The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1948
Page 3
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JMONDAY, MARCH 18. 1913 Jewish Dreams Blasted by War Palestine Partition Brmgj Only Death, Misery and Privation (ion (0 the Hrily l, ;m ^ Hundreds al Je-wk-i, from boiubiue tase. The jei •(rang illation. sabo- f.ires "!<>» «-t.icJi alestine with •""" s * *'™"^r £ .?' ""'"mips. Aiui tin- snmr Jews »lir> rpgHKlcrt tI )P u.nt,,,, Nnt j, )lls -and particularly the UiiHod Slatcs-as i(,,-i,. , salv ,, timl| ,„.,, , lnw convinced thai lhpy ,,.,„, ]>rcom . mscai-ris In an international ui>ki>r Ramp for MWrtlp oil. I he Rieato.M slux-k to Jewish mu- ralr ii-fl., the hoiiibliig of [hp Palos- 1IU'> Post building in Jpiiisiilein February 8. Thai bulldim? is in I lie remer of a Jewish arm. Prior In ihmi ,i l p V ha,] believed U im- possiblp for nr,y Aral* to |>pnrtr/i(p m> bo;i[| blocks, barriers, a no sou- "ip-'i guarding all *tirli arras. The powibility of Hrm*h rrne- gaties working with Hie Arabs had onei) ovcrlookpri. and both the Post »'l<t Ben Yehuda Street thtuinm- ni2s are attributed In' ihe '.Ii>'.i'« ( o British deserters employed by un- dersroumi Arab terrorist.*. Considerable, circumstantial evidence Mip- I'orls the charges, particularly now that the Arab higher executive has oeinert any part of either nuuaec Taste of Things In fninr The bombings Inivc B iven t],e Palestine Jew, a prim i.i.sle of what they e.xperl to come when t], c aU-oiu Arab offn-iive is launched nstcr the British troops aio I Every attempt is made to earn- on hie as usual. Stores were opened in the blasted areas even while the dead were bcine removed from _BLYTHEVfr,r.B_(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Holy Land Edict Much Muddled Big Four Expected To Report Inability To Reach Agreement lly Ulchm.i mini Prrss Staff Jeinne Oih.on of ll,, zr ,rd. K>-.. wa , Kwrca ,nto II,o Nation-,! An Itciuos Show ,n N CW Yo ,. k an<1 mel a real ci^-storc iKlv V Lhic-l Wooden T.-ilfc dates from 1810 and is valued -n $•"-,() l,.-,,,,,',.v buckskin omiil. trimmed with ermine t ails . was matlo Vine's ,v Indian, about Ibliu and ,s valued n, $125. No value l'a s been placed on Jo.innc. united State-,, imssla. Kiance „,„( 1 -ilin,., u-i-rc expected (o inform the United Nations Revmily Council Kite today u,;,! lhl , y '] ww , 1(lt -n.-vil on steps i,, r Varn-ini; out Partition of I'aiesliiif ' Al Hie lust in a in-,lay .wiles of Jim-ute mrciinxs this momin,. n,,. MR pmver rrpn.seuutlvcs probably mil he-ar Ironi a spokesman for lite Aral) ltii!ln-v Committee for I .1 list inc. which has declared « ir "n tin- UN partition pn.Jcct an,I up I" now lias Ixnvolled nil disnis- slons of it. 'I'lip Ai-nlw' iipiieaniiu-c before (lie private nlu KOMI- talks wns not like- l.v. li.iii-i-ver. to pull ||i ( . penveis imo un.v thin): rcscmbhufi agreement on steps for si,U-tiv;im; Hie paillllmi I lu'ir failure to iinrce mav result llllliuati-ly In .se-riippm,; of lli ( . |,ai- tiiion mojre-1 approved n,irc nioiiilis aco Ijy the UN (iencrnl As- Amerie an-ntissiaii aurcemenl on Mi-ps for Implement!!); partition has bt-i'u considered n "must" If the UN program is lo proeceel on sclie- duli- :nir! In Its c.rc".<nl form. Al- inoxi .sin;-e (hi- brelnninK of the Urivnt,. !>IK power talks liist Monday. acrm-dliiK l» nrn.ons who have pailii-ipaleil, Stivlct Ul'lrualr Andrei (iromvko iind Aineru-an Drleitales Warreii Austin have been al odds. l.ikchlmod of agieeinelll was rc- duci-il nullier. It wns believed, bv the United States decision li> fight fi-r n full siviiritv eolltieil debate- • •'• Kitten Acts Kittenish PAGE: THREB U.S. Government Resumes Buying Wheat for Export UIIHWllO. Mnr. 15. .U!>)_The Read Courier N«w» Want l (|lm , , ""-daprtmont The Production MaikellliK Ail- nniH-dnino,, salel gr.vcrmm-nt i )1lv . !V " ,,n I", 'H'""'' '"' '""""'" '""",V '" ^'"'"> i tilul basis, ii sum Ihe Kuvcniineiit wvnild IJHV |,IKIO,(«H) bushels nf wheal [., ' l' 1 ^ J ",' ''- v '"" [ - ''' (( e ktuveiiinienl j needs only H.lilli), , |, n .,|,,.| s ,„ ,",, (April einuitiittiienls but is exix'cled I" i-onllnne buying (,„. M , iy Tl». I'M A issued a Men, warnhi., I.",,';.',!"" "'"''"'•''' ""«'<•><•<- tlintLii'r- I.I.JA utiu ,t || ( . Mi,s]n-]ii1i'(l jf Attri- ini'iit ForYour Cough CreomuWon relleT«« promptly k*> c»us« It Koe« right to th« «e»to{ the troubl« to help lr»4»n »nd V™5 prin iRdcn phlffrm, jin4 aid Mtunt (a soothe >nd heal raw, Uodirja. Mined bronchial mucou* mira. branes. Tell your druggist t* leD ran a boLUe of Creom,,l.slS?5ith th2 £2 . flersUiidln CREOMULSION for Couthi,Ch«st Colds, Bronduth Fins Is Shadow, cine kitten (bat never Brew up. The "boltl,. i,-ibv" uses its less lo lilt the bollle when the mill; level Rets lo\v Kh-idow bcloiiBS to Satinny niu! Albciln llcvner, of Cuvin«lo»' \'a Airline Cancels Flights Over Palestine Areas I MOM MA V. Miiirb JR. ,u I' i Two 'mins-World Airline ofi'ieiuls coiifn-iiinl today they h,ul ordeicit ffic t Race for U.S. Senofor toMake \ T *° More Bodies Lifted WASHINGTON. March ..... Secretary of ATicnhiir 15 (UP> received even greater attention and security measures have marie it Im- pox.siblf> to travel anywhere- in Jerusalem's Jewish area without being halted and Inspecterl everv few blocks. ^Palestinian Je ws J.ale [lie British. can understand the attimdc'of n,e"misguided" Arabs ami their "hon-" fipht against partitionins. They regard the British as liy- pocritos whn "talk nf iirnfrnlitv while arming and nidiiiR the Arabs" Immediately after the explosion in . Ben Yehuda street no Britishers r,,i n n, ( . v W( , were safe in the Jewish zones. Even I l;ut regardless ironi New Mexico. Anderson s;ut t .. jf Pl . osi[ i,. lU Iruniaii 1.5 ivillijiR. I u .jj| r e,,,ain ., s secretary ot a K i icnlm,-,. lml ,i lho Snniiiiei- of Congress " Adjournment is expected in June." j . ndeison s:ud lii.s decision to run I l:i\Td From Hospital Fire Ruins \Veiinestlav of Chile's charges Rilssiu elleineeieil Ille Cominuinst eonp in Gm'hos!ov»kiii. all Plissennci .. i sus|)i-nded beeau f was (hell on m I-'i'idnv ni^lil. f The two men, I !•: O. Ciii-ke. ho; I f'V vice preside Is e,f uie lilie UK-he snul I hey ordered Hie sns- | pension leben they ree-elveil u ,,.- jPnrl "I ID,- Miomini; ,,„,„ wlll ,. lm .'ltd, captain of TWA FliKhl NH. (VJR Files for Congressman i.rrn.i-: ixurK. Ark. MI.U '!')'>- H.iyd 'l-m'kelt of N:,.,| Ark., today was ihe MMI, ,, illl(l for rein cseniative in lln- |. ( t'olli;re.-,sloiiiil DiMiict. lie flteil his i-oiTii|it pe,,, Ph'llKi- Halunlny «nh Secivr Kliilc C!. G. Hull f,n ,,,,. ,„ Veteran Slays Wife; ASHEV1LLK. N C.. .Mar. 1A. ,UI') — Two marred Ixxlies were rmiv- eied uulay from the ruins, of the HlislllaiKl lleisjlila! for Nervous l)i- sease.s whirl, l, m - lu -i( inst Thurs- oay. bnnains to six Hie luunber of bodies aee-oilnteel for. Nine women patients were brjii-c- ecl killed i,, th( . M ~., F _ . rl .- „.„„.,, 'he first war lux wa.s lei'1,-,1 „„ „."" .~,'~'~. "'IT' '"'"""<H vehicles In Oelobrr. inn Blames Housing Shortage l'\ ""''' r !ll%> <•'<-•"> ">x "» the imvnn- ^ faetmeis, sales nrlce mi, ned and ennable. l t will carry "' -%'!H tacked by all Palestine's J«s despite the ove, whei.nill,. orid s astamsi it. TO the Jews there . turning back to British reporters were warned slay away for their own safety. The Jew.; arc dclermmeri to uo down fiohtinc. of the Hopeless, ,e« I'x ler-rV do ,a -/ [cv qc " "' " , . ' C " S " outlook '" s " rfe ""S to . th<? and OIMCACIO, M:m-h IS. iU.P.1 Hay I.mi-ow. nn-yeai-ohl velcran, said todav that hi- MruntUed his wife because Ihe homing shortni,e had ruined liis niarriaRe, Hi- u-Hlkfd into a police statio.i yesterday and told police he had choked his wife. Cnllierine. lo (trail) "with my bare hands." laved when lhe"dep-u'lu,em of",,!!!," ' , Sll(1 W " S " !U " <I " (1 ' ul "' ll[1 " «» licsafny H-ouM '« a'Jow flrrS,', | !' S ,T,? U " '"V"' I"""' 1 "" 1 '" »'l"-« to search in part of Ihe inhbl,. h/- I .... " . '^ , "^(i. In Ihe Kanle iieved to ho <i the ,,%, ,,,, J?", • *»" Ml "K llv '' ''« wile's ftillier. An- bodies B l lho "V Bciliim, brothers, four -KlKlPl-s and the htislmnd and six (NEURAL^. I ^J'-^x^r^ \ liquid CAPUDINE 1 ^ One of the recovered bodies wns believed io be thai of Mr.s. p. Emit Fil/persld. the former Xelela Havre of Aloiilgoiiierv. Aln., beauty of the 20's !>iul wieiow o! the noted novel- odds. The American embare arms |n Palestine and Warren Austin's United Nations snecrh have annoyed them, and convinced many J to do Ihat America as a nation has turned its back on Palestine after proni- Jcine full siip|x>rt and encoi I jinins; W-e Jews lo fo all out for immer: ate eslablishment of a Jewish state. Their wrath has increased as their plight has grown worse and the only support they now rely upon are the Zionist iiroups. particularly in Ihe united states. N T o Jew ever expected the rhao<-- that followed ihe united Nation' vote to paititioii Palestine. The Jews had been convinced by Jewish Agency leaders that 'despite stern warnings from the Arabs, the Arabs "were only bluffing would never fij;ht." Krror Arlmiltril Agency leaders admit their ror. but add that, "we never pecteri the British lo turn against Us and encourage and openly aiei the Arabs." They claim they had British oftieials proclaimed immediate martial law in the affeeird areas and severe),, punished (be Arabs who began' the riots there would have been little (rouble. The agency is preparing to ear- ry on the fiaht for paititioninii alone. Many consider it a certain losing fight of n few nsainst many, but ran see no al,ernalive. There stems to he no inclination on the pan o[ the jews to compromise- S rtly because the extremist groups old never tolerate il. There is almost no optimism, but there l s a eioiirageous facinc of facts. The HaEanah. the Jenisii defense forec, is well-trained, rte- .--.,,. ... L .i^n-j Hiine anybody and everybody to ' J-wish state mpestne^ ,? -r' 00 '" '"" ™ hin "' nt p "" Ihe Arabs am ,.„ V±' "^ .??.. f ", r r " lm:l " arl " «'" continue mv diite in New Mexico's primarv in June made • reluctantly." -I have Ei-eatly enjoyed my sev- ricc in the c.ibinr-t of President -i " "' "'"' "' tb ° sislcr5 ' The male cicada | 5 ||,c nwlrt's loudest insect. A Rrmi]) ot , hf , ln clnrpiiiK ill can he heard' for mnrr tlian halt a mile Hunters Amearican iwceii l!in AUDITORIUM . . MAR. 23-24 JUTIM-IK « i:il\i:si)AV The Critics Acclaim it "MflOD/OUS MAGIC/" OVI* 1 YI*RJ IN NIW YORK fOWIH LESTER F I MAIL ORDERS i NOW J IDWIN IESTER F .,. n i. 7^« 7K M it*l Ilia*,/,/,/ iON<i of NORWAY loud en 111. and MujJt of EDVARD GRIEG Brilliant COMPANY of 80, ww,-,. MEMBERS of BAllET RUSSE de MONTE CARLO killed panics l:,n Ions ol in Alaska bc- and er- ex- So You're Ready For Spring Cleaning! THEN HERE'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW — Abouf Cleaning ««Where to get it |k| °* sefeciion of H,!lmarl J^ tilfSf •*t; pleli *> Card* ii now c CJiooie and ELEEIFUS Done \\v .si,,,, M.II, ,1 0 clt.,,,,,,1, C | (I ,| K , S ,-„ „,.,,. , ., .you «',|1, « rnmplcte , llu | reasonable rlc«iiii 1jr w:rvi« interest lies in ,,U,er nKitlor.s, («,„. ^ ""-rwce. ll|canin K- Y »«' "'HI Ilii., vearlv ' o J'KFIl SS « lo 1 M.KU,.SS. Our :ir c misnn ;l |,! c ; ,n,l a rr,,,-,l a new lhnt ™ m « * Slnp ntiw. and Inok „,,„„„). See so,,,,- ll.inp, ( ha ( rrallv M.l'.l) our exeellent service? \VI,y nnl make a list ,,f ,he-o Ih.iiRs ».s you see (hen, and have ,„„- rrnUe man ,ail irin'lTJ'" 11111 ..... —'">• — Get These Ifcms Cleaned to Perfection: Curtains • Drapes • Slipovers Rugs • Blankets • Shades One Try With Us Will Convince You! PEERLESS CLEANERS •fff! .South r'rjinklin Street 1'Unnc ^i TOMORROW DR El FU S LADY'S SPARKLING ZIRCON RING FARMERS! GARAGEMEN! 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