, CMldrefl . and ' Bbies- Any picture in which the principal interest Is i ehiid or children. Dr. SldonU M Gruenberg, . pctrent-cnild , relations , expert, who will Speak here tonight. Expert to Talk ' Sec It! Compare It! Jfitt You'll Play Better If Yftir Clothes Are Kfghf Sports Slacks ' Members of the executive conven fton committee coordinating all activities include: Ernest C. Ferguson." etanrmtfrt; Meitzer, Karl Goeppert, who. is president of the Oakland ClUB; Liehteif, Morris E. Hurley ; end Alan W. Davidson. Special trains bearing delegates ' Extra Large Stiper-Pouer On Child Problems ' Problems confronting parerttg will to ths convention are scheduled to TilNTC lCVfTftlW6!TPTn ATTTTfhW Friday & ! i-eii. it. Be Luxe Model ft iiviiiviiuvNJ ii iiuun iiMviM Saturday begin arriving ill Oakland 6ri the' Sunday prededinf the dpening bt the sessions. BOO MUSICIANS VV Convention seeciafa will rfiv , lion) Avocations,-Vocations, Action Pictures, Animals, -Fits Baseball, golf, tennis, motor boating, canoeing", ailing', beach sports, airplanes, fishing, an im a I pictures, gsets. gardening, farming, etc. , Class C, Scene! and Still Life ttudies Landscapes, marine views, eity streets, travel or country scenes, taTvhtKfnni. interiors. "Still life," Rght now forget everything you ever knew about ready-made sHo covefi. be discussed tonight by fir. fildonle JH. Grucnberg, author and director of the Chili, Study Association of America, at 8 o'clock in the" School Administration Building, 1025 Second Avenue. Dr. Gruenberg participated In conferences sponsored by the World Federation of Education" Associations I inese are aeciacmy ainerenr. . . . remarKaoie in mat they look Jike Upholstery, .remarkable in the very low prices at which We are selling thdfnl Mrs. Vlcforia lo(b Dtntktf-st whose dirdpcffHiM founded th Salvation Army, will speak her Suit- Religious Leader To Speak Here Describing herself as a mddeYfl Joan of Arc who will lead the American people against dictatorship, Mrs. Victoria Sooth Omar est, granddaughter of the founder of the? Salvation Army, arrived iri Sail franeisco yesterday. A vision twd years' ao slmiur td the' one that inspired th original dan of Arc led Mrs. Dmerest to start her ..present ftpeakinf tour, which, she said, is th prelude to a respiritualizing th eOUrttfy. It is Mrs. Demarest's plan to establish a combination of civic- and church interest in art effort to build up spiritual arid friOral .forces. "faith with God has collapsed hi the United States," Mrs?, rjemareaf said, "just as it did in the European countries of Hussia and 6rrrrjahy. Godlessness always exists under si dictatorship. , r "Dictatorships will not take root in a truly religious country, and that Is just what we? intend te make of the- United States." On Sunday afternoon, Mrsj Derh-arest will occupy the pulpit of the 10th Avenue Baptist Church, where She will speak on "The Violiiti'' and that evening at f: 30 IHe will tell of "A Thrilling Rescue?' Iri evangel is(16 work. .. from Florid, New England, Illinois, ,, Utah, Texas, New York end Cold-,' rado, Goeppert Mid. The more than 600 juvriil asusl cians who hive already fltadd ftet- " vations to participate tn tfi band and drurtt and buali corns' contests ' (Broadcloth shirts, 7tf) Wards slacks are" faultlessly tailored, comfortably cut. and unusually low priced! Navy and brown - in cotton twill. Sizes 14 to 20. Swim Snlti N o v e 1 1 y suits for girls. Trunks for boys. All-Woof, splendid value. Srfiart colofs. I 7f MONTHLY, J? - A plus carrying 'A-jj til,': They're called "Clings" ... a fitting name for them, for their knitted fab ric is elastic enough to conform to every little cUrV6 and cdrner Iti your chairs arid sofas i and best of all there's no piping to sh6ut "Slip Gdver'' will be housed "Army style" in Oak i i - - ipT II II" ' ill " land. Delegates will fee entertained bU . pictures of art objects, curios, cut glowers, fruit, etc. - Cla-,1 D, Informal Portraits-of lAdults Pictures of one or more person (iclosa up or full figure) in natural Ind apparently imposed attitude; character atudies; genre (illustrative of common life) and pic-Jure Jit which charm ind person-lsliy of the subject are outstanding. 1 ire are the contest rules: li.t eontmt te trlctly for amateurs. Any-e 11 .Iwibl. except . employee! of Tha jo. - and their. mll)M,tnd)ndiduta or r, bra of ftmlH Wd W m.. Mr., all, commercial flnMhlns or tween business session with steamer ... no seams io sup i HERE'S WHAT "CLINGS" CAN DO IN TRANSfOftMINC FURNITURE and was a lecturer at Columbia University, New York University, the Netf York School of Social Work, and the international Conference of Social Work. The lecture tonight Is sponsored by the"Eastbay Parent Education Study Groups. Mrs. Fanny L, Bulger, supervisor of parent education in the Oakland Publie Schools, will preside. 1 trips on the Bfy, a water darhival on Lake Merritt, art etfevaffaiMaT ana pageant, sightseeing trips, and street parade MS)95 $5 DOWN, $7 Monthly Plus Carrying Charge. 1038 Modtl! Delivered & Installed It's erffra large, t. shelf area U liM sq. ft.! -Lafge Freezer is equipped with 4 stain-lew Jiify Ctibe trays! Freezer malet 80 large ' lee cubes. 8 lbs. per freezing! Two large 6-qt. capacity Vegetable Fresheners! Sliding shelves. Has Food Guardian Par- Silef Mew I00 Iieei j,. mal u.. ox pnuwuiim vn.- Oakldftd De Mcfoy t to Install Officer! V i) may aubmlt many picturea Shrine Birthday ril at any time during tn parioa William G. Collins will be In'. stalled as master couricilofdi Oak "V- r nut have been' made after May 'VuraMhouTmajr bo wado m iw tvoa o tlm. but muat not bojtiade on , ftt p -c nefatlvea. Any roaka carnerS.t 1 .m. r -'nlcaU 01 paper may b uaad. fefe?'iii'i;i!''ilaW Party Scheduled Five Hundred guests will attend i birthday party to be given tomorrow noon at the Hotel Oakland by Aahmei Tehiple of the Shrine in iilv I See bow H Here's the secret of Notice Vi "uphol. f lhe bart and sides land Chapter, Order 6t DeWolayj it eererhonies fd be held tOrriorfow nifhf if! Likeslior Masonid tiffiplt, Tots' Sun Suits Oirls9 Slacks UO IICML Bllll 11 till leredf Mc at the Level' and printing may f S'"' i phn.o niher or th entrant. No print the finished trans formation a beautiful fit reesrdlest of height of back or width of seat. as the front an Swim Suits hrtorattii Elastic "Clings" slip over year e hi i r jail hick them ir her. ana there. that smoothness these strong elastic ties across the sbottom." J3255Grand Avenue. IleavyAiiiiiisiterQ Compare anywhere with Most 39.95 values! Examine iti soft deep texture. . .only in Axminster looni can weave' such a high pile! Woven SEAMLESS of two-tone blended wool yarni,..that means longer wgarl Textures, Moderns, Hooked and Oriental copies.. it beautifully colored I ' or em 1C 79c cuffs fit legs perfectly. other advantage of "Clingo." sua i to6 ' Regularly iSe 8 to 16. 00 1 Girls' 7 to , 4 Other officers who will be seated are: Chester Nelson, senior councilor! Hellis Jones, junior councilor; Wayne Newton, senior deicOn; Nor fnarf Richards, junior deacon; Harvey CfoiWnlte, senior stwardr Al Rossi, junior steward; Edwin Rob Printed" cotton sheers 6r flock dot voiles, tubfast arid cool, art worl or wtouehlns 1 P'n;tt on print Of tho nUv Irom which they n"vWh shall ba iudsed solely on ,.n "ml ntt Zt and WPM't.j?0;, In one or mnra of tho tour elaiw fleatlorn. All wool! Exceptional values. Novelty - halter styles included. Sftiart colors, too. Low'-priced! Sturdy , Cotton tWill. Full cut, wfll-made. Brown and navy. Townsend Notes Lloyd i. Mabori will be guest speaker at tomorrow nignt's fnee't-ing of Berkeley Townsend Club, No. 8. at the Y. M. C. A. Buildine. AUJ Keep, tfiem cool and eomfy. Sitlrdy cottons, easy to tub. Buy for' all summer! ceisia Organdy ric-rac or smart Color trims. Sizes 12 to 52. honor of Kenneth C. Gillis, Illustrious Potentate of the Temple, whose birthday also falls on the day. of the Shriners annual straW-hat program. ; ; Arthur R. Andersen; preslent of the Shrine Luncheon Club, reported that a specialjprogram has been arranged under the direction of Jack Block. Delegations of Shriners from other Metropolitan Oakland Cities will attend the affair. - Others in charge of arrangements include Ed Johnson, Charles Chubb, Carlos Bullard. Fred Anderson. Wil les, chaplain; Glen Newton, marshal; stori Mat and Milvi Street. spencer upugias, orator; jesier w Sasso. sentinel: Harry Howard. ) .maiMyii X . li ! ir- Immiiimi rilJu.ir l n.iW.M I I n t.miiin.i.mir,i m tn entrant muat aubmlt the original neaa-iv with erjpt and aln atalament that bla'pteiurfw f elowly almll.r pictur. of been and Mill not b entered by him In ny oth-r nohot conteat or aaloni To enter th content, mall . print or A nw, lf eortfarmlng knit ttd fabric iflrtfdlriiri n6 I tldstic. Iti rdugh Uxturt fit tftcfstufftd cboln and standard bearer; Clinton Robles, alo. An open forum and community sing will be held at tomorrow night's meeting of Prosperity Townsend liam Reid, Leonard Johnson, Harold Hansen and James Landnn. Club, No. 14, at the Jeriny Llnd Hill, prUita et ai.many picture, .a you U "A -.teilr Bnapahot Contest JWr 1 h TTinune.'Wlth entry blanlt properly lii'i out. On th. back ol each picture inn? y name, .nd .drea. dearly In Ink 2229 Telegraph Avenue. I J t I "-V 1 J I 1 1 1 . mr. Preceptora will be Stan Snarte William Spurlin, Dvld Shepherd, Don Wddde'otlf, Boo AltfiBufi. Xifr die LittlMohfl, DJeK Temsyori, Te Judge, Robert Butler, Rod Kelt, George Xern, Chirlee rignf ia4 Leo MoWry. Dancirig and enfeVUBtnenl Wtl follow the insteilatioii. ' ' f I , , V w , , l and fh Claaa In wnicn you wmn u Townse'nd fSiilletins will M fliA at a business meefinl of f6WAienl Club, " No. 88, tomorrow , lillht ( tlve with your print. Keep them sofas perfectly, thanks fd - their elastic tfei dt bottom and clastic side cuffs Look! like uphdlstdry, but priced for lilt. You'll marvel at thd dXddrtilvi CUstdnl- intil,fe-iuei.tM by th. Am.tiy-.Bnan.nOT Con' t ditor. ,Thi pewaoaper fume Eighth and peralti Streets. Save! 4-yettr Loiifju ear . , o re -wtwijlHty lor pegaiiy, itiKUHlty xor nwu Final Rites Held For Oakland Woman Last rites f or , Mrt. UliMbith 4. Bornhorst, 90; who died on Miy 31, were held at i p. m. todfljf irom the Chapel of the OS M, 3007 Tl-iraph Avenu, Oakland. ' , , -.A native ol, Baltimore'. Ma.. Mrs. If y-'U Snap . picture wniqn, you wpdj D. R. f snner Will U sust iseaker ih which S In ftrt In th. oonteat ani jtH mm' hit M- pu get it a meeting of Alameda Townsend Club, No. t, tomorrow nisjhf it thl Methodist Church, Santa Clsri Avi' "HERE'S tailored appearance Aw a th. wrtten conaeni oi amn psraim nue and Ninth Street. wtettu "ir -"" lfflrriri'hisarnii " t ti--sfi ntrnr i rnri-sf-r tyti ni rr t na to tn. ua. ox dvertmlng purpoae. mult Bornhorst had lived in Oakland for Seminary f owhserid Clufe, NA 14, The fabric poiieiiti dredt the past 15. year. Her first husband, dUitlLllllIlu litW! will give a whist party tomofrow night at 8263 East Fourteenth Street. William Ebelin, was Civil "War veteran. He died In 1886. She wai the widow of William f . ZzMa Fe Names i Utw Service Heads Play starts at 8:30 p. m. elasticity . . . it's washable , , t won't pull diit . . worl't wrinkle... requires no ironing Bornhorst, Callstoga, Calif, a vintner. Brooklyn Townsend Club, No. 8, j Li 1 tW A i ',R?ffl; - tow the 35c grade t hi fi SV fiA' .' , - flV '11 Wee stations everywhere. m A f ' : 7 1'V ' " ' v 5 11 ICi It B.tterv. tftattSI Survivors include A daughter; Mr. Seven new officials were named will hold a whist party tomorrow Margaret Vender Naillen, and, four night at 918 rdtrthlll Boulevard. fry the Santa Fe Transportation Company today .to direct the new sons, Harry W, Frank O., Louis A, and Clem A. Ebeling. - Ldintu ptlei - imce -193 J. 30 lower than last year's Bale price! Strong bleached" muelin. Hand-lorn. Sturdy selvae. 81x99 inches. ., 42x36-in. Cases ..ifiVic rail-bus service to, do inaugurate! to Southern California points Jun Six grandchildren and 11 treat nri 7 J x A ' , V i II lit ill l.les. E. pric 7 V Sale! Anklets - 22Sc ;; , Wards rlgulaf, lie anklets price cut tor the week-end. Choice of mauy colorful patterns. eVi to 10tt. grandchildren also survive. Driving Classic Topic of Forum . f'U . "SI f.r.ft-. .i .-'Jill. XII Tll V Witness to fell BERKELEY, June 2. "Shoulii Automobile Driving Be Taught at ' Aisi A New Homespun Pattern. Smart Diagonal Pattern Of Nanking Siege Li x ' Berkeley High School?" will be the topic for discussion at the final , - . III f 1 Mill 'f " 1 1 ryiiwwwu llUllaMngwwv,... George A. Fitch, personal friend :7 'ynj: meetimt of the Berkeley Community Forum for the present school year, of General Qhlanf Kai-Shek, Will give an eye-witness account of the 5af ofl CennonV Ana Turkish Towels 5 XP to be held at 8 o'cieck next Tuesday Fine Broadcloths! Women's Illx-ioot nmhtalla tent strongly T1 j fTf 1 m- 1 ' j f v , KfjOf'T ' O JJ tailored 6f green Wsierproofed drill. I I "JOO ) , - ; f, I n hjSf" JS fiullt to last for vears. Deluxe fI 1 I I ; rrif" Sv . ' mi i CtAAjt I ; "t J7. : -.,.: They art H. R. Lake, general man-ger; Berni Levy, assistant td LSk; Gene Alien, assistant; G, T Hurst, Ireight traffic manager; W. A, Claw-on, passenger traffic manager: L. S. Keal, aisUtant to Clawsfm; and J. R. Eoaa, superintendent. The appointments become effective June 1. Under the new service two streamlined trains will operite between Kan Francisco and Bakersfield through the San Joaquin Valley. Bus service will be operated in connection With the trams via the Kidge Boute between Bakersfield and Los Anf ?!e, making connections at tot Ant - fi with trains and busses to ban Diego and eastern points. ' . fall and occupation of Nanking tomorrow, when he speaks before the evening. The question will be dis. cussed m Berkeley High School au CID Commonwealth Club of California ii lira! , ditorium by a panel consisting of in its weekly meeting at the PalSce representatives of the Board of E3u- klak akknAl tr,HM Afmr4. 7!ti r?5 ' r'V2213 1 Chair Cover Hotel Fitch, Who traveled through areas Of the Sino-Japanese conflict as an agent of the Chinese general, was in Nankins; during the siege and Sofa Cover mmvii, iii.h vmuw., ta.v vj. ment, State-Department of Motor Vehicles and the Califomli fit.tl Automobile Association. Audienci A Htw car-the HuJsoa 11 J De Luxe that not only tope -11 the other lowwt priced leaders in room, smooch per fbrtnance aed tmfvtf fasttuiav bnt that's i inotkoui for lav aidi ityle. A Hew prop6hioo for ay ink With i tt to trade lni etjowioee that fcee yonc'r afford riot to do busioM now. It will be mighty fiionf if can't get tOather. Cotae la and see at any Jladioa tUii-' f 's showroom. EUDSO.'i 112 ftilli . Ccsl h is j tsk fcr C.'-Zs first ten weeks of Japanese occupa discussion will follow. tion; Chair Cover Sofa Covei Handsome homespun in serviceable wool and cotton mixture. Ttropiece covers shown in rust, green, blue and brown. See demonstration Friday and Saturday. Durable cotton covers that look like Jersey knit. Rust, grelfi, blue arid br6vft backgrounds in neat diagonal stripe effect. One-piece covers that fit perfectly. Double Funerol . Held for Couple Hand-made Gowns 49c Seduced from 69c! Porto Rtean hand made gowns embroidered, and appliqued. In White and psiiel shades. 17 x 34-inch Cannon nuaJity towela iti medium weight Turkish texture. Snowy white with iwoven-ooldr kor-(Jers. Save at Ward rdw Jrice! Tflra fifdni eotttffi bresicletn slips with Cslifemli tops snd. Will-up shoulders. Nlrelv t i 1-real 54iett in tesres. ini white. Sites 34 to 44. Double funeral services were held today for James J. Levey, 78, and his wife, Mrs-Anna Josephine Levey, -JWUlif ftVV 4 Hoiio Paint Knlsomlrt U A . AV rBal. cover. ,00 . ft with ,. . two coata! Good .quality! One1 9-lb faekie finishes iv- tlttif ic CllMlrf C1 Ttllt Cbalr ' Super House Paint gaL age Sir room. Many color!. ! I "J O0 , . 11 p-xf m.-rrmnmXvi . j I t'll n'l I ' II I mgBmtfttCR II 'lUSH ITSSJ ' ll 2 Mer Are it- IFw n;tilli Many Styles iii Every one new! Ward low-prlteA! who died three-days after iter husband. X , Levey. I fdrmlf rllwspeper mail, died Sunday,-and hie widow followed him on Tuesday. They moved to Oakland In 1931 from Stockton, where Levey was employed on a newspaper owned by bis wife's brother, Irving Martin. Their home was at 2413 Te lefrapA Avenue. . Surviving is a d.ufhter, Mri. Marie Rosamond Christens Colorful IPFiiife r "t-r: HM MiBMBKBM Sofas and Cf airs That Will Fit 80 square Percale! r " Is 1 Yoa'can't blame the wonn folk foe raging against that back woodsman's beard which shows tip around 5 P.M. Avoid 5 COock Shadow" by It T . toafW ' Si Hi--CT- .. "" "I Larie. roomy seat, resful... Coolest for Summer use! J v ( . r- J2a3ftr ' 1 - - hiTt for lawn or garden! Weather Durable bamboo peel woven ! III ryl lf - ' . -d f3y71 IT"TMTll '." '--: r ii ' 1 won't hurt these! Unfinished, on a malacca frame! -y J, ' I j.jl VI lA yV. I ! PSf IE Sri stSl j . "1? A MONTH, flu, Down Cdbiliet Sink . lCrrT iljlM I I irZ I ' KT4 s Jpjrmenf & Carrymg Charge --. Cfltt OttClltrS I. V Vs tCSTVJ iCTTVJ 71 67) 3 Early Tech Grods To Hold Reunion Uanhm nf A.rlv Twhnir.1 RIfh JL1. lhaTing with genuine Gem Blades. 30 thicker, f. topped 4840 iimM, Gem Blades staj keen longtr r 'vt mart ahaves per blade. Don't handicap your Croadclofti School etsMWi wUl father for t 1 JA&tif H33 dinner reunion tomorrow evening at the University Chin, 1W Ja-n Cleat Rjxot i Use genuine Genu for ali-4y neatness. Sicr'.e-or Double-edce.) YlfftLf j Intricate Hew; e'TM its" V.' r ? ; finest fabric!' Brithtrt' eolori. (Of th. affair, which will Start with 1 1 1 f?!nl' BU-tcti. Oiy. Je-quard. jrsuems. Cotton. X.p wont rub oft r:S0. a dinner ll IH i cms. Siardf rottfm. Juttroui fin Hh. whit sml colors. Ssva at Ward t lew prirei Mi x.4j--4ur n nr-r 311 I S V - find anywhere. AttracUv leg ' , I N ' ' II !--- f'U. - ill! I ;-LVy ub Compact round front lav. Bif 60 In sink. Two drain- Opens tens and bottle any 1 I I . I 1 UiMtaVX atory. First quality stainless boards, 4 drawers. 3 compart- ' sire, style or shape. Removes I I china clotet. less supplies. menu. Acid-rcsittrnf enamel! entira top at Can! - , ' Hi" ; i i . .,,-1 r-i. ..-j. . i) ' I . . " m Yours? Tubfa't. Serriceable! 3 inebe. mmf 1 ill ' 1 PtntioftMdtifljitt r i, 1 r; . i- r 1 -i ..h. . i . . k . m 1 v v . mm - - The wvnrthlv meer-g ot tv i MlaJmurn C5d Af Ftrrt-t P--uH? -, Orfinuat:oit wsii be he:d t, rrfrrf-w , r. t"i at t. I D S. K - r t-.r, A-r and rr.n.:? r-'.-d r !: U'k.'", t-' -1 TT- Phone 4 111 r 1 ..11 ' 1 1 iv at ii ft . 1 ri 11 1 1 1 i 1 11 11 1 i 1 1 FIX- Hi ZtU At. ; J f . ' i 1

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