The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1939
Page 3
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.y, JULY 19. 1930 • When Mare 'Visits' Earth July 27 Will Find Planet "Neat- Earth Scientists Say By NBA Service .Science Is aiming its "heavy / artillery" right smack at Mnrs Oils month — and waiting. Only the weapons'lire not • camion, but telescopes: And Mars Is not llic threatening symbol or war, but the i'lanel. • . . Science believes In "firing when you see the whites of their eyes." On : July 37, -Mare; will be "looking" at the earth from n distance of no more than 36,030,000 mites. . Astronomically speaking, {lint's about as far as the house across the street. Mrirs hasn't come as close .since 1924, won't approach as iieai- again for many years Sometimes the planet Is 248,000 000 miles distant; \yas- almost that in June, 1938, In fact. It all, happens like this. Mars and the earth travel about the sun in different oitlts at- different, speeds.. Sometimes Mars is on the other side of the sun from the earth; often it's off at. an angle But, In late July, tlie earth will be directly between Mars and the sun. CHANCE FOK RESEARCH Astronomy's armies don't plan a military - expedition to Mars- they just want to look at It. They advise the , public not to lose steep ' a Martian invasion like that in; last year's Orson Welles "horror Broadcast." In the first place, they don't even knew whether Mars is Inhabited. . Secondly, although )ight will travel. from Mars to the earth in 193 seconds as the worlds approach each other, It would take n rocket- ship much longer. "Nearness of the planet, however, may enable scientists to make new .discoveries with, their long- range leriscs and photographic plates. They'd like to know more about'•'• the planet's geographic makevip, get a better look at those canals discovered by Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1817. To . earth-dwellers, Mars is a huge' star which shines with a red glow. But let's take a look at it as you would at the receiving end of a' telescope. ; Now the color is a- deep orange. At one end is an elliptical, yellowish ar'en-fliie of the polar ice caps which-grow an.d diminish with the seasons. Summer^ts' Mars now, shrinking. the northern ice cap,'leaving, the''southern cap predominant. A bluish green, elongated patch starts .Just beyond thi? ice cap and continues to the cqualor. There is a.smaller patch near the eijn.itor. Belief is thai, these ' are areas of ' '.vegetation. The rest,'of the planet is-probably desert, accounting for •the reddish hue.- ' " Apparently-melUng ice and snows of-the-polar, caps provide the lone - source ' of';\yater. It seems logical thai .moisture from the caps should .roll down;over the planet, reviving vegetation. .CANALS". MAN-MADE? But : about those canals — some •scientists even deny their existence. In-1924, - However, astronomers did sight some fine lines, forming a sort of network on Mars. Because most of these lines do not bend, like a river but follow a. rather straight course, the late Percival •. Lowell contended that they were canals .'constructed by living beings and used for providing necessary irrigation throughout the: planet. If there is life on Mars, the Inhabitants must be much different than we are. Living conditions would resemble those in our stratosphere, 18 miles above tile earth's ygEVILLE, ;(ARK,X, COURIER NEWS Osceola Society — Personal , Presbyterian Auxiliary Msels Mrs. w. J. Driver Jr. nnd Mrs. Guy Driver were hostesses to both seven members of circle four of which Mrs. B. n. Held Is clinlrnmn. Mrs. Walter Kinnimel conducted (he projjinjn bused iipsn several recent wiitorlnls In current publl- cnltcns. Those Inking part, were Mrs. John Andrew Edrlngioii, Mrs C. A. Strange, Mrs. D. S. Slier, Mrs. Nell Hay, Mrs. E. n, Reid mnl Mrs. Seurcy Menrs, Mrs, Hoslm ........ ...»-,~., ,« uv,>,, elides of the Presbyterian Auxlll- Members of Die two Inblo bridge aiy at the home of the former on'" 1 "!) lu which st\a belongs mid Monday afternoon when Mrs. L.'T.- fo»f guests were enloilnhied wllh Lawrence led the lesson on .Foreign : '» morning i,,| ( ig 0 ,, m i hmchcon Missions, - Mrs. Harold 1\ Qhlcn- today In the home of Mrs L . 0 B dorf gave the devotional followed 'Young on llnle Avenue Quests of " ..... with prayer by Mrs. George airing- ,. *» ' »• «n VMMV, vjiwaia vi tne club were Mrs. Jns)wr Tliomn- S r 0l i'i, ' Mrs ' F " V ™ll«fem>, Mrs. jetlle Driver nnd Mrs. Herbert (OM ' t Paul Lawrence and Blllle Chiles, Jmle U who attended the Intermediate' sil| Pl> c i>. Conference,and Camp at FfcrnellfTJ ' ' ' two weeks ago were present nnd Attemi Spt'olal U E tslnlur« made a report of the camp. The Among those from Oscjeoln who Rev. L, T, uiwrence, pastor, an- Ri'c in Little Rock this week- for nmmced plans for the Commence- Hie spocliil session of live Avkan- ment program of the Vacation »«s Legislature ure J i, Williams Church School to be held Friday Prank Williams, representative' morning at the church to which fvoni Mississippi county, Welby Y<H"ie. Itcrberl Shlppen uml U, 0. liryan. MIS. s. L, oiuillsh also accompanied the, party. Mrs, W. B Diirkclt of Bassett Is also In Little Diagram shows position of Mars and earth on July 27, 1939, 'join- pared to .respective positions In June, 1938. sketch of Mars shows how planet might appear through telescope, While elliptical area at. top is polar ice cap. Blnck indicates likely areas of vegetation; balance is probably desert. Nurrow lines, visible when Mins came close to earth in 1824, may be canals which carry water- over planet's .surface. Wert Optometrist '"HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 BUV NOW PAY THIS FALL! , TUBES, RADIOS, PARTS, REPAIRS, BODY & FENDER WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW -PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Wione 633 Always Open New Star Newest star on the Hollywood horizon, Maureen O'Hara, is an import with' the backing of Charles Laughton for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." She won a part for..which Ginger Rogers had tested, but she's iiomesick for Dublin. anil the Abbey Players. Mincl Your. Manners surface. It's much colder up there; temperature nt the equator rarely rises .above 50. ' By and large, Mars is still quite a mystery. "" " Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions,' then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Should a tliank-yoii note be written promptly? 2. Is it necessary to write a long, chatty letter when a note of thanks is due? 3. Should the business girl who vlsils married friends over the week-end write a bread-and-butter' note to her hostess, if she is on old friend? 4. Is It, correct to date a social note at the end of the letter? 5. Is it correct to write a bread- and-butter note on a post-card? Wlmt would you do If— A friend Jiving In a distant city writes Hint, he will be In your city for a con'venUoii at n certain time and would like to ^sce you. Would you— (a) Answer his letter immediately; enthusiastically mentioning tentative-.'arrangements for entertaining liiih? (b) Not bother to answer the letter, but get in touch with him when he arrives? (c) Do nothing about the letter? Answers 1. Yes. That is the most important thing about, a thank-you note. 2. No. It very brief 3. Yes. ' 4. Yes. 5. No. Use note paper. : Best "What Would You Do" solution—(a). flic jmbllo Is Invited Hajitlsl Circles Meet Forty-three mcmticrs nnd visitors Dl "' kl - „ were present nt the meeting of tho Kock tof nu executive (jonnl incet- foiir circles of the nnpllst W. M. '" E of Arkansas Parents and Teaeh- U. on Monday nftcritoon. Mrs. B. -A. els of vvliteh she Is sixth vice prcs- Tenford was lesson lender of a l<' c 'il- slit' Is (he gucsl of Mrs. program unlit n'round the boys work Curtis li. aioiil, state president of In the Southern Baptist Convention " le A| 'l«msas Congress of I'nrcnts In circle one In the home of Mrs. nm ' 'i'""-''"-'i's. !•'. K. Tompkliis with thirteen pres- '•'•'. ent. Mrs. Jellie Driver reviewed At World Kulr Hie life of the Key. George W. Mrs. «. 13. Scgravcs and ilaugh- J'ruett, Dallas, Tex. The devolloiml Icr, Miiry Virginia Scgruve'; nnd lesson given by Mrs. Harold B. Miss Alliic Word, Osccolu iittor- 'I'illmnn was bused iijjon Hie little ncy, uccoiiiiinnlccl uy Mr and Mrs' boy with five loaves mid two Mies nusscll Bowen of Luxorn' ' Miss In John 6:5. Mrs. J. W. •nrnilUtill Mary itcblnson of Dlylhc'Vllle niid also had a part on the program. Miss June Springfield of Memphis len members of circle two who left Sunday on n special train for met In HID home of Mrs. C. M. the New York World's P»)r nnd Horton heard Mrs. E. D. Rose dls- other points of Interest In llio cuss the coming meeting of tlie East, The party Is sponsored by BapUst World Alliance meeting In the Arkansas Education Assocla- Atlanta, Gn., which-several Osce- tlon, of which Miss Willie Lnwsoii olans will attend. Others on the, Is executive secretary, and dlrccl- proaiaiu were Mrs. W. T. Toole, Ing (lie party. They will go by boal Mrs. Robert Sumuer and Mrs. Rod- from Washington dawn the Po- Ney Anders. Mrs. A. T. String- ' tomac to Norfolk, Va They will be fellow, mother of Mrs. Simmer, was ; away 14 days, a guest. The circle presented Mrs. Rodney Anders with n sel of dishes as a wedding gift. Mi nt marrl 6i:<mt the weekend with her raolh- er, Mrs. uouelns a. Hsgcis in Forl Smith. They reltinwd by way of Hot Springs to attend the 22nd nnwml convcnUon o( the Aikaii!>as- Missouri Glnnors Association Th6y ni'c expected lioine today I Mis. li. i, smith -of west 1'olnl, Miss., Is here for an extended visil with her dmiKlitiM-, MI- S . spenca Wllllnitis and Mr. Williams. Mrs. Smith Is a member of the facullv of |l)o West i> 0 lnl schools. Mrs. ijiurn ]{«,;ers left Sunday for 11 Ilircc weeks vncntlon In Arl- 7.31U1 anil California. Shf will spend I several dnys with her N | s «, t . Mrs 'l^iii Najiiicr In )'liocii!.«t an<l go from there to San Dlfgo for « visll with her sons, Gilbert flogers, and Mr , uml Mrs. Muslin Koscrs. Mr. nnd Mrs. clmiles Klderslinve ns their guests three skiers of Mrs. Killers. Mrs, Krnnce^ Cole Miss Mildred and MLss Noel Olrleii of 1'udiicah, Ky. 11. W. Diirch ot Imboiten Is thn guest of his .son, lilu-s liurch and family. Mrs. Ucorgln Wltllimison of Orl- dcr ami Osceola Is sjrendliij; HID summer nt Monleagte, 'n>nn, Ice Cream Supper To Be Promised Land Kvcut Women of (he Promised Kind Methodist diurcli are sponsoring nt) Ice crcnm supper (•'rlduy night nl 7:30 o'clock ut lite .school It wns mmpmicttl todny. Ice cimim mid home made uiiko will be served. Diversions will hi! Biimes and community slnghiB. Proceeds from the nirnlr-will Ije ustil lor Iho chinch, the (jroiip said. • Ayres 'spent last week ul Onlfport mill Circle three with thivtecn present Blloxl, Miss., where Mr. Mason cu- n the home of Mrs. A. L. Boyce Joyed deep-sen Ilshlng witli a parly i,,,,i i, n ^.. c,.,r , .., had Mrs. Coy Scifres as lender of a program based uixm the July Issue of the Home Mission magazine. Mrs. I. s. Burton, Margaret Burton* and Mrs. K. II. Jones had parts on the 'program. Mrs. B. O. Moore was n guest. Ulion their return home Miss Emily Mason left for Purycar, Tenn., for n two weeks visit with Miss Jennie LJnd Pachell, a> classmate of hers In (he University ot Tennessee. Both ulrls were graduated from'the school in 1038 nnd'taught, last term. -- " s erm. Mrs. D. A. Silci- qntertiilnett Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ten ford Jr. HWWHERSHELrMIABY ; s OVER FRETFUL ITCHING OF SUMMER HEAT RASHES EVEN a .good-nnlurcd bah)' seis up ,1 limvl ivhcii "Southern. sijriiiiicr-'-hcal rash makes' liis'iciiJer.liUle stin Ij'iirn ..intlitcli. And 'wlib 'caii; hiaiiic^biihy? For 'skin' irritated that 'way— chafed to. soreness— sweaiy aiid galled— means Mother must get on .'(he job with, famous Mexican Meat ,1'o'ivder. Mexican Ifeat Powder is,"powdcr- liroteclion' 1 tlini' SCle " Cp Shakespeare never made n con- tinuoits journey tis Ion*' ns n ' a- -- i -,---o f ---n-^—^-"^-^ m n ^^round trip from Boston" to New "^ flu'ck-iidticriiiK base --the powdci 1 y° rk . • *"'»(•! comfort, and'*K/«'.bahy'ram- sootliing, cooling' ingredients in a s fortable as tlic'powtcr stays on for lioiirs. ICccp I'owilcrin yo'iir home—for I lie older folk's as well ns the youngsters—use it 16 cool ami roinfort itching and burning of'iimior skin irrilalions—toclieck perspiration of feel nnil Ixxly. . ,'. 'I. I^eincmlier this, famous ', Mexican Heat I'owdcr is.pou'/rVf/y not a.lalc. Don't confuse' it or accc)it .-i snhsli- tiile. ,Treat, your baby to tlie '.'rail thing"-V-faiiioiis iMe.vican lle.i'l Powder— sold i>j. all'dealers cvcrywliijrc. Drink Delicious and Refreshing Coca-Cola goes along...for the pause that refreshes When you're out for an outing, you're in for a good time, but a thirsty one. Make it perfect with ice-cold Coca-Cola ... for the pause that refreshes, It does things for thirst that you'll like. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 3G6 Blylhevlllc, Ark. W#v? y 'M ;-';' '/ '' t PAGE THREB Makes $500 Oft One- Fourth Acre Grapes Onc-foiiitli of n» ncre of Binges i»n<le If Q. Mcllnircy $500 duilng the piiil jvni, | n mWlllon lo sup|)l)'ii)lf nil tilt- nni|io Jufco Ills fninlly could drink ami grapes ioiiuh for many jars of jolly. ;. 'J'lils wns done Ijy the B!>lu 'of lioiiio-inndu wlno from Hie ijr.ipcs of Uie vliieyurd which was very lilllc tfoiiljlc, nceonlliig to Mr. Mciliiffcy, who fcii:ni n rendy niar- Iti'l for nil lie tiuiilc. Mr. Mcriu'rrey, wlio lives ncnr Illgliwuy (II, two miles south ot BlyUicvlllc, has the largest vinp- 'd In this section, It is believed, i'ic nre only n fcv; other fnnn- crs who encli scvernl vines In lliclr home orchiirds. Ompcs uru HUIe trouble nml'cx- lii'iiso, nccordlnit to Mr. Mcllnltcy wine buslni'.ss bill who had so innny inapcs lie ducliled he would imikc a little vvliio. A friend, wlio sninpled !(., \vnn((.'<l more iiiul so (lie business slark'd, 1'FfONM 2(!5'l''OKYOiJU POULTRY Nice, fill licii;! nnd rryern * olhei' iwiillry nl nil tlincs. \\K AND .STICK l,KK-(;d()l)WfN CO. •iOli 1{. Muln Tr/enty-eight slates'" of 'the Union have women in their Ipgis- Inlmes (his'ycnr, as compared to' 'JS Uatcs |n 1038. llie number cf women legislators ,(1113 year Is 130, compared la 149 o year ago, ,, i ( » ' Read Courier News want ada. Just the right shade of flavor and liiglier 5)4.8 proof to maintain clue flavor to die list sip of your drink. Dliiil j 100* lillcis N. lfilfrom grain U|miii. ey Dis- Corp., . C. TO BUY THE FAMOUS HIGH SPEED TIRES AT THESE UNHEARD OF LOW PRICES / •.HERE'S the outstanding tire value for QUALITY—ENDURANCE —fvflLEAGE and ECONOMY. 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